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Democrat Senator Schumer Calls for White Replacement with Immigrant-Invaders
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When it became obvious that the purpose of the Democrats’ policy of open American borders was to replace the Republican-voting white population with third world immigrant-invaders who vote Democrat in exchange for handouts, the professional liars known as “fact checkers,” the presstitutes, and the Democrats all screamed “racist conspiracy theory.”

Yet here we have Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat, New York, calling for Amnesty For 11+ Million Illegals Because the white American Population Is Not Reproducing On Its Own:

This is how it works:

Democrats and Rino Republicans offshore America’s good manufacturing jobs, thus taking down the ladders of upward mobility that built American incomes that support families and births.

Feminist Democrats convince women that having a career is more fulfilling than having children. When career women have children, the children are raised by schools and day care operators.

Feminist Democrats make abortion the equivalent to a constitutional right with the result that millions of lives are terminated.

As Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan pointed out, Democrat welfare programs destroyed the black family with the result being sons without fathers who never learn the work habit.

Democrats coerce “vaccination” with a dangerous untested substance that destroys fertility and causes stillbirths.

Then Democrats point to the success of their handiwork in preventing the growth of the white American population and say the answer is citizenship for third world immigrant-invaders.

If you believe recent elections are fair and not fraudulent, despite the Democrats’ intention to replace white Americans, white Americans prefer to elect Democrats. A white population that votes for its own replacement is on its way to extinction.

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