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The Covid Deception Exposed
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The presstitutes continue to program us with unreliable information about the Covid threat. For example, consider these two reports from the Miami Herald:

DeSantis is so over Florida’s COVID pandemic. He shouldn’t be. Here’s why | Editorial

(The above editorial has either been taken down or the Miami Herald URL system has developed a bug. The editorial is reproduced at the end of this column.)

Rapid rise in COVID patients leads Florida hospitals to limit visitors, prepare for worst

Think about this. It could just be politics with Democrat presstitutes denigrating a Republican governor. But that possibility aside, the latest Covid hype is designed to ramp up vaccinations or reinstate closedowns as a way of forcing vaccination.

Florida, like every state, has a significant percentage of its population vaccinated, enough according to some estimates of the ever-changing percentage of the population vaccinated to reach “herd immunity.” So why the sudden reported outbreak?

The outbreak is attributed to a new, more contagious variant. Yet the director of the CDC has given assurance that “if you are fully vaccinated you are protected against severe COVID, hospitalization and death, and are even protected against the known variants, including the delta variant, circulating in this country.” Either the CDC is mistaken or there is some other explanation for the reported outbreak.

An explanation that the medical establishment and presstitutes never mention is one that independent experts do mention: The new “outbreak” consists of adverse reactions to the vaccine. The “outbreak” could also be caused by “shedding” from vaccinated people.

Dr. Robert Malone, who pioneered the mRNA technology, has provided data that clearly show that the countries with the smallest percentage of their population vaccinated have the fewest number of new Covid cases. Countries with the largest percentages of population vaccinated have surging numbers of new Covid cases —

How can this be? Only if it is the vaccine that is producing a new outbreak consisting of adverse reactions. Remember, a lawsuit has been filed based on a CDC whistleblower’s publicly released information that the CDC is knowingly understating the deaths from the vaccines by a factor of 5. In other words, the deaths caused by the vaccines that are known to the CDC are five times higher than the figure released.

Do not expect the presstitutes or the corrupt medical establishment to investigate any claim that is outside the official narrative.


But do be aware that the official narrative is under knowledgeable and total attack and not only from specific attacks from many individual scientists and doctors, such as Dr. Robert Malone. Dr. David Martin has a total attack on every aspect of the narrative. It is beyond my ability to assess the validity of Dr. David Martin’s expose, but I am able to see that his attack is knowledge-based and rests on extensive and long-term research. I recommend it to you so that you are at least aware of the possibility that you have been deceived by those you mistakenly trusted and that you might pay for the deception with your health and your life. Here is David Martin’s expose of the Covid Deception:

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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