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Is the Criminalization of Heterosexuality on the Agenda or Just the Denial of Equal Rights?
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The normalization of sexual perversity is advancing across all fronts. Just as it has become hate speech to call a homosexual a queer instead of a proud gay, we are approaching the inability to call a pedophile a pedophile. The correct and safe name for a pedophile is “minor-attracted person.”

First you take the sting out of the name. Then you normalize the perversity by scolding people for being “judgmental.”

Consequently, today marriage is no longer between a man and a woman. It can be between two men or between two women, and before much longer between an adult and a child and a woman and a dog. Anything else would be “judgmental” and intolerant, a violation of civil rights and hate speech laws.

From a heterosexual standpoint, these developments raise interesting questions. If a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman, why can’t a man marry two or more women or a woman have more than one husband? Maybe the woman is a nymphomaniac and one man can’t handle the job. Why should she be denied legitimization of her nature and needs? The 14th Amendment requires equal treatment under the law.

So why are Mormons prevented by law from having more than one wife? Why are nymphos forbidden from having more than one husband? Why doesn’t heterosexuality get equal treatment under the 14th Amendment with sexual perversity?

Is the answer that the plan is to turn heterosexuality into criminal perversity?

The criminalization of heterosexuality would be a far easier way to limit the human population than released viruses by the NIH and Pentagon and deadly “vaccine” mandates. The birth of a baby would be proof of a crime.

This might sound to readers like a new science fiction dystopia, but is is exactly where current thought and political activism is taking us.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Gay Marriage, LGBT, Political Correctness