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Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag?
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I have not looked into the latest attack blamed on ISIS, this time in Belgium, and I am not going to investigate it. The explanation was set in stone by the initial reporting, and any skepticism that is expressed is disregarded as conspiracy theory. I have seen reports that the bombs were in the ceilings and that the initial film released by authorities was in fact film from several years ago of the Chechnya attack on a Russian airport. If these reports are correct, they raise questions about the official set-in-stone story.

But the questions won’t be asked.

If the various bombings are false flag attacks, the governments will get away with them, because the attacks blamed on Muslim terrorists fit every agenda that is out there. Government agendas for more war, military spending, and police state measures are served. But so also are the agendas of those who want to limit immigration, those who want to blame the bombings on blowback from Western imperialism, those such as the Russian government who desire a united front against terrorism, and those who use the bombings to stress the innate goodness of the West, which attracts hatred because of its goodness. Washington likes the bombings because they keep Europeans scared and the governments under Washington’s thumb.

Anyone who raises real questions is set upon by every group for whom the bombings blamed on ISIS are a blessing to their agenda.

Just as we hear today that ISIS bombed an airport or whatever, we heard throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s that this or that communist group, such as the Red Brigades, the Red Army Faction or Baader-Meinhof gang had bombed a train station. In truth these bombings were the work of Operation Gladio, a conspiracy of the CIA and European intelligence services against the European peoples. The conspiracy was revealed by the Italian government and culminated in an extensive investigation in which intelligence operatives testified that they focused on killing woman and children because it had the greatest impact in discrediting the communists on whom the attacks were blamed. European communist parties in Italy and France were growing in electoral success, and Washington wanted the communists discredited. That is what the bombings achieved.

So today when you hear the presstitutes report that ISIS bombed this and that, all you really know is that this is the government’s claim and that governments made similar claims in the post-WWII 20th century when Washington regarded it as imperative to discredit European communist parties.

Western governments have always found it easy to hoodwink their populations, and it is just as easy today.

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  1. Sean2007 says:

    I assume every “terrorist” attack is a false flag until a high standard of proof suggests otherwise. These attacks have an uncanny ability to occur just when they are needed by the ruling elites of the West. Such endless coincidences cannot occur naturally, so either we are dealing with the intervention of a malicious deity, some seriously dumb-ass terrorists who are trying to get the whole planet to attack them for some bizarre reason or these attacks are staged by the people who benefit from them. Reason and history suggest the latter. It is clear ISIS has been armed and financed by the US and it allies in Turkey and Saudi Arabia–Joe Biden has admitted as much–so to say that ISIS did this or that is always to say the US or its lackeys did it. I don’t buy the argument that ISIS has gone rogue and bit the hand that feeds it anymore than Al Qaeda did.

  2. Of course, these events are psy-ops. It cannot be otherwise really.

    Simply consider the milieu that the alleged terrorists are coming from. All of these Jihadist groups must be completely infiltrated by agents of the State. Whenever they identify the alleged terrorists (who are typically dead at this point) they end up disclosing that the individuals in question were “known to the authorities” as Islamists or whatever. In other words, they were under surveillance. These Arab kids have typically done some time in prison and they are in a milieu that is full of police informers. Prisoners become finks in exchange for better conditions in prison and early release… so that kind of milieu is completely infiltrated with informers and double agents. This is really quite well known and is portrayed in various classic fiction and film noir. It’s a classic patsy milieu basically. Round up the usual suspects.

    For those of you who have never thought about this, do just take a minute and think about it. Imagine that you are under surveillance and they are listening to your phone calls, reading your email… the entire milieu in which you operate is shot through with informers. I mean to say, you’re living in a fishbowl, you can’t take a leak without the agents of the State knowing about it. Just imagine this situation.

    Now here is a key question:

    In such a situation, is it credible that you could plan and carry out sophisticated terrorist operations right under the noses of the authorities?

    Is this possible? Really?

    Moreover, if you were under such surveillance and did manage to carry out deadly terrorist attacks, would this not be a sign of incredible incompetence on the part of the relevant organs of the State? Would you not expect somebody to get fired or at least disciplined over this? Does that ever happen?

    No, these are false flag psy-ops and the people they claim are doing them are patsies. Anybody with a BDQ (Bullshit Detection Quotient) above room temperature ought to know that.

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