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The Controversy Over Who Is Responsible for Coronavirus Is Heating Up
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Let’s hope the Neoconservatives and American presstitutes don’t add a conflict with China to the ongoing virus and economic threats.

First, is the virus a bioweapon? Second who is responsible?

Two sources concluded that the virus was a bioweapon. One is Francis Boyle, who drafted the US implementing legislation for the Biowarfare Convention that became US law in, I believe, 1989. Boyle says the US government violates the law and has 13,000 scientists working on biowarfare research. Boyle said in February that the gainer function of the virus was done at a UNC lab at which a Wuhan scientist was present, and the HIV features were done in Australia where a Wuhan scientist was present. He says the scientists took the work back with them and the result was Covid-19. Also in February or March a scientific paper by scientists in India concluded that the virus was man-made. Their paper was taken down without explanation.

A top virologist, whose statements to the Belgium government concerning the inadequacy of the government’s response to the virus I have posted on my website, tells me that the Indian scientists were mistaken, and that the virus is naturally evolved. As he is not involved in bioweapons work, I do not think he is covering up illegal activity by US and Chinese governments. He shows in his public concern every indication of being a highly principled person of unquestioned ability and character. Moreover, his position seems to be widely shared among experts.

As for responsibility, it seems both China and the US are responsible. It is clear from news reports that the US contributed millions of dollars to the Wuhan level 4 lab for research having to do with bats and coronavirus. What this research was, we don’t know. We only know what they say. But the US government was aware of the bat coronavirus research and helped to fund it. There was also a report that after the virus outbreak the president of China suddenly removed the top people at the Wuhan facility and put in charge a woman who was an expert virologist. The Chinese president XI thought something had gone wrong at the lab and said it was the duty of the government to protect the people.

We also know that various Chinese officials and press said the Americans had brought the virus with them when they came to Wuhan to participate in the military games. The Chinese did not mean on purpose, but that someone among the US team was infected without having symptoms, often a feature of the virus. There was some discussion in which US health officials seemed to acknowledge that the virus might have been active in the US before it broke lose in a mass way.

We also know that Trump and now the neoconservative warmongers are blaming China for keeping quiet too long about the virus. This claim as far as I can tell is false. It seems to be mainly propaganda against China.

We also have had reports that a US military lab in Texas was suddenly closed out of pathogen concerns by the Obama regime.

How all this fits together or doesn’t I don’t know.


As the Democrats are blaming Trump for the virus, Trump blames China as that aligns the Democrats with the “enemy” China and is a way of showing that the Democrats are covering up for “Communist China” by shifting the blame to the president of the US.

The politics of the virus will make it difficult for the truth to emerge.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. To watch the Cambridge scientist who claims that Covid-19 originated in the USA, watch these videos:

    • Thanks: Realist
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  2. The Chinese and the US collaborating to create a biological weapon. Sheesh. Yikes.

    I wouldn’t put it past them. But the upshot is–wait for it–when you’re blaming China, you’re blaming the US!

    By the way, the US is doing no job at all in dealing with this virus. No testing. No masks. Nobody allowed in the hospital not already beyond redemption. No anything. Just dying. Makes ya kind of proud.

    • Replies: @yep
  3. Blubb says:

    You think the claim that China kept mum about the virus is false? How do you come to that conclusion? Rather it seems to me that individuals who first warned about the pneumonia, namely the ophthalmologist, were silenced by force rather than investigated.

    Instead, they celebrated the Chinese new year, with the visitors from there spreading the virus to Italy, and probably the US.

    Then they suddenly reacted very sharply, shutting down Wuhan after it was already too late (5 million carriers had left).

    It does not make any sense to me that the virus should have been in in the US before China, otherwise it would have explored there, first.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy, Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @Anon
  4. All the evidence I have so far seen for the bio weapon theory is conjecture. If this coronavirus is indeed a weapon, it is a particularly stupid one. It is not particularly lethal at all and most of those it kills are geriatrics. Let’s be honest about this. If the virus was not prevented by lockdown at all it would result in say in the US, maybe 1 million, 2 million overwhelmingly old people dead, a small number of young healthy working age people dead, and herd immunity for the nation. As a bio weapon, that’s not very bad. And the dead old people would quite frankly, mean a greatly reduced burden on the welfare state. The younger generation need a break anyway after being screwed by the post-Breton Woods fractional reserve banking inflation racket. More than that, if you conjecture that it was the US that created this geriatric killing bio weapon, then it backfired and is killing off their own oldies. Same can be said about the case if the Chinese were the evil scientists cooking up this demon bug.
    Occam’s razor guys. Like so many other viruses over the last several decades, including SARS version 1 of 2003, and the pig virus that ravaged China’s swine herds only last year for goodness sake, this is probably a virus that came by jumping the species barrier in a wet market. And yes, the Chinese wet markets are cruel and an environmental travesty. In that respect, yes the Chinese are responsible.
    Let’s keep the conjecture sane at least and not lob vicious accusations of bio weapons warfare between nations, because you could start something really serious.
    We do not know at this stage what percentage of people who actually get the virus get very ill. It may be that 80% + of infections result in nothing more than a mild or nasty cold, or no symptoms at all. The number of “confirmed cases” being reported by the hysterical media, sure, it’s sad for those people but, they are the people who were drawn to the attention of the authorities by being quite sick in the first place and so they got tested. The greater number, probably the vast majority of young working age people, don’t do it too tough all and so they never get tested.

    • Agree: Delta G
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Verity
  5. “The politics of the virus will make it difficult for the truth to emerge.” And the politicization of the virus could risk “a conflict with China”. Covid 19 destabilizes things further. History suggests we are already on that fateful towards world war.

  6. Thekid says:

    As the Democrats are blaming Trump for the virus, Trump blames China as that aligns the Democrats with the “enemy” China and is a way of showing that the Democrats are covering up for “Communist China” by shifting the blame to the president of the US

    Ramping up the China bashing to get the rubes ready to fight a hot war.

  7. One must remember that when a country launches a war it expects to suffer casualties, and perhaps even mass casualties. The measure of victory comes not because you don’t suffer dead, but because your ability to suffer dead exceeds the ability of your enemy to do the same. For those that deny the “engineered” virus claim, and those who say it can’t be intentional look at the harm China has suffered, you need to step back and look at comparative harm. The entire US economy is shut down. It is unclear if large portions of the US economy can reopen for 18 months. This is comparable to the damage that would be done by a limited nuclear strike. We are short toilet paper. We are short medicines. There will be food shortages as meat processing workers have become infected and plants have closed down. China, meanwhile, seems to be getting back to normal. China has imposed more extreme controls on its borders and movements than Americans would tolerate–and that is the point. Chinese society is structured to deal with this kind of problem. America is not. Indeed, globalists and private equity and hedge funds and Wall Street and Walmart and Amazon have made America even more vulnerable. America is vulnerable because of a mix of fear and hope. Fear, because Americans all fear catching the mystery virus. Hope, because of the illusion that hiding at home will offer protection. Americans are also wildly irrational–we treat the asymptomatic as “secret” carriers. Those secret carriers prove what the Chinese know–the virus is only a threat to old people and people with pre-existing conditions (and China does not mind if they die). That is how you win a war, you understand how your opponent thinks and turn it to advantage.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  8. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    The way various governments scrambled in near panic to this virus made me suspicious that perhaps they had been given some insider information that a bioweapon had been released and that they needed to take steps quickly. It wouldn’t be a good idea to give too much information to the public apart from impressing upon them the need to take this seriously. Deliberate release or accidental escape from a lab? Who knows at this point. The so-called Spanish Flu was probably spread by American troops yet the Spanish take the rap for it. Whoever has the best Wurlitzer will have the upper hand in the blame game.

    • Replies: @c matt
  9. Yee says:

    “Who is responsible” isn’t the point… The point is who is going to rake in fire sales assets from countries which will sink in the coming economic difficulties, like every financial crisis in the past few decades.

    There was no alternative to the global capitalists in the past. But this time, China manage to overcome the crisis and emerge as a potential bidder…

    Always remember that media is a tool owned by the ruling class and serve the interests of the rich. There’s no right and wrong for media, only to manipulate.

  10. I am a signatory to the Cambridge Working Group Dual Use Gain-of-Function Call to Action headed up by Dr. Marc Lipsitch at Harvard in 2014 to stop the USA Government from funding BSL-4 research. We were successful & the government stopped the research due to Safety & Storage Standards.

    As soon as Trump attained office the sanction was lifted and the BSL-4 funding started up again.
    Most unfortunate was the money the USA Government poured into the China Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory & nCorona research.

    nCov-19 is most assuredly a Dual Use Gain of Function Bioweapon engineered in a BSL-4 laboratory at the behest of the USA Government who was funding the whole research domain for purposes of bioterrorism & war with competing nations & sovereigns.

    The USA & China will be sued via Class Action litigation for their collective incompetence & unprofessionalism writ large across the board BSL-4 & 3 research screw ups.


    • Disagree: Delta G
  11. Whichever state is responsible, release of COVID-19 is an internationally wrongful act in breach of jus cogens, manifestly the gravest crime in universal jurisdiction. Any state that developed this illegal biological weapon contemplated a sneak attack with illegal weapons that are inherently disproportionate and indiscriminate. Facial violation of the BWC and the 1925 Geneva Convention necessitates deniability. Accordingly, an independent investigation will have to consider efforts to impede or misdirect attribution.

    By inducing China to procure wild indigenous strains of the subject virus, and by involving Chinese nationals in certain stages of the research, a criminal state can support a spurious claim of joint responsibility. You have to start with two facts conclusively documented in open-source evidence:

    (1.) CIA never stopped developing and releasing banned biological weapons;
    (2.) CIA always misdirects culpability for its crimes.

    So good-faith Chinese participation in life-science research does not establish joint responsibility. You have to look into all the facts, including state secrets. Invocation of state secrecy are to be interpreted as incriminating conduct and duplicitous proceedings.

    Here’s what you will find. CIA released COVID-19 and initiated multiple compartmented OPSEC programs. Some of them blame China. If those fail, others will blame other participating states, inter alia Israel or Italy. It will take an independent court like the ICJ to sort the facts out. US civil society and human rights defenders including whistleblowers need to act in solidarity with wronged states to attribute responsibility for this act. Then the ICC or special tribunal can punish the criminals and their CIA command structure.

    • Agree: Robert White
  12. KB says:

    I have nearly given up trying to work out what is going on. One scenario is a U.S. attack on China, Iran and Italy, like several other such attacks, to take them all down a peg. But the Chinese reacted quickly, dramatically and unexpectedly and the virus has blown back to the West. Perhaps the crazies did not anticipate the blowback or perhaps thought it would just blend in with the usual flu deaths.

    Another possibility is that they just watched the dramatic Chinese lockdown and in wonder as the population quickly went along with it and they said “Why don’t we try this, too”. We can crash and loot the economy, discredit Trump, reduce dependence on Chinese manufacturing and have an ongoing two minutes hate against China.

    The incessant mainstream media hype reminds me of that after the 9/11 attacks and perhaps the whole thing is an orchestrated dramatic societal reset which will go on for years. There will be periodic virus threats and lockdowns as after 9/11 and say goodbye to all your civil rights.

    Certainly, Western governments have massively over-reacted. Such measures would be better directed against tobacco and traffic accidents.

    But we really need more data to be sure.

  13. @Giraffehead

    If the majority of the US population were tested it would accomplish three things.

    1) It would greatly increase the raw number of people who tested positive for the virus.

    2) It would show that the virus was not particularly deadly, except for the old and sick who might be on death’s door anyway, thus demonstrating that the actual mortality rate was much less than the medical and political fascists have been telling us for months.

    3) Which one do you think that the Trump-hating media will report? I’d vote for number 1. They consistently (and deliberately) ignore the second.

  14. @Harry Huntington

    Another huge issue is that China is mostly homogeneous with 92% of its population being Han (Wikipedia). Compare that to the US, with its ever shrinking Caucasian majority, which will soon be a minority within the next 10 years. Homogenous people have ethnic and cultural reasons to stick together in a crisis. The far too diverse US population, where the government is not trusted, and with destructive identity politics having gained the upper hand, does not.

    Unless the Neocons go nuclear, China wins any war.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  15. c matt says:

    My understanding is it got the name Spanish Flu not because it originated there, but because only Spanish news sources were reporting on it. Everyone else was censoring it.

    • Agree: Wielgus, Delta G
    • Replies: @Wielgus
  16. Patricus says:

    If the Chinese or American governments originated COVID-19 it was certainly a collosal blunder. They had to know the volume of travel between the countries would rapidly spread the disease. Assuming these actors are both diabolically evil while at the same time pitifully stupid then one could reasonably hold these suspicions. Certainly the burden of evidence should be on the accusers and there should be actual evidence, not vague suspicions. Meanwhile there is a simpler explanation. The virus, like so many others, probably came from nature.

  17. yep says:

    total garbage…you people are not doing your homework…this virus came from Canada…yep that’s right canada….and before canada it came from holland ……who gave it to canada, and then the chinese were working on it in canada and it was stolen from canada by the chinese communist party people…..people are pissed on this planet and they want justice from the chinese..

    .yes there are sites out there who say canada has nothing to do with it, but, don’t believe it, canada would be sued by the world if it were to remind people that this virus was from canada to begin with and the chinese stole it from canada to boot….i believe china and canada are both responsible

    i believe the earth will be going to a nuke war with china, …and i gave it one year……period

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  18. Wielgus says:
    @c matt

    That’s correct. Spanish newspapers wrote more about it than any others as Spain was neutral in WW1 while warring countries ignored it or downplayed it at least until the war ended, as mention of it was not good for morale. Indeed, mention of it was censored.

  19. orionyx says:

    China wins any nuclear war too, in the sense that the USA will suffer damage it will not emerge from in any recognizable form.

    But winning a nuclear war is something like winning an asteroid strike – what could it possibly mean?

  20. @Godfree Roberts

    He doesn’t actually say the origin was the US, only saying that Type A is common in the US.
    A lot of hinting (and entirely within the realm of possibility), but I didn’t hear a definitive statement that its source was the US.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  21. @Curmudgeon

    Yes. We’ll have to wait until there are more genetic samples. In his latest video he places the origin between Sept 13-Dec13, with a 95% confidence interval.

    His latest video develops his ideas further:

    • Replies: @skrik
  22. Anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    Instead, they celebrated the Chinese new year, with the visitors from there spreading the virus to Italy, and probably the US.


    Lunar New Year means everything in China. Canceling celebrations is a massive deal
    Julia Hollingsworth byline
    By Julia Hollingsworth, CNN

    Updated 4:13 AM ET, Fri January 24, 2020

    China cancels Lunar New Year events over deadly virus fears

    China is taking unprecedented steps aimed at containing the SARS-like virus outbreak. Authorities are seeking to control the spread of the disease in the lead up to the world’s biggest annual human migration.

    Jan 23, 2020 – Beijing has canceled mass Lunar New Year celebrations and put four cities on lockdown in an effort to control the spread of the deadly

    Do you know which Communist country not named China has handled the pandemic really well and is lending a helping hand to the West? Vietnam.

    • Replies: @Anon
  23. Anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    LANSING, Mich. – Demonstrators drove thousands of vehicles – many draped with protest signs – to Michigan’s state Capitol on Wednesday, loudly protesting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order intended to fight the coronavirus pandemic.


    Whitmer said Wednesday she respects the right to protest but believes many of the protesters put themselves and others at risk of contracting COVID-19.

    “I was really disappointed to see people congregating and not wearing masks,” Whitmer said.

    She said she saw one person “handing out candy with bare hands.”

    “We know that this demonstration is going to come at a cost to people’s health,” Whitmer said. “When people gather that way without masks … that’s how COVID-19 spreads.

    Different government, different culture, different result.

  24. Delta G says:

    So 13,000 Scientists working on Bio weapons Research. Wow, when I was working at NIH from 79-85 there were about 10,000 NIH employees which included about half of which that had Doctoral Degrees, making them Scientists in this nonsensical Blob, err I mean Blog…

    That included all of the Intramural Programs of NCI, NEI, NIDR, NHLBI, NIAID, NCHHD, NINDS, NIEHS, NIHM, B of Biologics, Office of the Director, etc etc etc. There were 50 large buildings on the Bethesda Campus and Branch Campus in Research Triangle Park, NC and in Baltimore. There also was a large farm dedicated to providing animals for research. Building 10 the Clinical Research Center was the largest Brick Building on Earth and the NIH was the Largest Biomedical Research Facility on Earth.

    So 13000 Scientists Working on Bio Weapons is nearly 2 and 2/3 times as many Scientists at the NIH at its Peak. Hard to hide all those people.

    I will be polite and say Francis Boyle and anyone who repeats this nonsense must have Brown Eyes and let the readers imagination guess why…

    • Disagree: Robert White
  25. skrik says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Thanks for the video. At ~13m20s Dr Peter Forster estimates [by ‘figuratively running the evolution-clock backwards’] that the first infection stored in the database occurred between 13Sep and 7Dec 2019 at the 95% confidence level. He identifies 3 versions A, B & C, whereas B dominates the Wuhan/China infections, but B evolved from A = what he calls ‘the origin type.’ See the diagram:

    Note that it shows a v.long ‘way’ from bat to “A” [a big leap from bat to human?] but AFAIK, nobody has presented any evidence of where “A” first appeared. The A-type dominates the infections in the US – just saying. rgds

    • Replies: @Red Pill Angel
  26. Verity says:

    You go from probably the source to China is responsible. Not Occam’s Razor,not even logical. Just pure fantasy.

  27. Sheesh! All this commotion over a flu.

  28. those videos…pure propaganda! they are building up a false case to blame China..that is as clear as day light

    war anyone..?

  29. NoNwoNow says:

    It’s important to delve into what really happened, like what are Bill Gates and the WEF and the Chicoms up to.
    But if we can “Kill the virus and ask questions later,” we better do it. As long as the disease is around they’ll keep using it for their agenda.
    So – check out this research on a cure that could stop the virus in its tracks.
    “Add Zinc: From Game-Changer to Game-Winner against Coronavirus: Can we Believe Reports of a Sure Cure for SARS-CoV-2? Here’s the Science behind Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc”
    1. Zinc plays a central, crucial role in our immune system [10]
    2. Zinc blocks the coronavirus replication cycle at four different points.[11]
    3. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) multiplies the effect of zinc by bringing it into cells where it’s needed.[12]
    4. Low zinc levels are linked to all the chronic conditions that account for over 99% of deaths from SARS-CoV-2 (CoVID-19), like old age, hypertension, male gender, obesity, etc.
    One MD said about HCQ+Zinc on ABC News Los Angeles, “Every patient I’ve prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free.”[5] Fantastic. But you know a doctor wouldn’t risk losing his license by making such false claims.
    So it rings true from both theory and practical viewpoints.
    If we can get this cure more widely known, the game will be up for the virus-mongers.

  30. When looking into the crimes of the CIA regime, it’s helpful to take a broad view of the supporting programs. One entity, otherwise inexplicable has that telltale CIA smell.


    What kind of idiot would throw money at such an evident ripoff? It screams cover ops slush fund. It makes the Clinton Foundation look like a model of probity. Yet Softbank and multiple systemically important banks flushed their money down that hole. They gave Wework enough money to let the Israeli principals take a material amount of real estate off their hands. In this case who bought what from whom tells you a lot. We’ll also find that a lot of that capital leaked into relevant bribes and cutout arrangements.

  31. Jimmy1969 says:

    This was a very poorly written article saying nothing; very undeserving of Paul Craig Roberts.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  32. @Jimmy1969

    Must PCR be 100% all the time?

    PCR has been around a long time doing real work in the general interest.
    I got the message in there. I dont mind!

  33. @skrik

    Even if Type A is from the US, could it have been stolen and then further doctored elsewhere?

    • Replies: @skrik
  34. skrik says:
    @Red Pill Angel

    could it have been stolen and then further doctored

    Err, stolen *by* who, *from* whom, please? Would it be found neatly packaged in some Colin Powell-style test tube? Or would some ‘ring-in’ lab-cleaner find it on some apparently used tissues in a rubbish-basket?

    Kindly look at the diagram. It has ‘BAT’ in the bottom right corner, since Covid-19’s closest known ‘relative’ in the ‘outside world’ is thought to be via sharing “a high level of genetic similarity (96.3%) with a bat coronavirus RaTG13 which was obtained from bat in Yunnan in 2013.” Now the straight lines have little ‘nicks’ on them; each represents a single mutation-step. We can count 17 steps from BAT to the two intermediates, then 2 to the variant marked A and then 3 more to B. The two intermediates before A are coloured a) yellow [China] and b) 3/4 blue [US] and 1/4 yellow, indicating where these versions are ‘active.’ I interpret the diagram thus: The BAT version mutated [naturally or lab-forced?] to result in the two intermediates, and the rest of the drama followed. IF ‘naturally’ THEN that’s a giant leap for a virus. IF lab-forced THEN *by* whom, and *how/where* did it get loose? Now kindly review the video; see where/when Forster thinks Covid-19 1st ‘appeared.’ rgds

    PS IF a deliberate release THEN cui bono?

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