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Ebola Safety Protocol Appears to be Defective
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A nurse who treated the Dallas ebola patient has come down with the disease.

The CDC specifies a face mask, which the nurse had along with the other CDC specified gear. The use of face masks is based on the supposition that the virus is not airborne.

Perhaps covering up for itself, CDC’s Dr. Tom Frieden attributed the nurse’s infection to
“a breach of safety protocol.” In fact, the problem might be that respirators are required in place of face masks.

If the CDC misunderstands the nature of the disease and persists in misunderstanding, the disease could get out of control in the US.

Here is the report on the nurse who was protected according to the CDC standard but
became infected from treating the ebola patient:

It is entirely possible that the current ebola strain spreads by other means than past ones. The inability of public officials to admit mistakes could result in an epidemic in the US.

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  1. Sean c says:

    A nurse in Spain also became infected.

  2. IrishMutt says:

    This article from mid-September by two national experts on respiratory protection and infectious disease transmission argues that healthcare workers treating Ebola should be wearing respirators, not facemasks.

  3. Jeff T. says:

    So why can’t we close the borders again? Racism? Slavery?
    How about reading the “racist” and colonial histories of Japan, the Ottomans, and Arabs in North Africa and elsewhere?
    Or the Arab and Ottoman slave trade of Europeans and Africans?
    Why do they get to keep Ebola out of their countries, but we don’t?
    These guys are anti-white.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Weird. The CDC requires Biosafety level 4 compliance at any facility that keeps Ebola or Marburg. BL-4 compliance requires positive pressure air supply hazmat suits, negative pressure rooms, air locks, multiple cleaning stations, laminar air flow regimes and super HEPA air filters.

    Only four (4) hospitals in the country have such facilities for a total of twenty-three (23) beds in the entire USA!

    Yet the CDC now says any ol’ hospital can take care of vomit and feces spewing, thrashing Ebola victims … As long as they hand out a few “respirators”? Hell, the nurses in Dallas didn’t have hazmat suits (Ebola certified or not) for two days, according to the nurses who work there.

    … but it was the bad ol’ nurses that didn’t follow the CDC protocols. Hmm.

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