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Don’t Fall for the Establishment’s Tall Tales. There Was No “Violent Assault on the Capitol” and There Is Abundant Evidence of Electoral Fraud
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In this important column I provide you with evidence that there was no assault on the Capitol, and I provide you with so much evidence that there was massive electoral fraud that it will take you all weekend to go through the evidence.

Think intelligently. The rally for Trump on January 6 was massive, which is why the presstitutes did not show it to you. No other politician anywhere in the Western World could produce such a turnout of support. For the rest of the politicians in the West, such a turnout would be in opposition like the long-lived “yellow vest” protest in France and the massive protests in Germany against the Covid restrictions.

Here was the situation on January 6, 2021. Members have applied rules that require the House and Senate to listen to the evidence of election fraud. As Lew Rockwell points out, this means the public would also hear the evidence for the first time.

The evidence will show enormous fraud in the swing states where the election was stolen. Regardless of the evidence, everyone suspects Biden is going to be found the winner, because that is what the Establishment demands and has the means to enforce with media, Antifa, and BLM as threats to be unleashed and campaign contributions to cut off. Large majorities of both parties would prefer not to see the evidence than to have to vote against the evidence.

The situation is pregnant with glory for Trump. Congress is putting him out of office in the face of a massive demonstration from 50 states in support of Trump.

The Establishment cannot possibly allow this. The massive support empowers Trump and his supporters as forces for democracy against a corrupt and self-serving Establishment, which is the last thing the Establishment wants and can tolerate. Trump must leave office discredited and blackened and his supporters must be demonized as “MAGA terrorists” and “enemies of democracy.”

This was easily achieved. Such a large and unorganized rally is easy to infiltrate and to lead into a staged “violent assault on the Capitol.”

Here is a report with video evidence that CNN/NPR presstitute Jade Sacker was with Antifa leader John Sullivan among the Trump supporters inside the Capitol. Jake and John are celebrating “We did it!” “It,” of course, is “assaulting the capital,” which deep-sixed the presentation of electoral fraud evidence. The Trump supporters were simply too naive to avoid the trap.

What happened is, as I have explained in previous columns and which can be verified by numerous available videos until they are censored and taken down, provocateurs appeared on the back steps of the Capitol and provoked the crowd to go up the steps to the barriers, causing police to fire tear gas. The photos and videos of people pushing aside barriers in the midst of swirling tear gas were used by the presstitutes to create the impression of an assault on the Capitol.

As best as I can conclude from my research, no one entered the Capitol from the rear. All entry was in front, and entry happened because the Capitol police opened the door and let the rally attendees inside. The videos show that the “invaders” walked calmly in, staying in an orderly line and staying within the rope boundaries observed by Capitol visitors. The available videos show no “violent assault on the Capitol.” Here is one example:

“The violent assault on the Capitol” is another fake news success. This Establishment Tale has been propagated all over the world. For the people in media, the more outlandish the “news,” the more they hype it as that is what gets attention, brings readers, profits, and prizes. It is disconcerting that fake news has again prevailed to the extent that Republicans are being cut off from political donations. As journalist Ekaterina Blinova early realized, the Democrats intend to achieve one party rule by Democrats.

Why was this show orchestrated? The answer is obvious. The last thing the Establishment can allow is a challenger to the Establishment being kicked out of office in the face of what might be the largest demonstration of support for a political figure in American history. The very last thing that the American Establishment wants is a leader of that half of the American population who understand that the Establishment’s agendas are inimical to their own.

So Trump and his supporters had to be blackened and discredited with an orchestrated event that stopped the presentation of the evidence of electoral fraud and replaced it with an “insurrection against democracy by MAGA terrorists.” In one fell swoop, this got rid of the evidence of electoral fraud and Trump and his supporters. The massive rally of support for Trump was turned into a liability for Trump, his supporters, and Republicans.

There are no grounds for impeachment in Trump’s address to the crowd. But the presstitutes speak with one voice and need no evidence for their claims. The presstitutes create evidence with repetition: “A violent assault on the Capitol” encouraged by an “insurrectionist.”

To further blacken Trump the Establishment had Pelosi hold a second impeachment. The House convicted Trump on false charges, as Democrats are the majority, and Trump goes down in history as the first US president to be twice impeached by the House but not convicted by the Senate.

Without conviction, impeachment fails. But this understanding will not be propagated by the presstitutes.

The Evidence of Electoral Fraud

To begin with, ask yourself how this fits in with Trump losing the election: Gallup Poll Finds Trump To Be America’s Most Admired Man


As the presstitutes immediately deep-sixed the evidence of electoral fraud by declaring with one loud incessant voice that the claims of electoral fraud were the real fraud, the only people who saw the evidence of the massive organized electoral fraud were the members of the legislatures in the swing states who had the evidence presented to them and the members of the public who attended the presentation of the evidence or watched it live on the Internet. 99% of the American population do not know that expert witnesses presented vast evidence of electoral fraud to members of legislatures in the swing states. The Establishment did not want people to know this, and the presstitutes did not tell them.

I watched presentations in three of the swing states of the evidence presented by professionals who are heads of companies known for their capabilities in pattern analysis, voting patterns, and the capability of voting machines to be programed to weight votes toward the desired winner and to create questionable ballots that have to be adjudicated by election officials, and so on.

Evidence of massive mail-in ballot fraud was provided by hundreds of affidavits signed under penalty of perjury by witnesses to electoral fraud. The witnesses were people of all races, genders, and political party.

The function of the mail-in ballots was to backstop the programmed voting machines. If the machines were insufficiently weighted in favor of Biden, fradulent ballots could be used to further shift the vote in the desired direction.

There are many affidavits of unfolded ballots being counted, that is, ballots never folded, put in an envelop and mailed. There are security camera videos of the same ballots being counted over and over. There are affidavits of illegal aliens voting. There are affidavits of out-of-state people voting in swing states. There are affidavits of people voting from fake addresses. There are affidavits of people voting from graveyards.

This evidence is all over the Internet. No doubt much of it has been removed by our censors. Nevertheless, the presentations of the evidence to legislatures in the swing states is still available if you will commit the hours to watching the video presentations. My own columns and guest columns on this website contain reports on the evidence and links to presentations of the evidence. Most of the presentations will be censored into the Memory Hole, but my check yesterday showed that many of the links in my and my guest columns still exist. Moreover, even where the links have been removed by the tech companies that serve only the Establishment and never the people, the names of the presenters of evidence are there in most cases, and you can use internet searches to find them and ask if the evidence that they presented to swing state legislators is available online. At the end of this column is posted links to live presentations of the evidence and to reports of the evidence. These are just a smattering of the large body of evidence.

Twitter and Facebook, Establishment controlled social media that censor truth-tellers, lost \$51 billion in their share prices as a result of censoring the President of the United States.

They would be headed out of business except that the alternatives are being denied service by Apple, Amazon, and Google—all faithful servants of the Establishment. The social media site, Parler, which refuses to censor for the Establishment, has been cut off from service by Big Media.

Some think censorship will backfire on Establishment-serving Big Media, and it has cost Twitter and Facebook \$51 billion. But I very much doubt that the Establishment will give up the control over all explanations that it has achieved. Big Brother is not easy to overcome as Orwell’s 1984 makes clear.

The United States of America, formerly a free country whose citizens were protected from government abuses by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is today a country indoctrinated by a controlled media serving a ruling elite’s self-serving agendas. Democrats, presstitutes, professors, and celebrities demonstrate vicious hatred toward red state Americans, and open season has been declared on Trump supporters. Many have been fired from their jobs for attending the Trump rally.

By censoring communication, criminalizing the First Amendment, and controlling explanations, the elite are trapping us in a matrix of lies. The willingness of such a large percentage of the population, not only in America but throughout the Western World, to live in a world of lies and be happy is extraordinary.

Peoples whose ancestors created freedom for them have turned their backs on freedom. Instead they enjoy the pleasure of being superior by denouncing white people—which means themselves—as racists and denouncing the President of the United States and his supporters as “enemies of democracy.”

What the entire world needs to understand is that the evidence of electoral fraud–a stolen American Presidential Election–has never been presented except to a few legislators in the swing states. The media have not presented the evidence to the public, have not provided evaluations of the evidence by alternative experts. Instead the media has declared with one voice repeadedly: “There is no evidence.”

No court has looked at the evidence. The courts avoided examining the evidence by refusing the cases on spurious grounds such as lack of standing to bring a case. Yet news sources worldwide report that the courts rejected the evidence. This false reporting is used as evidence that there is no evidence.

No election officials in the swing states where the election was stolen have looked at the evidence, and they will not because the evidence shows how the election was stolen. Moreover, those who stole the election already know that they stole the election. They see their success in Biden’s “victory.” For them, the end justifies the means.

So we have evidence of a stolen election that has been refuted by refusing to look at the evidence and endlessly asserting instead that there is no evidence.

As Giuliani said, every US Attorney knows that an affidavit signed under penalty of perjury is evidence. Giuliani, a former US Attorney, said that he had a thousand affidavits, and the American people never heard about them.

The Establishment’s power to control explanations seems to be approaching total control. The Establishment can block evidence from view. The Establishment can close down all truth-tellers. Parler is alleged to be a violator of “community standards,” which means Parler is violating the Establishment’s controlled explanations.

Cancel culture has no respect for free speech, objective evidence, and democracy, foundations of a free society. Consequently, America is degenerating into totalitarianism.

Links to evidence of electoral fraud:

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai gave presentations. Here is his affidavit of evidence in print form:

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains to Arizona legislators that the Dominion Machines Counted Biden Votes as 1.3 Votes and Trump Votes as 0.7 Votes

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains the electoral fraud

There is a long list of references to election theft evidence here:

See especially:

Dominion Software Intentionally Designed to Influence Election Results: Forensics Report

More Than 432,000 Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say

Stanford University Expert Hacks Dominion Voting Machines in Real Time Proving Ability to Alter Vote Count

Georgia Election Official Who Scoffed at Election Fraud Evidence Finds that an Out-of-State Woman Used His Address to Vote in Georgia

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It’s beginning to look like we need to start our own ORANGE VESTS protests.

  2. “Trump and his supporters had to be blackened and discredited with an orchestrated event that stopped the presentation of the evidence of electoral fraud and replaced it with an “insurrection against democracy by MAGA terrorists.” Or: “THE SWAMP STRIKES BACK.”

    • LOL: Cthulu Smith
    • Replies: @noname27
    , @moi
    , @JimDandy
  3. Notsofast says:

    what i can’t understand is why would trump send his followers to the capitol at the precise time the evidence is about to be read into the congressional record. ted cruz (not that i like or trust him) was about to present “evidence” that would have been available to the public, that is now buried and resulted in calls for his resignation. they had to know that there would be provocateurs after charlotte, i wonder if trump hadn’t cut a deal to throw his supporters under the bus in order to save his ass, or if the whole deal is just a massive scripted psyops for the last four years.

  4. lloyd says: • Website

    I just checked out Jade Sacker from CNN and NPR. She accompanied black Antifa leader John Sullivan into the Capitol building. They are both heard gloating over the invasion and at best indifferent to death of MAGA female supporter. On her webside she lists herself as maternally Native American and paternally Russian Jewish. She clearly hates traditional America like poison. Oh dear. Another spawn of civil rights.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Thanks: James Speaks, FLgeezer, Uncoy
  5. Notsofast says:
    @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    interesting idea. catchy name, an abundance, of cheap orange vests available off the shelf everywhere. when they call you white supremacists (and they will) take offense at the racial slur and call for a boycott of their company AND have 75,000,000 supporters short their stock. time to learn the rules of the game and get on the thin end of the baseball bat.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  6. I refer to it all as the Reichstag riots. They are following Goebbels’ propaganda template of using an incident, probably a provocation they themselves largely manufactured, to pass enabling acts to consolidate the power of fascist regimes. The Reichstag fire (burning of the German parliament building several weeks after the Fuhrer was named chancellor) led to a propaganda provocation, and resulted in the Nazis making serious gains in the Reichstag elections already scheduled for 5 March. What followed were the Reichstagsbrandverordnungen (usually translated as the Reichstag fire decrees, because the enactments proscribed opponents of the Nazi regime as “terrorists.”

    The same template is being followed by the permanent yankee regime, now in the new Biden-Harris iteration. They are planning to pass laws labelling most opponents as “domestic terrorists” and going totally extra-legal, since the way the courts treated the evidence of fraud reveals that they no longer are willing to uphold the rule of law. The new regime lacks all legitimacy and has all of the hallmarks of fascism, complete with private companies spearheading attacks on free speech and the proscription of opponents. Another issue is the usage of a virus killing less than 1 of 200 who get it being the pretext to deny almost all rights, including those too basic to be enumerated in the constitution, i.e, the right to breathe.

  7. The United States of America, formerly a free country whose citizens were protected from government abuses by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is today a country indoctrinated by a controlled media serving a ruling elite’s self-serving agendas.

    All of us are captive to some degree by what existed at the time of our own initial familial presence or arrival in the New World. To many Americans, who arrived long prior to the establishment of the USA, I would assure you that they have not felt the protection that you assert, as draftees and criminal arrivals, conscripted right off of boats in Northern ‘Slave Ship’ Ports, were sent to loot and burn the undefended homes of non-combatant / non-slave owning civilians in the South.

    I for one think my ancestors were much freer at a time when they paid no property tax, were each delegated to a few weeks a year of road maintenance (everyone able bodied) in lieu, and had no enforced construction permits or building codes to submit to. My family home from this period is still water-tight, still lived in, and sheltering current generations, after centuries.


    This is part of the illusion created in modern media by asserting that the rule of law began with the establishment of the Constitution, which is not at all true, and one of the major side effects of enforced Federalism was a graduated destruction of communities and settlements of like-minded peoples, i.e. – distinct cultures that could self-police. What you are seeing now in our involuntary ’empire’ is what happens when you remove self-policing distinct cultures from the equation.

    The rule of law enshrined in State and local constitutions, the Articles of Confederation, Virginia declaration of Religious Freedom,.. are the beginning of a corpus of the Rule of Law, while the Constitution was a back-channel effort, without any popular assent prior to its creation, and was written in large part by the select delegates of the Merchant and Banker class, who wanted a forcibly homogenized society to better control and manage.

    These Federalists are notable for the eagerness to immediately re-enter trade agreements with Britain before the damage of the war had even been swept aside, because their eagerness for separation was in large part a chafing at the restrictions on domestic manufactures export, and once they obtained the separation (primarily on the backs of others) they were giddy to use their supposed opponent as a wealthy, hoped-for export market.

    They rewarded those outside their sphere of power with taxes that fell only upon Western populations but were propagated by Eastern merchant interests. Their Northern states that were home to the entire slave-ship fleet were self-feted as merciful hero’s, while the peoples of the southern states (who actually won the war) of whom 90%+ did not own a single slave, were personified as cruel villains targeted for burning and societal destruction.

    Nowhere was this more recently apparent than in Georgia, where the historical Federalist / Radical Republican transformation of the state into a carpet-bagger boarding house to the world, and the persecution of the culture / people who built the society (the supermajority of whom owned no slave), came back to bite these purveyors of cultural devastation.

    The native Georgians, (and Nevadans, and Arizonans, and Californians, and Pennsylvanians, etc..) once overwhelmed, gave way to a de-culturized and suburbanized conglomeration, who stand for nothing and can be indoctrinated with almost anything, chewed-off the hands of their own creators.

    The USA was never designed for Political parties, because the entire basis for parties is factionalism. The USA was especially never intended for a two-party system, in which outside factional entrants face deliberate financial hurdles that fully prevent them from entry, because this ensures that out of the two corrupt, privately owned factions, no reform faction can enter or prevail.

    The RNC 2020 was iconic for its week-long presentation of a ‘Diversity religion’ that it was announcing as mandatory for its constituents, (similar to the war of destruction waged on the former culture of Georgians who have now finally tripped the dead-mans switch on their deconstructors, as they fell) as opposed to the traditional concept of a political party seeking to serve the societal interests desired by their base.. So we have the worst of worst – a factional system controlled by a financial elite who have only disgust for the distinct peoples they once claimed to serve.

    To further blacken Trump the Establishment had Pelosi hold a second impeachment. The House convicted Trump on false charges, as Democrats are the majority, and Trump goes down in history as the first US president to be twice impeached by the House but not convicted by the Senate.

    Without conviction, impeachment fails.

    I dont think there is a real need for an impeachment conviction.

    The real power is in the fact that words mean things, but not all words mean the same thing to all people. A simpletons reading of Presidential pardon power means that the president can pardon for ‘crimes’.

    The English conception of ‘crimes’ does not require that the crime be known to have existed or have taken place. A ‘crime’ can exist even if no one discovers it, or in the interim before it has been identified.

    This is not the case, however, for the criminal. To be a criminal you must stand accused or more specifically ‘convicted’ of a crime. I am not a criminal until and unless I am convicted of a crime, or in a less rigorous standard am credibly accused of or charged with a crime.

    The ‘crime’ can exist in its own right and under its own designation without even a suspect or arrestee, however under the English language definition, a crime requires a identified or unidentified criminal offender, and the pardon power is directed at the criminal accused of the ‘crimes’.

    Thus, my reading of the pardon power language means that this is extremely vulnerable in a challenge, and that the presidential pardon can only withstand challenges to actual IDENTIFIED crimes, for which a specific person is either accused, charged or convicted, or one that they independently fully admit / conceded to.

    Under the 14th amendment, we are all assured of equal treatment under the law, and blanket exclusion of compliance across multiple days, let alone years of time, in which the other members of society were not excused of their random deeds is not a legal pardon in its loosest interpretation, in part because because it stands in conflict with the very specific terms of the 14th amendment.

    The citations of Nixon and the Vietnam draft are apples and mountain goats, because Nixon is a one-off, and the Vietnam draft were an actual codifed criminal offense class at that time.

    The truth is, if litigated in this context, much of Trump’s potential pardon power for his own associates and family is going to be extremely vulnerable to challenge / litigation, because they are unlikely to cite, for example – “on August 1, _______ committed this specific crime, at a given place, and is granted a full pardon”.

    I think the impeachment is more of a Democrat appetizer awaiting the main course, which in front of DC Juries are basically going to be a ‘wham, bam, thank you mam’ outcome.

  8. Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, 18.374:

    “Now the way of living of the people of Seleucia, which were Greeks and Syrians, was commonly quarrelsome, and full of discords, though the Greeks were too hard for the Syrians. When, therefore, the Jews were come thither, and dwelt among them, there arose a sedition, and the Syrians were too hard for the other, by the assistance of the Jews, who are men that despise dangers, and very ready to fight upon any occasion.

    “Now when the Greeks had the worst in this sedition, and saw that they had but one way of recovering their former authority, and that was, if they could prevent the agreement between the Jews and the Syrians, they every one discoursed with such of the Syrians as were formerly their acquaintance, and promised they would be at peace and friendship with them. Accordingly, they gladly agreed so to do; and when this was done by the principal men of both nations, they soon agreed to a reconciliation; and when they were so agreed, they both knew that the great design of such their union would be their common hatred to the Jews. Accordingly, they fell upon them, and slew about fifty thousand of them; nay, the Jews were all destroyed, excepting a few who escaped, either by the compassion which their friends or neighbors afforded them, in order to let them fly away. …”

    The sly, underhanded, cowardly way the Jews stole in and attempted to take control of Seleucia, as described by Flavius Josephus, wasn’t a random and rare event by a minority of Jews.

    It was far from random. And very far from rare. It was actually such a normal event for Jewish people to engage in that some historians have even suggested that Jewish history is more or less a chronicle of one persecution after another, right down to modern times.

    From the first recorded incident in Egypt in 1,200 B.C. and up until 2014 A.D. in San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala, Jews have been turned on and expelled 1,043 times from countries, states, protectorates and principalities that initially welcomed them into their lands to live among them.

    Think of a person that gets thrown out of 1,043 bars one after the other and each time blames the barman. The Jews suffered one persecution after another alright. But in 99.99 % of cases they brought it on themselves.

    • Agree: phillip sawicki
    • Thanks: noname27, Jim Bob Lassiter
    • Replies: @Bert
    , @phillip sawicki
  9. I really have no reason to BS you or anyone else. At the risk of boring you I will tell you why I don’t BS in as few words as possible. I am old, debt free, have an adequate stock of gold and silver, have acquired woodland, farmland, and ocean-frontage. I own lots of guns, grow veggies, and know how to hunt and trap. Enough said.

    Now for the bitter truth. I am a straight, white male and many of us, the minority of us unfortunately, know who our enemy is. Our enemy hates us and wants to kill us.

    They must kill us in order to accomplish their ultimate goal: which is to dominate and subjugate humanity.

    The one thing standing in their way of attaining their goal is Christianity.

    (Please allow me to digress for a moment. I am not a Christian: I don’t know the guy, never met him, and know very little about him.)

    The problem they have with white people is that white people are the stewards of Christianity. This is why they have been attacking Western European countries. This is why they have been flooding West European countries with millions of desperate, impoverished, and mal-developed Muslim boys.
    They are flooding West European countries with deluded, military aged, young men in order to destroy Christianity in these countries.

    They have won the battle for many West European nations. Some nations such as Sweden (now the rape capital of the world) are finished. Please remember, their fight is against Christianity.

    Some East European countries such as Hungary and Russia know who the enemy is and have taken concrete steps to defend themselves. For instance, Russia has legislated laws forbidding people to encourage minors to embrace homosexuality. Another instance is that Hungary has recently banned same-sex couples from adopting children.

    To make a long story short. I am saying that the enemy of humanity wants to dominate and subjugate humanity, and in order to accomplish that goal they must first destroy Christianity, and to do that they must destroy the white races.

  10. Richard B says:

    The hostile elite’s effort to impose a social order that is free of control and sustained by force only increases the uncontrolled exercise of naked power.

    And it’s exactly this force, constantly applied (even on their own useful idiots and paid proxies), that destablizes the very social institutions their power controls. Especially their economic institutions. And when force fails there’s no alternative.

    This is not to underestimate the damage the can do. Of course not. They’re already doing it.

    This is just to direct attention to the fact that, though seemingly all powerful, they’re not invincible. Though they may be good at infiltration, subversion, destruction and death, they’re no good at social management.

    That’s why if one reads between the lines they can see that what we’re really witnessing is nothing less than The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite.

  11. Very bravely, Paul <- from someone who got bombs with depleted uranium on his head.

  12. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    I can see the headlines now: “Orange-Clad White Supremacists Riot Against Democracy”! The media-industrial complex in America, though seemingly filled with facile idiots, is formidable.

  13. This is the end result of women in politics. They are the source of our decline.

  14. obvious says:

    Another baby boomer has an online meltdown

  15. JimDandy says:

    “why would trump send his followers to the capitol at the precise time the evidence is about to be read into the congressional record. ted cruz (not that i like or trust him) was about to present “evidence” that would have been available to the public, that is now buried and resulted in calls for his resignation.”

    But the hullabaloo started at the Capitol while Trump was still speaking down the street. Doesn’t it seem far more likely that anti-Trump provocateurs got there early to provide the perfectly-timed excuse to stop the truth from coming out?

  16. The photos and videos of people pushing aside barriers in the midst of swirling tear gas were used by the presstitutes to create the impression of an assault on the Capitol.

    Blood libel against the Trump supporters, but by whom?

  17. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    Jump to their demand for semi-direct democracy quickly though – at least so that constituents could, by petition, launch by-elections for any of their elected leaders at any time.

  18. @exiled off mainstreet

    At least what followed the Reichstag fire was a properous and happy Germany. Therefore WWII because we couldn’t allow that threat to the British Empire and international banking could we? We will not be getting a prosperous and happy USA during the next few years but we will probably get the WW.

    • Replies: @FB
  19. Franz says:

    There are no grounds for impeachment in Trump’s address to the crowd. But the presstitutes speak with one voice and need no evidence for their claims.

    Like the “Russian Hackers” the MSM gang don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

    It’s like when the Medieval Church issued a Papal Bull and said: “Rome has spoken. The matter is decided.”

    Who elected the MSM god? At least the Medieval Church did some good. All the television media’s yapping rats want is more chaos for us, more loot for themselves. Even the net is no longer free, excepting fine sites as Unz Review.

    As Franklin Roosevelt had his “Brain Trust” for the depression, Trump should have assembled a “Media Trust” the minute after he was inaugurated. Whether he could have beaten the media at their own game is speculative, but the idea should have occurred to somebody.

    Especially important to note it now: This chance might not come again.

  20. Templeton says:

    “Sore Loser” has an updated DEFINITION: Donald Trump — regardless of whatever.

  21. anonymous[432] • Disclaimer says:

    So, I must ask, does Chuck Schumer REALLY want to try Trump in the Senate on the charges submitted by the House? Because, if so, is not Trump entitled to a defense… a defense that may include evidence touching on all the issues you raised in your piece, Mr. Roberts?

    At this point the name of the game is the Democrats trying to besmirch Trump’s reputation to the point where he can never participate in the American political system ever again. This is why Schumer says he would try Trump even if January 20th were the last possible opportunity to do so. And, if he missed that deadline, that he would try him AFTER his presidential term as a private citizen, all to i) punish him with jail time to underscore a definitive “win” in the history books for his hardball party politics and ii) preclude him from ever seeking the presidency again because of disqualification under the relevant constitutional amendment, or having the credibility to back another candidate or create his own political party/movement.

    Does Mr. Schumer think that he can present only one side of the story in any such Senate trial? Does he think Trump will not be allowed to defend himself with evidence? Or at least with contentions claimed to be evidence which would then have to be examined in detail before the Senate to establish its status as evidence or not? And, unless the Senate trial is a secret kangaroo court closed to the public, whatever is presented to the Senate is now revealed to the public and the scenario you paint in your article, Mr. Roberts, should ultimately be revealed in glorious technicolor to all.

    Am I right? Or does Schumer in the Senate have the same prerogatives to short circuit constitutionally guaranteed rights of legal self-defense that Pelosi seemingly employed in the House where only “evidence” provided by the prosecution was allowed? Will Trump, or his lawyers, simply be made to stand in the dock and listen to the accusations with no allowance for rebuttal? Well, that certainly should not impress the public either. I daresay that kind of performance would lead not to the “blue tide” in coming elections that the Dems envision in their dreams but to their next “shellacking,” as their silver-tongued Nobel laureate put it.

    If Trump is given the legal rights usually extended to most multibillionaires in the American legal system, he should be able to tie up the Senate’s time for months or even years to come whilst embarrassing the left side of the aisle no end. I know, justice in the Congress does not take the same form and maybe does not provide the same protections as in the courts, but appearances alone should be a consideration for both sides in this matter. Does it appear that justice and fairness are being applied, or does it look like raw power politics, cold retribution with an old fashioned tar and feathering? So, I again pose the question, does Schumer really want to try Trump in the Senate for his alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors?” I also wonder, if Schumer’s dream case against Trump goes awry and the Dems stand to be humiliated with the truth and with evidence of their own crimes, could we ultimately be seeing a resolution similar to the Milosevic case at the Hague? Could the Russians be framed once again for exposing their alleged puppet to a fatal dose of novichok? (Pelosi and the Queen of Warmongers would claim Putin didn’t trust the Donald not to spill his guts on their grand conspiracy to rule the world together.) I know, sounds crazy, but what that has happened during the last four years has not been crazy?

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @Miro23
    , @Derer
  22. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump should have been at the head of his army of supporters, leading them down Pennsylvania Avenue as voting fraud evidence was examined in Congress. It would have been a powerful and wondrous photo op.

    Why didn’t he?

    Why did he learn nothing from Charlottesville?

    Also, why hasn’t he pardoned the Proud Boys, James Fields, Assange, etc.? Why did he, yet again, jump to do Israel’s bidding by pardoning Kushner’s corrupt father and freeing Israeli spy Pollard?

    Now every pro-Trump media talking-head BEGINS by atoning for the fake “insurrection.”

    The Republican party is dead, filled with rabid RINOs and masochistic Swampussies.

    Why would ANY Trumper ever vote again, knowing that election-machinery is rigged?

    Finally, what good does it do now for Don to unseal the evidence used against him? That should have been done years ago, when it mattered.

    • Replies: @RudyM
    , @Peripatetic Itch
  23. @Mr. Cracker

    “Dominate and subjugate humanity” you say. Reminds me of a certain old TV show, and the goals of a certain nefarious outfit that Napoleon Solo fought against.

    I’ve been wanting a name for this outfit that’s taken over, a name that really fits them to the “t”. Hmm! Why not? Borrowing from The Man From Uncle?

    THRUSH. The Technical Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and Subjugation of Humanity. Damn! That does work!!

    Except? This ain’t fiction now, is it?

  24. Some came with zip ties so it is likely that if the mob had access to politicians they would have killed or abducted them. Your title is not correct.

  25. Trump won the election and is being forced out of office by any and all available means starting with the electoral fraud. I don’t think it would have made much difference if there hadn’t been the 6 January rally or the occupation of the Capitol – the media make up their own reality and the MSM is in the hands of the same people in the US as in much of the rest of the world. Democracy is dead in the US and freedom of speech is the right to repeat like a parrot what you’re spoon-fed by the media.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  26. Levtraro says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    The problem they have with white people is that white people are the stewards of Christianity.

    Mmh. Most Christians are black or brown. The religion originated in North Africa. I find it hard to believe that whites are the stewards of a mostly black-brown North-African religion. So I tend to think that Christianity is not the true distinctive cultural characteristic of the White Race. I tend to think the true distinctive cultural characteristic of the White Race is rationality.

    • Replies: @James Speaks
    , @Mr. Cracker
  27. Thomasina says:

    “Jade and John are celebrating ‘We did it!’”

    I’m sure they did, just like JFK, 9/11 and the stolen election.

    Why didn’t the Congressmen and Senators simply hear the evidence the following day? They could have.

    Since when does a criminal get off on all charges just because the courthouse he is being tried in happens to have an altercation out in the lobby? “Oh, I’m sorry, sir, because your trial was interrupted, we’re going to ignore the evidence and simply dismiss the case. You’re free to go.” Yeah, like that would ever happen.

    People had better realize that these politicians (Democrats and most Republicans) hold no allegiance to their country or the Constitution.

    THEY are the “domestic terrorists”.

    Thank you, Mr. Roberts, for your great article.

  28. Richard B says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    The one thing standing in their way of attaining their goal is Christianity.

    (Please allow me to digress for a moment. I am not a Christian: I don’t know the guy, never met him, and know very little about him.)

    The first sentence is the thesis to your comment. The second sentence undermines your thesis. That’s called a paralogism – an unconscious violation of one’s own logic.

    If, by your own admission, you “know very little about” Christianity then how do you know it’s the one thing “standing in their way”? And who does their refer to?

    I really have no reason to BS you or anyone else.

    Translation: “I’m about to serve you a steaming pile.”

    At the risk of boring you I will tell you why I don’t BS in as few words as possible.

    Yet another paralogism. The whole idea of telling us “in as few words as possible” is not to bore us. In any event, you obviously failed.

    However, if your intention was to parody a troll, you succeeded. Then again, in an age of absurdities, the line between parody and reality is often blurred. So, who knows?

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  29. Levtraro says:

    It is informative to think like a stateperson at the high levels of the State hierarchy (a deep state operative, or simply a deeper). When they commit a crime, like for instance, electoral fraud, they need to think that it is for the common good or that it is good in the long run or that they have “reasons of State”. Even the most hardened politician, think of him/herself as other than a common criminal. In this case, electoral fraud by dems in the 2020 presidential election in the USA was “good” because they fabricated votes that would have been theirs had all the people they fabricated votes for actually voted. You see. All those destitute people, junkies, demented geezers, black felons, drug lords and their minions, etc (there are lots of people of that kind in the USA) would have voted dem if they would/could, so fabricating their votes is in fact not a crime, it is justice! \sarc

    Since citizen participation in electoral politics is so low in many western countries, and those that do not participate are mostly the downtrodden and the disillusioned, leaning left, election results are just determined by how much of those at the bottom are mobilized to vote. They (the left) are the majority always, this is pre-determined in the system, the only unknown is how many of them will show up to vote, which rises and falls as motivation waxes and wanes.

  30. HorstG says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    There was an incident at the Reichstag in Berlin last summer. During the one really big demonstration against the ‘rona politics, a woman announced Trump would be here, and called to get over to the Reichstag. A small group did, just enough people to fill the staircases in front of the Reichstag, so the journalists who happened to be ready there could get their footage. Some action scenes were performed, including a police men doing some cool martial arts moves. Filming completed, the people were hushed away. The media went into overdrive for weeks, one could get the impression the incident was as serious as in 1933, the only difference the building was not set on fire this time.
    Link to the story:
    Note she is a natural health professional. Opportune, to mock any afford to question the official narratives.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  31. John Hagan says: • Website

    Two videos that concern the fraud. Fraud is an intrinsic element of the first video of ‘spreading manure’. Biden actually admits the same. To imagine the democratic party would run such a corrupt and feeble individual is curious. I am not a supporter of Trump but I am a supporter of fairness.

    Secondly a satirical short video of communications in politics and art generally. In this video are 10 famous artists and images of Trump, both Bidens, Mona Lisa, J.Steinbeck, Alexander the Great, Assange, Joan of Arc, Netanyhau, and G. Maxwell.


  32. If Democrats are Nazis insofar as the tactics, strategies and psychops used are identical, then the Colour of their Questionable Deeds and Actions give us a scary peek into the Content of their Character that seeks inspiration from a brand-new and peer-reviewed Testament of Retaliatory Fascism now baptizing a divided Nation to take the knee, walk the plank and disappear round the bend into the pages of history.
    Whether they too have a Final Solution for the 74 million Republicans who voted or supported President Trump by way of turning them into canon-fodder for cattle trains lumbering into a re-christened and re-purposed Guantanamo Bay, can be gleaned by reading the still-lingering smoke-signals billowing over hundreds of cities forcefully taught the Grammar of Anarchy in the language of Peaceful(?)Riots and Justified(?) Looting, Arson and Mayhem.

    But many voices from beyond the Democratic Party Iron Curtain like the one below know fully well that this isn’t going to be a cake-walk; that
    the largest demonstration of support for a political figure in American History can be passed off as an ‘ Insurrection ‘ and an elected President can be dragged off or debarred from contesting again for high office but not from the hearts and minds of a vast majority of Patriotic Americans where the true fate of Nations are decided.

    “Getting rid of Trump is the easy part, cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.”
    — ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, in a tweet he later deleted

  33. onebornfree says: • Website

    But, but but…….the break-ins commenced about 20 mins _before_ Trump ended his speech by asking supporters to “walk” to the Capitol, apparently.😎

    Regards, onebornfree

  34. noname27 says: • Website
    @Anita Patel

    If The MAGA Movement was independently ORGANISED there would have been no orchestrated event, for they would have stayed away.

    Until they do GET ORGANISED and detach themselves from Trump, they might as well roll over and give up.

  35. onebornfree says: • Website

    Sullivan was apparently working undercover for CNN. In various videos [eg the “JAYDEN X” video], he can be seen standing within 3 ft. Of Babbit when she was supposedly murdered. The [what seems to me to be fake] footage of that murder was posted by “JAYDEN X” on various platforms. “JAYDEN X” is supposedly a pseudonym for either Sullivan or CNN reporter Sacker.

    Regardless, Sullivan stinks- just one look at the various portraits of him show a completely deranged psychopath who needs to somehow [the tried and true lead “vaccine” perhaps?] be put out of his misery, very quickly, just like his owners.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  36. Yes there was violence, look at the tape with the bearded fellow, with gang, bashing the cop who died with his flag pole, but of course that was not violence…(irony)

    Yes the election was stolen and understandable anger and rage, but Trump set people up to be further demonized as ‘White Nationalists’. This is not to say that the traitors in Congress do not deserve punishment for Sedition and Treason in stealing the election.

    Paul Craig Roberts is part of the problem because he is an Austrian School wonk who does not understand nor advocate the American System of Economics.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  37. noname27 says: • Website

    i wonder if trump hadn’t cut a deal to throw his supporters under the bus in order to save his ass, or if the whole deal is just a massive scripted psyops for the last four years.

    You got it, on both counts!

  38. OCynic says:

    I’m 70 yo and I’ve been watching a massive scripted psyop for at least 50 years!!

    • Replies: @Anon
  39. chuckywiz says:

    This guy tells his name as Dr. so and so. I thought Dr. is degree not a name
    His name is Shiva Ayyadurai. LOL

    I agree with his analysis though.

  40. Playdirty says:

    Millions, tens of millions, now red pilled. PCRoberts brings the goods. Even women in their late 70’s without internet can see through the psy-op campaign of the Establishment.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  41. Bert says:

    The amazing thing is that Jews have walked into virtually every bar accessible to them, even the smallest and most isolated, seeking of course to be middlemen but rarely producers. The link below describes Abraham Mordecai who lived among the still independent Creek Indians for 50 years as a trader and apparently as a seducer. His ear was actually removed as a punishment ordered by the Creek tribal council, not in any fight.

    Mordecai lived among the Creeks and managed his gin and trading business in relative peace. In one notable incident, however, he angered a local chieftain by offering too much attention to a married woman in his town and apparently lost an ear in the resulting skirmish.

    In the pre-Revolutionary period, before Mordecai’s professional activities, many of the traders resident among the Southeastern Indians were Scots and were far from virtuous themselves. At least Mordecai produced seed-free cotton bolls.

    • Thanks: ForeverGone
    • Replies: @TKK
  42. Realist says:
    @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    It’s beginning to look like we need to start our own ORANGE VESTS protests.

    Protests may have been appropriate fifty years ago. The Deep State doesn’t give a shit about your protests. They are now in total control…protests only lend credence to their claim of insurrection.
    The only hope and a slim one it is, considering the insouciance and acquiescence of the majority of Americans, is the elimination of the Deep State. That could be done by guerrilla tactics planned and executed by intelligent, calm people. Protests and direct assaults on the corrupt establishment will never succeed.

    • Agree: noname27
  43. Realist says:

    Your aversion to the use of upper case letters is strange…perhaps you are too busy to use the shift key.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  44. moi says:
    @Anita Patel

    Waste of time quibbling over the election now when it’s time to sound the taps for America.

    • Agree: Realist
  45. An excellent summary by Dr. Roberts of the near-dystopian political lanscape in the USA.

    FWIW my near relatives and I now mostly ignore televised newscasts in Australia because it’s just one big syndicated fake narrative, whether about Corona Chan or Trump vs Biden or whatever. No truth in sight.

    The 911 false flag precipitated devastating global consequences that are still impacting now, 20 years later. How many decades will it take for the current shenanigans in the USA to play out?

    And what collateral damage can the rest of the world expect from all of this?

  46. Emslander says:

    Trump was riding a tiger he never believed existed in his TV huckster thinking. He just thought he was being clever and playing these mouth-breathing Midwesterners for convenient fools. His only way to dismount was to allow Nancy to shoot the tiger. That’s what happened.

    • Disagree: Peripatetic Itch
  47. Ugetit says:

    Don’t Fall for the Establishment’s Tall Tales.

    Indeed. And the tall tales are not only oft repeated, but invariably financed and shoved into our faces with devastating effect by the enemies of the rest of us.

    Here’s a quote from another of PCR’s fine articles that begs to be repeated, and it’s a twofer, or maybe a threefer.:

    …hatred was intentionally fomented in order to stimulate a [huge, nasty, unnecessary ] war is circumstantial, but strong. Graham focuses on the questions of who financed John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, who financed the marketing of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s propagandistic novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and turned it into an international best seller…

    Mrs. Stowe’s corny novel could not have gained a large readership without the kind of advertising and fanfare that only powerful connections and big money could assure.

    – Paul Craig Roberts, Did Bankers Foment the “Civil War”?

    Speaking of corny, that reminds me of Marx’s corny, inscrutable, “scientifik” claptrap, which would have never seen the outside of a garbage can unless it were published and promoted by the same types of filthy money clowns as PCR refers to.

    • Agree: profnasty, Bro43rd
  48. Jiminy says:

    With certainty, at least 74 million people by now should have closed both their twatter and lifelog accounts. Citizens of America, life will not cease without popular media. Will all of this really just blow over as they think, and by the next election everyone will pretend that everything is hunky-dory. Surely not. By now even the people who voted for the independents must be fuming.

    How the jewish bribed political turncoats behave, how their mind works is now on show for the whole world to see. And we are watching. Any country and it’s voters still using those rigged voting machines are simply gluttons for punishment. Just how many elections worldwide have been manipulated through their use? Why are those machines even necessary- simply to facilitate cheating of course.

    The jews are still trying to brainwash the public of their importance in remembering what happened nearly a century ago in Europe. People still want the JFK files released. Sceptics believe there were no moon landings. Trump will always be remembered as the president who was cheated out of another term. Nothing that is done to him will change his standing in the eyes of at least 74 million Americans. Why? Because they were cheated as well.

    • Agree: Cthulu Smith
    • Thanks: FLgeezer, Thomasina
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  49. If there are “tons of evidence” and “thousands of affidavits,” why haven’t we read them somewhere or other? On Unz, for instance? Why, in their press conferences, did Giuliani and Powell reveal nothing? Why did Cruz go on and on and not cite some one little piece of evidence that would have overcome my skepticism? Put up or shut up, I say.

  50. On the other hand I am not too optimistic.
    Unless people would stop food supply to the cities, people cannot win.
    In Germany it took SA and SS to break jewish power and US does have that.
    So US population have to be just obedient to Jewish power.

  51. glib says:

    This is just a detail, but why people are so worked up about Twitter and Facebook losing 51 billions? Someone will print 52 billions and give it to them, no?

  52. The delusion is real, even self-described ‘geniuses’ are certain of a last minute checkmate in this double-dog daring game of 4d-chess. Remember, this is the guy who said Trump would be on Mt. Rushmore. How can a dim bulb burn so bright? SMH

  53. FB says: • Website
    @Ukraine Tiger

    A ‘prosperous and happy’ Germany under Nazism?

    Does that count the ELEVEN MILLION Germans lost in the war?

    I was in West Germany as a young boy while my dad was stationed there and attended my first three years of primary school there. That was in the late 1960s, and a lot of ordinary folks were still living hand to mouth and cursing Shitler with every other word. I remember even at that young age being struck by the primitive living conditions of some folks there.

    You have zero clue about the real world, sitting in your mom’s basement and ordering Nazi paraphernalia from your keyboard.

  54. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    Before people get too far along in the various plans to “do something”, a word of caution. This excerpt from another commenter on another subject but nevertheless, appropriate.

    The classic police state approach would be for you to monitor all communications and hide undercover agents everywhere. Position your spooks on every street corner, in every coffee shop, and in every classroom. Carefully infiltrate your spooks into every union, neighborhood organization, and ultimately sneak them into the radical organizations that arise organically in response to your being a bunch of shitheads.

    That takes a whole lot of manpower, and it is far from foolproof. Radicals intent upon defeating your evil plots will slip through your slimy tentacles, no matter how many of those tentacles you penetrate their society with. You need a better approach.

    Someone came up with a better approach, and it revolutionized the art of being a group of total dickheads screwing over a larger population. It is really quite simple. Instead of trying to find, infiltrate, and destroy all of the radical organizations that incessantly pop into being, you create those radical organizations from the top down using your bottomless pool of cash, and attract all of the radicals out of the general population into those organizations. Organizations that have more resources appear stronger and thus more attractive to the radicals. Genuine radical organizations are always resource-starved, so they cannot compete with the resource-heavy artificial ones in recruiting fresh radicals. As a result genuine radical organizations are either dissolved or they merge with the artificial ones, but always in subordinate roles.

    Basically, instead of going out to find the radicals you attract them to you. Now you know where they all are and what they are doing. Even better, you are now in command of those very radicalized individuals who want to take you down. Sweet! If you need to thin their ranks you just hatch a fake plot to do whatever and send the ones to die into a kill zone that your military has set up somewhere. Not only do you get rid of some radicals but you build a reputation of omniscience and invulnerability around your military. Alternatively you can steer two or more of your controlled radical organizations into conflict with each other, killing more radicals and building the reputation of your opponents as being a bunch of idiots who kill their own.

    • Thanks: Ugetit, Thomasina
  55. Just who is The Establishment Mr Roberts? You like so many others who never ever clearly define just who is the Establishment really is and who is involved and who is funding it and the brains behind it. Just by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem should’ve gotten Trump easily re-elected by the “Establishment” don’t you think? But I guess that wasn’t enough. Like always we little people never really know what’s going on so we don our masks, some line up for the shot and believe this virus was caused by nature … or so the Establishment tells us.

  56. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Regardless, Sullivan stinks- just one look at the various portraits of him show a completely deranged psychopath who needs to somehow [the tried and true lead “vaccine” perhaps?] be put out of his misery, very quickly, just like his owners.”


    Regards, onebornfree

  57. anonymous[153] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s piteous to see international watchdogs like ODIHR and OHCHR falling in line with the see-no-evil stance on CIA election theft.

    Individual OSCE election monitors publicly acknowledge that the US has DPRK-grade electoral integrity. And its election monitor ODIHR routinely sends vast divisions to keep an eye on US ballot-stuffing – they dispatch more staff to the US than to comaparable OECD states, orders of magnitude more. But ODIHR’s prelim report has all the verisimilitude of an OPCW gas-attack report. ODIHR dismisses all PCR’s overwhelming evidence as unsupported assertions. They fixate on public confidence in rigged CIA electoral ceremony.

    Michelle Bachelet from US satellite France also echoed the CIA line: claims of electoral fraud are false by acclamation, inquiry undermines democracy (whatever democracy is, since it clearly doesn’t involve free expression of the will of the electors.) Bachelet blew off her cushy job, which is really only reading core human rights instruments to people. She said nothing whatever about illegal state derogations of ICCPR Articles 25, 19, and 17. She defaulted to the CIA party line that government is Republicans or Democrats. As US delegations do in treaty bodies, Bachelet ignored the permanent state of CIA and its captive institutions that stole this election by shredding the ICCPR. HRC experts matter-of-factly treat that CIA assemblage as the state.

    Snowden showed us how CIA put NSA to work undermining the supreme law of the land, UN Charter Article 100, amassing blackmail material on international civil servants. Open-source evidence proves CIA focal point Feith proliferated nuke tech to bribe UN member nations. And Wikileaks showed US exactly how CIA bribes its European puppets:

    Looks like it really paid off. CIA managed to keep a lid on its sloppiest apical coup – in its NATO bloc of satellite states. Outside the CIA iron curtain, however – in the G-77, the SCO, the NAM, UNCTAD, UNESCO – the CIA regime is more of a laughingstock than ever.

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  58. @FB

    And why was West Germany the front line against the Soviet Union? Was it because of the Americans and British (or rather the people who controlled them) who wanted to destroy Germany? The desperate poverty was on the other side of the Iron Curtain, where Stalin’s armies were able to go because of Jews in the West controlling policy. American soldiers were betrayed by the Communist Jew dominated Roosevelt administration.

    • Agree: John Q Duped
    • Replies: @FB
  59. John Hagan says: • Website

    Excellent synopysis Paul and most likely true. Does it adress the problem for young folk in the US?
    I have just completed a short video called Mona Lisa that is concerned with how the young folk in the US feel about the trials and trevails of the international, political and home grown activities of what the press and the online commentry seems to consider the most important elements in life. They are not for the youth. Here is the video. Please consider that the youth are not without ideals.
    Why is this painting important today? Why is it still a classic? This short video may explain.

  60. @Jim Christian

    This!!! Its not just women in politics. Its women taking over everything while our children are raised by preschools/K-12, nannies, babysitters, grandma and grandpa. Educated, modern American white women are disgusting for the most part. All they can do is turn men into cucks. And their negrolatry is disgusting as well. Women, by their physical and mental make up weren’t meant to do a lot of things. Look at the make up of sites like these. 99% male I bet.

  61. saggy says:

    There is zero credible evidence of election fraud, the charges are preposterous. Robert’s argument is like a bad joke ….

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains to Arizona legislators that the Dominion Machines Counted Biden Votes as 1.3 Votes and Trump Votes as 0.7 Votes

    This is just complete idiocy. Voting machines produce paper ballots that are counted. A hand recount would easily check if the machine is miscounting votes. Hopefully someone will watch the vids and summarize the ‘evidence’ of the machines miscounting votes and we can examine it in detail. I’ve already looked at the GA ‘evidence’ that the machines were controlled in real time via the internet, provided by Jovan Pulitzer, and it is non-existent … trust me …

  62. @FB

    Hey moron, that’s what happens when a country is almost obliterated by their enemy. The south never recovered from the civil war and all the northerners that moved in and raped and plundered and pillaged during reconstruction. Nazi Germany took on the world’s biggest economies and military and almost won. Think about that!!! Hitler was a hero!! The German people have forever since been a cucked, demoralized, squandered people. Hitler showed the world what unification can accomplish. What pride in race and country and family can accomplish. Its funny how they call Trump Hitler when 74 million voted for him.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @FB
  63. profnasty says:

    Why did they blame ‘Shitler’?
    They should have blamed the Jews.

    • Replies: @Avery
  64. Ugetit says:

    A ‘prosperous and happy’ Germany under Nazism?

    Does that count the ELEVEN MILLION Germans lost in the war?

    The Germans, under National Socialism were reasonably happy given the circumstances as far as I can tell and the war was not something they, but the usurers wanted. So blame the usurers and their apologists and puppets for the casualties and misery not those who tried to stand up against them against all odds.

    What would you have done in their situation?

    • Agree: John Wear
    • Replies: @obvious
  65. profnasty says:

    Simple answer: Yes.
    Shitmer will put Trump into a virtual Plexiglas box. Trump will not be allowed to speak. Think Eichman and Noriega.
    In our digidictatorship™ they might even shoot him dead in the courtroom.
    PS. I’m not even joking.

    • Replies: @edward manfredonia
  66. @Hangnail Hans

    Except that a DC US Attorney has found no evidence that there was any intent to harm anyone in the Capitol. It is you who are wrong.

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  67. Anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m 78 yo but didn’t know I was watching a massive scripted psyop until I read ‘Rush to Judgment’ by Mark Lane in 1966. When I later read that the CIA was giving LSD to Ken Kesey it came into sharper focus.

  68. Gene Urtel says: • Website
    @Mr. Cracker

    Remember that Christianity is a spiritual kingdom.
    It has existed under various political conditions in various countries that either have been sympathetic toward, indifferent to, or hostile to it. In fact, it thrived during the harsh, Roman persecutions. Hence it is in no need of a rescue by favorable political winds.
    The God of the Bible, who brought to earth his gospel promise of pardon to sin-ridden men to transform their minds to trust his pardon from their coming Judgement Day, sees to the defense of his spiritual kingdom on earth.
    Nevertheless, the obvious question which no one seems to be asking today is Gideon’s question: “If the Lord would be for us, why is all this happening to us?”
    The obvious answer is: “The Lord is no longer for us. He is in a punishing mode: 1) against the vast majority who still reject his gospel pardon; and 2) against those who are Christian in name only.
    Thus he is ratcheting up the current tyranny against citizens to punish them for their lack of repentance and of pardon belief. Only repentance and faith will put an end to God’s punishment. This is the “sign of the times” of which Christ spoke warningly; of which mankind today is failing to heed. Finally, the Almighty will send total, destroying war.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  69. obvious says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    There is no ‘evidence’ of fraud because suggestion polls cannot be defrauded. Popular votes have nothing to do with appointing Electors and there are just 538 Votes for President in the entire US of A as of year 2020. The minimal reality of this is grossly overcomplicated by your complexities.

    The mental fantasy level of your whole tribe is the only problem here, where after 50 years of projections into “The President”, the innards churn with every new pronouncement from the tee vee, which most “voters” have blaring nonstop into their brains 24/7. Now there are shirts reading “Not My President”… because the average moron thinks the American Presidency is “mine” and “yours”, and that elected officials are “leaders”.

    Seating the United States President rests entirely at the will of Congress, which is fundamental order since Parliament was victorious in the English Civil War almost 400 years ago. Your inability to compromise with others and share a CONTINENT is the only problem at all, Red Hats are ‘everywhere’ and the whole identity cult is based in wagging about “all dem yankees”.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  70. profnasty says:
    @Abdul Alhazred

    LOL!!!! Did you really say that, or was it auto-correct?
    PCR doesn’t understand economics?
    Just go away.

  71. @Notsofast

    What kind of a deal could the president have cut? The House democrats, ALL of them, impeached Trump for a second time, before hearing any evidence. And it was far too late for the Senate to hold a trial. And I find it hard to believe that the illegitimately installed Biden will pardon him. If he did, the democrats would rise up against him en masse, and Biden would be cancelled by the 25th Amendment.

    • Replies: @obvious
    , @Twodees Partain
  72. FB says: • Website

    The desperate poverty was on the other side of the Iron Curtain…

    Another basement dweeb spraying nonsense out his ass.

    When did you ever actually go and see the other side of the ‘Iron Curtain’?

    I happened to spend an entire year in East Germany in the early 1980s, as a foreign student. [East Germany for decades hosted probably the world’s biggest population of foreign students, many of them from developing countries and studying for free.]

    Having previously spent three years in Bielefeld, West Germany, HQ of the BAOR [British Army of the Rhine] where my father was based, I speak from FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE.

    At that time [1960s] there was a section of Bielefeld that was called ‘Alte Kotten’ because it was so dreadful. Within city limits people were actually keeping livestock, whether this was even legal or not. One family where we would go to purchase eggs and farm veggies kept a pig, which they slaughtered one day IN THEIR KITCHEN. I was there and remember to this day the stench that came pouring out when they slit this huge porker’s throat and a torrent of blood gushed forth. [They had first stunned the animal with some kind of explosive apparatus that they had held to its forehead].

    By contrast, the family I stayed with in East Germany had a very nice apartment and both kids in university. They even had a weekend cottage on a nearby lake. Nobody was keeping chickens and pigs in their back yard.

    You don’t know diddly squat.

    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
    , @Lucy Lipinska
  73. Let’s look at the American Democracy system.

    1. No one has ‘proved’ the false-election voting allegations at law (either way).

    2. So a large cohort in the USA will use that to project their shadow anger and grief.

    3. BUT, I point out, IT DOES NOT MATTER with in the USA’s system of democracy!

    4. That is why the SCOTUS basically gave it the middle finger! “Who cares?” is the message.

    5. The USA President is SELECTED by the Electoral College — who are in effect State Representatives.

    6. The Electoral College aggregates the positions/decision of 50-states on which way each state wants to go of the options available (Red team, Blue team, neither team).

    7. Their state-level decisions have been informed by popular opinion — effectively a mass-focus-group polling in November (2016, 2020, …) and that is all it is.

    8. Unlike most other democratic countries, the US Electoral College do not have to follow the voting outcomes.

    9. Clearly, in a normal clear 80:20 outcome then they would likely go with the flow.

    10. In a basically 50:50 draw outcome they can flip a coin if they want — 50% will be happy; and 50% unhappy.

    11. The Trump vs Biden outcome was a close 50:50 (at state and federal levels); so, ergo … “show me the money!” [or should that be “shower me with the money”?]

    a) The courts just said ‘piss off’ to petitions — the popular vote does not really matter: “Work it out for yourselves how to pacify the 50:50 schizophrenic split outrage” etc.

    b) The Electoral College process did its thing in early 2021 and they basically dumped Trump and selected Biden as the least-worst option available.

    c) Basically it is now time to move on and accept the fact that the US electoral process has some quaint 17th century ‘features’ that would not pass as democracy in most other modern western nations.

    d) The next 2024 will come around soon enough …(election fever rising in 2023), and with …

    e) A a global economic Depression 2.0 in full swing (turn off the QE-Forever and see how long the lights stay on) the US mid-term opportunities in 2022 may see major challenges for the Biden administration. Election pressure will start in early 2022 — 12-months from now.

  74. @ConqueringFools

    Not only that. US, England, and Russia were steeling machinery and practically anything of value what they could move from Germany during occupation . Germans had to built everything from the scratch. So what FB have seen it could be correct. Some areas were still not developed. And Germans having the empty factories still have to pay all kind of reparations. So living standard in Germany had a slow pick up.

  75. Jiminy says:

    I see Rudy has given up the hair dye- good move.

  76. Thim says:

    What PCR fails to mention is that both parties were clearly in on this deal, the steal, and the events of 1-6.

    The fake ballots were against Trump alone. The down ballot Republicans were spared. That is all you need to know to understand that Mitch, McCarthy, the RNC, and all the rest were part of the steal. Even Tucker Carlson backed the steal.

    The Republican Party did well down ballot while dumping their main enemy, Trump.

    Trump got in a punch against the turtle by doing nothing to help the two Republican idiots running for Senate in Georgia on 1-5.

    Mitch struck back on 1-6 by removing the security and letting the peaceful protesters in, knowing it was a setup that his friends across the aisle would exploit.

    Mitch is still angry he lost his Majority. Probably he is not going home fearing his wife will thrash him, like she did late last year. He won’t last another year.

    So they impeached him again. They still have four days, why don’t they do it a third time? Impeachment indeed fails if he is not removed.

    We don’t need the Republican Party. What people fail to realize is, there is no Social Security Trust Fund. The only thing in there is bonds. It is a purely pay as you go system. Upon secession, the states can just continue the same system on the same basis.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  77. FB says: • Website

    Look clown, you can go ahead and believe your larping Nazi fantasies all you want. YOU’VE NEVER BEEN THERE.

    Whether or not the people wanted war, Adolf Shitler gave it to them. And after their country was bombed into ruins and every single family lost a couple of their young people, nobody ever had a good word to say about these maniacs.

    Nobody forced Shitler to invade Poland in 1939, France in 1940, and Russia in 1941. As Goering said:

    Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece?

    Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

    But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship.

    Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

  78. @Richard B

    Sometimes, not always being in the forest, but outside of it, gives a useful perspective on the forest itself. And it certainly gets around claims of bias, another logical fallacy.

    In fact, in the hierarchy of logical fallacies, bias is probably higher on the list than the ones you mention.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  79. bayviking says:

    A Democratic voting system would be one vote for each qualified citizen. The greatest enemies to democracy in the USA today are the electoral college, gerrymandering, Republican vote caging and purging, Republican misallocation of voting equipment causing long lines in Democrat strongholds and no lines in Republican strongholds. When the country was formed women, blacks and most poor people could not vote. Fortunately those defects have been corrected, at least in theory. The history of rich whites suppressing black voters is a long one, first run by Democrats until they passed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, after which most rich and poor white racists switched to the Republican Party.

    Karl Rove’s computer coupled with the Electoral college system, permits vote outcome flipping by changing just a few votes in swing States. Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris cheated openly to set the stage for SCOTUS to put Jeb’s brother in the White House, even though Gore actually won the popular and electoral college vote in 2000. In 2004 Kerry was most likely cheated out of a victory through ballot destruction in Ohio.

    Republicans have a track record of vote fraud which has never been seriously investigated or prosecuted. There is a longer history of these problems in US history. Hillary stole the primary 2016 election from Sanders, as well documented by Wikileaks.

    Republicans are a generally a smaller minority than the Democrat minority, though this a little over time. Most Americans declare as independent, but end up voting for one of the two major parties. Almost everyone on the right and left agree Government doesn’t work for anybody except the filthy rich and a Princeton Study proves we live in an Oligarchy by analyzing who benefits from 2000 pieces of legislation.

    What we actually have for evidence of election thievery in 2020 is a lot of hearsay (he said she said) which Courts are loath to use. The pot is calling the pan black.

    Trump has benefited during campaigns by pretending that wants to end outsourcing manufacturing and illegal immigration, among other issues. He was also going to balance the budget and win a trade war that he started with China. He doesn’t want anyone to have socialized medicine, which is what he has, as does every member of Congress. Trump has issued a flurry of executive orders the effect of which is mostly to increase pollution, further reduce wilderness areas, and decrease workplace safety. He has long used illegal immigrants to maintain his properties but fired many once he won the electoral college in 2016. His one legislative triumph was passing Paul Ryan’s tax bill, which now denies me the right to write off moving expenses in an economy in which employment is increasingly fragile. Republicans stand firmly on the side of the rich and Trump is no populist. He has no populist record during his tenure. He did not balance the budget, reduce the trade deficit or bring jobs home. There has been another economic bubble, mostly in the stock market, which has only made the .01% richer. This is not all Trump’s fault, as the Federal Reserve has more control of the economy than any President.

    It is reported that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million in 2016 and 7 million in 2020. Trump prevailed in 2016 because the popular vote doesn’t count. Never the less Trump is more popular than any other Republican politician. But Trump received fewer votes in many Republican controlled swing States than other 2020 Republican candidates.

    Does PCR accept the results of the 2016 election, or is that a fraud too?

    Its a real stretch to pretend that Republicans in Georgia are conspiring to steal the election from themselves, especially when you consider that fact that Trump is on tape demanding that these officials “find” 11, 780 more votes for him. Trump has publicly pondered giving himself and all of his family a pardon. He must know he has committed crimes while in office for that to ever come up. He loves Dictators and doesn’t get along very well with our historical allies, Israel excepted of course. Trump is our moron President predicted by HL Menken: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” in 1926

  80. Avery says:

    {Why did they blame ‘Shitler’?}
    {They should have blamed the Jews.}

    Have you heard any of Hitler’s speeches?
    Do you know that Hitler discussed Lebensraum in the East in 1925 in his book?

    Nobody forced Hitler to invade USSR: not the Jews, not England , not US,….nobody.
    Hitler and Nazis started WW2 with one goal and one goal only: to grab all the Slavic lands West of the Urals, ethnically cleanse and/or exterminate all the Slavic peoples living their, and populate those rich, fertile lands with Germanic peoples.

    Yeah, Jews were prominent in pre-Nazi Germany, and they had outsized influence on many things in Germany. But they didn’t force Hitler to invade USSR and get his clock cleaned. In fact the two continental super-powers of the day – UK and France – agreed with Hitler that Sudetenland should rightfully belong to Germany (Munich Agreement 1938). But Hitler’ had a bigger appetite. Like all megalomaniacs he couldn’t help himself, and swallowed something he could not possibly digest and choked on it.

    People remember that when Hitler realized the jig was up, he blamed the German people for his defeats and wanted German people and Germany to get destroyed as “punishment” for “betraying ” him.

    • Agree: FB
    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @profnasty
  81. @Gene Urtel

    Nothing like a Christian who uses the OT text to make his point. How about seeing the OT as antithetical to the NT? The NT is Hellenistic; it is not Judaic. It was written in Koine Greek; not Aramaic or Hebrew. And the Gospels share major similarities with the Iliad and the trials, tribulations and wanderings of Paul share major similarities to Odysseus. And the trinity was just an attempt to synthesize Hellenistic polytheism with Egyptian (its origin — King Tut’s father, Akhenaten) and later Judaic monotheism.

    • Replies: @obvious
  82. Miro23 says:

    So, I must ask, does Chuck Schumer REALLY want to try Trump in the Senate on the charges submitted by the House? Because, if so, is not Trump entitled to a defense… a defense that may include evidence touching on all the issues you raised in your piece, Mr. Roberts?

    It’s sad, the way that so many people won’t give up on the idea of fair play and level playing fields.
    Trump will supposedly win a great victory in a nationally publicized trial that exposes all the trickery and lies and justice will be served. Amen.

    A better model would be Stalin’s Show Trials (Moscow 1936-1938). The deal would be that Trump reads out a confession of his guilt on all charges – in return for not being bankrupted/imprisoned or worse (as it happens , the victims in 1938 did the deal but were still shot straight afterwards).

  83. anon[207] • Disclaimer says:

    In the Democratic debates, Harris savaged Biden fiercely. When Biden said he would pick a woman it was no doubt it must be Harris. There were many superior alternatives. Tulsi Gabbard for one. Who told him to choose Harris and why? She is just a heartbeat away from being president. This is very scary. The difference between JFK and LBJ was deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. LBJ signed our birthright over to Israel. The initial event of note was when he let Israel continue to attack the USS Liberty and did not hold them accountable for this savage attack on a virtually unarmed U.S. naval vessel. Tip of the iceberg in terms of our continuing subservience to this small foreign country. I do believe Biden and Trump are controlled by Israel – I also think they have limits. Not so sure about Harris and her agenda?

    • Agree: Robjil
  84. @Silicon Silence

    Actually the primary reason the EC exists is to prevent what has happened in the “democratic” EU, which is falling apart because of it: big states giving small states no voice.

    Moreover, it is entirely possible to make the EC more perfectly fit the national vote by simply having every state, or at least most states, go to a proportional system, rather than a winner-takes-all system. Two states already do that, Maine and Nebraska.

  85. TKK says:

    By reading here and watching, contemplating certain actors behind social movements- once you see the Jewish problem- you can’t un see it.

    Imagine my surprise when I started listening to the unabridged version of Jaws on audiobook. The movie version by Steven Spielberg paints the clearly Jewish marine biologist as a hero.

    Peter Bentley’s original Jaws has the marine biologist as a Jew -but as a wealthy cheating conniving manipulative Jew.

    He is killed by the fish Jaws due to his hubris.

    The movie is far removed from the original text.

    Also, Quint who is a wonderful character, is not a caricature in the book. He is a levelheaded businessman.

    Spielberg had to make him into a semi comic buffoon and had him killed in gruesome fashion by the shark. Not the Jew.

    The original text by Bentley is a much more complicated rich nuanced story.

    Spielberg flipped the hero and the villain.

    He made the Jew the hero and the classic American icon, a villain or at least, a fool.

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Uncoy
  86. AReply says:

    It is wearisome to just consider a plan to cut through the miasma of miserable self-serving opinion that informs this site, including Unz’ own solemnly proclaimed pure opinion without facts.

    PCR’s litany of amazing evidence boils down to:
    • his own website’s polemics
    • some shit on thegatewaypundit
    • a random article on Russia Today

    Who speaks for this evidence? Ivory-tower style hacks, er, “experts”. The kind Rick Snyder will hire to defend himself after intentionally poisoning Flint, Michigan via its municipal water supply.

    What is the evidence? Affidavits that something could be misused and What-if? “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole t…”

    Well, there you have it! Case closed.

    I see why every court in the land has jumped on this bandwagon: the conspiracy is so vast, even the evidence has been eliminated.

    Regarding insinuation of shadowy CIA nation-building tactics brought home. Is there anything more USA Conservative than strong-arming your opponents, dicking around with the instruments of public mgmt, and psyops to get business to work the way you want?

    As to Silicon Valley control of your mind: isn’t SV a country built from corporate DoD welfare programs and run by Ayn-Randite, self-made, radical libertarian high-tech moguls?

    To quote Lt. Ripley from James Cameron’s Aliens (1988):

    “Did IQs drop sharply since Trump came to office?!”

    One thing that is right here on the table for everyone to see about this vast conspiracy is that conservatives are completely owned top-to-bottom, helpless whelps who are told what to do and follow orders to run off cliffs. And proud of it. And after falling on asses down their own rabbit-hole, you just bitch about how unfair is the system of your own design. How did you all go from Masters of the Universe to spineless bots, so disconnected from actual power that all you can do is throw temper tantrums.

    This site shows the face of USA conservatives for all to see: look in mirror. You are subjugated to yourselves and mindlessly whining like pansies. The corpse of that puffyer William F. Buckley is sneering at you from the grave.

    It’s astonishing actually.

    This site is kinda morbidly fun in it’s perversity, just to witness totally mentally disabled intellectuals. This is the special olympics of public discourse. Hey you: You’re a winner! Just for trying. You too! All of you! You won!!!!!

  87. Corvinus says:

    ““The violent assault on the Capitol” is another fake news success.”

    No, PCR, the video evidence is overwhelming to the contrary.

    “The evidence will show enormous fraud in the swing states where the election was stolen.”

    No, PCR, the claims made by Trump’s lawyers have been widely discredited.

    “Here is a report with video evidence that CNN/NPR presstitute Jade Sacker was with Antifa leader John Sullivan”

    No, PCR. Pay close attention.

    You simply refuse to believe otherwise.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  88. @FB

    A fossilized Stasi sympathizing bottom feeder reveals himself.

    You’re not fooling anyone about the Eastern Bloc and what it was like. You’re just proving yourself to be highly unreliable.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @FB
  89. RudyM says:

    Trump should have been at the head of his army of supporters, leading them down Pennsylvania Avenue as voting fraud evidence was examined in Congress. It would have been a powerful and wondrous photo op.

    Why didn’t he?

    During his speech, some of what he said made it sound as if that was what was about to happen. I’m guessing it wasn’t possible due to heightened risk of assassination. Think of the unusual amount of bullet proof material he was speaking behind during the speech itself.

  90. Ugetit says:

    Nobody forced Hitler to invade USSR…

    So who forced Stalin to plan and nearly implement an offensive war on Germany? Did Stalin need lebensraum in the West?

    Here’s a little more food for thought. Now dust off them cobwebs in the belfry and get crackin’.

    The last hopes for starting the war to re-enslave [and benefit the New World Order crime syndicate and the British & French chauvinists] Germany rested on the shoulders of one man, and one man only. His name was Edward Rydz-Smigly — the criminal fool who started World War II.

    -Mike King, Meet the Man Who Started World War II

    PS: Don’t Fall for the Establishment’s Tall Tales.

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @Avery
  91. @Anonymous

    Trump should have been at the head of his army of supporters, leading them down Pennsylvania Avenue

    Know any history? That’s how kings and presidents and arch-dukes get assassinated.

    You’d like that, I bet. You could then gloat about how the “stupid dumb-ass” deserved getting shot in the back of the head.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
  92. obvious says:

    “against all odds”??? The Germans won the war over and over again , only to throw it away each time.

    The only “odds” are the odds of yet another massive outbreak of average moron apoplexy. You are not competent to govern, or even to be governed. Hence “The System” will get rid of you, and Good Riddance too. Here’s what the great German Reformer said about the Average German Moron:,_Thieving_Hordes_of_Peasants

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  93. JimDandy says:

    And from the looks of her, she must come from the exact same tribe as Elizabeth Warren. Something is up!

  94. JimDandy says:
    @Anita Patel

    Sooooooo… if the Senate tries Trump, does that mean he would get to–for the official record–present all of the evidence of election fraud at his trial?

  95. Trinity says:

    There is MOUNTING evidence lately of (((Antifa/BLM))) fingerprints all over this melee. This is a shit show, people. I heard they arrested some orthodox Jew, apparently there is some footage of this Jewish guy walking beside the infamous Confederate Flag dude ( or some other ACTOR carrying a Confederate Flag, who knows.) We know that (((certain people))) like to always SELF PROJECT their sins and guilt on others. Interesting how we keep hearing about “White Supremacist hate groups,” “insurrections” and “domestic terrorism.” Just who are the REAL SUPREMACISTS, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS AND INSURRECTIONISTS. I think that answer should be obvious to even the most clueless individual by now. IF you haven’t figured out this shit by now, people, well, I don’t know what to say. The Black guy that they apprehended was right beside or near Ashli Babbitt when she was shot according to some sources. That little fuck was being glorified by CNN not to long ago. The guy is caught on tape instigating violence and making threats toward President Trump.

    (((LEFTIST COUP))) Case closed.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  96. obvious says:

    The OT is FOUNDATIONAL to the NT, and must be read together. When divided rightly, it all falls into place. Think about the difference between Law, and Grace: there is not one without the other. Grace will fulfill the Law, just like the ritual law was “nailed to the cross”.

    Tolkien has it figured out, when he said that myth became transcendent history in the very real life of the Gospel.

    It makes perfect sense that hard law will flower into a graceful blossom eventually.

  97. obvious says:

    It alternates between great fun and sublime sadness at the human condition… think back to when all this “social media commentary” started: just ten years ago. Before that it was “message boards”, and I even remember 20 years back when “AOL chat” was something. Good Lord people are bonkers.

    Thankfully the Great Alchemists of this world are pulling their strings, I hope to at least witness the full collapse of America. Now the Bible makes sense, and what all those ancient prophets were yelling about… damning their own people. My God how they ALL deserve it well.

    • Troll: Trinity
  98. @JimDandy

    It has been stated that Trump arrived late and spoke longer than he was supposed to speak, thereby delaying the masses from leaving. Sorry, can’t find the link again. Almost like he knew something was up.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  99. Getaclue says:

    No doubt Sullivan works for the FBI, he instigated it all with the other FBI Agent Provocateurs and he got arrested because he ran his mouth bragging on Local TV News the others won’t and the FBI will shield them — he has been given “Get Out Of Jail Free Cards” for violence before and he is out of jail now – – others (fools) who followed him into the Capitol (which he is on tape inside urging them to “burn it down”) have NO Bail and face decades in Prison (Buffalo Horn head guy) — the FBI is nothing but a NWO KGB — they “infiltrate” or set up all the “violence” we see to use it so our Rights can be stripped away as we are now seeing and have since the 911 False Flag which they also knew about, allowed, and covered up — it is all theater to be used to destroy us for the NWO Globalist Agenda:

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  100. Trinity says:

    Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo? Which one is the top and which one is the bottom? lmao. Those two “guys” need to get a room already.

    • Replies: @TKK
  101. @AReply

    So you’re an expert at cutting down others. What have you ever accomplished ?

  102. Avery says:

    {“So who forced Stalin to plan and nearly implement an offensive war on Germany? Did Stalin need lebensraum in the West?”}

    That BS theory advanced by one “Victor Suvorov” aka Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun, a disgruntled GRU agent – a traitor to his homeland – working for British MI6 in his book “Icebreaker” has been debunked. He wrote that BS book to earn his keep in Britain.
    Ask yourself: why would Stalin invade Nazi Germany? To gain what?
    Stalin was terrified of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

    Here’s a little more food for thought for yourself: anybody can quote something or other from some website or some book somebody wrote. Means diddly-squat.

    PS: {“PS: Don’t Fall for the Establishment’s Tall Tales.”}
    Go back and read carefully what I wrote: Hitler – as in Adolf, as in der Führer – wrote in his own book, Mein Kampf, in 1925, about the need for German peoples to gain Lebensraum in the East. Stalin didn’t write it: Hitler did.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @FB
    , @L.K
  103. Ugetit says:

    Actually, you make a good point. But it probably applies least of all to the German people and most of all to the American voters.

  104. @Tono Bungay

    Try this, showing the extent of direct foreign interference in the voting machines, over the internet. Concentrated in the stolen states, I think:

  105. FB says: • Website

    You’re not fooling anyone about the Eastern Bloc and what it was like.

    Well please, by all means little dreamer, go ahead and tell us all about your FIRSTHAND experience of the Eastern Bloc. [Or firsthand experience of anything outside of mom’s basement!]

    I could tell much more of what I experienced there, all of it very eye-opening, and in fact people love to hear those stories. But I don’t want to derail this thread from the topic of the disputed election and its aftermath…which does seem to be shaping up in a Nazi, or at least fascistic direction.

    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  106. Ugetit says:

    I’m going with what yer saying until the opposite is proven otherwise.

  107. Corvinus says:

    Except your side does not have “75,000,000” supporters, just voters. How many of these individuals exactly are you counting on to don these orange vests and get on the “thin end of the baseball bat”? See, if you had that overwhelming numbers, Trump would be in office for a second term, as his declaration of the Insurrection Act and arrest of traitors would have been consummated by now.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  108. Dr. X says:
    @Jim Christian

    This is the end result of women in politics. They are the source of our decline.

    Yes. Largely true; but it was men who let them into politics. It was men who ratified the 19th Amendment, invented birth control, and men like Harry Blackmun, writing for a 7-2 majority on an all-male Supreme Court, who declared abortion to be a constitutional right.

    (That’s why the claims of “oppression” made by (((feminists))) are so absurd…)

  109. All the evidence in the world now makes no difference: there is no one in the federal mafia fighting for us. No one.

    Time to secede, and if you disagree you’re either a government lackey or still amazingly unaware this government does not serve the people, it’s a corrupt mob acting above the law.

    • Replies: @obvious
  110. Corvinus says:

    “No doubt Sullivan works for the FBI…”

    Citations required.

    “it is all theater to be used to destroy us for the NWO Globalist Agenda”

    So, assuming this to be true, what are you personally doing about it other than lamenting on a blog?

  111. Bravo Paul Craig Roberts. You’ve gained a permanent and new fan here. I’m writing this before reading a single comment. What you’ve said is expressed forcefully enough and with the right tone. I agree with it all and thanks for including the links. I watched the totality of the Giuliani presentation to the Pennsylvania legislators and all his witnesses, plus the one in Wisconsin, I think it was. I was hugely impressed with the evidence they had, which as you say was just ignored later.

    This is the battle of our lifetimes finally come to the fore. What appeared as a tragedy is or can be our greatest opportunity. It can unite the majority of the people. Thank God Trump is healthy and as strong as he is. Thank God there are millions of fervent Trump supporters in the US who are not willing to give up. Thank God for people like you, PCR.

    This is our battle; it’s laid out as clear as can be. Those who want to continue to bash Donald Trump should just be ignored. Whether they like it or even whether or not Trump likes it, he’s the man who wears the mantle of leader that we the people most trust and relate to. No one, however good they are, can take his place at this time. We have to protect our man! We have to be smart though, we can’t afford to be stupid. I think this may be the time for the wisdom of we older folk, not the brash inexperience of the younger ones. I’m glad you’re in the trenches with us.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  112. @Thim

    When will people begin to understand that you do not need trust funds when the government can issue credit instruments in addition to debt instruments? The government will never go bankrupt. If you don’t want the government to have debt or need a budget, don’t print debt instruments; print credit instruments that cancel debt. Only the state and local governments, who can’t print credit instruments (called bills of credit in the Constitution — and states are expressly forbidden from issuing them) need to borrow or tax to have income and then have a need to budget. The federal government does not.

    I am not worried about my social security going broke. What I am worried about is that fewer and fewer credit instruments exist. And the goal is to make them non-existent.

    Did you know that coins are credit instruments? The government does not tax or borrow to issue them. It’s only cost of issuing them is the minting cost. Now do you understand why banks want coins to become extinct? They are the last vestiges of a credit based money supply.

  113. @saggy

    Voting machines produce paper ballots that are counted.

    Counting is a very simple arithmetic operation requiring only the positive integers and limited to the positive integers. So pray tell us all why the Dominion system, at least, is programmed to compute election results in what mathematicians call the Real-Number system, including negative numbers, fractions and decimals.

    While you’re at it, you might tell us why the biblical King Solomon disbelieved the maternal claimant who was willing to let the child be cut in two.

  114. @obvious

    It is antithetical. That is the problem with Protestant education these days. We lost our great universities and our best educated people and thinkers. We get dumbed down educational systems and people like you don’t seem to get it. Dunning – Kruger effect.

    • Replies: @obvious
  115. JimDandy says:

    You think that he thought he would benefit from this outcome?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  116. @FB

    It was a worker’s paradise surrounded by walls and fences to keep people in. EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT IT WAS REALLY LIKE.

    • Replies: @canspeccy
    , @FB
  117. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    Well, many of us will be wearing orange one way or the other.

  118. @obvious

    The mental fantasy level of your whole tribe is the only problem here,

    Expanding on your previous sagacious replies, I see:

    You morons just don’t get it, NOT POSSIBLE TO “STEAL” AN ELECTION. It is a POLITICAL PROCESS, and the State Legislature has every constitutional power to appoint any Elector they see fit, who is then empowered to vote any way they like.



  119. They are coming for average, regular Trump voters now – even their children who aren’t even old enough to vote.

  120. FB says: • Website

    Many people consider David Irving a very thorough historian who has probably cited more archival material than anybody. Throughout his landmark books about Hitler, Irving has identified the central motivation driving him as his decades long dream of Conquest of the East.

    Of course these clowns popping off here don’t actually read history books, and get their ‘information’ from fellow basement dweebs cranking out obscure web pages of the most hilarious nonsense.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  121. canspeccy says: • Website


    Still many of those who experienced Soviet rule regret its passing.

    Reuters: In eastern Europe, people pine for socialism

    • Agree: Wielgus
    • Thanks: FB
  122. @Silicon Silence

    The USA President is SELECTED by the Electoral College — who are in effect State Representatives.

    Representatives of the State Legislatures, I think you mean. Whose decisions and wishes were either ignored or given a very short shrift.

    That must have been quite the rushed intro civics lesson Honest Joe gave you. I know he had several hundreds of millions of dollars left in the kitty after that \$1.5 billion “investment” from Uncle Xi, and having to spend so little on his basement-centered election campaign. But surely he could have found some troll candidates outside of an East Indian Call Center.

  123. @FB

    I agree, FB! I have spent one year (1972-73) in the DDR and didn’t find living there as terrible as we were told by the “impartial” media in West. Yes, people were aware that some couldn’t be trusted. (I’ve lived in Poland before; live in Sweden since 1974); quite an experience.

    • Thanks: FB
  124. FB says: • Website

    It was a worker’s paradise surrounded by walls and fences to keep people in.

    According to what you have HEARD and READ. Not according to anything you have actually SEEN, basement-boy. There’s a big difference.

    In 1999, USA Today reported:

    “When the Berlin Wall crumbled [1989], East Germans imagined a life of freedom where consumer goods were abundant and hardships would fade.

    Ten years later, a remarkable 51% say they were happier with communism.”

    Even today, more than 30 years later, polls still show most of the older generation feel the same way.

    Nobody was keeping anybody in. In the postwar years, THOUSANDS of East Berliners commuted DAILY to jobs in West Berlin, coming home in the evening. Many others went shopping back and forth.

    However, the aggressive actions of the US and its West German puppets resulted in East Germany having to put up the wall to keep western saboteurs and infiltrators OUT.

    The West was bedeviling the East with a vigorous campaign of recruiting East German professionals and skilled workers, who had been educated at the expense of the Communist government. This eventually led to a serious labor and production crisis in the East.

    As one indication of this, the New York Times reported in 1963: “West Berlin suffered economically from the wall by the loss of about 60,000 skilled workmen who had commuted daily from their homes in East Berlin to their places of work in West Berlin.

    –Historian William Blum: The Berlin Wall: Another Cold War Myth

    Acts of sabotage by infiltrators from the west included derailing train cars, pouring sand in factory machinery to seize them up, and even poisoning 7,000 east German dairy cows, to name just a few.

    At one point, the West was caught digging a tunnel into East Berlin so that they could tap the telephones. See Operation Gold.

    • LOL: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Single malt
  125. Trinity says:

    I really don’t think most people are buying this shit despite the Jew controlled misinfo/disinfo 24/7. We can all clearly see that all these useful idiots for Jew power, demand justice for all poor people except for Palestinians. Oh sure, you have dingbats like Omar and AOC who make a token gesture for Palestinians, but these two morons are toothless. It is the Egyptians, It is the Russkies, It is the Germans, It is Palestinians, It is the Iranians, It is the Russkies AGAIN, these psychos have went full circle, when are they going to run out of boogeymen.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @obvious
  126. @AReply

    Have to admit, you are pretty good at times. But you do need to retrain or ditch some of your troll subalterns, who are pretty pathetic.

    That hasbara type who is agreeing with you, for instance. So obvious.

    • Replies: @Hillaire
  127. Avery says:

    {“Check this out.:”}

    Don’t need to.

    I know Ron Unz believes the BS in Suvorov’s book.
    I have exchanged posts with him on that subject.
    He also wrote that he does not believe that eminent US historian Col (ret) David M. Glantz has not debunked amateur hack-job ‘Suvorov’s thesis/hallucination (….as I claimed Glantz had).
    David M. Glantz is a professional historian specializing in Slavic studies.
    He is an American: has no axe to grind.

    Ron’s natural bias is to disbelieve most things, and to believe conspiracies.
    Overall it’s a good thing: otherwise this web site would not exist, and he would not give a platform to many voices and opinions that are banned elsewhere. So I am 100% in Ron’s corner on that.
    But it does no mean Ron is always right.

    Again: Hitler wrote about grabbing Slavic lands in 1925.
    Again: what would Stalin gain by attacking Hitler first? Stalin knew Hitler was going to invade USSR and Stalin knew his military was not ready: that is why he signed a non-aggression with Hitler, hoping to buy time. Stalin’s war with Finland was a disaster: Stalin had no illusions of what would happen in a war with Nazi Germany.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Ugetit
    , @Ron Unz
  128. Trinity says:

    IF the Trumper knows the truth about 9-11, now would be a good time to let the cat out of the bag.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @obvious
  129. Trinity says:

    Hey dude, it is 2021, Hitler has been dead for a long time and so has Joe Stalin. Get over it. Jews are like those old Elvis fans, they won’t let poor Hitler die. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Russia, Russia, Russia, damn it, man.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  130. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:

    You say there was no violent invasion of the US Capitol?

    What about the Mainscream TV footnote of protestors smashing doors and windows?

    Footage is easy to find. Everyone saw it-


  131. nsa says:

    Paul Craig Boomer is exactly right. The evidence mounts and is now unassailable. The mall cops who allowed the peaceful MAGAstinians to enter the Capitol Building were heard speaking Farzi as they opened the doors. Likewise, reliable independent observers overheard dark complected GA vote counters with suspiciously big noses speaking Farzi pretending to be ghetto afros, and high fiving every time they deposited a ballot into the waste basket under the desk labeled Trumpstein. How much more of this foreign interference in our elections and blatant anti-semitism can we tolerate?

  132. Ugetit says:

    Throughout his landmark books about Hitler, Irving has identified the central motivation driving him as his decades long dream of Conquest of the East.

    No one here is denying that, but so what?

    All he desired was a bit of living space for his people and to liberate the Germans who were being persecuted in the “East” while the Marxists had been openly advocating and implementing permanent worldwide revolution, expansion, and domination, so by comparison Hitler was more than reasonable, wouldn’t ya think? The Reds wanted, and got, a large part of German wealth, and he was trying to resist that, so that makes him somehow culpable?

    Try to get over it, and remember the topic of this article while yer at it.

    • Replies: @FB
  133. America is under assault by the zionist , bolshevik, marxist, communist traitors who have shed their cloaks and now are in a full assault on what little freedom we have left, and it is going to be a battle to the finish, wake up America.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @The Real World
  134. Ugetit says:

    I know Ron Unz believes the BS in Suvorov’s book.

    What makes you think it’s BS?

    Also “Suvorov” and RU aren’t the only ones making the claim. I bet even PCR would support John Wear’s statement in his statement that,

    The Soviet archives show that the Soviet Union had amassed the largest, most powerful, and best equipped army in history. As we shall see in the following discussion, the Soviet Union was on the verge of launching a massive military offensive against all of Europe. Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union was a desperate preemptive attack that prevented the Soviet Union from conquering all of Europe.

    -John Wear, Germany’s War, Chapter 1 – The Chief Culprit: Joseph Stalin & The Soviet Union, p15

    Anyway, anyone with the common ability to think knows that both the Germans and the Japanese were maneuvered i.e., forced into war by the globalist mafia of whom the Reds were nothing more than useful idiots.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  135. Personally, I have been reading Dr. Robert’s articles and payed attention to some of his predictions and he has rarely been wrong. Yes, no person who has seriously examined the facts on what happened during the “protest” against corruption and graft by the Congress, could possibly characterize what happened as a “violent assault on the capitol. It’s a fantasy narrative created by the anti-Trump media and democratic party, with the Republicans going along,” The very fact that Congress continued a few hours later, put the lie to the “vast destruction that was caused.” But it won’t stop the total defamation of character, of anyone who saw the event with “a different set of eyes”, etc.

    A better case by lightyears, can be made that members of the democratic party, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and many others are the people who caused mass and very “real” rioting all during last summer, resulting in the well known destruction of property and lives and livelihoods, that victimized so many people.

  136. Hitler….Russia…..Trump……are just stand ins for white Christian people.

    The jews never forgive or forget.

    White people can’t tell you what they had for breakfast yesterday…….while jews are still angry at Rome for events that happened two thousand years ago.

    We are two different species…. jews and whites…..with entirely different thought processes.

    White people think jews are just a different kind of white people, while jews see white people (and white leaders) as an historical enemy that must be eradicated.

    We are THE boogeyman. We now have a target on our backs. Make no mistake as to what they have planned.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @obvious
  137. obvious says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Nobody is “fighting for you” because there is nothing to fight over. What is it about DC that sets you people into such a frenzy? Secede?? You can’t even govern a county or a township, much less a single state.

    Secede from what? The treaty alliance with 50 States to defend the American continent? The regulation of interstate commerce? Did you have some kind of “problem” with the Post Office that requires smearing feces all over the Capitol building? Here are some of your people “fighting”:

    New clip: Bloodthirsty MAGA lynch mob chants a bunch of incoherent death threats and insane conspiracy theories from PublicFreakout

    I back the REAL BLUE wtf are YOU but a RABBLE OF ORC MONGRELS:,_Thieving_Hordes_of_Peasants

    The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther German has spoken, time for a race cleanse of the gene pool, again. Only an Orc tryharder would call the Elves “Orcs”. More appropriation by the Dunlenders… always on the wrong side.

    • Troll: Genrick Yagoda
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  138. obvious says:

    You mean if he wasn’t a plant to shill you morons? Go home and stop bothering the elites.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  139. Ugetit says:

    Psst, Avery and FB.:

    Maybe it’s time to join the 21st century and time to begin questioning the Establishment’s invariably tall tales…

    My conclusion at this time is that Suvorov is correct that Stalin was on the verge of invading Western Europe which required only the defeat of Germany, whose armed forces were greatly outclassed by those of Stalin

    It is a paradox that it is the demonized Hitler who saved Western Europe from communism, and it is ironic that the British and Americans were so incompetent that they were focused on the German non-threat and not on the Soviet threat.

    It seems clear enough that both Wear and Suvorov are correct. World War II was caused by Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, not by Hitler.

    -Paul Craig Roberts, Rescuing the History of World War II : Wear vs. Suvorov.

    My conclusion is that Roberts and Unz are correct, and fossils and Fart Blossoms are wrong.

    • Replies: @L.K
  140. obvious says:

    “Palestinians” are just a manufactured brand of Red Hat Morons like in America. 80% migrants INTO the UNRWA system, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is more reason why the local NKVD needs to make you people be absolutely silent, and speak strictly when spoken to.

    You will be forbidden to wear red hats and all credit cards cut off, besides internet access and commercial travel. That should clamp it down since you have no other existence outside of what you stole from the real producers of value in this world.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  141. @Hangnail Hans

    Har De Har! One guy, unarmed, but with zip ties. And in the face of the military grade hardware that is available to the Capitol Police and adjacent forces, this one guy is going to abduct or kill them???

    Who in their right mind would believe such nonsense?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  142. @Tono Bungay

    If there are “tons of evidence” and “thousands of affidavits,” why haven’t we read them somewhere or other? On Unz, for instance? Why, in their press conferences, did Giuliani and Powell reveal nothing? Why did Cruz go on and on and not cite some one little piece of evidence that would have overcome my skepticism?

    I’m solidly in the “fraud stole this election” camp. But I’ll grant that the presentation of the evidence was never well organized. That failure might have been influenced by the nature of the ongoing collection. Other than the three state investigations I watched, evidence always seemed to be scattered. It seems Peter Navarro did a pretty good. But Sidney Powell always seemed to be fumbling. Lin Wood strikes me as a nut and Giuliano was a poor spokesman for the allegations. Speaking of Giuliano, what the hell was the press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping?

    Trump may have won the election, but the powers crushed him in every battle. They crushed Trump very much like they will now crush the American people. With all semblance of political resistance gone and the law now whatever Jack Dorsey and Hunter Biden say it is, we are in for a very long and painful dark winter (as the big guy likes to remind us).

  143. @Levtraro

    Christianity started as a branch of Judaism. The followers of Jesus were in Damascus when Saul of Tarsus traveled there to persecute them. On the way, he had an insight, and ended up joining the group (as Paul). As Ted Turner once said, “Christianity was going nowhere until Paul moved the franchise to Rome.”

    I have always been suspicious of Paul’s motives, but that’s b/c I always felt the Jesus was trying less to reform Judaism and more to make it palatable to the overlords from Rome. Paul went to Rome to make Rome more palatable to Jews.

    Damascus is in Western Asia and Rome is in Europe.

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @Levtraro
  144. Dr. Shiva also invented email. Lol. True story. So there’s that.

  145. Cyrano says:

    I think it’s obvious who had the intention to attack whom first. It was Nazi Germany who planned the aggression first. That’s why they called themselves “Socialists” – to fool the USSR – which was of course socialist – contrary to popular belief that it was communist.

    The native Indians of North America used similar techniques when hunting buffaloes. I’ve seen it on TV. They would cover themselves with buffalo pelts to trick the poor buffaloes into believing that they are one of them – and then in the last moment they would leap and spear the poor animals.

    Same with the Nazis – they covered themselves in Socialist pelts, – unfortunately they were too stupid and didn’t realize that instead of buffaloes – they were dealing with Russian bears – who on top of everything else were Socialist bears, which means they got their bearings pretty quickly and realized that the Nazis were not only phony buffaloes, but phony socialists as well, so they give them a beating for their stupidity for trying to trick the Russians into believing that they are one and the same – Socialists. That’s just one theory that I have. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that I am right.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  146. @ForeverGone

    I don’t know if the numbers are correct. I’m not a historian. But look at Wikipoedia under Jewish diaspora and you will find a large number of expulsions of jews throughout history.

  147. Trinity says:

    You sound a little unhinged, Shlomo.

    • Agree: Genrick Yagoda
  148. Trinity says:

    Hey moron aka Shlomo, I am not a Trumptard and I don’t like to wear hats. I see that little ashtray on your head is a little bit off kilter though.


    • LOL: Ugetit
    • Replies: @obvious
  149. @obvious

    Antifa. Not Trump supporters.

    The ringleader is John Sullivan the man who videotaped the killing of Ashli Babbitt and he and his buddies left a twitter trail a mile long.

    • Replies: @obvious
  150. R2b says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    Christianity is not synonymus with a certain race.
    It goes through the world, and offer to any colour it’s Gospel.
    If you want to keep a certain race, with the help of the Gospel, you are doomed to fail.
    A certain White race and Christianity, is not synonymus.
    That said, I am all for nations.
    But unfortunately, many in these have sold themselves to mammon.
    And many moore now hope techne will solve and save the world.
    These two are the strong powers the Scripture has warned all of you about!
    Be Christian first!

  151. @saggy

    Voting machines produce paper ballots that are counted.

    Voting machines do NOT produce paper ballots.

    The actual paper ballots that the Georgia legislature sent to be examined were claimed by the FBI and shredded.

    Trust you? You are operating at a barely functioning level.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  152. I think I know who is the Establishment but can you spell it out, PCR? The “Establishment” doesn’t really mean anything unless it has been identified and named. Is it the illusive “Rothschilds” or the “Elders of Zion”, East Coast and West Coast Jewish billionaires or the ordinary Jews? Or perhaps it’s just the rich people of the world… so, who is it?

  153. With a standard of scrupulousness as this…

    The Evidence of Electoral Fraud

    To begin with, ask yourself how this fits in with Trump losing the election: Gallup Poll Finds Trump To Be America’s Most Admired Man

    …what confidence remains for venturing further into the labyrinthine allegations and opposing refutations?

  154. Trinity says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    The funniest one to me is the overweight Black guy who back peddles away from the Antfia goons. That was straight off of Sanford and Son. Cue: The theme from Sanford And Son. Who knows, they all could have been actors.

    • Agree: Genrick Yagoda
  155. Hillaire says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    The same generic style, compare ‘areply’, ‘fb’ there are others of course, all with the same discombobulating and aggressive but vaguely comedic delivery…

    They always give themselves away. Forelocks swinging.

  156. Trump ruled on behalf of Israel…..Yet PCR weeps that Trump lost….

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  157. @AReply

    The video recordings of the various state bodies who listened to the evidence are still available, I assume.

    Why not look for them, instead of frothing about something you clearly know nothing about?

  158. obvious says:

    Yeah im the rubetard wearing a red hat that smears feces all over the walls of the Capitol and wants to kill GOOD cops because they “back the blue”. Dunning – Kruger effect in action:

    A capitol terrorist is identified and she asks to be pardoned from PublicFreakout

    DC officer recounts the intense moments he was almost killed by rioters from PublicFreakout

    Need I go on you little prehistoric savage ? God has a plan for all of us and it includes wiping your people off the face of this green earth so the rest of can breathe. I know it too because it’s plainly written in the New Testament, which you never actually read either. Dunning – Kruger effect!

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Genrick Yagoda
  159. The Nov 3 2020 Election was lost back in Oct 1965

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  160. KenH says:

    The radical left media and various talking heads now lecture us that the black supremacist and radical left looting of Target stores and businesses on main street and firebombing police precincts and a federal building and killing and maiming dozens of people over a five month period is far less serious than storming the Capitol building, stealing Nancy Pelosi’s holy lectern and taking some selfies.

    So if the pro-Trump “Capitol rioters” would have just destroyed the nearest Target store and police precinct and used fire extinguishers on wheel chair bound black women then that would have been ok with CNN. But dare to make mischief at the holy Capitol building and all bets are off and it’s time for the firing squads and drone strikes. At least for right wingers.

    Of course the amnesiac left wing morons forgot that they attempted to storm the White House in late May 2020 but of course that is Democracy in action and whenever blacks and leftists riot we better sit up and take notice and do some serious soul searching because we brought it upon ourselves.

    Suddenly, left wing media, some BLM leaders and assorted left wing gas bags have morphed into back the bluetards and are celebrating the murder of unarmed white woman Ashli Babbitt by a black Capitol police officer. Surprisingly, BLM activist Shaun King, a.k.a. “Martin Luther Cream”, actually showed some principle and said the shooting was unwarranted.

  161. FB says: • Website

    Look, idiot. Shitler was the greatest enemy of white people EVER.

    He not only destroyed more than 10 million German lives, but also 30 million Russian lives, five million Poles and many many more white people’s lives.

    Nobody in the history of WHITE PEOPLE ever perpetrated such a GENOCIDE AGAINST WHITES.

    Why don’t you just shut up already about the loser Shitler and stop DERAILING THIS THREAD.

  162. Notsofast says:

    i was going to tell you my shift keys are broken but comment 5 would prove me a liar so i’m going to level with you, i do it mainly to annoy anal retentives.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @TTSSYF
  163. L.K says:

    What a SILLY and boring TROLL you are!
    Your idiotic notion that Suvorov wrote his books as an operative for the MI6 is laughable in the face of the facts, as correctly pointed out by Ron Unz:

    “As I emphasized in my original article, for decades the Suvorov Hypothesis has been the subject of massive scholarly debate in Russia, Germany, Israel, and many other parts of the world, while being totally ignored and blacklisted in the English-speaking world.”

    I find it “amusing” that trolls like you pick on Suvorov, while ignoring the many other Russian historians, several of whom former Red Army or Soviet intel officers, who have reached the conclusion that Stalin was indeed planning an offensive against NS Germany in the summer of 1941.

    For example, Albert Weeks is a US historian & former Professor of International Affairs, fluent in Russian, who has closely followed the Russian historians’ disputes which arose [after the fall of the Soviet Union and the partial opening of archives] over the Stalin regime’s offensive war plans against NS Germany. Despite being very ignorant of the German side, basically repeating the usual anti-Hitler line, professor Weeks nevertheless concedes that several Russian historians and former Red Army and intel veterans have reached the conclusion that Stalin was indeed planning to attack Germany.
    Not only that but several of these Russian historians and military people have/had connections to the Russian Ministry of Defense and some are of a pro-Soviet inclination. Quote:

    Nevertheless, what the researchers have produced is a pattern of Red Army deployments and concentration of troops along the Soviet western frontier in spring 1941 that strongly suggests that the General Staff and Stalin were planning eventually to get the preemptive jump on the Wehrmacht. The fact that in addition to Russian historians a number of informed ex–Red Army or security officers make this allegation cannot be ignored. As it turned out, of course, the Germans got the jump on the Soviets. …
    it is significant and worth recognizing that a number of “new” Russian historians are opting for the offensist interpretation as to Stalin’s and the Red Army General Staff’s war planning on the eve of Barbarossa. In the meantime, it is unhelpful to assume, as some Western writers have, that these Russian historians take the positions they do, like the notions proffered so vehemently by émigré Viktor Suvorov, because they blindly hate Stalin or for some other reasons unrelated to the facts and documents that they have collected.
    Note that some of the historians of the offensist persuasion are connected with the Russian Ministry of Defense. Others (unlike the much despised Suvorov) show pro-Soviet tendencies in their interpretations of events. Yet they hew to the offensist thesis concerning Stalin war planning.15
    It behooves Western specialists and observers to pay attention to the Russian historians’ latest findings as well as to their interpretations of their findings. The Russian historians say that they will keep on pressing the authorities for more archives to be opened because, they insist, additional top-secret information from the period of 1939–41 continues to be kept concealed. …

    Source: Stalin’s other war

    The highly decorated Red Amy Major-General Petr Grigorenko, who commanded troops in initial battles following June 22, 1941, complained in his memoirs that

    “there could be only one reason for [the heavy deployment of Red Army offensive troops in the west], namely, that these troops were intended for a surprise offensive. In the event of an enemy attack, these troops would already be half encircled. The enemy would only need to deal a few, short blows at the base of our wedge and then encirclement would be complete.”13

    Which is precisely what happened.

    An incomplete list of such Russian historians/researchers, excluding Suvorov, include:

    Russian military historian Dr. Mikhail Meltiukhov of the Russian Institute of Documents and Historical Records Research, Russian historian M. Nikitin, V. A. Nevezhin, former Soviet Colonels Valeri. D. Danilov, Colonel Kiselev, Aleksei Filipov, historians Igor Bunich, Irina. V. Pavlova, V. L. Doroshenko, Boris Sokolov, B.N.Petrov, Vladimir Neveshin, M.Solonin, Constantine Pleshakov, Dr.Alexander Pronin, Prof. Dr. Maria Litowskaja, , Dr. Dschangir Nadschafov, faculty director of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, P. Bobylev, T. Bushueva, Y. Felshtinskiy, etc …

    LIARS such as yourself will keep endlessly repeating the same lies over and over, so some of us will have to keep repeating the truth…

  164. Trinity says:

    So this guy fights off an angry mob and there isn’t a mark on him? Sit down, boy, you are starting to embarrass yourself. HELL, son, grab a beer or better yet, go get laid, you sound psychotic.

    • Replies: @obvious
  165. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    ASHLI BABBIT??????….AMERICA under a Maoist/soviet/Purge…dirty war? deathsquads…??? USA more like Haity…

  166. @War for Blair Mountain

    It’s much bigger than Trump.

    We weep because America has been lost to jewish inter-nationalism.

    Elections no longer have any validity whatsoever and this is a frightening development.

    Biden’s jewish handlers have plans to complete their nation wrecking agenda and now there is no way to stop them.

    Oh, and while it seemed that Trump gave the jews everything they wanted…..he did not give them a war with Iran. In fact, many of us feel that this is one of the main issues for their irrational hatred of the man, the fact that he wanted to bring the troops home and stopped short of new wars. Biden’s jewish cabinet will surely escalate ME conflicts with Syria and Iran.

    And of course the left will pack the SC, open the borders, do amnesty for illegals, add two states and four Senators, etc.etc.etc., which will mean the left will have total power from now on and the right is completely disempowered.

    The only solutions are revolution or secession.

    We weep because we had hoped there might be political solutions to our problems, but now we know that they are willing to kill to get what they want, they are willing to break every law known to man.

    History repeats itself as all of Christendom now faces the very same murderous Bolsheviks that the Russian people faced nearly a century ago.

    Solzhenitsyn lamented that if only people had fought back maybe the mass murder could have been prevented.

  167. Thomasina says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    The FBI shredded them? What? Did this actually happen?

    If true, I wonder why they did that (sarc). Let me guess: it was to preserve the integrity of the election.

    LOL, building a banana republic one step at a time.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  168. Trinity says:

    I just saw on Communist News Network where Jarvanka is thinking about moving to muh Israel. Think about that, Trumptards.

    No flights for Trumptards? I said a few days ago that an intelligent protest would be White pilots who are OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE MALES to go on strike.

    Truckers: that’s a big 10-4 through your back door and that jive? I thought you Trumpers were going park your rigs? Where you blowing smoke? Cue: Convoy by CW McCall and Shaky Town by Jackson Browne.

    I’m choosing Pick Up The Pieces by AWB.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  169. obvious says:

    All your explainaways will do nothing to explain away the cretinous race mongrels that make up 70% of the MAGA mob. When I see normal looking people doing normal looking things then i’ll listen, but never to the likes of you.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  170. The Biden/Obama regime (I would never call it an administration) has a problem with credibility that they are too cowardly and short-sighted to recognize. For the first time ever, I think, the rest of the world will think of the Biden swamp as popularly illegitimate, and by that I mean that at least 80 million of us (Republicans) know Trump won, and probably at least as many of them (Democrats) are afraid to admit to themselves that Biden did not win.

    For now, the rabble (Democrats) think that because Mindless Joe will take the oath of office, he will be recognized as POTUS by the rest of the world. He will, but only superficially.

    Our problem is that the world will now see this country as illegitimate with a regime the people do not support. Our jealous friends, our enemies, and the parasites (Israel) will probe our weaknesses and take advantage.

    This is a bad situation.

  171. obvious says:

    You are a rubetard moron like everyone else on this sub

  172. L.K says:

    Both FB and Avery are TROLLS and sad little LIARS.

    Not long ago, FB came close to being banned by Ron Unz himself, who, for once, was getting tired of his antics and overall craziness, Unz even described the nutcase as a total LUNATIC… you see, FB is a Stalinist, and a while ago, he decided to write one of his pearls, that there had been no famines during Stalin(!!) while in the US, BEFORE his hero FDR took office, millions had died of famines in the US! I think it was around then that Unz suggested this dork should tone things down a bit, particularly his constant verbal abuse of others, or look for other pastures… a mistake, since a leopard never changes its spots.

    In fact, FDR’s New Deal failed spectacularly, all one has to do is look at the unemployment rates… they declined at first, but were still high, then climbed steeply and by 1940, it was almost as high as it had been when FDR initiated his first mandate. Hitler’s “New Deal” on the other hand, worked very well, despite Germany’s vastly worse conditions when comparing to the USA.

    Avery is an Armenian from the old Soviet Union, who immigrated to the US.
    A very unstable individual, but more importantly, an extremely DISHONEST one. For ex, he, like many Armenians, hates Turks. That’s fine by me, but Avery feels it is necessary to constantly LIE about them. He used to endlessly repeat how the Turks from Turkey are “nomadic uighur savages from China”, which is a bald faced LIE. When I and others presented him with modern genetic studies showing that Turks from Turkey are essentially the indigenous people of the land, with little Central Asian admixture, Avery simply ignored it and continued to repeat they are nomadic uighur savages from China. He pestered Phil Giraldi so much – who once worked as a CIA case officer in Turkey – that Giraldi defined Avery as a ‘shithead’.

    Being from the Soviet U, Avery repeats all the usual Soviet propaganda, which has been incorporated by Russia. He is one of the Team Russia types, shilling for the Soviet version of WW2. I find this a bit ironic, given that Russia attempted to use the Armenians – and other Christians in Ottoman Turkey – as a 5th column in WW one, to help Russia achieve its geostrategic goals… ended badly for a lot of Armenians. Notice also how these types constantly throw in that Germany attacked Poland, or France, etc, without ANY context as to why it happened… at the same time they NEVER mention the Soviet invasion of Poland, Finland, Baltic states, Romanian territories, Iran. Silence. You can hear the crickets…

    Bottom line; Facts just don’t matter to these dorks…

  173. @Jim Christian

    This is the end result of women in politics. They are the source of our decline.

    Women in Vermont and Maine were more likely to vote against fascism than their men were– and ten times as likely to as PCR’s fellow Georgians. Who, to be fair, did give their 18-year-olds the vote in 1943, three decades before the great majority of states. No state has a monopoly on good, or evil.

    Everywhere in the Anglosphere, women were much slower than men to embrace the welfare state. Women distrust change; it is only when the cohorts that grew up under it took over that they defended it.

    No sex has a monopoly on good, or evil.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager
    • Troll: GazaPlanet
  174. obvious says:

    yeah it was ANTIFA who attacked the Capitol police too, ANTIFA who was everywhere in a mob of 100,000 morons and ANTIFA who is hiding in plain sight dressed up as beer bellied slobs. a sea of red hatted ANTIFA agents.

    People have the idea of “race” so confused, in order to favor their own mediocrity. This is now war against the humans by lesser races of surburbanised village morons. Good! Now that you’ve managed to piss off enough police and soldiers maybe we’ll get some real momentum and end this once and for all. God is on OUR side anyway, as shown by the great German Reformer:,_Thieving_Hordes_of_Peasants

  175. FB says: • Website

    That’s quite a little outburst from the trailer park Fuerer wannabe.

    Look loser, your hero Shitler, after getting crushed by the same Russians he picked a fight with, decided to blow his silly little brains out. Instead of standing up like a man and facing the music, with honor and pride, as leader of his nation.

    And not only his own worthless life, but insisted on taking his pathetic hanger-on, Ms Braun, with him. And not only her, but even his DOG, and of course right-hand man, the little chimp Goebbels and his entire family, including SIX CHILDREN.

    Yeah, that’s some ‘winner’ right there. At the end blaming the entire German people for ‘betraying’ him. A pathetic little coward, nothing more, and showing his true colors at the end.

    But like I said, this discussion is not about Shitler, so stop polluting this discussion with your wanker tales. You will soon get your wish anyway, as Pelosi and company are taking their cue right from Shitler’s playbook.

    • LOL: HeebHunter
  176. @Robert Dolan

    Trump tried to start a war with Iran one year ago…The Iranains used restraint….Sheer luck is reason the there was no war…..On Trump’s direct order….the US Military illegally occupys Syrian two feet away from the Russian Military….Stop giving Trump excuses…

  177. @Robert Dolan

    The Democrats are going after the gun owners…It should be a very explosive situation.

    Legal Immigrants from Nigeria can walk right into the US and vote themselves 3 million dollars in reparations….breed….and more reparations…’s and all out race war….

    Richard Spencer now supports importing Hindu Legal Immigrants….

  178. Trinity says:

    Eh, you think someone actually values your opinion you pathetic excuse for a human being. You must have me mistaken for someone else, boy. You best back that thang up. “Mongrel?” You are a glorified gypsy, boy, nothing more and nothing less. The only thing special about you boy is probably your smell. I probably could smell your nasty ass all the way from Sarah Palin’s house. No, boy, we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS, even a psychotic piece of Satanic garbage like you. But alas, I am but a simple man, and who am I to judge. My guess is that you are a pathetic little rodent who suffers from delusions and paranoia. You will be judged by someone far greater than good ole Trinity, boy.

  179. @HorstG

    I believe it. I would believe anything involving weird stuff, decisions, etc. coming out of todays Germany. The pansy leadership the country has had since the end of WW 2, is nothing more than an expression of the will of the victors of WW2. Germany is not really “free”. It is still occupied territory, if not physically then still forced to do the will of others. The proof of this assertion of Germany’s real situation is evident every where in the crazy, almost insane and illogical decisions the leadership has made for years. Giving away submarines that are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars each. Allowing millions of foreign people’s to simply come into the nation and set up shop, free of charge, even supported by the government financially. The silencing of people who the native German population who might have unpopular opinions, that are not in line with the governments OPINIONS.. And on and on.

    Of course this bizarre behavior is also occurring in every Western Nation. And some people claim they don’t believe in conspiracy theories. How, as you say, can the same narrative be playing out in every Western and only Western nation in the world and not be considered bizzare.?

  180. @obvious

    Nobody is “fighting for you” because there is nothing to fight over.

    None so blind as those refusing to see.

    What is it about DC that sets you people into such a frenzy? Secede?? You can’t even govern a county or a township, much less a single state.

    Solvent, orderly red states versus chaotic blue banana republics. DC tyrants are exactly what the mafia calls it: “Just another crew.”

    Secede from what?

    Diverse incompetents hopped up on anti-male, anti-White baboonery, including the half-senile chinese-owned fraudsident.

    Here are some of your people “fighting”:

    Amateur hour compared to the BoweLMovement and fagtifa’s yearlong terrorist attacks. (Good thing they stuck to the cities where there wasn’t a Kyle Rittenhouse behind every blade of grass.)

    The rest of your screed sounds like a bad Renfest actor after 30 Red Bulls. Don’t be That Guy who puts the words free speech inside quotes.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @obvious
  181. Ugetit says:

    I read his reply to you and I’d say you’re correct.

  182. @Trinity

    Did you vote for Trump in 2016?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  183. Ugetit says:

    I think you’ve seen more than just Indians on teevee, but your comment was pretty good for satire.

    • Thanks: Cyrano
  184. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Pelosi and company are taking their cue right from Shitler’s playbook.

    That is interesting. What will they do now they’ve stolen the election?

    Apart from the spoils of office, do they have any important ideological objectives? With someone like Biden, it’s hard to believe he has a clue except how to pocket a bribe.

    • Replies: @FB
  185. @obvious

    The OT is FOUNDATIONAL to the NT, and must be read together.

    The OT is not a book, it is a series of writings in the same sense as the NT, but complied at a much later date from its time of origin, (because the derived phoenician alphabet was needed to record it) into a deliberately edited historical tale.


    In the case of the seminal Genesis and Exodus, these are loosely fictionalized stories that borrow from the earlier Semitic peoples and the toppled Sumerians religion and tales, as well as serially adopt the religious practices of those cultures they come into contact with in Egypt, the Fertile Cresent and the Levant.

    (circumcision=Egypt, child sacrifice=sea peoples, written laws = Sumerians/Assyrians/Babylonians, monotheism = Egyptians, burnt offerings = All the above)

    The Biblical Hebrews are clearly ‘Habiru’ desert nomads, noted In the Amarna letters, when they are reported attempting to besiege ‘Urushalim’ (later known as Jerusalem) –

    14th-century Tell el-Amarna correspondence, contains a message from the city’s ruler, Abdi-Kheba (Abdu-Ḥeba), requiring his sovereign’s help against the invading Hapiru (Habiru, ʿApiru).

    The Egyptian efforts to respond to these pleas for help never consist of more than a dozen war chariots – basically a modest patrol. I think this is probably because these vassals are likely Hittite ethnically, who are descended from the prime Egyptian enemy. This was no great ‘Joshua’ attacking army, and what force it could muster did not want to take on even a minimal Egyptian show-of-force patrol, directly.

    The tell is that ‘Pharoah’ – the central character of the establishment of the Hebrew Israelite’s as an eventual literary people, is never named individually in the OT, but instead a literary device is slipped in, to give the appearance of alluding to the pivotal figure. The city of Ramses is mentioned, but not the most important individual in the entire story, aside from Moses.

    The reason is,

    This (anonymous) Biblical Pharaoh is a composite of various stories told and retold concerning figures from the 18th-20th dynasties who had long controlled / influenced / conspired with / persecuted nomadic Canaanite peoples who came into Egypt (Avaris) to seek access to its water and land resources.

    Like the OT infers with Abraham and Sarah, the border guards and even Pharoah’s take their pick of what they want from these nomads seeking admittance to watered Avaris –
    women, cattle, coinage, and in exchange let them dominate the watered agricultural region, eventually to the disadvantage of actual Egyptians. This is likely part of the reason why such a large percentage of modern Levantine Jews, Samaritans (what little is left of them), Lebanese, etc.. are E1b paternally, like Egyptians.

    The composite Pharaoh is largely modeled on –

    Ramesses II (an ego-maniacal crook )
    Ramesses III (conducts massive attacks into Canaan),
    Amenhotep / Ahkenaten (authoritarian religious zealot who creates 1st monotheistic religion),
    Merneptah (also conducts attacks into Levant against numerous Canaanite peoples)

    This is without even delving into the clearly copied attributes of the Moses character, who is the Pharaohs nemesis in the early books, or the reality that 600k people in a desert would all die, manna or not, in short order.

    The Gauls for example were able to raise a Million fighting men against the Romans, but could not keep them together in the field in a well-watered agricultural nation in the same place, at any point in time, due to the starvation that would ensue.

  186. Trinity says:

    I chose Trumper over Hillary Clinton but I see the new boss is the same as the old boss. Cue: Don’t Get Fooled Again by The Who for White America and the rest of humanity.

  187. @obvious

    David Milgard is a retired attorney and one of the best posters at UNZ.

    You are a 12 year old troll, and no one will miss you when you are gone.

  188. Boris II says:

    lol, you idiots must think we’re stupid. We saw the MAGA morons trying to cosplay a civil war. They’re going to jail for a long time.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  189. Jazman says:

    We have to understand L.K. Nazi boy his frustrations are result of many defeats he faced here from you and others

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  190. Ron Unz says:

    I know Ron Unz…also wrote that he does not believe that eminent US historian Col (ret) David M. Glantz has not debunked amateur hack-job ‘Suvorov’s thesis/hallucination (….as I claimed Glantz had).

    You and various other skeptics have repeatedly pointed to the Glantz book as a powerful “debunking” of Suvorov. However, I’ve actually read the Glantz book, and I tend to doubt that you yourself have. As I explained in my original article:

    Several years ago, I came across a website debate on the topic, and one strong critic claimed that Suvorov’s theories had been totally debunked by American military historian David M. Glantz in Stumbling Colossus, published in 1998. But when I ordered and read the book I was sorely disappointed. Although purporting to refute Suvorov, the author seemed to ignore almost all of his central arguments, and merely provided a rather dull and pedantic recapitulation of the standard narrative I had previously seen hundreds of times, laced with a few rhetorical excesses denouncing the unique vileness of the Nazi regime. Most ironically, Glantz emphasizes that although Suvorov’s analysis of the titanic Russo-German military struggle had gained great attention and considerable support among both Russian and German scholars, it had been generally ignored in the Anglo-American world, and he almost seems to imply that it could probably be disregarded for that reason. Perhaps this attitude reflected the cultural arrogance of many American intellectual elites during Russia’s disastrous Yeltsin Era of the late 1990s.

    Glantz is usually cited as the strongest “debunker” of Suvorov in English, but his book totally avoided engaging with any of Suvorov’s arguments or evidence, which he entirely avoided. As much as anything else, this persuaded me that the Suvorov Hypothesis was probably correct.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Commentator Mike
  191. bjondo says:
    @James Speaks

    Ted Turner not exactly an authority for much.

    Saul was but a minor donkey rider til he became Christian.

    So many cops standing like coat racks
    waiting for Ashli Babbit to get murdered.
    That thumbs up to the assassin by the SWAT cop curious.

    5 dancing shlomos

    • Replies: @James Speaks
  192. @Thomasina

    I read it here. I can’t say that it’s true, but I did read elsewhere that the Georgia legislature had voted to examine the ballots following the hearing they had regarding voter fraud. And now suddenly there is no more examination, so you do the math.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
    • Replies: @saggy
  193. Boris II says:
    @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    It’s beginning to look like we need to start our own ORANGE VESTS protests.

    At least you dipshits will be easy to see.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper, TKK
  194. @Trial by Wombat

    “…or the reality that 600k people in a desert would all die, manna or not, in short order…”

    It is worse, those 600,000 people refer to men of fighting age only. We could easily multiply that number by five to include women, children and elderly, so that would make the exodus story even more improbable. The consensus among scholars is that the exodus never happened and that a marginal people from the other side of the Jordan river slowely expanded into Canaan.

  195. @L.K

    Facts don’t matter to anyone on the Left. Facts also don’t matter to anyone not European. So stop arguing with these dorks because … facts don’t matter to them and they manufacture their own. They don’t deserve the attention they get.

  196. This is what all unrepentent MIGA subhumans deserve

    Will Trumpkike “pardon” his loyal followers after denouncing them three times?

    Your most painful punishment for 1945 hasn’t even come yet, mutts.
    Negroes will relieve themselves on arlington, and there will be a tranny’s head on mt.rushmore.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  197. @Corvinus

    “Here is a report with video evidence that CNN/NPR presstitute Jade Sacker was with Antifa leader John Sullivan”
    No, PCR. Pay close attention.

    Interesting cite. I’m looking over it closely to see what it was you think refuted PCR so conclusively. How about this one:

    But somewhere along the way, Sullivan shifted his sights to activism. He founded Insurgence USA, a protest group for “racial justice and police reform,” and began referring to himself as “Activist John” — filling his Twitter feeds with anti-President Trump rhetoric and posts supporting Black Lives Matter, as well as about his participation in recent protests.

    or this one:

    “I was worried about people recognizing me and thinking that I was Antifa or, like, BLM or whatever,” he told the outlet. “The entire time they’re yelling, ‘F— Antifa! F—, BLM.’ I’m not saying I’m Antifa, by any means. But I definitely believe Black Lives Matter.”
    But in Sullivan’s own videos, he can be heard enthusiastically egging on the saboteurs, at one point yelling, “It’s our house, motherf—ers!”

    or this one:

    A clip circulated on social media shows Sullivan with filmmaker Jade Sacker cheering right after reaching the Capitol Rotunda.
    “You were right, we did it!” Sacker tells Sullivan.

    or this one:

    His true motives have already been called into question by leftist activist groups online, including Rebellion Baby, which tweeted an extensive takedown accusing him of being an “infiltrator/agent provocateur.”
    “John has been kicked from the #SaltLakeCity and #Portland protest scenes due to alarming behaviors including grifting/profiteering, self-promotion/clout chasing, sabotage of community actions, threats of violence, and — maybe most disturbingly — ties to the far-right,” the group tweeted on Nov. 26.

    OK, the first three actually support PCR, so you are overstating your case somewhat. But the last suggests that Sullivan could well be an Antifa or BLM infiltrator. From where? Who knows. He could be an informer or he could be undercover law enforcement, or just what he says he was. Here are the points in favor:
    1. He avers that he was just watching and observing on Jan. 6;
    2. He did record the the entire time he was watching the march and occupation of the Capitol, including the Ashli Babbitt murder and that interchange with Jade Sacker in the Capitol Rotunda. At no time did he engage in violence;
    3. He released both clips to the public even though they would have been better withheld if he was Antifa, even though he promised Sacker he would delete the Rotunda scene;
    4. He was arrested but released without bail. (Another commenter says this has happened to him before);
    5. His brother is a Trump supporter. (Quite possibly the “far-right” connection);
    6. He was denounced as an infiltrator back in September (for very general reasons);
    7. As a former Olympic speed skater, he doesn’t fit the usual profile of a disaffected anarchist. His interview in Rolling Stone was quite candid:

    So you may be on to something. He may be the key witness in the Ashli case. He was certainly most seriously shocked by it.

    This is Sullivan’s documentary. The murder scene is real. It is extremely difficult to watch, but occurs near the end, at about 1:11. The rest is incredibly good footage. Every second person in the protest was taking pics. No one had weapons. The man who broke the window for Ashli to climb through was probably the same one who snuck down the stairs to change his clothes right after, so most probably Antifa.

    • Thanks: Just another serf
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  198. FB says: • Website

    Well, your guess is as good as mine.

    But look at the sheer effrontery of this impeachment bullshit, for starters, and not just to the half of the nation that voted for Trump [himself obviously some kind of half-retard], but to every reasonable person who just wants to see this shit show end.

    Enjoy your Hitler Redux 2.0

    Anyway, the sheeple have only themselves to blame, as the country dives headlong into tyranny. They’ve allowed themselves to be brainwashed with the ‘capitalist’ song and dance of the billionaire class, which does absolutely nothing for them, and now that the means of communication, by way of the PUBLIC COMMONS known as the internet that rightfully belongs to the PEOPLE, same as the airwaves, has been gifted into the hands of a few clowns that can shut down even the president…well, what more to say.

    Except that there will be no possible means for people to organize and make their voices heard in this totalitarian nightmare, presided over by the likes of Dorsey, Zuckerberg and the google gang.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  199. @Jazman

    No more low IQ stamps on your posts, jizzman?
    Did your German wife catch you?

  200. @FB

    Lol, how sad. Remember your end destination, “Christian” “man”.
    Nothing good can come from murdering God’s prophets. The kikes have been paying for 2000 years and will not stop soon. Your punishment has just begun.

    Your grandfather is a piece of shit, your daddy too, and your suffering is a direct results of their sins and crimes against humanity. And you will visit them in hell.

  201. @Trinity

    I chose Trumper over Hillary Clinton but I see the new boss is the same as the old boss. Cue: Don’t Get Fooled Again by The Who for White America and the rest of humanity.

    As did I.

    I hoped for the best and moderated my expectations with a sober realization of the true nature of American politics, as well as the entrenched “liberal/leftist” Jew infiltrated bureaucracy that we’ve been cursed with since at least the end of WW2.

    Even after the Democrats regained the House with the betrayal of the GOP “leadership”, the ferocity and hatred directed towards the man really brought home some hard truths about the kind of scum we’re truly up against.

    The last year has been the cherry on top.

    There exists no peaceful political solution to salvage the United States of America and the Historic American Nation.

    • Agree: TKK
  202. @Trinity

    the new boss is the same as the old boss.

    You really think there’s no difference between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton? Or between Trump and Biden? I thought you were smarter than that, and actually I don’t think you really believe it. It’s time to grow up and move on from David Duke.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  203. @Trinity

    Corvinus may actually, for once, have a point about John Sullivan. See my extended reply to him in Comment 203, below.

    And wash my mouth out with soap and water for saying so.

  204. obvious says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    You mean a bunch of delusional fantasy images in your mind? You live in a waking dream world of cartoon bubbles, and you STILL cannot GOVERN a single township, or even your own family, if you have one at all. Red States are the biggest drain on everyone else, and produce nothing but meth and obesity. No farms equals MORE FOOD because all they grow is junk animal feed crops.

    Your entire life is supplied by the cities and the networks that make everything possible. When in history has anything like the RED STATE MORON governed the BLUE STATE ARYAN??

    The best you’ve got is a 17 year old moron whose MOTHER dropped him off to the “protests” with the other children? He looks like a kid I beat up in high school after his mouth never stopped running and thought he was “in charge”. You’ll find out RIGHT SOON whose in charge! fuck red bulls that your drink not mine, that and menthol cigarettes and “bad backs” and “knee replacements”.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  205. obvious says:

    USSR seems like a good idea right about now, if it means wiping out Red Hat America.

    Millions of people died from the effects of the 1930’s Depression, and surely the atrocity stories about the old Soviet Union are equivalent to all other propaganda. The Red Army defeated Fascism so that’s a big point in their direction. You might as well explain the ‘context’ for SOVIET invasions too, like it was completely normal and necessary for their own defense. I’m starting to see the CONTEXT for the NKVD, we need one here in America to disrupt and punish white terrorism.

    There is such a thing as “good” and “bad”… if nazi Germany was “good” why did it fail so spectacularly? Did the Allies “steal the War” from them? I’m sure you’ll “bLaMe ThE jEwS” and everyone else instead of admit there could possibly be something inherently wrong with YOU PEOPLE, which is an uncurable form of moronic red hattedness. Go smear feces all over the Capitol walls and destroy everything else you touch.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Poco
  206. TKK says:

    The hatred I have for Don Lemon could fuel a mid sized Siberian town in the grip of a 3 month blizzard.

    • Agree: Poco
    • Replies: @Trinity
  207. @HeebHunter

    Israeli author Eldad Beck regards Angela Merkel’s engagement with Israel and Judaism as “spectacular.”

    Germany’s chancellor has “developed a very personal connection to the State of Israel and the Jewish people, [becoming] one of the rare German politicians who – when speaking about lessons learned from the past – really knows what she is talking about, and really means it,” said Beck, whose book, “Chancellor Merkel, Israel and the Jews,” was published in Hebrew last year by Yedioth Books. “Not like so many other German politicians who repeat slogans they have learned to say.”

    In 2015, saying “We can manage it,” she opened German borders – ultimately more than a million people came. Not all of them were legitimate refugees.

    German Jewish leader Charlotte Knobloch worries that there will never be another politician like her and wishes she could reconsider.

    Merkel “has stood up for Israel and the Jewish people with heart and soul, not just as a politician but as a person,” Knobloch, 86, head of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, told JTA in a telephone interview.

    “It was unforgettable, her fantastic statement about Germany’s responsibility for Israel,” Knobloch recalled. “She called it part of Germany’s ‘raison d’etat,” or national interest.

    Throughout Europe, too, Jewish leaders are loath to see her go.

    I think that should do…lol

    Your Grandmothers are arrested and imprisoned because of things they say.

    Think about that for a while, angry little boy.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  208. @bjondo

    What Saul was and what Paul became is rather my point, and the location is the region between and including Western Asia and Southern Europe, not Africa as the previous commenter asserted.

  209. Avery says:
    @Ron Unz

    {“…. and I tend to doubt that you yourself have”}

    No need to doubt Ron: I have NOT read it; the subject is not really that important for me to spend the time and effort to read and absorb all the details of a 807 pages book (Colossus Reborn: The Red Army At War, 1941-1943). Plus another 493 pages (Icebreaker. WHO STARTED THE SECOND WORLD WAR?).

    But I have read a lot of discussion on the subject between the 2 sides over the years, and there is little doubt in my mind the Suvorov’s thesis is bunk. Besides that, I haven’t seen a plausible reasoning as to why Stalin would attack Nazi Germany. To gain what ?

    But Hitler had specific ROI for his launching of the invasion of USSR.
    (Remember, Hitler fully expected USSR to collapse in a few weeks and sue for peace).
    (Hitler said so at the launch of Operation Barbarossa).

    Hitler did write (1925) about Lebensraum in the East, didn’t he?
    And as your ‘favourite’ poster [FB] wrote in #124:

    [Many people consider David Irving a very thorough historian who has probably cited more archival material than anybody. Throughout his landmark books about Hitler, Irving has identified the central motivation driving him as his decades long dream of Conquest of the East.]

    And if memory serves, you rate Irving very highly.

    And finally: I haven’t read the following book either, but it claims to debunk Suvorov’s BS.

    [Исаев Алексей Валериевич -Антисуворов]

    Thanks for interesting exchange.

  210. @FB

    Explain, then, why the German volk so ecstatically tore down the Berlin Wall. Surely it wasn’t because they were now free from capitalist plots.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Avery
  211. TKK says:

    What is the evidence? Affidavits that something could be misused and What-if? “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole t…”

    No one has ruled on the evidence. The few lawsuits that were filed were dismissed with brusque contempt before the merits, i.e. evidence, was even admitted.

    You can’t attach mounds of evidence to your lawsuit. You probably don’t have it before you file.You just plead and admit the evidence in a motion or trial. Getting your arms around the evidence that would document this type of fraud will take years.

    This is thousands of moving parts: funds to take depositions, witness coordination, and translating tech evidence into court, and having the custodians to certify/verify the evidence. Every physical piece of evidence must have a human custodian to take the stand and answer 3 basic questions- q) what is this? a) a ballot q) how do you recognize it? a) I worked at the the Long Street polling station and I scanned it q) When did you last see this ballot a) November 4, 2020 and etc.

    Two important points:

    1) As a lawyer, I have taken misdemeanors to trial. Can you state with any intellectual integrity that allegations of election fraud do not deserve for the evidence to be reviewed by some judicial body?

    Joe Biden Quote: Democrats Created ‘The Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization’ In American History

    That’s called an Admission by a Party Opponent, and it is golden.

    2) If a President Elect needs 20,000 armed soldiers for his inauguration, do you believe he is legitimate?

  212. @obvious

    Hey bossman, I notice you been kinda hyped up as of late. I know you boys are “dizzy with success” after the Summer of Floyd, the Election Steal and the propaganda coup of the “Assault on the Capitol”.

    You people think your tech toys and “security” can protect you. You better think again.

    Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE can be gotten to.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    • Agree: TKK, Robert Dolan
  213. @obvious

    And you keep coming back for more? Wow!

    Keep it up. Another 100 to 1000 tries, you may score a direct hit. Shouldn’t be that hard on a bunch of morons like us.

    I’m giving you a thousand chances because it’s probably a logarithmic function, if you get my drift and are not completely lost in the OT.

    • Replies: @obvious
  214. @Trial by Wombat

    The Egyptian writer Ahmed Osman make an interesting case that Ahkenaton is Moses.

  215. FB says: • Website
    @Single malt

    You mean the WEST German volk that tore down the wall. Big difference.

    Ostis had no part in that silliness, seeing as most were sitting quietly at home, quite dismayed and disbelieving that the scumbag Gorby would just hand over their country like that–especially to people they considered crude and aggressive, and wanted no part of.

    • Replies: @Single malt
    , @Poco
  216. @GeneralRipper

    Merkel das Ferkel is a polish kike ruling over an occupied Germany. Yes, and?

    The polish kike is still heading the land in the right general direction. With China displacing muttmerica, denazification will end, so will the Geheimer Staatvertrag. We will escape, you will wait for (((trump’s))) never coming pardon.

    Look at that video. This mutt bitch is going to max sec prison. And this mutt is an entrepeneur rich enough to fly in a private jet during lockdown.

    And her savior denounced thrice.

    Again, your granddaddy is a piece of shit. So was your daddy. You are the biggest turd. All three of you will reunite in hell while shlomo.flac is blastic, haha.

  217. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    A movement must now arise to counter the Democrats who are turning our country into a swamp of anarchists, Leftist rats, BLM, Antifa, and illegal aliens from which we will not recover.

    The GOP is not that movement. Most of its leaders are careerists, RINOs, and cowards.

    Can Trump lead it?

    Maybe but he would need help. He does not have the intellectual capacity. He needs some good, intelligent right-wingers, a ton of money, and lots of lawyers.

    The media may be the most important realm in which to seek power.

    The Left’s iron grip on media and high-tech must be broken.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  218. Whitewolf says:

    Trump must leave office discredited and blackened and his supporters must be demonized as “MAGA terrorists” and “enemies of democracy.”

    Trump is discredited but so is the entire establishment. Now they further degrade the reputation of the US by turning the Capitol into the Forbidden Capitol. The eunuchs are already there in the republican wing of The Party.

  219. Art says:

    You will soon get your wish anyway, as Pelosi and company are taking their cue right from Shitler’s playbook.

    It is time to revisit the term “FemiNazi.”

  220. @davidgmillsatty

    A crowd were repeatedly shouting “hang Mike Pence!”.

  221. Republicans need to wake up. They shout on the senate floor about the Democrat’s double standards, fairness….etc. They call the Socialist Democrat criminals….”My esteemed Colleagues”. What playbook do you think the Socialist Democrats are using???? Republicans are always taking the high road. When will we ever wake up. These people are you enemies. They do not believe in God. They are not loyal to America. They do not believe in Family. They believe in Communism and a one party system of tyrannical rule. They laugh at you Republicans behind closed doors. They believe in Power and Control. Nothing else matters. “Your Esteemed Colleagues” will gleefully send you to your death and your children to re-education camps. Wake the hell up.

  222. @Desert Fox

    My view is that: We are an occupied nation.

    The Marxists (my umbrella word for the commies in the USA) have triangulated this country over the last decade. They’ve installed more Governors, State AGs, State SoS, Mayors, local prosecutors, judges, media honchos and corporate CEOs than we would care to believe. But, it’s entirely obvious to anyone with open eyes and mind.

    Now, combine that with the capture of Congress and the WH as well as a compromised Chief Justice of SCOTUS and how can anyone not deduce that we are an occupied country? Those goons have big plans for us — I wonder if the military will be involved.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  223. @Ron Unz

    What is Suvorov’s thesis? That the USSR planned to attack Germany because of the type of armaments and the positioning/deployment of troops as well as a few statements by Stalin. If Germany attacking the USSR, because of this, is “justified” then attacking Germany would have also been justified under the “attack is the best form of defense” argument (And Russia and China, as well as half the world, would be justified in attacking and invading the USA today). Considering the anti-Russian rhetoric coming out of Germany and Nazi’s clearly stated intentions, plans and actions, the USSR was surely justified in defending itself by any means, even including attacking first and invading Germany.

    The Soviets were surely aware of the plans for Operation Barbarossa from several sources so why didn’t they put their own offensive strategy into play, as apparently they were ready to go according to Suvorov? Why wait? To settle who is guilty of the crime of war? Germany always and in every instance. Like with its attack on Poland. And even after the declaration of war, France and the UK did not attack but waited for Germany to make the first move and show clearly who is the aggressor. So, OK I understand Suvorov’s thesis but why is it so important that it overrides everything else that was going on? It looks to me like a weak attempt to whitewash Germany’s aggression which went not only East but West, North and South all across Europe.

    • Agree: FB, Wielgus, Avery, Cyrano, Jazman
    • Troll: L.K
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  224. @Mike Fridelle

    Excellent rant, Mike.

    The only problem is that three quarters of the Republicans fully agree with the Democrats.

    In 2016 after Donald Trump shocked the world, the Republicans held the Presidency as well as a majority in both the House and the Senate.

    What did they do with it?

    • Replies: @Oemiktlob
  225. @Levtraro

    Whether you are brown or black or white I would be very happy if you consider yourself as a steward of Christianity.

  226. @FB

    How do you know that? We’re you there?

    • Replies: @FB
  227. @Mr. Cracker

    Can you state which leaders of which european countries are drivers of this kill christianity campaign?

  228. Levtraro says:
    @James Speaks

    Come on. Look at the map. The distinction between North Africa and Western Asia is arbitrary. The whole Arabian Peninsula and the so-called Middle East are geographically and culturally part of Africa, North Africa to make an objective distinction, and the people living there, they are closer to Africans than to Asians, at least judging by the looks (been there many times).

  229. Realist says:

    It doesn’t annoy me…it is a flag that says the writer is a dumbass and his message is full of crap.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  230. Oemiktlob says:

    “What did they do with it?”

    The usual (as to be expected): nothing good for those they ostensibly serve.

    As just one example, the Republicans have held majorities and had a Republican president, what, 3X now since Roe v Wade, yet never abolished Planned Parenthood or defunded it when they very easily could have. Should tell any reasonably intelligent person all they need to know about the GOP and Republicans right there.

    And so-called “conservative” voters have continued to support them. Go figure.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  231. @follyofwar

    Pelosi et al, think that they are tarring Trump with the brush of “the only president in history to be impeached twice”. instead she is tarring her party with the backside of the same brush: “The only party to launch two impeachments with no evidence during a single presidential term”.

    The failure to get Pence to initiate a 25th amendment removal of Trump may have saved them from having Trump removed and issued a blanket pardon by Pence, but I doubt that Pence would have issued such a pardon. So did the totalitarian gang in Congress, apparently, or they wouldn’t have wanted Pence to remove Trump from office.

  232. @Mr. Cracker

    you have precisely described the situation at hand.

  233. TTSSYF says:

    I’m only surprised that you don’t omit the period at the end of your last sentence of your comments (I understand that the children in our society think that using a period at the end of a final sentence in text messages is rude).

  234. FB says: • Website
    @Single malt

    Yes, I was there for an entire year as a student several years prior. I have many friends there, with whom I keep in touch to this day.

    That mob that tore at the wall was from WEST Berlin. Everybody in East Germany knows that.

    And you? Have you ever been there?

    • Replies: @Single malt
  235. Corvinus says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    PCR is claiming with 100 percent authority that Sullivan is Antifa. There is enough reasonable doubt in the article to show otherwise. There is substantial reason to believe Sullivan is a grifter and a publicity seeking whore.

    “he man who broke the window for Ashli to climb through was probably the same one who snuck down the stairs to change his clothes right after, so most probably Antifa.”

    I see what you did there in using the word “probably”. You’re just guessing as well.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  236. TTSSYF says:
    @Jim Christian

    While I agree that most women are political dopes and have contributed significantly to the country’s demise, it wasn’t women who passed the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 and subsequent legislation that allowed the country to be inundated with congenital Leftists from around the globe.

  237. TTSSYF says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I don’t think it would have made much difference if there hadn’t been the 6 January rally or the occupation of the Capitol – the media make up their own reality and the MSM is in the hands of the same people in the US as in much of the rest of the world.

    Totally agree. The occupation of the Capitol was just a convenient excuse and no doubt largely staged for that very purpose. Failing that, the ‘rats and the media would have come up with something in their efforts to destroy the man. Look to see them working overtime to cancel him, just as quickly as Land o’ Lakes butter cancelled the girl from their packaging (couldn’t they at least have replaced her with something; e.g., a beautiful sunrise. rather than having her simply vanish?) Their bloodlust won’t be satisfied until the entire Trump family gets the Romanov treatment…and even then, it won’t be enough.

  238. Trinity says:
    @Carolyn Yeager


    Obviously all 3 have some personality traits that are less than ideal. Trump is an ego maniac who despite of all his bluster about being politically incorrect he is cowed by Jewish power and influence. Hell, his daughter is married to a Jewish Supremacist and anti-White racist and you look to this guy as your ideal President. I am the one who needs to “grow up?” Trump stills quotes (((the big lie))) about how “our greatest generation ever saved the world from fascism” ( whatever fascism really is) and yet he is FRIGHTENED OF JEWISH POWER.

    The Trumper is not as anti-White as drugged up, decrepit, Loser Joe or Shillary, but he isn’t exactly a White Calypso Louie either. The Trumper will address Brown invader crime but he is to frightened to call out Black on White violence. One thing about Jewish leaders, Black leaders, THEY ALWAYS PUT THEIR PEOPLE FIRST AND EVERYONE DOESN’T SEEM TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT. Look at how Trump spoke out about Charlottesville. Has Trump ever had anyone try and arrest the people funding Antifa/BLM? Of course this goes beyond Trump’s power, it seems that Antifa/BLM have a special pass for some (((odd reason.)))

    David Duke? David Duke is nothing but flesh and bone and he is like us all, he has his shortcomings but the man has shown me that he has stayed true to his message for half a century. Some German philosopher once said something about “Men believe in the truth of all that is seen to be strongly believed in.” IF I were in a foxhole who would I rather be in there with, Duke & Calypso Louie, or Biden-Trump-Clinton? In the words of Creepy Joe, “come on man.” I’m in there with Duke & Louie.

    Trump vs. David Duke. While Duke is flawed, next to Trump he looks like Secretariat standing next to a donkey, and Trump is the donkey.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  239. TTSSYF says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Agreed. I remember when, right around 1989 or so, the cover of Time magazine read, “The Browning of America” which I read with strong sense of sadness and foreboding. One day in the 1990s, while at the main post office of the large city I live in, I felt like I was a stranger in a foreign country when I looked around at my “fellow citizens”. We’ve become not much more than an international flea market…and a bankrupt one, at that.

    What unites us? Half the country hates it and us but won’t let us peacefully go. At this point in my life, I just try to surround myself with like-minded people and avoid the others like the plague.

  240. Trinity says:

    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Take a look at that guy’s eyes. Just a guess here, but I would wager a bet here that his buddy Fredo is on the DL, hell, those guys could be doing the nasty with each other. Not an expert on body language, but sissy Don seems to be the alpha male or topper in their relationship. He seems to be very condescending and dominant to the poor little wannabe Men’s Fitness model, Fredo Cuomo. Despite his little training schedule at the gym, Cuomo has a deer in the headlights look about him and has just as many feminine qualities as his buddy Dandy Don. The fact that these two fluffers were talking about “masculinity” the other night is hysterical. One probably wears garter belts and stockings and the other probably shaves his body hair.

    Hey Chris Cuomo the homo, want to see a real masculine man, google images of boxers Tom Sharkey, Jim Jeffries, Jack Dempsey, Roberto Duran, Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston, football players like Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, Ray Nitschke, John Riggins, Mike Curtis, etc. Lifting FAKE weights and going through your latest Fitness For Men workout does not make you masculine. Those men who braved the wilderness and built this country up from nothing. That is masculine. Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have never done a day’s work in their life.

  241. @Oemiktlob

    “And so-called “conservative” voters have continued to support them. Go figure.”

    What else are we gonna do, vote Democrat? Come on, man.

    • Replies: @Oemiktlob
  242. Avery says:
    @Single malt

    {“….why the German volk so ecstatically…..”}

    You can’t be serious.

    You are judging what went on there by the videos and pictures nicely packaged and presented to you (…..and me, and everybody else: you know the famous “undecided middle”) by the lying MSM? These people are masters at creating illusions.

    I wasn’t there, and I am sure there were many unhappy people in East Germany at that time. Like there are lots of unhappy, disgruntled people in every country of the world.
    But you must know by now how easy it is to organize a group of people to do whatever needs to get done. These Evil Globalists have elevated creating disillusion, mayhem, death, destruction, etc. etc, to a sick art form.

    Do you remember how “ecstatically” Ukrainians were when Victoria Nudelman (aka Nuland) was handing out cookies to them? How ecstatic do you figure Ukrainians are now?

    We all just witnessed these snakes manufacture an Impeachment case against a popularly elected President out of thin air: the charge was supposed collusion with Russia. All lies; all manufactured “facts”.

    Did you read this very same well referenced article by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS?
    In broad daylight, these snakes have convinced a large portion of American sheeple that there was a violent assault, insurrection, blah, blah organized by POTUS Trump on the Capitol. And you think they could not organize a mob to ‘ecstatically tear down a wall’ in some remote foreign country and convince 10s of millions of Americans that it was some kind of “popular revolt”?

    Give me a break.

  243. @FB

    Boy oh boy. Anyone who can speak of president Trumps “arrogance” and has, at the same time, not observed the same or much greater degree of arrogance displayed by this woman, is being willfully blind. She is a piece of work–tearing apart a President’s speech in front of the whole Congress and even world, allowing her beauty needs to be necessary while denying those same needs to other people during the covid pandemic, at burning, looting and real rioting resulting in over 12 people dead and massive property damage that took away the livelihood of thousands of small business owners was NOT rioting but mere demonstrating, is to my way of thinking, someone that makes Donald Trump look like a shy person….lol

    • Replies: @FB
  244. bayviking says:

    For a large segment of the American population, beating a cop to unconsciousness on the steps of the US capitol with a flagpole isn’t as offensive to the time-honored values of the Republic as kneeling during the national anthem.

    Trump supporters are an ignorant, mean spirited lot.

    • Thanks: obvious
    • Troll: Trinity
  245. Oemiktlob says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    “What else are we gonna do, vote Democrat.”

    I hate to burst your bubble but for all intents and purposes, you did.

    Just don’t vote because all that does is lend legitimacy to the whole charade. The answer lies within delegitimizing the entire corrupt, crooked, predetermined political edifice that has zero to do with your vote through non-consent. Take charge of your life.

    C’mon, man.

    • Thanks: obvious
  246. bayviking says:

    The man arrested Thursday for hitting a Capitol Hill police officer in the head with a fire extinguisher during MAGAriot is…drumroll…a retired fireman from Chester, Pennsylvania. According to court filings, Robert Sanford recognized himself in a video and told a friend that he was the person the FBI was looking for. He described traveling to Washington by bus to hear Trump’s speech at a “Stop the Steal Rally” and then, according to the court filings, “following the president’s instructions” to march to the Capitol.

    Another life ruined by believing in a lie.

  247. TTSSYF says:

    I vote for Steve Bannon, along with Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Peter Navarro, for starters. Bannon is a cheerful warrior, very articulate and entertaining, with a pleasant voice. If he’d lose a little of his scruffiness and a few pounds, he’d look really nice, especially for someone his age.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  248. bayviking says:

    Doug Mastriano, a state senator in the Pennsylvania general assembly, helped organize bus trips to the MAGAriot at the Capitol. His financial disclosures show Mastriano’s campaign spent thousands to rent charter buses days before the rally and then sold tickets at \$25 a seat.

    Yet most Trump supporters including PCR claim the violence was perpetuated by BLM and other leftist infiltrators.

    This is a grand conspiracy involving elected Republicans on the State and Federal level.

  249. gb1234 says:

    Trump sent 700,000 supporters to the Capital to be witnesses to the anarchists attempts to disrupt the fraud evidence.

  250. obvious says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    Anyone who knows even a little kung fu can easily defeat you. Go home and start all over again

  251. Bert says:

    You should apply your analytic skills to the movie, Molly’s Game.

  252. FB says: • Website
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    For the record, I never once called Trump ‘arrogant.’

    I described him as a ‘half-retard,’ which he obviously is, allowing himself to get snookered by the likes of that gavel-wielding Hitler wannabe and her minions in the so-called ‘tech industry’ that have shut down Trump like a jack-in-the-box. It would help if you actually read what I said.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  253. @obvious

    This site can’t be that fun for you, oblivious. No one is triggered by your looks-at-muh! poop-posting. Please move along.

    • Agree: Genrick Yagoda
  254. @obvious

    Keep up on the ad hominem attacks and you may win the inaugural

    Fran Taubman Trolling Award!

    • Replies: @obvious
  255. obvious says:

    BIDEN and KAMALA won the inaugural much to your chagrin

    • Replies: @Trinity
  256. Notsofast says:

    if it doesn’t annoy you, why make an issue out of it?

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  257. Notsofast says:

    you are misinterpreting what i am saying (but that’s what you do). i’m not talking about 75,000,000 people in vests with baseball bats, i’m talking about a coordinated effort to short the stock of the six publicly traded corporations that control the mockingbird media and their social media gatekeepers. that is getting on the thin end of the bat.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  258. Trinity says:

    How the HELL are you, boy? It is Sunday why aren’t you in church?

  259. @FB

    No, I’ve never been there. But the whole world saw news videos of many thousands of celebratory Germans tearing down what was essentially a prison wall built by the communists. So what if they were mainly of the west; the mentality of eastern Berliners then would have been that of people reluctant to evince defiance of authority.

    • Replies: @FB
  260. obvious says:
    @Trial by Wombat

    The Bible is way too specific and supported by other sources to be ignored… the issue that started this is manicheism, which tries to divorce the old and new testaments, because it makes people uncomfortable to get the real Jesus and the Gospel, which can be a hard lesson.

  261. FB says: • Website
    @Single malt

    No, I’ve never been there.

    Yet you continue to complain about the facts presented by someone who has.

    You still insist on calling it a ‘prison wall,’ when earlier I had given a quote from the New York Times from 1963 that 60,000 East Berliners had up to that point COMMUTED DAILY to West Berlin to their jobs. That’s a total of 18 YEARS that nobody was preventing any movement between the two communities.

    That tells me that I am talking with an extremely obtuse person that can with the greatest ease block out all actual facts that don’t suit him. Amazing.

    Look, based on your acceptance of the story spun by our ‘reliable’ media, I would suggest you happily continue believing whatever you like. But even western opinion polls still tell a different story to this day of what East Germans think about the two systems.

    Thank you for your time, sir and Good Day.

  262. @Trinity

    Sure there are differences

    That’s all I asked you.

    While Duke is flawed, next to Trump he looks like Secretariat standing next to a donkey

    O my god, hardly. I know David Duke; that’s another statement you would not be able to prove … except among like-minded friends. I’m just tired of the exaggerations and careless throw-away lines. How about a little precision once in awhile?

    And don’t fancy that you have anything on me when it comes to being jew-wise. An Irishman is always way behind a German. I learned about it at my parent’s supper table and I didn’t forget it.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  263. Notsofast says:

    well if you like bannon so much, why don’t you marry him?

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  264. @FB

    Apologies sir. I used bad sentence structure since I honestly did not mean to address you directly. I was carried away and more or less engaged in free association.

  265. Robjil says:

    I’m starting to see the CONTEXT for the NKVD, we need one here in America to disrupt and punish white terrorism.

    You mean Israeli white terrorism

    Nine Eleven – Neocon/Israeli white terrorism

    USS Liberty – Israeli white terrorism

    Seven Nations to Destroy – Neocon/Israeli white terrorism

    That is the biggest terrorism around.

    • Agree: geokat62
  266. Trinity says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Well the poor Irish don’t have that much in their past history worth bragging about I will grant you that, and Irish criminality was indeed a problem as they were minor players in organized crime. Admittedly German intelligence amazes even good ole Trinity, HOWEVER, the Germans, the Irish, and ALL WHITES have been a pretty disappointing lot for the most part for the last 75 years or longer. The fact that Whites allowed themselves to be duped into killing each other by the tens of millions in WWII doesn’t say a great deal about the intelligence of Whites. You MUST admit however that the Germans of today are one of the most cucked people on earth. They have been mind f*cked just as bad as the effeminate Englishman and Irish aren’t much better. All these people worship JFK? Really? Did not JFK FORCE INTEGRATION ON WHITE CHILDREN IN THE SOUTH? I don’t have anything against my German brethren and sisters, and for you to make comments demeaning the Irish is not a way to bring unity to the White race. But if you want to look down on someone who has your back, knock yourself out. Out of curiosity what did the uncouth Irishman do at the supper table? haha. No one ever said the Irish were all that refined especially around grub and drink.

  267. TTSSYF says:

    I like and admire quite a few people…Bannon is one of several I admire.

    What a child you are, to post such a response, especially when my comment was not directed to you.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  268. @FB

    Give them time FB, these losers have still not got over the brutal mauling Lincoln gave them when he ended that slavery nonsense, may be in another hundred years they will get over ‘Mein Fuhrer’s self inflicted catastrophe without which Germany would have been sitting on the high table the military peers of Russia & US. In another 500 years hopefully they will get over with the Obama Presidency. The Trump election loss might take a millennium to cure.

    They have multiple PTSDs to handle, show them some mercy.

    Give them time.

    • Replies: @Avery
  269. Avery says:

    { “…may be in another hundred years they will get over ‘Mein Fuhrer’s self inflicted catastrophe without which Germany”}

    There may not be a Germany in another hundred years.
    The way things are going in another hundred years, their national anthem will become….

    Islamisch Deutschland, Islamisch Deutschland über alles,
    Über alles in der Welt,
    Islamisch Deutschland, Islamisch Deutschland über alles,
    Allahu Akbar !

    These delusional neo-Nazi, neo-Hitlerite Hitler-cultists, who pray to God-Hitler while they are lamenting the putative demise of ‘white’ (Caucasian?) people, refuse to see the obvious: der Führer and his psychopath Nazi gang are singularly responsible for the deaths of some 60 million Caucasians in Europe. As a direct result of the Hitler catastrophe, Germany and Western Europe became ripe for the takeover by Globalist reptiles, who are methodically destroying the European civilization in Western Europe.

    As you noted, if not for Hitler, Germany would be a proud, independent country today ‘…sitting on the high table the military peers of Russia & US. ‘

    Instead, Germany and most of Western Europe today are colonized subjects of SorosaGlobalists, who are methodically filling it with Muslim “refugees”, to destroy their European roots and unique, irreplaceable national characters.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  270. Richard B says:

    not always being in the forest, but outside of it, gives a useful perspective on the forest itself.

    Looking at things from different perspectives is always good. But no perspective is good if it’s based on ignorance. And the other commenter’s perspective was based on ignorance by his own admission.

    And it certainly gets around claims of bias

    Bias and ignorance are two completely different things.

    another logical fallacy.

    Bias isn’t a logical fallacy. It’s a distortion of perspective.

    In fact, in the hierarchy of logical fallacies, bias is probably higher on the list than the ones you mention.

    I only mentioned one – paralogism. And there is no definitive, absolute hierarchy of logical fallacies. Even so, ignorance and a lack of intellectual self-awareness, like the kind exhibited by the other commenter and yourself, are pretty important defects.

    Fortunately for you both those defects are correctable. Unfortnately, however, the longer one waits the more difficult it is.

  271. @Avery

    The only thing, I don’t know if those you are referring to deserve to be called neo-Nazis or even apologists of Nazism. They deny all the unsavoury policies of the Nazis: the Holocaust, extermination and cleansing of Slavs to colonise Eastern Europe, Mengele’s experimentation programme at Auschwitz, Nazis megalomaniac wish to conquer all of Europe, the UK, the Middle East and North Africa, if not the whole world to set up its own colonies, etc., etc. So if the programme and policy of these so called neo-Nazis differs so much they wouldn’t have made very good Nazis in old Germany. Unless in private they approve of all this but waste everyone’s time in public forums trying to deny it. Go and read Savitri Devi to see what a true non-German non-apologetic Nazi believes and compare to these others.

  272. Trinity says:

    IF Hitler wouldn’t have had the half the world against him he would have saved Germany and the rest of the West from the shit we are going through now. Hitler was but one man and Germany was but a relatively nation facing insurmountable odds. All you internet warriors and pathetic “experts” more than likely have never taken a risk in your entire live much less turn a nation around in 5 years. Most of you are too afraid to walk in a Black neighborhood much less fight against overwhelming odds to SAVE YOUR PEOPLE. All White nations who participated in destroying Germany and Germans should hold their heads in shame. Sadly I had two uncles who were drafted and fought overseas, nothing against them, they were two country bumpkins and were dirt poor. The poor and the working class ALWAYS fight for rich cowards like Donald “Bone Spurs” Trump, George “National Guard” Bush, DICK ” I never served a day in the military” Cheney, and Bill “Draft Dodger” Clinton. Unlike these creeps, Hitler actually fought for his country in WWI. You freaks criticizing Hitler aren’t fit to shine his shoes.

    Hitler doesn’t have a damn thing to do with what has been going on since the end of WWII. BLAME YOUR PATHETIC shabbos goy leaders. Hell, if you want to keep living in the past, why don’t you blame the naive Russian people for allowing a band of homeless gypsies to dupe them into Zionism/Communism. Blame Winston Cuckhill and FDR for helping enslave half of Europe under (((Communist Rule.))) Blame Western leaders for allowing their nations to be raped both figuratively and literally by hordes of nonwhite invaders. Blame Western leaders for not having the balls to stand up to Jewish power and people like George Soros. Not one Western leader has attempted to imprison Soros or even indict him for his criminal behavior. Hitler was a helluva a man, and you have men who probably were silk panties criticizing him, that’s rich.

    America and the rest of the West has leaders who are pedophiles, sex and drug addicts, AOC and Omar, two losers who probably can’t recite the alphabet, Linslee Graham, the Turtle man, negroes who are half illiterate, etc. What a motley crew of losers.

  273. Trinity says:

    All Western leaders post Hitler need to be blamed for what the West faces today and yes, that includes cuckservatives like good ole Ronnie Reagan. All American presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Donald Trump have contributed to allowing America to turn to shit, NOT HITLER. Hitler was taking a dirt nap while leaders in Europe stabbed their Eastern European brothers in the back and turned them over to the (((communists.))) You have leaders like sex pervert, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden applauding when America will become a majority nonwhite nation and you want to blame Hitler? YOU PATHETIC COWARDS. You have Donald J. Trump on all fours sucking up to Jews and/or Israel and you want to blame Hitler? You have leaders who do not care about tens of thousands of White females being sexually assaulted or raped in America every single year and you want to blame Hitler? You have leaders who have allowed your factories to be shipped overseas and you want to blame Hitler? You have allowed a elections to be turned into selections and now face being governed by a man who belongs in a nursing home where he can grope the nurses and an affirmative action do nothing as his VP who was described by her fellow Ivy league schoolmate as being “cooler than everyone else.” Good gawd, these people are either basket cases, sex predators or have the mindset of a 14 year old.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  274. Notsofast says:

    low hanging fruit, you can dish it out but you can’t take it.

  275. Poco says:

    The best thing about communists is that their leaders eventually start exterminating their followers. This is because their followers are dysgenic, scummy weirdos.

  276. Poco says:

    Riiiiiiiight. Germans just loved being ruled by Russians who had the ability to just hand their country over. They just lurved that wall that Russians built.

  277. When 9/11 happened, InfraGard was there!

    When WACO happened, InfraGard was there!

    When the Boston Marathon bombings happened, InfraGard was there!

    When the Christmas Memphis bombing hapoened, InfraGard was there! 

    When \$21 trillion vanshed from tne Pentagon, InfraGard was there! 

    When the scamdemic happened, InfraGard was there! 

    When the shootings at the Capitol happened, InfraGard was there! 

    What in the world would we do without the InfraGard terrorist cult network? 

    We would obviously be much safer and richer! 

    Anyone can report federal crime to the FBI without being an InfrGard member! 

    What is the lame excuse for being one?! We know that they are not good samaritans!

    I believe that the serial criminal psychos in my neighborhood in the health scare sector, and in the media that have been  terrorizing me with constant surveillance, impersonation with mammalian mimicry,  ecolalia, break ins, hacking, vault 7 technology, illegal sadistic unconsented surgery while I was unconscious at St Mary’s Ozaukee, V2K, stealing, vandalizing, theft, stalking, etc., must be InfraGard terrorist cult members, whose only difference to The Order Of Nine Angels is their names! They use the same practices and techniques! The FBI is the common denominator between the two. They a bunch of complete losers that belong in prison!  

    Andrea Iravani

  278. @Trinity

    for you to make comments demeaning the Irish is not a way to bring unity to the White race.

    You’re right about that, but I assure you my intention was not to “demean the Irish.” When I looked at my comment today I was surprised to see the stand-alone sentence, “An Irishman is always way behind a German.” It started out “When it comes to being jew-wise, an Irishman is always way behind a German.” But I was changing things around during that five-minute window which is really less than 4 minutes, and got cut off when trying to delete the word “way” after realized that was too strong. I am always trying to make my comments more brief and to-the-point so as not to invite further unwanted disagreements and attacks. This results in my sometimes being too brief and failing to communicate adequately. (As a new year resolution, I want to stop commenting at Unz altogether, but the problem for me is that it’s so damn easy!)

    As to Germans/Irish, I hold that no other Europeans have suffered under Jews to the extent Germans have. And worse, other Europeans applauded the punishment doled out on what was left of Germany after both world wars because they could not stop being jealous and fearful of German accomplishments and competition. No doubt about that! I fully agree with you that:

    ALL WHITES have been a pretty disappointing lot for the most part for the last 75 years or longer. The fact that Whites allowed themselves to be duped into killing each other by the tens of millions in WWII doesn’t say a great deal about the intelligence of Whites.

    It says less about the moral integrity of whites, Trinity. Let’s admit that. Whites are in denial which makes us easy pickings for Jews. Jews are smart and crafty, and have their own ‘moral code’ that works for them, not against themselves.

    You MUST admit however that the Germans of today are one of the most cucked people on earth.

    “one of?” What meaning does that have when you add “one of?” I don’t agree that Germans are more cucked, as you put it, than other Whites. They just have no legal room for action. Germany has been a police state since 1945. And now we Americans are headed that way, like a speeding train, and yet all frustrated people like you can do is to blame and trash Donald Trump, who actually gave up a lot to try to slow the process and turn the US in the right direction. Trump is half German and half Scot. He got his brains and learned the ropes about how to survive in New York from his German father. He has “good bloodlines” imo, as he likes to say about his favorite people. He’s not anti-Jewish but not a one of the people he’s said that about was a jew.

    Anyone who recognizes “good bloodlines” is not anti-White.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  279. @Trinity

    Well the poor Irish don’t have that much in their past history worth bragging about I will grant you that, and Irish criminality was indeed a problem as they were minor players in organized crime.

    You might want to research that a bit more before making such a statement.

    The Irish made great contributions to Europe and Christendom.

    I have great admiration for the Germans, but Germanic people benefitted greatly from Irish religious and cultural influence, as did England and much of Europe.

    According to Arthur Kingsley Porter, Yale professor, the success of the Celtic Church was a religious and political event of the first magnitude. Also the French writer Montalembert wrote: “It has been said and cannot be sufficiently repeated, Ireland was then regarded by all Christian Europe as the principal centre of knowledge and piety – superior to
    anything that could be seen in any other country of Europe.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  280. @profnasty

    Eichmann is German- two nn’s

    Eichman is Jewish- one n

    Edward Manfredonia

  281. There is no benefit for Putin in assassinating political rabble rousers like Navalny. The way to go is to install mechanisms that keep support for these people low, and that seems to have been achieved anyway. Once you engage in assassinations, you set the goddesses of revenge (erinyes) in motion and destabilize your own government. It then becomes very easy for rabble rowsers to gain power. Putin seems to be a wise man who knows this, and the Navalny poisoning narrative is unconvincing. Yet the official reactions to the Kudryatsev phone call are unsatisfactory. As long as there is no real investigation that provides convincing answers, harsh crackdown on Navalny can only make matters worse. And when convincing answers are provided, no more crackdown is needed.

  282. Corvinus says:

    “i’m not talking about 75,000,000 people in vests with baseball bats”

    Again, your side does not have 75,000,000 supporters, just voters. IF that be the case, your side would have overthrown the government and put Trump in charge for a second term.

    “i’m talking about a coordinated effort to short the stock of the six publicly traded corporations that control the mockingbird media and their social media gatekeepers. that is getting on the thin end of the bat.”

    Why don’t you get the ball rolling on that. I’ll check back with you in six months.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  283. @Commentator Mike

    I do like you. You are one of the few reasonable and logical people on this site.
    But no!
    Stalin had no intention to attack Germany.
    But Stalin wanted to get Baltic Republics back. Stalin was furious with Trotsky who did give three Baltic Republics to Germany in Brest-Litovsk peace agreement.
    So after Germany’s campaign in Poland, Stalin moved several division into Latvia.
    But Latvia de facto and de jure was part of German territory. So it was Stalin who did attack Germany.
    Stalin certainly had no intention to attack Germany proper.
    On the Wally’s Codoh site you can find the Hitler’s speech before invasion.
    You can go and find it there.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  284. @Zarathustra

    Thanks but it’s not what the Latvians think:

    INDEPENDENT INTERWAR LATVIA (1918-1940),Russian%20monarchist%2C%20and%20German%20occupations.

    According to them:

    Soviet-German Ribentropp-Molotov pact „ceded“ Latvia to the Soviets, and they swiftly occupied the nation in 1940.

    I suppose “ceded” is in inverted commas because it wasn’t German to give but just division of territory among the powerful, sort of like the UK ceding Czechoslovakia to Germany at Munich.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  285. @Mr. Cracker

    That might be what they are trying to do, but it does not make sense for them to do that.
    They would be killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
    Who would it benefit to have the white races destroyed? Nobody. Everybody has benefited from having White people around, so it would really be foolish for anybody to want to destroy them.
    The worst thing of all is how many White people seem intent on destroying the White race. As if they would somehow benefit from nullifying their own existance? It doesn’t make sense.
    If Whites would allow themselves to be destroyed and would even willingly participate in their own destruction, well then maybe they don’t deserve to survive?
    That would sure be a sad loss to the world.

    • Replies: @Mr. Cracker
  286. AReply says:

    “IF Hitler wouldn’t have had the half the world against him he would have saved Germany…”

    Holy fucking shit, someone here actually wrote this? Yes they did.

    This thread has devolved into a mutual admiration salon, sewing circle, and pissing contest to find out who are the greater and lesser Nazis. Why? So you all can figure out where to fit in into the new world order once MAGAT-Trumphead-FoxNews minions finish seizing control of the nation’s Capitol.

    “I’m one one the good Nazis. I’ve nothing against anyone with pure blood! I’m just looking out for the purity of my blood. ”

    “Hitler didn’t have had to be so harsh to preserve the purity of the blood.”

    “Why do they try to pollute our blood purity, when all we want to do is live like normal Nazis?!”

    “I like this community and the price of the property is acceptable, but what about the blood purity in this community?”

    “Meet at the Grange Hall on Weds 7:00pm to discuss protocols for blood purity tests for all residents”

    “All I wanted was some lingonberry syrup for my pancake and then I found out the server has impure blood! I wish my ancestors never came to America!”

  287. @Commentator Mike

    That Germany ceded Latvia To Soviet union does not make a sense. If that would be true than why Hitler was complaining that Soviet divisions did enter Latvia.
    Ribentrop Molotov pact did remain secret and so it was never publicized so we do not know what was in it. We are only guessing.
    And I do not think that Hitler was a liar.
    Maybe son of a bitch but not a liar.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  288. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    OMG!!! They did 9/11 and 1/6???!!!


    Hi there,

    Did 9/11 and 1/6 (and, by characteristics, most “revolutions” and social mouvements from the fall of the Berlin Wall… to the staged Capitol coup) involve the complicity of some of the same individuals???!!!

    If so, would those individuals be those Trump supporters who entered the Capitol and walked one after another like for a guided tour? Not “highly likely”, as most of them were in kindergarden back then, isn’t it?
    To those who wouldn’t accept to become complicit in these false-flag operations:
    When a former president said “The fool can’t be fooled again.”, was he right?

    Have a nice day!

  289. This goes down all the way proving that Hitler and and Soviet union did attack Poland simultaneously is a great LIE. It never did happen. Also it proves that Katin massacre could not have been done by Soviets.
    After all most westward Soviet units were in Latvia and not in Poland.
    And it looks obvious that Molotov and Ribentrop did meet and did not agree on anything,

    • LOL: L.K
  290. @Zarathustra

    Politics is a dirty business. After all that animosity, hatred and propaganda against each other, the communists and Nazis went and signed a pact and then they broke it. Stalin executed numerous communists during his show trials falsely accusing them of being Nazi agents and then he went and signed a pact with the Nazis. They were obviously trying to play each other.

  291. anarchyst says:

    It was the JEWS who were behind the American “civil-rights (for some)” movement of the 1950s and 1960s although the false idea of “racism” and the demonization of “discrimination” occurred much earlier with the jewish communists of the Frankfurt school.

    Those of us aware whites who came of age during those turbulent times had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. It was no secret that a jewish cabal ran the whole “civil-rights (for some)” charade with the cooperation of the mainstream media of the day. Almost every “civil-rights (for some)” handler or worker was a New York-based communist jew.

    Let’s not forget WW2 “paper-shuffler” Eisenhower who forcibly integrated all-white schools with the (illegal) use of federal troops intruding on what was properly state purview. We KNEW what the results would be, but were effectively neutered by Eisenhower’s use of federal troops to enforce illegal “civil-rights (for some)” orders.

    I personally witnessed the violence of the so-called “non-violent “civil-rights (for some)” demonstrations of the day, not unlike the “civil-unrest” of the past year. Of course, the mainstream media was “in” on the “fix”., not unlike our present situation.

    To see the results of the jew-run “civil-rights (for some)” movement, just look at the condition of “the birthplace of the civil-rights (for some” movement, Selma and Montgomery Alabama along with the major black-run urban centers in the rest of the USA.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Troll: Corvinus
  292. saggy says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    I read it here.

    You must be a complete idiot. A moment’s research reveals the answer, google voting machines.

    Trump, with his attacks on the fake press (instead of the truth, the Jew press), the electoral process, and the capitol and congress itself, has done more to further the cause of cultural Marxism in 4 years than the Jews have been able to do in 100. He is at the head of a color revolution that lives on in the minds of the Trumpers.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  293. @saggy

    What on earth do voting machines have to do with paper ballots, which was the subject under discussion, and the order for examination? Do you not know how to vote?

    And you call other people stupid? Good God!

    • Replies: @saggy
  294. Notsofast says:

    what makes you think i’m on any side of this. your side sure as shit does not have 81,000,000 supporters, your side is the deep state sleepwalking us into your dystopian police state. i’m just hoping people will wake up and realize what they do with their money is the only vote they have and figure out how to leverage it. enjoy your kakistocracy you fucking troll i’m sure you will.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  295. Corvinus says:

    “your side sure as shit does not have 81,000,000 supporters”

    I never made that claim.

    “your side is the deep state sleepwalking us into your dystopian police state.”

    What Deep State? And, assuredly, we do not live in a “police state”.

    “enjoy your kakistocracy”

    What are you even babbling about?

    • Troll: Notsofast
  296. saggy says:
    @Genrick Yagoda

    Voting machines produce paper trails, equivalent to a ballot for recount purposes, you freaking moron. However a few states have paperless machines … none of the contested states in this election.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  297. windwaves says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    omg, so well put. I had to say it. IOW, we are screwed.

  298. Derer says:

    I totally agree with Paul Craig Roberts headline. On the other hand CNN license that allow them to feed Dems propaganda said:
    “The Senate vote on whether to remove President Donald Trump from office will not happen until he is no longer in office”, CNN. A 10 year old would not say that idiocy. I other word when he is no longer in office he will be removed from that invisible office.

  299. @saggy

    This is my last message to you.

    Your own link shows only a few counties in eight states use paperless voting machines. ALL of the rest use paper ballots, or a combination of paper ballots and counting machines that count the paper ballots, and leave the paper ballot for auditing purposes. They do NOT produce produce paper ballots, or paper trails. the paper is the trail

    I don’t understand who you believe you are fooling here, but any unbiased observer would be able to review the record of posts to one another and it would immediately be clear as to which of us is a “freaking moron”.

    That is all.

  300. @notoneofthem

    Exactly. You say they are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Yes. Other people describe what they are doing as a parasite feeding of the host until the host dies.

    Now I don’t want to assume that I know how you feel about “White people seem intent on destroying the White race.” So I speak for myself: I feel shocked and appalled, and I feel extremely wary because I believe these people are suffering from a very dangerous pathological illness.

    I read one man’s analysis of the situation which seemed the best to me. He supposed that they are under some type of hypnosis. That is why it is impossible to reason with them. That is why they disregard any evidence presented to them.

    I tend to agree with his hypothesis.

  301. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    WTF? This is total BS to the extreme. Do you people just like to make up conspiracies? This whole commentary is filled with lies, and inaccuracies. What kind of DA’s would believe this rubbish? Turn on a news network or radio once in a while. Reality is not that hard to understand if you just look and think. Shameful Lies and the liars that believe them.

    • LOL: Oemiktlob
  302. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Ease up bigot. No one blames Hitler, Hitler is dead. Blame the fascists that just got their ass handed to them. Trump was the king of sex predators, why do you think he has so many wives and wants his daughter too. He is a sicko.

  303. Derer says:

    Impeachment has became a political scream to eliminate a political adversary. Illiterate Dems completely construed the intend of the founding fathers. Chucky Schumer even threatened new justices with violence – a dishonest nerd of the Capitol.

  304. bayviking says:

    Its a good day for America, a very good day. Trump has flown to Florida, where he promised not to live, because he is extremely unpopular in New York, which is preparing 70 lawsuits against him. Georgia might charge him with electoral extortion. Who knows if he’s pardoned himself for inciting the attack on the Capital. It will take a while to learn about all the pardons he sold before leaving.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  305. Robjil says:

    It is has not been a good day for our planet, if he continues to do what he did the past.

    Biden is dyed-in-the-wool in the wool neocon and neoliberal. His real constituents wear pinstripe suits and works on Wall Street and in corporate headquarters.

    He is the only 2020 candidate who voted for Iraq war.

    As a part of Obama administration he was instrumental in Libya and Ukraine disasters.

    He created a sinecure for his cocaine addicted sun in Ukraine in the form of the board member of oil and gas company Burisma and prevented corruption investigation of the company by Ukrainian authorities by forcing the firing of the Chief Prosecutor by President Poroshenko) .

    Kind of mini Clinton cash scandal. Al-in-all he is a fossilized remnant of Clinton wing of Democratic Party.

  306. Uncoy says: • Website

    Not the first time or the last time, Spielberg has sold the world a very specific bill of goods. Fascinating to know about the characters in Bentley’s novel of Jaws though. Any recommendations for a more substantial Bentley book? Worried tourists in Florida bitten by sharks seem kind of pedestrian in these end-of-times burn-the-constitution days.

  307. @AReply

    This site is kinda morbidly fun in it’s perversity, just to witness totally mentally disabled intellectuals.

    That’s hilarious. At least we mentally disabled intellectuals know that possessive pronoun ‘its’ does not have an apostrophe.

    Pro tip: When claiming mental superiority ensure that your comment is solecism free.

  308. @JimDandy

    Difficult to know what Trump actually thinks, at the best of times.
    It is possible that he knew about Antifa, thinking it would blow up in their faces, but was outplayed by the traitors surrounding him. I can’t find the link again, but there was a twitter clip of a woman, claiming to be a journalist, being denied entry into the Capitol Building by guards, with other people streaming past the guards. Who knows what the context of that clip is, but it raises lots of questions about what actually happened.

  309. There were windows broken. Property damage is rioting.

    A man sat at Pelosi’s desk and put his feet on her table. Trespassing is rioting.

    There were sone police shoved. That’s rioting.

    A lectern was stolen Theft’s rioting.

    All rioters should be prosecuted. That includes all vandals, thieves, arsonists and violent criminals who assault police. Even the trivial cases at the Capitol should mean prosecution and, perhaps, small fines. It’s not the same as billions of dollars worth of damage from rioting since April, 2020 and hundreds of police injured and some people killed but it’s also rioting. At last, Democrats agree that rioting isn’t wonderful. That’s a long awaited step forward.

    Perhaps one day, they’ll also rethink their support of a US system of censorship run by billionaires. Even the supporters of such an extreme right wing party shouldn’t be so gullible. [email protected]

  310. xcd says:

    Potential aims of false-flag violence:
    – criminalise opponents: assault, riot, looting, arson or sabotage
    – destroy a specific enterprise or edifice
    – assassinate an opponent or inconvenient leader
    – launch a harsh crack-down or foreign war
    – deflect attention from a similar atrocity that became a fiasco, by inserting inconsistencies this time


    The supervisors of the operation may undertake the following preparations:
    – recruit agents
    – provide maps, plans, transport, weapons or psychoactive drugs (for recklessness or brutality)
    – deliver or install major items of equipment or material, e.g. loosen railings or paving stones, or deliver bricks
    – schedule a parallel training exercise by enforcers and emergency services to delay a quick response
    – withdraw on-site guards or turning off monitor cameras at the last minute
    – refuse to control the crowd or road traffic.

    During the event, they may undertake these:
    – plant props, e.g. a weapon or corpse
    – insert anomalies (actions, special effects or objects) to obfuscate subsequent investigation
    – record the event
    – delay medical aid to intended victims.

    After the event, they may undertake these:
    – evacuate surviving agents and tell-tale props, and kidnap inconvenient victims and bystanders, in guises such as ambulance staff or fire-fighters
    – immediately publicise convenient opinions on the identity or aim of the villains
    – murder inconvenient agents, victims or bystanders, and hasten autopsies, cremations or burials
    – remove large items of inconvenient evidence
    – leak accounts or modified recordings of the event.

  311. @Tono Bungay

    You are a traitor to America. You saw the evidence with your own eyes when the numbers reversed right on your own tv screen. But you “missed” that so I won’t waste any more time on you. This is for your readers.

  312. profnasty says:

    I believe Adolph’s reference to lebensraum was to insure a food source via trade with West Ukraine. This to prevent another Anglo enforced starvation blockade.
    When He was forced to retake Danzig (due to Jewish terrorism), he found Russia ready to invade Germany proper.
    I would be interested to see where He threatened, in MK, to kill anyone. (Sorry for delayed comment. Just cleaning house.)

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