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The George Floyd Protests
Is It Racism When Police Murder and Brutalize White People?
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Dear Readers,

It is June and my quarterly request for your donations. Your financial support is the only indication I have of whether my explanatory efforts are appreciated sufficiently to be continued. There are other more pleasant or more remunerative ways to use my remaining time.

The monthly donors are the financial backbone of this website and the reason it exists and continues. The quarterly requests are made to supplement their support. Normally they do, but the March request was a bust. It is easy to understand why. People were preoccupied with the uncertainty of the virus threat and the economic consequences of the closures and loss of jobs and income. These uncertainties still exist, although we now know that there are successful treatments, such as HCQ/zinc and intravenous vitamin C, if authorities permit their use, and reopenings, if they can be maintained, are bringing back some of the jobs.

Despite the virus, this website continues and, hopefully, so will its support.

Now to address the topic of today—the George Floyd protests.

As my readers know, I am a critic of police brutality and regard George Floyd’s murder as being as unacceptable as every other outrage committed by police. I am encouraged that this time the officer has been arrested, instead of protected, and that the arrest came early as soon as the investigation was complete. Yet white Antifa members have turned a peaceful black protest into violent multi-city riots that are ongoing despite the arrest of the police officer.

The officer was arrested because George Floyd’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Excuses for police violence against the general public no longer carry any conviction. The realization that police officers must be held accountable to law like everyone else came home to public authorities. As the white chief of the Atlanta police said, the Minneapolis police officer is a murderer. Previously, black protests were against the absence of accountability, but this time accountability is being enforced, so what are the protests about?

Little doubt that the accountability came as a surprise after its previous absences. Blacks didn’t expect it, and so they protested. But there was another new element this time—organized violence in place of opportunistic and spontaneous violence. Moreover, it was multi-city violence taking place in cities far distant from Minneapolis, and as videos reveal — —the protest sites were supplied in advance with deliveries of bricks. Who supplied the bricks that were instruments for making the protest violent and destructive?

The violence that discredited the peaceful Minneapolis protest is the work of the terrorist organization, Antifa. The violence has been denounced by some black leaders themselves—–q5cso-b9dh72c8 —and many of the non-violent protesters say that they feel used. Little doubt they will be accused of being “uncle Toms.”

Whether we realize it or not, we all have the same interest in drawing the correct lessons from the George Floyd protests. One is that Antifa violence is the logical outcome of Identity Politics.

Another is that a multicultural racially diverse society cannot exist if all injustice is blamed on racism. Blaming George Floyd’s murder on racism is an agenda-driven misrepresentation. It serves agendas and is endlessly asserted by the presstitutes, white liberals, and Democrats. But there are more important causes of police use of excessive force than racism. To realize that this is true, ask yourself: Is it racism when police murder and brutalize white people? If not, why is it racist when police commit violence against black people?

Police use of excessive force is not limited to black Americans. According to official data, police brutalize and kill more white Americans than black Americans. Most people don’t know this, because whites do not protest and riot when police use excessive force against white people. There are two reasons for the lack of white protest. One is that white people give the police the benefit of the doubt, and the other is that there is concern that coming down hard on police will make it harder for police to deter crime and protect life and property. We are seeing the truth of this concern in the current destruction of property permitted by public authorities afraid of being labeled “racist” if they use force against the violence.

We only hear from the media about police violence against blacks. Consequently, blacks see police violence as racist, even when the police, the police chief, and the mayor themselves are black, and blacks are encouraged in this view by presstitutes and white liberals. Currently the presstitute media is glorifying violence as the solution to racism.

There is a great deal of evidence that police violence has more important causes than racism. First of all, policing attracts people who enjoy power over others. It was the kids we grew up with who were bullies who tended to become policemen. A police badge conveys a certain amount of immunity to being held accountable, and this has been supported by court rulings that give the edge to the police officer’s right to protect himself over his responsibility to protect the suspect or the public. Black leaders could insist on testing police force applicants in order to reject bullies and psychopaths. They could insist on police training that refocuses the police on the protection of the public and the suspect, who is innocent until proven guilty, and not on the protection of the police officer who is supposed to accept the risk of the occupation.


Another cause of police brutality is the training many American police forces have received from Israelis. In Israel, police are used to suppress Palestinians in occupied territories and in Gaza. It is well known that the Israeli government has little regard for the lives of Palestinians. Israeli police training stresses the importance of the life of the officer. This attitude has now been transferred to American police. We see it continually in their exaggerated response to anything that can be interpreted or misinterpreted as a threat to them. A billfold becomes a gun and so on. Many murders committed by police can be attributed directly to this attitude that has been ingrained by their training.

Another cause is the militarization of the police by the George W. Bush and Obama administrations. Militarization was done because of an alleged Muslim terrorist threat which has proved to be unfounded, and it creates a macho attitude among police who see the public as enemy.

The charge of “racism” serves to hide and to leave unaddressed these causes of police brutality. What serious and well-intentioned black leadership could do for our country would be to investigate and stop the Israeli training of US police and the militarization of the police. Black leaders could also investigate the funding for Antifa, a terrorist organization that has somehow escaped the watchful eye applied to foreign terrorist organizations.

White people who attempt these investigations are dismissed as racists, white supremacists, and anti-semites. These investigations can only be done by black Americans.

Black leaders could also look into the serious problem of prosecutorial misconduct. Every race suffers from this misconduct. The success indicator for prosecutors is today a high rate and number of convictions, not justice. A high conviction rate is achieved by plea bargains, which can be arranged in hours compared to the days and weeks of a court trial. A plea bargain is achieved by dropping charges that are more serious for admission of guilt to less serious charges. (See Roberts and Stratton, The Tyranny of Good Intentions — ).

All attorneys know that a defendant, who insists on a trial, faces more serious charges, incurs the wrath of both prosecutor and judge whose time and energy the defense uses up in court, and is at the mercy of jurors who trust the integrity of police and prosecutor more than they trust advocates for defendants whose arrest implies guilt. Consequenly, according to official data, 97% of felony cases are settled with plea bargains. This means that police evidence is subject to being tested in only 3% of felony cases. Obviously, the absence of testing of their evidence makes police very careless in investigating crimes. It has proven easier to frame the innocent than to convict the guilty.

As racism is not an important cause of police violence, the national, indeed international, preoccupation with racism does not adequately address the problem of police violence. Unfortunately, the racism explanation serves influential agendas, and this will make it difficult to dislodge the misleading racist explanation of police violence. Those who insist that racism is the cause of police violence should ask themselves this question: Is it racism when police murder and brutalize white people?

If black leaders were determined, they could achieve reforms in police training and performance. An effort to address the true causes of police violence would create enormous good will, and success would defuse racial tensions and produce a more united people.

It sounds like a good cause to me.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Birhan says:

    During the 1960s the Counter culture forces USED blacks to get rid of Nixon…once they accomplish that Blacks leaders were relegated to the trash bin by the Democrats…It seems a recycle dem strategy…Blacks are being played, used, abused once again by the DEM blue party…I saw on TV a young black protester confonting a WHITE ANTIFA about his presence there the white frat boy wasnt even aware of Goerge Floyd issue…but he was well armed, shield, which ANTIFA refused to arm blacks..the Blacks MUST Wake up tjheir main enemies are NOT white supremacists…JEWS are using them as cannon fodder to destroy Trump…jews control 100% ALL Black ECONOMICS sports arts MUSIC culture..TAXES, businesses, tc. WAKE UP black people…

    • Replies: @nickels
    , @Alden
  2. Franz says:

    But there was another new element this time—organized violence in place of opportunistic and spontaneous violence. Moreover, it was multi-city violence taking place in cities far distant from Minneapolis

    You bet… as this video show, from Portland by the indispensable Andy Ngo.

    Notice: They guy with the flag had both hands on the staff when the Antifa coward threw the first punch. And who doubts the flag guy would have cleaned his clock if the other Antifas hadn’t piled on and helped the coward?

  3. Short answer; since there are more whites than blacks one would expect the numbers. I think the issue at play is the rate . . . I think the real meat and potatoes as to whether this is national incidence or that encompass only certain communities would be or could bring relief on the question .

  4. @EliteCommInc.

    ohh that was fast . . . howeer,

    the problem with Antifa, BLM, feminists or white natioalists is that they bring forward unrelated issues or issues with tangential references watering down the core concerns and thereby misdirecting or watering down viable solutions. That is how the ciil rights issues brought to te fore during the 1950’s o actual discriminatory hiostory via policy and practice across the nation ended up with:

    “bra burning, murdering children in the womb, normalizing the choice of same sex conduct, etc. None of those issues were primary concerns of the black and native american concerns. The record was clear that the country had a long standing practice and policy that targeted blacks out of their due as citizens. Native Americans could at least fall back on the land grants as some means to establish self sustaining communities without having travel the morass of social and government status quo as did blacks attempting to assimilate against the rivers flow.

    employment, housing and legal system practices — were key — all practical, pragmatic issues. It was not until the 1960’s that government welfare had broad distribution among blacks.

  5. KenH says:

    the protest sites were supplied in advance with deliveries of bricks.

    That’s still a mystery but it doesn’t mean blacks aren’t capable of picking some of these bricks up and throwing it through the windows of Target and other stores so they could loot. The first two days of the looting and riots were an entirely black affair and they violently assaulted a white woman in a wheel chair and sprayed her with mace and a fire extinguisher. Where was the apology from black activists for this carnage?

    It does seem antifa made an appearance after the first 2-3 days or so and is doing their thing by smashing up windows, destroying property and maybe setting some fires although we don’t know about that last part. But it seems BLM and allied black groups are posting selective footage on social media that is carefully edited to make them appear as the good guys and antifa as the bad guys.

    There’s plenty of footage of blacks attacking random whites in some of these cities and BLM or other black activists have not condemned this or if they have only very generally and generically.

    Antifa didn’t exist in 1992 so how did L.A. get destroyed and fires get started? Blacks are perfectly capable of laying waste to cities as we’ve seen since the 1960’s negro insurgency misnamed “civil rights”. I hate antifa and could care less what happens to them, but no matter what narrative we’re being fed blacks still have a pretty significant involvement in all the mayhem, looting and carnage although Trump and the media are now trying to pawn this off on whites but for different political reasons.

  6. KenH says:

    George Floyd was suffering a heart attack while he was being arrested likely due to fentanyl and recent methamphetamine use:

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  7. @KenH

    Asshole. He wouldn’t have died without the knee on his neck and the terror caused by cops threatening him, drugs or not. Asshole.

    Anyhow, it ain’t about George Floyd. He’s just the match. It is about people sick and tired of police brutality. Or just constant, incessant, never-ending police harassment of law-abiding people. You wouldn’t understand. You love the cops up real good. So you defend them. So they love you back.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @KenH
    , @SBaker
  8. @EliteCommInc.

    The problem is not the rate. Although they will tell you that. Think of it this way. There are more dead white bodies than dead black bodies. More dead white people than dead black people at the hands of the police. The point is not rate vs. number. The point is that this fact gets no publicity whatsoever. The one about dead whites. That’s the point. This percentage/raw number debate is just another example of ID politics gone wild. Roberts’ point contains more than your facile explanation. He points out that, if it were widely known that the actual number of white dead is higher than the black, then whites might cooperate more with blacks, and less with police, to try to address police brutality.

  9. i like this opinion of PCR. it hits the nail on its head directly and drives it home. lots of Black leaders are bought off. they all cant help but understand what PCR discusses yet I am not optimistic they will work along those lives, for those relative goals.

    Israeli money is the devils own temptation and the Israelis are deeply involved in this. the Israelis appear to have a little use for ordinary american lives as they do for Palestinians..or indeed for any life but their own.

    the Israels apear to want American society roiling at loggerheads with itself at all times..beter to faciliate their controll of America I imagine?

  10. KenH says:

    Asshole. He wouldn’t have died without the knee on his neck and the terror caused by cops threatening him, drugs or not. Asshole.

    You’re just a dumb negro who hates white people and can’t face facts pretty much like you’re entire race. You’re so dumb and dishonest that you can’t even acknowledge that black males are the most crime prone and violent segment of the U.S. population and that their animalistic and savage behavior is what breeds “police racism”.

    And no, stupid negro, I don’t love cops and officer Chauvin would have done the same thing to a white suspect about the same size and acting the same way as George Floyd was when they arrived.

    Professional race arsonists are trying to create a nice and neat narrative for the public and the Hennepin county D.A. and medical examiner are now feeling heavy political pressure with all the negro rioting and looting around the nation.

    • Agree: SBaker
    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  11. Sure, it’s always outside agitators. These cities are seeing violent uprisings in response to the police murder of George Floyd because each of them has its own brutal, militarized police force that regularly abuses black and poor people too.

    It will not be peaceful, polite, carefully controlled and fenced-in protests but rather militant, unruly and “chaotic” actions and uprisings that will end the growing plague of police militarization that is infesting the United States, endangering us all. Without the threat, actual or potential, of chaos and destruction of property and the disruption of ordinary business operations lying behind those peaceful forms of protest, change is not going to come.

    Fred Douglass’ words from over a century and a half ago still ring true, this time for all of us who live in a republic that is now nearly gone, “The American people have this to learn: that where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither person nor property is safe.”

  12. Of course we all know how Dr. Paul Craig Roberts knows how to lecture African Americans on what it means to be a black person in a white privileged cultural milieu such as the Ronald Reagan administration, Nixon admin, Bush the elder, & a Dubya adherent most likely.

    What is paramount is that you donate to his Trickledown propaganda as he was sure to mention that right off the bat in order to get to the real reason he disseminates his own brand of black African American-centric nationalism that keeps him in the chips preaching to other stupid white guys approximately the same age, and ilk.

    What happened to your Trickledown thesis, Dr. Roberts?

    You should be issuing everyone cheques en masse for that little diddy, Professor Trickledown.


    • Troll: Weston Waroda
    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Curmudgeon
  13. Dutch Boy says:

    The videos of the rioters and looters seem to show a large majority of black people, not white Antifa types. Has anyone seen anything different? Perhaps in areas with few blacks, the Antifa types dominated.

  14. “The problem is not the rate.”

    I think what I mean is the rate to population . issues like frequency of interactions . . . I think the evidence is pretty strong when a complete picture is drawn hat the black population an undue amount of police excessive force — because they are black and what blackness has come to mean in the socialization process. Crime stats being one of the most abusive measures.

    Most of the black population is not involved in criminal activity nor rioting. And while it is accurate to note that whites haven’t rioted as whites since the 1970’s. The US white population has a very cozy relationship with rioting.

    I am not much moved by the article.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  15. @EliteCommInc.

    The statistics developed in your links lead any sensible person to conclude that the reason blacks suffer higher rates of death at the hands of the Law is that they are (much) more frequently on the wrong side of the Law.

  16. Dutch Boy says:

    I did not think the arrest of Floyd was particularly brutal, considering his size. There was no beating, gunshots or trauma to his body. The initial coroner’s report I saw said there was no indication of asphyxiation or strangulation, which means the neck pressure did not cause him to suffocate. If you resist arrest the police are going to subdue you no matter your race and I am reluctant to forbid them from using reasonable force (which could be considerable for some criminals) to accomplish an arrest. The whole thing was deliberately blown out of proportion for political ends.

    • Agree: nickels
    • Replies: @lloyd
    , @animalogic
  17. Biff says:

    The charge of “racism” serves to hide and to leave unaddressed these causes of police brutality.

    And both “black lives matter” and “the white nationalists” engage in the same tactics using the race card. Dumb and dumber.

    BTW, brilliant article by PCR..

  18. EoinW says:

    First thing that stuck me was the ignorance of authorities. Is it really that difficult to charge the officer with 2nd degree murder and to arrest all the officers? The video reminded me of a gang attack, say gang rape. So the police accidentally raped their victim? And the three accomplices were not guilty of any crime? Yet authorities no longer have the decency to provide the most basic response to this crime. One rule for the police, one rule for everyone else(even if one dirty cop gets sacrificed for PR sake).

    Second, this is not a racial issue. A racist crime may have been the trigger but it’s not the real cause of discontent. How about the government’s reaction to the pandemic? A trillion dollars for Wall Street, house arrest for average Americans. How about the trillions of dollars the Fed has been giving to financiers since 2008? Even worse, how much money has the MIC stolen from Americans over the past 50 years? How can looting be a crime when the entire society is run by looters? Pass a fake $20 bill and you get murdered by the police. Create trillions in fake money and enrich yourself and your country club buddies.

    Normally this thing burns itself out over a short period of time. People have to get back to living their lives. This time is different. The government has taken away people’s lives. They have nothing else to do with their time except to keep protesting. Perhaps this is one crime too many. Has the USA finally crossed its event horizon? Time will tell.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to just bash Americans. In fact I admire them for taking to the streets and trying to fight back. Everyone in Canada is still hiding under their bed – like the government told them to do over 2 months ago. We’ve just as many criminals running our country up here. I’m sure the Europeans and other countries do too. The USA, however, is the most extreme, the most violent and the most unequal society. Americans are also still the leaders of the western world. Does that mean we’ll soon be following your example? It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    Bottomline: all our societies have the same problem. I’d describe it as multiple malignant tumors in the brain. or as Gerald Celente puts it: the fish rots from the head down. It’s too bad Covid 19 couldn’t kill 1% of the population – the richest 1%! I guess we’ll have to do that dirty work ourselves. Either that, or continue to live with our criminal rulers and their growing police state.

    Yes I am another whiny white guy venting on the internet. Which is why we’re allowed some free speech online, to keep us here and off the street. Therefore I will not criticize any protesters or rioters. They’re out there, not in the comfort of their own homes. They’re better people than I am.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  19. @Robert White

    RW, yours is one of the shabbier, confused, bewildering criticism of PCR i’ve read. It makes v-little sense.
    No wonder PCR stopped comments if many of them are at this standard.
    Please cease: I like commenting on Mr Roberts work. It’s valuable work.

    • Agree: Weston Waroda
    • Replies: @Robert White
    , @gsjackson
  20. nickels says:

    Black people excel at being useful idiots.
    Perhaps its the lack of fathers due to the rampant sexual immorality in the black community.
    Or the generally low IQ.
    Or is it just a natural effemininity that makes black men succeptible to nursing their upper lip and being convinced they are the eternal victim?
    We are all sick of this stupidity.
    Blacks are the proxy warriors of the Oligarchs.
    Until they prove differently, they are the enemies of all peace loving peoples.

  21. It appears that the root cause, the entire basis of all the malaise in modern society is the willful stupidity of the vast majority of people race notwithstanding. One can argue that not all people are intellectuals or are capable of critical thinking and while that may be true human beings being human beings are given a capacity to think conceptually or at least think enough to get through life in situations where interactions with other humans (or elements) could cause them harm. The stupidest of the stupid know not to go out in a thunderstorm, slap a cop, fry bacon in the nude, pet a rattlesnake etc..

    That said lets return to the willful part. TV as an instructional tool, news primarily, has made the vast majority mentally lazy as well as easily indoctrinated. I remember reading studies years ago whereby the medium of television opens doors in one’s mind ( shuts down the critical part of the brain which explains the success of TV advertising). So in essence the two minute news-bites are accepted uncritically. And so here we are.

    The willful part comes when the uncomfortable sensation of cognitive dissonance is treated by the equivalent of taking an aspirin for a severe unexplained headache when perhaps a cat scan would be more in order. In other words change the channel to access a different distraction.

    This situation that most recently screamed out at me was when the riots, as they were turning unpopular were blamed on white supremacists/nationalists, Russians, Chinese and probably Amish for all the difference it would make.

    Now I thought for sure that they had jumped the shark. But when I talked to several ‘normies’ about the ‘comedy gold’ quality of these latest revelations to prove my points of the MSM being totally detached from truth and reality they looked at me like a dog watching a train and mumbled something about ” ya, I saw that on the news”.

    I give up. It is like pigs that are driven out of a burning barn suddenly turning around and rushing back in. I think that the MSM has finally realized that the Rovian concept of ” we create your reality” has come to pass.

    Despite all the good commentary on the absurdity of all that is going on nothing will ever change for the good when the vast majority of the population is effectively zombified and the rivers of soma are willingly ingested.

    My dos centavos,


  22. nickels says:

    Blacks main enemy is not the Jews-it is their own effeminate stupidity and cry baby approach to life.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  23. “Another is that a multicultural racially diverse society cannot exist if all injustice is blamed on racism. Blaming George Floyd’s murder on racism is an agenda-driven misrepresentation. It serves agendas and is endlessly asserted by the presstitutes, white liberals, and Democrats.”
    PCR is spot on. For most Elites & their executive tools (ie the police) race per se is not an issue. (Israel, re the Palestinians may be an exception…or may not).
    This is not to say that race can not end up as an affect of Elite oppression. Oppression starts with the weakest first. Black people are likely one of the easiest exploited groups in the US.
    As WE SHOULD ALL KNOW, race is the go-to divide/rule/confuse/divert etc technique.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  24. @Franz

    You know nothing of mobs. When there’s a riot, you either join or stay the hell away. Trying to confront a mob in any way, you can expect five, ten, hundred piling in on you.

    • Replies: @Franz
  25. @animalogic

    PCR has a doctoral degree, IlliterateBOY. Moreover, his blather is propaganda. His inputs are NOT valuable by any measure.


    • Replies: @animalogic
  26. anastasia says:

    There are not only pallets of bricks found in every city, there are written instructions found, the color coded clothing had to be planned, plans and arrangements for travel to be made for those traveling from out of state (would have taken up to one day for travel); weaponry (usually the same in every city) used, fuel, bricks, hammers, setting up “encyrpted messaging” for communication among themselves and to an apparent central organization.

    This thing was so highly organized and planned that I am convinced the plan had to be made BEFORE the death of Floyd.

    Floyd was pronounced dead on the night of March 25. News reports came out the next day. Within two days thereafter, there were protests in at least four cities, with all these things found in the midst of the protests.

    No way could this thing be organized and planned in two days. Impossible.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  27. Realist says:

    Yet white Antifa members have turned a peaceful black protest into violent multi-city riots that are ongoing despite the arrest of the police officer.

    It wasn’t so hard to do…since their minions were low IQ, lowlife, scumbag blacks.

    If you’re so concerned about black lives. where is your article on blacks killing blacks (at a immensely larger number than Whites killing blacks) in Chicago over just the last weekend (82 shot, 22 killed)?

    Blacks don’t give a shit about each other…why do you?

  28. @Robert White

    Why bring up PCR’s doctorate? The hell has that got to do with anything here?
    Do you mean “boy” as in black person or immature person ? And the illiterate bit, what’s that?
    As for propaganda? Propaganda for whom or what ? Is it so obvious you can merely assert the accusation without evidence or argument ?
    Same goes for the assertion as to his lack of value….
    PCR is one of the few bastions of sanity left… if you can’t see it then I think it’s u who have a propaganda problem.

  29. Get a load of this. Total ROTFL.

    Oh boy, Jews have been the main inflamers of black rage and violence, but now that it has backfired on blue cities, they use their shills like Susan Rice to blame RUSSIA. “Russia ate my homework.” “Russia spilled the milk.”

    Btw, Susan Rice says the problem is ‘centuries old’, but actually, it is 100,000 yrs old. Blacks evolved to be thugs, warriors, and hunters. They are reverting to hunter-warrior-thug behavior as whites grow weak and wussy. Black mentality feel contempt for cucky weakness.

  30. @Robert White

    Both Dr. Roberts and the late Jude Wanniski, proponents of trickle down economics, have said that it never happened. There were too many “interests” that would not have benefited.

  31. @EoinW

    Is it really that difficult to charge the officer with 2nd degree murder and to arrest all the officers?

    There is a presumption of innocence. On what basis would the arrests be made, without a full investigation?

    Second, this is not a racial issue. A racist crime may have been the trigger but it’s not the real cause of discontent.

    If it isn’t a racial issue, how can a racist crime be the trigger? What was the crime? The police were responding to a crime reported. If there hadn’t been a crime to respond to, the police wouldn’t have been there.

    Does no one find it odd that the “bad cop’s” neighbours didn’t know he was a cop? If the cop and the dead man worked at the same place and were even mildly acquainted, I find it odd that the dead man/victim would resist to the point of having to be restrained. There is something not right about the narrative.

    • Replies: @Alden
  32. @anastasia

    Agree. George Soros is a great planner.

  33. martin_2 says:

    I made this point on another thread…There are instances of stupid and callous police violence inflicted on whites posted on youtube etc. Wouldn’t it have been great if blacks had took up this cause on behalf of all people, and not just blacks. For once, blacks would have been doing something for whites instead of the usual whites campaigning for blacks. But unfortunately it was not to be. Blacks are too self centred and selfish to think in these terms.

  34. “The statistics developed in your links lead any sensible person to conclude that the reason blacks suffer higher rates of death at the hands of the Law is that they are (much) more frequently on the wrong side of the Law”

    Or because they are historically targeted as scapegoats for the dominant’s population blame game for the society they control. And using these same stats to justify the argument you are making. The laddress is social dominance and control in NYC when the black population was relatively small, the game was italians and Irish, poles . . .etc. The difference for blacks is that changing their name, changing how they spoke , simply could not overcome the narratives shared among whites about negative stereo-types. They could not manuver into positions of influence, power and money via l networks, intermarriage, education and politics . . .

    The criminal communities always are strongest in lower income communities – that just the way it is. And even most of those populations actually do well to avoid criminal conduct. Lower income does cause crime, but those outlying communities have more conditions that enable and foster the same.

    No has to be a liberal to understand the socialization process and the use if stats incorrectly to describe an entire population. It’s not black skin — it’s social environmental construct. The new but old schtick: hbd and IQ . . . are part of the same gig.

    I am certainly not condoning crime as i say, even most lower income community populations are not criminals. But you know all of this – even it’s a real pain to have to admit it. The country has spent so many years invested in hiding it’s sin, no one is is all that eager to face the consequences of hypocrisy. And as a conservative, it’s very tough to admit that when it I should have embraced issues regarding the legitimacy of government conduct. The current unrest will in all liklihood settle down. And the appropriate force will be seen the rule of the day. But I suspect there is something else happening. And it’s not merely about blacks though clearly a clearer demarkation line is that dynamic.

  35. Wonderful column containing many good points.

    • Agree: jack daniels
  36. @animalogic

    Unfortunately most people who get worked up about these issues are not sophisticated enough to get beyond “white good — black bad,”

    To get beyond this without dissolving into triviality and long-winded but useless theories will not be easy.

  37. @nickels

    They are subjected to enormous pressure to behave that way. Blacks who oppose that narrative eg Nation of Islam are subject to legal and extra-legal persecution.

    • Agree: nickels
  38. lloyd says: • Website
    @Dutch Boy

    If the cops had come to him and said. “Excuse me sir, there is a problem with the bill you exchanged”, none of this mayhem might have happened.” I have twice found myself with counterfeit money in China. In both cases, the cops weren’t called. Ex pats, white ones anyway, are assumed to be completely honest. We all know why. I left the shop and returned with money. I tried to later pass it on. Maybe the cops said exactly that above with Floyd, and he psyched with drugs and fear of the cops, resisted arrest. The MSM are not telling us. The coroners report declared he died of a heart attack. The disgusting MSM are giving headlines to a later private medical report and burying the official report. If it is fraudulent, then the Coroner should be arrested. If you take the trouble to read Trump’s tweets, he is trying to calm the situation, statesmanship like.

  39. KenH says:

    The black political leadership and BLM is a clown car of race arsonists and anti-white hate mongers. As such they are totally incapable of acting in good faith towards the white population regarding police brutality or any other matter.

    Their agenda is entirely political and racially self serving which is why they don’t want people to know that on average almost twice as many whites as blacks are killed by police every year or that of all the blacks murdered every year killings by police are less make up less than 1% of the total number. Hardly the ongoing holocaust of black bodies as they claim.

    When you bring these points up to BLM activists and sympathizers they are like the Pennywise clown in his death throes because they can’t contradict them and they collapse their narrative.

    Besides, you can’t police a white population the same way you do a black population. As a result of having very violent black population (and to a lesser extend latinos) police have become more militarized and hostile towards the general public and whites have suffered because of it. If anyone has the right to be angry about this it is whites since this change in policing has turned our once officer friendlies into militarized pricks more willing to use force/lethal force.

    • Replies: @Alden
  40. Ko says:

    I really don’t understand what everyone’s bitching about. If George Floyd had been white, his death wouldn’t have made the news. It’s black privileged, that’s the reason elitist white Antifa punks and ghetto trash blacks are looting.

  41. Alden says:

    You can worry and fret about blacks. I’ll worry and fret about my fellow racially conscious Whites

    After 60 years of blacks rioting every few years, Who Cares about them?

  42. Alden says:

    Chauvin was a long term regular employee. Floyd worked there only a short time and didn’t have a regular shift. It may have been an on call position from a security guard agency They sure didn’t act like 2 co workers.

    Security guard agencies hire lots of felons. It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of a criminal record.

  43. Alden says:

    completely agree with you.

  44. Awash says:

    PCR approaches the issue by deemphasizing identity politics. There are times when such an approach is necessary. Very good article.

  45. Franz says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You know nothing of mobs.

    Sure I do, but in the old days when I did my patrolling it was still called by the euphemism “crowd control.” And crowds can be controlled. Riots begin when people forget how to mediate.

    Watch Andy’s vid again. I see a crowd, I see milling about, various people demonstrating for various things. Not a sign of a riot till the coward says he’s had enough and throws the Sunday punch. I saw no hostility from the man with the flag. Disagreement maybe but what’s the agora for?

    Even after the pile-on started up, others were yelling “no”. I guess the damage was already done.

    Around the turn of the century Clint Eastwood made a prophetic statement. He said Americans were becoming incapable of disagreement without a fight or losing a friend. A symptom of overcrowding.

    • Replies: @SBaker
  46. @EliteCommInc.

    “I am not much moved by the article.”
    That’s a pity.
    PCR’s core point is that “race” is the wrong perspective.
    “Race” is unprofitable. It will NOT lead to the kind of reforms necessary. Those reforms need to deal with police violence & unaccountability generally.
    And, of course, police violence is symptomatic of far deeper issues — issues of a governing elite that sees it’s own “citizens” as little more than (class) enemies.
    Racism, beyond a superficial, level, is a dead end — a dead end elites have been exploiting successfully for many — many years. (racism exists, of course — resentful people of all colours like it, & elites like it because it’s so easy to ignite in those same resentful people).

  47. @Dutch Boy

    “I did not think the arrest of Floyd was particularly brutal, considering his size. ”
    His “size” ? So 4-5 police were forced to act the way they did by his “size” ? Heaven forbid they raise a sweat…. And “reasonable” ? Don’t you mean “fucking incompetent & negligent? ” Over 8 minutes, 2-3 of which he is motionless, ie completely unresponsive & that’s reasonable b/c you can’t think of a more efficient way of handling the situation?
    You appear to be one of the people who will defend the police under 99.9% of circumstances.

    • Replies: @SBaker
  48. SBaker says:

    The usual medicine man troll. Your stupidity is only exceeded by your childish lies. Here’s a tip, Africans who behave like white people don’t get accosted. St George, had 9 felony convictions, 5 prison sentences, the last of which was 5 years for armed robbery of a woman. I don’t know if she was white or black, but she isn’t the criminal, and race isn’t the issue. St George was also loaded at the time of his arrest with fentanyl and meth. Fentanyl is 50-100 times as potent as morphine and was the likely cause of the druggies demise.

  49. SBaker says:

    “I did not think the arrest of Floyd was particularly brutal, considering his size. ”
    His “size” ? So 4-5 police were forced to act the way they did by his “size” ? Heaven forbid they raise a sweat…. And “reasonable” ? Don’t you mean “fucking incompetent & negligent? ” Over 8 minutes, 2-3 of which he is motionless, ie completely unresponsive & that’s reasonable b/c you can’t think of a more efficient way of handling the situation?
    You appear to be one of the people who will defend the police under 99.9% of circumstances.””

    Dutch is merely countering the lies. St. George’s tox screen showed he was loaded up on fentanyl and meth. Fentanyl is often used by veterinarians to sedate horses, Carfentanil to sedate elephants. Fentanyl is 50-100 times as potent as morphine, Carfentanil a 1000 fold. George died of an OD of a highly potent very dangerous drug. Not all cops are as bad as you think and I would happily trust them long before I would you and many others on this site.

  50. SBaker says:

    Sure I do, but in the old days when I did my patrolling it was still called by the euphemism “crowd control.” And crowds can be controlled. Riots begin when people forget how to mediate.””

    These crowds are not interested in mediation. Water cannons can handle unruly mobs easily, as can a few well trained Belgian Shepherds.

    • Replies: @Franz
  51. Franz says:

    These crowds are not interested in mediation.

    This crowd was peaceful. Till the punch.

    In the old “crowd control” days three of us were able to control a much larger number of people at a union strike where management was looking for an incident to use. There was lots of heat. Whenever one of us saw a “situation” start to develop, we moved in and defused it. Usually just showing up and asking “Are we okay over here?” or somesuch. It worked, no fights unless they took it out of our jurisdiction.

    The crowd was peaceful but restive. A few officers mingling and being visible was needed and nowhere near. What you saw there was just plain civic stupidity.

    The authorities did not do their jobs. Patrol the area. Keep ahead of flashpoints. Uneducated beat cops knew how to do that a hundred years ago.

    What they’re doing here is taking away your right to freedom of assembly, and maybe that’s their plan anyway. Why help them?

  52. gsjackson says:

    Agreed. PCR strongly opposed the foreign policy of Bush 2 from the get-go. I doubt he was a fan of Bush 1’s tax bills. He was at pains to describe supply side economics as not being “trickle down.” I’m quite certain he has regarded blacks Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams as valued colleagues. So I’m having a hard time coming up with a single truthful point in this post.

    Those of us having at PCR for his position on the corona virus should not lose sight of how valuable his contributions have been for decades.

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