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Another Dumbshit White Liberal Feminist Makes A Fool of Herself
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Mary Bucholtz is professor and chairperson of the Linguistics Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She declared all white Americans, including herself, to be racists. Indeed, she claims America is suffering a pandemic of white supremacy.

Let’s see now, if white Americans are white supremacist racists, why did they let their white country fill up with people of color and reduce the white percentage of the population from close to 100% to 60% and falling?

Would white racists vote in an immigration law that essentially keeps white people out and fills the country up with black people?

Would white supremacists impose affirmative action against white people in order to elevate blacks?

Would white supremacist racists elect a black president?

Apparently, these questions are too profound for the faculty and administration of the University of California.

You can read the IQ-handicapped Mary Bucholtz’s argument here:

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