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Coronavirus World Update Lies for Big Pharma Causing More People to Die
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On September 21 the Big Pharma shill website, Coronavirus World Update, added fuel to the fear hysteria with a false report that the US death toll from Covid “surpasses total of 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.”

Hardly anyone has died from Covid. People with co-morbidities have died from their existing serious health conditions, and it is possible that Covid hastened the day. Most people who died did so from a lack of treatment. The protocol is to refuse to treat infected people with known cures and to leave them at home untreated until they recover on their own or become so sick they must go to the hospital where, instead of receiving help, they are put on ventilators and killed.

It is likely that the vaccine and ventilators have killed more people than Covid. And the vaccine deaths might be only beginning to show up.

Big Pharma shills lie for the purpose of creating fear that drives people into inoculation with a very dangerous and totally ineffective “vaccine,” which is not a vaccine.

Whether the agenda is limited to profit and control, we don’t know. What we do know is that the American Medical Establishment is determined that Covid patients die by being denied effective treatment.

Dr. Mark McDonald describes to Tucker Carlson on Fox News the campaign to prevent the public’s access to Ivermectin by having pharmacists refuse to fill doctor’s prescriptions for the safe and effective Covid treatment–

When hospital nurses, who have seen the illnesses and deaths caused by the mRNA injection, refuse to be jabbed, preferring instead to resign or be fired, and when American hospital protocol is death from Covid is preferable to treatment with Ivermectin or HCQ, the only possible conclusions are that the American medical establishment is medically incompetent beyond belief or that the American medical establishment is willingly complicit in a conspiracy to murder.

Many Americans have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into the deadly narrative. This makes them accomplices to their own murder. It is tragic. But it is further proof of the term “Dumbshit American.”

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