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DOJ Prosecutes White Parents for Helping Their Kids Gain Admission to Elite Universities
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White parents whose children are discriminated against by affirmative action and kept out of prestige universities resorted to a scheme run by sports coach Rick Singer that allegedly boosted their chances of gaining admission to prestige institutions. It cost the parents a lot of money and is now costing them prison time.

Harvey Silverglate, a noted defense attorney and former head of the American Civil Liberties Union in Massachusetts says that the parents are fraudulently convicted of a non-existent federal crime and are in fact victims rather than perpetrators of a corrupt college admissions system. Silverglate writes:

“The imposition of federal criminal law on fraudulent college admissions is itself a fraud, for it gives a gullible public the misleading impression that, without such activity as is described in these indictments, the system would be honest and would be a meritocracy.

“This whole series of prosecutions is dependent on a corrupt federal criminal prosecutorial system where crimes are made up and shoe-horned into indictments because the behavior was accomplished by means of mail, wire, and interstate commerce. Without such jurisdictional “hooks,” the activities could not be prosecuted in federal court because they are not specified crimes in the federal criminal code. Yet, every single one of those charged has pleaded guilty (or will shortly do so). All have been or will be sentenced to a much shorter prison term than would have been if the case had gone to trial (statistically, over 95% of all federal prosecutions end in guilty pleas because of the hair-raising sentences that await a defendant who goes to trial and loses). And so there will be no opportunity to test within the federal courts whether these pay-offs are federal crimes or simply business-as-usual in the ugly, but probably legal system by which families get their kids admitted to elite colleges.”

Clearly, these false prosecutions are part of the program of displacing white people from influential positions in their own society. The networks of elite institutions and the preference of employers for their graduates are a primary determinant of influence in American society. By reducing white presence in these institutions with affirmative action and now with false prosecutions, the influence of native born white Americans in their society is whittled away. It should wake up white Americans and scare them to death that the DOJ and FBI are committed to this reduction in the influence of white Americans.


Note also that the FBI and the US Department of Justice (sic) are much more focused on keeping white kids out of prestige universities than they are in the use of electoral fraud to overturn American democracy. Despite the massive amounts of evidence being presented to state legislatures and the legislatures’ calls for a forensic investigation of the Dominion voting machines and invalid mail-in ballots, Trump’s Attorney General supports the anti-Trump media’s allegation that there is no evidence of electoral fraud. Neither the presstitutes nor the DOJ have done any investigation of the electoral fraud; yet they dishonestly give assurances that there was no fraud.

When the US Department of Justice is this corrupt, what chance does America have?

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