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The Joys of Diversity and Multicullturalism Have Come Home to Roost
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Hi Dumbshit American. Have you had enough of diversity and multiculturalism? If not, vote a Democrat president, and the second wave of peaceful protests will loot and burn down your homes and neighborhoods. Be sure you understand that diversity means no more white statues and white history, because they are racist. Multiculturalism means no more white civilization, which is racist. You may have to give up your language as well, because English is racist.

I have been telling you for years that you are living The Camp of the Saints. Having failed to become aware, you have no idea what is happening. When it finally dawns on you, it will be too late.

The anti-white, white presstitute national media have not told you what is going on. The official line is that a few peaceful protests have been marred by white supremacists sneaking in among the peaceful protesters and causing violence in order to discredit blacks. Some of the more deranged white liberals say that the burning and looting in cities and states run by Democrats is Trump’s plot to discredit Democrats as the party that will not protect property, thereby assuring Trump’s reelection. The terrorist threat scare doesn’t work any more, so the white liberals claim that Trump has replaced it with the black scare. The Democrat mayor of Minneapolis is really a Trump Agent and allowed 500 Minneapolis businesses to be destroyed in order to ensure Trump’s election. If you don’t believe it, just ask a white liberal.

Perhaps you don’t think Americans are stupid, but Democrats certainly think they are. The Democrats think voters are going to blame Trump, not the Democrats who are encouraging more looting and burning, and that voters will elect the Democrats, who have stood down in the face of massive looting and property destruction, to run the country. If voters elect Democrats, it will prove the Democrats are correct that Americans are stupid.

Consider the female Democrat that the smart, white, high-tech people in Seattle elected as their mayor. She enabled peaceful protests to burn down businesses. Some of the peaceful protesters have set up a foreign country within Seattle’s city limits called the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), which is already receiving foreign aid from the citizens of Seattle courtesy of the mayor. Can World Bank and IMF loans and a seat at the UN be far behind?

So far Seattle’s foreign aid has not been enough. One of the rulers in the Autonomous Zone has told the white citizens of the new country that they have to give their non-white counterparts money or face retribution. “White people, I see you. I see every one of you, and I remember your faces. You find an African American person and you give them \$10. Do It!” If white people find giving up their money difficult, the Leader said, how “are you going to give up power and land and capital?”

Change is so rapid that not even the Leader can keep up and mistakenly calls an African CHAZ citizen an African American.

The black female police chief in Seattle, Carmen Best, said that “rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in CHAZ (the new country inside Seattle) that we’re not able to get to.” The Seattle Democrat mayor, Jenny Durkan, says it is all just “a summer of love,” and nothing is going on but “free speech and self-expression.” Be sure you get that, White America. Looting, burning, rape, and extorting money are just free speech and self-expression, so don’t dare protest when free speech and self-expression come to your neighborhoods.

Before the embers went cold Atlanta is alight again. On Saturday June 13 peaceful protesters burned down a Wendy’s. A black man who resisted arrest, disarmed a police officer of his or her Taser and aimed it at police was shot in front of Wendy’s. Obviously, it was Wendy’s fault, and Wendy’s paid by being burned down.

Atlanta’s white female police chief was so devastated, not, of course by the fate of Wendy’s, but by the non-sympathetic response of police to a man aiming a weapon at them, that she was despondent and resigned, leaving the black protesters without a white uncle Tom to cover for them. Racist of her, don’t you think?

In Chicago the black female Democrat mayor confronted by one of the city’s Democrat aldermen concerned that the looting was approaching neighborhoods told him he was full of shit.

Efforts are underway to get peaceful protests going in Ashville, Portland, and Chattanooga. Having wrecked large cities like Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta, smaller cities are being targeted.

The Tennessee governor, Bill Lee, made it clear that there will be no toleration of violent protests or autonomous zones in Tennessee. As the US is in an advanced stage of collapse, exactly like France in The Camp of the Saints, don’t be surprised if Pentagon Chief Mark Espey and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley take a page from The Camp of the Saints and send the US Air Force to bomb the Tennessee State Police and National Guard who demonstrate white racism by protecting Tennessee’s cities.


To comprehend the collapse of white confidence consider the number of top US military leaders who have declared President Trump, not looters and rioters, to be the real menace. Espy and Milley have already undercut President Trump’s effort to protect life and property by falsely alleging that it would be unconstitutional to use the US military to stop America’s cities from burning. These two enemies of white Americans and their property are joined by former Pentagon chief James Mattis, former Special Operations Commander William McRaven, former Joint Chiefs Chairman and Secretary of State Colin Powell, former commander of US forces in Afghanistan John Allen, former commander of the US Southern Command Barry McCaffrey, former Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen. These top military commanders have called for Trump’s removal from office.

McRaven said that President Trump was working to destroy America.

Powell said that Trump lies all the time—an example of the pot calling the kettle black—and is a menace who has drifted away from the US Constitution.

Allen says the Constitution is under threat from the President of the United States.

McCaffrey denounced Trump as a threat to national security.

Mattis said that Trump made a mockery of the Constitution.

Let’s see now. It was George W. Bush who made a mockery of the Constitution when he asserted the power to detain Americans indefinitely without due process of law. It was Obama who asserted—and exercised—the right to execute American citizens on suspicion alone without due process of law. It was Congress which repeatedly renews the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act which pisses all over the US Constitution and destroys the constitutional protection of privacy.

The big shot generals all lived through these horrors without opening their mouths. But OhMyGod the racist Trump is going to frustrate blacks by protecting private property! He has to go.

This is precisely how France collapses in Jean Raspail’s famous novel The Camp of the Saints. In the United States we are living the novel, as is most likely all of Europe.

Good will between races and genders has been destroyed by Identity Politics, and without good will there is only violence. The age of violence is upon us. Our leaders have no awareness and encourage the violence. A thug with a long criminal record resisting arrest died either from illegal substances he was consuming or from Israeli training of Minnesota police, but it has been declared by the White Establishment to be death from racism, with the consequence that American businesses are looted and famous cities are burned in what the white liberals say is “just retribution.”

The 21st century is the century that White Civilization will vanish along with its monuments and history books. You can read your certain future by reading The Camp of the Saints.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. chuckywiz says:

    Sorry Americans are not dumb. What sort of history the American kids are taught in school?. Mostly “Propaganda” by Edward Bernay (1928). A recent NYT article showed how two different version of text books on a similar topic (Texas and NY). Custer, Philippines, Native Indians…… One should not expect miracles. What you pay what you get as a society. I like Noam Chomsky saying that people are delusional if they think we have democracy. We (Western democracy or values) them (ignorants) can not go on forever.

    I hope the writers could take a different perspective in analyzing the issues instead of the old travelled path. We vs them. Malcolm X alluded to be aware of the black “leaders” who are more dangerous (paraphrasing). I think he was referring to Sharpton, Corey Booker, Biden, Pelosi, and some civil right “Icons” and Alike. How much money they are pocketing at the expense of minorities. Americans are as smart or dumb as any other nationals.

  2. It has always been the CIA behind earlier similar—not similar but corresponding—occurrences everywhere. Why didn’t the CIA warn that this was coming? Proof already! The CIA and the FBI.

    Defunding the CIA won’t work. It funds itself. Possibly Trump is to blame. Moving the USA out of Afghanistan, needed for the CIA to fund itself. So, blame Trump. Coup in progress.

    See The CIA’s Greatest Hits by Mark Zepezauer (1994). The list is enormous, already was back when the book was written. JFK, Chile, Jonestown, Pan Am Flight 103, Panama etc. etc. The book describes 42 hits, the last Yugoslavia (one or two pages each, a 95-page book including sources list and index), but of course the CIA is still going strong. Today probably too sophisticated to assassinate Trump. His head will be on a different kind of plate.

    Defunding won’t work. I suggest Trump disband the CIA by offering life pensions of their current legal salaries to everyone in the CIA on condition that they all quickly return home, remain in the USA for life, never going out, and never communicate with any of their former comrades, losing that pension forever if they do.

    Same with the FBI.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  3. @chuckywiz

    From The CIA’s Greatest Hits table of contents:

    Hit #12: Malcolm X.

  4. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Malcolm X clearly knew the score. As did Marcus Garvey before him. In 1916 Garvey tried to meet with W.E.B. Du Bois, who was the head of the NAACP at the time, but Du Bois ignored Garvey. Garvey was a black nationalist who had the interests of blacks as the paramount issue and who was a black man (as opposed to the mixed face Du Bois and other leaders in the NAACP). The NAACP had its agenda and Garvey’s black nationalism was far from it. The NAACP was started by two brothers, Joel and Arthur Spingarn, both lawyers from a rich Jewish family. The NAACP was a Jewish organization from the get-go and Du Bois was the first front man. The first mission of the NAACP and Du Bois was to destroy Booker T. Washington who had a large following in the black community and had sensible plans for a more harmonious black-white relationship. Jews, who were running the NAACP, wanted to create even more racial division to subvert America. Garvey gave up on the NAACP when he traveled to their headquarters and saw “so many white faces”. Garvey said the NAACP was a closed corporation run by Jews. From more details on all this, and the how the establishment Civil Rights movement was just a Jewish-run revolutionary movement using blacks as proxy warriors and racial unrest as a means to subvert the larger culture, please read Catholic historian E. Michael Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (Fidelity, 2008), pp. 679-715; 745-793; 831-843.

    Here’s a good interview where Jones touches on a lot of this with his interview with Dr. Kirk Meighoo (Indo Caribbean Diaspora News):

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  5. SafeNow says:

    Not so much “stupid” as decent, and rational. But also this: Americans are responding, consciously or unconsciously, to “the biological imperative,” which the movement has won-over at this point. I am ancient, and I lived through this during the 60’s. At that time, Joan Baez promoted a slogan that was on badges and posters, a slogan that captured this: “Girls say yes to boys who say no.” I saw this at my “elite” New England campus. The entire country is now becoming that campus. They’ve got Hollywood, and the most muscular (fast-twitch muscles) athletes, and social media, and popular music, and Harvard’s pro-vibrant admissions policy, and the “refreshed” literary canon, and I could go on. You might laugh at my “biological imperative” theory but I lived through it.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  6. Martin Looter King said I have a dream. You have to be asleep to believe his dream. The Isramerican Nightmare is that little white girls are now being humiliated and coerced to kneel before big Black Men Lives Matter.

  7. KenH says:

    Without a doubt if whites begin organizing and using lethal force to resist and roll back this 21st century, Jewish led Bolshevik revolution, Esper, Milley, et, al. would unapologetically use military force to summarily murder the white counter insurgents and pat themselves on the back.

    The 21st century is the century that White Civilization will vanish along with its monuments and history books. You can read your certain future by reading The Camp of the Saints.

    The white race will vanish as well. As we can see the supine, spineless as ever Republican party, including the faker and fraud Donald Trump, will sign on to anything the radical left wants. Sure, today they will oppose outright genocide but at the pace they are moving left it won’t be long before they are flashing the black power sign and demanding whitey pay with their very lives.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • Replies: @Dani
  8. Perhaps you don’t think Americans are stupid…

    Lips, don’t unpurse…

    A thug with a long criminal record resisting arrest died either from illegal substances he was consuming or from Israeli training of Minnesota police, but it has been declared by the White Establishment to be death from racism, with the consequence that American businesses are looted and famous cities are burned in what the white liberals say is “just retribution.”

    Dr. Roberts tangentially nailed a core issue here. With sympathies to the general American public, the American lemmings are fighting the wrong enemies, ie, each other. Hint…

    Israeli training of Minnesota police…

    Divide & rule. Enough said.

  9. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I suggest Trump disband the CIA by offering life pensions of their current legal salaries to everyone in the CIA…

    Offer a paltry government pension to a global cabal of psychotic power-crazed drug-runners? Never going to work.

    • Replies: @Ace
  10. Miha says:

    “You can read your certain future by reading The Camp of the Saints.”

    Perhaps I’m missing something but this isn’t cheap or easy. English translation unavailable from Amazon. But you can buy it second hand for hundreds of dollars from Amazon-owned ABE Book.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Anonymous
    , @Franz
  11. BuelahMan says:

    PCR would have you believe that reTHUGlicans are good and demonRATs are bad.

    I’m telling you that they all suck and PCR should know it.

    But Party means all.

  12. A quick web search should locate several places to get The Camp of the Saints in HTML or PDF. I downloaded and read it for free about 6 months ago.

  13. Realist says:

    Hi Dumbshit American.

    LOL…sorry to laugh…your intro is sad but true. The funny part is the audacious honesty.

    Great article.

  14. Realist says:

    I wonder why no movie was made.

  15. Realist says:

    Sorry Americans are not dumb.


  16. Anonymous[926] • Disclaimer says:

    Free, electronic versions of Jean Raspail’s “The Camp of the Saints” are readily available online.

    Links to PDF versions are simple to find by entering the following into your browser’s address bar: filetype:pdf “the camp of the saints”

    Also, you can find additional electronic formats at either the Library Genesis project website:

    or the Internet Archive website:

    If you are unable to find your preferred electronic format, I can recommend Calibre (a free ebook management program) for converting files you do find to your preferred format. You can learn more about Calibre at

    While I would usually encourage readers to support authors by purchasing their work, I provide this information with a clean conscience after having made a good-faith (but unsuccessful) attempt to find and purchase an affordable copy of this book which is in the process of being memory-holed. Furthermore, as Raspail only just recently passed away, I imagine the money would be of less interest to him than the knowledge that people continue to read his work and to consider his ideas.

    • Agree: Republic
  17. chuckywiz says:

    Thank you for the information. I dont like the trend how the despicable incident in Minnesota has been hijacked by the politicians (Pelosi, Schmuck Schumer, Biden, Sharpton and dont forget Saint Obama etc.. ). A good movement is being wasted.
    At least we are getting rid of confederate statues and hopefully the flag. I think we should preserve the history in Museums and not on town squares. For those who use history as an excuse. Should we put Osama Bin Laden’s statue in NYC because the guy was responsible for the destruction and killing or Hitler for that matter.
    It is a fashion to elevate “certain” personalities at the expense of the real heroes. No one cares what Prof. Howard Zinn did for Blacks in Atlanta, John Brown is labelled as terrorist (he invited Frederick Douglas invited to join the rebellion. Curiosity took me to Harpers Ferry in WV), Muhammad Ali who spoke against Vietnam war before Martin Luther King (speaking or King, during his speeches he never mentioned anything about Israel’s was of aggression against Arab Nations. Not to my knowledge.
    We dont hear about Black intellectuals or Blacks who are very articulate like Malcolm, James Baldwin, Glen Ford, Prof. Angela Devis, Prof. and former congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney, Ajamu Baraka, Mary F. Berry and many more. All we get, instead, ranting black “leaders” on TV and about Self Proclaimed Icons of the Civil Rights movement. I have lots of well educated friends (blacks and whites) who dont know such names and ironically they are active on current affairs.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  18. Franz says:

    Camp of the Saints pdf download, still the easiest for most systems:

  19. Polemos says:

    Are you saying there’s a sexual appeal to being on the side of the protestors?

    Perhaps it is the biological imperative to self-destruct? Apoptosis.

    Or, perhaps the lockdown and then the eruption are also morphological changes, a chrysalis followed by a period of rupture as the new beings emerge from their shells.

  20. AceDeuce says:

    That’s Frederick Douglass, not “Douglas”.

    I hear that whole “we don’t put up statues of Bin Laden”. Or Hitler. Or Ho Chi Minh etc. etc. all the time. It’s a very stupid analogy. What was the name of the conflict? Oh, yes the CIVIL War. Those Confederates were AMERICANS who split off from the Union, not foreigners, and before the war, and in many cases after the war, those same men were heroes of the United States of America. Many achieved distinction in the Mexican Wars of the 1840s. Many fought hostile Indians side by side with former Union “enemies” after the Civil War.

    The Civil War was an intrafamily war. One that was resolved with a reconciliation, however imperfect.

    Those statues were, after the war, a tribute to gallant foes who happened to be American brothers. Most were put up at a time when former Union soldiers dominated the Federal government, all the way to the Presidency, and when millions of former Union soldiers, many wounded, maimed, or traumatized, and thousands upon thousands of bereaved Union widows, parents, siblings, and orphans were alive. If any of those people raised a serious objection to Confederate memorials, I would consider what they had to say-but they were OK with it. And the monuments went up, made of marble and bronze, meaning permanence.

    So if some worthless illiterate criminal ghetto turd or brainwashed idiot fatarsed white college snowflake in 2020 suddenly has the vapors over their existence, they can go suck a dead dog’s schlong, for all I care.

    • Agree: Thomasina, follyofwar, Ace
  21. Baxter says:

    It’s curious to notice how detached so many Americans are to the disintegration of this country into God knows what.
    I’ve made mention of our country’s biggest problem: racial hostility, debt, feminism, queer rights, to some of my friends.
    Some of the responses have been:
    ‘The world is always in chaos’ and
    ‘The United States is the economic engine of the world’ and
    ‘The United States military rules the world’ and,
    (the one hate most)
    ‘We’re a free society’
    I’ve noticed many if not most people will indulge whatever idea confirms their own self-worth or world view, however detached from reality.
    For my part, I practice what someone once called ‘domestic expatriation’ in my life. I live in this country, though I don’t have to attach myself to anything I don’t want to. Very much like Jesus said be in the world, but not of it.’

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  22. If not for Jews and blacks, diversity would be tolerable in the US. Problematic but tolerable.

    But Jews insist on tribal supremacism that depends on white subservience. So, white guilt and anti-white-ness are the two pillars of the new white cucky-wuck ideology.

    Blacks are just natural thugs or nathugs.

  23. A black man who resisted arrest, disarmed a police officer of his or her Taser and aimed it at police was shot in front of Wendy’s.

    Evidently you did not watch the video.

    Garrett Rolfe harassed Brooks for almost a half hour before administering a breathalyzer. Would you play simon says in a parking lot late at night for that long?

    Brooks scored a .108 on the breathalyzer. He was mildly impaired. Let him go.

    As a White guy I’ve scored higher on the breathalyzer and still been free to go behind the wheel in my own car. (Helpful Hint: Learn to recite the alphabet backwards. Z to A. Practice makes perfect.)

    Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan escalated the situation. If they were peace officers instead of revenuers they would have taken him back to his hotel room to sleep it off. He could have retrieved the car the next day. Perhaps someone at the hotel could have retrieved the car that night.

    DUI is big business for the state, the attorneys, the prosecutors, the judges, the courts, the cops… It has nothing to do with public safety… It’s all about the revenue…

    People make poor choices when they are afraid or terrified.
    Rayshard Brooks was understandably afraid for his life.

    Daniel Shaver complied and died.

    Many people die in police custody.
    Many more are assaulted, raped and sodomized.

    Brooks was running away and was not a threat.
    Brooks was shot in the back twice while running away.

    I wonder where the third bullet went.
    Rolfe obviously had no concern for the safety of nearby civilians.

    They should have let him go.

  24. @Adam Smith

    I didn’t watch the whole video, but the cops definitely did harass him. They must have not had anything important to do. He made the mistake of talking to the cops. He should have asked for an attorney.

  25. @Anon

    Thank you for this most illuminating video.
    Jones does truly open the mind to a new perspective of reality. Now we can better understand the roles that Tommy Robinson and Richard Spencer are playing, willingly or inadvertently, and for whose interest. Also, Mr. Jones’s comment about the Old Testament and why it still occupies a primordial role in the religious practice of Protestants does clear my mind as someone who always thought that giving the Old Testament equal weight to the New Testament is outright nonsensical since that would put the teachings of the prophets at parity with that of Jesus Christ.

  26. Have you had enough of diversity and multiculturalism?

    I’ve been trying to tell people here that there has never been a historical example of two very different races living together in peace and prosperity. The idea is sheer lunacy. But people disagree…

    And in the Western Hemisphere, one of the races consisted of retardates.

  27. @Adam Smith

    As a White guy…

    Another wigger capitalizing white.

  28. MarkinLA says:
    @Adam Smith

    People make poor choices when they are afraid or terrified.
    Rayshard Brooks was understandably afraid for his life.

    He was afraid of going back to prison. Not that I want to waste any time on this researching but according to this he was let out of prison early due to covid-19.

  29. Dani says:

    KenH, this is one of the best summations I’ve come across yet. I find myself getting increasingly frustrated, to the point of aggravation, when I continually come across remarks such as “what are you going to do about this, white men/people?”

    “Without a doubt if whites begin organizing and using lethal force to resist and roll back this 21st century, Jewish led Bolshevik revolution, Esper, Milley, et, al. would unapologetically use military force to summarily murder the white counter insurgents and pat themselves on the back.”

    This is the absolute truth – this WOULD be the scenario were whites to attempt to organize and use lethal force, or not, to resist & roll back this Jewish led Bolshevik revolution that’s been being waged upon us in earnest since the 1960s.

    It’s illegal for us to even communicate on social platforms, so needless to say any “real world” organizing (which I imagine they are monitoring for 24/7 at this point) is absolutely out of the question – unless one is looking for suicide by cop or at the least, the loss of what little freedom he or she now has remaining.

  30. Baxter says:

    Our society is stark raving bananas. Everything is upside down.
    1) as the white population declineS overt hostility to whites increases.
    2) virtually every perversion known to nan is now acceptable and promulgated as a normal, healthy lifestyle
    3) nuclear families have been shattered
    4) our ravenous drug problem continues, showing no sign of abating
    5) men are no very feminine and women are very masculine
    These are but a few signs of the masochism in contemporary American society.
    There will be day of reckoning.

    • Agree: Ace
  31. Ace says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Is there any possibility you could choose another pseudonym? Crazy thought, I know.

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