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Putin Takes Decisive Step to Turn World Away from Armageddon
Putin Agrees that I Was Correct 8 Years Ago
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Putin has come to my conclusion of 8 years ago that the only way to avoid a dangerous war between the West and Russia likely to end in Armageddon is to incorporate the Donbass and liberated areas of Ukraine into Russia.

This means “game over,” as Paolo Raffone, director of the Belgian CIPI Foundation, put it. Once the areas are part of Russia, the conflict cannot continue without the West committing aggression directly against Russia.–nato-backers-analysts-say-1101056726.html

Why did it take so long for this most obvious of all points to sink in? Indeed, if the Kremlin had accepted Donbass’ request in 2014, there would have been no conflict.

Here is the Russian point of view which you don’t hear from the whore Western media. Regardless of what you think, it is what the Kremlin thinks that will determine whether you continue to exist:–1101028273.html

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