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Is the Survivability of Covid-Vaccinated Societies at Risk?
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I find it a curious fact that despite the alleged millions of US Covid cases and the huge number of alleged Covid deaths, I don’t know, or know of, a single person who has had Covid.

On the other hand, despite the alleged “rare” instances of death and injury from the Covid vaccines, I know of three. One a sudden death immediately following the vaccine. One a near death and permanent impairment. And one—one of my best friends—lost the normal use of his legs. I advised him that his impairment could be the result of the vaccine giving him the Guillain-Barré Syndrome and to consult a neurologist. I received this email from him today:

“Neurologist is admitting me into hospital Monday for 5 days to treat for the GBS.

“Agreed that vaccine caused it. Everything you said is true.


Readers, share with me your experiences. Have you had adverse reactions to the vaccine? Do you know people who have? If you have had adverse reactions, are doctors honest with you? Email me at the website’s email address and tell me your experience and anything else on your mind.

Our society faces the possibility of collapse. A significant percentage of the population has been vaccinated. If the independent scientists who have assessed the situation are correct, many of those vaccinated are going to die or suffer debilitating injuries. A consequence could be a reduction in human resources sufficient to collapse social organization. Because the United or Disunited States has a lie machine in place of a media, there is no public awareness that potentially we face social collapse.

There is no doubt whatsoever that most scientists misunderstood how the spike protein in the vaccines would behave. They believed that it would remain where it was injected and not spread throughout the body. They now understand that it does spread throughout the body and can cause serious consequences including death.

In America greed and over-confidence have become so powerful that our survivability is at risk.

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