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Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Concern for the Poor Got Him Destroyed
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“The outstanding faults of the economic society in which we live are its failure to provide for full employment and its arbitrary and inequitable distribution of wealth and incomes…Not everyone will agree with the entirety of this statement. But what we have learnt over time is that unemployment and inequality can undermine the very achievements of the market economy, by sowing the seeds of instability.” Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Readers perhaps remember awhile back that I dismissed the allegation that IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn had raped a minority hotel maid as an obvious frame-up. The American left-wing, or what little remains of it, especially the feminists, fell head over heels for the bogus rape charge. The bogus charge fit their ideology of rich white males having their way with women and minorities.

When the New York police and prosecutor had to retract their numerous statements about his guilt and drop all charges, some on the left maintained that the dropped charges just proved that rich white men could rape women with impunity. They stuck to this position despite the hard and convincing evidence that the hotel maid was involved in a plot to discredit Strauss-Kahn and to bilk him of money. It turned out that advisors to Washington’s puppet French president knew of the success of the plot before the New York police announced Strauss-Kahn’s arrest.

Blinded by their knee-jerk ideological reaction, the American left, which should have come to Strauss-Kahn’s support, piled on enjoying every minute of their denunciation of 
“a serial rapist.”

Strauss-Kahn was moved out of the way for two reasons. One is that he was the most likely winner over the American puppet president of France in the upcoming French presidential election. The other is that he was using his position as the head of the IMF to block the austerity that the European and New York banksters were determined to impose on the peoples of those countries, such as Greece, that had sovereign debt troubles disadvantageous for the large banks.

In other words, Strauss-Kahn had announced his opposition to making ordinary poor citizens pay in reduced pensions, layoffs, and reduced social services for the mistakes of reckless and greedy banksters.

That Strauss-Kahn was so easily done in with the complicity of the American left-wing demonstrates that it is impossible for anti-elite leadership to rise in the West. Any time anti-establishment leadership shows its head, it is cut off.

This means that Western democracy is a hoax and that peoples have no chance whatsoever of achieving peaceful change at the ballot box. As Chris Hedges recently wrote, in the absence of professional revolutionaries the West is doomed to tyranny.

In a recent article, Mike Whitney documents that Strauss-Kahn was axed just as I said at the time, because he was out of step with the ruling elite.

Read Whitney’s article here:

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Unemployment 
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  1. Calling Sarkozy an American puppet, espeicially for someone who always extra scrupulous about insisting that Yanukovych et al are independent actors, is such unmitigated hackery.

    Yes you used to be important, but now you aren’t. That’s no doubt frustrating, but think of all the people that never even get a few years of notoriety. The ex-Reagan guys that for whatever reason saw their clout disappear really need to work on being less obviously bitter.

    • Replies: @Begemot
  2. Begemot says:
    @Sam Haysom

    Your spelling is as good as your comment. It’s “especially”, by the way.

    • Replies: @Vendetta
  3. Matra says:

    Calling Sarkozy an American puppet, espeicially for someone who always extra scrupulous about insisting that Yanukovych et al are independent actors, is such unmitigated hackery.

    Yes, I can recall American hawks being upset at Sarkozy over the Russo-Georgian ceasefire he negotiated because it was seen as too favourable to the Russians. It was also Sarkozy who went against the US and Georgia in agreeing to sell the Mistral-class warships to Russia. But the writer’s definition of an American puppet is probably anyone who is not a 100% Putin shill.

  4. joe webb says:

    Roberts has become a nutcase. He defends the libertine…amazing. S-K is a piece of shit, and regardless of his guilt or innocence in this particular case, his well-known libertinism disqualifies him from everything and anything. Only the frogs could put up with his gutter sex. That he is a jew only further underscores the whole sordid bit, a jew with freud in his pocket, and the genes of the desert pastoralism which has been spent watching animals mating , and then breeding selectively like they do with their cattle or camels, whatever….and finally never getting around to inventing machines or Higher Cultural forms. Arabs and Jews are semites, with languages unrelated to the more civilized Indo-European lingo groups that show the evidence, mostly genetic as well, as in White Man, of a more evolved and softer-hearted species.

    Our White Problem is our evolution based Promiscuous, Pathological Altruism, which no other race possesses. Our soft-heartedness when applied to other races is suicidal. All races, except Whites, treat even their own people like shit.

    Let me point out the obvious: when you import someone from China (as in Red and totalitarian, and Collectivistic) or Mexico, as in collectivistic and stupid, you get a representative sample at the individual level , of the group from which he-she has been drawn. It is that simple. Like dog breeds.

    You want decency, mutuality, respect for others, principle-not-cronyism, etc. stay with Whites.
    All other races are lacking in the above. Marx had it right when he described Asia as Oriental Despotism. Africa ditto, although Africans are so anarchic, no larger aggregation is possible beyond the local tribe. This is also true, but somewhat less so, of Arabs.

    Leave the Jew alone with no enemies, and they will revert to tribal/clan internecine violence.

    Joe Webb

  5. Vendetta says:

    So you’re saying his comment was excellent except for one minor point?

    You stupid fuck.

    • Replies: @Begemot
  6. Kiza says:

    @ joe webb
    PCR’s articles are a magnet for the paid US Government trolls and rednecks. You decide which one you are. Join this character Sam Haysom, you are two bosom-buddies. Your spelling is better, you could teach him some.

    I am especially pleased that PCR may start co-writing with Mike Whitney. Both guys are genius with top business experience and understanding of politics. Maybe Mike is a bit too left-wing, but he is still fantastic. Their cooperative output would be a top read. Anything to help counter the aggressive neocon domination of the Western media.

    • Replies: @Sam Haysom
  7. Begemot says:

    No. Sloppy spelling. Sloppy comment.

    • Replies: @Sam Haysom
  8. @Begemot

    And yet they only thing you can point out is a misspelled word. You and Kiza (your Russian mail order bride I assume) can’t dispute facts so you nitpick. That’s fine but completely unconvincing to people that aren’t you, or who weren’t purchased as a wife by you.

  9. @Kiza

    You’d think Kiza, or Kiza’s Kazahkstani pimp, would have developed some arguments to actually rebut my points by now but they haven’t. It’s almost like a low IQ, tribal person is reduced to sputtering when confronted by facts it doesn’t like. Tant pis like the French say.

  10. Mark says:


    Sir, I think your title was meant to be sarcastic, I hope.

    But let me add a few points.

    1. Mr. Kahn is Jewish. Your article calls him white, which is actually correct, but these people are under the delusion they are a special race called “Jews.”

    2. He was framed by a black woman in New York, true, but he was indeed a sexual predator and other women in France came forward also.

    Being white, he did not have to drug women first like Bill Cosby. Being Jewish, all he probably had to tell some Jesus freak he was a “Jew” and they would be amazed to see God’s chosen people in then flesh (oblivious to the fact that he believes Jesus was in hell (Talmud unmasked)), and that may have been his major seduction weapon, who knows, but he was a prolific sexual predator.

    3. About sharing wealth, he means WE must share wealth (with them). He knows Judaists are the richest people on earth and become rich by stealing other people’s money. If he wanted to share his wealth, he could, as he was super rich, done it, or he could have asked some Jewish Oligarchs to share some of their proceeds of crime with the poor, but he did not. Why?

    But they think it is okay for them to steal and get rich, as per their Talmud, but not us.

    Sanhedrin 57a. When a Jew murders a Gentile (Non-Jew), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep.

    Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies (subterfuges) to circumvent a Gentile (Non-Jew).

    So he was merely reminding US to be generous.

  11. joe webb says:

    What is PCR? I am not a gov’t agent. I am known around the WN community. I have a piece on Am Ren …a review of a book on Brazil which you might find interesting.

    I started out on the left and then started studying Israel, then Jews, then Negroes and Race generally. I am a biological racialist, the only legitimate type.

    Kikza sound like a leftie, which is absurd today with all the science we have with regard to the biological fundamentals , like the Minnesota Twin Studies of identicals separated at birth, etc. who of course turn out just the same.

    It is all genetics.

    Anyone who tosses around charges of “gov’t agent” is suspect. Either it is simple stupidity/frustration fueling inability to counter an argument, mine is this case, or Kiza is some kind of agent himself.

    Ferguson, what a great Thanksgiving present. The niggers are on parade, their genes are screaming at Whites, whom they want to murder.

    Btw, MIke Whitney is a ho-hum leftie, just repeating the same old arguments of economic determinism. I know the left as well or better than 99% of the folks around , having called myself an intellectual Marxist for several years, MA from UC Berkeley, 1965, and reading, reading all the left stuff.

    It took the Jews to awaken me , thru Israel, to political reality. AS Disraeli said, Race is Everything.
    The left is controlled by jews, always has been always will be. Read for example Ben Ginsberg’s The Fatal Embrace, on the jew takeover of the US, largely by using Negroes as a pawn as they clawed their way into Power. From the Jew Deal with FDR, the expanding federal power with Jews leading the charge, into the Civil Rights era, and the fifty years now of consolidation of Jew Power, resulting in everything from squandered trillions for niggers, to the Jewish Wars over the last couple decades, to Obongo The First and Last niger prez, to immigration….all to attack Whites in every possible way.

    As Ginsberg puts it, Jews are wedded to the State . When the State fails, Jews are in big trouble, Real Jewish Trouble, as Thomas Mann put it in Dr. Faustus.

    Jews are headed for a solid comeuppance with their backing of the niggerization of US culture, politics, etc. Funny, Ginsberg says that Jews cannot change who they are, so they are headed for another holocaust I guess. Genetic argument….all them semite genes…in both jew and arabs. etc.
    There will be no boo-boo from me when it happens, although I hope we can save the handful of Jews who are righteous, like Unz.

    You lefties out there are all fundamentally communists, you are killers, race traitors, and full of hatred.
    Myself, and the WNs folks just want race separation, that is all. You lefties are totalitarian from top to bottom….fueled by resentment , etc. of your betters. As I used to put it, Lefites are B students. at best, although I was an A- student…with my leftie deficit slowing me down at the time in college. I also had communist parents and a family script…then Vietnam years, etc.

    The left will be killed off as well. They will be killed off as they attack us on the racial right. No Free Speech for Racists, is their cry. Second Amendment is the logical following-up to the First Amendment. Harm our Free Speech and you die. It is that simple. You are Absolute Enemy.
    Joe Webb

  12. Kiza says:

    Gee, what semi-intelligible ramblings in the comments section of this great website. The rubbish just accumulates everywhere.

    For Sam:
    Господин Хэйзом – Вы британская секретная Облигация 007 агента, сделайте Вы любите Мартини, регулированное не встряхивавшийся?

    Translation: better a Russian mail order bride than an Anglo pompous ass.

  13. SFG says:

    There’s a whole thing about the IMF, and all you guys can comment on is whether the guy is Jewish?

    1. There’s this thing called argument ad hominem

    2. This is why nobody outside the alt-right takes the alt-right seriously.

  14. Joe Webb says:

    forgive my “prejudice”..kiza sounds very foreign. Now, I do not criticize anybody who is still working wanting to keep his job. But hiding behind a fake name when you do not have a job to lose is the mark of a coward and wind-bag.

    I always try to address the substance of what someone says, not the person. So far, this kiza has failed to address any of the substance of my words. He is maybe Greek. The national IQ of Greece is 92, per Richard Lynn’s IQ and Global Inequality. Greeks understand Free Money, a sad commentary on their ancients, who someone guessed had an IQ average of 115…the result of Northern Hunters coming south with the reasoning ability forged by extreme hardship over thousands of years.

    The reason for this low IQ, which Greece shares with its neighbors, is proximity to Arabs and Turks, who come in at 90 for Turkey and about 85 for the Arab countries. The proximity of course is at the level of the crotch, not mere propinquity.

    Unfortunately sexual selection goes haywire especially when there are no women of ones’ own race around…like the Spanish and Portugese invading S. America. Then there are the White Fools of the US a while back who started bonking their Negro slaves, sold of course to them by other Negroes and Arabs, with a few Jew slave traders thrown in to internationalize the whole deal. They had White women around but were easily seduced by the gutter-sex of Negroes.

    And, think about this: today Black Africa IQ average is 67. This is probably about what it was a couple hundred years ago and counting back a little bit more. So, the US Black IQ today is 85, after having been raised by all this miscegenation. Haiti, btw, is the African average today….67, and the Caribbean Blacks are only a tad higher. So the Constitution counted Negroes at three-fifths of a White….that is about right from a quantitative point of view. Unfortunately, when intelligence drops sufficiently to a certain point, the distinction between apes and men comes into the discussion. Anyhoo, just think about how dumb the Negroes were back then, say 1776 or so.

    Of course, it is possible that Black slave women were merely trying to better their kids’ condition by smart sexual selection. In this case, they did not need high intelligence to recognize that Whiteness was the key to getting ahead, just as light skin for darkies is the desideratum amongst all Negroes, not to mention the rest of Dark Humanity, including even the Chinks of norther Asia, who prize White skin and buy skin lighteners just like our own dusky cousins.

    Ferguson is the Fire Next Time that after over a half-century of of Free Money and Programs, has failed to move Darkness one inch toward Whiteness. The Fire is now spreading amongst Whites who have increasingly Had IT with niggers. Ferguson is worth a thousand American Renaissances…said a friend.

    As for the Jews, they will go down with the niggers, having hitched their wagon to Revolution from Darkies and gotten very much ahead of the Dispossessed Majority Whites who are awakening from their thrall to the Jewyorktimes and all the Verbiage of Equality. American Whites….slow to anger but now buying guns like crazy. Obongo the First and Last nigger prez.

    Queen Billary….maybe she will die soon, hopefully of natural causes, that would save America from another and probably last round of Liberal Totalitarianism, led of course by Jews.

    Joe Webb

  15. Stealth says:
    @joe webb

    S-K is a piece of shit, and regardless of his guilt or innocence in this particular case, his well-known libertinism disqualifies him from everything and anything. Only the frogs could put up with his gutter sex. That he is a jew only further underscores the whole sordid bit, a jew with freud in his pocket, and the genes of the desert pastoralism which has been spent watching animals mating , and then breeding selectively like they do with their cattle or camels, whatever…

    Who’s that you’re calling a nutcase?

  16. @joe webb

    Like another Webb used to intone, “Just the facts. Ma’am.”

    “Our White Problem is our evolution based Promiscuous, Pathological Altruism, which no other race possesses. Our soft-heartedness when applied to other races is suicidal. All races, except Whites, treat even their own people like shit.”

    The facts, disproving the above:

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  17. @Fran Macadam

    That’s a data point, not “facts.” There are countries out there where everybody has the same phenotype as Maurice or Miguel. They are generally–not always–far more brutal places than the US.

  18. @joe webb

    How much is Soros paying Joe Webb to post here?

  19. joe webb says:

    is the comments section closed? Since I am writing here, it apparently is not closed. So, my last post has been too full of truth to publish?

    Like the jewyorktimes here…? just what fits ?


  20. Joe Webb says:

    so, maybe there was too much material for the lazy or intellectually impaired to digest in my post that was moderated into oblivion.

    Let me stay with just the one item that lies a bit directly above this post… the issue of how various races treat their own people.

    Blacks kill and maim Fellow Blacks. They abandon their babies ( 75 % illegitimacy and the mother goes on welfare, etc. Black males kill one-another in that figure floated the other day by was it Guliani? that 94% of black males murdered are killed by black males. Then the ordinary day to day crimes in the ghettos are large.

    Africans no better, but they always have some Liberation Movement to justify their killing…etc. Occcasionally they do a bit of cannibalism. And don’t forget witchcraft and killing albino babies, etc.

    Asians…Pol Pot killed off about one third of his people. Blame communism if you like, but there is a genetics angle. Red China and Chairman Mao…30 million deaths?

    Chinese treat one-another like shit…do I have to enumerate? N. Korea. In the US it is sweatshops, etc.

    Do Arabs treat one-another with respect…ho ho. I was the first to predict that the Arab Spring would end in an Arab winter…and worse.

    Just what race treats its own people better than Whites anyway? Then what race helps other races? Answer: none. Whites send missionaries all over the world. Whites send doctors without brains, I mean borders, all over the world. Whites not only save the whales, etc, we try to save elephants , etc, and even now sharks while the lunatic chinks slaughter them for their fins and throw the carcasses back in the sea. Shark fins and rhino horns for stiff dicks. Makes me sick. Then they are so superstitious, yet you can put them alongside Africans, who have 35 fewer points of IQ. Apparently, brains are not enough to prevent magical thinking…

    O…an epiphany…Liberals have good brains, at least the B average type brain, and enough smarts to get themselves in trouble…and they go in for magical thinking too. You can make a Negro White…that is their Big Idea, the biggest.

    I remember that Farley Mowat {?) novel and then the movie about wolves in Alaska a few years ago. The of course goofy White Man played by a Mr. Peepers was it? little guy (de riggeur White characterization by Jew Hollywood) to whose various efforts, often futile, the Good and Wise Indian guide always remarked Hmmm…Good Idea. It was a great send-up of Great Ideas, and was funny, but what have indians accomplished? NYT said last year that US Indians commit 20 times the violent crime of the US average…and that average is about 4 times higher than in Europe….of course, it is the holy Negro who commits about 8 times the crime of whites, that raises the US crime rate. Without Blacks, and Injuns and Mexers, our crime rate would be the same as Europe’s and we got guns…

    IQ, apparently you folks don’t want to look thru Galileo’s telescope, but I give you one book only : Richard Lynn’s IQ and Global Inequality. He gathers national IQs for most of the countries in the world. Look up your nationality’s IQ. Whites are 100, with Yugoslavia’s remnants and Greece coming in at the bottom of the list, in the very low 90s. Black Africa…67 average. Pygmies and Bushmen at 55. Australian aborigines 65.

    The other thing is identical twin studies…Minnesota Twin Study…separated at birth and raised in differing environments….you know…turn out just the same. That should end the nurture/nature debate and also end liberalism.

    Biology replaces 90 per cent of what passes for philosophy. Science, fact, studies, etc. The rest of it is hokum , liberal hokum.

    Joe Webb

  21. Joe Webb says:

    New York Times today has a video on Kachin, the little country next to Burma, and its jade and heroin addictions. The addiction to jade is Chinese, as they superstitiously believe that some kind of grace will descend upon one like a misty cloud by wearing jade.

    The mines are in Kachin and the very poor miners go in for heroin big time. AIDS is everywhere, I presume from dirty needles.

    Burma does not show up for national IQ in Richard Lynn’s listings, but the neighboring countries cluster around 90 average.

    Drug addiction follows low intelligence, collectivism, and in this case at least , poverty.

    So the Chinese ladies wear jade to be Lucky and Graced. All of this indicates the Asian Oriental Despotism, regardless of IQ. Superstition, magic, narcissism, money.

    Joe Webb

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