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Identity Politics Lawyer Trying to Destroy Tucker Carlson Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges
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The porn lawyer Michael Avenatti has been arrested for beating his wife. His charge is “felony domestic violence.”

Now he has the legal problems that he has inflicted on others.

Avenatti is the lawyer who appaently sent the “gay latino activist” into the Farmington Country Club in Virginia to verbally abuse Tucker Carlson’s daughter as her father’s whore. When Carlson and country club officials instructed the homosexual immigrant to leave, Avenatti filed a lawsuit against Carlson.

In other words, Avenatti had set up an “incident” that would bring him more name recognition, more cases against “white society,” and greater ability to use up important people’s time in lawsuits, thus maximizing his pay-offs for going away.

This is America today. “White Society” is under constant assault from the Democratic Party’s Identity Politics, endorsed by what was once a real leftwing that stood for the working class, but now stands for hatred of white people.

There are no speech codes, no hate crimes, no quotas that protect white people. Only white people are subjected to constant abuse and denuciation.

White guilt is the entire story in America today. And the brainwashed white people sit there and accept their alleged guilt for all the evils in the world.

We are experiencing the total collapse of Western civilization.

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