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The Democrats Are Fronting for the CIA Deep State’s Color Revolution
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The Democrats, presstitutes and Deep State intend to turn the November presidential election into a color revolution. On September 8, I provided evidence from the Democrats themselves— .

Writing in J.B. Shurk shows that the Democrats are mobilized for the seven steps of color revolution described by Michael McFaul:

First, define Trump as a semi-autocratic and unpopular incumbent, create a united and organized opposition, quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified, use the presstitute media to convince people the vote was falsified, mobilize large demonstrations to protest the “electoral fraud,” and create divisions among the regime’s coercive forces—

The police are being neutralized by defunding and resignations. Obama removed the US military as an obstacle to the overthrow of a president by purging the general ranks and replacing them with men who see the military only as a profit system, the Constitution be damned. You can read the details here:

The information cannot get out, because the presstitutes suppress it, and Internet articles revealing it are disappeared by Google.

Trump himself will be cut off from all media. Trump’s silencing by the presstitutes, Google, and social media will be interpreted to the American people as evidence of Trump’s guilt. The line will be that the evidence against Trump is overwhelming, what can he say?

Those Americans who have been indoctrinated with hatred of Trump will go along with it in order to get rid of Trump. They are too stupid to comprehend that it is not Trump but democracy that is being cast aside.

What can Trump do, assuming he is able to comprehend his situation. He could fire all of the Obama generals and recall the ones driven out by “America’s first black president.” He could use the anti-trust laws on the books to break up the six mega-media companies and decentralize the media. He could expose the CIA’s use of the media to control explanations fed to the people.

But he can’t really do these things. The Democrats’ judges and the Nancy Pelosi House would intervene against Trump’s revamping of the general ranks. Law suits would challenge his attack on the media monopoly. The CIA’s covert operations is a government and law unto itself. They would use their agents in the Secret Service to set Trump up for assassination like President Kennedy.

At this point, the only thing that can save American democracy is a Trump electoral victory too large to be challenged. Can this happen when such a large percentage of the white population has been too brainwashed to be capable of acting in its own interest?

We will know in two months.

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