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If No Election Fraud Why Are Democrats Desperate to Block Maricopa County, Arizona Audit?
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Arizona Democrats have refused to comply with court orders and have declared an audit “racist.”

The criminal gang that masquerades as the US Dept of Justice has declared the election audit “voter intimidation” as the DOJ attempts to intimidate Republicans to cease the audit.

Obviously, there was massive electoral fraud. If not, why the extraordinary effort to block the audit? If there was no election fraud, the Democrats would welcome an audit to prove their case.

What will Republicans, assuming the DOJ doesn’t scare them off, do with the evidence of election theft? Chances are high they will cover it up. Why? Here are several reasons:

Republicans are largely from the business and corporate community. They don’t know how to fight. They learned that you get to the top by not making waves.

Republicans are patriotic and are concerned to protect America’s reputation. Many will argue that to reveal the fraud will undermine America’s reputation and democracy and that the Chinese and Russians will use the fraud for propaganda against America. Suppressing the evidence of fraud is necessary to protect America’s influence.

Revealing the fraud will undermine the Biden administration and cause a political crisis. It will be clear that America has suffered a coup. To overturn the coup would split the country. The Biden military might intervene in Biden’s behalf, thus legitimizing the coup and ending the authority of law and the Constitution.

Many Republicans will argue that it is best to make a deal with the Democrats. Show them the evidence and tell them that it won’t be revealed if the Democrats will stop blocking electoral reforms such as voter ID and removing dead and out of state people from the voting rolls. Republicans will argue that this is the best outcome. It will preserve America’s reputation and prevent another stolen election.

Establishment Republicans will like this outcome because they are opposed to Trump and oppose anything that would vindicate him.

No doubt the evidence of a stolen election would be leaked, but the presstitutes would never report it and no one would ever know.

In view of the fact that very little is likely to result from conclusive evidence of election theft, the fierce opposition of Democrats and presstitutes to the audit is conclusive proof in itself that the election was stolen.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Voter fraud