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Can War with Russia be Avoided?
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The Russian Free Press (svpressa) Interviewed me on the Topic of Avoiding Conflict Between the Russian Federation and the United States. The interview in English can be found here: The film date of the interview is April 23, 2021.

The Interview in Russian is here:

and here:

Considering the level of tension between the nuclear powers, the topic deserves far more attention that it receives. In the US it is a difficult topic to address. The President of Russia can call for better relations with the US without being demonized by the Russian media as an American agent, but when President Trump called for better relations with Russia, the US presstitutes denounced Trump as a Russian agent and launched the Russiagate hoax. Knowledgeable American commentators who supported Trump’s call for better relations were labeled “Russian agents/dupes.”

My concern is that Washington’s hegemonic attitude prevents US acceptance of Russian sovereignty and that Putin’s low-key responses to insults and provocations result in his warnings not being taken sufficiently seriously and encourages more insults and provocations. Washington could go too far and provoke a major confrontation that Putin cannot overlook. The dangerous ingredient that could produce a conflict is Washington’s hegemonic arrogance. Conflict seems certain if Washington cannot escape from its unilateral attitude. The uni-polar era is over. Washington must accept this fact if war is to be avoided.

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