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No Flu This Year?
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Is there no flu this year or is flu “the second wave of Covid?”

Don’t expect any honest answer from health authorities. They have the fear running strong, so strong that people are submitting to needless lockdowns that are causing economic havoc to their lives and to mask mandates that do more harm than good.

What is it all about?

Is it simply about vaccine profits for Big Pharma?

Or is it about getting people accustomed to arbitrary orders unsupported by legislation? Isn’t what we are experiencing a takeover of our lives by the executive part of government?

Or is it about reducing human fertility? Experts report that the American vaccine contains anti-fertility elements that will make a percentage of the female population infertile. Why is there no public discussion of this? There are also expert concerns about the novelty of the way the vaccine is supposed to work. It is an approach never before used and has not had sufficient trials to know the consequences.

Why the rush for a vaccine with so many issues when there are two known inexpensive cures for Covid? HCQ and ivermectin are inexpensive proven cures with far fewer side effects than the vaccine ( ). Yet “health authorities” in league with Big Pharma prevent their use.


British health authorities claim that a new more highly contagious strain of Covid has broken out. This frightens people, but no claim has been made that the new strain—perhaps only the seasonal flu—has a higher death rate.

The presstitutes keep the fear pressure on. 300,000 dead Americans are claimed. But the CDC’s own data shows that almost all the deaths ascribed to Covid corresponded to the presence of 2.6 comorbidities. In other words, if a person dies, the death is blamed on Covid regardless of the cause. Why do the presstitutes hide this information from the public?

Keep in mind that the PCR Covid test is known to produce a high percentage of false positives and that the high number of infections are the result of false positives.

You can tell that this crisis is being manufactured, because these issues are prevented from being publically examined. Instead, social media and print, TV, and NPR presstitutes ban all mention of the many experts who take issue with the controlled explanation.

Notice that the media are not Covid experts but they claim to have the only correct explanation.

How is that possible? How can media possibly know when expert opinion is suppressed? The presstitutes are simply reading a story line handed to them.

The Covid hype has all the hallmarks of a conspiracy.

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