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The Epstein Pedophile Case
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Readers ask me about the Epstein case. Are Ann Coulter, Giraldi and others correct that the Lolita Express was a possible Mossad operation to create blackmail files on political leaders, women included. I have no way of knowing. I posted articles from others to stimulate thought, not to take a position.

At this point in time, my view is that Epstein, whether innocent or guilty, is likely to get off, because the information, if it is correct, is on Western political leaders, none of whom wants it to come out and neither does Israel as the blackmail potential of the information would be lost. That makes a lot of political power for a mere US Attorney to go up against.

Moreover, MeTwo and the other crazed anti-male “feminist” movements prefer to see the pedophile scandal, if such is a fact, as “what men do.” They don’t want any politics to take the blame, and certainly not Israel. It is heterosexual men who are to blame. The position of the idiot feminists to make this a war against men will contribute a lot to Epstein’s escape from justice if once again the case against him goes nowhere.

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