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Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Virginia Is Murdering Its Patients for Money
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Dr. Paul Marik is chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical school and director of Intensive Care at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. He has been prevented by the hospital from saving patients lives with known safe treatments for Covid. Instead, Sentara requires him to use ineffective but expensive drugs like Remdesivir, which also attacks the body’s organs such as the kidneys, because the hospital has financial incentives to use Remdesivir. Therefore, the hospital sacrifices people’s lives for its revenues.

Dr. Marik has filed a lawsuit against the hospital over its ban on administering life-saving drugs to Covid patients. In an effort to deny the doctor standing in the law suit, the hospital suspended Dr. Marik from his duties but withheld that information from the court. This article in The Defender is about the unethical and illegal behavior of the hospital in the lawsuit, when it should really be about a hospital murdering its patients for money:

In his motion, Marik said patients are dying “unnecessarily and unlawfully” because Sentara Healthcare is “preventing terminally ill COVID patients from exercising their right to choose and to receive safe, potentially life-saving treatment determined to be appropriate for them by their attending physician.”

In an interview with The Defender, Marik said the hospital is prohibiting the use of a COVID protocol called “Math +.” The protocol includes treating COVID patients with many drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has determined the drugs are safe and effective.

Instead, according to the lawsuit, Sentara recommends doctors use “toxic drugs” like Remdesivir — an expensive medication associated with severe side effects — because the hospital receives a bonus each time doctors prescribe it.

A person naturally wonders how many people actually died from Covid as compared to the ones hospitals killed for money.

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