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"The CDC Is Actually a Vaccine Company." — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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Watch this RT interview with Robert Kennedy to see how corrupt the CDC is. We cannot trust this corrupt organization with our health. The CDC has a large financial interest in pushing untested vaccines on the public.

WHO is even more under the control of Big Pharma. The organization is corrupt beyond the meaning of the word. “The WHO is a sock puppet for the pharmaceutical industry.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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  1. Big pharma’s focus-grouped “anti-science” slur is a clever bit of neuro-linguistic programming. It vilifies industry critics by associating them with creationists and miscellaneous provincial ignoramuses.

    The problem is not science. The problem is industry corruption and regulatory capture corrupting drug R&D.

    RFK Jr. is honoring his family’s legacy by taking on this linchpin of the US kleptocracy.

  2. Anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:

    Amazing interview.

  3. Ko says:

    It seems they were unaware anyone would find out about a 0.56 cent pill created in 1957 called hydrochloriquine

    • Replies: @BaronAsh
    , @Getaclue
  4. Anonymous[187] • Disclaimer says:

    The level of corruption as this point is simply breath-taking. Now of course, this will all be poo pooed as a “conspiracy theory” by all Big Pharma and WHO fanatics. There’s definitely something afoot(actually, there has been) at the Circle K.

  5. @Plum Island

    Same with ‘anti-vax’. Having concerns about the safety of some vaccines on the market today, and being against vaccination in principle are two entirely different things.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy
    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  6. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Takes a lot of courage to stand up to the torrent of abuse and slander resulting from taking a public position like RFK Jr is doing. The companies have a lot of money to throw around to harass anyone who might raise a discordant note. CDC and WHO, corrupted agencies run by people with nice suits.

  7. This interview was at the beginning of February.
    Is it a co-incidence that his niece and her son were “drowned”?

    “It looked like they were being pushed out into the water and were having a hard time returning to shore” – Anne Arundel County Fire Department Capt. Russ Davies

    Or maybe because trump appointed him.

    • Replies: @Usura
  8. BaronAsh says:

    In Mexico it’s \$2.00 a pill (they have more corrupt corporations-government matrix even than US if you can believe it).
    But then the govt has taken all supplies and you can only get it in hospitals once you are probably on death’s door already.
    It’s ironic:
    when the world needs a medicine, it becomes controlled and unavailable (though the US is gradually finding a way around all the BS from the institutions);
    when the world needs masks and stuff, you can’t get them. But perhaps it’s no accident, perhaps it was a setup.

    Because personally, I think we are now in a hot asymmetric war (not using military conflict) in which the virus is perhaps only the opening salvo. And it’s not ‘China’ versus US, it’s globalist-corporatist matrix versus sovereign nation state republics etc. Something like that. So it’s like a global civil war since there are both camps in every country.

    Fauxi should have been fired long ago, but he’s a classic globalist shill, first downlplaying it (thus ensuring it spread far and wide) then exaggerating it (to damage the economy and the nationalist presidency and general faith in the Republic), and has been slow-walking HCQ. I cannot understand why he hasn’t been fired already, if not also arrested.

    Treachery from within!

  9. Surf2luv says: • Website

    Hydroxychloroquin..was available feb1 unavaliable in Argentina..only at hospital

  10. The first-blush implication of this very interesting article is, here’s one more reason we can’t trust the most fundamental data.

    Beyond that, it usually helps to consider diagnostics as the industry does, as expedients to drive customers, I mean patients, to your high-margin treatments. False positives and false negatives are always carefully calibrated, but in this case we seem to see some quick-and-dirty Rube Goldberg fixes on the fly. Furthermore, what do false positives or false negatives do for policy objectives like war propaganda or testing of repressive measures?

  11. fredtard says:

    We can all agree on the corruption of the WHO and the CDC, what with regulatory capture and revolving doors and all. No need to waste breath berating hated Pharma. But one implication of RFK’s harsh truths is darker and uglier than even he is willing to mention in this interview. And that is that our most esteemed and trusted health professionals, such as your MD, are in full-blown denial about the serious and increasingly obvious questions swirling around vaccine safety.

    Doctors are supposed to be the creme de la creme, rational yet caring. It looks to me like they just can’t handle the truth, that they are an integral part of the whole corrupt system, willing to go along to get along, and to collect a paycheck. There are a few brave black sheep, but they are overwhelmingly shunned and persecuted, if not prosecuted, if they make a principled stand. Not a good long-term outlook for public trust in medical professionals.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy
    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  12. Getaclue says:

    Perhaps they were– these two Billionaires found “hung”, which was initially called a “murder/suicide” LOL…now “under further investigation” due to the impossibility of same — were the largest generic maker of Hydrochloriquine (not mentioned in the article but a fact now discussed and true)(sort of like all those Microbiologists who suddenly were dying off a few years back until whoever was behind it decided to change plans as to whatever False Flag they were cooking up and knocked it off….). “murder/suicide” they always want to tag that on these type murders, didn’t stick but it will never be solved no doubt….:

  13. @Digital Samizdat

    There is, indeed a difference between “anti-vaccine” and “concerned about certain vaccines”. The problem is, if I offer your child a barrel of apples, only one of which is poisoned, will you thank me? How do we know which one is poisoned? We don’t, but we do know the bastards creeping about our neighbourhood giving apples to kiddies regularly leave dead children behind.
    MUST I teach my kid it is rude to accept gift apples?
    Does it make you feel somehow more informed than me, because you know only one child per barrel dies, and besides, the apple manufacrturer says it was not them, promise-promise pinky swear hide the evidence?
    Let me tell you what I find scariest about vaccines: The way all the nerds, dorks and bullies are agreeing on how wonderful it is, and everyone should be held down and given a hard dose. When you are a friend of my enemy, you are probably no friend of mine. That means your opinion on my “anti-vaxxing” is not worth the data you-all wasted insulting those who still think for ourselves.
    And did you-all get the bit where the CDC is a private corporation? Damn! They really want the best for you and me!

    • Agree: Dutch Boy, Bill Jones
  14. Dutch Boy says:

    Big Pharma has big pockets and they keep the medical profession, the pols, and the media well-greased. It would take plenty of moral courage at this point to admit their culpability and turn against their sugar daddies. Some of them would likely end up in jail. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

  15. Jake says:

    Big Pharma is evil. That is true 0f the industry, and not just of the Sacklers.

    There are trillions of dollars in easy money to be made from legally addicting people to drugs. There are trillions to be made from using people as guinea pigs in experiments. There are trillions to be made from persuading governments to force people to get vaccines they do not require.

    Big Pharma would be happy with Huxley’s Brave New World.

  16. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    The only difference between a Latin American drug lord and The CEO of a large pharmaceutical company is that they grew up on opposite sides of the tracks. The similarities are that they both deal in addictive drugs and couldn’t care less about the harm that they cause to the individual by their products. They should both be punished the same way for their crimes, by the type of hanging used in England in the 18th century.

  17. Big pharma is the largest buyer of media advertising. They are also huge campaign contributors. Any surprise they get the legislation and coverage they do? Get your shots sheep. They’re good for you.

  18. @Plum Island

    “RFK Jr. is honoring his family’s legacy ”

    Really? He didn’t sound drunk.

    • Replies: @MollyA
  19. People remember Ike warning us about the Military-Industrial Complex, not so much about the emergence of a scientific and technocratic elite.

  20. MollyA says:
    @Bill Jones

    Only Ted, his first wife, and his son, over-drank; but Joe Sr. gave each of his children an extra million (lot of money in the 30s and 40s, if they didn’t drink until after the age of 21. I don’t know about all of the them, but the three oldest sons did not drink much, nor do their kids.

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