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The Ever Widening War
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When it comes to Russia, Republicans are no more supportive of Trump’s goal of normalizing relations with Russia than are Democrats. Both parties receive campaign contributions from the military/security complex and intend to continue receiving those contributions that otherwise would go to opponents to their re-election bids. reports that key Republicans are pressuring the Biden regime to send Ukraine Gray Eagle drones, F-16s, and missiles with 190 mile range, twice the range of the 94 mile missiles Biden is sending.

As I correctly predicted, the Kremlin’s never-ending war is systematically widening the war week by week. The Kremlin’s unwillingness to use the required force to bring the conflict to a quick victorious close has the world on the path to nuclear war.

The fighting is still an inch by inch, a village by village slog with the private Wagner Group still carrying the bulk of the fighting.

The Russians still haven’t pushed the Ukrainians far enough back to prevent Ukraine from continually shelling the city of Donetsk, capital of the Donetsk Republic prior to reabsorption into Russia. So despite Putin’s statement that Russia would never again fight on its own territory, Russia is fighting on its own territory, not on Ukraine’s. There is still no sign of any Russian effort to knock Ukraine out of the war. Russian troops on the ground are confined to a small area in SE Donbass.

The Kremlin’s slow war is leading to more direct conflict between Russia and the West. A failure of vision and judgment this extreme has never before occurred in the history of warfare.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that if Washington gives Ukraine weapons with a 94 mile range, Russia will have to push Ukraine back another 94 miles. At the inch by inch rate that Russia is advancing, that would take until 2050, by which time the world would have expired in nuclear war.

The Kremlin has made a mistake and is now too wedded to its mistake to let go of it. As the record clearly shows, Washington will not permit Russia a “limited military operation” and has succeeded in widening the war, involving both itself and NATO.

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• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, NATO, Russia, Ukraine