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Animals Are God’s Gift to Us, It Is a Gift of Joy
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This is Boy when he was young, almost sill a kitten, in a tree in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. He and his sister, Devil or Little Darling as she is changeable, and 5 siblings came to me on March 8, 2008 from a young abandoned cat who I fed and retamed following a cold winter. I believe, she had mated with a Bobcat. Her litter of 7 had bob tails and were unusual to say the least.

The kittens were a hit on the adoption circuit. I kept the two runts who as kittens could not be told apart without careful inspection. As Boy developed into 25 pounds and Devil/My Little Darling into 15, I wondered the eventual size of the male kitten I named Bear.

Boy and Devil trusted me, but not humans in general and they were disturbed by loud noises. Devil has always thought that she is a leopard or a lioness. I only let them out in harness on long leads. They took me up and down mountains, across creeks and often pulled loose from my hands in pursuit of a squirrel or deer.

Once when I had them out on one side of the house where Devil was intrigued with a lizard, I noticed Boy on high alert. I looked around the side of the house and there was a 400 pound black bear walking up the walkway. I thought for a second what to do and decided to get to the front door before the bear blocked the way. Boy was ready to go, but Devil was angry at being pulled off her lizard hunt.

Devil didn’t see the bear until we were at the front steps. She took off after the bear, screeching like a Bobcat, ears flat, hackles up. She pulled out the long lead, then turned around and began pulling out of the harness. I had to rush toward the bear to prevent her escaping the harness. I caught her about 10 feet before she reached the bear and ran with her protesting in my arms to the front door where I put her down to open the door and off she went across the porch to attack the bear.

Fortunately between her and the bear there was a small rock pool with a fountain and she couldn’t get around the water. I grabbed her and took her in.

She stood by the front door for half an hour snarling and hissing. That bear was on her territory, and she was going to teach him a lesson about trespassing.

We had one other bear encounter. We came in from an adventure and the cats headed to the downstairs screen porch. They arrived just as a large bear came over the wall. Boy turned a sommersalt in midair and headed in the opposite direction. Devil’s ears went flat and a low growling began. She watched that bear closely. I am sure she was looking for a vulnerability.


We lost Boy 4 years ago just before he would have turned 11. Both vets who tried to save him said it was the shots that Big Pharma has paid off state legislatures to mandate yearly. I had grown wise to the shots and had stopped them, remembering that in my day, cats got no shots and dogs at 6 months got one rabies shot for life. But it was too late for Boy.

Friends, if your dogs and cats are indoor animals or only go out on a lead with you, they don’t need any shots. Neither do they need any flea protection. The vaccinations shorten their life span, and some of the flea and tick protections can poison their bodily organs.

There is only one thing important to corporations, and that is money. You cannot safely believe anything any corporation says.

Just as you must protect yourself and your children from Big Pharma, you must also protect your dogs and cats from Big Pharma. Most vets, like most doctors, are brainwashed and indoctrinated by Big Pharma, whose grants control 70% of medical research and whose medical school gifts influence what is taught. Money, not health, is the agenda.

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