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Greeks Vote NO to EU-Imposed Austerity
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With 90% of the votes counted, the Greek people have voted 61% to 39% against accepting the latest round of austerity that the EU is trying to impose on the Greek people for the benefit of the One Percent. What is amazing is that 39% voted for the One Percent against their own interests. This 39% vote shows that propaganda works to convince people to vote against their own interest.

The vote was not a vote to leave the EU. With the backing of the Greek nation, the Greek government hopes to reopen negotiations with the EU and to find a solution to the debt problem that will actually work. The EU objects to the Greek people having a voice in their fate, and unless common sense prevails is inclined to disregard the vote and to maintain the EU’s inflexible position that the debt issue can be resolved only on the EU’s terms. As has been made perfectly clear, these terms are more looting of the Greek economy by the One Percent.

As the Greek banks are closed and evidently cannot reopen without a resolution of the issue, EU inflexibility would force Greece to leave the euro and return to its own currency in order to reopen the banks. This would not require Greece’s departure from the EU as the UK and one or two other EU member states have their own currencies. However, most likely the EU and Washington and Washington’s Japanese, Canadian, and Australian vassals would attack the new Greek currency and drive its value in exchange markets to such a low value that Greece could not import and wealth held in Greek currency would be worthless abroad.

An inflexible EU creates conditions for Russia and China to act. These two powerful nations have the means to finance Greece and to bring Greece into the economic relationships established by these two countries and by the BRICS.

Alexander Dugin, a Russian strategic thinker who has the ear of the Russian government, has said:

“The Russians are on the side of the Greeks, we will not leave them alone in their suffering. We will help them and give them every possible support. Brussels and the liberal hegemony seek to dismantle Greece. We want to rescue it. We took our religions faith from Greece, as well as our alphabet and our civilization.”

Dugin said that the Greek referendum is the start of “the fundamental European liberalization process from the dictatorship of the New World Order.” He says this also is “our own endeavor.”

The Greek drama is far from over. Pray that the Russian and Chinese governments understand that rescuing Greece is the start of the process of unravelling NATO, Washington’s mechanism for bringing conflict to Russia and China. The One Percent have Italy and Spain targeted for looting, and eventually France and Germany herself. If the Greek people rescue themselves from the clutches of the EU, Italy and Spain could follow.

As Southern Europe departs NATO, Washington’s ability to create violence in Ukraine is diminished as the world realigns against the Evil Empire.

Washington’s power could suddenly diminish, thus saving the world from the nuclear war toward which Washington’s neoconservatives are pushing.

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• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: Eurozone, Greece, Russia 
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  1. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir PCR. This is the best news of the week. And thanks to the great Greek people who refused to be brainwashed by the left-wing media and voted No in their referendums.

    I believe the EU thugs (the Jewish Oligarchs who own and operate the EU) are scared that their scam will unravel. So I suspect they will let Greece stay in the EU and forgive a big part of this bogus debt. This debt is bogus because the Euro is a bogus currency, pieces of papers printed by a private corporation, though only nations are permitted to print real currencies. Once they do that, other countries will do the same and the process will again unravel.

    The Jewish controlled media is already in damage control mode. They are already pretending this is no big deal (use of the “grapes are sour” propaganda trick). The Oligarchs must have issued faxes/emails to all their media puppets to pretend nothing happened and they are all echoing the same lie—no big deal. Had the Greeks voted yes, they would all be jumping with joy, proclaiming victory.

    I also do agree that Russia must help Greece. I am glad the Russian appreciate that the Greeks gave us many great things, such as democracy, philosophy, science, and a big part of scientific terminology.

    But the root problem of Russia and Greece is declining birth rates. Whites must have more children to run their restaurants, stores, companies, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. and be the tax base necessary to support the older generation in the welfare state.

    Like the Greeks, we need binding superseding national referenda too.

  2. Kiza says:

    I must admit that I am a little surprised by the Greek bravery and resistance to the brainwashing of the Greek media. But here is a possible reason for both. If I did not read this I would not have believed something like this possible. A shitty little scumbag of the EU President called Schulz, a slimy, turdy bureaucrat of the EU, whose salary Greeks are paying, was making unimaginable threats towards Greece before the referendum:

    Here is his solution for the crisis:
    On Thursday, Schulz told German daily Handelsblatt that the elected Syriza government should be replaced by “technocrat” government until stability is restored. “We should appoint governments of technocrats,” Martin Schulz told Handelsblatt.

    If this does not show the end of EU is near, I do not know what does.

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