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Freedom Has Departed Europe
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Yesterday the UK Telegraph reported that the UK is on the brink of joining the EU Covid Vaccine passport scheme. Essentially British and European peoples will not be able to leave their homes without the passport.

The propagandists for the agenda make the restriction of freedom of movement sound like a great advantage. They say that “the EU Digital Covid Certificate should make traveling in Europe easier and cheaper for British tourists.”

“The EU Digital Covid Certificate has quickly become the biggest vaccine passport scheme in the world and coves more than 40 countries, including all 27 EU states and others as far afield as Israel and Panama.”

People all over Europe, and especially in France, have been, and are, in the streets protesting this restriction on freedom of movement, but Paul Charles, a travel agent executive, claims the use of the Digital Certificate for entry to restaurants, bars and other venues in France has proved popular with the public.

Paul Charles says that “more people have got vaccinated as a result” of the restriction. Consequently the French have seen their infection rates “drop significantly because of this measure.” If this is true, it is contrary to the experience elsewhere. The data is clear that the most vaccinated countries, such as Israel, are experiencing the highest rate of new infections, and the evidence is clear that the new Covid victims are the vaccinated.

Many experts believe that the mRNA vaccine itself results in adverse reactions that are mislabeled new Covid cases and in the appearance of variants. Thus, new cases rise with vaccination. Experts say that the latest round of vaccinations will result in a new wave of fear this winter that governments will exploit to impose more societal controls.

Paul Charles says that the Digital Covid Certificate “is not for the short term. Governments are getting used to it.” In other words, the “Free West” is institutionalizing the internal passport of the Stalinist regime.

As Mike Yeadon and others have explained, the passport’s reach will be expanded to control all other aspects of a person’s existence.

Of course, many reassurances come with the introduction of the totalitarian scheme described as “public health protection.” “Our vaccination status must never be allowed to determine our ability to live freely in our democracy,” which is precisely what it does do. The scheme “only has an initial license to run for 12 months” and privacy is protected by limiting personal data “to what is necessary.”

Anyone who believes that governments give up powers rather than expand them is gullible beyond belief.

Without any doubt the “Free West” has succumbed to Global Health Security. The orchestration of a Covid Pandemic has succeeded in its aim.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)