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Britain’s Tate Museum Has Become an Evil White Man Hall of Shame
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Sherelle Jacobs writing in the UK Telegraph reports that the Tate Museum has turned anti-white like American museums such as the Art Institute of Chicago that Heather Mac Donald recently wrote about ( ). Portraits of the men who built the British Empire have been re-labelled detailing their racist sins ( ).

Sherelle Jacobs, herself black, thinks

“The evil ‘whiteness’ stuff is getting out of hand. Everywhere one looks there are excesses. Take the decolonised university courses that seek to purge Dead White Men (the intellectual cousin of the Evil White Male) from the curriculum. Or the obsession with toppling statues of figures such as Cecil Rhodes. That’s before we get onto the full-blown anti-white discrimination. When I attended a colourism workshop at my old university not long ago, mixed race women, including me, were prohibited from speaking on account of our “proximity to whiteness”. Even worse is the trend towards barring white people from black spaces altogether. Two Canadian theatres have sparked an outcry by limiting performances to an ‘all black-identifying audience.’”

In other words, her British university would not be inclined to let Obama speak, because he has white blood and is not an authentic black. Does this mean that California’s reparations will only be for 100% blacks?

How evil that whites made blacks sit in separate areas of theaters, but whites are prevented from being in the theater at all. This is OK because it prevents blacks in our multicultural society from having to tolerate any association whatsoever with whites.

Sherelle Jacobs remains confused about a number of things and does not bring herself to the realization that the slave trade in backs, as contrasted with the slave trade in whites, originated in the black African slave wars. The blacks sold into slavery were sold by blacks who captured them in slave wars. The whites purchased already enslaved blacks. The whites did not enslave them. The whites and Arabs were the customers of the black enslavers. This aspect of the story is completely left out. And will continue to be. It doesn’t fit the false narrative that is being used to dismantle Western civilization. Nevertheless, Sherelle Jacobs received a wake up call at her university by being prohibited from speaking because of her “proximity to whiteness.”

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