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The CIA’s Torture Program
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Readers have asked for my take on the CIA torture report. There is so much information and commentary available that it is unnecessary.

Igor Volsky provides a concise summary. President George W. Bush signed off on torture and then told the
gullible people that “this government does not torture people.” The torture was horrific.
The CIA even tortured its own informers. Two American psychologists who designed the torture program were paid $81 million.

CIA torturers received cash awards for “consistently superior work” when their innocent victims died.

The US government involved 54 countries in its torture program. The rendition program sent detainees to other countries where they were tortured in secret “black sites.’

Obama tortures also.

Those Americans who committed crimes as horrific as any in history have been given a pass by Obama. No accountability for their crimes. This finishes off the rule of law in America, which was already on life support.

CIA Torture Report Sparks Worldwide Condemnation
Even Nations That Participated Were Shocked How Far It Went

A history of the CIA’s torture program:

Former president of Poland admits that Poland hosted a CIA torture prison:

CIA destroyed evidence of its crimes:

Instead of apologizing for the CIA’s destruction of our country’s reputation, CIA director John Brennan defended the policy and claimed it helped to protect us from terrorists. The CIA fought for months to block even the release of the truncated and redacted report that made it to the public. Have a look at Brennan:
He looks more dangerous than a Nazi.

Just google CIA torture report and you will find much to read, including justifications of the torture program by neoconservatives, Republican members of the House and Senate, Dick Cheney, the presstitute media, and a large number of others.

Here’s my two cents: One purpose of the torture program was to produce self-incriminated “terrorists” to justify and feed the hoax “war on terror.” The “war on terror” was public cover for secret agendas that the American people would have rejected. This is disturbing enough. Even more disturbing, the torture program shows that no one in the US and European governments who knew of the program and participated in torture has an ounce of humanity, integrity, compassion, and morality. They are evil people, and the ones who inflicted the torture enjoyed the pain and suffering that they inflicted on others.

The only exceptional thing about the US is the extent of the evil that resides in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    For eighty billion bucks a year one expects an intelligence community whom can at least hide the torture!

  2. matt says:

    Some of us have known it all along:

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I had heard quite a few years ago that Israel had some great truth technology. Are we so blood thirsty that the CIA did not have the present of mind to be using this proven science? This truth technology should be mainstream used everywhere including local Police Interrogations.
    Truth Technology negates the use of torture. Torture should NOT AND NEVER be used on anyone. This is what makes us better than Islamic countries. Why does the CIA continue to torture when they could have put to use Truth Technology Sciences? Maybe the reason is more primitive then we would expect from the CIA. Could it just narrow down to a bunch of boys throwing their weight around. Causing pain to someone’s body is both intrusive and disgusting.
    What’s that word? Oh yes ‘Morals’. Does anyone remember morals; personal morals, professional morals? We all know what book they come from. “No?” Well morals come from the Bible and that’s a fact and you can’t acknowledge morals and ignore its’ author. Let’s ALL stop hurting each other.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "GO"] says:

    What makes us better apparently is that we instead advocate using invasive/manipulative “truth technology” even for “local Police Interrogations” (sic) because, well, the Israelis do it. So much for the right against self-incrimination.

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