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Has Mother Earth Decided to Cleanse Herself of Those Who Ravage Her?
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Dahr Jamail is one of the last reporters in the Western world. Be certain to read his report on the “Sixth Great Mass Extinction” here:

His report is also available on Information Clearing House:

I have concluded that only the young, who have no historical frame of reference, and corporate-paid shills are capable of climate change denial. For whatever the reason, the evidence seems clear that climate is changing—and not for the better in a situation of tremendous human pressure on water and other natural resources.

Not long ago I had a conversation with a person with a science-fiction turn of mind who hypothesized that humans are hostile elements on earth, exiled here from some distant point in the universe because of their satanic immorality and destructiveness. Unfortunately for Mother Earth and her wonderful, diverse animal, bird, plant, insect, and water life, the evil species known as “human” arrived on Earth, where humans have proceeded to destroy the environment. In a way the history of Earth is a history of environmental destruction by humans. By fouling their own nest, humans have raised the question of their own survival.

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• Category: Science • Tags: Global Warming 
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  1. No, PCR, it’s like ducking responsibility to blame us on aliens.

    ^ European cultural mentality is the problem, noting other people behaved and saw things quite differently

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