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Dogmatic Medical Orthodoxy Attempts to Discredit Effective Covid-19 Treatment
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Hydroxychloroquine has been used for decades to treat lupus, malaria, and arthritis. How come we only hear about its rare side effects when it comes to its use for Covid-19? Is medpagetoday part of the vaccine lobby?

How come doctors using HCQ treatments for the virus are reporting high success and are not reporting cardiac arrests?

From what doctors say, it is the ventilators that are killing the patients.

“Before the president said anything about it, there was fair and balanced coverage of this very promising drug [hydroxychloroquine] and the fact that it had such a long track record, and soon as [President Trump] said something positive about it the media has been on a jihad to discredit this drug.”

Read this article by a doctor who raises the question: Should dogmatic medical orthodoxy be allowed to prevent effective treatments?

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• Category: Science • Tags: Coronavirus 
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  1. On closer inspection, it doesn’t look like monolithic orthodoxy. It looks like synthetic controversy. Anti-choloroquine animus is the Democratic shibboleth, along with Russian interference. Republican partisans believe in chloroquine, which they associate with Trump. But much of the right, a set intersecting with Republicans, denies the efficacy or necessity of social isolation.

    So what we have is disjointed controversies centering on the minutiae of response which conveniently distract from the question of causation and attribution. If you get people arguing about the trajectory of a sniper’s bullet, you suck oxygen away from the question of whether CIA killed JFK. If you get people arguing about details of epidemiological praxis, you suck oxygen away from the question of whether CIA developed and used biological weapons on the world population.

    Under the complementarity principle of universal jurisdiction law, if you are unwilling to prosecute suspected criminals, its open season on them in the outside world. Russia and China are clearly preparing to step in. It may take unrestricted warfare with the SCO allies on Chinese terms, but if we don’t answer the million-dollar question, Russia and China will.

  2. As I posted elsewhere. I recall having read that a French doctor used Hydroxychloroquine to treat SARS. I cannot locate the link, but here is an indirect reference from 2017.

  3. Orange Oaf has a two year business school diploma, Professor Roberts. And you know what the Orange Oaf’s attention span is like by now, BuckO.

    Grow a central nervous system, eh.


  4. Anon[413] • Disclaimer says:

    Doctors all over the world will be using hydroxychlororquine with effectiveness on friends and family with covid. The truth will win out here despite pharma lobbyists, and political anti-Trumpers.
    If Barack Obama suggested under foreign medical expertise that an arthritis/malaria/lupus indication was effective, Trump and the deplorables would be above politics and be happy and enthusiastic in agreement because we dont want anybody to die. Ive never dreamed Id see politics become so poisoned with hate that one side would see people die rather than admit someone was right.

  5. Freespirit says: • Website

    Vitamin C and D3, in large daily doses for, from 3 days to 7, depending on the individuals immune system, at the time are BESTcures for 3 REASONS: 1.) They are the REMEDIES Nature gave and gives us. 2.) No possibility of dangerous side effects. 3.) Much cheaper

    What are my QUALIFICATIONS: I am 79 and the ONLY time I got Influenza, which is all that COVID 19 is, at 17 yrs old , in Secondary School when I knew virtually nothing about GOOD NUTRITION, nor did my Mother. Now, I am very knowledgeable about Nutrients and their RELATIONSHIP TO “Disease” and the Immune system. I became a CERTIFIED NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANT, many years ago.

    That flu which I did get, at 17, woke me up to Good Nutrition and I do not even get colds, which are also CORONA Viruses nor other sicknesses, including parasites like “Malaria”. I use NEEM to prevent Malaria, so, when I am in Africa, which is often, I do not get “Malaria”while others do.

    Healthy IMMUNE SYSTEMS can prevent any so called DISEASE, including this FAKE Pandemic called COVID 19

    I take regular amounts of Vitamin C and D3, daily among other nutrients, because most food today is empty of most Nutrients thannks to poor soil, so it is actually necessary to take GOOD supplements.

    Strange how Paul Craig Roberts does not talk about that REAL, SAFE and HEALTHY cure, as I describe it.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  6. rdwa says:

    The latest is people insisting that Hydroxychloroquine is a dangeeeerous hoax, because the tv told them that, made by the pharma companies for profit.

    Profit from patent-free medication
    Profit from patented mandatory tax-payer sponsored vaccines

    It is like insisting that McDonalds main profit source are the salads, not the burgers.

    People have basically shut their brains off, it’s stunning.

  7. How come we only hear about its rare side effects when it comes to its use for Covid-19?

    Hydroxychloroquine has the potential to induce an unfortunate side effect in some patients: irregular heartbeat. This is more likely to be fatal in some demographics over others, particularly in regards to those who are elderly (irregular heartbeat naturally presents with age) or who have an underlying heart condition requiring medication — maybe even the obese in general. Hydroxycholoroquine is not necessarily universally safe. It has side effects that must be taken into account before administration. You’re hearing about it more now because the kinds of people who are most susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) are also the same people who are most likely to reach a negative outcome upon being given the drug. You didn’t hear much about it before because it’s not mass administered but, rather, it is given to select demographics who’ll clearly benefit on average from its use, regardless of the danger. The question of just how safe hydroxycholoroquine treatment for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) affected patients has not been completely assessed as of yet.

    French officials report heart incidents in experimental coronavirus treatments with hydroxychloroquine

    • Replies: @Anon
  8. Anon[230] • Disclaimer says:
    @Divine Right

    Hydroxychloroquine has the potential to induce an unfortunate side effect in some patients: irregular heartbeat.

    EVERY drug has potential harmful side effects. Unless you are claiming that this drug is so dangerous that it should be removed from the market, your post is pointless.

  9. Polemos says:

    PCR earlier linked us to a recommendation to supplement with Vitamin D, C, turmeric, and other more traditional and more economic options; it was late February:

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