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Hillary’s War Crime
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Today, October 20, 2016, is the fifth anniversary of the murder of Muammar Gaddafi by forces organized and unleashed by US President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Remember the killer bitch’s performance, with gleeful laughter, on CBS “News”: “We came, we saw, he died.”

Muammar Gaddafi was the most progressive political leader in the world. Gaddafi used Libya’s oil wealth for the benefit of the Libyan people. He lived in a tent, a nice tent, but not in a palace, and he did not have collections of European exotic cars or any of the other paraphernalia associated with the ruling families in Saudi Arabia and the oil emirates that are Washington’s Middle Eastern allies.

In Libya, education, medical treatment, and electricity were free. Gasoline was practically free, selling for 14 US cents per litre. Women who gave birth were supported with cash grants and couples received cash grants upon marriage. Libya’s state bank provided loans without interest and provided free startup capital to farmers.

Gaddafi’s independence from Washington is what brought him down. Earlier in life Gaddafi’s goal was to organize Arabs as a bloc that could withstand Western depredations. Frustrated, he turned to Pan-Africanism and refused to join the US Africa Command. He wanted to introduce a gold-based African currency that would free Africans from American financial hegemony.

Gaddafi had Chinese energy companies developing Libya’s energy resources. Washington, already upset with Russian presence in the Mediterranean, was now faced with Chinese presence as well. Washington concluded that Gaddafi was playing ball with the wrong people and that he had to go.

Washington organized mercenaries, termed them “rebels” as in Syria, and sicced them on Libya. When it became clear that Gaddafi’s forces would prevail, Washington tricked naive and gullible Russian and Chinese governments and secured a UN no-fly zone over Libya to be enforced by NATO. The express purpose of the no-fly zone was to prevent Gaddafi from attacking civilian targets, which he was not doing. The real reason was to prevent a sovereign state from using its own air space so that the Libyan Air Force could not support the troops on the ground. Once the gullible Russians and Chinese failed to veto the Security Council’s action, the US and NATO themselves violated the resolution by using Western air power to attack Gaddafi’s forces, thus throwing the conflict to the CIA-organized mercenaries. Gaddafi was captured and brutally murdered. Ever since, Libya, formerly a prosperous and successful society, has been in chaos, which is where the Obama regime wanted it.


All sorts of lies were told about Gaddafi and Libya, just as lies were told about Saddam Hussein and are told today about Syria and Russia. A British Parliamentary Report concluded unambiguously that the Western peoples were fed lies by their governments in order to gain acceptance for the destruction of Libya, and that Libya was destroyed because Gaddafi was regarded as an obstacle to Western hegemony.

Note that none of the presstitutes have asked the killer bitch about her guilt under the Nuremburg laws for this war crime prepared on her watch. Note that the oligarchs who own the killer bitch and their press prostitutes intend to make this war criminal the next president of the United States.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Don’t forget Gaddafi’s Great Man-Made River, largest irrigation system in the world, and for which Gaddafi will always be remembered and venerated, if and when Libya recovers. Also the Pan African Bank which was up and running when he was still alive, and which was probably the underlying cause of his undoing.

    Note also Goldman Sachs scammed him for at least a billion USD, probably much more.

    His Green Book, by the way, available in English translation is well worth reading.

    Gaddafi predicted accurately what Libya would be like were he overthrown. What he did not grasp is that is exactly what the US, its European puppets, Saudi Arabia, and others wanted. In this case the Israelis were more or less indifferent, though they could see the usefulness of general chaos for other projects.

    Gaddafi had his faults in later years. He was much too gentle with the Benghazi uprising, fearing US and European reaction, and apparently unaware of the fact that the US and the Europeans, especially Britain and France (under Sarkozy) were behind it.

    The real lesson he never learned, however, was that being a supposed partner of the US and its puppets is much more dangerous for a leader than being its sworn enemy. Here the rule is, when the US puts Johnny Matthis’ “Small World” on the turntable, run for the hills.

    The amusing part is that the Italians and Germans had just concluded sweetheart oil and gas deals with Libya, which neither the British nor the US were about to allow. When Gaddafi bit the dust, those were off the table, making both countries more dependent on Russian oil. From that followed a US sponsored coup in the Ukraine.

    Some of Berlusconi’s political allies, and probably Berlusconi himself, fathomed all this immediately and were in shell shock. Merkel apparently never figured it out at all or is so tightly strung a puppet of the US that she must pretend at all costs such things cannot be.

    Other footnotes worthy of inclusion is how merrily Sweden joined in the fray, and how Switzerland was a silent partner.

    The ingenious recipe in Libya, employed by the US and its puppets–very much like the scenario Señor Clinton pursued in Yugoslavia with Milošević–Obama then began to apply to Assad in August, 2011.

    Here again the Russians know all this, and have since Yugoslavia, while Putin, tongue in cheek, continues to refer to the US, Brtain, France and so on as “partners”.

    One does worry a bit about Correa in Ecuador, who played up to Hillary Clinton and seemingly attacked Trump yesterday. But he may have been being ironic.

  2. Ivan K. says:

    Thank you, PCR. As the US elections come to their close, your articles appear to have become especially strong … while maintaining good sense: striking with criticism in the right places, broadminded in the right places … at a time when that is most needed. Such a performance indicates an accumulation of many years of development of an individual, and of a culture.

    • Replies: @Ivan K.
  3. Ivan K. says:
    @Ivan K.

    ‘broadminded in the right places’ : better said : critical places

  4. woodNfish says:

    Muammar Gaddafi was responsible for the deaths of 270 innocents in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lokerbie, Scotland. Good riddance to him and all muslim filth.

    • Troll: landlubber
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  5. @woodNfish

    The false flag lies never end, do they? Libya had no more to do with that than I did.

    And the families of the Lockerbie victims knew it too.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  6. woodNfish says:
    @Bill Jones

    Where is the false flag? All I see are some bought-off asswipe judges removing the families right to justice and to appeal. What is it you think I am missing?

  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There seems to have been a longstanding American policy of trying to keep the people of the region backward, disorganized and uneducated. Secular nationalists have been targeted whilst primitive forms of Islam have been preferred. As a matter of policy fanatic jihadis have been exploited as cannon fodder in furtherance of western goals without them seeming to realize who is really pulling the strings. The ability for the people in these beleaguered countries to progress and modernize has been consistently stymied and Clinton has been a major culprit in carrying out this strategy of divide, stupefy and conquer.

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