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The Conspiracy to Shut Down Truth, Donald Trump, and the American People
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There is circumstantial evidence that the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the rest of the presstitute media are part of a conspiracy with the oligarchs, the military/security complex, the Hillary Democrats, and neoconized Republicans to shut down the dissident Internet alternative media and to deny Donald Trump the presidency.

Consider the brand new website PropOrNot and its fake news list of 200 Internet Russian agents. PropOrNot is a website hidden behind multiple screens as would be an offshore tax avoidance scheme. In other words, no known, responsible entity is behind the site, which has libeled 200 other websites, or if it is, it is too ashamed of what it is doing to be associated with it publicly.

Consider the expertise and money required to shield the identity of an organization, whether tax avoidance or website. This is not something that just anyone can do. This type of Klingon cloaking requires real money or the CIA.

As long as it pretends to be a newspaper, the Washington Post is subject to journalistic ethics. But the PropOrNot story by Craig Timberg violated journalistic ethics. Unsupported accusations were leveled against 200 websites, a McCarthyism record.

How did a story, which would have been instantly quashed by editors in my day as a Wall Street Journal editor get past Timberg’s editor?

That is the question.

Here we have the Post committing libel against 200 websites, all of whom can sue for damages. There go Bezos’ billions.

Would a Washington Post editor of any intelligence have published such a libel-inviting story unless the owner, Bezos, gave the OK or the order?

How can the Washington Post feel secure in an act of libel?

Is it because Bezos is protected by his reported membership on a US government committee, along with the Google CEO, that is believed to conspire against the privacy of the American people?

PropOrNot would have amounted to nothing except for the Washington Post. Craig Timberg’s story was written as if PropOrNot was the real goods. Yet, Timberg does not reveal who is behind PropOrNot.

Add to this picture the hyping by the Washington Post, New York Times, and TV presstitutes of the unattributed CIA charge that Russia hacked the Hillary emails and used them to elect Trump with the help of Russian agent websites. This fake news charge is challenged by Wikileaks and by a number of experts who asked why unattributed allegations are accepted in the place of evidence, and the charge is not supported by the FBI. How do we know that the alleged unattributed CIA charges are actually made by the CIA or whether there is consensus within the agency?

How can the presstitutes, such as the NYT and Washington Post give us all these claims without a shred of evidence or any attribution to the CIA officials allegedly reporting the story? What kind of journalism is this?

The conspiracy against truth and against president-elect Trump is real. The oligarchs and their presstitutes, rogue elements of the CIA and the neocon establishment hope to drag alternative media before McCarthyite congressional hearings run by the American hegemonists who want power over the world.

Whatever you think of Trump, clearly the oligarchs who rule us fear him. The oligarchs are trying to keep Trump out of the presidency, and they are trying to associate truthful reporting with foreign influence.

Who wins this war determines the fate of America.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Fake News 
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  1. gustafus says:

    The commitment to stopping Trump says it all. He obviously knows where the bodies are buried and social media is allowing us to speak to each other about those bodies in ways we never had.

    Item. Institutional pedophilia by elites. WHO EVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? British Parliament, Football coaches, the Vatican, now 50 in Norway, including government?
    I suspect Pizza gate… is not some feverish dream. Why is the Norwegian story buried?

    Question… was Dennis Hastert in power because of his penchant for toddler boys or in spite of it?

    My thesis is you get nowhere in power without baggage.. BIG BAGGAGE for leverage. No cowboys needs apply. John Wayne couldn’t be elected dog catcher because he cannot be controlled once he has the reins of power.

    Enter Donald Trump. This is a total meltdown for the depravity that has ruled our rulers.

    Bezos owns the WAPO to wield power – PERIOD. Ditto for the owners of Facebook, the Saudi Twitter… NYT, ABC… all of these powerful megaphones. And it appears the club is run by what? …… pedophiles?

    Well, we know the Vatican is run by pedophiles. And we know they don’t have a problem with little girls… just little boys. AND now we discover that institutional pedophilia is rampant throughout Muslim countries… gang rape of toddler boys… is, well, routine. As is sexual confusion about women.

    We have a worldwide problem on our hands. And it’s Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Secular.

    Men and women rulers who are so depraved we never could have imagined such wide spread behavior…… how do we save ourselves?

  2. I asked myself during the campaign: “Is Trump just another amoral trickster? Am I doing the right thing by voting for him?”

    Now, when I see the hysterical reaction of people who have lots of blood on their hands (the CIA and the MSM) to his ascendancy, I sleep a little better at night.

  3. “Whatever you think of Trump, clearly the oligarchs who rule us fear him.”

    Sure, that is why Exxon will be Secretary of State and Goldman Sachs has Treasury.

  4. As ever, your comments about Joe McCarthy are wrong. The same Jewish media interests which vilified him are vilifying Trump and for the same reasons. Conspiracies against Trump are not rogue elements of the CIA and FBI, they are the CIA and FBI. After 20 odd years of Neocon and Neolib rule, only those CIA and FBI operatives willing to kow tow have been promoted to the highest levels.
    The only question is: will they try to assassinate him.

    • Replies: @E. A. Costa
  5. @Verymuchalive

    Señor Trump was the preferred candidate of Señor Netanyahu.

    Sorry to break your little bubble.

    Will he get what he paid for–a breaking of the Iran agreement and an attack on same? On verra.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  6. Realist says:

    The CIA has always been a tool of the deep state. Their purpose was to get information on target countries to allow the government to be overthrown. Such as Iran in 1953, Vietnam in 1963 (Gulf of Tonkin) and numerous South American countries. Now the US.

  7. @E. A. Costa

    If he was Netanyahu’s preferred candidate, then why did the MSM, the Neocons, the Neolibs, the Zionists, the militarists, the leftists et al continuously attack and besmirch him. Indeed, they are still doing so and have dragged the FBI and CIA into it. For their purposes, it would have been much more beneficial if Clinton had won straightforwardly.
    Your analysis is patently wrong.
    Then you claim; ” Will he get what he paid for – a breaking of the Iran agreement and an attack on same. ”
    No one has claimed that Trump has been bribed by Netanyahu to do this. There is no evidence Trump’s expenditure on the election was excessive. He is still a multi-billionaire. How do you bribe someone like that. As ever you are full of innuendo and totally bereft of evidence.

    • Replies: @E. A. Costa
  8. @Verymuchalive

    Read it and weep, sucker:

    Incidentally Netanyahu was a close friend of Señor Trump’s father when he was at the UN in NYC. Also a friend of the young Señor.

    Did Bibi, the furniture salesman, teach the young Trump seduction by shopping tours to furniture stores, jeje.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  9. Ivy says:

    Leverage is the preferred method to get done what needs to be done, by extracurricular means. When scruples are ignored the possibilities are endless. Constitutions can be so constricting.

  10. @E. A. Costa

    The Donald has a wicked sense of humour, which you patently don’t get. By getting a minion to claim he wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem he is stringing the Jewish vote along without having to do anything concrete. The Ziocons know this and hate him even more. If they thought he was serious, they would have backed off long ago, except they have become even more hostile.
    Anyway, it’s certainly not going to happen with Tex Ritter as Secretary of State. This guy’s as Jew Friendly as the previous Texan to hold the post, James Baker, which is not at all.
    No evidence, rubbish analysis, Costa, you are lukewarm, overpriced coffee.

  11. David says:

    The usually insufferable radio show Fresh Air with Terry Gross today featured a BuzzFeed reporter Craig Silverman discussing fake news. Granted most of his examples of fake news were stupid BS, but his account of the Macedonian publishers of pro-Trump fake news was convincing.

    These news sites in Macedonia copy and paste content from other sites, post links to their “content” in subject oriented Facebook groups hoping to get traffic and ad revenue. (Remind you of anyone?) They do a lot of medical news, because that works for income. And they found during the campaign that pro-Trump content got a lot of traffic. Which is why they were eager to produce it.

    On a station that is almost pure fake news, on a program that stands out in fake and subversive news, in an episode about fake news, I learned what seemed to be bona fide news.

    Anyone want to go over-under on how many times PCR mentions that an anonymous group, that he claims to contemn, condemns him?

    Of those we contemn, we should contemn the condemnation. But PCR trades more on, “there’s only one thing worse than being talked about…”

  12. Midnight says:

    I found the PropOrNot website very handy. I was already subscribed to about half the websites listed, but the PropOrNot list made me aware of several sites that look very good.

    Thanks, PropOrNot. I now have more reading material.

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