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My Take On Covid-19 “Conspiracy Theories”
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A number of readers have been asking me for my take on the various “conspiracy theories”? For example, is the virus a bioweapon? Did the US release it on China or China on the US? As Bill Gates and the US military ( ) knew in advance or predicted the pandemic, why weren’t preparatory steps taken? Why are we caught with no plan, no protective gear, shortage of ventilators and no treatment? ( ) Is the virus a plot by the global elite to reduce the population, especially older people on Social Security and Medicare, in order to free more public money for subsidies to the One Percent? Is it a plot to install tyranny?

Some of the “conspiracy theories” lack plausible motive. Others lack evidence. Others have what can be interpreted as circumstantial evidence—for example, a meeting of the global elite conducted a simulation of a pandemic a few weeks prior to the outbreak. Why?

I appreciate readers confidence that I know so much. But I don’t. I cannot answer the questions. However, I do appreciate the questions, because they provide an opportunity for me to draw an important lesson. Let’s begin by calling the conspiracy theories alternative explanations. What all of the alternative explanations have in common is distrust of the authorities and the official explanations. This is the fault of the authorities and the media, not of those with alternative explanations. If the public had confidence in the authorities, there would be no scope for alternative explanations. By not being forthcoming up front, by polticizing the virus against Trump and against China, by taking so long to acknowledge the seriousness of the threat while doing nothing to prepare, the authorities have harmed public trust in them.

Trust in public authorities and the media was already thin. The lies about Washington’s wars—“weapons of mass destruction,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons”—and the Russiagate hoax, have undermined the credibility of Washington and the US print and TV media.

Now with the virus, denial and unpreparedness and the impact on the economy and people’s economic condition have further eroded confidence in authorities, thereby producing a receptive audience for alternative explanations. But those with alternative explanations are themselves undermining confidence in public authorities. Yes, questions are in order. There is no doubt that we are confronted with large scale failure by an unprepared government and health care system. Capitalism with an inadequate public sector has exposed us to both health and economic failure. These are all legitimate points to be made. However, the purpose of some alternative explanations seems to be to attract attention to a website or to a person with a podcast, and others produce division that prevents a coming together and leadership, however belated, from public authorities by discrediting such leadership in advance.

Thus, the alternative explanations can be just as debilitating and irresponsible as the authorities prevarications.


If the virus is used for self-interested purposes by the many interests affected, no common interest can form that would provide a basis for leadership by authorities. To survive as a society, we need realism, decisive action, and commitment to everyone by public authorities without favoritism. From doubters, we need questions in place of the denunciations and explanations that imply our doom. If we believe we are doomed in advance, it will be hard to muster the will to prevail over the health and economic challenge.

The challenge from the virus might be greater than we know, for example: . If we are discouraged in advance, the catastrophe will be greater.

As we experience the shortcomings, and perhaps the failure, of our health and economic system, we should be prepared to demand and force through substantial reforms, reforms even more far-reaching than those brought by the Great Depression. The neoliberal globalism of recent decades has left the United States and Europe extremely vulnerable. We must not contribute to making this vulnerability worse, and we must replace neoliberal globalism with a less dysfunctional system at the earliest opportunity.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. CamFree says:

    Once we strip away the layers of political manipulation and mass media deception the truth is not hard to find, its impossible to avoid: as dangerous as this virus is for specific vulnerable groups, it’s functioning as a sideshow distraction that obfuscates the real existenial threat to our entire way of life…

    • Replies: @Brian Reilly
  2. We must do this, we must do that, unlike last time we must not etc etc etc… Who the hell is ‘we’? Who chairs the meeting? Who enforces the edicts? Is it like the Hells Angels voting on a prospect? The author’s well intentioned article seems to imply that the good guys (we/us) have the ultimate hammer in some supra-national forum of like minded individuals who keep trying to work the kinks out of a system. Like a condo board.

    I admit that trying to get traction on the current situation tests the limits of one’s imagination and intelligence but try as I might, I don’t see any clarity coming in view one way or another before June.

    All takes on the virus are equally valid and invalid. I have been following this since early January and could never have guessed that we would end up where we are. And I am not any closer to believing that it is one thing, the other or all of the above.

    Occam’s razor? Grade 9 bacteria experiment. Mother nature bats last (no pun intended).


  3. A123 says:

    The vastly most probable scenario is that WUHAN-19 is a naturally occurring virus. Chinese wet markets like the one in Wuhan bring animals into contact with humans and other animals under less than clean and hygienic conditions. Even if a direct jump from bat to human is hard, the market opens up the chain for “bat to other to human”.

    The location of the outbreak is unfortunate for China. With the known presence of the Wuhan bioweapon facility Virus Laboratory, the possibility of an accidental release immediately jumped to mind. This is the same government that built schools that collapsed in an earthquake killing thousands of children. An accident does not require a conspiracy, and accidents are common in China. However, there is no evidence that solidly proves an accidental release.

    The scenarios where some shadowy force intentionally released WUHAN-19 do not address the fact that the party releasing the virus would inevitably contract it. The virus is very contagious and has a lengthy incubation period. Once WUHAN-19 entered the general population, world wide scope was inevitable.

    Perhaps a Death Cult attempting to start mankind’s final days by provoking a CHINA-US global thermonuclear war? That seems highly unlikely. And, other scenarios seem even more improbable. WUHAN-19 does not have any characteristics that would make it a desirable weapon for a party to intentionally select for release.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  4. @CamFree

    Cam, The existential threat (actually, no longer a threat, it is an accomplished, if incomplete, fact) that the Cornavirus® sideshow distracts us from is the culmination of a long-brewing plan to do away with all the existing fiat currencies, arbitrarily re-value all equity and debt, and institute a mandatory cashless system of exchange. Combined with mandatry debit card purchases and payments, no sale or income will be below radar or untaxed. Banks will formally begin to act as IRS and DoJ on financial matters, with the constitutional rights and ancient contract law provisions we used to respect tossed away without respect or debate. Do not expect the Supreme Court to object to any of this.

    I knew that the powers-that-be were looking for a cnvenient precipitating event. Big earthquake in LA, huge hurricane, something. When I saw Coronavirus® in January, I thought “Hmmmm. This just might work…” Little did I know how thoroughly they were prepared, and how completely cowed were the peole of the free and developed world. Now, for a while, we will all be enslaved. We put the chains on (and on our friends and family) all by ourselves. All, nominally, over fewer people than die of or are infected by flu in a similar period of time. A beautiful scam.

    • Agree: follyofwar, Kali
    • Replies: @Getaclue
  5. We must not contribute to making this vulnerability worse, and we must replace neoliberal globalism with a less dysfunctional system at the earliest opportunity.

    Socialism for needs, regulated free market for wants.

    Simple enough: food, housing, health, education, defence, account for around 30-40% of GDP for OECD nations… targeted UBIs for each market, each regulated towards perfect competition (so there is no monopoly rent), would cover needs for each citizen. (preferably through a flat income/profit/capital-gains/inheritance tax that directly covers the costs of the redistribution, without exploding a dastardly, self serving bureaucracy in a nation’s face)

    Then, no labour laws, no equality laws, no anything – individuals have their needs, if they want a gold toilet seat, let them whittle something up that others want. If they can’t, well at least they can study philosophy on a full stomach.

    As for the conspiracy theories.. it boggles my mind, that our ‘democratic’ nations, so used to polling, have entirely avoided just tripple, quadruple testing a representative sample of their populations, to reveal what fraction of their populations either have the virus, or have had the virus, and then manage state policy accordingly. Incompetence, negligence, or outright criminality, are the only options for this oversight imo. Especially since democratic politicians live and breathe polling – this is not an unknown to them.

    • Agree: Tusk
  6. Conspiracies exist and always have existed. Identifying them has always been the problem.

    Whatever the official narrative is on any topic, by any government of a (((Western liberal democracy))), one can be 99% sure it is false, because 99% of the time they seek to demonize someone or some other country, whether overtly or by innuendo. Not that the other countries are a whole lot better, but they understand that the NATO attack dog commands a massive propaganda apparatus (if memory serves me correctly, it was nicknamed The Mighty Wurlitzer) that is difficult to penetrate with obvious falsehoods of their own.

    • Replies: @Nancy O'Brien Simpson
  7. @A123

    Buildings collapsing happens everywhere. As often as not it is due to faulty engineering and architectural design as faulty workmanship.
    Even the mainland hating Taiwanese are discounting an accidental release in Wuhan, but assuming they wrong, and they may be, that could mean that another Level 4 lab could have accidentally released it. For example, Fort Detrick (or is it de Trick), which was closed by the CDC because of 1000+ safety violations, including missing specimens, over a three year period. That is about one a day. It seems to me, that an accidental release from Fort Detrick is more likely than one in Wuhan.
    Of course, that is not in your viewfinder.
    I am acquainted with people who worked in a Level 4 laboratory at both the scientific and technical level. Without flagrant safety violations, it would be unlikely in the absolute extreme that there would be an accidental leak. Which could it be – a Level 4 that was shut down for safety violations or a fully functioning Level 4 with no known safety violations. Hmm, I wonder. Of course, there is no evidence that solidly proves it could not have been deliberately released either.
    Psychopaths heading intelligence agencies or formerly heading intelligence agencies, are capable of anything.

    • Replies: @A123
  8. anoon says:

    It’s more than failure. It’s grave crime that has cost the US government its sovereignty.

    The governments of Russia and China have formally and diplomatically communicated that the US government is suspected of a crime in universal jurisdiction: synthesis and use of an illegal biological weapon for undeclared war in breach of the BWTC, the 1925 Geneva Convention, and the Hague Convention Relative to the Opening of Hostilities.

    That is not a conspiracy theory, that is the opening statement of a bill of indictment. And our response should be, not to shut up and let them flub the blowback like they flubbed the attack, but to make state and local governments assume the sovereignty the USG long since forfeited under the doctrine of responsibility to protect.

    Regional successor states can exercise their right of self-determination of peoples by acceding to three instruments: the international bill of human rights, the UN Charter, and the Rome Statute. Then they can protect their populations as the USG has failed to do, and secede in due course. This pandemic is a capital crime of states and the only remedy is to do to the USA what we did to the USSR: knock it over, rip it apart, wreck its defense industrial base. The USA is a parasite on the peoples of America, a worm bolus in the bowels of our culture. To thrive we have to poison it and shit it out.

  9. A123 says:

    It seems to me, that an accidental release from Fort Detrick is more likely than one in Wuhan. … Of course, that is not in your viewfinder.

    If there had been an accidental release a Fort Derick, then Patient Zero would be at Fort Detrick.

    In the viewfinder of all rational human beings, instantaneous intercontinental non-physical transmission of contagion through a meta-hyper-space tunnel to Wuhan is an idea that is so amazingly stupid that no one can believe you suggested it.

    I am acquainted with people who worked in a Level 4 laboratory at both the scientific and technical level. Without flagrant safety violations, it would be unlikely in the absolute extreme that there would be an accidental leak.

    In what nation? In the U.S. such rules are taken seriously and there are, as you point out, still problems.

    In China, CCP officials often believe that “rules are for peasants”. You are delusional if you believe security in China is better than the U.S.

    Psychopaths heading intelligence agencies or formerly heading intelligence agencies, are capable of anything.

    Barack Hussein picked some of the most misguided representatives that ever held authority. However, intentionally ending the human race via a global thermonuclear war followed by nuclear winter? Barack Hussein lives on the planet. Even though he is damaged goods… voluntary self termination seems implausible.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @Jeremygg5
  10. Jeremygg5 says:

    If there had been an accidental release a Fort Derick, then Patient Zero would be at Fort Detrick.

    In the viewfinder of all rational human beings, instantaneous intercontinental non-physical transmission of contagion through a meta-hyper-space tunnel to Wuhan is an idea that is so amazingly stupid that no one can believe you suggested it.

    You missed the memo that many posters in and the Chinese Foreign Ministry alleged that the US contingent brought the virus to Wuhan via the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan on October 2019.

    The US had not been forthcoming about her Patient Zero. George Webb, an investigative journalist in Washington, DC claimed in recent videos and tweets that he believes Maatje Benassi, an armed diplomatic driver and cyclist who was in Wuhan in October for the cycling competition in the Military World Games, could be patient zero of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

    • Replies: @A123
    , @JVC
  11. tosca says:

    Dear Mr Roberts,I have bought and read all your books, and dayly read your articles in the Unz Review. I have a great respect for the prudent opinions you express. I agree with you that the analysis of an event is always difficult, mainly because at least two explanations are often possible. For instance, the lack of mesures in the USA, and elsewhere, can be interpreted as a negligence or as a wilfull decision. Only the future developments and the future laws will enable us to understand what is now at stake. Why are we being prepared to a new and different way of life after the crisis is over? There have been lots of health crises but none has been the opportunity of such announcements. Please excuse my poor English. I am a Italian and French speaking belgian citizen and I try to think and reflect as a free man. Most difficult exercise to-day and perhaps dangerous too. By the way, I am 76 years old and a local lawyer specializing in road traffic cases. Please accept my respectful regards. AT.

  12. BuelahMan says:

    I’m not surprised he is behind the times. It took a decade of constant prodding for him to even look into the idea that WWII was a Communist agenda and that Germany was protecting herself.

  13. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Capitalism with an inadequate public sector has exposed us to both health and economic failure. These are all legitimate points to be made. ”

    And.There.It.Is. The “heart of the matter”, as it were. That’s all he wrote. It’s all I needed to read.

    In other words, for Roberts, the “problem is, tah -dah!: Too much “capitalism” not enough government [“public sector”].

    Once again, Roberts reveals his true socialist proclivities and his real agenda. As I’ve tried to point out in a few previous threads here since reader comments were [recently] first possible , Roberts is just another socialist/big government apologist who fantasizes that more “better” government is the answer to this situation when it never has been and never will be- government “solutions” always make a situation worse ; the plain as day fact is that the original problem was usually directly caused by government in the first place [deliberately or otherwise].

    So for Roberts, the “solution” here is [as always] less capitalism, less freedom of choice for individuals, and more government.

    Of course this is the exact same “solution” to our problems offered by every other useful idiot government propagandist at this site right now, as it has been since I started reading/commenting here about a year ago. Just like all of them, Roberts doesn’t have a frickin’ clue.

    And so it goes….

    No regards, onebornfree

    Book :”Why Government Doesn’t Work”

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @paranoid goy
  14. A123 says:

    The often repeated, totally debunked Wuhan Military games conspiracy theories?

    It makes no sense for any side to intentionally attack with bio-WMD when people from their side are on the ground:

    — It makes the nuke-WMD war outcome much more likely. The CCP is notoriously paranoid. Giving them someone easy to blame would be incompetent field craft.
    — Unless all people in the ground are “in on it”, there are huge risks of contaminating your own side by having someone blunder through the release zone.

    This could only make sense if a 3rd party Death Cult is intentionally trying to end humankind by attacking both China and the U.S. There is zero evidence of a Death Cult with the capabilities to pull this off.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  15. “Politicizing the virus” is dangerous, whether against Trump or the Chinese government. A destabilized war-torn world already teetering on the brink of catastrophic global conflict, and now: a pandemic that will have consequences as devastating as the Great Depression. The cycle of history needs to be broken.

  16. onebornfree says: • Website

    “This could only make sense if a 3rd party Death Cult is intentionally trying to end humankind by attacking both China and the U.S. There is zero evidence of a Death Cult with the capabilities to pull this off.”

    So…. you can’t/don’t see it [a Death Cult] , therefor it doesn’t exist, right?

    Interesting, er, “logic” I must say.🤣

    “Regards” onebornfree

    • Replies: @A123
  17. But those with alternative explanations are themselves undermining confidence in public authorities.

    I lost all confidence in the state and “public authorities” more than 20 years ago.

    I see no reason to start trusting them now.

  18. I agree with Mr. Robert’s early sentiments in this piece.

    But I do not think the statement below in any way follows, nor do I agree with in the least:

    ‘The neoliberal globalism of recent decades has left the United States and Europe extremely vulnerable. We must not contribute to making this vulnerability worse, and we must replace neoliberal globalism with a less dysfunctional system at the earliest opportunity.”

    Global trade and arrangements have enriched the lives of countless millions over recent decades. That includes Americans, who get excellent products at prices which fit their budgets, to tens of millions in Asia who have come out of poverty. And new business opportunities have arisen in many places.

    It has been a rather glorious achievement.

    In light of disease, some new measures need to be taken for the future, but these measures too need to be global. Under global organization, we can have everything from an early warning system to best practices for all and immediate coordination. That is the proper way for the future.

    The results of the Trump approach are apparent in the US’s 1,200 deaths per day now. It could have been prevented to a large degree. Look at Germany, Russia, and China.

    While I expect problems in global trade after this for a while, the economic arguments overall for it are immensely powerful. It much resembles the Luddites arguing against and destroying machines in the Industrial Revolution. Arguing against it is spitting against the wind.

    Unfortunately, that is the level of Donald Trump, the most uninformed and stubbornly arrogant man ever to be president, and a good deal of his crowd.

    It seems absolutely parochial to me to argue against global trade because of a disease outbreak.

    Trade between various places inside a country had such events in the past countless times. No one advocated an end to the trade. Just better preparedness is needed. And needed on a global basis.

  19. @onebornfree

    Government is force, pure and simple. Mao was right: “Change must come through the barrel of a gun.” Citizens, never give up your weapons.

    I am somewhat surprised that PCR, who never believes the government when it comes to Washington’s regime change wars, has pretty much bought the prevailing C-19 narrative, peddled non-stop on our living room idiot boxes.

    Btw, seems like the Ziocons are taking this opportunity to ramp up the regime change wars. (Never let a good crisis go to waste). The gov’t now has a $15 million bounty for Maduro’s arrest, claiming he is a narco-terrorist. Shades of Noriega, it seems.

    Then there is Iran. Trump, Pompeo, and Pence must think this is the perfect time to overthrow the Ayatollahs, after they have starved that unfortunate virus-infected country with their cruel, inhuman sanctions. Creating the C-19 hysteria is the perfect cover for their evil deeds. China and Russia working together may be Washington’s Waterloo.

  20. A123 says:


    It helps if you respond to what people actually write. Not what you make up.

    I said there was no evidence.

    You made an irrational an illogical jump not substantial by the facts. Then further compounded your hubris by stating that your obvious illogic was logical.

    When you learn basic “logic” 🎓 skills, feel free to return. Until then, be silent and let the adults speak.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  21. JVC says:

    The connection with the Wuhan Games is possible, as are so many other theories. Personally, I think that the total unpreparedness of the western “liberal” democracies—the EU and USA was because the intentionally released Virus was genetically engineered to specifically attack only Chinese genomes. Not to worry our selves and “allies” However , as is so common with the best laid plans of mice and men, the sneaky little virus went and mutated all on it’s own. Those darn unintended consequences. I’ve read reports that there are 6 (?) different strains of this particular virus in circulation, that the strain in Italy, and the one in Iran, are different than the original in Wuhan. Has it come full circle and given us a well deserved bite on the ass??

    Who Knows. every thing being reported about this “crisis” is suspect, and I doubt, as with so many other things, the truth about it will continue to be obscured for political reasons. Just my $.02 worth.

  22. Pure genius column from Dr. Roberts. Communications philosopher H.P. Grice in his theory of conversational implicature described a number of principles for efficient communication. two of which were (1) be as informative as required, and (2) be relevant. As we are in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis the question which must be asked of the various conspiracy theorists is: what do you want us to do with that information? The fact that the virus may have been engineered in a lab and weaponized does zero to inform our virus response unless the developers also took the time to develop a cure or a vaccine (which they are apparently not sharing with anyone). This at some point in the future it may be useful to know how the virus came about, but that conversation does nothing to fix the problem at hand.

    There are really two points at hand and both are being handled poorly. First, we know the virus needs to be stopped. For that we need much better data on (1) the actual death rate; (2) the profile of who dies; (3) survival rates for certain treatments like putting people on ventilators. If, for example, 85% of people who go on ventilators still die then perhaps we need to rethink treatment.

    The second point is that we have learned about the structural failings of the American economy. Many years ago when Federal Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson wrote his opinion in the Microsoft Anti-Trust case we learned that a large part of the tech industry was like the Emperor having no clothes. The investment community had completely misunderstood the structure of the industry and valued the wrong items. In our present economic collapse, we have learned that globalization does not work. It makes it difficult to contain disease, it exposes us to supply shocks based on problems in other places over which we have no control, and it turns out we have many people in jobs which might be entirely unnecessary. We learned private health insurance does not work in a crisis, we learned that the corporate form of business organization for large publicly traded corporations responds to the wrong incentives and thus has no ability to deal with financial shock, we learned that it matters that most Americans have too much debt and no reserve cash. Some expect that 30% of all mortgages may default. Unless we do something to change the system that actually means even more wealth will concentrate in the 1%.

    Bottom line. Time is finite. People can process only so much information. We have real problems to solve now. Unless it leads to a solution, now is not the time to fix blame for the cause.

  23. PCR has written about “the tyrany of good intentions” and now he’s full of…good intentions…How ironic… But he makes good points of course . He favors action over ideology, american style. It’s ok.
    And the coronavirus is a typical exo – schock for which monetary policy is a legitimate answer (as opposed to structural problems for which the money printer offers no good way out) . Ok for all that. It’s ridiculous to consider prosecutions of the political leader because they could be the direct cause of the people dying now. On the other hand THEY MUST recognize their errors on the long run, since 50 years or so. They must apologize for the open open borders( that doesn’t go well along with an epidemic), the deindustrialization (lack of masks). etc… THEY MUST repeal the right to citizenship of a country based on being born in that country. With corona , massive misery is looming and western nations can afford it no more ! Stop it. Emergency !!!! No more money. Clear.
    About moneary policy : ok for once, but one shouldn’t be naive either. The american vulture funds could buy depreciated stocks with the help of their big friend the Fed. We european (I’m french)should lock the system to prevent that. If it means ECB buying stocks the first, no problem (altough I usualy I don’t like central monetary power buying assets (totalitarism/ end of free market economy).

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  24. Harry Huntington is here with the priority police to tell us, Shut up about this, now you have to talk about that. When a crime is committed, does Harry stop the cops from investigating and tell them, “No don’t, console the victims first!”? Try it and see what happens.

    Two allied P-5 nuclear powers are investigating the origin of this novel unnatural virus. If they determine that the origin is CIA – and they will, they’re very competent and thorough – you will have much bigger problems than kachoo, or even individual tragedies of Gasp-aak-whump! Because everybody knows about Baric’s work at UNC and Battelle’s BWC-illegal germ warfare research. Unless you are willing to prosecute or extradite the criminal CIA officials in accord with the complementarity principle, you are on their side. In their sights.

    Bottom line. You will get nowhere trying to change the system till you take CIA’s impunity away.

  25. @John Chuckman

    You must be a shill.

    Global trade impoverishes local people. Outsourcing. Offshoring. No more jobs.

    Not to mention the absolute absurdity of flotillas of ships crossing the 7000 miles of the Pacific Ocean to transport millions of rubber duckies to needy bath-bored infants.

    If right were right, everything we need would be made in our own home town.

    I get it. You are utterly incapable of understanding this simple common-sense idea. Drenched as you are in the propaganda of “things as they are, which is the best of all possible worlds.”

    • Agree: Genrick Yagoda
  26. @John Chuckman

    Usually I skip right over your comments, since I am aware that they contain nothing but puerile claims that we are all the same, and to believe otherwise is wayciss. And that anyone who thinks a country owes its allegiance to its citizens is wayciss.

    I made the mistake of reading this post. It is not a mistake I will soon repeat.

  27. Getaclue says:
    @Brian Reilly

    Exactly! Nicely and succinctly written! I would just add the forced Vaccination/poisoning agenda will be here very soon. Getting stuck with a needle full of whatever (poison/metals/viruses) to save you from a Virus that was last year and has now mutated….– Bill Gates (big on the “depopulation” agenda) has been promoting this for years and if you are not Vaccinated and “chipped” as being so — no food for you etc. — magically Gates is now everywhere giving us his “Expert” advice.

    — The Cold Virus they let out is real — and if you don’t believe it was let out on purpose you are a moron or in on it — there are no “coincidences” like this– what did they need to stop the Populism/Nationalism Movements threatening the NWO Agenda post not impeaching Trump? This. And here it is– right on time. Pimped by WHO, CDC, various Clintonista “Experts”, Gates etc.– the whole NWO crew, even Pope F and his crew of NWO lackeys at the Vatican — and we are suppose to believe it just “happened”?…

    –Yes– the nasty Cold Virus (about a bad Flu without even those numbers yet…) they let out is real– the rest of this is Theater of the hysterical– along the level of the 911 Production we were all forced to swallow in 2001 that started a never ending “War on Terror” as to “invisible enemies” that allowed Iraq to be leveled and all kinds of Mass Murder to occur….– now we have real “invisible enemies” that are “everywhere” and will NEVER go away– there will always be a new “Cold Virus” terrorist to “fight” — more of the same roll out we saw with 911 of no rights for the peons who are cheering as they flush down the toilet because “fear” and if your not on board you “want to kill Grandma”– no arguing with that “logic”…now you won’t just be strip searched at the Airport– you will be confined to your “room” at home by Daddy NWO Tyrant Governor looking out to “save” you from yourself….

    Strange here on UNZ how down with it and unquestioning most of the Writers here are — many ChiCom (full fledged leader in the NWO– social credit score life is a gas….) cheerleaders also which is particularly putrid– they don’t see a Van appearing for them in the future obviously as so many in China have never to be heard from again….

  28. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    Trust in public authorities and the media was already thin. The lies about Washington’s wars—“weapons of mass destruction,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons”—and the Russiagate hoax, have undermined the credibility of Washington and the US print and TV media

    How about all the lies the medical community has told us from the complete fraud of the swine flu to ebola, bird flu, SARS and a multitude of other pandemics that were supposed to kill us all but never did. Anyone giving these apocalyptic doomsayers in the medical community any credibility should be completely ignored – especially those liked Paul Craig Roberts and Robert Unz who are old enough to know better.

  29. @Christophe GJ

    “They must apologize for the open open borders.” American politicians apologize? – When hell freezes over, I’d say. Only sane people apologize, and most politicians are psychos.

    Are you French demanding that Macron apologize?
    Or, how about Merkel apologizing to Germans? She’s still letting in thousands of illegal migrants, while shutting the border to Europeans. Germany must be a nation of cucks to allow her to stay in office.

    How are things going in France, btw? Did covid-19 push the yellow vests off the streets? I hope it’s not true that you can’t go outside without a permission slip – which doesn’t apply to the migrants, of course, as the cops are afraid of them anyway.

    • Replies: @Christophe GJ
  30. onebornfree says: • Website

    “It helps if you respond to what people actually write. Not what you make up.”

    Dear slave, calm down, I get it. So you never said : “There is zero evidence of a Death Cult with the capabilities to pull this off.”🤣

    “Regards”, onebornfree

  31. @follyofwar

    Yes, I ask the president of my homeland to recognize mistakes done in the past. I let other nationals do that with their own if they feel like doing so.
    But the US is a special case because they interfer so much with the other nations policies. So symetrically the other have some right to express views about the US domestic problem. I think the US unbelievable violence worlwide mirrors the US domestic violence. In the US if you don’t have money you are in danger and it can make one violent (it is also true for the politicians)
    Btw as you say, I hope Trump will win ! Foreign wars are to expensive now with the health expenses and bailout to come…
    The yellow vest ?…
    It’s more or less dead in the sense that the movement has been taken over by people from islam, leftist car burners, blackblocks and the likes gathering at nightfall like rats…In the begining it was apolitical impoverished people rising against taxes and heading to the presidential palace in full daylight in the morning like crusaders of the old times. Independant small producers very often, or whats left of it in the “amazon world”.
    And yes you can’t go “spazieren” without the “ausweiss”. But it’s ok, I comply to rules. Or write on it “I go to help a parent” and take the occasion to go to my hometown Paris by the subway on saturday night. I drink my beer of the week in the deserte avenues with the sirens of medical cars transporting people to hospital.
    The situation is difficult too for the homeless. No more people in the street to “spare them a dime”

    • Thanks: follyofwar
  32. anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    Anent regional sovereignty, California and Massachusetts are protecting their population and assuming their responsibility to protect.

    Now just make it official and secede from the Pompeo administration and the CIA handlers who rotated him through the DCI billet to task him.

  33. Dutch Boy says:

    The virus comes from a species of bat found in China (Horseshoe Bat) and that species was being studied at a lab in the Wuhan area, according to Chinese scientists. The most likely explanation is an escape of the virus from the lab via an infected lab worker. Once the infection began to spread in Wuhan, the authorities attempted to suppress news of the outbreak and permitted 5 million residents of the Wuhan area to spread out around China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. That act prevented the confinement of the disease to the Wuhan area. Chinese travelers then proceeded to spread the disease outside China. The political leaders in the West were slow to forbid travel from China and other areas with viral outbreaks for ideological (anti-racism, anti-xenophobia) and commercial reasons. They were encouraged in this mistake by the health bureaucrats, who consistently underestimated the communicability and severity of the disease until both were manifest. Now we have this mess and the prospect that Covid-19 will be with us for an extended period (see Steve Sailer’s articles about South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong).

  34. @A123

    Why do you say the off repeated theory that the Wuhan military games are the source of the infection in China is totally debunked? Who debunked it and on what grounds? And who do you think this “death cult” is? Are you up to your old antisemitic allegations? How do you know so much about death cults? You must belong to one.”Peace,” indeed. What a liar.

    • Replies: @A123
  35. @Curmudgeon

    I love this. Basic needs met. Wants you can work for. My question is this… the housing market is diverse with chi chi mansions and gross ghetto homes. How does the UBI or whatever determine who gets what? Or, do you get the basic housing allowance, and then if you want a mansion you have to figure out a job to get the extra. Yes, that’s how it would work. Perfect. Why do we allow the Gates and Soros and etc. to have trillions or billions of dollars while the rest of us are drones. Whoever thought that was a good idea?
    Or IT managers, and engineers who are brilliant and work their asses off and make 100k and the VPs make 2 million and the CEO 5 million. Whoever thought up such a ridiculous pay scale? Oh let me guess, the VPs and CEOs.

  36. A123 says:
    @ploni almoni

    Phoney Ploni Baloney,

    😂ROTFL 😂

    Your deranged, incoherent racist gibbering is highly amusing. Please continue to provide comedy relief. Everyone is laughing at you.

    I have said repeatedly that I believe that WUHAN-19 is either:

    — Naturally occuring, or
    — An accidental release from the Wuhan Bioweapons Laboratory

    Those seriously proposing conspiracy theories about about a bio-WMD attack have a problem. All of the possible “black ops” attackers are implausable. A death cult is the least bad scenario for an intentional release, but there is no physical evidence for it.

    To avoid crossposting, read in more depth here:

    PEACE 😷

  37. The conspiracy is that the elites want to crash the economy to make Trump lose the election, and Wuhan (China) flu hysteria is being used as a pretext to quarantine everyone at home, which has indeed had the effect of sending the DOW downward.

    Straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Bill Maher: This economy is going pretty well…I feel tike the bottom has to fall out at some point, and by the way, I’m hoping for it because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your Democracy.

    Bill Maher: I’m hoping for a recession so we can get rid of Trump

  38. @onebornfree

    Oh boy! If I’m not capitalist, I must then be a socialist?
    1)Why is socialism a swearword?
    2) Why is government always evil?
    3) How does capitalism give me more freedom of choice than a government?
    4)Why do you read and comment on things you find beneath yourself, such as our opinion?
    5) Why have you capitalists become like the Zionists, every disagreement with your bullshit is a blood crime against your entire tribe?
    5)Why don’t you at least find a proper dictionary definition for ‘socialism’, you obviously have no friggin’ clue?
    Capitalism differs from communism only in the method, the aims and attitudes are identical: all ownership of all assets under one account, and the worker lives in a hive.
    I hope you are well invested in derivatives and futures. Remember that later…

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