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Rogue Elements of the CIA Are Operating Against President-Elect Trump
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Alex Jones catches a lot of grief. Some of it he brings on himself by being over the top, but most of the criticism he receives comes from his practice of dragging into the news issues that otherwise would remained cloaked in silence.

Alex is certainly correct to stress that elements in the CIA, or someone claiming to be CIA, are planting stories in the media that Russia hacked Hillary’s emails and used the damning information to elect Trump.

The truth of the emails is not what is in question. It is their alleged Russian origin. There is no evidence for this claim. Wikileaks said the emails came to them as a leak from inside, not from an outside hack, and former top NSA official William Binney has said that if Russia was the source the NSA would have conclusive proof.

What is striking about this controversy is that it is the CIA, not Russia, that is interfering in American elections. The CIA is supposed to be concerned with foreign intelligence. It is not supposed to interfere in US affairs. Yet it is the CIA that is using fake news to delegitimize a president-elect. One member of this operation, Bob Baer, has called for a new election on the basis of the claim that Trump was elected by Russian interference.

The FBI does not support the claim of Russian interference.

The importance of this issue is that it is rogue elements inside the CIA who are trying to prevent Trump from becoming president.

The important question is: Why?

If neoconservative or military-security oligarchs are willing to so publicly in violation of law operate against an incoming president who could have them indicted and put on trial for high treason, wouldn’t these rogue operators also be willing to assassinate the president-elect?

The ruling oligarchy does not want any changes in policy toward Russia or the offshoring of US jobs. Clearly, they are willing to operate against a president-elect. Are they willing to go further?

The presstitute media by hyping these groundless charges are setting up Trump for assassination.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: CIA, Donald Trump, Fake News, Russia 
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  1. The regime changers who don’t like democracy that produces results that don’t serve their interests abroad, don’t like it at home in America, either.

  2. Or the CIA might be stoking the flames in advance of a false-flag attack.

  3. Rurik says:

    I suspect a rift between the elites and modern day Pretorian acronym (NSA/CIA…) guard of the old and nascent new order

    Trump has the old guard at a three point square, because this ain’t 1963, and it’s harder now to get away with such things when so many others might not approve in the ‘intelligence’ community and military and elsewhere.

    and so now this is a growing rift, like a geologic fracture or continental fissure, and is rupturing into two ideological and opportunistic camps. We’re watching a momentous shifting of the tectonic plates

    get out the popcorn

  4. Marcus says:

    Bezos’ has a \$660 million contract with the CIA, and WaPo has been dedicated to destroying first Sanders, then Trump.

  5. woodNfish says:

    The CIA has a long history if interfering in the elections and governments of other countries, including toppling democratically elected governments as it did with Iran in 1953. Why would it not interfere in our elections? Like the rest of our criminal government, it is thoroughly corrupt.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  6. Svigor says:

    It’s funny to watch Big Media wave their anonymous reports from (some) anonymous people supposedly working in a field widely associated with lying. The way Big Media’s played it, you’d think it was Holy Writ.

    1. Never mind that the reports are hearsay.
    2. Never mind that the sources are anonymous.
    3. Never mind that the sources are supposedly in the lying business.
    4. Never mind that the hearsay from anonymous sources supposedly in the lying business are not anywhere near a consensus of people in the lying business.

  7. Svigor says:


    5. Never mind that liars are giving us 1 through 3.

  8. @woodNfish

    Time for trump to FIRE AND DISGRACE the entire upper ranks of the CIA. Do everything he can while he can, before he is assassinated, dies from old age, or loses the senate majority, and ignore the howls of indignation and outrage from the establishment and their thugs on the street.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  9. The importance of this issue is that it is rogue elements inside the CIA who are trying to prevent Trump from becoming president.

    Dear Mr Trump

    Stay away from Dallas.


  10. woodNfish says:

    I’d like him to fire 25% of all the federal employees and more every year until the size of government is 1/10th its current size. Government employees, aka parasites, now number more than the employees in manufacturing. Every federal hire destroys 3 private sector jobs.

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