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Climate Change
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Climate change is a controversy. What appear to be independent scientists say that the climate is warming due to greenhouse gases produced by human activity. This warming, apparently measurable, has many impacts on sea levels, and on plant, animal, sea, and bird life, as well as food supply for a heavily populated earth.

Readers, accustomed to me telling them the truth about issues on which I am competent, ask me about the climate problem. Is it real or not?

As far as I can tell the polluting corporations have sufficient think tanks and research institutes to neutralize the independent scientists. If one is not a climate expert, which I am not, one doesn’t really know. However, I have learned in my many years that an independent voice is far more reliable than a paid voice.

Over the years I have come to appreciate Dahr Jamail’s reporting. Here is his report on the situation:

Possibly climate change is occurring because of solar activity or because of activity inside the earth itself. The attention should not be on the cause but on the fact. First establish the fact, then look for the cause.

My view of this is that life depends on climate, and it doesn’t take a lot of change in one direction or the other to create problems for life. This fact makes climate change an important issue, and corporations should stop paying people to lie about it.

Climate change, if real, is clearly a much greater threat than Muslim terrorists or alleged Chinese and Russian hegemonic aspirations. Therefore, Washington should spend some of the one trillion dollars Washington blows on the military/security complex on arriving at the best conclusion about climate change and its remedies, if any.

The United States is a strange country. The population accepts the destruction of privacy and civil liberty out of fear of essentially non-existent terrorists created by propaganda, but ignores the threat of climate change presented by independent scientists, a threat amplified by the ongoing multi-year drought in California and the western US.

It seems very strange to me that with Lake Mead drying up and California left with only one year’s water supply that the US government is focused on gratuitous but expensive wars and in turning over environmental decisions to polluting corporations via TTIP.

Whatever this is, it is not leadership.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Global Warming 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    An excellent technique for discerning the knowing from the unknowing is to ask two very simple questions any person with a science background should easily answer:

    What are the constituent gases that comprise Earth’s atmosphere and what are their percentages in volume?

    How many layers comprise Earth’s atmosphere, what are their names, what are their order from lowest to highest and what type of weather occurs in each layer?

    If a person can not answer these simple questions without referring to a text book or by searching the internet then they know doodly-squat and should not be parroting the chicken-little sky is falling, climate change is going to kill us, we need to tax trillions of dollars in order to retro-fit the entire planet routine.

    On a planet rotating at roughly 1000 miles per hour (mph) at it’s equator while hurtling through space at 67,000 mph are we humans really in control?

  2. Tom_R says:


    Sir, You make some interesting points. But we have had extremely cold winters lately. Even in May, we had some cold nights. The great lakes froze over in the winter of 2015.

    The main point made by the global warming people is that man made CO2 is causing global warming. I hereby prove that that is wrong.

    Many people in the media and govt. do not have an adequate background in physics. Because if they did, they would know that CO2, a gas, cannot cause global warming, given the laws of physics. I am not saying there is no global warming–all I intend to show here is about one specific substance, CO2, cannot cause global warming, given the laws of physics. Here is why.

    Those who attack CO2 claim that CO2 is causing global warming, as a “green house gas”. So let us focus on the physics of the greenhouse.

    I will review how a greenhouse works, and then prove that CO2 cannot be a greenhouse gas.

    Heat is conducted in only 3 different ways: conduction, convection and radiation.

    A green-house is basically like a glass house (that uses cheaper substitutes instead of glass, but the idea is the same). A glasshouse, being made from transparent glass, allows the energy from the sun in the form of sunlight to enter the glass house. As it hits the various objects inside, they absorb the energy, become warm, and release the energy back in the form of heat.

    However, the transparent glass, that let the light energy in, limits this transfer of heat out because it blocks conduction and convection.

    The glass blocks heat loss by conduction because it is glass–a material that is a bad conductor of heat. It blocks heat loss by convection, because convection can only take place in liquids and gasses, and glass is a solid.

    So light energy gets in, but much of the heat energy the light was converted to cannot get out, making the glass house warm.

    CO2 simply cannot cause a glass-house effect, because it cannot:

    a. block heat transfer by conduction, because it is not a solid even so unable to qualify as a “bad conductor”.
    b. block heat transfer by convection, because it is not a solid.

    c. its release of energy as radiant heat is not much different than of other colorless gases such as O2 and N2, so it cannot change the amount of heat that is radiated out into space.

    The only intrinsic main properties gases have relating to their ability to hold heat is the heat capacity and the R constant. CO2 has a lower heat capacity than O2 and N2, the major components of air. Also, it is only 0.03% in the atmosphere. The upper layers of the atmosphere are actually very cold, being close to the outer space where the temperature is near to 0 degrees Kelvin, or -273 degrees celsius,

    Conclusion: CO2 cannot cause global warming. The term “greenhouse gas” is an oxymoron.

    P.S. After they realized there was no global warming, the global warming racketeers renamed it “climate change”, a tautology. Sure, there is climate change every day. The climate is warmer in the day, cooler at night. There is climate change month to month, week to week, place to place and building to building!!

    • Replies: @MarkU
  3. Sunbeam says:

    What is it with you guys?

    Chief go outside. I have seen a difference in vegetation, growing seasons, and the winters and summers are warmer than they were.

    Particularly the winters.

    Some of it is due to the fact that we have far less coal plants, and the ones that are left put out a lot fewer particulates (yes, it was a big deal).

    But you haven’t observed anything locally? Seen the maps with the vanishing glaciers? Checked out the fact that that we may see a more or less ice free arctic ocean within a decade or so, in the summer at least? The vegetation is coming back in southern Greenland, and it’s not a medieval optimum kind of thing.

    Take a good look at the data and reports coming out of antarctica.

    You can also feel free to peruse the geological record and see when the last time some of these events occurred. Hasn’t happened in a good long while.

    Yeah. Global warming is happening.

    • Replies: @Sean T
  4. MarkU says:

    Your scientifically illiterate mis-explanation of the greenhouse effect is typical of your ilk. Before you embarrass any further with your ill-advised appeals to basic physics, perhaps you should take your education in these matters further than junior school level.

    For anyone who actually wants to know how a greenhouse gas works and what the greenhouse effect actually is :-

    You will find exactly the same account of these matters on any decent science website, I chose wiki for ease of understanding.

    • Replies: @Sean T
    , @Tom_R
  5. Sean T says:

    I think he was just setting up a Straw man.

  6. Sean T says:

    I don’t know, Chief. 2015 was the coldest and snowiest winter I’ve seen in years. Even if that weren’t true, anecdotal evidence or photos of swimming polar bears does not a case make. Doesn’t anyone remember hacked emails from “climategate?” How about the fact that Al Gore set up a hedge fund to trade carbon credits after he made his movie? An Inconvenient Truth indeed!

    Is the GLOBAL temperature getting warmer or colder? We might as well argue about who God is. Everyone has their own prophets and holy books (data).

    • Replies: @MarkU
  7. MarkU says:
    @Sean T

    Re: “Doesn’t anyone remember hacked emails from “climategate?””

    I remember that from thousands of hacked emails all the hackers managed to find was a couple of sentences which were given the most hostile possible interpretation and hyped to oblivion. Lets be fair here, aside from the freshly coined word “climategate” what do YOU remember about it, would you care to give some examples?

    Re: “Is the GLOBAL temperature getting warmer or colder? We might as well argue about who God is.”

    Or we could use thermometers.

    • Replies: @Sean T
    , @Sean T
  8. Sean T says:

    Sorry, I’m not a paid troll, so I’m not going to rehash the thousands of emails from “Climategate.”

    Yes, we could use millions of thermometers all over the globe (NOT just in the big cities full of asphalt and concrete) and monitor them 24/7. But hey, if changing the threat from “global warming” to “climate change” wasn’t enough of a giveaway, then there is nothing I can do to change your mind.

    Enjoy your carbon credits/taxes! Wall St. could use the money!

  9. Sean T says:

    Here is an MSM article claiming that there as been no global warming for almost 18 years.

    I assume they used thermometers to compile this data? Don’t worry, I know the REAL Holy Men have analyzed the sacred books (data) books have and have an entirely different take.

    In any given situation, its always safer to believe the side with less to gain.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is not a controversy. I attended a summer sunday at Brookhaven Lab on LI. During a lecture a physicist held up a 5 lb. bag of soot and said that that is how much soot goes into the atmoshere when you burn one gallon of gas in your vehicle. Just one gallon of gas, imagine what we’re putting in the atmosphere everyday. All these particles seed the clouds and cause rain and flooding. I live on LI where last summer we got a foot of rain in a few hours one morning and caused flooding even in some inland areas and main roadways. I’ve lived on a canal on LI for 30 yrs. and been flooded 4 times, 3 of which happened in the last 4 yrs. (Irene 2011, Sandy 2012, and the freak foot of rain in 2015).

    The Antarctic, Greenland, and Polar Ice Cap are melting in our lifetime. America is doing this and denying it doesn’t make it go away. They don’t have fire seasons anymore, there are fires all the time. There are whole industries now that have sprouted up around extreme weather – companies that just fix dents in cars from freak hail storms, that just clean up from flood and fire damage from natural disasters, and a volunteer group “First Responders” that goes from one emergency to the next.

  11. tiger says:

    My comments pertaining to global warming are as follows: 1.) CO2 could not cause a greenhouse effect because CO2 is HEAVIER than oxygen. 2.) CO2 is caused MAINLY by the Oceans of the world. 3.) CO2 is human exhalation. 4.) CO2 is ENTIRELY NECESSARY for the PRODUCTION of OXYGEN. 5. Plants, trees, foliage of all kinds INJEST CO2 and produce OXYGEN in return. 6.) Climate change has been going on since the ice age. (Where was man for that EVENT) 7.) CLIMATE CHANGE is on going based on the earth’s path around the sun. With all this Climate Insanity, how is it that those boobs in the U.K. “university” that started this IGNORANCE (Climategate) aren’t remembered from time to time by the “pressitutes”. Incidently, over 65,000 scientists have signed on to testimonials declaring this screaming to be PURE IGNORANCE OF THE FACTS.

  12. Tom_R says:


    Your statement that: “I chose wiki for ease of understanding” is a sure giveway that you have no knowledge of physics or have ever studied physics from advanced university textbooks.

    What is your GRE score in Physics, by the way?

    Why don’t you post a copy so I know.

    Or you never got a graduate degree or even an undergraduate in the physical sciences and are just a wikifool going around challenging physics experts.

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