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Teaching Black Americans to Hate White Americans Has Consequences
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As I have emphasized for many years, white liberals simultaneously tout the virtues of a diverse multicultural society while teaching black people to hate white people. Clearly, white liberals are not very smart and are incapable of comprehending the contradiction in their position.

Jared Taylor in a careless use of language substitutes “we” for white liberals, but successfully illustrates with current examples consequences of teaching black Americans to hate white Americans. Of course, not all black Americans have succumbed to the white liberals’ propaganda, but increasing racial attacks of black Americans on white Americans indicate that the hatred of white people that liberals teach blacks is growing.

Jared Taylor explains that many white Americans are suffering deadly consequences of white liberals teaching black Americans to hate white people. For example, black man Tamar Bishop beat a white woman bloody and unconscious, breaking her nose and teeth and then raped her. He explained, “She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery.” White liberals pumped Jayvon Hatchett so full of hate that he randomly murdered a white man and followed up by murdering his white cellmate.

“American society tells blacks from the day they’re born that they are just as smart and hard-working as white people, and that they are poorer and more likely to be in jail only because white people grind them down. The very man on his way to the White House says that “rooting out systemic racism is the moral obligation of our time.”

“How could you help but hate white people if everyone – from the President on down – tells you that white people are cheating you and hurting you every day. White people are doing violence against you just by staying silent. Look: white people even admit they’re doing it. And there’s the 1619 Project, a huge campaign by the New York Times to make slavery and black suffering the central element in American history. American history is nothing but slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, and white supremacy.

“If our rulers had deliberately set out to make black people hate us, they couldn’t have come up with a better plan. And it’s working.”

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