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Are the Nevada Governor and President of France in the Pay of Big-Pharma?
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This question is invited by news reports that they are preventing the use of the anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients. According to experts, the anti-malaria drugs are effective if used early enough in the infection. But the drugs are cheap and there is no profit in them.

As of Tuesday, New York hospitals have federal permission to give desperately ill patients a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin on a “compassionate care” basis.

According to the world’s leading expert, Didier Raoult, it is too late to give the anti-malarial drugs in the latter stage of the infection:

Fauci says there is no substantive proof that the drugs are effective, but the Chinese and Didier Raoult, who is far more prominant than Fauci, say otherwise.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Coronavirus, Emmanuel Macron 
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  1. Dutch Boy says:

    If not, they are some of the rare pols who are not.

  2. Dutch Boy says:

    Candidate Trump seemed to have some awareness of the nefarious nature of Big Pharma. Alas, President Trump proceeded to appoint industry insiders to the federal regulatory agencies dealing with drugs and health as part of his personal dive into The Swamp.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
    , @Realist
  3. A123 says:

    The author is 50/50 on this one.

    Brown Shirt Macron demonstrated his loyalty to Germany and the Globalist cause. Macron serves the 1% Elite investors in BigPharma, not the Citizens of France.

    The major media outlets managed to screw up the story about Nevada (1)

    A more accurate story about the governor’s order says it was done at the request of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy as a preventative against hoarding, to make sure that patients who need it for FDA-approved purposes don’t run out.

    There are ways to do that. For example, the governor’s order prevented prescriptions for more than 30 days for its other uses, which is fine.

    The new regulation contains an exception for inpatient prescribing.

    Yes. The citation is correct. National Review published an article defending a Democrat Party government official.

    PEACE 😷


    • Replies: @Meimou
  4. Meimou says:

    Thanks for sharing sites like (((Briebert))), (((National Review))), and (((Masteracedaily))) with us lowly goyim. We need the record to be kept straight for us.

    • Replies: @A123
  5. BPVegas says:

    Governor Sisolak is stockpiling the subject drugs for future use by at-risk COVID-19 patients. To mitigate a future shortage, he is circumventing the writing of orescriptions for anti-malarial drugs by concierge doctors prior to their wealthy clients becoming infected. Vegas has a plethora of concierge doctors and wealthy people. There is no conspiracy with Big Pharma. Governor Sisolak is doing a good job.

  6. BuelahMan says:
    @Dutch Boy

    There was no change before and after. What he did was what is commonly called a “con game”. And the Drumpfters bit and held (are holding) on like a rabid pit bull.

  7. A123 says:


    As a goyim, I do my best. You clearly need help with your (((Muhammad))) and his publication the (((Quran))).

    PEACE 😷

  8. MarcD says:

    And we wouldn’t want anyone to get better on cheap drugs do we?

    It’s the same in Québec, Quinine is not available to doctors for prescriptions, restricted only to hospital for “terminal” patients who don’t need it anymore.

  9. Realist says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Candidate Trump seemed to have some awareness of the nefarious nature of Big Pharma.

    Big-Pharma…Abbott Laboratories…just developed a super fast test for Covid-19. This will contribute to saving many lives.

  10. Ben Gunn says:

    No proof they are effective?
    Pretty effective against SARS1 in 2005

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