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Israelis Trained the Minnesota Cop How to Kill
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Precisely as I reported– –Minnesota police received Israeli training. The knee-on-neck is an Israeli restraint hold that Israeli forces use for breaking Palestinian necks. I doubt the Minneapolis cop intended to kill Floyd. He probably thought he was just using a restraint technique. In so many of the cases of police-inflicted death and injury there is no need for restraint. People are not resisting. Maybe the cops just want to practice their training.

Another main cause of police-inflicted death and injury are the middle of the night home invasions, sanctioned by courts and local authorities. There is absolutely no reason for these invasions. They are nothing but murder weapons.

The real murderers of George Floyd were the Israelis who taught the Minnesota cops the knee-on-neck restraint technique. The irresponsible court rulings that permit unannounced home invasions have also killed a lot of people. The police have been turned into killers by their absurd and inappropriate training. The cop will pay the price for his wrongful training just as did George Floyd.

It is pure idiocy to let those responsible for these practices off the hook and to run around shouting “racism.” Knee-on-neck is a restraint technique taught to the police. It is not racism. The technique should not have been taught to American police, and people who are not resisting should not be restrained. George Floyd died because of wrongful police training, not because of racism.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Dutch Boy says:

    The original autopsy said that Floyd died of heart disease exacerbated by police restraint, not by asphyxiation or strangulation. Any sort of restraint might have done that.

  2. Saggy says: • Website

    The info in this article is a game changer.

  3. Begemot says:
    @Dutch Boy

    But a subsequent autopsy didn’t concur.

    Experts hired by George Floyd’s family and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner have concluded his death was a homicide, but they differ on what caused it.

    The independent autopsy says Floyd died of “asphyxiation from sustained pressure” when his neck and back were compressed by Minneapolis police officers during his arrest last week. The pressure cut off blood flow to his brain, that autopsy determined.
    But the medical examiner’s office, in its report also released Monday, said that the cause of death is “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.” Cardiopulmonary arrest means Floyd’s heart failed.
    The medical examiner made no mention of asphyxiation.
    The Hennepin County release says heart disease was an issue; the independent examiner didn’t find that.


    Who do you believe? The government’s paid expert or the deceased family’s paid expert?

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  4. Dutch Boy says:

    It’s a ’tis/’taint. ‘Tis/ ‘taints go to the ‘taints by default. BTW – does anyone know if neck compression is within the restraint guidelines of the Minneapolis PD (PCR implies that it is, secondary to Israeli training).

    • Replies: @Begemot
  5. Rexxie says:

    GET THE KUSHNERS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!! They were NOT elected to the Office of the President!




    The Zionist Jews are NOT the chosen ones; Jesus Christ paved the way for His followers to be the Chosen Ones through His shed blood on the cross!

    In doing so, all Old Testament / Torah Laws were put to rest!

    Judaism is NOT the same as Zionism; the Rabbis protest Zionism being passed off as Judaism every week in Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem!

    Zio-Communist Jews ran the GULAG Camps (source; Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn) and they want to do the same to the rest of the West!!

    Hitler’s intelligence apparatus deep in the Kremlin discovered this, and THAT is why Hitler invaded Russia in the summer of 1941 (Operation Barbarossa) in order to stop Stalin from moving on Europe as planned in early 1943. Nikita Kruschev (Zio-Jewish Georgian real name; Solomon Perlmutter) pounded his shoe on the table at the UN 20 years later and shouted “We will bury you!”. He literally meant graves!

    The various factions of Judaism (ie Orthodox, non-Orthodox, Dati, Haredi, Hilani, Masorti, Khazarian, Askenazi, Separdic, etc.) often infight or segregate from one another. This would explain the various factions of Jews running from Russia to Europe and America post-1920, as the GULAG and Soviet Communism was run by Zionist Khazars and Askenazi-combined.

    See Snordster for ‘The Myth of the Jewish Genome’ and how a Jewish DNA researcher did genetic studies inside Israel and made some remarkable discoveries.

    Conclusion; ALL religions are con jobs, but the Cosmic Force of the Multiverse s trans-substantial and eternal, governed by the Electric Multiverse and the God Particle which the Hadron Collider is attempting to destroy.

  6. @Dutch Boy

    The air you are breathing goes in through the neck and the artery supplying blood to the brain … the blood come up through the neck. Knee on neck should never be allowed. Knee on neck is murder.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  7. Mr Floyd used a lot of energy resisting arrest and was gassed out

    Normally a person who has just performed a sprint has to bend over and breathe

    deeply to re oxygenate with help from n heart. working in overdrive to pump oxygen

    to the oxygen starved body .

    The arresting police deep state QE monopoly PROTECTION RACKET did not allow

    Mr Floyd to recover when he was gassed out .

    instead they placed further restrictions/load on his prostrate body, his heart could not

    take it and failed

    The deep state zealously preserves its QE / maintain the status quo monopoly

    counterfeiting racket

    ,one that Mr Floyd is accused of breaking.

  8. Loup-Bouc says:

    I respect and appreciate much of Dr. Roberts’s writing, especially his economics or economics-related texts and most of his texts that address the waning of our liberty and the whoring of most of the journalism of now and the past few decades.

    But in his article “Israelis Trained the Minnesota Cop How to Kill,” Dr. Roberts strays from rationality, or reality, with this language:

    The real murderers of George Floyd were the Israelis who taught the Minnesota cops the knee-on-neck restraint technique.

    Because of here-pertinent biases of many Unz Review readers and some Unz Review authors, before I render criticism of that above-quoted sentence of Dr. Roberts’s article, I need to put a preface outlining certain of my personal views of Zionism and Israel.

    Israel is not a legitimate state and has no right of existence. See, e.g.,

    If international law were enforced, Israel would be disestablished and all “Israeli” land and Israeli-occupied Palestinian land would be returned to the Palestine that existed in 1944, and that land would be the homeland of Palestinians now living there and Palestinians who have been forced to migrate elsewhere because of Israel’s, and pre-Israel Zionists’, terrorism (committed by Israeli Defense Forces or non-uniformed Zionists).

    Zionism and Zionist Israel are evil. Israel is the second-worst terrorist state. [The U.S.A. is the worst.]

    For some years earlier, I could not understand how Israel could do to Palestinians and others what Nazi Germans and their European allies did to Jews. Every time I tried to understand, I felt stumped.

    About a year ago, I chanced to begin reading, SCRUPULOUSLY, the “Old Testament” of the “Bible.” I saw quite what Laurent Guyénot shows in his article The Devil’s Trick: Unmasking the God of Israel, Unz Review (17 May 2020),

    Then I understood. Classical Jewish religion does not merely justify and authorize the most heinous cruelties committed by Yahweh’s “Chosen People.” It COMMANDS that Yahweh’s “Chosem People” commit horrendous attrocities.

    One can find hundreds, perhaps thousands, of well evidenced historical examinations, not just of Zionist terrorist acts, but also of Zionism’s methods of concealment, dissimulation, or shifting of blame to its victims:

    [ * Side-note:
    Very many Jews are decent humans who hurt no one intentionally or knowingly; and many contemn, even act or try to act against, Israel’s and Zionism’s manifest evil. My criticism relates only to Zionism, Zionists, and followers of classical Hebrew religion (the religion of Yahweh) or Yahweh’s “authority” [individuals like the rapacious Jews of Goldman Sachs] — Jews who actually do, or support, evil.
    End Side-note]

    Suppose Israeli agents actually trained & caused (further) moral corruption of the cops who murdered George Floyd. [I have seen NO COMPELLING, LIKELY RELIABLE evidence — certainly NO COMPETENT EVIDENCE — of such “training,” certainly ZERO evidence of such training of the Floyd-murdering cops, themselves.] The criminal law could not hold either such Israeli agents or Israel criminally liable — unless sufficient, legally-admissible evidence could prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that such Israeli agents NOT ONLY taught the Floyd-murdering cops the choking-maneuver the cops applied to Floyd, but ALSO EITHER
    (a) the Israeli agents induced the Floyd-murdering cops to apply such maneuvers to unarmed persons not resisting arrest or, worse, to Blacks because they are Black, or, even worse, to George Floyd, himself, particularly
    (b) the agents (i) taught the Floyd-murdering cops the choking-maneuver DESPITE the agents KNEW the cops WOULD use the maneuver fatally on Floyd or another unarmed man (etc., see above) or (ii) the agents taught the Floyd-murdering cops to use the choking-maneuver with either “depraved indifference” to, or “reckless disregard” of, the foreseeability that THOSE cops would do to Floyd, or another unarmed person, what the cops did to Floyd.

    Nothing — not even Dr. Roberts’s text — suggests Israeli agents conspired with the Floyd-murdering cops to murder Floyd. Nothing suggests such agents were “accessories before the fact” or “aiders and abettors” of the Floyd-murdering cops’ Floyd-murder — or even that, vis-a-vis the guilty cops’s crime, any Israeli agents are guilty of “misprision of felony” [see for one provision criminalizing “misprision of felony”].

    Could such Israeli agents be liable for a CIVIL wrong — in Floyd’s case, the tort of “wrongful death”? In a civil “wrongful death” case, the plaintiff’s burden of persuasion is only a “preponderance of the evidence” (a proof-burden notably lesser than the “beyond reasonable doubt” burden of a criminal case’s prosecutor). Still, the problem remains essentially the same: No person (“first party”) is legally responsible for another person’s (“second party’s”) unlawful conduct unless the first party:
    (a) induced, or conspired with, the second party to commit the wrong the second party committed OR
    (b) “knowlingly” aided the second party’s committing the particular actual wrong OR
    (c) rendered to the second party the means of committing the particular actual wrong AND disregarded recklessly (in some jurisdictions, just negligently, in some cases) a substantial probability of the second party’s foreseeable (and actually committed) wrong.

    Dr. Roberts cites (and links) two sources that claim the FBI “jointly hosted” a domestic “counterterrorism training conference” in Minneapolis and that many Minneapolis cops attended such conference. But those sources do NOT present reliable proof, or ANY PROOF, but just an evidence-lacking assertion that has been repeated, without proof, by other sources.

    If no authorized federal or state official invited, lawfully, such alleged Israeli agents to enter the U.S. to teach such cops the choking-maneuver, then, likely, the such Israeli agents would have violated federal laws (perhaps even international laws) concerning domestic activities of foreign agents.

    [Still, because of the immense influence (albeit very often illegal influence) Israel effects upon U.S. federal and state government, including law-enforcement agencies, near-certainly such Israeli agents would not suffer prosecution in the U.S.]

    If some state or federal official did invite such Israeli agents’ teaching such cops the choking-maneuver for the purpose of killing or otherwise seriously harming Blacks, then, because such cops actually used such maneuver to murder a Black, George Floyd, then both the agents (acting under cover of state or federal authority) and the authorizing official might be criminally and civilly liable for violating 42 U.S.C. § 1983, 18 U.S. Code § 242, or the rule of Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 403 U.S. 388 (1971).

    [But Israel’s or its U.S. domestic lobbyists’ [like AIPAC’s] influence might render impossible or very improbable an actual judicial judgment of such civil or criminal.]

    Sic Transit Coatimundi

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Reg Cæsar
  9. Loup-Bouc says:

    My previous comment focused on the legal flaws of Dr. Roberts’s article “Israelis Trained the Minnesota Cop How to Kill.” This comment reacts to another problem of Dr. Roberts’s same article.

    Even if Israeli agents trained many Minnesota cops, even trained the Floyd-murdering cops, such training is irrelevant. The problem is American racism or speech and conduct pursuing White Supremacy. See

    Dr. Roberts’s article would deflect attention from the real problem to a bogus notion that parallels the bullshit “the Russians did it.” In this instance, the bullshit is “the Israelis did it.”

    Recall Dr. Roberts’s article’s absurd assertion:

    The real murderers of George Floyd were the Israelis who taught the Minnesota cops the knee-on-neck restraint technique

    The Floyd-murdering cops murdered Floyd because are racists and hate or despise Blacks, as do many American White cops — and, despite their contrariwise protestations, most White politicians and most “good,” “God-fearing,” White American Christians and most Jews (who are White if you are not an antisemite, or not-White if you are Alt Right, neo-Nazi, or harbor other antisemitic point of view).

    If (as may be likely) the Floyd-murdering cops did not receive choke-maneuver-training from Israeli agents, likely they would have murdered Floyd the same way. American cops have known such choke-maneuvers for many years.

    Recall the Eric Garner case, which was starkly similar to the Floyd case:

    In the Eric Garnercase, New York City police killed an unarmed, not-arrest-resisting Black man with a banned choke-hold that had been used all too commonly before it was banned. While cops were choking him to death, Mr. Garner said sever times “”I can’t breathe.”

    The problem is not Israeli agents, or Russian agents (as some idiot Democrat politicians have asserted) or invisible Martian aliens employing telekinesis. The problem is violent racism.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Malla
  10. Begemot says:
    @Dutch Boy

    ‘Tis’ being cause of death being an underlying heart condition? Therefore the family hired expert is correct?

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  11. Dutch Boy says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The pressure was on the back of the neck (the spinal area) not the carotid arteries or trachea. Pressure on the carotid would have caused unconsciousness. Pressure on the trachea could have caused asphyxiation.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  12. Dutch Boy says:

    “Taint is the underlying heart condition rather than the neck pressure.

  13. Loup-Bouc says:

    I type badly. I commit typing errors not-infrequently. I never learned proper typing skills. For many years until a couple years ago, I had a secretary. My very old man’s close-up vision is poor — very farsighted, specially so. Although I wear corrective eyeglasses, I cannot proofread well a text shown on a computer screen, because my eyesight sees text vibrating or trembling, so that the text appears a bit blurred.

    But THIS time, the trouble was not my proofreading, but Unz Review’s comment-system.

    As published here, my last previous comment [comment # 9, June 4, 2020 at 1:05 am GMT] bears four typing errors. But I corrected those errors before I posted the comment, and I reviewed the corrected preview before I posted the comment. My wife reviewed it too, and she saw my corrections made. But the Unz Review comment-system did not recognize my corrections and published the uncorrected edition.

    Below are corrections of that comment [comment # 9, June 4, 2020 at 1:05 am GMT], corrections put in all-caps, except deletion of an extra quotation mark:

    Paragraph # 5

    The Floyd-murdering cops murdered Floyd because THEY are racists and hate or despise Blacks, as do many American White cops — and, despite their contrariwise protestations, most White politicians and most “good,” “God-fearing,” White American Christians and most Jews (who are White if you are not an antisemite, or not-White if you are Alt Right, neo-Nazi, or harbor other antisemitic point of view).

    Paragraph # 8:

    In the Eric GARNER CASE, New York City police killed an unarmed, not-arrest-resisting Black man with a banned choke-hold that had been used all too commonly before it was banned. While cops were choking him to death, Mr. Garner said SEVERAL times “I can’t breathe.”

  14. Huge claims, zero research.

    PCR writes like someone determined to believe he might become relevant enough for someone to want to lob a tomato his way.

  15. @Loup-Bouc

    If international law were enforced, Israel would be disestablished and all “Israeli” land and Israeli-occupied Palestinian land would be returned to the Palestine that existed in 1944

    And run by the British who, unlike any Semites, know how to run a country.

    and that land would be the homeland of Palestinians now living there and Palestinians who have been forced to migrate elsewhere

    And the Oriental Jews equally forced to migrate in the opposite direction? Where do they go? Back to their grandparents’ Arab League birthplaces?

    If you’re going to make an argument based on indigeneity, the languages indigenous to Palestine are Aramaic and Samaritan. The only indigenous faith is Christianity. (I’d be happy to support the local Christians, if they’d only stop allying with my enemies.)

    If international law were enforced…

    …it couldn’t cherry-pick which centuries it applies to. It’s all, or nothing. If an Arab can use it on Palestine, a Maronite can use it on him. An Apache, Arapaho, or Algonquin could use it on us.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Loup-Bouc
  16. @Dutch Boy

    The original autopsy said that Floyd died of heart disease…

    The latest autopsy says Floyd died with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

  17. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Your comment is interesting, and well-written, but marred by several fatally false premises and false conclusions — and also a bizarre assertion (that if Israel suffered dissolution, the British would govern).

    I must sleep now. In about 16 hours (I hope), I shall show you the more than few flaws of your comment — unless I am rendered temporarily incapable by the dental surgery I must undergo at 1:00 PM Pacific Time today (4 June). If the dental surgery prevents my replying fully later today (4 June), I shall endeavor to post a full reply tomorrow (5 June).

    • Replies: @Saggy
  18. Malla says:

    Black Ghetto behaviour leads to/ is used to justify militarization of the police which leads to more hatred/resentment for the police amongst blacks and more bad behaviour which leads to further militarisation of the police and so on and so forth. All of this leading to pushing the USA towards a Satanic Bolshevik Orwellian slave future. They have been planning this for a long time. They have been pushing it slowly and boiling the frog slowly, step by step they are moving towards that goal. Some of those steps included the military crushing of the Third Reich, 1965 immigration bill, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, cashless society…you name it. Everything to destroy traditional Euro-Western culture and eventually the White race itself. The end game: Satanic One World Rule with Jerusalem as the capital.

  19. Malla says:

    The problem is American racism

    Racist America, yet millions of non Whites wish to migrate to America. Does not compute.

    speech and conduct pursuing White Supremacy

    Black people killing White people, media is mostly silent, White person kills black person, media goes ape. White supremacy? Does not Compute.
    Whites as a percentage of the USA has reduced since 1965. White supremacy. Does not compute.
    Asian Indian Americans many of whom are very dark skinned are some of the highest earning population in the USA. White supremacy? Does not Compute.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  20. @Dutch Boy

    The neck is pressed between two surfaces. Whether the knee is on one side or the other doesn’t change the culpability.

  21. TheJester says:

    A vector precipitating police misbehavior is recruiting police from soldiers returning from America’s Forever Wars in the Middle East.

    Many of the returning soldiers are conditioned to use massive force against civilians as they try to find and neutralize the “bad guys” hiding within civilian populations … the definition of guerrilla warfare. Indeed, Israeli police tactics are military tactics as an offshoot of its own Forever War against Palestinian civilians. Teaching US police Israeli police tactics is teaching them military tactics for use against hostile civilian populations.

    Another vector is how US police are dressed. Rather than police on a beat, they progressively look like soldiers going into combat. It is not farfetched to suppose this creates and reinforces the attitude among US police that they are going into combat. Hence, when they pull a weapon (often at the slightest provocation or suggestion of danger), they all too often shoot to kill.

    It is dangerous to use soldiers returning from guerilla warfare in the Middle East as a source for recruiting new police officers. At the least, these recruits should undergo comprehensive psychological screening.

  22. Saggy says: • Website

    You are missing the point of Roberts’ article, which I’ll spell out for you …. Chauvin did not intend to kill Floyd, he applied an approved technique of subduing a prisoner that had been taught to the Mn. police by the Israelis, and this technique, a knee on the neck, killed Floyd. The problem is the technique, not the officer. Further, if we believe Roberts and the links, the Israelis have used this technique extensively and the problems with it are well known. I think Roberts article is basically right – the technique killed Floyd.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  23. Paul says:

    “Israelis Trained the Minnesota Cop How to Kill”

    Chuck Schumer, call your office!

  24. Loup-Bouc says:

    You have not READ my comment. YOU are “missing” what constitutes evidence, fact, logic, the pertinent law, the contents of the photographic evidence, the medical significance of the cops’ choke-maneuver and related actions, the law, reasoning, the grave problem of American racism, and the reality that Dr. Roberts’s article is dangerous dross.

    This is clear: The cops murdered an unarmed man who was not resisting arrest.

    If the state’s attorney general does his job and the jury is honorable, not corrupted by one or more bigots (like you), the cops will be convicted of 2nd degree murder.

    I examined your website. You need psychiatric help, for public safety’s sake.

    I shall not respond to your comments again.

    • Replies: @Saggy
  25. Saggy says: • Website

    This is clear: The cops murdered an unarmed man who was not resisting arrest.

    You freaking moron, Floyd did resist arrest, that’s why he was being restrained. Then, murder requires intent, and it completely obvious that the cop had zero intent of killing Floyd.

    Is this relevant you ancient idiot …

    The manual for the Minneapolis police calls a chokehold a “deadly force option” and neck restraints a “non-deadly force option.” Neck restraints involve compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or a leg without cutting off the air flow through the trachea.

    Or this, you damned dottering fool …

    Since 2015, Minneapolis Police Department rendered at least 44 individuals unconscious using neck restraint tactics, NBC News reported.
    About 60% of those rendered unconscious were black, according to the analysis.
    In total, Minneapolis police used neck restraints at least 237 times since the start of 2015, according to the report.

  26. Saggy says: • Website

  27. Saggy says: • Website

    Tucker, again ….

  28. Loup-Bouc says:

    You have my sympathy, for your suffering hallucinations.

    May a suggest a psychiatrist? He is my colleague. He promises to use shock-treatment therapy. You will love it.

    • Replies: @Malla
  29. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    PREFACE # 1

    I am sorry for my not replying yesterday, 4 June (2020). My dental surgery incapacitated me longer than I had expected.

    Also, the same surgery’s after-effects have put me markedly behind my schedule of performance of my professional duties. Therefore, I shall not spend the time needed for proofreading this reply-comment. I type badly. So I may commit typing errors. If so, I apologize and shall feel contrite if rendered notice of error.

    PREFACE # 2

    Before I expose your comment’s false premises, I need to present a little history that is important to demonstrating falseness of those premises.

    In 6 CE, the Roman Empire organized the Levant’s Jewish population in the Levant region Rome named Judea. In 63 CE, the Judea’s Jewish population revolted against Rome. Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE and displaced most Jews from Judea. In 132 CE, Bar Kokhba led a rebellion against Hadrian. After four years of devastating warfare, the uprising was suppressed; Rome sold many Jews into slavery. Rome excluded non-slave Jews from Jerusalem and all or nearo-all of Judea. Diaspora became all but utterly complete.


    Except slaves, near-all Jews became “the wandering Jew,” moving from region to region — first Babylonia & Persia, then also West. Some Jewish slaves were manumitted & joined free communities in or near the Levant. But many emigrated elsewhere of the Roman Empire. Gentiles & Samaritans took over villages that had been Jewish. Very few Jews remained anywhere in the Levant — much of which (southern Lebanon, current “Israel,” Gaza, West Bank, and Jordan) has been “Judea.” Rome renamed the region Palestine.

    Around the 1st century CE about 5,000,000 Jews lived outside Palestine, but about four-fifths still within the Roman Empire. But, staring in the 2nd century, Jews dispersed farther. The Levant was populated by sundry non-Jewish peoples, and just a spare scattering Jews.

    In 634 AD, Muslims invaded the Levant. including the land now called Israel. By 638, the conquest was complete. Many Muslims — Arab Muslims — settled there. Most defeated Gentiles remained, but still, even post-Muslim-conquest, the region had spare few Jews, save a small immigration coming from northeast Byzantium and a sprinkling that hd come with the Arab Muslims.

    Then came invasions of Seljuks, Kurds, Qipchaks, Mamluks, European Christians, Mongols, and Ottomans. The Seljuks, Kurds, Qipchaks, and Mamluks did not bring Jews, at lest not in any notable number. The invading Christians were anti-Semites.

    Dujring the entire period from 64 CE until 1919 CE, Palestine’s Jewish population was never more than 13%; and Jews never governed or participated in governing Palestine.

    During the Ottoman reign, Palestine saw some incursion of Jews — but not enough to merit note. Only after WWI, during the British Mandate control of Palestine, did Palestine’s population reach more 11.5% — because of Britain’s post WWI Zionist-lobbied importation of Jews (starting about mid-1921) — an importation that, today, would be patently illegal according ti international law.

    But during both Ottoman & British Mandate control of Palestine, Jews neither participated in governance of the any part of Palestine nor held Ottoman or British-Mandate recognized de facto control of any Palestine area.

    Jewish population of Palestine 1851 to 1940

    1851 — 3.8%
    1861 — 3.5%
    1881 — 5.4%
    1895 — 4.6%
    1914 — 11.2%
    1919 — 11.5%
    1922 — 11.4%
    1924 — 12.9%
    1931 — 16.6%
    1936 — 26.9%
    1940 — 29.6%

    In 1936, Zionists & Nazi SS made a deal that facilitated a short-lived German Jewish exodus that landed in Palestine. Summer 1945, Britain arranged & supported further Jews-to-Palestine migration, also lobbied by Zionists. Hence, by 1948, Palestine’s Jewish population grew to 33%. See, e.g., , though it commits a few minor arithmetic errors, of determining population-percentages) AND .

    The 1936-1945 Jewish population-growth, and, first Nazi SS, then British & French support, enabled Zionist Jews — their flagrant terrorist organizations, Haganah, Irgun Zvai Leumi, and Stern Gang — to expel, with ghastly violence, a great portion of Palestine’s non-Jewish population. Even Zionist-beloved David ben Gurion, Israel’s Zionist-supposed founder & first prime minister, was a monstrous terrorist who fathered the Zionist plan of terrorizing Palestinians horribly and frequently so that they would flee their homes & yield land to the Zionists. See, e.g.,

    But not until 1947, could Zionist Jews assert even a SPECIOUS claim that “Israel” had nation state status. Not since 64 CE did Jews have any control of Palestine or constitute more than 11.5% of Palestine’s population. Until WWI, Palestine’s population was never more than 5.4% Jewish. No authority ever recognized a Jewish state in the Levant. Britain had not power of granting an “Israel” statehood.

    Even now, Israel is not a legitimate state and has no legal right of existence. See my comment of June 3, 2020 at 11:49 pm GMT (comment # 8). Mere “possession” does not supply legitimacy. A FORTIORI that is so when, as in Israel’s case, possession is acquired & maintained by terrorism, illegal war, illegal invasion, or illegal dispossession of a victim-population’s land, buildings, or chattels.


    And run by the British who, unlike any Semites, know how to run a country.
    * * *
    If you’re going to make an argument based on indigeneity, the languages indigenous to Palestine are Aramaic and Samaritan. The only indigenous faith is Christianity. (I’d be happy to support the local Christians, if they’d only stop allying with my enemies.)

    Not only would the British lack the authority, eve raw power, needed to run Palestine, but also the United Nations [“UN”] Charter & pursuant UN documents & other international law provisions would render British control illegal & a crime of aggression.

    “Semite” is an irrelevant consideration. “Semite” references language — any of the Semitic tongues — not an ethnicity (despite many Jews speak a Semitic language or a hybrid tongue that includes Hebrew or a linguistic descendant of Aramaic. Matter is one of (a) ethnicity, (b) inhabitancy (time of occupation of a certain land-area), and some kind/degree of some enforcement-power-bearing authority’s recognition.

    Aramaic and Samaritan were not the only “indigenous” Language of the land the Romans dubbed Judea or the lands Hebrews stole, most brutally, from Canaanites, whose language(s) may have been non-Semitic, and from the Philistines, whose language near-certainly was non-Semitic. See, e.g.,
    (1) [re: the brutal means Yahweh’s “Chosen People” used to steal the lands of the Canaanites’ and Philistines’, ACCORDING TO YAHWEH’S COMMAND]
    (2) [re: who were Canaanites]
    (3) [re: who were Canaanites]
    (4) [re: who were Philistines]
    (5) [re: who were Philistines]
    (6) [re: who were Philistines]

    And the Oriental Jews equally forced to migrate in the opposite direction? Where do they go? Back to their grandparents’ Arab League birthplaces?

    “Israeli” Jews’ current origin or descent — Oriental or other — is irrelevant, as is whether “Jews” may or would be forced to migrate to one rather than another region, or anywhere. The matter is one of international law provisions or Nuremberg-tribunal or international court decisions pertinent to, e.g., illegal occupation, wars of aggression, terrorism-wrought land-acquisition, genocide or “ethnic cleansing,” and other such matters.

    To an extent, the problem would be ameliorated by prosecutions leading to life-long imprisonment or capital punishment of many, many Israelis — many, many more that you might imagine.

    A Palestinian nation’s criminal court could & ought prosecute Zionist Israel’s leaders and many members of its government and military, perhaps all present & past Mossad members, very many illegal settlement Jewish inhabitants, and Israeli suppliers of means of Israelis’ committing crimes against Palestinians and Palestine — war crimes, crimes against humanity, illegal wars of aggression, violation of the law of belligerent occupation, pillage, plunder, mass murder, and mass mayhem. The International Criminal Court could pursue like prosecutions.

    A new Palestinian nation could order that all “Jewish” inhabitants either submit to Palestinian law concerning land-allocation, property rights, government participation, civil order, taxation, etc., or suffer expulsion either to the nations of their origins or their forebears. If that prospect seems wildly radical, consider that Zionists & “Israel” submitted hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to such expulsion, by the cruelest and most illegal means.

    [“If international law were enforced…”]

    …it couldn’t cherry-pick which centuries it applies to. It’s all, or nothing. If an Arab can use it on Palestine, a Maronite can use it on him. An Apache, Arapaho, or Algonquin could use it on us.

    When European-stock Americans stole land of indigenous Americans and committed myriad atrocities against them, international law did not exist — at least as the world had cast it since the waning years of the 19th century. The Roman Church did approve the “Doctrine of Discovery,” one of he phony supports of the immense and wide-spread land-thefts, dislocations, and slaughtering of the American “savages.” And several European nations and legal “authorities” advanced the “Manifest Destiny,” but that doctrine did not enjoy support of any internationally recognized authority lime the Roman Church.

    So, the indigenous Americans’ plight is irrelevant to the Palestinian problem. And since Palestinian problem IS subject to international law, the Palestinian problem’s solution cannot obtain premise in the indigenous Americans’ plight & its European American cause.

    Likewise, earlier centuries’ Palestine-governance or Palestine-applicable law is irrelevant to the matter of whether, how, and with what effect(s) modern international law applies to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians or Palestine (its territory). And the matter is not what an Arab may or can do to another individual (Maronite or other or in Palestine or elsewhere). The matter is whether modern international law has rendered illegal, and punishable, both (a) Israel’s grotesquely vicious treatment of non-Jewish Palestinians & (b) pre-1947 Zionists’, then post-1947 faux-state Israel’s, theft of Palestinian land.

    Sic Transit Coatimundi

  30. Malla says:

    That is one of the dumbest responses I have seen on UNZ. Congratulations.

  31. Loup-Bouc says:

    I live in Washington County Oregon [“WCO”]. WCO Sheriff’s Department vehicles bear the motto “Conserving the Peace” (NOT preserving the peace).

    One must infer that the WCO Sheriff Department doles out to civilians just enough peace to assure that peace will not become extinct.

  32. Oh. My. Word. I stumbled into this; most racist, anti more groups than than accepting of groups, and misinformed cadre of worm food I have ever seen. I’m torn between thanking u for the chuckle (reminiscent of Hogan’s Heroes) or a move to a rural area out of fear of a future fight for freedom if the likes of u should “win” again in November.

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