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Democracy Has Departed the West
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Before the West spreads democracy abroad maybe it could get some for itself. The US is an oligarchy in which government is answerable to six powerful private interest groups. In Europe governments are answerable to the EU, Washington, and private bankers and not to their peoples. In the UK the military brass has declared its hold on the reins of power.

Jeremy Corbyn is the first Labourite to lead the Labour Party in a long time. Considering the stupidity and immorality of the Tories, Corbyn could become prime minister of Britain. Should this occur, Corbyn would shift the budget priorities away from supporting Washington’s wars toward refurbishing the social welfare state that made life for ordinary Britishers more secure and less stressful.

A senior serving general of the British army said that the army would not allow the people to “put a maverick in charge of the country’s security. The Army just wouldn’t stand for it and would use whatever means possible, fair or foul, to prevent that.”

In other words, a democratic outcome unacceptable to the English military will be overthrown. Just like in Egypt.

Here we have the incongruity of Washington and London bringing democracy to others through what Vladimir Putin calls “airstrike democracy,” while tolerating a democracy deficit themselves. The safest conclusion is that democracy is a cloak for an aggressive agenda, not a value in itself to the US and UK elites, who rule and who intend to continue to rule these countries for their personal benefit.

Jonathan Cook reports that the use of “whatever means possible, fair or foul,” against Labour prime ministers who actually stood for the people rather than for the elites is not unique to Corbyn.
Labour Prime Minister Harald Wilson faced similar pressure and resigned.

As far as I can tell, not only has democracy departed the Western world, but also compassion, empathy for others, morality, integrity, respect for truth, justice, faithfulness, and self-respect. Western civilization has become a hollow shell. There is nothing left but greed and coercion and the threat of coercion. When I read—hopefully incorrect reports—that Russia’s President Putin desires to be a partner of the West, I wonder why such a powerful country, which has emerged into light out of darkness, wants to be Satan’s partner. I assume that the reports are untrue or that Putin is acting in the interest of humankind to defuse the dangerous situation created by Washington and its NATO sock puppets.

Russia should not forget the courageous speech that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave to the UN on September 20, 2006. Standing at the podium, Chavez said that on the previous day George W. Bush stood here, “Satan himself, speaking as if he owned the world. You can still smell the sulfur.” The purpose of America, Chavez said, is “to preserve the pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world.”

Chavez’s words were too much truth for US politicians. Nancy Pelosi, the multimillionaire Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said that such a speech was to be expected from an “everyday thug.”

Elsewhere the response was different. Rafael Correa, currently President of Ecuador, said that Chavez had insulted Satan, because although Satan is evil like Washington, he is al least intelligent, and Washington is completely stupid.


The Western World is on its last legs. Unemployment is horrendous for European and American youth—primarily for the educated. Young American women, driven by student debt, advertise on Internet sites for “sugar daddies” to whom they will supply sex for financial support. The easy answer—“education is the solution”— is a lie. Ph.Ds cannot get jobs, because university budgets are cut in order to save money for wars and bank bailouts and 75% of the remaining budget is used by administrations to pay themselves large salaries and perks. NYU, for example, provides its higher administrative personnel with expensive summer homes. University presidents in America have multimillion dollar incomes, while the students drown in debt.

The Wall Street Mentality—unlimited Greed—has taken over American life, and this greed has been exported to Europe, which had achieved a sharing relationship between labor and capital. Today Europe, like the US, is an opportunity wasteland for the young. Greece has been sacrificed for the private bankers, and Italy, Spain, and Portugal are waiting in the wings. In the place of independent European countries, a fascist centralized authority is rising.

As millions of refugees from Washington and its NATO enablers’ wars seek refuge in Europe,
budgets for social welfare are further pressed.

In recent years we have witnessed that private bankers acting through the EU were able to appoint the governments of the allegedly democratic governments of Greece and Italy.

In the Western World the aristocracy of wealth is being re-established. If Russia and China join this “partnership,” then billions of peoples will be ruled by a handful of mega-rich elites.

The world is on the knife edge. The West is lost. Russia and China could go down with the West, because both Russia and China suffered tyranny and look to the West for the paths to freedom and liberty. But Western paths lead to “domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world.”

Will Russia and China participate in the pillage, or will they resist it, standing firm for humanity?

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Realist says:

    “Democracy Has Departed the West”

    Just as well it is the most corrupt form of government and it doesn’t work for long.

    “Will Russia and China participate in the pillage, or will they resist it, standing firm for humanity?”

    If they are smart they will eschew democracy.

  2. Democracy would have a really good chance if the “press” msm is truly free and watches over the politicians. when all msm is owned by a handful, they have 100% control over the flow of information, democracy got fucked.

  3. Tom_R says:


    A true democracy means that people can pass laws themselves through binding superseding national referenda.

    Most countries in the west never had that. Yes, we need democracy.

    See the national citizens initiative for Democracy on how to get it:

    • Replies: @Realist
  4. Ed says:

    While I agree with astuteobservor, I think a lesson can be learned from the departure of democracy from the classical world.

    “Democracy” in the classical world meant participation in politics by a minority of the adult population, and in some cases by a minority of the adult male population. It co-existed with slavery. However, the political body that was consulted on what the government should do was still larger than anywhere else until the high Middle Ages.

    The problem was that to vote or participate in debates, a citizen had to be physically present in the center of his city at certain times. As long as states were small enough that you could walk from a farm on the border to the center and back in one day, as Aristotle observed, this was doable. Once they became larger than that, democratic institutions couldn’t work.

    In the high Middle Ages representative democracy was invented as a way of solving this problem. Instead of having to be present themselves, voters could elect someone to represent them at the center.

    Representative democracy is being killed by two things that are comparable to the classical city states getting too big for direct democracy. First the post- industrial population explosion has increased the voter-to-representative ratio to the point where representatives can’t and don’t have much direct contact with the people they supposedly represent. Second, the huge amount of wealth concentrated by the industrial revolution makes it trivial to simply bribe the representatives. Modern surveillance also makes it possible to blackmail representatives or drive them from politics.

    Democracy version 3 will probably wind up being direct democracy again, made possible by modern communications technology, combined with a few features of democracy version 2 such as a professional civil service, with an assembly chosen by lot to watch over the civil service. There may also have to be a wealth limit to reduce the chances of bribery.

    • Replies: @OutWest
    , @Jim
  5. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Corbyn is good to attack the globo-Zionists but he’s a self-hating whitey who wants to open UK to endless immigration.

    • Replies: @Tom_R
  6. Realist says:

    Yeah, letting idiots make decisions is a great idea.

    • Replies: @Tom_R
  7. Tom_R says:


    A lot of the general public you call “idiots” are not that stupid, by the way. Collective wisdom of national referenda is a lot better than a few crooks and criminals making decisions for themselves, like in the present system, which is basically an oligarchy.

    • Replies: @Realist
  8. Tom_R says:
    @Priss Factor

    Corbyn is Jewish too, by the way, from what I hear. His alienism may be just a part of the same mental illness–Judaism.

  9. Jim says:

    As a form of government democracy tends to exacerbate internal conflict. It works fine in highly homogeneous countries like Iceland where there is little internal conflict to begin with. It is unsuitable for most of the world and can easily result in extreme levels of bloodshed as in the former Yugoslavia.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Like the poor being with us always, the “aristocracy of wealth” whatever that is, will always be present as well. Money is the basis of power and will always be sought by those who seek influence in a broadened life. It becomes very difficult to keep industry out of the democratic process when private industry is so heavily regulated. They have a rational self-interest to hire lobbyists and like Trump, donate to political campaigns so they have a reason to call that politician “in case he needs something.”

    The bigger the government, the more money will be involved. That is probably why some of the biggest donors are to the left and democratic party.

    For serving generals to talk about “mutiny” in case of an election 5 years from now, is certainly a bit troubling, but to be more specific the general did say the mutiny might occur if Corbyn wanted to leave NATO and scrap UK’s Trident missile system, which he has been known for supporting in the past.

    Democracy is not socialism and the history of the Bolivarian Movement, designed by Castro, Chavez etc. is hardly an exemplar of democracy. To conflate the social welfare state with democracy is an age old article of faith for the left, but the history of even its most recent manifestation proves otherwise.

    Government and Wall Street and multinational corporations all approve of central planning and non-democratic management schemes for large swathes of the economy. They all benefit from a very controlled population and therefore a constricted form of democracy. Just like socialism.

  11. OutWest says:

    Agree with your analysis of the problem. However, the ability of essentially Freudian-based marketing to exploit voter cognitive dissonance, i.e. vote for something/one that “feels good” but is irrational would still exist. Perhaps diluting political power (we’re not actually at war) and diffusing it to smaller, more directly connected local forums could reinforce and activate individual responsibility. At least really dumb actions would be local and more easily reversed/not copied.

  12. Realist says:

    “A lot of the general public you call “idiots” are not that stupid, by the way.”

    Really they allowed the current situation.

  13. Mitchell says:

    What are the “six powerful private interest groups”?

  14. Jim says:

    Whatever the mechanisms of a democracy if there are substantial internal conflicts in a society democracy will exacerbate them. Of course you could have a completely sham “democracy” in name only that is really an authoritarian system. But any thing like a true democracy is very dangerous in much of the world when there are generally many potential sources of conflict. Yugoslavia was a very peaceful society as long as it was ruled by a brutal tyrant and was under the threat of Soviet intervention. Once it began to move towards democracy the Gates of Hell soon opened.

  15. The US was never meant to be a democracy.

    For example, in the pre-civil war era, there was no popular election of US senators.

    US senators were appointed by state legislatures.

    The original good idea was that the US senate is supposed to represent purely state interests, in contrast to the House which represent the people.

    Post civil war, the war winners imposed the 17th amendment, which required popular election for US senator.

    The 17th amendment was a disaster for limiting the power of the federal government.

    The 17th allowed the ignorant masses of voters to elect US senators, who have the power to influence or approve treaties and federal judges.

    The ignorant masses in the US are a degenerate victim cult like in Israel, and are conditioned to trade votes for undue privileges as in Israel.

    These ignorant victim cultists have elected the US senators that give us the BS laws we live with today.

    The winners of the civil war also gave us the poorly worded 14th amendment and the tyranny of the 16th amendment.

    Fix the US constitution to get us back to the limited central government that is rational and not totalitarian.

  16. MarkinLA says:

    Ph.Ds cannot get jobs,

    They cannot get jobs because Ronnie helped start the H-1B parade.

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