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Democrats and Media Abandon Democracy
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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel has attributes of a Nazi. She, like Washington Post columnist Randall D. Eliason, wants to falsely prosecute attorneys who represent those making challenges to the election. She also wants to prosecute election officials who refuse to certify until irregularities are properly dealt with, and she wants to prosecute Pennsylvania Republican state officials who met with Trump at the White House. In other words, Dana Nessel has proved herself unfit for any public office by her effort to weaponize law for her political agenda.

George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley discusses Dana Nessel’s attempt to coerce Republicans by threatening them with indictments.

Matthew Brann, a federal district judge appointed by Obama, refused to accept Giuliani’s lawsuit against the Pennsylvania election fraud. The judge was not content to deny the case a hearing. He used the occasion for a propaganda attack, demonizing the lawsuit, based on affidavits from witnesses who signed under penalty of perjury, as “speculative accusations unsupported by evidence.” The judge knows full well that affidavits are always evidence. So we now have an Obama federal judge who for political purpose pretends to be thoroughly ignorant of law and not know that affidavits signed under penalty of perjury are always evidence.

The presstitutes are not interested in Brann’s extraordinary pretense of utter ignorance, which if true would disqualify him as a judge. Instead they are using his ignorant pronouncement as “proof” that the legal team has no evidence.

Democrats, who share Dana Nessel’s determination to weaponize law and destroy democracy, are pushing Biden, if he becomes president, to prosecute Trump and his supporters. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Democrat from New Jersey, declared that “Donald Trump along with his worst enablers must be tried for their crimes against our nation and Constitution.” If this sounds like a South American banana republic, that is what the Democrats are turning us into.

Attempting to prosecute Trump, of course, is what the Democrats have been doing for four years with Russiagate and Impeachgate without any evidence. Clearly, the Democrats envison a one-party state under them in which the abuse of law for political purpose to which they are giving birth cannot, in turn, be used against them. The Democrats are greasing the skids for America to become the most corrupt country on earth.

The New York Times has scaled new heights in Reality Denial.

For several years the World Economic Forum, an elite organization, has been hyping the need for the “Great Reset” — The Great Reset requires tremendous authoritarian power.

The elite organization has hosted meetings, the purpose of which is to make the Reset seem inevitable, and has a book published on the Great Reset. The appearance of Covid was used as added reason for the Reset.

But no sooner than Klaus Schwab, a leading exponent of the Great Reset, explained it to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs— –than the New York Times denied the very existence of such a thing, calling it a “far-right conspiracy theory” —

Perhaps the NY Times’ faux journalists—they don’t have any real ones—got confused, thinking that the word was getting out on an elite plot and moved to squash knowledge of the plot, not realizing that the WEF is hyping the Reset as part of the sell.

Alternatively, we can conclude that the NY Times’ journalists and editors are so ignorant that they are unaware of the WEF’s big agenda item. These are the same journalists and editors who are telling us that there is no evidence of election fraud and that America was racist at birth.

Americans are faced with a so-called Democrat political party that has abandoned America’s democratic ways. Democrats have made a power grab for ideological purposes that are hostile to principles such as election integrity which is essential for democracy. Americans are also faced with the absence of a media that serves as watchdog and reports objectively. Without objective reporting, Americans are denied the information that democracy requires to function. Instead, the media controls explanations for the Democrats that support the Democrats’ power grab. The picture is clear that both Democrats and media have abandoned democracy because democracy is a check on their agenda. They value their agenda more than they value democracy, and they are going to force their agenda down our throats whether we want it or not.

According to polls, a majority of Americans believe the November 3 election was stolen by the Democrats—

If the Democrats succeed with their theft, whatever is left of public confidence in American institutions will evaporate. After Clinton’s lies, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russian invasions, Russiagate, Impeachgate, Covid, and now a stolen presidential election, confidence in government must be close to nonexistent. When there is no confidence raw power takes over. If Democrats get away with their theft of the election, we will have crossed the Rubicon.

Some say there has always been voter fraud in American elections and ask what is new this time. What is new this time is election fraud on a national level with the appearance of a plot to create a one-party state. What is new this time is the entirety of the media in support of the party that committed the election fraud. What is new this time is the calls for prosecution of members of the defrauded party. What we are witnessing is not only the suppression of evidence but also the prosecution of those who present it.


Despite the evidence of election fraud, the Democrats have a good chance to succeed with their theft. First of all, we all know that the media will not present the case against the Democrats. The media will continue to deny that hundreds of affidavits are evidence. Most Americans will never hear the story of the extraordinary audacity that stole a presidential election.

Second, Trump is a populist, and few populists in America have ever succeeded at the national level. Populists are in the way of the elite who have more money and more influence. From the media’s perspective, Trump’s majority are “deplorables”–racists and misogynists who must be overthrown. The fact that Trump is a Republican does not mean that he has the support of the Republican Party. Republicans have just as many feet in the establishment as Democrats have. To the establishment Trump is an outsider and, thereby, a potential threat to their interest, just as his intention to normalize relations with Russia was seen by the military/security complex as a threat to their budget and power.

The absence of any Republican Party support for Trump is obvious in the failure of the Barr Justice Department to bring (1) any indictments against the government officials who orchestrated the Russiagate hoax and committed federal felonies, (2) any indictments against Biden and his son for the corruption evidenced in Hunter Biden’s laptop in the hands of the FBI, and (3) the lack of any Justice Department interest in obvious election fraud backed up by hundreds of affidavits.

The Republican Establishment has hung Trump out to dry and is urging him to concede.

A minority of Republican voters themselves, although they regard the election as stolen, nevertheless believe that Trump should concede and thereby preserve the undeserved reputation of “American Democracy.” These feeble-minded people think that it is not democracy itself that is at risk, but America’s reputation.

Over the course of my life I have watched the politicization of the federal judiciary. Judges are no longer appointed because they are competent to interpret law according to the intent of Congress and the Constitution. They are appointed according to whether they do or do not support abortion, racial and gender quotas, homosexual marriage, open borders, amnesty for immigrant-invaders, the globalist agenda, and so forth. The American judiciary is chosen according to which party’s agendas are ascendant. This is the way countries are destroyed.

Consider: if federal district judge Matthew Braun truly believed that Trump’s legal team’s Pennsylvania lawsuit is invalid, the partisan judge would accept the case and let its falsity be proven in court. What better way to dispose of the charge? That he closed the court to the case despite majority opinion of the public that the election was stolen is proof that he knows the lawsuit is grounded in evidence. So he suppresses the case instead of trying it.

When it is not only the Democrat Party and media who don’t respect evidence but also federal courts, the basis for evidence -based law no longer exists. Instead, law is based on power. Who has power has the law.

The country that the Democrats and media are birthing will not know justice.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. nickels says:

    Dana Nessel = Jew
    Dana Nessel = lesbian

    Why would such a person act reasonably? On the first case, she is part of the movement which rejects Jesus Christ, the logos, the reason of the universe.
    On the second, she views the sexual organ as a means of pleasure, not via its teleological meaning of creating life. Why would she see the meaning in anything else in the world?

    People who vote for jew lesbians ARE the problem. Or machines that fakely tabulate values to elect jew lesbians ARE the problem. One of these.

  2. Katrinka says:

    The entire country is run by Jews. They hate us. Pretty simple, really.

    Nothing will change until the Jews are run out of the country. How many times does this make now? 110 times?

    There are nearly as many Jews in the U.S. as there are in Israel. They have their own country to run as they see fit. Why are they here? And, why are so many in positions of power over us?

    Asking for a friend.

  3. BuelahMan says:

    She is also the first Jew elected Attorney General of Michigan.

    Every. Single. Time.

    • Replies: @Dani
  4. anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Banana republic. Funny you should mention that. The whole world came out with it at this month’s Universal Periodic Review of the US, the most public forum in the world (remember the wall-to-wall press coverage of this vital gauge of US international standing?) Paraguay knows their banana republics, and they were the ones to adjure US compliance with SDG 16. This is the most halting, wobbly baby step of sustainable development: rock-bottom minimal institutional integrity of key state institutions.

    For years now, international forums have related to the US in more and more pointed elaborations of “What the fuck is wrong with you people?” – aimed at the delegation apparatchiks, not at the long-suffering population. Russia, with no fucks to give, pointed to the underlying rot – CIA control of elections. (Thanks for that Wikileaks cable, by the way.) Here’s the facts from Hopsicker and his monster stones (he got a visit from them, he’s so balls-out)

    At some point Sidney has to switch from Chavez euphemisms to the direct bill of indictment against CIA. That will be a very touchy moment in the Supreme Court. If it doesn’t go just right, all nine hacks will wind up sporting matching petechiae at Cibolo Creek Ranch.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  5. The lies go much farther back. There were the lies that FDR used to get the US into WWII. There were the post-WW II lies that blamed the Russians for the Cold War. There was the lie that North Korea attacked South (when it was the other way around). There were the lies that got the US into Vietnam. Ike warned America about the lies and it may have been his response to those lies that got JFK killed. LBJ and Nixon brought more lies. Jimmy Carter saw a pause–and we saw how that worked. Corporate America wanted Jimmy out. The Reagan years set us on the path to our current destruction and wealth inequality. Voting has not mattered for some time in regard to foreign policy or economics–both parties are bought and paid for by the 1%. The only “contest” as it were has been over the fringes of social policy. What this election teaches is that the 1% are truly frightened that the public will learn how to vote, and will learn it can vote the errand boys of the 1% out. Recall in the old Soviet Union everyone voted and every vote was counted, but the slate of candidates was rigged so voting did not matter. We live in a world where the slate is usually rigged. Not so this time and that was the source of turmoil.

  6. onebornfree says: • Website

    This just in, Mr Roberts, [and really, you should know better]:

    The US was conceived as a limited government, constitutional REPUBLIC, and democracy was to be avoided at all costs!

    “Democracy turns upon and devours itself. Universal suffrage, in theory the palladium of our liberties, becomes the assurance of our slavery. And that slavery will grow more and more abject and ignoble as the differential birth rate, the deliberate encouragement of mendicancy and the failure of popular education produce a larger and larger mass of prehensile half-wits, and so make the demagogues more and more secure.” HL Mencken

    “The doctrine that the cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy is like saying that the cure of crime is more crime.” HL Mencken

    “If x is the population of the United States and y is the degree of imbecility of the average American, then democracy is the theory that x times y is less than y” HL Mencken

    “The most popular man under a democracy is not the most democratic man, but the most despotic man. The common folk delight in the exactions of such a man. They like him to boss them. Their natural gait is the goose step.” HL Mencken

    “Regards” onebornfree

  7. Wyatt says:

    Paul left the comments open! Quick, everyone post their opinions like they matter!

    The left has NEVER been in favor of democracy as anything but a means to an end. I’ve come to understand how quickly they abandon any pretense of democracy when it hurts their cause, but fall in like good little retards when it helps them. Leftism is cowardly authoritarianism masquerading as compassion. Always has been, always will be. There’s not a shred of honesty or integrity among the left. How can there be? Leftists are openly advocating for re-education camps, gulags and hierarchies of privilege for themselves and their pets that will bleed this country dry of whatever’s left of its wealth and completely dispossess any semblance of intrinsic human rights that free men are due.

    Root the left out wherever it dwells and salt the earth against it.

  8. @Wyatt

    The US was conceived as a limited government, constitutional REPUBLIC, and democracy was to be avoided at all costs!

    A republic is the elite backed by the military. The elite have rarely concerned themselves about the plight of those not among them.

    • Agree: Realist
  9. This creature is a sociopath. She is a direct descendant of the ethnic clique which murdered the Tsar and his children during the Bolshevik revolution. She has in mind the same thing for us.

  10. Richard B says:

    The US was conceived as a limited government, constitutional REPUBLIC

    A lot of people are repeating this over and over again the same way many people repeated the Alex Jones “Hegelian Dialectic”line. Both are statements made in error.

    But, that’s ok, and to be expected. Because it’s exactly at times like these that people are all too willing to add to the contemporary chaos with inconsistent notions, panicky generalities, and a complete lack of historical sense.

    Democracy and Constitutional Government are idependent categories, and as such are not mutually exclusive.

    Constitutional Government has to do with the form of government.

    Democracy has more to do with the culture that subsumes government.

    For this reason a constitutional government can most certainly function democratically, or not. But, more to the point, there are two principle forms of Democracy itself.

    Absolute Democracy and Free Democracy.

    The kind of democracy described in the Menken quotes is Absolute Democracy. Which could be summarized as Popular Government and Personal Freedom, of a nature that can and often does lead to weak, corrupt, and ineffecient rule.

    This would explain why Menken used the word democracy as an abstract absolute. He was more interested in making people laugh (a talen for which he was richly gifted) than he was in philosophical or historical accuracy.

    If he was he would have mentioned the value of Free Democracy, which could be defined as a balance between Popular Will and Individual Rights. But, because a Free Democracy tries to establish a civilzed society through the guarantee of civil liberties, it’s far more difficult to achieve.

    In any event, looking at the subject in this way has the benefit of clarifying the discussion and extending it beyond cliches masquerading as the final word and ultimate truth.

    Repeating cliches over and over again is going to continue until we call a halt to it. This comment is one humble attempt to help move us in that direction. For that reason, in no way does it claim to be exhaustive.

    • Agree: Tom Rogers
    • Thanks: Majority of One
  11. Franz says:

    onebornfree —

    This is an insult to Dr Roberts.

    The Framers did create a republic, but the main check on government power was the vote.

    The Bill of Rights reinforces this. Why mention “vigorous public debate” if there is no method of expressing the public will?

    The vote is a device to check government power. One of the reasons I quit being a libertarian was their willful refusal to grasp this simple point.

    The MAGA march in Washington, love it or hate it, showed us a lot of free citizens understand this very well. Bless ’em all.

  12. @Katrinka

    You’re absolutely right that they hate us.

    But DON’T run them out of the country! That’s cruel to the rest of the world, esp. the Palestinians, the true Hebrews.

    Instead: Work out why there are so many super-rich among them. They were expelled from England then centuries later allowed back, partly because of Millennarian lobbying, partly because they’d brought prosperity to Holland when the Spaniards expelled them. How? How come they dominate the finance industry? Is that bccause Jewish businesses can borrow interest-free? Can’t audits detect that? Partly because it’s required that they cheat Gentiles? Can’t believe that?

    That (larger) question hasn’t been answered in 500 years. Not even addressed! Why?

    In the meantime, give them autonomy. That means they’re not citizens, they’re ruled by their rabbis who’d love to put them in ghettoes. Let them.

    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  13. TNC says:

    We are accelerating toward fulfillment of the Talmudic prophecy of world domination as a prerequisite for their Messiah’s arrival

    USA is the King about to be put in check. Europe is the queen already taken

    • Replies: @Tinkerer
  14. Yes, that is why they have conspired to take the vote away from us, by bringing in horde of foreign nationals dependent on state support, by making it possible for non-citizens to vote. By shameless cheating, using the mantra, RACIST RACIST RACIST to intimidate anyone who threatens to expose their cheating.

  15. Richard B says:

    Your comment points, not without reason, in the direction of Identity Politics. Identity Politics not only demands to be placed above criticism and blindly obeyed, but it actually has the power to effectuate those demands. But this is not how social institutions are effectively managed. For this reason I think it would be well worth directing attention to the issue of social management.

    From the article:

    Clearly, the Democrats envison a one-party state under them in which the abuse of law for political purpose to which they are giving birth cannot, in turn, be used against them.

    This has been done before with the USSR and The CCP. But all one-party rule does is place a rhetorical mask over the incompetence and corruption and does nothing to solve the many problems involved in the exhausting task and unrewarding responsibility of social management. It doesn’t even work in homogenous cultures. How could it work in one as diverse as the USA?

    This is exactly why what we’re really witnessing is nothing less than The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite. The reason is, though they may have been very good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, insane hatred, brazzen effrontery, shamelessness, betrayal, destruction and death, they’re no good at social management. The evidence is everywhere. Literally.

    The country that the Democrats and media are birthing will not know justice.

    More to the point, the country that the Democrats and media are birthing won’t survive. It can’t. Not because a TUR commenter says so. Not at all. But for another reason grounded firmly in the reality of social institutions and power that operates as the elite are now, in the realm of the absolute. As such the problems it creates are not correctable by feedback. The result is a devastating social incoherence. If enough people recognize this to form a critical mass a culture crisis breaks out. And that’s the position we’re in. From this perspective their rhetorical mask is a small band-aid on a gaping wound that won’t heal because it can’t stop bleeding.

    Their efforts to establish a society free of control and sustained by force only increases the uncontrolled exercise of naked power. And that force, constantly applied, destablizes the very social institutions that power controls. Especially economic institutions. And when force fails there’s no alternative. So the whole thing collapses. In fact, it already is.

    • Replies: @Flubber
  16. Charles says:

    I’ve read a novel titled “The Turner Diaries”…

  17. Z-man says:

    There are more Jews in America than in Israel. Many more than even the ‘official’ count. Many hidden Jews, crypto Jews, half Jews, Jews by marriage, etc. It’s a virulent infestation.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  18. Carlos22 says:

    That’s because the left is not the left anymore and hasn’t been for a number of decades.

    It started out in the early 20th cent as a movement representing working class men who did low paid dangerous and dirty jobs trying to get them a fair deal.

    At some point around the 70’s / 80’s it got hijacked by the neoliberal brigade of identity politics and Uber middle class wimps who were corruptable the rest is history and repeated around the world ( look at UK Labour Party)

    Trump’s policies of bringing manufacturing home and speaking for “the deplorables” was closer to the original early 20th Cent left wing, which is why he was so popular.

  19. anonymous[343] • Disclaimer says:


    Frickin’ pagans and their convoluted faith in mangods-worship. Smh!

    How is your faith any different from those batshit hindoos? The pagan similarities between the both of you (trinity/trimurthi) should cause you morons much alarm.

    Wake up!!

    • Replies: @Jake
  20. Dr Roberts, you have recently come to the conclusion that the “Democrats” want to create a one-party state. I must agree with you. Once the genie of massive electoral fraud is out the bottle, as here, it will continue to be used. There will be no free and fair elections ever again, because the “Democrats” know that electoral fraud is a winner for them every time.
    A future one-party “Democrat” state won’t need the oligarchs. They will be milked for donations to the party and politicos, and be subject to an asset tax. If they don’t comply, their oligopolies will be confiscated and they will be imprisoned.
    The same goes for BLM and Antifa. These “Democrat” paramilitaries will be given the choice: co-operate or go to jail.

    The only silver lining for the average White American is that economic collapse is just round the corner. That may seem a harsh thing to say, but it will lead to political collapse, too. Present arrangements are not sustainable. The Republican Party are irreformable and the United States is not salvageable. A new polity or polities will arise much better suited for the interests of most white Americans.

    • Replies: @Georgia
    , @Levtraro
  21. Flubber says:
    @Richard B


    But as the Russians and Chinese Communists did, the state will murder tens of millions before it falls.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  22. TKK says:

    I researched the federal docket system PACER and deduced a possible reason The Trump Campaign distanced from Sidney Powell.

    Attorney Powell is pursing Dominion’s election corruption on a systemic level. This is a wide and far investigation with many moving parts: the software flipping votes, international actors, connections to Kamal Harris’s husband.

    Attorneys Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani must frantically laser focus on state election official’s certification of 7 million votes in PA and before the December 14 when the Electoral College convenes.

    Judge Brann, the repellent obese hack appointed by Obama but who is a Republican , did exactly as Mr. Robert’s aptly stated and amazingly ruled on substantive issues when only procedural ones were being presented at that time.

    Because of Judge Brann’s ruling dismissing (and demonizing and ridiculing) the complaint , Trumps’s lawyers have filed an Expedited Emergency Motion for Leave to the Amend the Complaint to the 3rd Circuit.

    This is just a way of saying: Let us present our evidence!

    If the 3rd Circuit affirms Brann’s dismissal- the Supreme Court is next step.

    If SCOTUS denies review (which is most likely) that’s the last Stop.

    • Thanks: Polemos
    • Replies: @TGD
    , @Uncle Sam
  23. Well, Paul, it must be because you haven’t seen Lady Justice lately…

    Before [when or if] you decide to click on the this link to the Washington Examiner, and the answer is affirmative, please be seated first!

  24. Derer says:

    Democrats imitating the 1918 Bolsheviks power grab in Russia but naively hopping in bloodless version of the coup unlike Bolsheviks. Ironically the main players are from the same brethren Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov, Kamenev, Zinoviev = Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Soros, Bloomberg.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  25. GeeBee says:

    I’m afraid that once both of the competing political parties have been ‘bought’ by the oligarchical interest – as is inevitable in any system where the plutocrats have more money than the politicians – ‘the vote’ counts for nothing. Which is to say that to all intents and purposes, there is no ‘vote’ and thus, there is no ‘check on government power’. The oligarchy wishes to implement – and therefore demands – what we might call ‘Agenda A’, and thus, at all elections in the entire West today, the hapless ‘voters’ are given the choice of electing ‘Agenda A’ in a red rosette, or ‘Agenda A’ in a blue rosette.

    This is our much vaunted ‘democracy and it stinks. The moment that the merchant became wealthier than the king – once the counting-house had more money than the palace – the people’s fate was sealed.

    • Replies: @Franz
  26. John Wear says:

    This is an excellent article. I agree with Paul Craig Roberts that the federal judiciary has become heavily politicized. I also agree that if Trump’s case is so weak, Matthew Braun should have heard the case and let its falsity be proven in court.

  27. Unfortunately writers like Paul Craig Roberts are partly responsible for this threat against our Republic because they have remained silent for decades about the treachery of the Jews. Any well-educated person could avail himself of such books as the Bible, ‘The Nameless War,’ by Archibald Ramsay, ‘The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed,’ ‘None Dare Call it Conspiracy,’ by Gary Allen, and could have warned Americans with their public forum. Any government insider could see the out-sized Jewish infiltration into our institutions. Where were public officials like Mr. Roberts when he had to know about the growing threat? Well we know the answer to that question because Mr. Roberts still will not name them as Jews but only as Democrats and globalists. Would Republicans find common cause with Democrats and globalists and become part of the conspiracy? Of course not but Dispensationalism runs deep in conservative Protestant circles and Mr. Roberts knew that. So now what? Are we supposed to kill or be killed in Bolshevik style slaughter? Or should we wait for Jesus to save us? Please go out on a limb for once, Mr. Roberts.

  28. @Wyatt

    Indeed!! The left has never been in favor of democracy. Voting is considered too risky by leftists. This is why they run to the courts and judges they can count on to overthrow the will of the voters. Already the examples of this assertion, that the left has overthrown the will of the voters, has occurred hundreds of times in the U.S and yet the dunderheaded U.S. public, hooked on everything from opiates to pot to cheap thrills, will never act to correct this abomination.

  29. @Patrick in SC

    The Tsar had it coming –he was the 1% with an interlocked Royal Family of international inbred entitleds We 99% are nothing but cannon fodder and naive -gullible taxpayers keeping their game rolling along. Today DC is run by lobbyists and the backroom boys make the deals with Wall Street and Jewish bankers —-undercover.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  30. @Franz

    Yes, that MAGA march! The rally that its namesake ignominiously drove through- on the the way to play golf.

    • Replies: @Franz
    , @Johnny Smoggins
  31. As a woman, I’m beginning to think we need 100 years in the penalty box for producing these creatures. Maybe we should reconsider the 19th amendment. Lol

    • Agree: Stan d Mute, ariadna
    • Thanks: Dumbo
  32. Franz says:

    This is our much vaunted ‘democracy and it stinks.

    True. Jacksonian Democracy, “here the people rule” and all that. went away many long years ago.

    As long as regular folks can get riled up enough to march on Washington, or anywhere, it ain’t totally gone. I’m assuming the Electors next month will give Biden the crown, but I am still heartened by the sight of angry people in the contested states.

    I’m also happy Putin wouldn’t cave either. No warm wishes till the legal tussle is over. Good for Vlad, though I doubt it will matter.

    • Agree: GeeBee
  33. Anon[101] • Disclaimer says:

    The one thing we could do us to encourage young white men to not join the military.

    We also need to look for a hospitable place somewhere on this earth for young whites to emigrate to. Its going to get ugly here in about a decade or two.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  34. @Wyatt

    Leftists are openly advocating for re-education camps, gulags and hierarchies of privilege for themselves

    The basement abattoirs, a la Cheka, won’t be far behind. Or will it be the guillotines of the French terror? These people have no scruples whatsoever. Power is their only value. The frenzy of the mob will even eat its own.

    It will spill over to the rest of the world in short order. Up here in Canada, our drama teacher PM, JustinTrudeau, is putting out tender requests for automated hydraulic guillotines. Self-cleaning.

  35. gotmituns says:

    I keep saying when politics comes up, “don’t vote.” People look at me like I’m crazy but not as many as before.

  36. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Don’t you realise that it’s against Christianity for a Christian to lend money at interest? That law supporting Christianity wasn’t repealed in England until the 19th century although it had become a dead letter before that.

    For a Roman Catholic to be allowed to lend money at interest required an indulgence from the Pope. That’s what the Knights Templar had.

    OK. Over a thousand years of Christianity means nothing when men’s fashions change. Religions are made by men and are changed by men. They have nothing to do with imaginary gods.

    If you didn’t compete in banking for over a thousand years, don’t be surprised you lost. [email protected]

  37. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    When it is not only the Democrat Party and media who don’t respect evidence but also federal courts, the basis for evidence -based law no longer exists. Instead, law is based on power. Who has power has the law.
    The country that the Democrats and media are birthing will not know justice.

    Paraguay knows their banana republics, and they were the ones to adjure US compliance with SDG 16. This is the most halting, wobbly baby step of sustainable development: rock-bottom minimal institutional integrity of key state institutions.

    That’s about as basic as things get. Institutional integrity of key state institutions has (as Roberts says) been lost, and in the 2020 Federal elections and current aftermath to same this integrity loss has been used to threaten the general population.

    This has been done before with the USSR and the CCP. But all one-party rule does is place a rhetorical mask over the incompetence and corruption and does nothing to solve the many problems involved in the exhausting task and unrewarding responsibility of social management. It doesn’t even work in homogenous cultures. How could it work in one as diverse as the USA?
    This is exactly why what we’re really witnessing is nothing less than The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite. The reason is, though they may have been very good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, insane hatred, brazen effrontery, shamelessness, betrayal, destruction and death, they’re no good at social management
    . . .
    Their efforts to establish a society free of control and sustained by force only increases the uncontrolled exercise of naked power. And that force, constantly applied, destabilizes the very social institutions that power controls. Especially economic institutions. And when force fails there’s no alternative. So, the whole thing collapses. In fact, it already is.

    All of the above is true, and the underlying thought has been known in the West and repeatedly demonstrated for several thousand years. How, exactly, could these bedrock principles have been abandoned? Let’s look outside of political theory and history of ideas.
    Here’s an earlier example of physical / economic events fundamentally changing political thought: Nietzsche pointed out c.a. 1900 that industrialization had destroyed European society. Religion died. “”God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?” Ideas previously considered speculative and harmful had become mass beliefs as people moved from the farm to the city, found their village life impossible to live in the city, and looked for a new way of life that would let them eat and raise families. They found it in Enlightenment theory.

    Here is our version of physical events changing political thought:


    By the 1960s Western cities were obsolete. Containerization had destroyed the value of their docks, dispersion of industry to the countryside had made their industries high cost and inefficient, computers made their clerks largely unnecessary, telephony had made management city independent. Corporations had become economically dominant before WW II, and now national chain stores grew. Dispersed production was dominant, and still is. Cities were obsolete. By the 1960s budget deficits had grown into bankruptcy, and the Municipal Assistance Corporation has assumed the government of NYC (
    During the same interval, cities became politically dominant, worldwide. The “population explosion” generated many unable to find rural work; they went to cities as welfare recipients. Their sheer population made cities so politically dominant that they could and did ignore their hinterland.
    Cities began supporting themselves with politics throughout the West. City industry vanished, replaced by a politically supported population and organizations (banks, for instance) that depended upon politics for survival.
    Note that the 1960s revolution, and liberal politics, became dominant just as the cities became obsolete. The entire purpose of the 1960s revolution, and the one constant effect of liberal ideology, has been to fund urban areas through politics. This has reduced all economic activity in the US to patronage jobs (under the authority of the 1964 Civil Rights Act). As noted by Roberts and the two commentators referenced above, this has been a major change, now pared down to its bare nub: vengefully taking what the cities need to survive.
    It’s as simple as that. This whole last 60 years is fog, a con to funnel money to the cities. No more, no less. Summer of Love, Multiculturalism, “There is enough for everybody”, immigration (to keep up voter population in cities), Civil Rights, favored status for everybody who cannot be productive in an industrial economy, elimination of freedom of speech for those who can be productive, importation of technical workers who would support urban funding but are good for little beyond routine, end of birthright citizenship, “No borders, no walls, no USA at all”, the “Great Reset”, it’s all just fundraising fluff for urban areas. Like ”Cigarettes are freedom flags for women!” from the 1920s, it’s not even wrong (
    Entirely blaming Jews for this is foolish. The Jewish establishment has been servant to government for a very long time, and has enriched itself thereby. Nothing new there. As far back as the French Revolution it was commented upon that the Jewish ghettos strictly regulated sexual conduct, and that such strict regulation suggested a need for strict regulation. Now there are no shtetls, no ghettos, and the unregulated Jewish populations are tending toward extinction. The March through the Institutions is just a current version of the Jewish infiltration of the Catholic Church by the Marranos. The Jewish community is doing what it has always tried to do: maximize its gains in an alien society. Note that at about the same time (1950-1980), the Catholic Church and the Seven Sisters Protestant denominations all lost their influence by disintegrating internally. The Jewish community succeeded in the 1960s because resistance ended when the cities started going bankrupt. Essentially, servants to the Throne (City government in this case) were badly needed, and the Jewish establishment was the strongest cohesive group left and the only one willing to do what had to be done to get the funding needed.
    I believe that we are at end of cycle. Urban institutions are monumentally incompetent. They have no external feedback, and appear to be subject to positive feedback internally to the point of panic. The pretense of moral purpose and being “more educated” has now failed. The US industrial base, both labor and capital, is unable to support the US population. Liberal propaganda is now ineffective outside of urban (and suburban) areas. Similar conditions were enough to cause Russians to end the USSR.
    And now we are at the stage where Gorbachev is overthrown by the hardliners. Same jejune motto – “No justice, just us”, the same utter disbelief of State propaganda among all but the hardliners. We haven’t gotten to the “no history tests this year, everything taught is a lie anyway” stage, but we are on the way.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  38. @onebornfree

    I agree, on the contingencies:

    (i). Mencken is using the term ‘democracy’ clumsily and inexactly. Democracy has ancient antecedence among white Nordics and is not, in and of itself, an evil idea. The problem highlighted by your quotes is the modern industrial model of democracy, based on mass participation in political choices.

    (ii). Less democracy must be (and arguably, is inevitably) accompanied by greater liberty, but any reactionary system must be undergirded by liberty.

    (iii). The difficulty with (ii) is that liberty is inculcated organically. Look at British, especially English, political history. Liberty cannot just be instantiated among a mass-minded population of industrial/post-industrial wage slaves. They would starve inside a week.

  39. @Franz

    It always depends on who has the vote. For instance, if you abandon meaningful border, immigration and citizenship controls, then democracy turns into oppression, then overt repression. Democracy can only work in its intended way as part of formal republican checks and balances if there is an underlying shared cultural understanding of what the republican virtues are, which in turn requires a shared racial-ethnic basis for society.

    • Replies: @Franz
  40. Franz says:

    The rally that its namesake ignominiously drove through- on the the way to play golf.

    Yes he did.

    How many times are the soldiers better than the generals? More often than we think, maybe.

    Or as David Niven once famously said of Errol Flynn: “You could count on him. He ALWAYS let you down.”

    Trump is still a mystery to plenty of people. If he’s canny, why does he listen to Jared and Ivanka? If he wanted normal relations with Russia, why didn’t he grab the ball when Putin literally tossed it to him? Why did he tolerate four years of hostile media when he had the money, or at least the investors, to start a network of his own?

    Nothing in the last four years makes any sense. Not one bit.

  41. @nickels

    A lesbian Jewess is no worse than a lesbian Negress… just take look at the current mayor of Chicago!

    • Agree: nickels
  42. Georgia says:

    Nice theory — historically however what happens when Communists take over is Mass Murder of tens of millions to fully bring in their agenda and get rid of the people needed for your theory to work — I think that is way more likely coming soon to the USA than your prediction…sad to say

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  43. Franz says:
    @Tom Rogers

    Democracy can only work in its intended way as part of formal republican checks and balances if there is an underlying shared cultural understanding of what the republican virtues are, which in turn requires a shared racial-ethnic basis for society.

    Right. That’s why when it started the franchise was strictly limited to property owning white men.

    The modern version of that would, to my mind, be: Native born tax-paying citizens. Since so much work requires mobility, supporting the system via the tax would be the equivalent of property for those who rent or whatever. Likewise veteran status should be considered, since I see no reason shirkers should have an equal say to people who’ve put their lives on the line (apologies to R. Heinlein and Starship Troopers). But even then it would only apply to wars that actually protect the country. Heinlein must stay a fantasy for the time being.

    “New” citizens should be impossible, but I’m willing to do as Iceland did in the 1950s when it took what amounted to an Act of Congress to become eligible. All representatives of the people of Iceland had to approve of each new arrival. DACA would die a quick death with that stipulation, but I think it’ll take a revolution to install such a system.

    In no case should anyone vote who (a) is not here legally or (b) who is a net drain on the system. The only exception to (b) is someone injured on a job, in a war, or otherwise rendered unable but whose prior service allows him to be considered a citizen. Then, okay.

    Since I don’t rule the world none of this will happen. But like Plato when he strung all his notes together and called it The Republic, I think planning for better days is a great tonic for the lousy days this lousy year has stuck us with.

    • Replies: @Bolteric
  44. RouterAl says:

    Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee who’s grave I often visited in Greyfriars church Edinburgh Scotland is reported to have said

    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

    The ironic part in all this is that the Jews and the oligarchs think they will be the beneficiaries of this collapse they have engineered , however they are in error. When law and order breaks down the strong will prevail over wimps like Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates etc and all the rest of the spoiled virtue signalling wimps. The ex-military will become the strong and they will start the destruction then re-building of what’s left of White Western Civilization. Maybe this time they will finally sort out Usury and what’s left of the Jews, blacks and deny any role in public life for women, I can but dream, but at 70 I will not be here to see it.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  45. Anonymous[315] • Disclaimer says:

    I live in Michigan. There was something very off putting about the 2018 Michigan election. That election swept many extremists into office. Mostly women. How we get rid of them is beyond me. Once these people get into office they seem to be firmly entrenched. No matter how awful they are, they have an equally awful fan base. I absolutely believe in election fraud, and Michigan 2018 was a perfect example. Yet, no one has said a word. The population of Michigan will be further eroded because of the political climate in this state.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
  46. @Z-man

    It’s a virulent infestation.

    I prefer the cancer analogy to the virus. Negroes for example are a malignant tumor that shows no response to any treatment. Jews could be seen as the metastatic version as they spread the malignancy.

    • Agree: Druid55
  47. @Franz

    The Framers did create a republic, but the main check on government power was the vote.

    No, voting isn’t even in the mix when it comes to acting as a check on the federal government. The main check on government power, if it is even an effective check, is contained in the amendments, added after the fact, commonly known as The Bill of Rights. The structure of the government is supposedly one of divided powers, few of which accrue to the federal government, and most of which are to be retained by the states and their citizens.

    Jealous guardianship by the divided branches and the member states of those powers would, in theory, work as a brake on those who would seize power and direct government action to their own benefit.

    It isn’t working now if it ever really did.

    • Replies: @Franz
  48. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Katrinka, I believe you’re right, that in too many cases American Jews hate us. I base this on being a native New Yorker who’s worked with and for a certain type in the Big Bagel. Taki’s popularity no doubt largely rests on his willingness to point this obvious fact out in his articles on the Big Bagel and what a hell on earth they’ve turned our once greatest city into. For those of you who may read this who have no day-to-day experience with them, you may intellectually grasp the atavistic hatred they have for us, but tragically remain emotionally defenseless when faced with it in real life. Their signature paranoia is such that they accuse their victims of the very depredations they themselves are guilty of. In any first encounter with this type you’ll notice the darting eyes belying the shit-eating grin as they size you up, imagining your friendliness is a pose concealing hatred, just as theirs is.

    As one Jewish woman put it, “We Jews shit on you Christians.” Their signature paranoia over being caught in their conspiracies is obviously marked by the sort of grandiosity the author attaches to the pronouncements coming from the American-hating nebbishes hiding behind the masthead of the New York Times, like the wizard behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. One of these wizards, who turns out to be a fat little nebbish with a serious case of paranoia marked by grandiosity, is the Times‘s editorial board member, Binyamin Appelbaum, who, in spite of the riots being run by Antifa and BLM, believes the real violence is coming from right-wing thugs. Six hundred and fifty Jewish organizations took out a full-page ad in the Times a few weeks ago and had the outrageous chutzpah to denounce the violence their support for BLM and Antifa makes possible. They do, after all, proudly proclaim the Jewish roots and continued essence of “Antifa,” which despite the meth heads doing the wet work in the streets could be seen as coded language for “young urban Jew,” while the money behind BLM is managed by convicted terrorist, Janet Rosenberg, who the very day after Clinton commuted her sentence went right back to work for organized Jewry in America.

    In my experience, when this sort is called out on their b.s., they disappear up their own rears faster than the Cheshire cat. Yet, it remains an easily demonstrated fact that every goy member of Congress genuflects before them and is bankrupting our nation to allow Israel and China to negotiate behind our back for years now with the express intention of dumping the US in the ash bin of history and creating a bipolar Sino-Israeli NWO, and should be all the proof anyone needs of who runs the show in DC.

    The Jewish project now attacks meaning in language itself, claiming, as we see, that evidence whose probative value is a matter of logical inference, such as the affidavits the author mentions, is no longer admissible on the say-so of one of their homosexual Marxist flunkies on the bench. This ultimate nihilist destruction of meaning to preclude the communication necessary for organized opposition is, after all, what all this is about, but maybe they’ve gone too far inasmuch as the continued existence of one of America’s two nations entails the annihilation of the other, leaving a hell on earth in which everyone loses. What a tragedy they don’t realize that we Americans still love them.

    • Thanks: gsjackson
    • Replies: @CyrusTheGreat
  49. Eureka! says:

    Excellent article. I love the comments section here, too. Really insightful and intelligent.

  50. Realist says:

    Democrats and Media Abandon Democracy

    Democracy…Democratic Republic…whatever you want to call it has been dead in this country for decades. The Deep State Rules.

  51. Dumbo says:

    What an evil and ugly Jewess bitch. Bring back the Inquisition.

  52. @Stonehands

    Yes, that MAGA march! The rally that its namesake ignominiously drove through- on the the way to play golf.

    If you were going to pinpoint the exact moment when Trump revealed that his heart wasn’t in this fight, that would be it.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Authenticjazzman
  53. Realist says:

    Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel has attributes of a Nazi. She, like Washington Post columnist Randall D. Eliason, wants to falsely prosecute attorneys who represent those making challenges to the election. She also wants to prosecute election officials who refuse to certify until irregularities are properly dealt with, and she wants to prosecute Pennsylvania Republican state officials who met with Trump at the White House.

    So what dumbass Americans elected them.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  54. @Patrick in SC

    This creature is a sociopath.

    Also a lousy kisser.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Emslander
  55. Realist says:

    More pissing and moaning…what’s the solution?

  56. @Anon

    We also need to look for a hospitable place somewhere on this earth for young whites to emigrate to. Its going to get ugly here in about a decade or two.

    Eastern Siberia?

    Though I hear the Russians take the immigration process very seriously.

    One is required to pass many language and history exams, unlike some countries.

  57. John Wear says:
    @Chris in Cackalacky

    I think you are being too hard on Paul Craig Roberts. This is an excellent article, and he does not have to call out the Jews to make his point. Dr. David Duke has been calling out the Jewish control of our government for over 50 years now. Unfortunately, you don’t hear much from David Duke anymore.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  58. Levtraro says:

    You nailed it. Some critics think the oligarchs control the government, but the truth is the government is always the top dog and everything else is secondary. Even oligarchs can be confiscated, exiled, imprisoned, humiliated. Even Jewish oligarchs can suffer the wrath of the State, as they have a number of times.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Verymuchalive
  59. @Georgia

    Commies haven’t taken control yet? Do you pay property taxes? Get a permit for any improvements to your property? Guess what… you don’t own it. How about your kids, can you say no to their whim of being another gender? Nope to that. I could go on, but you get my drift. We’re commie light. And between the forever wars and the oxycontin genocide, people are dying.

    Yes to everyone, it is hard not to notice the who behind it all. Seems to me same breed of pup that did Russia first. They wisely modified the method.

    • Agree: GMC
  60. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    It was their own Sigmund Freud’s close friend and collaborator Wilhelm Fleiss who placed the locus of female sexual dysfunction in the nose.

  61. Realist says:

    The US was conceived as a limited government, constitutional REPUBLIC, and democracy was to be avoided at all costs!

    A constitutional republic, a democratic republic or whatever phrase you wish to use for an electoral process is just democracy with lipstick. Any process that allows idiots to vote…is doomed.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  62. Realist says:

    Even oligarchs can be confiscated, exiled, imprisoned, humiliated. Even Jewish oligarchs can suffer the wrath of the State, as they have a number of times.

    Not if they truly control the government.

  63. Franz says:
    @Twodees Partain

    voting isn’t even in the mix when it comes to acting as a check on the federal government

    Not officially, no, never was.

    But unofficially it really was. When local citizens “threw the rascals out” by voting out bums and making a clean sweep, that was a check on power for real.

    The vote, looking at it that way, is sort of a temperature check. Old time ward healers had to be real sure not to annoy the sensitive constituents. As a rough means of seeing how well the nation is getting on, it was better than the separation of powers for day to day reckoning.

    The crucial years were after WWII when it was possible to hold many things “off limits” due to national security. The excuse for desegregation was proving to the USSR we were living up to our ideals, so we could not ask questions. The massive overseas commitments, ditto. Voters were stymied, because they knew they were being screwed but they couldn’t violate the gag order of 1947.

    But up till February, 1947 when Harry Truman signed the National Security Act, any citizen could call any politician out for any acts committed in his name. Saving the world is what gave our freedom away, exactly as the pre-war isolationists said it would.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  64. Realist says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Yes, that MAGA march! The rally that its namesake ignominiously drove through- on the the way to play golf.

    If you were going to pinpoint the exact moment when Trump revealed that his heart wasn’t in this fight, that would be it.

    The trump experience was a ruse from the get go. Trump is a minion of the Deep State…it has all been a charade. I voted for Trump, but by mid April 2017 I could see that Trump was a sham and had no intention in draining the swamp.

    Who thinks Trump will Pardon Snowden and Assange?

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  65. Emslander says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    It looks to me as if this woman is a reluctant lesbian, if at all. What I observe with those who openly assume the LGBTQ label is that they’re doing it for professional reasons. Apparently, locking up the pervert vote was an important factor in getting this Soros follower to be elected.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  66. @nickels

    A “Nazi” Jewish Dike. Par for the course.

  67. Emslander says:

    Any process that allows idiots to vote…is doomed.

    Actually, a close read of the structure of Federal elections in the United States Constitution does NOT contemplate democratic selection of Presidential Electors or United States Senators. Only the House of Representatives is designed as a democratically elected body.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Thanks: Realist
  68. @John Wear

    David Duke has a daily radio show that is a great source for the truth regarding current news.

    Mark Collett is the guest every Friday.

    • Replies: @John Wear
    , @Rogue
  69. Why do conservatives use terms like “Nazi”, “fascist” & “McCarthyism” to describe totalitarian communist scum?

    • Thanks: GazaPlanet
  70. You cannot abandon something you don’t have. The US was not a democracy for decades, if it ever was. Western media have declined in quality over the last ~30 years, from something palatable representing different viewpoints to today’s monolith with uniformity of “opinions” matched only in Hitler’s Germany in 1930s and Stalin’s USSR in the same period.

    • Agree: Richard B, Emslander
    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Emslander
  71. Emslander says:

    With the perspective of time, it now looks like Biden’s assertion that he had put together “the largest voter fraud operation” in history a week or so before November 3 wasn’t a product of dementia, but the command signal to go forward with the plan.

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  72. Paul is sad overwhelmed by desperation seeing coming one party rule by Democrats.
    I on the other side coming one arty rule by Democrats I do see it as a happy liberation.
    Here is the principal advantage of on party rule. There is nobody around to blame for the miserable state of the nation. The governing party has to blame themselves.
    Paul will be surprised how fast the ruling party will turn nationalistic.
    There is also one thing that will be absolutely certain. It will be end of Jewish rule over USA.
    USA will be free again. Times of constitution will return.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  73. @Levtraro

    Russia has a conservative leader, a certain V V Putin, who knows how to deal with oligarchs. If they don’t co-operate, they are imprisoned, exiled and have their assets confiscated. Those who did not co-operate were nearly all Jewish. Their removal has definitely benefitted native Russians.

    Americans needed a conservative leader who knew how to deal with oligarchs. Instead they got George W Bush. Need one say more.
    I think it is now too late for America. Even Trump’s mild efforts to reform policy towards Russia were stymied. Any real improvement for most White Americans must wait until after the dissolution of the United States.

  74. The total slavery of Christian gentiles by Jews comes at a helluva caust.

  75. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Right and/or wrong, Paul Craig Roberts is an incoherent ranter.

    He really belongs on Parler more than here. I usually skip him, and must remember to continue doing so.


    • Replies: @Wally
  77. @onebornfree

    To insinuate that democracy was was to be avoided at all times is really dumb statement. We are a Democratic Republic.

    How so, you might ask. Well, it took democratic referendums by the entire populace to vote for the first Continental Congress and it took every state that later wanted to join the nation to first have a democratic referendum by the populace to prove to the US government they actually wanted to be a state. Without democratic referendums in the first place, there would be no government and most states would not exist. We begin with a chicken and egg problem.

    Under Article 4, section 4, the federal government guarantees a Republican form of government. But it does not define what a Republican form of government is. When a republic is formed through a democratic process and its states are required to use a democratic process to join the Republic, then how can one say we are only a Republic. It also is quite vague. Does the Constitution guarantee the states that the federal government will be a republican form of government or does it guarantee the states that they will be a republican form of government? The clause can be interpreted either way.

    An argument can be made under Article 1 Section 8, Clause 18 that only Congress can make ‘all” the laws that are necessary and proper to carry out the powers of Congress.

    But there is nothing in the Constitution that expressly excludes “we the people” from having democratic referendums to enact laws if we want them to carry out the powers of the people under the tenth amendment.

    Moreover, all the states have Democratic referendums. Some limit the referendums to amending state constitutions and others allow the people of the states to make statutory laws just like the legislature. And since the states comprise the Republic and use the democratic process all of the time, it really is hard to argue that we are only a Republic.

    Moreover both of these articles and the tenth amendment are subject to change by amendment.

    The problem with a Republic is that it is nothing but an oligarchy in disguise. It simply is rule by the few over the many. Sanders was right to call us an oligarchy, but he was not smart enough to figure out oligarchy is baked into any government where most laws are made by representatives and not by a direct vote of the people.

    But at any rate, there have been and still are so many democratic processes going on within the federal system, it is not accurate to say we are only a Republic.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  78. Anon[192] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s almost always a filthy kike. And would she be making all of these threats if she didn’t think she had the full force of organized Jewry and their unlimited financial and legal resources behind her?

    • Replies: @pecosbill
  79. @Emslander

    It looks to me as if this woman is a reluctant lesbian, if at all. What I observe with those who openly assume the LGBTQ label is that they’re doing it for professional reasons.

    Agreed, Emslander.

    There are multiple body language tells in that photo just screaming, “this is forced for the cameras,” rather than, “this is a spontaneous expression of deep romantic love between two people.”

  80. @Realist

    Who thinks Trump will Pardon Snowden and Assange?

    ..or James Fields. Currently doing 450 years for vehicular manslaughter.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @gotmituns
  81. schrub says:

    Wanna make a bumper sticker for your car that most clearly expresses your feelings about our ongoing coup?

    Just warm up your printer and print out this


    in very big letters. Then tape it to your car bumper or rear car window.

    It is a simple statement yet it drives THEM right up the wall, especially when the bumper sticker is attached to a vehicle not belonging to an obvious member of the the Kosher controlled and approved left wing opposition whose most commonly known identifier is a white bumper sticker which merely says “Co-exist” .

    Hint: For added effect put this sticker right next to another newly made sticker implying your membership in John Hagee’s (very mega and very pro Israel) Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. When THEY see these two bumper stickers together, THEY will start trembling with a fear so pronounced that you would have thought they had just seen either a newly reincarnated Adolph Hitler (or maybe just a live Pat Buchanan himself ) walking down the street.

    If you really want to see our our own potential future, check out what is going on in the West Bank and Gaza right now. It isn’t pretty folks. It’s time to start paying attention to these two places., especially Gaza.

    Rumor is that right about now THEY are probably starting to think about setting up another version of Gaza in say Boise, Idaho. Lazar Kaganovich III is reportedly angling for a future job as head camp “recreation” director. Don’t get panicky, this is only a rumor after all (at least for now that is).

    And THESE people absolutely dote on collective punishment of their foes. Mercy for vanquished enemies is considered “just silly”. Just check out the Old Testament or the more recent Holodomor for examples of past “recreation” facilities.

  82. @RouterAl

    Tytler’s ideas are very similar to John C Calhoun’s ideas of class conflict. Calhoun could foresee a situation when the great divide was between those who benefit from state expenditure and those who have to pay for it. In the former are the Dindus, nearly all immigrants and other welfare class denizens. The bill for these people falls disproportionately on the working and middle class. We have surely reached such a situation now.

    As said elsewhere, the “Democrats”, Deep State and oligarchs are very deluded in thinking this will benefit them. There are lots of rifles and guns in the hands of right-minded ( in both senses of the words) American civilians. There are many reservists and people with military training as well.
    The military is without doubt sharply divided. The Generals are largely political appointees chosen for their loyalty to the Deep State. I doubt that the field officers and rank and file share these views.

    The situation is much nearer the Spanish Republic of 1936 than Eisenhower’s American Republic of 1956.
    Muerte A Los Traidores

  83. From her looks and her last name, I take Dana Nessel to be a Jewess. There are plenty of her ilk who envision Nazi Germany as the perfect society, except with them in charge.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  84. Wally says:
    @Priss Factor


    Nor this guy:

    Election Fraud Summary / the math, statistical impossibilities, the odds, rigged machines, fake paper ballots, the works:


    Shocking Affidavit: How Big Tech Stole the U.S. Presidential Election / Dominion, statisical impossibilities, etc.:

  85. TGD says:

    Judge Brann, the repellent obese hack appointed by Obama but who is a Republican , did exactly as Mr. Robert’s aptly stated and amazingly ruled on substantive issues when only procedural ones were being presented at that time.

    Matthew Brann rewrote my last will and testament about 15 years. He is very smart and very competent. He is a conservative Catholic from the small northern PA town of Canton. Casting aspersions at this very decent man will not advance Trump’s claim to have won the last election.

  86. Richard B says:

    But as the Russians and Chinese Communists did, the state will murder tens of millions before it falls.

    You’re probably right. Of course, one would like to think it’ll fall before they get that far.

    Either way, I wouldn’t it past them for a second. In fact, it’s a process already well underway with the opiod crisis. Which is so obviously an elaborate hit job on a demographic the elite openly despise. Just look at their reaction to The Hillbilly Elegies.

    Then again, their hatred for the host population, though genuine, still serves as a mask to conceal their incompetence at social management. The point being, with or without that hatred, they’d fail. And now we’re back to why you’re probably right.

  87. John Wear says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I know. I listen to David Duke’s radio show on a regular basis. I also like listening to Mark Collett on Fridays. I also have given Duke’s books to various people through the years. However, you don’t hear as much about David Duke as you used to in the early 1990s.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  88. sixgun98 says:

    What is wrong with you people? You are filled with the same irrational hatred as the leftist, progressives who wish to run you out of this country or lock you up in gulags. You act appalled at the direction the democrats are taking this country to deny us our rights, yet you turn around and make the same idiotic pronouncements against Jewish people. There are way more gentiles in places of power that wish to destroy this nation than Jews. I suggest all you freaking nazis run off to Germany, where you have your own country to run as you see fit. Leave America, we don’t need your bigoted ideology in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    • Troll: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Robert Dolan
    , @Derer
  89. Richard B says:

    the main players are from the same brethren Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov, Kamenev, Zinoviev = Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Soros, Bloomberg.

    Of course. It’s what they do because it’s who they are.

    But, as I’ve said before and will say again because it’s worth repeating, they’re no good at social management. They never have been and never will be. So, the best they’ll ever manage is a Pyrrhic Victory.

    That’s not to say that they won’t do even more damage than they’ve already done. On the contrary. Again, it’s what they do because it’s who they are. They can’t help themselves.

    They’re not called Nation-Wreckers for nothing.

  90. @Chris in Cackalacky

    I hear plenty from David Duke because I know where to find him, on his own Internet channels and not those owned by Jews. That’s the problem, people like PCR want to remain socially viable. Jewish calumny is legendary, so one must choose between making a difference and prestige. There is a separation in the men from the boys when dealing with Jews. Now imagine if I could hyperlink an article written by PCR to my friends and family which names the Jew? Yes, PCR would become a pariah but his name and resume would demand respect from readers, hence making a difference.

  91. While the clock runs out, we have yet to see any evidence of election fraud. (I believe there was fraud, but it’s not been proven.)

    I’m with Ann Coulter: the main reason Trump lost was pandering to everyone except Whites, who then rewarded Trump’s willful neglect by not showing up at the polls.

    Runner-up reason: with four years to investigate election fraud, Trump golfed instead.

    Trump never takes responsibility for anything and we knew he wouldn’t this time, either.

    Secession was always coming; it just came sooner than expected.

  92. tomo says:

    because they realize how selfish, disunited, easy and cheap to bribe Americans have always been
    That’s why

  93. @onebornfree

    You missed my favorite H.L. Mencken quote.

    “Democracy is a theory of government whereby you give the people what they want, and you give it to them good and hard.”

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  94. Realist says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    I believe James Fields was convicted by the state of Virginia…Trump has no jurisdiction there.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  95. Since the 2016 election Big Tech has joined the old power centers of the deep state to coalesce a single party state Regime. The neocons have openly gone over. Even the RNC has abandoned the White House. The republicans that still believe in the narratives of democracy and elections in the old republic are openly under attack by state attorney generals that are provided cover by the corporate controlled media.

    Even Murdoch of Fox News has joined – what will they lose in the long term? Murdoch said he has stuff on Biden so he isn’t worried. Fox will run with new narratives to reacquire lost Trump voters (so they think).

    As Pepe Escobar said we are going from MAGA to MEGA: Make Empire Great Again. There will be more wars that the US will lose. More millions will die. More regime change operations. Much more internal censorship. More overt repression of anyone that writes or speaks in resistance to the Total Regime. A total romp for the elites – they will be dizzy with riches and power.

    The US itself is completing an internal regime change operation. Only the blind cannot see that the US is a fascist rogue state banana republic with nuclear weapons under the control of neoliberal dead-enders.

    American Republic – Rest in Peace, or Resist.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  96. Richard B says:

    The US was not a democracy for decades, if it ever was. Western media have declined in quality over the last ~30 years, from something palatable representing different viewpoints to today’s monolith with uniformity of “opinions”

    Sad, but true.

    While in college in the 80’s I heard the Israeli statesman Abba Eban give a speech during which he thundered, “Israel must be Jewish and democratic.” Upon hearing this, a Jewish professor laughed out loud. When asked later why, he said, “How can anything Jewish be democratic?”

    Considering who owns and runs the West in general and the USA in particular, the destruction of the very freedoms associated with democratic forms of governance should come as no surprise. The hostile elite doesn’t have a democratic bone in its collective body.

    Western media have declined in quality over the last ~30 years

    The media is a cultural deposit and a by-product of our teaching-learning institutions. After all, they’ve got to go somewhere to learn the art of the con, ie; how to manipulate language to direct behavvior in ways beneficial to those paying the bills. But, again, none of this should come as a surprise. It was often talked about at the time, usually in the form of either of laments or warnings.

    In 1971, for example, while at a meeting at Cooper Square in NYC in front of a bunch of business executives and university administrators, the great cultural historian Morse Peckham pronounced the university officially dead, referring to it as terminally ill and unsavable.

    Almost 20 years later another great educator, Jaques Barzun, looking back on a lifetime in education, said that the university never recovered from the campus distrubances between 1965-68.

    It’s worth keeping in mind that our social institutions are, at their core, adaptational mechanisms. So, their failure is no small thing. Nor the causes of their failure.

    • Agree: tomo
  97. The republican party should die, and richly deserves to for not fully standing with the President in this fraud of a presidential (s)election. But that doesn’t mean that the US will become a one party state. The democrats are divided between their socialist wing (led by Bernie and AOC), and the globalist neoliberals, which Biden/Harris and company represent. With two leftwing parties fighting for supremacy, there will be room for a true conservative/Populist party to emerge, which could be bigger than each of them.
    Whether that happens in time to prevent two new states from being formed by the Senate, packing the Supreme Court, or for the abolishment of the current Electoral College, is a most pertinent question.

    We must admit that the EC didn’t acquit itself well in the election. Much of the rancor and vote stealing could have been reduced if all states allocated their electoral votes by congressional district, as Nebraska and Maine do, rather than winner-take-all. Then all the vote stealing in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee wouldn’t have mattered nearly as much, as that would only account for a few EC votes (not counting two for the state’s popular vote winner), rather than the whole shebang.

  98. @Johnny Smoggins

    So he should have got out of the car and mingled with the crowd shaking hands and hugging his supporters all the while constituting a wandering bulls eye for any leftist crazies who were looking for trouble.

    His supporters most certainly don’t begrudge him a couple of hours on the links seeing as he is being bludgeoned and pummeled 24/7 from the entire world of nutcases who hate his guts, such as yourself.

    You are out of your bloody mind , and you can go screw yourself.


    • Replies: @Tom Rogers
  99. Rogue says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Unfortunately, David Duke blathers away endlessly and tediously, and hardly ever lets a guest get a word in edgewise.

    Mark Collet (who is pretty good) is the only one who ever manages to say at least a little bit.

    Duke could do with understanding that his insights and opinions are not as important as he thinks they are, and that some of his guests actually know more than him.

  100. gotmituns says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    They want to do the same thing to Kyle Rittenhouse but I don’t think they can do it to him.

  101. Emslander says:

    Let’s face it, we’re no longer a serious people, capable of recognizing threats to our culture, our traditions or our physical borders. No discussion of any kind is allowed. Products of literature or art consist of nonsense. Instead of dramatic presentations of life’s human challenges, the movies are of cartoon characters with “super” powers defeating the Nazis for the zillionth time. Girls dream of being witches or fairies in the future, not accomplished women. Young men don’t dream of anything any more.

    • Agree: Just another serf, tomo
  102. Anon[192] • Disclaimer says:

    New to Unz Review, huh? Well welcome to our community. Now fuck off.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Thanks: Bill Jones
    • LOL: Derer, Emslander
  103. @davidgmillsatty

    WE THE PEOPLE will find it necessary to call a RE-constitutional convention. This assembly would not permit the establishment of political parties and would also not permit members of those current duopolist parties to attend. Lawyers/attorneys would be carefully vetted to discover whether they are members of the American Bar Association, a body entirely subsidiary to The Bar at Temple Court in City of London.


    My proposal would be that the entire superstructure of the Republic be reformulated, with the House of Representatives to be eliminated, as no one individual can possibly represent the interests of more than 750,000 constituents. Popular referendums would replace that body. Voting in such referendums would enfranchise all citizens with a single vote. An additional vote would be granted to those individuals who could pass a civics test encompassing American political/Constitutional history, perhaps the test being done in essay form. This would be weighted democracy, where the informed would have augmented rights, though the mass of media-mesmerized morons (the current reality) would still have their single vote.

    The amendment allowing for direct election of Senators would be reversed, with that power returning to the 50 state legislatures. It is far more difficult to blackmail and/or bribe 26 legislatures than it is to do so with 51 Senators.

    The egregiously empowered court system would be eliminated, with the Supremes to be replaced by a Constitutional court made up of 65+ Y.O. “living national treasures” who would not be politicians, rather those who have given of their time for the betterment of their communities. Their terms would be for six years. Federal district courts and appeals courts would be eliminated, as their basis is not found in constitutional law.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  104. @sixgun98

    You are a total douchebag head in the sand moron.

    Go away and don’t come back.

    Your post destroys the brain cells of the innocent.

  105. Jake says:

    Why do Jews rule over us?

    We rebelled against Christ and Christendom, which opened door after door after door for Jews to take over.

    More specifically, Modern English culture, which was first labelled WASP in the US, was formed, finalized, crystalized by a Judaizing heresy: Anglo-Saxon Puritanism. The immediate and thorough meaning was revealed, for the blind, when archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell allied with Jews by taking Jewish loans. Jews became indispensable bankers of English Empire in the 1650s. The Brit WASP Empire, with Jewish financing, forged the largest empire in world history: the sun never set on it. The Brit WASP Empire, as befits an empire whose most important international bankers were Jewish and whose Elite culture was formed by a Judaizing heresy, spread philo-Semitic, pro-Jewish, political and economic culture around the world.

    The Brit WASP Empire was Anglo-Zionist Empire. The Yank WASP Empire is the Anglo-Zionist Empire 2.0.

    If you wish to undo the Jewish rule over us, you must act to revive Christendom, and you must accept that Modern English political, economic, and spiritual culture is philo-Semitic at its base and so must be rejected, in favor of cultural identity and expression that is not philo-Semitic

  106. Derer says:

    You fool, the present day Germany is the most noticeable defender of Jews. Carefully cultivated collective guilt drilled into the post-war German generations completely erased critical views or negative discussions of Israel holocaust of aboriginal Palestinians or negativity towards Jewish minority in general. Fully operational hate laws are making mockery from freedom of expression.

  107. bmx357 says:

    The source of their power? Their remarkable social cohesion. The same quality they relentlessly seek to destroy in the non Jewish societies they inhabit, with astonishing success.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  108. Uncle Sam says:

    If the plaintiffs can prove their case in the federal courts by a preponderance of evidence and the courts refuse to overturn the election, then the 74 million who supported Trump are effectively disenfranchised and told to go to hell. After that, the first step is massive civil disobedience. For example , the truckers could park their rigs on roads leading into and out of Washington DC and New York City. In other words, nothing goes in and nothing comes out. They could also do that in Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee among other cities. The motorcycle groups could easily assist.

    The police, who overwhelmingly support Trump, could call off sick. The country would be shut down completely. If Martin Luther King could aadvocate and participate in civil disobedience, why can’t Trump supporters. There are at least 74 million of them; they could easily shut this country down. That is what it would take. And if the other side responds violently, then the civil war is on.

    That would bring in the various state militias who could take control of the situation. If the Bidenites call out the military to restore order, many if not most of the volunteers who comprise the military will not fire their weapons at their fellow citizens. It is more probable that they would fire their weapons at their commanding officers.

    It is clear that Trump won the election. It is up to the courts to do their duty. If they don’t, then the American system of government is a failure and a fraud and should be replaced by a man who is a nationalist and a patriot. l

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Emslander
  109. Jake says:

    Islam is the product of a desert pirate – a robber, rapist, and murderer – taking Gnostic forms of Judaism, which worked fairly closely in Semitic lands (such as Arabia) with Gnostics claiming to be Christian, to refashion as a new religion, a religion of and for Arabs, a religion that would express the Arabic wing of Semitic culture just as Rabbinic Judaism expresses the Jewish wing of Semitic culture. Islam definitely includes elements of Arabic paganism as well as all the Gnostic flourishes and the justifications of a desert pirate desiring a religion that would excuse his life of violence.

  110. @bmx357

    The main source of their power is usury and control of the financial system and their mistaken belief that they are still God’s chosen people.

    With an endless supply of cash they simply buy off/displace every leader at every control point of the society.

    Add their hyper-ethnocentrism/ingroup preference, and outgroup hostility….and you have the recipe for some VERY nasty nation wrecking psychopathic lunacy.

  111. @Ray Caruso

    From her looks and her last name, I take Dana Nessel to be a Jewess.

    You mean, she is not particularly pretty, to put it politely?

  112. profnasty says:

    As per MS King, Tsar Nick had Rus in zero debt. I’m sure he was worried sick about Communist revolution. Anyone who would justify Vlad Lenin has a screw loose. Boobala.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  113. @Uncle Sam

    American system of government is a failure and a fraud

    Is this news to you? 95% of the world population knew it even before 2020 “election”.

    Sad thing is, the coup appears to be successful. Despite overwhelming evidence, the system does not acknowledge massive election fraud in all swing states. Deep State minions are certifying fraudulent results in various states.

    Civil disobedience would be a reasonable response, but something tells me it ain’t gonna happen. 70+ million Americans who belatedly discovered that American voting system, as well as the whole political system, is a swindle, are going to mutter a lot, but otherwise won’t do anything.

    • Agree: Stonehands
  114. Anonymous[163] • Disclaimer says:

    ALL is happening as I predicted. The MSM NEOCONS CORPORATE GLOBALISTS THE VATICAN THE DEM RINOS THE SECURITY AGENCIES, THE UN THE EU, THE ARAB LEAGUE, HOLLYWOOD LBERAL INTELLECTUAL SCIENTISTS ACADEMICS ETC. ALL demanding that the AMERICAN PEOPLE SURRENDER…Obama is back in tHE WH so are the Clintons, Podestas, Epsteins left over minions, most public face are of course multidiverse colors races genders the REAL POWERS ARE 100% ALL JEWS…quite telling that they said that Johnn Kerry showed up at the WH and BIDEN could not recoginized him and BIDEN did not that he had appointed KERRY to his new cabinet post…its just laughable…this is zombie is the new DICTATOR of the USA…pathetic..The Otum of the Patriarch..Garcia Marquez…When they found him he had been dead forseveral years…they managed to find teh left over o his carcass among the ruins..

  115. @nickels

    She has the dead eyes of a Chekist.

    • Agree: nickels
    • Replies: @R2b
    , @nosquat loquat
  116. Agent76 says:

    Nov 24, 2020 What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns

    If you are advocating for lockdowns, you are complicit in tearing families apart. You are complicit in inflicting untold suffering on millions of people around the world. You are complicit in casting the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies into even further grinding poverty. You are complicit in murder.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  117. @John Wear

    As you know, in the early 1990s media ownership was considerably wider and more diverse than at the present. The end of the Cold War permitted a greater range of views being aired on the MSM. I vividly remember David Irving, for example, appearing several times on MSM TV discussion programmes. People appeared on the MSM who would never appear now, including people a lot less “controversial” than Mr Irving.

    Now 6 corporations control 90% of US media outlets. There is the same degree of oligopoly in most other Western countries. The state-owned media is just as bad.
    They push a very narrow Neoliberal line, with a tiny margin outside this for “respectable” opinion. As far as possible they prevent contrary views appearing, they censor news and they distort opinions.
    Unsurprisingly, you do not hear as much from Dr Duke as you used to in the early 1990s.
    As you may know also, Pete Brimelow has dealt with this topic copiously, so I am not claiming any form of originality.

    PS Is David Duke still living out in the Ukraine ? Maybe that’s another reason we’re not hearing as much as we used to.

    • Replies: @John Wear
    , @Robert Dolan
  118. @profnasty

    Vlad Lenin has a screw loose.

    There is an alternative explanation, provided by a Soviet-era joke. By way of introduction, Caucasus people were and are famous for their horsemanship, vendetta, and flowery drinking toasts. Tsar Nick hanged Lenin’s brother Alexander for participation in insurrection. Now, here is the joke:
    At a Caucasian party, one guest rises and proposes a toast:
    – I want to drink to Lenin: he is a real jigit – look how he avenged his brother.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  119. Mefobills says:

    At some point Sidney has to switch from Chavez euphemisms to the direct bill of indictment against CIA.

    Sydney has to use the foreign interference angle due to the above EO. The election was under EO authority as a national emergency.

    Trump used the Russia gate narrative to issue this EO.

    Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies), shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election.

    When you read the EO, it has quite a bit of power to prosecute, and the press could find itself as co-conspirators for a foreign government. RICO is only a hop and skip away.

    Also, the special forces now have a direct line to the president and no longer are in control of the deep state. The direct line of contact is through Watnik.

    Ezra-Cohen Watnik is probably a Jew, but since he was Michael Flynn’s trusted aide, we can give him a seal of approval. (Time will tell… Trump doesn’t have a good Jew-Dar).

    “I am here today to announce that I have directed the Special Operations civilian leadership to report directly to me, instead of through the current bureaucratic channels,” Miller said, making good on language that permitted such a move in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. Note the NDAA did not mandate the change; it allowed it.

    Special Ops civilian leadership also reports to the new SecDef Miller, who himself is a special ops man.

  120. @TGD

    He is not a “decent man” if he refused to even hear the evidence. That is called a piece of shit.

    • Agree: TKK
  121. This election had lots of fraud but it was the Jewish Weaponization of Covid that did him in.
    Jews control Media and ‘medica’ and put a gun to Trump’s head. “Lockdown and ruin the economy or get blamed as mass murderer.”

    This was a bigger lie than WMD and also led to mass fraud with mail-in ballots.

    But we can’t call out Jewish Power.

    PS. That shallow woman is a tool of Jews.

    Women are vapid. Easy to mind-control.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Stonehands
  122. anon[380] • Disclaimer says:

    The course of events is now set. If Trump will not capitulate under coordinated pressure, words to the wise, and martial law threats from CIA, the supreme court will throw the election to CIA’s man Biden. This so-called court is nine hacks chosen for servile cowardice who remember what happened to Robert Vance.

    When the supreme court finally aborts Trump’s unauthorized candidacy, he has one option. He’s got to go over the court’s head to the world. He must present his case to the IACHR and the Human Rights Council in defense of ICCPR Article 25. He can’t succeed with standard republican nitwits who think commies throw elections. Trump needs people conversant with the supreme law of the land, including US obligations and commitments.

    The facts are overwhelming: CIA has been stealing elections here and abroad for decades.

    The law is clear: CIA has unlawfully denied the free expression of the will of the electors and Americans’ right to take part in public affairs. CIA’s foreign electoral victims can take this dispute to the ICJ. Needed restitution is twofold: a new US election with paper ballots counted in public; and an international expert investigation of CIA electoral fraud as a serious crime under CTOC.

    If the new clean election returns Trump to office, he has to abolish the CIA, or CIA will kill him.

  123. onebornfree says: • Website
    @Minnesota Mary

    Unless I’m mistaken [certainly possible], I think the actual Mencken quote you’re thinking of is :

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    Maybe he said your version somewhere, but I’m not familiar with it. But either way is still good 😎.

    Here’s a few more H.L. Mencken Democracy quotes I’ve collected that you may or may not be familiar with:

    “Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.”

    “Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses.”

    “If experience teaches us anything at all, it teaches us this: that a good politician, under democracy, is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.”

    “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”

    “Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule—and both commonly succeed, and are right.”

    “Civilization, in fact, grows more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary. Wars are no longer waged by the will of superior men, capable of judging dispassionately and intelligently the causes behind them and the effects flowing out of them. The are now begun by first throwing a mob into a panic; they are ended only when it has spent its ferine fury.”

    Regards, onebornfree

  124. @TGD

    “Matthew Brann rewrote my last will and testament about 15 years. . . .”

    Well, that doesn’t require the intellect of, say, Learned Hand, now, does it?

    If this “very smart and very competent” judge ruled correctly–hey, great. If he didn’t, Trump’s counsel should have the right to say otherwise. . . .

    • Agree: TKK
  125. John Wear says:

    David Duke lives in a suburb of New Orleans. If you have an interest, you can listen to his radio broadcasts at his website at

    • Thanks: Verymuchalive
  126. @TGD

    He is a conservative Catholic.

    Yeah, yeah…Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are “Catholics” too…lol

    “By their fruits ye shall know them”

    Judge Brann’s treason against the American people in Pennsylvania will be duly recorded and remembered.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Zarathustra
  127. Emslander says:
    @Uncle Sam

    The country would be shut down completely.

    Been done. They used a mild flu as their excuse.

    I wish I knew what the American system of government really is.

    It used to be a federation and then the states had to give up bicameral representation, where one house represented districts and the other represented populations. After that the states turned into sieves for central control without the fingerprints.

    It was once a nation, with a common language, a shared moral standard, a respect for religious practices, a dominant race that enforced opportunities for minority races and an acceptable process for choosing leaders.

    It’s none of those things now. Where does it go from here?

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  128. anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    123, agreed 100%, mefobills. Thanks for those links. “Persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States” certainly covers CIA and its foreign cutouts operating under eyes-only intelligence liaison agreements. CIA’s election theft was effected by Venezuelan, Irish, Swiss, and Bahamian CIA agents and ‘Safari Club’ type arrangements with Canadian secret services. Sidney accuses “internal” enemies as well – that’s the CIA.

    Ultimately, the CIA regime has consolidated its control so completely that Trump’s only reliable investigative authority is foreign assistance in prosecuting CIA election theft as transnational organized crime.

    • Agree: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Erebus
  129. @onebornfree

    For some reason, people here still give libertarian copy-and-paste morons such as Oneborn the benefit of doubt and reply to him in a civil manner. It’s pointless, since no debate can be had with dumb ideologues, be they Marxist, liberal or libertarian. All of them, of course, attack the orange man. They live comfortable lives in nearly all-white places and are economically aristocrat. Oneborn Asshole will likely never have to face BLM thugs breaking into his home or neighborhood. They can venture safe political postulates about “all state bad”.

    This particular asshole is possibly not even real, maybe an Intel shill. If I were in Intel, it’s oneborns that I would use, to divert and confuse. Sadly, he may be real, flagging every “pro-state” post with his inane boilerplate.

    The time approaches when all of us will have to focus on hard politics. Philoso-liberto-bullshite will have to give, even for those who now still love it.

  130. @anon

    I think Sidney was shut down because she was too close to the truth regarding CIA/organized Jewry involvement in the steal by rigging the machines.

    If the CIA/Mossad has been fixing elections all over the world and running color revolutions….it was only a matter of time before they would do it to us.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  131. @nickels

    Nessel is a problem but you have problems. People are allowed to reject Christ, I do but that does not mean I act unreasonably. It means I am a realist not an indoctrinated fool.

  132. Anonymous[315] • Disclaimer says:

    So what dumbass elected them? Blacks, Jews, U.A.W. and teachers union members. All other union members. Women without the means of taking care of themselves, etc.. Never ending parade of misfits, and lunatics. People who believe that someone else should pay their freight. That’s who elected all the miscreants.

    • Replies: @Realist
  133. Mefobills says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Could be Robert.

    Here is another angle:

    General Michael Flynn’s brother, who knows Sidney Powell very well after having defended his brother for the past couple of years, tweeted an explanation and asked Americans to consider donating to her and to the team of lawyers working for Sidney Powell who are fighting the truth to be revealed.

    She is no longer connected to the Trump legal team, and therefore can accept money and operate independently.

    Also, Trump’s team is pursuing mail in vote fraud and influence on the electors, to then throw the election to the house. In other words, Powell’s line of attack is a different stream from Giulliani et al.

    Sydney Powell’s actions are more in line with the EO I posted earlier. Also, Flynn is the thread that binds Powell to Trump.

    • Thanks: Robert Dolan
  134. Mefobills says:
    @Priss Factor

    PS. That shallow woman is a tool of Jews.

    Women are vapid. Easy to mind-control.

    Universal suffrage voting was a horrible mistake. If you had to categorize Jews, they would be feminine in their worldview.

    For example, manipulating others to then get your way is a feminine behavior.

    Any sort of civilization that has women voting, and Jews in control is destined for collapse because it is outside of natural law. Matriarchy is outside of natural law.

    The logos is a hierarchy: God/Man/Woman/Children. Women are under men.

    There are some outstanding women… for example Sydney Powell, but exceptions don’t make the rule.

    How many women vote for other women, just because? They don’t know what the issues are, they only know their feeeeelings.

  135. President Kamala might surprise us and turn out to be one the most beloved leaders in American history. She’s very compassionate. She has got a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Since she’s an Indian, she knows all about technology and is incredibly smart. Her African ancestry imparts in her a deep respect for human life and a unique gentleness and a deeply peaceful approach to life, always rejecting violence.

    I think she will be unprecedentedly successful in bringing people together. Even if she just brings people together in vast re-education/concentration camps.

    • LOL: Cortes, AnonFromTN
    • Replies: @Just another serf
  136. Mefobills says:

    And one more thing to consider.

    Sorry about spamming this thread, but this is also important:

    There have been thousands of military flights lately, many of them spec ops.

  137. PC Roberts can bash the Democrats for their anti-democratic tatics to his heart’s content but has he been living under a rock? Amazing! America is not a democarcy, not ever! It only pretends to be. Anyone with one quarter of a brain cell and a little critical thinking can see that and they have checked out a long time ago. Who owns and rules this country? Certainly not “we the people”. Do i have to remind you, over and over? Mr Roberts is barking up the wrong tree and this article is lame, irrelevant, a waste of time! What’s wrong with you Mr Roberts? The next Zionist in the White House will be Biden. Trump will go back to being a talk show host, that’s his next assigned role and performance. The election is over! It’s decided, and we know not by the people but who gives a fuck??!!! You are all slaves and always will be. Next, roll up your sleeves to get jabbed with purified sewage in compliance with the dictate of and to show your deep faith in Covidism, the new world religion. Locksteps!

  138. Mr Roberts, your accusations about the politicisation of the judiciary .ay well be correct but, when it comes to the particular case I need more. *Where can I read the full pleadings, evidence and judgment in the case(s) you mention?*

    At present I am left wondering if the judge was presented only with affidavits about irregularities which couldn’t have accounted for more than a small fraction of the votes needed to change the result. It might have been hard for a judge to summarily dismiss expert mathematical evidence that reported dumps of large numbers of extra Biden votes were impossible. So, I need to know detail about the case which it was sought to make.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  139. Nessel is a Jew.

    All you need to know.

    • Replies: @Stewart M Schwartz
  140. Hossein says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Both of them are hot nd Rush Limbaugh, the worst fat nasty ass hole in existence, is jealous of them and so is the other shit head, Alex jones.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  141. Realist says:

    Exactly, and that is why democracy doesn’t work.

  142. That psychotic cadaverous grin will haunt my nightmares.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  143. @Anonymous

    Sino-Isreali NWO? Where did you come up with that? can you explain more in detail about this Sino-Isreali NWO?

    In my many years of research and studies in Geopolitics, I have never heard of any relationship of such ever existed or developed. So, please give us some explanation of what is that all about.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Anonymous
  144. Erebus says:

    Don’t forget about the UK. The Ring that rules them all looks to be located in London.

  145. @CyrusTheGreat

    Mao’s advisers were Hebrews.

    For sure.

  146. Norvak says:

    Stand up now or lie down forever in the grave of your civilization.

    If Biden is sworn in Jan 20th, the Dems and Globalists will not even have to steal elections in 2022 and 2024, or ever again. Why not? Because Biden with massive media support will open up the border floodgates and perhaps as many as 20 million illegals will be enfranchised for those elections. Republicans and conservatives will become a permanent minority, and exploited and terrorized relentlessly.


    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  147. Norvak says:

    The five stages of revolt: Examine revolts in history and see if they conform.

    1) Despair
    2) Anger
    3) Seething
    4) Action
    5) Hardening

    We are at the anger stage, but moving slowly into the seething stage. And keep in mind that if we move into the action stage, the hardening, the assumption of leadership, will eventually pass to the HARD MEN. And that is not a pretty thing.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  148. @AnonFromTN

    Maybe it is funny but it is the truth.

  149. TKK says:

    Boo Hoo.

    He is obese.
    He is a gutless weasel.
    He is a repellent political hack who using the bench to curry favor with the MSM and the entrenched Deep State.

    Reread Robert’s excellent analysis. You may want to run your probate matters by a lawyer who actually cares about truth and legal integrity.

  150. TKK says:

    Maybe Brann was also a Boy Scout troop leader!

  151. @GeneralRipper

    Judge had no choice. This fake elections was one time occurrence. Recounts are stupidity because only fake votes are counted again. Trump should have sued against mail voting. Now everything is in vain. Mail voting did open the door to cheating. It is impossible to verify legal validity of millions of votes. Only if Trump would go to supreme court and demand new election in states that did allow mail voting maybe he could get somewhere.
    Mail voting should be allowed only for military. All other voting should be allowed in person.
    Otherwise Democratic cheating will stay here forever.
    Because of covid? that is bullshit.
    People go to buy groceries every weak closely mingling with other people. Why they could not go to vote. In person voting could include cheating also but not in such volumes what did happen in this election.
    This was Democratic set up from the beginning.
    They did know that Trump would win the election so they had to cheat.
    The excuse is Covid? Give me a break.
    People spend far longer time in food supermarkets, than voting.
    Still democrats are not advocating mail shopping.
    Democrats are born crooks and they will never change.

  152. Loup-Bouc says:

    Dr. Roberts’s article bears much important, correct information. Near all its few flaws are harmless. But one flaw likely misleads readers importantly.

    Dr. Roberts wrote:

    The judge knows full well that affidavits are always evidence. So we now have an Obama federal judge who for political purpose pretends to be thoroughly ignorant of law and not know that affidavits signed under penalty of perjury are always evidence.

    Ordinarily, even near-always, an affidavit is NOT evidence.

    In the federal judicial system (and in most U.S. state courts), ordinarily an affidavit is not admissible in trials. An affidavit can be used, however, to oppose, or support, a motion praying summary judgment — but only if
    (1) the affidavit is “made on personal knowledge,” states “facts that would be admissible in evidence,” and shows that the affiant “is competent to testify on the matters stated” [Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 56]
    (2) the affidavit satisfies the requirements of 28 U.S. Code §1746.

    Otherwise (in the federal courts and most state courts), an affidavit is inadmissible hearsay in summary judgment motion process, unless it fits a hearsay-rule exception stated in the Federal Rules of Evidence or in similar state-court evidence rules (and most states follow the federal rules).

    28 U.S. Code §1746 provides:

    Wherever, under any law of the United States or under any rule, regulation, order, or requirement made pursuant to law, any matter is required or permitted to be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by the sworn declaration, verification, certificate, statement, oath, or affidavit, in writing of the person making the same (other than a deposition, or an oath of office, or an oath required to be taken before a specified official other than a notary public), such matter may, with like force and effect, be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by the unsworn declaration, certificate, verification, or statement, in writing of such person which is subscribed by him, as true under penalty of perjury, and dated, in substantially the following form:
    (1) If executed without the United States: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date).
    (2) If executed within the United States, its territories, possessions, or commonwealths: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date).

    Some Trump federal court complaint affidavits may not comply strictly — or even substantially and sufficiently — with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 56 and 28 U.S. Code §1746. Some affidavits do not include a required statement that the affidavit is rendered “under penalty of perjury.” Some affidavits do not state, or show, clearly, that all their statements are “made on personal knowledge” or that the affiant is competent to testify on the matters stated.”

    A few affidavits do not state they were made “under penalty of perjury.” But if an affidavit is rendered by a person subject to the “personal jurisdiction” of the court to (or in) which the affidavit is presented and it is sworn or affirmed before a notary who notarized them, the “under penalty of perjury” statement may not be necessary, since the affidavit’s presentation and the court’s personal jurisdiction submits the affiant to the court’s power of adjudging the affiant guilty of perjury if the affidavit states a false statement the affiant knew false. See, e.g., pp.11-12 of ELI Lilly and Company v. Arch Insurance Company,

    Yet, not all Trump federal case affidavits show that the affiant was subject to the personal jurisdiction of the court. See affidavit of Bonnie Pettibone, cited and discussed below. Ms. Pettibone’s affidavit does not indicate that Ms. Pettibone resided in the federal district of the court at the time she formed her affidavit. Her affidavit does not indicate the city and state of her residence of the time of the affidavit’s making. Since Ms. Pettibone’s affidavit does not state that it is rendered “under penalty of perjury” and is not legally notarized, it may be excluded.

    See, e.g., (handwritten) affidavit of Bonnie Pettibone, part of Exhibit 1 of the federal court complaint of the case of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., et al. v. Jocelyn Benson, in her official capacity as Michigan Secretary of State, et al., That case’s Exhibit 1 is linked near the bottom of this web-page:

    Bonnie Pettibone’s affidavit does not state that it is rendered “under penalty of perjury.” The affiant (Ms. Pettibone) did not swear or affirm that her affidavit’s statements are “true and correct.” Ms. Pettibone’s affidavit is not legally notarized, since it does not bear a notary stamp and the putative notary does not state that she is a licensed notary of the State of Michigan and the County in which the affidavit is made. Lacking proper notarization, Ms. Pettibone’s affidavit is not self-executing.

    Therefore, Bonnie Pettibone’s affidavit could be excluded or treated as mere inadmissible hearsay. See ELI Lilly and Company v. Arch Insurance Company,

    Numerous other Trump federal case affidavits are not legally notarized, because their putative notarizations do not bear notary stamps. Some do not indicate the state and county in which the notary is licensed. Those affidavits, too, may be excluded or treated as inadmissible hearsay.

    See generally Exhibit 1of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., et al. v. Jocelyn Benson, in her official capacity as Michigan Secretary of State, et al., Exhibit 1 is linked near the bottom of this web-page:

    Some affidavits’ statements render the affiant susceptible to a question of whether one or more statements were not “made on personal knowledge” or whether “the affiant is competent to testify on the matters stated.” Again see the Exhibit 1 affidavits linked near the bottom of this web-page:

    Still, if some or many Trump-case federal court affidavits do not satisfy Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 56 and 28 U.S. Code §1746, some may fit a hearsay rule exception and, hence, MAY be “evidence.” But such prospect is very unlikely.

    See Federal Rules of Evidence Rules 801 through 807. Be acutely aware, however, that those rules are arcane and resist understanding of non-lawyers, even too many attorneys. The Federal Rules of Evidence are available here: See also pp.14-16 of ELI Lilly and Company v. Arch Insurance Company,

    Similar legal flaws may render excludable all six affidavit Exhibits of Cheryl A. Costantino v. City of Detroit, et al.,
    Exhibit A (no statement “under penalty of law,” not all statements personal knowledge, and no legal notarization, for lack of notary stamp)
    Exhibit B (same as Exhibit A)
    Exhibit C (no statement “under penalty of law,” not all statements personal knowledge)
    Exhibit D (same as Exhibit A)
    Exhibit E (same as Exhibit A)
    Exhibit F (no statement “under penalty of law,” not all statements personal knowledge)

    Cheryl A. Costantino v. City of Detroit, et al. was filed in Michigan State Court. Michigan state affidavit rules may not be stringent as the pertinent federal rules and federal judicial precedents. I have never practiced in Michigan state courts. I have not had spare time enough research the pertinent Michigan state rules. But most state rules follow substantially the federal rules. So, the above-referenced Cheryl A. Costantino v. City of Detroit, et al. affidavits may be excludable or treated as inadmissible hearsay.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  153. @Priss Factor

    Obliviously, Trump took the bait, and declared a National Emergency March 13- thereby guaranteeing 10’s of millions of mail-in votes- a Dem specialty.

    That was the script, Trump as a Trojan Horse, the set-up for the great Reset at the behest of his creditors- the beleaguered central banks.

    Now, the good cop/bad cop team changes hands and mops up what’s left of the bitterly divided, and former middle class.

  154. @Just another serf

    But seriously, can you comprehend a set circumstances wherein an Indian/Negro woman, whose career was launched entirely through sex with a corrupt black mayor of San Francisco, becoming the President of the US. If you are an American, how can you ever accept this absurdity?

    You can’t accept this and you should not. The question remains, what can be done?

  155. @Zarathustra

    You seem to assume the judicial is truly independent. Trump should have sued about mail-in in the face of a full-court-press Covid media campaign. I’m just amazed that I have to defend Trump (though I never believed in him) on a forum like Unz. You assholes truly deserve the long, dire “winter” ahead. I wish we didn’t share countries.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  156. @Katrinka

    Watch some Three Stooge Shorts and think —

  157. Don’t worry guys. None of you will qualify for re-education camps. There will be “special” camps built for you called special-education camps. You’ll mostly be forced to watch spongebob all day with occasional reading of the communist manifesto by AOC. For the ones who can understand big fancy words of course. You will be given some ice cream if you show improvement. So really not that much different than your current “life”

    Trump should just have Juan Guaido return the favor and come back to DC and declare him winner/president. If it was cool for Trump Biden and congress to recognize Guaido the legitimate president of Venezuela, I don’t see why Guaido can’t choose ours too.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  158. @TGD

    “Conservative Catholic” Brann. I take it he believes what Catholics believed 10 years ago, or 5 years ago?

  159. @Zarathustra

    Democrats have ended the Constitution. Things are not going to go the way the Jews think they are going to go, that much is certain.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  160. “No evidence” is the phrase the Clintons have droned on over many decade now. “No evidence” is just another expression for “what are you going to do about it?”

    • Agree: Lee
  161. @Parsnipitous

    Please do not worry. Democrats are real Fuck-ups. The four years are ample time for them to run this country all the way to the ground.

    • Agree: AnonFromTN
  162. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    So what dumbass Americans elected them.

    City dwellers that depend absolutely on government funding to buy clothing, eat, and live indoors. That’s true world-wide. The population explosion and cheap travel has flooded Western cities with people who are utterly dependent on government money, yet whose votes dominate politics. This, in turn, supports a very large number of government personnel. All vote for increased government power and more money for themselves.

    What does it take to defeat such a system? Simple: callous indifference to human suffering, coupled with decline of cities.

    * The Liberals already have callous indifference to human suffering, otherwise they’d be unable to tolerate their own support of urban vote farms. Everybody else will get it. Actually, more like recover it. American society before 1850 was rural, and offered very little support for the “undeserving poor”. Same with American rural society today.

    * Cities are visibly declining, and the decline will sharply accelerate as the value of money decreases under the Federal Reserve’s most likely policies.

    Problem solved. The survivors will be quite pleased with themselves, as they always are.

    • Agree: Realist
  163. @Emslander

    The best comment in this thread by far. You concisely summarise what America has lost.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  164. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    I was referring to an article that appeared earlier this year in Foreign Affairs that was literally gloating over their claim Israel has been secretly negotiating a new alignment with China behind the US’ back for years, smugly ending with Palmerston’s quip that nations have no permanent allies, only interests. The article has been cited here on UR several times, but I can no longer find it in a general search or at the magazine’s website.

    • Replies: @Bolteric
  165. Iva says:

    First Jennifer Rubin and now  Dana Nessel ( happened both are Jwish) calling to punish Americans for having different views and political preferences and dare to support president Trump. They are joined by gov. of Oregon Kate Brown ( also lesbian) to report on neighbours who gather with more then 5 people. That is exactly what STALIN would do. He even encouraged children to report on their parents who were in opposition to his rules. AOC wants to “blacklist” Trump supporters. As a person who grew up in a comminist country all of this has TOO MANY similarities to communist tactics. Wake up AMERICANS !!!!!!!!!!!! 

  166. gsjackson says:

    After first being convicted in federal court. Virginia made sure he couldn’t be pardoned. I do not see why being tried for the same crime in both federal and state courts doesn’t violate the double jeopardy clause of the U.S. Constitution. I guess they usually call it a violation of civil rights when bringing federal charges of murder — the most transparent of pretexts for trying a defendant twice for the same crime.

    • Replies: @Realist
  167. @Zarathustra

    Judge had no choice.

    Judge had choice. He chose, and that characterizes him 100%. As a piece of shit.
    Now, if he meant to support the narrative of the fraudsters, he couldn’t have allowed the evidence to be aired: it is too damning. So, in that he had no choice.

  168. Realist says:

    The problem with laws is the interpretation is left to partisan hacks.

  169. @Carlos22

    For Germany, I can give you the precise date: 1982. That was when the second of two reasonable Social-Democratic chancellors, Schmidt, was ousted in a palace revolution, and big fat silly Kohl put into his place. During his 16 years, which coincided with the Reagan/Gorbachev era, the German left, stripped of all perspectives, became a Marxist cult.

  170. Skeptikal says:

    Many affidavits are filed as attachments to standard court/legal documents that contain the person’s address and the affirmation that the document is signed and submitted under penalties of perjury, which covers the attachment (affidavit or other exhibit).

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  171. R2b says:
    @The King is a Fink

    You hit, with that expression, the nail!

  172. Loup-Bouc says:

    (1) Alas , you cannot READ, because you need to see what you want to see. Your reply disregards all the pertinent law, much of which my comment # 163 presented and applied to the Trump case affidavits.

    (2) This reply accords me opportunity to undo an understatement of my comment # 163 AND to render a few helpful elaborations.

    A. The understatement

    In my comment # 163, the eighth paragraph’s first sentence is this:

    A few affidavits do not state they were made “under penalty of perjury.”

    The phrase “A few affidavits” is a gross understatement. The sentence ought to be:

    Many affidavits do not state they were made “under penalty of perjury.”

    B. Some elaborations

    The law requires that the affidavit itself — NOT merely a document to which the affidavit is attached — (a) state, expressly, “under penalty of perjury” that the affidavit’s contents are “true and correct” and (b) that the affidavit, itself, show that the affidavit is “made on personal knowledge,” that it states “facts that would be admissible in evidence,” and that the affiant “is competent to testify on the matters stated” 28 U.S. Code §1746 and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 56 (which requires that affidavits comply with 28 U.S. Code §1746).

    READ my comment # 163,

    In 28 U.S. Code §1746, the language “a sworn declaration” indicates that an affidavit must be sworn (or affirmed) before a notary public who notarizes the affidavit (else the affidavit will not be self-executing, hence not evidence unless presented during, and verified and validated by, the affiant’s actual testimony. See, e.g., ELI Lilly and Company v. Arch Insurance Company,

    But (as my comment # 163 observes), if an affidavit is rendered by a person subject to the “personal jurisdiction” of the court to (or in) which the affidavit is presented and the affidavit is sworn or affirmed before a notary who notarizes the affidavit (properly), the affiant need not swear (or affirm) “under penalty of perjury” that her affidavit’s contents are true and correct, since the affidavit’s presentation and the court’s personal jurisdiction submits the affiant to the court’s power of adjudging the affiant guilty of perjury if the affidavit states a false statement the affiant knew false.

    See, e.g., ELI Lilly and Company v. Arch Insurance Company,

    One must regret the sloppiness of the Trump attorneys’ work. That sloppiness may submit us to a Biden/Harris administration, which will gift us (a) devastation of the U.S. economy and the public welfare, (b) virtual extinguishment of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, and 14th amendments of the U.S. constitution, (c) grievous loss of public and personal safety, (d) grave diminution of personal privacy, and (e) continuation and proliferation of endless wars and military interventions.

    I have not seen any indication that Giuliani is using any of the considerations presented in these sources:

    Sidney Powell’s somewhat mysterious (and partly strange) assertions suggest she may include such considerations in a complaint or complaints she may file in one or more jurisdictions. One must hope she does — competently, and without emphasis (even utterance) of any multinational communist conspiracy allegations.

    • Thanks: The King is a Fink
    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Loup-Bouc
  173. @AnitaHulluvachick

    Yes, it makes me inclined to believe in David Icke’s “reptilian” theory.

  174. Tinkerer says:

    these f**king elites have got us by the balls. I mean, think about it. AI and Information which been (gathered here on the net by big tech in the last twenty years.} is the existential threat to humanity. We need a concerted effort to reset the Great-Reset. The time is now not later…..

  175. @Franz

    I can’t agree. The falsehood of democracy, pushed by the power hungry, in and out of government was accepted by most people, or so it seems. This whole “power of the voters” scam seems to me to be a popular delusion which benefits the ones who presume to rule voters. Encouraging the delusion is a tactic for keeping any real resistance from forming. I can imagine politicians pretending to worry that they will be thrown out in the next election, but it isn’t credible to me that any of them actually worry.

    You’re obviously well informed, and well read on this subject and I respect your view, but my view differs. Thanks for the conversation.

    • Replies: @Franz
  176. @Zarathustra

    Paul will be surprised how fast the ruling party will turn nationalistic.
    There is also one thing that will be absolutely certain. It will be end of Jewish rule over USA.
    USA will be free again. Times of constitution will return.

    Please seek help before you snap and kill us all.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  177. Angharad says:

    Brann is a disgrace to the legal system – and that’s pretty horrid, a disgrace to Pennsylvania, and a disgrace to every sodomite on Earth.

  178. Loup-Bouc says:

    In my comment # 185, this appears:

    One must regret the sloppiness of the Trump attorneys’ work.

    I meant that the regret ought pertain both to (a) the very sloppy affidavits attached to complaints, many of which affidavits may (likely will) be excluded and also (b) Trump’s attorneys’ failing to include, or cause inclusion of, allegations premised on considerations developed here:

  179. @Twodees Partain

    First please tell me if you are democrat or republican,
    Second please tell me why it cannot happen.
    I did not expect from you such a cheep note.
    I did have a certain respect for you.
    When Coronavirus affair will be finished, US debt will be around 30 trillion.
    Yearly interest payment on the debt will be around half a trillion.
    Take that into consideration.

  180. Franz says:
    @Twodees Partain

    I respect yours too, because I once shared it.

    The main objection I had was, if there is no real choice, each time time we go to the polls and vote we are sanctioning fraud. I gave it up as too cynical by far.

    But as things are heading now, I might just return and agree with my younger self.

    So we ain ‘t so far apart, and it’s been fun for me too.

    • Thanks: Twodees Partain
  181. Bolteric says:

    He probably limited his activity due to credible threats to his life and his family’s

  182. Bolteric says:

    I do like the way you think. Power of positive thinking

  183. @Zarathustra

    It wasn’t a cheap note. It was an attempt at humor with your statement instead of expressing an argument. I’m sorry that you don’t remember that I have no party affiliation, but I do still have a certain respect for you as well.

    Let’s not be so serious, since none of us have any influence at all over what’s happening now.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  184. @Twodees Partain

    I know that my comment seems out of this world to everybody but it should not be.
    Any wide peoples unrest, or God forbid revolution will result in one party’s continuous rule.

  185. Angharad says:

    None is jealous of that ugly semite genetic vermin. “Repulsed” is the correct reaction. Even that ugly, smirking teenaged Zhid next to the kosher carpet munching Ur Demon is a grotesque degenerate. You can SEE it.

    Repulsed is the actual reaction. 110 and NEVER EVER EVER again.


    Speak for yourself


    Palestinians — not yet

  187. @Wizard of Oz

    Wiz, what took you so long.
    For a good statistical treatment of the vote dumping, see the following ( first few pages are sufficient to convince )

    For the judicial and other pleadings, see this re Pennsylvania.

    I know that at 3hrs and 38mins, it may seem a bit long. But I’m sure out in Oz, you have a lot of free time on your hands, now that you’ve been confined to your house and your barbie equipment has been confiscated. To paraphrase Robert Browning, Oh to be in Oz, now that November is there ( and you can’t have a barbie).

    You’re going to tell me that you live out in the Gibson Desert, and none of this is affecting you at all. I can believe you. My relatives up in the Orkneys tell me that the island pub is still open, people are still holding ceilidhs as normal. So no change there.

  188. Methinks the judge fears the wrath of the Democratic Party should he allow the case into his court. He’ll be crucified by his party. Democrats are dangerous.

  189. Loup-Bouc says:

    I found a wee bit of spare time and skimmed a few pages of Sidney Powell’s Georgia complaint,

    The complaint is somewhat sloppy.


    In footnote 2 appears this language: “50 USC § 20701 requires Retention and preservation of records and papers by officers of elections; deposit with custodian; penalty for violation…” The “50 USC § 20701” citation is error: no such statute exists. The correct citation would be 52 U.S.C. § 20701,

    [Also, the Complaint footnote 2 language “Retention and preservation of records and papers by officers of elections; deposit with custodian; penalty for violation” is the title of the statute and ought to have been set within quotation marks. But the complaint does not set it within quotation marks.]

    The complaint bears much emotional language, even strings of emotional adjectives and adverbs. Example:

    The fraud was executed by many means, but the most fundamentally troubling, insidious, and egregious is the systemic adaptation of old-fashioned “ballot-stuffing.”

    Complaint p.3. If such language can be useful, it must follow, not precede, facts that SHOW such language apt descriptions of events described by simple, objective factual allegations supported by Exhibits like proper affidavits and record proofs.

    A few journalistic reports assert that Sidney Powell and her associates have collected very much documented evidence and other hard proof that was attached to the complaint. I hope such assertions are truth. For, if not, the complaint (and Trump’s Presidency) may be doomed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  190. @Majority of One

    Good luck with your clueless pipedream.

  191. @Mefobills

    Sidney is about to find out that standing is a real bitch if the plaintiff is not a candidate that might have won. Her case, just like the other case in Georgia, is likely to be dismissed for lack of standing. It is a legal Catch 22 that throws out cases regardless of the merits.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  192. @Zarathustra

    Which is easily paid off with a fiat currency that is based on a bill of credit instead of a based on a debt instrument. If you can print 30 trillion in debt instruments out of thin air you can print 30 trillion in credit instruments out of thin air to cancel the debt.

    But only the federal government can pull off this trick. States are prohibited from doing so by the Constitution which prevents states from printing or minting credit instruments. That is why it is folly for states to refuse federal aid.

  193. @davidgmillsatty

    Can you tell me which case you are referring to? I know that the one in Michigan brings the case on behalf of citizens of that state. I assume that’s also the case in Georgia.

    Not that I’m questioning your position the case will get thrown out over reasons that have nothing to do with the merits of the case. That much is certain.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  194. @davidgmillsatty

    You’re right about them not understanding language.
    But Nessel isn’t a Communist, either. Most Jews lost interest after the foundation of Israel. Rather, she is the frontwoman for the Zionist oligarchs and deep state. To call her a Nazi is an insult to most real Nazis, who placed the interests of the German Volk first. They were doing a highly effective job of this until they blundered into/were lured/ were forced into WWII.

    The oligarchs and deep staters, by contrast, despise and disparage your average white American, indeed whites generally, whilst giving unconditional support to white Israelis. This is even more pronounced in actual Jews themselves, like Nessel, who exhibit an almost pathological anti-gentilism.

    So PCR should stop using absurd terms like “Nazi”, “McCarthyist” etc to describe people like Nessel. Nessel is Zionist scum, bought and owned by the oligarchs and deep state , who hates the historic white American nation and wants to destroy it. Dr Roberts, call it as it is.

  195. @An Alien from a Distant Irish Pub

    Why do conservatives use terms like “Nazi”, “fascist” & “McCarthyism” to describe totalitarian communist scum?

    Some do so out of ignorance, but most do so out of cowardice.

    Nazis, Fascists and anti-communist white men such as Joe McCarthy are PC approved objects of hatred and derision. Just like white Southerners.

    Jews, Communists,( but I repeat myself ) Blacks, Feminists, Homosexuals…and other “minorities” are certainly not.

    How do these “conservatives” expect to defeat their enemies if they are too petrified to even name them?

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  196. What Americans are witnessing is essentially IN YOUR FACE election fraud as well as a complete Marxist takeover of our government.

    The Deep State with it’s propaganda arm known as the Mainstream Media, as well as “Academia”, believe they are powerful enough to blatantly lie and cheat without any serious opposition or repercussions.

    I tend to believe they have miscalculated. I think they came in a little early on this one. If they do manage to pull this off, I can’t wait to see the “gun confiscation”. That should be fun.

    Anyway, it’s far from over.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  197. Anonymous[174] • Disclaimer says:

    If such language can be useful, it must follow, not precede, facts that SHOW such language apt descriptions of events described by simple, objective factual allegations supported by Exhibits like proper affidavits and record proofs.

    What are you talking about? A statement of the argument or conclusion followed by the evidence is not only permissible, but necessary in most cases.

  198. Loup-Bouc says:

    Either you are not, or you ought not be, a lawyer.

    Perhaps you are among the many too many duds who ought not have been graduated from a law school, or even admitted to one — the horde of duds I encountered during the 26 years of my teaching law in “top tier” law schools.

    While I was still teaching law, I encountered hundreds of duds like you (and like Rudy Giuliani, whose 2020 election-case work has been incompetent). My law-school students’ bad previous education and stubborn idiocy — like yours — were among the four reasons of my abandoning the legal academy — (a) to help potentially competent attorneys become fine, successful lawyers and (b) to conduct winning public-interest litigation.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  199. @Loup-Bouc

    Hey Professor Froot Loup, do everyone a big favor and STFU. Nobody gives a Frenchman’s fuck about your ego stoking bullshit.

    Q: What’s the difference between a dead snake in the road and a dead lawyer in the road?

    A: The dead snake has skid marks in front of it.

  200. @Genrick Yagoda

    Sidney had not filed suit yet and although she has now filed some, I presume that they could not be in the President’s name since he has said she is not representing him and she has confirmed that. So in whose name can she be suing, if not him? The lawyer who filed suit in GA in his own name had his case dismissed for lack of standing both in the trial court and in the appellate court.

    I suspect that Sidney would have the same fate.

    I have had personal experience with this myself. In 2005 or 6 I filed a similar lawsuit in TN in my own name alleging that electronic voting with no paper trail in my county did not guarantee the citizens of my county equal protection with the citizens of other counties that had a paper trail. It was filed in state court. It was dismissed in the trial court for lack of standing, the court of appeals said the same thing and the TN Supreme Court refused to hear my appeal to them.

    So I know how difficult standing can be to obtain. And it is the first thing I think of in every election lawsuit. After writing two extensive appellate briefs and doing tons of legal research on the subject it is a real Catch 22.

    I guess it would not hurt to find out who was the Plaintiff in the suits that Sidney filed.

    But after what has happened with the PA legislature, which looks like it is going to be a success, if you can take your case to the legislature, standing is not a problem. The legislature is the ultimate decision maker of who the states EC electors are going to be. It takes the courts out of the equation.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  201. Anonymous[115] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s a state more corrupt than California???!!

  202. @davidgmillsatty

    Here’s the filing in the Michigan case, brought on behalf of the Michigan citizens named as the plaintiffs.

    I’ve had my own experience in courts, and I can confirm that for the most part anyone (or at least regular people) who expects to find justice in court is going to be sorely disappointed.

    Just a question given your experience in this subject. Have you thought of contacting Sidney ? Your experience might be helpful.

  203. @The King is a Fink

    I noticed those dead eyes too. And the ice-cold, fake smile. I was going to ask, “How does anyone vote for these people?” But then I realized she’s an appointee. Nobody would vote for such a creature.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  204. @nosquat loquat

    ” How does anybody vote for these people?”

    Crazies voting for crazies. Plus it’s all about “gimmies”

    BC was such a sleezy asshole that I just about gave up hope for the US when he got in.


    • Replies: @Tom Rogers
  205. @Carlos22

    Excellent observations. I completely agree. It is absurd to call the corporate Dems and their astroturfed pink-haired shock troops “leftist.” They have ZERO working-class support. Actually they’re more like neo-fascists (indeed Antifa should call itself Neofa), in that they resort to violence and repression to further the ends of a decadent ruling class…

  206. @Authenticjazzman

    Well you should know. You’re a sleazy arsehole.

    And it’s spelt SLEAZY. If you’re going to claim to have a Mensa IQ, then you should learn to spell. Do they teach you that in Mensa?

    Just to be clear, I’m not a [leftie/commie/Biden supporter/Democrat, etc., etc.]. I am a white nationalist and would vote for Trump in the U.S. elections, however I’m British, so can’t. Giving support to Trump is one thing, but coming on an internet forum and backing him up like you do is just beyond stupid.

  207. @Authenticjazzman

    So somebody is out of their mind for expressing a moderate opinion? And they can go screw themselves? And you’re in Mensa? Right.

  208. It seems that “troubler” of America, Barrack Obama is back to create more strife and racism in the good old U.S.. Didn’t he have enough of it in his failed eight years as a “uniter”…??

  209. Dani says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of or have seen this person. At first glance, I was instantly smacked in the face with the overwhelming realization I was looking at a man. Look at that huge, square jaw line – I have never seen this on a woman, ever. If you take a good look at most of the “women” occupying high level positions in politics in our corrupt corporation, I think you will find a certain theme at play here. Lots of Lola going on here, make no mistake about it. I don’t think women make it to the upper eschelon of ANYTHING, regardless of what category, without being a male, deep down, some more than others.

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