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Charlie Hebdo and Tsarnaev’s Trial: Cui Bono?
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There are two ways to look at the alleged terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

One is that in the English speaking world, or much of it, the satire would have been regarded as “hate speech,” and the satirists arrested. But in France Muslims are excluded from the privileged category, took offense at the satire, and retaliated.

Why would Muslims bother? By now Muslims must be accustomed to Western hypocrisy and double standards. Little doubt that Muslims are angry that they do not enjoy the protections other minorities receive, but why retaliate for satire but not for France’s participation in Washington’s wars against Muslims in which hundreds of thousands have died? Isn’t being killed more serious than being satirized?

Another way of seeing the attack is as an attack designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington. The suspects can be both guilty and patsies. Just remember all the terrorist plots created by the FBI that served to make the terrorism threat real to Americans.

France is suffering from the Washington-imposed sanctions against Russia. Shipyards are impacted from being unable to deliver Russian orders due to France’s vassalage status to Washington, and other aspects of the French economy are being adversely impacted by sanctions that Washington forced its NATO puppet states to apply to Russia.

This week the French president said that the sanctions against Russia should end (so did the German vice-chancellor).

This is too much foreign policy independence on France’s part for Washington. Has Washington resurrected “Operation Gladio,” which consisted of CIA bombing attacks against Europeans during the post-WW II era that Washington blamed on communists and used to destroy communist influence in European elections? Just as the world was led to believe that communists were behind Operation Gladio’s terrorist attacks, Muslims are blamed for the attacks on the French satirical magazine.

The Roman question is always: Who benefits? The answer is: Not France, not Muslims, but US world hegemony. US hegemony over the world is what the CIA supports. US world hegemony is the neoconservative-imposed foreign policy of the US.

According to National Public Radio, Charlie Hebdo is about free speech. The US has free speech, claim NPR’s pundits, but terrorists have taken it away from the French.

Just how does the US have free speech when NY Times reporter James Risen was psychologically put on the rack to force him to reveal his source, despite the fact that Risen and his source are protected by the US Constitution and whistleblower protections. Clearly, in the US “national security” has trumped everything else.

“National security” has nothing to do with national security. It has only to do with protecting the criminals in the US government from accountability for their crimes. Every time you hear Washington invoke “national security,” you know for a 100% fact that the government has committed yet another crime. National security is the cloak for Washington’s criminal operations. “National security” prevents the government’s crimes from coming to light and, thereby, protects government from accountability.

One wonders what role “national security” will play in the trial of alleged Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Tsarnaev has been in custody since April 2013 and under indictment since April 22, 2013. Yet jury selection is only now beginning in January 2015. Why this long delay? The guarantee of a speedy trial no longer means anything, but with all sorts of charges in addition to the bombing for which the government claims eye witnesses and confessions and with the Tsarnaev brothers already convicted in the media, the long delay is a puzzle. Yet, we have not heard from Dzhokhar Tsarnaey himself. It is difficult to push away the thought that Dzhokhar’s trial has been delayed in order to compete his conditioning and acceptance of his guilt and in order for the many questions raised by alternative media to be forgotten.

The print and TV media have dished up the government’s explanation without investigation. However, the alternative media have taken great exception to every aspect of the case. As the US government has taught us since the Clinton regime, the safest assumption is that everything the government says is a lie.

The most suspicious aspect of the event was the speed with which an army of 10,000 heavily armed troops consisting of police from various jurisdictions and National Guard soldiers outfitted in military gear and provided with tanks or armored personnel carriers were on the streets of Boston. Never before has such a massive force equipped with military heavy equipment been employed in a manhunt, much less for one wounded, unarmed, 19-year old kid.

For such a force to be assembled and deployed so quickly suggests pre-planning. What was presented as a manhunt for one badly wounded suspect looks more like a test case and precedent for locking down one of America’s largest cities, while squads of troops evicted US citizens from their homes at gunpoint and conducted indiscriminate searches of houses that contributed nothing to apprehending the alleged suspect. The chances are zero that any household would have harbored a badly wounded unarmed fugitive dying from the lack of medical care.

Not only was Boston and its suburbs locked down, the Federal Aviation Administration restricted airspace over Boston and issued a “ground stop” for Logan airport. Why?

Several other cities in Massachusetts and even some other states put their police forces on alert. Why?

On the scene were the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, the CIA, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Counterterrorism Center. The US Attorney General committed the full resources of the US Department of Justice.


The only plausible answer is to raise the fear level in order to gain the public’s acceptance of the lockdown of Boston and police invasions of citizens’ homes. It makes no sense that danger from a badly wounded unarmed 19 year-old could possibly justify such expense and trampling of constitutional rights of citizens.

A non-gullible person must wonder if the bombing was an orchestrated event for the purpose of coordinating state, local, and federal governments in the lockdown of a major city. A poll of Bostonians last July found that 42 percent harbored doubts about the official version of events.

The gullible always say that if a conspiracy existed someone would have talked. But people do talk. It just doesn’t do any good. For example, during George W. Bush’s first term a NSA whistleblower leaked to the New York Times that the NSA was bypassing the FISA Court and spying on American citizens without warrants. Under US law, NSA was in a conspiracy with the Bush regime to commit serious felonies (possibly for the purpose of blackmail), but the New York Times spiked the story for one year until George W. Bush was re-elected and the regime had time to ex post facto legalize the felonies.

Operation Gladio was a conspiracy kept secret for decades until a President of Italy revealed it.

The Northwoods Project was kept secret until years afterward when the second Kennedy Commission revealed it.

More than one hundred first responder police and firemen report hearing and personally experiencing multiple explosions floor by floor and even in the sub-basements of the World Trade Center twin towers, and these testimonies had no effect whatsoever.

It only took one high school physics professor to shoot down NIST’s account of the collapse of WTC 7. The fact that it has been conclusively proven that this building was brought down by controlled demolition has had no effect on the official story.

The co-chairmen and legal counsel of the 9/11 Commission published books in which they say that information was withheld from the Commission, that the US Military lied to the Commission, and that the Commission “was set up to fail.” Neither Congress, the media, nor the US public had any interest in investigating why information was withheld, why the military lied, and why the Commission was set up to fail. These extraordinary statements by the leaders of the official investigation had no impact whatsoever.

Even today a majority of the US population believes Washington’s propaganda that Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed some provinces. Neither judgement nor intelligence are strongpoints of the American public and juries.

Government tells Americans whatever story the government puts together and sits and laughs at the gullibility of the public.

Today the US public is divided between those who rely on the “mainstream media” and those who rely on the alternative Internet media. Only the latter have any clue as to what is really happening.

The stories of Charlie Hebdo and the Tsarnaev brothers will be based not on facts but on the interests of government. As in the past, the government’s interest will prevail over the facts.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Charlie Hebdo, Islam, Terrorism 
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  1. bossel says:

    Oh man, are you really so sick? Why, oh why don’t you get some proper treatment?

    • Replies: @Cameron
    , @Pro-freedom
  2. Cameron says:

    Ad hominem attacks add nothing to the discussion, except to reveal how utterly doltish the attacker and how vacuous is his brain. Why don’t you attempt saying something meaningful?

  3. @bossel

    A twelve year old child is capable of a more meaningful comment.

  4. Bobbiemac says:

    I used to have great respect for PCR. His passionate and eloquent criticisms of Israel and it’s Zionist fifth column in this country was the catalyst for my reading But
    Now apparently any attack on Israel and it’s nazi-like treatment of the Palestinians is off limits for him .
    What has happened to the Paul Craig Roberts I used to admire? What is his point here? That the USA is responsible for all and any evil for the past 50 years? God knows the USA has much to answer for, but this is all over the over the map.

  5. Sometimes I think PCR is a plant designed to discredit otherwise credible propositions…

  6. Another good article by PCR. Two quick points about l’affaire Hebdo: 1. One of the brothers “lost” his French “carte d’identite” in one of the getaway cars. Yet the commentators had been so awed by the “military precision” of these “well-trained” men. 2. The Boumedienne chick “escaped” from the kosher market and is nowhere to be found! Is that really credible? I can’t quite believe it.

    There are many anomalies in the Boston Chechens case, including the elder Tsarnaev’s connections to the FBI and the U.S. government’s failure to heed Russia’s warning about the Tsarnaevs.

    As for 9/11, let the sheeple go to and get the real scoop. Can jet fuel really burn hot enough to melt steel I-beams? Dr. Steven E. Jones said, “No!”

  7. “As the US government has taught us since the Clinton regime, the safest assumption is that everything the government says is a lie”

    Ok, Paul Craig Roberts, I understand you worked for Reagan, and by inference, with Bush 41. Rather than insinuating the Clinton dirt makes them look like angels in comparison, shouldn’t your experience have opened your eyes to the equally utter evil these men you worked for served? From the 1980 October Surprise to supporting Latin America strongmen (e.g. Guatemala’s genocidal Rios Montt) and by far more?


    By the way, I notice (just like mainstream) you neglect to point out valid psychology that would drive the Charlie Hebdo attack:

    ^ Perhaps the powers behind Gladio won’t often need take the risks ventured in the past; they merely need sit back and watch these things happen-

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    vdare’s peter brimelow , a serial anti immigration activist , jumped two borders, once into canada where he incited anti french canadian malice, and subsequently, jumped into the usa , where he incited anti immigrant and anti african american propaganda, all the while working for barrons of some other msm money pit, along with his compatriot at american renaissance jared taylor a skull and bones? yalie following the cia linked bill buckley fauz conservatism, ie neocon race baiting PCR worked with Brimelow at vdare , and with major news outlets such as the WSJ after chumming around with Paul Volker in the Reagan fed. This evidently , along with brimelow and taylor, engendered a certain reluctance to connect the dots if they lead in a certain direction. Hence his suggestion that American soldiers in the Pentagon did 9/11 and the Paris shootings. Even if, or especially if, you accept his technical judgements, there is no evidence the pentagon or cia could run Islamic networks in Hamburg Germany (9/11 Moh. Atta) or in Continental Europe, and they certainly cannot run backback bomb simulations in boston, or corral the media on important topics of concern to the cia ( eg torture).


    No the region of operations is trans-national, the control of media congolmerates is trans-national, as is the accrued benefits in pipelines, new gas discoveries, new nat sec financial contracts. This suggests an operator with transnational military AND commercial reach, the ability to :

    1. pre-position video for coverage of the events

    2. Post event, Remove video mixes of the Paris shootings, even if shown in the original broadcasts temporarily, preventing frame by frame analysis which like 9/11 show the aduio tracks to be supplementary, and the described shootings to be feigned.

    3. Pre-print thousands of ‘I am Charlie’ signs and organize mobs of social justice warriors to cry in the streets for the Christian hating victims of the attacks

    4. Organize flawless native french speaker and african patsies teams simultaneously.

    “Security forces were hunting for the gunmen who spoke flawless, unaccented French in the military-style noon-time attack on the weekly newspaper, located near Paris’ Bastille monument.”
    “Afterwards he left, we heard gunfire. We went to the windows, there were two men running with guns, speaking in bad French … They were shouting outside, and shooting again.”

    5. Get Ezra Kline of VOx and the new atheists to re-publish nakedly racist cartoons of french african politicians under the guise of free speech

    6. Drop fake IDs to get the security guards to almost kill an 18 year old homeless french young man

    7. Re-echo the vdare/ american renaissance memes all over the french mainstream and liberal press to bring Le Pen to the lead in french elections

    No the CIA could not do the above anymore than they could have done the atrocities in Abu Ghirab — they are full of patriots, corrupt bureaucratic climbers, butt kissers and savers, and true believers. They dont have the capability nor the inclination to kill christians and sodomize detainees. Whoever did as such was something different, present in all target countries, able to cross borders at will, and with substantial control over mass media.

    And their timing was impeccable, uncanny:

    Israel summons French envoy over Palestine UN vote
    Foreign Ministry seeks ‘clarifications’ over Paris’s willingness to set timetable for Israeli pullout from West Bank

    By Times of Israel staff December 31, 2014 !

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