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America’s Color Revolution
Pandering to the Establishment Now Ubiquitous
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The Establishment has imposed a color revolution on the American people. Ekaterina Blinova is a journalist who reognized that a color revolution has occurred in America under the guise of a presidential election.–turn-us-political-landscape-into-one-party-system/

The Establishment used the Democrats for their purpose, because Trump was in office under the Republican banner. Trump, of course, is a populist, but there is no party that represents the people, so Trump ran as a Republican.

The leftwing, or the fraud that passes for one, thinks it is now in the money. This is a naive expectation. The Establishment is in charge, and there will be no leftist agendas unless they serve the Establishment. If Antifa and BLM cut up, their funding will be cut off, and the presstitutes will be sicced on them.

Biden and Kamala are mere figureheads put in office by a stolen election. Any agenda they think that they have is irrelevant. Here is the Establishment’s agenda:

First: Prevent any political organization of the “Trump Deplorables.” Any who attempt to form a real opposition party will be made an example of. In America it is child’s play to frame up anyone. We saw the show in Russiagate, and Trump will now be exhausted with endless frameups as the Establishment pursues him into oblivion. If the President of the United States can be so easily framed up, an unknown political organizer in the red states can be disposed of at will.

Second: Increase the demonization of white people and the destruction of their confidence. White Americans are still a majority and, therefore, a potential political force. Their demonization is already institutionalized in the educational system, in the New York Times’ propagandistic “1619 Project,” and in the “racial sensitivity” training that all white employes of US corporations, governments, and US military have to take. Trump ordered a halt to the anti-white indoctrination sessions in the Federal government and US military, but the new regime will quickly reinstate the required indoctrinated as a sop to deluded blacks, feminists, and leftwingers.

Third: The Second Amendment will be overturned or bypassed. Trump supporters will be disarmed in order to more easily terrorize them and prevent them from protecting their property and persons if the Establishment believes it is efficacious to unleash armed anti-white militias on them in order to bring them into line. White self-defense will be more or less criminalized.

Fourth: The Establishment will increase its fomenting of racial and gender conflict in order to keep Americans too divided to resist its increasingly odious control measures, whether they be the use of Covid to suppress freedom of movement and association, charges of being a foreign agent in order to suppress free speech as in the Assange case, or round up and internment of Trump Americans trying to organize a political party that represents the people instead of the Establishment.

Fifth: Citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens and open borders in order to reduce the white population to an isolated minority.

These measures will suffice for the Establishment to complete the transformation of the United States from a democracy accountable to the people to an oligarchy of entrenched vested interests.

By the time insouciant white people wake up to their fate, violent revolution will be impossible. Modern weapons in the hands of the state are devastating. Mass spying and control techniques that exist today go beyond those in dystopian novels such as Orwell’s 1984. Free speech is a thing of the past. Free speech no longer even exists in universities. As I write Twitter, Facebook and the presstitutes are suppressing the free speech of the President of the United States, and the President of the United States is powerless to do anything about it.

The Establishment’s control over the media means that no charge against President Trump is too extreme to cause a protest. The enormous support shown for Trump in Washington on January 6 with estimates of participants ranging from 200,000 to 2,000,000 was easy for the Establishment to turn into a liability by infiltrating the rally.

It was naive for President Trump and his supporters not to realize that infiltration was guaranteed as it was necessary for the Establishment to turn massive support into a massive liability. This would achieve two purposes. One purpose was to terminate the challenge to the electors in the Senate, and it succeeded. Here, for example, is Republican Senator Mike Braun from Indiana dropping his intent to object to the electors from the swing states where the election was stolen: “I think … that today change things drastically. Yeah, whatever point you made before that should suffice. Get this ugly day behind us,” he said. Even Rand Paul was intimidated: “I just don’t think there’s going to be another objection. I think it’s over at that point.” Here is Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler whose reelection to the Senate was stolen from her acquiescing in Trump’s and her own stolen elections: “When I arrived in Washington this morning, I fully intended to object to the certification of the electoral votes. However, the events that have transpired today have forced me to reconsider and I cannot now, in good conscience, object,” Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.).

The other purpose served was to insure that Trump would not go out as a president whose reelection was stolen but as an insurrectionist. And it has succeeded.

Internationally Trump was denounced by NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg for not respecting democracy. “The outcome of this democratic election must be respected,” declared Stoltenberg. Stolen or not it is democracy to be rid of Trump.

British prime minister Boris Johnson declared that the US is the world symbol of Democracy and that it is vital there is a peaceful and ordered transfer of power, as if there was an actual insurrection taking place and an election not stolen.


The French President Macron declared: “What happened today in Washington, DC today is not American, definitely.” In other words, it is unamerican to protest a stolen election that the Establishment refuses to address. [I watched presentations by independent experts to the Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan legislatures that proved beyond all doubt the presidential election was stolen. Half of the professional presenters were people of color.]

The German Chancellor Merkel blamed Trump for creating an atmosphere that led to a challenge to democracy in the US Capitol.

Republican senators themselves, former members of Trump’s cabinet, and a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff jumped on Trump with both feet. The no longer Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Trump’s “unhinged thugs” “tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed. This failed insurrection underscores how crucial the task before us is” to restore Establishment control.

Republican Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina said: “The President bears responsibility for today’s events by promoting the unfounded conspiracy theories that have led to this point.”

Republican Senator Mitt Romney from Utah said: the violence was “an insurrection, incited by the President of the United States.”

“There is no question that the president formed the mob, the president incited the mob, the president addressed the mob,” said Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.), the third-ranking House Republican. “He lit the flame.”

Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis told the presstitutes that “Today’s violent assault on our Capitol, an effort to subjugate American democracy by mob rule, was fomented by Mr. Trump. His use of the presidency to destroy trust in our election and to poison our respect for fellow citizens has been enabled by pseudo political leaders whose names will live in infamy as profiles in cowardice.”

General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Trump administration said Republicans “who have continued to undermine a peaceful transition in accordance with our Constitution have set the conditions for today’s violence.”

The presstitutes had a field day with misleading and lying headlines. One of the worst offenders was The Hill, formerly a source of real news on what was going on in Congress, but today a highly partisan Trump-hating source of Establishment propaganda.

With the American Establishment’s foreign puppets, Republicans, Trump’s own cabinet members, military leaders, and the presstitutes speaking with one voice setting up President Trump as an insurrectionist threat to democracy, the Democrats’ wild charges seemed credible.

Democrat Senator Schumer from New York, the new Senate Majority Leader, Democrat House Speaker Pelosi, and a large number of Democrat members of Congress, together with the New York Times, have called for Trump’s impeachment or his removal from office by invoking the 25th Amendment. Here is the new Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) making the case:

“What happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president. This president should not hold office one day longer,” Schumer said in a statement.

“The quickest and most effective way — it can be done today — to remove this president from office would be for the Vice President to immediately invoke the 25th amendment. If the Vice President and the Cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach the president,” he added.

Here is Pelosi:

Here is Adam Smith, Democrat from Washington state and chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, calling for Trump’s removal from office: “President Trump incited & encouraged this riot. He & his enablers are responsible for the despicable attack at the Capitol. VP Pence and the Cabinet should invoke the 25th amendment to remove Trump, otherwise Senate Republicans must work with the House to impeach & remove him.

For the New York Times, it doesn’t not suffice to remove Trump from office. He must be prosecuted as well.

To understand the extraordinary hatred of President Trump by the Establishment, listen to his inaugural address. He described the Establishment accurately as a force arraigned against the American people, a force that he intended to dismantle and restore America to the American people. This was a revolutionary challenge, a reckless one as Trump is a populist, not a revolutionary leading a determined movement. Moreover, Trump was so uninformed about Washington that he never succeeded in appointing anyone to his government, other than General Flynn (an immediate casualty of the Establishment) who agreed with his agenda of normalizing relations with Russia, bringing the troops home from the Middle East, ending NATO, and bringing the jobs home that American corporations had exported to China. Here was Trump unarmed taking on the American Establishment. This was an act of suicide as it has turned out to be.

People who think in terms of party politics have no likelihood of understanding the situation. The struggle is not Democrats vs. Republicans. or red states vs. blue states. It is the Establishment against the people. If you have any doubt about this, note that the US National Association of Manufacturers, always a throughly Republican organization, agrees with Schumer and Pelosi that Trump must be removed from office. Here is the organization’s statement: “Vice President Pence, who was evacuated from the Capitol, should seriously consider working with the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to preserve democracy.” The National Association of Manufacturers want Trump out because they are the ones responsible for China’s rise, the US trade deficit and the destruction of half of the US middle class. All the goods and services imported from offshored production count as imports. It is the offshored production that is responsible for America’s trade deficit, not China.


The presstitutes throughout the Western world have intentionally misrepresented the January 6 rally in Washington in support of Trump. The rally had to be misrepresented, because no one in politics today anywhere in the Western World can demonstrate such massive support other than Donald Trump. No one turned out for Biden or Kamala during the presidential campaign. Their events, soon cancelled, had no attendees. Yet, they won the election? What saps people are. Who turns out for Merkel, Macron, Boris Johnson. No one even knows who the leaders are in the rest of the Western World.

Trump could not be permitted to leave office with such a massive showing of support—a terrible embarrassment to the corrupt scum who “speak for the people.” So the support had to be discredited by turning it into an insurrection ordered by Trump against Democracy, a holy word that is observed nowhere in the Western World.

The people who entered the Capitol were a tiny minority of those who attended the rally which was entirely peaceful and well behaved. It was so peaceful and well behaved that Facebook will ban and delete all photos and videos of Wednesday protests: The facts are not consistent with the presstitute narrative and must be suppressed.

Here is a description of agitators who suddenly appeared and provoked the entrance into the Capitol by a few Trump supporters who, unlike the rioters in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta and elsewhere, did not behave as rioters and did no damage. The report is from a person present not as a Trump supporter but as a person to film the event. The report was sent to NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller. I have left the person’s name off so that he doesn’t get investigated by the FBI:

“I was in Washington, D.C. today filming the Trump rally and related events. I also ran across your post concerning the Capitol demonstration tonight. Perhaps this short account will help you assess what others are saying in a small way.

“I was also at the Capitol before the crowd appeared setting-up my camera on a stone wall around the perimeter of the back of the capitol (the rear facing Constitution Avenue). Then I waited for President Trump’s speech to end and for supporters to walk-up Constitution Avenue to the Capitol. I was located at the precise location where supporters first rushed up the slope towards the back of the Capitol after casting aside a section of the first Capitol perimeter barrier. Supporters gathered roughly at the center of the back of the capitol, but a circle began to grow around the perimeter as the crowd grew larger. I had no sense that the growing crowd intended to rush the Capitol.

“After a large crowd emerged at the perimeter a man in perhaps his late 30’s or early 40’s showed-up, pacing quickly to his left then to his right before the crowd, and essentially began hurling insults at the crowd challenging their political wisdom. He excoriated the crowd for thinking that their attendance would be taken seriously by members of congress. (Hard to say that he was wrong about that, whoever he was). I cannot recall his precise words, but for a very short period he engaged in a shouting exchange with supporters, and suddenly supporters pushed aside the first barrier and rushed towards the back of the Capitol. Others on the northern edge of the perimeter followed suit. But the first rush was right at the center of the back of the Capitol. I followed the rush to the bottom of the Capitol back steps, and began filming again from atop an inner perimeter stone wall.

“The police, so it appeared, were a little surprised by the rush, and this gave supporters an opportunity to race up the steps. One or two men even made it as far as the steps leading up to the scaffolds on the south side of the Capitol before police arrested them. By this time, five or ten men had climbed to the top of the tall steel tower structure facing the Capitol. Then the police erected and lined-up behind a new barrier perimeter at the foot of the Capitol steps. Police at the top of the Capitol steps aimed rifles down on the crowd (perhaps rubber bullet rifles, I could not tell). The crowd began arguing with police and pressing hard against the new barrier. The police sprayed men pressing directly against the barrier with tear gas from time to time causing them to retreat. “Meanwhile, the men at the top of the tower began rallying the crowd to challenge the new barrier (over bull horns) by filling any gaps between the barrier and the stone wall that I was using as a filming vantage point. Another man worked the crowd with a bull horn immediately in front of me and also encouraged supporters to climb over the inner perimeter stone wall (my filming vantage point) and create a wall of pressure on the new barrier at the bottom of the Capitol back steps.

“After about 30 minutes to an hour I dropped to the bottom of the stone wall to reload my camera when suddenly the barrier gave way and police attempted to fortify it by blasting tear gas into the area between the stone wall and the barrier. I was hit by the gas myself and struggled back over the stone wall in order to breathe. The gas threw many crowd members into a panic. And I was nearly trampled as I struggled to lift my camera and heavy gear bag over the wall after two women began pulling desperately on the back of my coat to pull themselves up and over the moderately high wall in retreat.


“After the second perimeter barrier gave way, the men with the bull horns began working the crowd very hard to fill-up with Trump supporters the steps of the Capitol and the scaffolding on both sides of it. At this point one of the calls, which the men with bull horns repeated from time to time in order to encourage people to climb the Capitol steps was “this is not a rally; it’s the real thing.” Another frequent call was “its now or never.” After about a two hour effort peppered with bull horn calls of this nature the entire back of the Capitol was filled with Trump supporters and the entire face of the Capitol was covered with brilliant small and very large Trump banners, American flags, and various other types of flags and banners.

“Sometime after the rush on the back of the Capitol, people were apparently able to enter the Capitol itself through the front. But I was not witness to anything at the front or inside the Capitol.

“One clearly bona fide Trump supporter who had apparently entered the Capitol himself was telling others emotionally and angrily (including press representatives of some sort, even a foreign newsman) that he witnessed someone inside the Capitol encouraging violence whom he strongly suspected was not a legitimate Trump supporter (apparently on the basis that the man showed no signs at all of Trump support on his apparel). I did not pay that close attention to his claims (for example the precise claim of the violence encouraged) because, naturally, I had not yet read your post and it had not occurred to me that professional outsiders might play a role in instigating particular violent acts in order to discredit the event.

“I overheard one Trump supporter (who followed the rush on the Capitol himself) say aloud, “I brought many others to this rally, but we did not sign on for this” as he watched matters escalate.

“Still, from my seat, I would say that large numbers of very legitimate Trump supporters felt that it was their patriotic duty to occupy the Capitol in light of their unshakable beliefs that (1) the 2020 election was a fraud, (2) that the vast majority of the members of congress are corrupt and compromised, and (3) that the country is in the throes of what they consider a “communist” takeover (although many use the expression “communism” as a synonym for “totalitarianism”). They are also convinced that the virus narrative is a fraud and an essential part of an effort to undermine the Constitution –in particular the Bill of Rights. They have a very real fear that the country and the very conception of any culture of liberty is on the verge of an irreparable collapse. For most (if not a very large majority) rushing the Capitol was a desperate eleventh hour act of partiotism –even of the order of the revolution that created our nation. Some Trump supporters sang the Star Spangled Banner and other patriotic songs as others climbed the Capitol steps. They also demonstrated a measure of respect for the Capitol itself. I saw no attempt by anyone to deface the Capitol simply for the sake of defacing it.

“The incontrovertibly compromised press has called this event a riot. But from what I saw and heard this would indeed be a gross and intentionally misleading oversimplification at best. At least from the standpoint of supporters, if their Capitol event was a riot, then so was the Boston Tea Party. It also seems to me that some professional help (very aware of deep sentiments) might have come from somewhere to make sure that the party happened.”

See also:

When I was on the Stanford University faculty, I remember rich and pampered Stanford students occupying the university president’s office in a protest either against the Vietnam war or the name of the Stanford Football Team (Stanford Indians) and destroying the papers in the president’s files of his life’s work. Despite the liberalism of the university president, the presstitutes regarded the protest justified and well intentioned.

The rioters and looters who rampaged through many of America’s major cities suffered no media condemnation, only support and encouragement. This is because, unlike Trump, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are financed by and controlled by the Establishment and thus represent no threat.There is no FBI investigation or intended prosecution of any of the rioters who destroyed billions of dollars of property in America’s cities.

But the Trump supporters provoked into entering the Capitol are in for it says the Establishment figure Trump, in yet another of his mistakes, put in charge of the FBI.

It is difficult to defend Trump when he consistently puts in charge of his security agencies and Department of Justice members of the Establishment who hate his guts.

The FBI did nothing about the real rioters that did billions of dollars of damage to private businesses, but FBI Director Christopher Wray vowed Thursday to “hold accountable those who participated in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol after a pro-Trump mob overtook the building, forcing evacuations.”

Here is Trump’s appointee describing the people who elected the man who appointed him:

“The violence and destruction of property at the U.S. Capitol building yesterday showed a blatant and appalling disregard for our institutions of government and the orderly administration of the democratic process,” Wray said in a statement.

“As we’ve said consistently, we do not tolerate violent agitators and extremists who use the guise of First Amendment-protected activity to incite violence and wreak havoc,” he continued. “Such behavior betrays the values of our democracy. Make no mistake: With our partners, we will hold accountable those who participated in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol.”

Wray announced that the bureau “has deployed our full investigative resources” and is working with law enforcement partners “to aggressively pursue those involved in criminal activity” on Wednesday.

“Our agents and analysts have been hard at work through the night gathering evidence, sharing intelligence, and working with federal prosecutors to bring charges,” he said.

He requested the public send in any information about Wednesday’s events to the FBI, noting “We are determined to find those responsible and ensure justice is served.”

Notice that Wray, the Establishment’s servant, not the servant of the rule of law, aligns the First Amendment with “violent agitators and extremists” and thus discredits the First Amendment as a tool of insurrection.


Everyone who was not at the US Capitol building on January 6, which is the entire world except the Trump supporters, has been brainwashed, by a corrupt, despicable collection of media whores serving an Establishment of Oligarchs, that Donald Trump intended an insurrection, but it was defeated. By Whom?

It was Trump who called out the National Guard and who told his supporters to leave the Capitol and to go home.

What kind of people can present this as an insurrection that requires Trump’s removal from office and prosecution? The answer is totally evil people who have not only the United States but the entire Western World in their clutches.

The Western World is dead. It is now Mordor.

Trump appointees realize that, unless they add to his orchestrated embarrassment and setup by resigning, they are targeted for reprisals. Seeing permanent unemployment facing him, US Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger has resigned in response to Donald Trump’s handling of the crisis on Capitol Hill. “Other people named as likely to abandon the sinking Trump ship are National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Deputy Chief of Staff Chris Liddell.”

Everyone everywhere is participating in Trump’s destruction. The English language Russian press loves embarrassing America. The fun and games leaves the world in ignorance of the extraordinary consequences of what the stolen election and demonization of Trump and his supporters means. The end of the Western World is a big event, and it will affect everyone.

Addendum: Here is an example of the lies the presstitutes constantly deliver. Every prestitute organization reports that Trump incited a mob of his supporters this week to storm the U.S. Capitol: “House Democrats are racing toward impeaching President Trump for a second time after he incited a mob of his supporters this week to storm the U.S. Capitol and halt Congress’s constitutional duty to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.”

Clearly, the dumbshits at The Hill, Bloomberg, and everywhere else let their hatred of Trump run away with them. What would be the point of halting the certification process? It could only be a temporary halt. The National Guard ordered in by Trump would clear the Capitol and the process would go forward, as it did. If Trump intended to halt the certification by having supporters occupy the Capitol, why did he call in the National Guard and tell his supporters to leave the Capitol? Clearly The Hill’s presstitutes are devoid of reasoning ability. What Trump wanted to happen was to have the electors from the stolen swing states rejected by Congress on the basis of the evience. It was an unlikely thing to happen, but Trump had no choice but to exhaust the legal means available.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Quite the show, shall we expect to see you contend in the 2024 mental gymnastic olympics?

  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Trump was too conflicted to lead a populist revolt. He was too mobbed up with wealthy Zionists and right-leaning factions of the Jewish establishment. Now they’ll quickly throw him under the bus. He’s finished, and politically homeless. Not even the Deplorables will want anything to do with him, given the fact that he betrayed them time and again.

    Trump might have been a populist leader had he immediately abandoned his Jewish handlers, fully adopted the white right, the military and veterans, Christians, Constitutionalists, small business, Main Street, America First industry and working class, etc. and oriented his entire administration in their direction. But given that New York Jews were part of his family, that wasn’t going to happen.

    A true populist will eventually emerge from the People, and do what Trump should have done but lacked the guts and integrity to do. And the Deep State will do all it can to strangle him in the cradle, but will fail, because like Golden Calf Hebrews from the Bible, or like Cyclops if you prefer Greek fables, it and its sycophants are sick, blind and insane now beyond any possibility for redemption, intoxicated by their own narcissism.

    How long the white knight will take to emerge is hard to say, but he’s eventually coming. Count on it.

  3. Over the Establishment is Jewish Power.

    The US always had an establishment. So does every country. And in the past, there were patriotic American establishments that cared about the people. What happened? Jews took over as the new masters and severed the ties between white elites and white masses. White elites now exist to serve Jews than to represent the American People.

    Elites are formed by social selection. Fish rots from the head. As Jews at the top favor the most craven and venal goy cucks for promotion, the result is that the elites get filled up more and more with venal and craven people. And as people don’t want to admit they’re craven and venal, they convince themselves that they’re on the side of angels and ‘liberal democracy’ even though all they do is serve Wall Street, spread worship of sodomy, and push for Wars for Israel.

    When social selection to the top is predicated on patriotism and national unity, a better kind of people make it to the top. But when selection is based on obeisance to Jews and all their agendas(anti-white politics, globo-homo degeneracy, magic negro worship, and etc), then the result is the elites that the US has today.

    There was a time when someone like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts could serve in the US government or work in elite industries. But today, even the most ‘right-wing’ Republican would rather be dead than be seen anywhere near such individuals. Social selection of elites under Jews has made the cuckening a main feature of white elite formation. No wonder Jews hated Trump so. And cucks hated Trump because his brashness exposed and shamed their cuckery. Servile Dogs hate the wolf.

    Because the current establishment is premised on mindlessly sucking up to Jews, it is actually quite vulnerable. For all its wealth and power, it is premised on nonsense, i.e. the entire power structure of the US exists to flatter and fatten the megalomania of Jewish globalist hypocrites who deny nationalism to goyim but tell goyim to support not only Israeli nationalism but imperialism and genocide.

    When the Jew is Named, things can change. But the trick is to do it without going nazi-loony.

  4. It is who/whom.

    In the current order, you are either a meta-Jew or meta-Palestinian. The current American Way is Jewish Lives Matter but Palestinian Lives don’t. Both parties in the US cares more about a single hair on a Jew than the lives of thousands of Palestinians(or millions of Arabs). White American patriots discovered they are meta-Palestinians. In contrasts, blacks who rioted and looted last summer enjoyed the privilege of being meta-Jews. They can loot, burn, assault, and murder, but the cops were told to stand down.

    If White America is to make true progress, it must get down on its knees and apologize to Palestinians. Yes, take the knee for the Palestinians. White people should say, “Our pain today is the result of our support of Zionist destruction of your people. We thought Jews would be nice to us IF we supported their inhumanity against an innocent people, but it only emboldened Jews to turn around and wage wars on all gentile nationalism around the world, and the West is facing White Nakba.”

    Only by realizing that they picked the wrong horse, the evil horse, in the Jewish-Arab conflict will whites begin to see the light and wash away their sins. And by standing up for Palestinians, they will gain the moral courage and power to speak truth to Jewish Power. Then, things can change.

    Also, the easiest way to expose the fraud of Jewish Power is to support BDS and call for EQUAL treatment for Jews and Palestinians, for Israel and Iran. After all, Jews claim to be ‘liberal’ and opposed to ‘supremacism’. So, why are Jews shutting down BDS and forcing all American politicians and enterprisers to favor Jews and Israel over Palestinians, Arabs, and Iranians?
    Also, by supporting BDS, whites can shame all the cucks who work for Jews. These cucks say, “We are progressive and support human rights and oppose white supremacism.” Okay, but then why are you supporting Jewish supremacism over Palestinians? Why are you so silent about the plight about Palestinians living under Zionist apartheid, Jim Crowitz, and worse?

    The reason why populism failed is Trump and most of his supporters are among the most avid supporters of Israel and dogs to Jews. They are most servile to the people who hate the most. When you kiss the ass of those who kick your ass, you can’t win. These populists, having been browbeaten into feeling shame for explicit white identity, have transferred their tribal passions to the Jews. In their eyes, Jews are the meta-whites while Palestinians, Arabs, and Iranians are the meta-other. They are such idiots, and that idiocy is the biggest hindrance to their seeing the light and gaining true moral consciousness.



    Much of what Coulter writes is true, but it’s wrong to compare Reagan with Trump.

    The electorate in Reagan’s time was far whiter. And there were old folks from WWI days. Also, Jews were not yet all-powerful. And the media were not as biased as they are today. And PC had yet to run its course in the universities and turn the next generations into lunatics.

    Also, Jews had such power in 2020 that they could push the Covid Hysteria to shut down the economy and instigate BLM riots to make Trump look weak.

    In Reagan’s time, a scum like Pollard was put in prison. Today, many pollards who spy for Israel are such a mainstay in the deep state that getting in their way would be construed as a crime. Today, all the deep state either looks the other way while Jews spy and bug the entire government or rolls up its sleeves and helps Jews in US and Israel work together to turn US into a political colony of the Empire of Judea.

    And of course, like all the worthless cucks, Coulter won’t name the Jew.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Disagree: frontier
  6. Anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Its good PCR is getting the word out about the agents provacateurs of the Deep State.
    This was a Charlottesville-style set-up.

    The only way to vote with your feet gentlemen is to not sign up for the military. Let antifa and BLM enlist. Boycott the corporations that oppose us as a way to “vote” economically.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  7. The Trumpet hasn’t been a victim of any “color revolution”, he’s been the catalyst for the US Ziocorporate regime’s new phase of “democratic” government:

    “Homeland Security Committee wants all ‘domestic terrorists’ who besieged US Capitol placed on FBI no-fly list”

    What’s so populist about the Trumpet besides his speechwriters’ style? He barely repealed Bombamacare’s forced payment of premiums to corporate health peddlers, but not before doubling down on the Obama/Biden-backed war on Yemen and giving Ziodi Arabia’s royal Salafi headchoppers \$400 billion more in weapons, among other pearls of “populist anti-swamp” policies.

    People had to occupy their local and state capitols, not the federal Ziocorporatists’ temple of corporate governance masquerading as public office. Why even leave your own property unguarded to go fight for some billionaire with a tad too much fake tan, or for his walking corpse president-elect “rival” for the other side of that same coin, though I doubt anyone would fight for Kameltoe Biden without being paid in advance.

    Great Reset was coming with Trump as it is with Biden either way, there wasn’t any time to be an ignorant partisan tool. Things won’t be getting any easier now. Even Mexico with its CIA/DEA-managed druglord wars is looking tame in comparison.

    • Agree: Squarebeard
    • Thanks: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  8. Uncle Sam says:

    Trump can still turn this around by declaring martial law. However, it doesn’t appear as though he will. But if he did, with military tribunals, he can get rid of all his enemies and the Deep State. He really should contact General Tom McInerney and take his advice.

  9. @Priss Factor

    Ok Priss.i think you should be a very senior, astute person capable of ordering my desth.
    I am behind you.
    Anything that trashes their works.
    Let’s allow or to aspire to failure what normal looks like for them vs us.
    They aren’t as willing as us.
    They, the non-nazi looney will defeat you.
    Us…no unity.
    Us…pure fucking hatred Lady
    You gonna throw the meat eaters a bone?
    Whether they lose or not in the next 5-10(doubtful)years isn’t uptofirepower.
    It’s about leadership.
    We need leaders.
    Real leaders. I don’t know,girl. I think you should be a saboteur. Maybe you are.
    I’m going in the first wave.

  10. Trump is a moderate and inherently self-contradictory populist, not a phony populist, but a flawed populist, and in terms of complete program a meager populist. But give him credit, his tepid, flawed brand of populism has been spectacularly – popular – with tens of millions of Americans, and countless others around the planet.

    One of his advantages has been that the political leadership stage in not just the United States but in the ‘West’ is occupied largely by corrupt pathetic figures who do political theater, scripted, banal, dishonest political puppetry on behalf of transnational agendas and powers that be, and their personal advantage. Trump populist program has included giving priority voice to the ‘outdated’ concepts of national sovereignty and national interest. He has been an implicit and explicit critic of the global ‘full spectrum domination’ American establishment agenda.

    In the land of political midgets a person of even modest stature seems a giant.

    But more importantly, Trump is actually a great and singular revolutionary, not in normal terms, of political ideology, or political program, but in terms of the ability to change and animate public perceptions. His has been a needed revolution in terms of style and substance: he has been by far the most effective critic on Earth of and enemy of the mass media mind control system, a system indispensable to establishment power and agenda.

    To the political class and the politically minded who demand and depend upon and find their comfort in adherence to normal ritualistic banality and bromides, Trump’s bombastic out of bounds style is outrageous, he tossing shocking mental hand grenades like confetti on the nation, his ejaculations sometimes truthful sometimes false, but often refreshing entertainment for some and outrageous for others.

    Recall for example when he merely stated the obvious about the annual joint military exercises at the borders of North Korea: he described them as provocative. Howls of foreign policy outrage over this lapse from scripted normality. How dare Trump utter a simple truth contradicting our investment of decades of on message propaganda on the subject.

    And truth – even little bites of truth – is the great nemesis – the forbidden fruit that must not be allowed to be shown let alone bitten by the public – of the corrupt system of public mind control and public exploitation and subjugation.

    As response to his fundamental, effective if not outright deadly attack on the mind control system, and for his espousal of national sovereignty over transnational hegemony, he has been under continual establishment attack since – actually even before – his 2016 inauguration. Public belief in the veracity of mass media’s reliability when it comes to fairness and accuracy has never been as low.

    And something else has happened during the last four years: the public perception of the ethical rot, the stench, of the cesspool that the establishment occupies has grown greatly. Beyond Pizza gate and Jeffrey Epstein, there is a greatly increased public opinion and suspicion and perception that elite power is dependent upon and suffused with and tainted with that which goes beyond mere typical variations of corruption: that there exists widespread hitherto unthinkable unspeakable evil that preys on children and innocence.

    But now, with the obvious massive coordinated election fraud that was engineered against what was in fact one of the – if not the – greatest landslide presidential victories in American history, another great service has been rendered by Trump. And this service goes far beyond his particular case: The legitimacy of all US elections since the advent of electronic voting machines is now cast into doubt. That is, the entire US political class, state, local and federal, has had their legitimacy appropriately undermined. And the call for election procedures which ensure reasonably fair elections will now be ongoing.

  11. Ahh, a couple protestors do not any color revolution make. And since the antifa riots weren’t really covered on the TV, they don’t exist either. They’re all shot through with agents provocateurs anyway. Of course Trump won the election. He also won the popular vote in 2016. Think that one wasn’t fixed, too? Think again. They just couldn’t fix it enough to stop his landslide. They were ready this time.

    Oh, probably there will be more “revolutions.” They’ll make them like holidays. Antifa for summer. Whatevers for winter. And the rest of us will go about our business and try to keep body and soul together. The economy will limp along. More people will sleep in the streets than go to the streets. I’ll tell you what this is: Holiday for Exaggeration. Nothing changes. Everyone on both sides is so deluded. Solidarity and class politics, the only things that work? Forget it. They would have to stop thinking about how they hate some ethnic group or other.

    • Agree: The King is a Fink
  12. @Priss Factor

    Funny how the MSM apparently missed Trump commuting Jonathan Pollard’s sentence and allowed him to fly back to Israel where he disembarked from his plane and kissed the ground.

    I think it might have been George W. Bush who was considering pardoning Pollard and the various intelligence agencies told him there would be a mutiny if he did. And he didn’t.

    But now…..crickets?

    Pollard should have been in federal prison for life with no parole or executed.

    But Trump won’t pardon Assange for being a journalist or Snowden for alerting the American people we are all being surveilled 24/7?

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  13. “People who think in terms of party politics have no likelihood of understanding the situation. The struggle is not Democrats vs. Republicans. or red states vs. blue states. It is the Establishment against the people.”

    My dear Mr. Roberts, you hit the nail on the head.

    • Agree: Thomasina, Mike Tre
    • Replies: @annamaria
  14. “White Americans are still a majority”

    The White majority is fading very rapidly. Right now it stands at around 66% nationwide, but many states such as California the White majority is just a distant memory. Only the middle of the country is still majority White and it is fading fast. As the White majority disappears they will try to artificially boost the White numbers by including Hispanics and many others as White, until one day you wake up and you are suddenly faced withe the reality of being a White minority, just like we already are in California.
    The entire country has traditionally been solidly White majority, but that is all changing. In a democracy it is mob rule, so wichever group has the numbers will have the say so and it don’t look good for Whites.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
    , @Richard Duck
  15. m___ says:

    This is a case for covert. Use the momentum, the real struggle is underground. P. C. Roberts has made, seen his age, an immense effort to one last time summon the offer. Corrupt and physically cowardly elites, regardless, a Trump as a nothing to hold on to, to stand up to those corrupted “representatives”.

    The “infiltration” succeeded not, there is enough evidencing material going around to prove beyond reason the just and retained attitudes of the crowds. The direction of the effort was justified, not looting a mall, but pointing the finger at the drab-hole of “democracy”.

    European leaders are strapping their pampers, what else to expect then them chiming in. Merkel, Johnson, Macron, Rutte the Flying Dutchman, second rate whores.

    This is a case for covert, a case of awakening parallel loyalties within the military, police, media, technology workers, directed actions. When efficiency strikes, the bartering can commence. Use the momentum, it is escalate asymmetrically or bust. A fight for the future of generations, or a world as a dumpster.

  16. m___ says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Jew agenda; crowing on a pile of dung!

  17. Wally says:

    “When the Jew is Named, things can change. But the trick is to do it without going nazi-loony. ”

    What is “nazi-loony” even supposed to mean?

    After all, ‘the Nazis’ did not do what is alleged and there is no proof they did.

    Like so many other lemmings, you have haplessly taken the bait.

    • Replies: @phillip sawicki
  18. Garliv says:

    Thanks PCR. My exact thoughts. Definitely DC rally was infiltrated with sole intention of discrediting Trump and his supporters. And the chorus of “leaders” from US vassals like UK, Germany, France and others is proof of well choreographed scheme. Where were they when BLM/Antifa with clear support of Dem politicians rampaged through US cities including DC itself?
    I wonder whether people of the US would still consider voting as one of the most important civic duties. This election steal has shown that even with a landslide win, the establishment will get its way. Sad.

  19. Syd Walker says: • Website

    Cheer up Paul!

    Whether the temporary occupation of the Capitol building was carried out by delusional Trump supporters, or by wicked Soros agents dressed up as delusional Trump supporters, in either case these people were really just pussycats.

    The last time Washington DC took a serious caning from “real men” was when the British army marched in after the US President ran away (he left his wife to depart separately with the Presidential Mansion’s silverware).

    The Red Coats burnt most of the US capital to the ground, and destruction would have been complete had it not been for a heavy rainstorm (yes, even at its darkest hour, there were clear signs that The Almighty was on America’s side).

    After the Brits got bored and moved on, Congress re-assembled in Blodgett’s Hotel and blagged enough money from local banks to commence reconstruction.

    I’m sure you know all this history already, but some of your readers may not and it seems timely to re-introduce it to a new generation of American exceptionalists. I’ve no idea why Hollywood doesn’t make a blockbuster movie out of the 1812-1815 war. It would be popular throughout much of the world in locations as diverse as London, Toronto, Mexico City and Beijing (though perhaps not so much in the USA’s Red States?)

    Incidentally, I hear rumours via Twitter that a Coalition of The Willing is being assembled in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. The plan is to save US democracy by bombing and invading. Personally I think it’s better to settle controversy by more peaceful means. President Maduro of Venezuela could be given the task of selecting the next US President. I’d guess he won’t give the job to the insipid Mike Pence; Dr Cynthia McKinney would be a much more colourful choice.

    As for Donald Trump, the best solution would be to hand him over to Iran, where’s he’s wanted for murder. He should get a fair trial in Tehran. Once banged up in an Iranian jail he might even become a more civilised and intellectual type of person – rather like Malcolm X who converted to Islam and started reading books.

  20. Nisbe says:
    @Chris Moore

    “Not even the Deplorables will want anything to do with him”

    Wrong. People are now waiting for the 20th to see if Trump is a true leader or a goofy traitor. If by the 21st Trump gets his 2nd mandate, then he is the real deal, if he is not then it seems that civil war is going to happen in the US, given that the globohomo stablishment just shat on the American people while mocking them with this clear and verifiable fraudulent election.

    Hopefully the MSM traitors (and all others) will get what is coming to them via military Tribunals, but if the steal goes thru, the full on 4th gen warfare against the stablishment will start immediately, and support for it will only grow as time passes because the globohomo cabal will just keep turning up their oppression against the people until they are all subjugated slaves who own nothing and have no rights at all.

    The Western stablishment and the whole world are about to learn from Americans what the words “Give me freedom or give me death” truly mean.

  21. Miro23 says:

    I watched presentations by independent experts to the Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan legislatures that proved beyond all doubt the presidential election was stolen.

    That the counting was manipulated electronically was proven for me by Shiva Ayyadurai (MIT) in his interesting video showing the statistically impossible change in voting trend in the early morning counting.

    It is difficult to defend Trump when he consistently puts in charge of his security agencies and Department of Justice members of the Establishment who hate his guts.

    This is a real oddity. At the outset he had a good selection of very loyal people to choose from – but he dumped them all in favour of Establishment people who have predictably backstabbed him – even his own Vice President. The only explanation that I can find is that he doesn’t really sympathize with the Deplorables at all (certainly never spends any time with them) and was just using them as an alternative route to a top Establishment position. The surprise was that the Establishment then rejected him, despite his best efforts to ingratiate himself.

    What’s undeniable, is that the ZioGlob US is starting to look, socially and economically, like an international basket case. Much of the ROW (Rest Of the World) is moving to separate from it as fast as possible – ref. trade agreements/international payments/currencies etc.

  22. nsa says:

    The filthy old swindler could have easily won re-election if he had done even one tiny thing for the vast demographic making under \$34k per year (the median wage) i.e. the working poor. He could have pushed for a federally mandated \$15/ hour minimum wage. He could have pushed for a universal basic subsidized medical plan instead of trying to take one away. How about federal money for a new system of trade schools and vocational training institutes? Instead, he signed off on massive tax cuts for himself and his wealthy jew sponsors. He signed off on trillions of dollars for his wall street pals, goosing the stock market into the stratosphere. The old coot played golf while half the nursing home population was wiped out by the wu-wu. He started a pointless trade war with China after listening to three of the dumbest jews on the planet: Munchkin, Krudlow, Koshner……jews so stupid they couldn’t figure out how to cheat rubes at a corner furniture store. Endless demagoguery, fake religiosity, phony nationalism, counterproductive race baiting, shameless nepotism, constant lying….but then what else would you expect from a former WWE wrestling promoter?

    • LOL: Ray Caruso, Hillbob
    • Replies: @Syd Walker
    , @oldshyfellow
  23. I’ve long suspected the “establishment” has been behind the torment ordinary citizens have endured for so very, very long. These are middle aged white males, possibly sporting crew cuts and wearing button down white shirts?

    But snark aside, what you’ve written is all quite accurate. And I always appreciate your articles.

  24. Priss,

    Well said.

    I suspect Trump will hector his enemies for just as long is he able. They under estimated him from the beginning and still do. Perhaps that dynamic will develop more enlightened observations like your own.

  25. Paul,

    This was a “False Flag” as evidenced by Speaker’s Pelosi’s ‘Purple” dress as she elbow bump’s Pence after he did his dirty deed for the Coup.

    Look the whole ‘Kabuki’ was a set up with Capitol Building guards opening the way for crowds to mill forward after the professional black block antifa gang made the first assault on police lines and subsequently forced entry…

    Trump had told people at the rally to be peaceful and we know that message has been censored.

    The Republican Party has been exposed, and all seems like all is lost as it appears, as is the case that the whole fraud has been accomplished in the open, but I think the wrestling match is not over, which is why impeachment and or 25th Amendment is what seals the coup, or unseals sealed indictments, full disclosure and the Seals.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  26. nickels says:

    This was not Antifa.
    Perhaps antifa helped stir the pot.
    But no.
    84 million patriots are ready to burn this country to ground. Don’t doubt that for a second.

  27. As a lawyer, I am convinced the election was stolen from Trump. I am absolutely stunned at the total denial of this fact by all and sundry in the Establishment and by the citizenry in both the USA as well as the West who believe the weaponized press and media. In addition the Roman Catholic Church has now officially joined this political Establishment.
    Post-modernism and multiculturalism have come home to roost.
    Truth has been banished from the Western Establishment.
    What an achievement!
    Whether they realize it fully or not, there is nowhere else but Hell that bids them on.
    From the real God-fearing understandings of Reality, the anti-Christ/Dajjal now rule the world.

  28. Thomasina says:
    @Charlene Richards

    After what the establishment just did to Trump, he just might pardon Assange and Snowden. Obama pardoned a ton of people on his very last day in office. Wait until you get the facts.

    • Replies: @Realist
  29. IronForge says:

    MAGA couldn’t be allowed to Continue.
    MAGA had to be cut down.
    MIGA couldn’t Persist with MAGA. Unfortunately, Trump was a MIGA Player First before being a MAGA Leader.
    Catholics couldn’t Persist with MAGA – they gained a POTUS and a SCOTUS Seat this Round – with a mostly Catholic SCOTUS refusing to hear Electioneering Case Arguments.
    OpenBorders wouldn’t happen with MAGA.
    DNC couldn’t Persist with MAGA.
    GOP_NeverTrumperz couldn’t Persist with MAGA.
    McConnell+Chao couldn’t Persist with MAGA.
    MSM couldn’t Persist with MAGA
    OffShoring couldn’t Persist with MAGA.
    FB/TWTR couldn’t Persist with MAGA.

    So Sad, Too Bad.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  30. Mark Hunter says: • Website
    @Syd Walker

    Speaking of the War of 1812 when the British occupied Washington, D.C. in 1814:

    After the Brits got bored and moved on …

    Actually, a freak tornado roared through D.C. and scared them away. More British were killed by the storm than in the battle the day before.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  31. Carlos22 says:

    According to the news in the last few hours Trump has gone on TV and accepted a smooth transition to power, he didn’t even mention fraudulent election either.

    So it’s all over. Ending one of the most pathetic “revolutions” in modern history

    • Troll: Katrinka, James Speaks
    • Replies: @James Speaks
  32. Syd Walker says: • Website

    I agree with most of this, except for your description of Munchkin, Krudlow and Kushner as “dumb”.

    These folk slimed their way into positions of great influence and seemingly achieved their vile goals.

    That’s not dumb – not by any definition of the word I know.


    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  33. chris says:
    @Priss Factor

    Over the Establishment is Jewish Power.

    Yeah, and they’re going to Palestinianize white people the same as being done to the originals.

    • Replies: @chris
  34. This article is above brilliant. Nobody can see the situation as clearly as PCR.
    I am glad that Trump is gone. There will be no more somebody for MSM to serve as punching bag.
    It is unbelievable to me that Trump did withstand such a deluge of abuse from MSM and Democrats and deep state. Trump did not have any real support from his coworkers. he was standing alone.
    Trump is great hero in my eyes. But there is a chance that he could turn out to be a leader in waiting.
    US now is in the iron bar cage with no door out. Democratic administration will give a “coup de grace”
    to US in less than two years. After there will be rebirth of America without Jewish and Negro power.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @AKINDLE
  35. @SamwiseGamgee

    Bravo what marvelous first effort … Sleaze bag.

  36. I agree with Mr. Roberts; a bit of anger increased by the repeat of the “steal” in Georgia, and a large dollop of agents provocateurs, including the famous viking with an American flag, created an incident being blown up by the real fascisti, the establishment, as a new Reichstag fire to set up a permanent dictatorial regime based in Washington. They are in your face and probably hope for unrest because its suppression will consolidate this odious regime. The only hope is that temporary instability will instigate a loss of control over the vassal states and/or economic collapse caused by the authoritarian lockdown policies will weaken the yankee state enough so that it loses influence. Otherwise, unfortunately, Dr. Roberts’ view of the future unfortunately looks accurate to me.

  37. Thomasina says:
    @Abdul Alhazred

    I agree. Apparently there were close to a million people gathered in very cold weather, and nothing happened all day long. Everything had been peaceful. Trump gave his speech and then told them to go home. He also said that he understood some people would be heading down to the Capitol Building (there were to be more speeches there), but that they should be peaceful.

    One fellow I listened to online said that his brother was there, took lots of pictures and video. His brother told him that as they reached the Capitol Building, all of a sudden a bus pulled up and a whole busload of people got off with gear and backpacks.

    So were there two groups there? One group of Trump supporters who were let in by police and were peaceful, taking selfies with the Capitol Police, snapping photos of the artwork, and the other group who were the agitators, the ones who caused the damage? Paid provocateurs? Of course, the first group had to be there because they’re the ones who are going to be arrested, charged and serve time. How convenient for the turncoat politicians!

    A French reporter from I24 News, Marie Gentric, had a conversation at 5:00 a.m. on Thursday morning with a member of the Capitol Police. She told him that a lot of people feel the police didn’t do enough the day before. He told her that at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning he was told to go home, along with his fellow policemen. He thought this odd, considering there was going to be a huge rally taking place that day, but off he went home. After hearing of the breach on the news, he subsequently returned, but he did this on his own; he hadn’t been asked to return.

    Makes you wonder if they didn’t intentionally short-staff the Capitol Police that day in order to ensure the outcome they got. Made it much easier for the agent provocateurs to get through.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @phillip sawicki
  38. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    And cucks hated Trump because his brashness exposed and shamed their cuckery. Servile Dogs hate the wolf.

    So true.

    • Replies: @Realist
  39. After 2020, it’s fair to say Travis Bickle was right about politicians.

  40. Kronos says:
    @Priss Factor

    The US always had an establishment. So does every country. And in the past, there were patriotic American establishments that cared about the people. What happened? Jews took over as the new masters and severed the ties between white elites and white masses.

    I still figure the biggest divider is the Vietnam War. The Baby Boomer generation was an obscene cyst in terms of size and destined to create a generational tyranny. But Vietnam caused the socio/political divisions within the Baby Boomers we still see today. Every Boomer (Obama doesn’t count, the real Boomer cutoff date is 1960) has been a draft dodger. In terms of “white” elites, the draft dodgers lost any genuine “mandate of heaven” from the masses. Therefore they become much more insular. Feminism grew into this power vacuum because Vietnam never divided Boomer women the same way that it did with men. The “diversity,” immigration, etc, stems from the political ruin that castrated Boomer Yuppie WASPs. Jews play a substantial contemporary role, but much more akin to their past role as tax enforcers for a aristocracy against the peasantry. Rich Boomers rely on Jews to keep those ruinous 401ks filled with cash. These US financial oligarchies entirely depend on keeping the Boomers happy. Things look shaky now because the Boomers are finally dying off.

  41. The leftwing, or the fraud that passes for one, thinks it is now in the money. This is a naive expectation. The Establishment is in charge, and there will be no leftist agendas unless they serve the Establishment. If Antifa and BLM cut up, their funding will be cut off, and the presstitutes will be sicced on them.

    I don’t believe this is quite true. The attempt by establishment in the US to use non-Whites and radical leftists for their own ends brings to mind the attempt by the establishment of the Weimar Republic to use the Nazis in the same way. When you put power-hungry people in charge of the levers of power, you shouldn’t expect them to pull those levers according to your instructions.

  42. Well, Qanons, when’s that ‘storm’ gonna hit? Now would sure be a good time for it!

  43. The solution is simple, if you can’t stop the steal, stop paying taxes.

    80m voters in red states who do serious work need to organise, and stop feeding the beast all together.

  44. Trump was so uninformed about Washington that he never succeeded in appointing anyone to his government, other than General Flynn (an immediate casualty of the Establishment) who agreed with his agenda of normalizing relations with Russia, bringing the troops home from the Middle East …

    I was totally opposed to the railroading of Flynn, and while it is true that he represented a breath of fresh air on Syrian and Russian issues, unfortunately, he–like pretty much everyone else in Washington–is an Iran-hawk. Thus, I doubt he was actually in favor of a total ME pull-out, though it is probably true that he would have pulled us out from Syria if he could have.

  45. Biff says:

    In the video below you can see cops waving people into the Capitol building for the psy-op photo-op performance the media was poised and ready for.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  46. @Robert Snefjella

    Despite his many flaws, Trump shined a light on the Fake News phenomenon in a way that caused incalculable damage to Mordor. Because of his brash, entertaining style of hitting back against the entire MSM, it seems so much easier now to spot the stringpullers and start connecting the dots. Why does the media speak with one voice always in support of the Establishment? Why is everything portrayed by them so falsely and one-sidededly? Who is benefitting from the trajectory being so relentlessly pushed by them? I see Trump’s legacy as having awakened a sleeping giant, despite the many ways he betrayed the ideals of his moving inauguration speech. How will the Establishment’s coming suppression of free speech for the purpose of attempting to put this genie back in the bottle be resisted?

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  47. Schulosi know that the 25th Amendment move could easily be foiled by Trump long enough to run out the clock. What they really want … and it is being loudly telegraphed in the media … is for Congress to go the Impeachment/removal/bar from future Federal office route as a dubiously legal Bill of Attainder to prevent Trump from ever again ascending to the pinnacle of power. Mr. Biden’s remarks yesterday seem to suggest Mr. Trump is not going to get the same professional courtesy that Mr. Trump showed to the Obama regime saboteurs who worked from well before the 2016 and well into the Trump administration to bring it down.

    Trump has been entertaining, much like the old train wreck shows in days of old, but now he has to accept that his brand has been thoroughly derailed. His wisest move at this point is to perhaps join Mr. Snowden in Russia, which would only be a bit less entertaining for the Deep State than seeing him sent to Sing Sing, which is what lays in store for him if he doesn’t flee the jurisdiction.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  48. The mainstream media and the Harris/Biden gang won’t leave Donald Trump and his family peace until he is destroyed. Craig Roberts described in his excellent article that the script transforms the US into a “benign” dictatorship. There won’t ever be fair and democratic elections in the so-called beacon of democracy. The Democrats, their Billionaire instigators, and their storm troopers such as BLM and ANTIFA will transform the US into a living hell for whites. The brainwashing of the public and the President’s framing has been started with Trump’s victory over a corrupt and criminal Hillary Clinton in 2016. In retrospect, it will look like a child’s play what’s in the offing for the country in the future.

    What happened on Capitol Hill was people power. The phony US political class supported people power in Georgia, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, Venezuela, Moldova, Iran, Hong Kong, to name a few, not to forget the so-called color revolutions and the Arab spring that were instigated and organized by George Soros’ “Open Society,” the CIA and their Western intelligence supporters.

    On every American, Gender ideology will be forced on them. If it doesn’t work, reeducation camps such as in North Korea will be welcome them.

  49. Time for PCR to assume a political role and not only an intellectual one ?
    I know what he says he’s already risky for him, he has already prove his courage beyond doubt. But the problem is practical…: There is a lack of undoubtely honnest leader. Ashly babit was a de facto leader but lacked the intellectual leader side and anyway now she’s dead
    . There is a need for someone who has both.

  50. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump was crucified for failing to give the jews their coveted genocide of Iran.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Miville
  51. @Priss Factor

    Priss says,

    When the Jew is Named, things can change. But the trick is to do it without going nazi-loony.

    Priss recommends rather that Americans do this by:

    If White America is to make true progress, it must get down on its knees and apologize to Palestinians. Yes, take the knee for the Palestinians. White people should say, “Our pain today is the result of our support of Zionist destruction of your people.

    You are wrong, Priss.

    Nazi-loonies were successful in naming the Jew. For that they paid and continue to pay to the Jew.

    What you want is for the children and grandchildren of the Nazi-loonies to not only continue in their self-debasement, continue to deny their victimization by Jews, but to also do the work Jews should be doing and apologize to the victims of Jewish evil.

    It is not for German Americans or any other European Americans to apologize for the crimes of the Jews.

    It is for the Jews to apologize for their own crimes.

    Including first their crimes against the European peoples.

    European-Americans should make common cause with Black people, victims of Jewish slavery and cynical instrumentalization; and with Arab and Muslim people, victims of Jewish wars on their lands and cultures that continue to this day, in an united #WeToo movement: #WeToo were victims of the Jews; #We name the Jews as our victimizer, and #WeToo demand that the Jew apologize to us, take the knee to us, make reparations to us, be accountable to us.

    For European Americans to “take the knee” to Palestinians would only further empower the Jews.

    • Replies: @Tony Massey
  52. anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    This is not the first time we see the message being insinuated that “Whites should not join the army.” Who is afraid of a White army? Should that not be: “every able bodied White should join the Army?”

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Uncle Sam
  53. chris says:

    when I wrote my reply, I hadn’t even read the Priss’ second post! I think the writing is on the wall and the same picture is coming into focus for us all.

  54. The twin pincers of Semitism, authoritarian big-tech capitalism and SJW Bolshevism, have completed their encirclement.

    Trump is Paulus. Whites are the Sixth Army.

    Welcome to Stalingrad.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  55. Schuetze says:

    This march on the Capitol was metaphorically Trumps version of “Pickets Charge”. At least Lee was watching the battle, but Trump was no where to be found even though he told his supporters that he was going to march with them down Pennsylvania avenue.

    Of course all the footage from within the Capitol building are fake, so we can be certain that the shots of the Confederate Battle Flag were staged for a specific purpose:

    I think that the yid knows that talk of secession is in the air, so these images would appear to be egging the situation on, while simultaneously Pelosi, Schumer and the (((democrat party))) are starting their purge. There are deliberately escalating things, likely the climax will be reached when the newly formed government of the Communist States of America enacts their inevitable gun grab.

    Where this ends up is Reconstruction 2, with death camps and Rhine meadows camps for white males and their families.

  56. @nickels

    84 million patriots are ready to burn this country to ground. Don’t doubt that for a second.

    Curious they didn’t carry matches to the Jan. 6 bonfire.

    • Replies: @nickels
  57. Well, well. Looks like it’s all over now, baby blue. Big Bad Orange Man has surrendered:

    I know the Qanons will claim that he’s just getting warmed up, but personally, I was hoping for more of a Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid type of ending.

  58. @IronForge

    MIGA couldn’t Persist with MAGA.

    Don’t be naïve. Israel’s self-proclaimed ‘guardian,’ Chuck Shumer, is now Senate Majority Leader. The zio-state will do just fine. Wish I could say the same about my own country. 🙁

  59. Kronos says:

    *Every Boomer President

  60. Well done, as usual, and thanks, P.C. Roberts.

    What kind of people can present this as an insurrection that requires Trump’s removal from office and prosecution? The answer is totally evil people who have not only the United States but the entire Western World in their clutches.

    The Western World is dead. It is now Mordor.

    Yup, the media sky is falling now that one dangerously unarmed white female veteran has been gunned down by a cop in the capitol building after it was breached by Antifa agents provocateurs with bull horns. But Mordor, ignoring a few hundred thousand ordinary Americans gathered on the mall to hear their beleaguered president, is playing the whole massive patriotic rally as “domestic terrorists” hell bent on overturning their “democracy”, aka a bought-and-sold spoils system of institutionalized corruption.

    The single charismatic champion of these mon-and-pop domestic terrorists and the other 74 million deplorables behind them is now a goner. But the next 12 days will still define his true presidential legacy. This is the time to show either that the maligned voters backed a quixotic loser or that he in the end mustered the quantum of courage to go down as the principled martyr of their cause. That’s the real issue now driving the fake media into a hyperbolic frenzy.

    If the entrenched politicians can now twist his arm to resign before Jan. 20 or they choose to “remove” him under some pretext like the 25th Amendment, the scam that began at midnight on Nov. 3 will go into the books as just another free and fair U.S. election and the whole populist insurrection he led will be discredited as a anomaly. If he stands his ground without recanting until Jan. 20, the whole demolition campaign since he came on the scene in 2016 could eventually enter the records as a cynical Establishment coup d’etat against the Constitutional system.

  61. Realist says:

    I agree with most of what you said…except your assertions that Trump was a victim of the Deep State.

    You parade as a strong proponent of the First Amendment yet you forbid comments to your articles.

    • Replies: @Observator
  62. Anonymous[110] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites watched blacks riot and burn down cities all summer. Whitey then finally meets in strength on the street and make Congress critters cower like little rats in the Capitol building in the winter. Like the Life cereal commercial with Mikey, I think he likes it.

    W I N T E R ❄ I S ❄ C Φ M I N G

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  63. noname27 says: • Website

    EVERYTHING about Trumpstein was fake. His presidency was one huge psy-op event, and his post presidency ‘persecution’ will also be faked. He was always a part of the demonic swamp and The Devil is NEVER divided.

    A Shit Show at the beginning and a Shit Show at the end and post the end.

    • Agree: Whitewolf
  64. Realist says:

    Trump has never been on your side.

  65. BuelahMan says:

    Gosh. If we just had MORE real republicans…

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  66. zard says:

    I am not surprised by this. In fact, nothing that happens surprises me anymore. I expect bad things to happen in a world like this.

    Perhaps I can understand the thinking of Trump supporters such as the ones in the above image. They believe that the electoral process has been subverted and that an election that should have been Trump’s has gone to Biden instead. They are outraged. They are rioting and revolting in response. Unfortunately, these people are misguided.

    1, Trump is a Snake and has been a HORRIBLE President. Why fight to defend him? I could see defending him if he actually did something for America but he did nothing but Tweet. He does not deserve another four years of the same.

    2. The entire American political process is owned by Jewish interests. It was this way long ago and it is certainly this way now. Whoever wins serves Jewish interests and the Jews make damn well sure of it. Nobody who is hostile towards Jews stands of chance of getting in the White House. Only Jewish puppets become President. So stop crying Trump supporters and wake the fuck up.

    3. There are reasons to Revolt against the System but this is not one of them. If you are going to revolt, revolt for the right reason, not in defense of a lying Jewish scumbag like Trump.

    4. Trump is directly to blame for this violence. He incited his followers to do this and then he accepts no blame for it afterwards. Very typical behavior for a lying narcissist like Trump who wraps himself in the American Flag when he is really just a selfish Bastard who wants to remain in the White House for his own Egotistical reasons.

    5. As a former Trump supporter, all I can tell current Trump supporters is that you have to wise up and realize that the man you are supporting is not worthy of being supported. You have to wake up to Trump as I had to wake up. He is not who he says he is. He is a liar and deceiver who plays on your ignorance and uses your Patriotism to get you to support him personally. See through his con game.

    6. I suspect that this rioting in Washington D.C. is not spontaneous but has been carefully planned in advance by the Jews who use Trump Supporters the same way as they use Antifa. Its all controlled opposition being used to sway the opinion of the American public in a direction that the Jews will use in their favor to further divide Americans from each other. IMO the above image was Staged meaning that these riots were planned and executed in the same way as the George Floyd riots were. Never trust a lying scheming Jew not to be one.

  67. Realist says:

    After what the establishment just did to Trump, he just might pardon Assange and Snowden.

    After what Trump did to the people who backed him…he is part of the establishment (Deep State)….as I have been saying for almost four years.

    He won’t pardon either Assange or Snowden.

    • Agree: Catdog, FB
    • Replies: @anon
  68. Ugetit says:

    The Western stablishment and the whole world are about to learn from Americans what the words “Give me freedom or give me death” truly mean.

    Dream on.

    I just posted a quote from Patrick Henry’s speech where he questions the supine response of Americans to criminal political maneuvering almost 2 and a half centuries ago. Aside from the War of Northern Aggression, little appears to have changed since then.

    Is this tame relinquishment of rights worthy of freemen?

    -Patrick Henry, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention (1788)

  69. JK says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Finally a comment I totally agree with. Why are we fighting with these people. we simply need to cut off their money supply. let the deep state goons pay for their own criminal operations. The French are masters of this, when their government goes astray they all go on strike. No suicidal assault on buildings of bureaucrats will ever accomplish what a massive strike would. If you want to get their attention cut off their “air.”

  70. @Priss Factor

    I agree with the writer of this comment and his criticism of Coulter. US subservience to Israel began under harry Truman, who recognized Israel in 1948 with this comment: “I have 600,000 Jews and no Arabs.” We have seen academia, politics, and industry all become pro-Zionist despite Washington’s comment in his Farewell Address that the US should not became attached to any foreign nation or permanently hate any foreign nation. The hated nation has become Russia, and the Democrats have blamed Russia for Trump. But it was Americans who voted for Trump, and fortunately the EC went in his favor. No wonder Hillary wants to abolish it.

  71. Trinity says:
    @Priss Factor

    Wow. You hit that one out of the park. Good post.

  72. Nisbe says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Very nice. That’s how the Founding Father’s adventures in conquering their liberty started, with a boycott. Boycott the IRS.

    Also the red voting rural counties should boycott the urban centers.

    Truck drivers and farmers can starve the beast in an even more literal way.

  73. fnn says:

    The modern Judaic left is always speaking Power to Truth. Always with the “Who? Whom?”

  74. @Chris Moore

    When will people learn, we spend our entire lives waiting for our “White Knight”, meanwhile our entire world is stolen from us.

    Until people realize it is up to us to save ourselves, there will be no salvation.

    As for the establishments agenda #3, that’s the hill I have chosen to die on.

  75. @Realist

    I was surprised to see the comment section open today. Is someone perhaps harvesting the IP addresses of commenters who might be harboring doubleplus ungood thoughts like PCR’s?

    • Replies: @Realist
  76. Whitewolf says:

    After all of Trump’s promises to “drain the swamp” and “make America great again” he’s managed only to usher in a post-democratic America. In typical Trump style he incited his supporters and after promising to lead them not only abandoned them but disavowed them and sent in the troops to quell them.

    On the 20th Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president of the corpse of America. Considering the shameful circumstances of his “victory” it will be fitting that he wears a mask for the occasion.

  77. profnasty says:

    Waiting for Jesus’ help. White America has died with a whimper. No leadership, no organization, no political power. / Military? Communists conquered US in ’33. Patton was the last American hero./ White Russians lost in ’17. White Americans in ’21. Ask East Germans from ’45, what happens when the Red Communists win. Answer: Nothing good.

  78. Trinity says:

    Just watched some clip from last night’s Don Lemon show where some pompous dude with stained looking bad teeth named William (((Cohen))) was beside himself with spewing hate and vitriol for the PROTESTORS at the Trump Rally. I take it this rather goofy looking pompous asshole was some sort of career politician from the HOMOGENEOUSLY White state of Maine. The old fart has been around since the early 1970s according to (((Wikipedia.))) I was rather bored and sometimes watch CNN and their gay lineup for a few laughs and low and behold I see this guy on there spewing hate and calling President Trump a PINO. Wow, what a genius, I guess this clown thought of that one all by himself. You would think with all that money he would fix his teeth or trim his eyebrows. I mean they make fun of trailer trash like yours truly having bad teeth or no teeth, and my teeth are pretty damn good, next to this fool’s, they are the best in the world. Back to bidness. This clown was comparing the PROTESTORS to “knight riders” aka the KKK etc. Well, Mr. Bad Teeth and Untrimmed Eyebrows, one of those PROTESTORS was an UNARMED FEMALE who posed no physical threat whatsoever and she served this nation for 14 years in the military.

    HOW DARE this anti-White racist, pompous, do nothing defile that ladies name by spewing his gutter garbage about KKK Knight Riders and other fairy tales. Dude is from Maine, he probably never even saw a Black person growing up and this clown wants to talk about diversity.

    Off topic but I think Olive Garden Restaurants have really turned to slop the last couple of years, they used to be great. HOWEVER, thanks to the gay guy over at CNN with the Just For Men white hair, I will start frequenting this restaurant at least once a week. Chow, yawl.

  79. @SamwiseGamgee

    You’re an idiot or someone’s foil, Sam. Do you have ANY idea who Paul Craig Roberts IS? The man was there at the beginning of the end, back in Reagan’s admin and day. He’s been outlining where the skeletons are buried for over forty years.

    Thinking back, nah, you’re an idiot. You’re too fucking stupid to be a foil.

    • Replies: @utu
  80. @Lynda Brayer

    Roman Catholic Church has millions of Trump supporters. Millions of us want nothing to do with this Pope. So yes, a lot of USA dirty bishops and millions of ignorant Catholics support the Democrats including the man Wilton Gregory in DC. Gregory has a devious history.

  81. Nisbe says:
    @Priss Factor

    The anti-Israel sentiment among Trump supporters is much higher than you realize. And that trend is only going to accelerate.

    • Agree: phillip sawicki
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  82. @shylockcracy

    Antifa member to Trump supporter on January 7th 2021: “I would sure like to have one of those Trump knives.”

    Trump supporter to Antifa member: “Take the one in my back, I won’t be needing it where I’m going.”

  83. Richard B says:

    These measures will suffice for the Establishment to complete the transformation of the United States from a democracy accountable to the people to an oligarchy of entrenched vested interests.

    For a long time now I’ve been commenting on what we’re really witnessing, which is nothing less than The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite. This excellent article goes a long way toward confirming that.

    I’ll offer three interrelated things as evidence: Social Management, One-Party Rule, and Force (with a note on the consequences of all three).

    1. Though the elite have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are expert in infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, betrayal, insane hatred, destruction and death, they have also proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are not and have never been good at social management.

    Effective Social Management requires competent problem-solvers. Competency in problem-solving requires extensive training in rigorous thinking, consistent reasoning, and cautious judgment, as well as, problem exposure and solution-postponement. And no such training is available today – anywhere.

    2. This will not be the first time a hostile elite has imposed one-party rule over a country. The USSR did that in the 20th century, with rather disagreeable results.

    The point is, the imposition of a one-party state merely places a rhetorical mask over the country’s problems and is in no way an answer to them. On the contrary, the imposition conceals the problems leaving them unsolved and eventually unsolvable and thereby adding to those problems in what will become a vicious cycle.

    3. This last example is arguably the most profound because it’s exactly what the easily impressed, superficial observer misses (and such observers are the majority, since most people live on the surface because most people would rather die than think, including the elite, c. #1 above).

    In short, they miss it exactly because it is the beating heart of any Pyrrhic Victory. Pride Before The Fall (or, in the case of today’s hostile elite Psychotic Arrogance Before The Fall). Because at the moment just before “the victory” the victors appear as an almighty and unstoppable force that no one in the world could beat. And maybe no one can (though that’s still debatable). But, in any event, this is besides the point, which is, obviously in a Pyrrhic Victory the victor, in destroying their enemy, destroys themselves.

    How? Here’s how:

    The hostile elite’s effort to impose on the entire Western world a social order that is free of any control and sustained by force, only increases the uncontrolled exercise of naked power.

    And it is exactly this force, constantly applied, that destabilizes the very social institutions that power controls, including and especially the economic institutions. Their economic institutions. Not just the ones they deliberately destroy (the ones that, until recently, were independent and therefore a threat).

    So, obviously from my last point, I’m not denying their destructive power. Not at all. It’s only too easy to see. I’m denying their ability to manage themselves now that there is absolutely no obstacle to that power. No obstacle in the West, that is.

    They might be partners in crime with The CCP. But it’s a dependent relationship and in no way a friendly one. No one kisses the ass of a friend. Say what you want about The CCP, it does not, unlike the now completely defeated host populations of the West, strike one as being all that into power-sharing.

  84. Trinity says:

    Just one more thing to add. MOST people out here KNOW that there were PLENTY of ACTORS & (((Antifa/BLM))) paid vandals in that melee. SOME Trump supporters obviously got caught up in the moment.

    What I can’t understand is these clowns were bragging about how they made sure we had a democratic election even during the Civil War? Yeah, so why did this event that was mild in comparison to the (((BLM/Antifa))) summer long riots that destroyed cities, shot police officers, innocent people shot and beaten, etc. STOP YOU FROM INVESTIGATING THE FRAUD? So you can count the votes during the American Civil War but rally that gets out of hand with granny walking up to the Capitol stops everything?

    Do these clowns like the one I mentioned earlier, and the Don Lemons, Anderson “Just For Men” Cooper not realize that we have these people on tape praising the (((BLM/Antifa))) RIOTS as peaceful protests? Hey Anderson, take your boyfriend to Olive Garden, it ain’t that bad, you silver fox, you. Meet the White trash that you look down on and share a White wine, you sissy boy, you. I’ll stop by and make a toast with Irish Whiskey of course. White wine is for sissies like you, nothing personal understand.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  85. Catdog says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    The money printer can go brrrrr longer than tax evaders can stay out of prison. This is a non-starter and basically fedposting.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  86. Anonymous[110] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    White American patriots discovered they are meta-Muslims? The Muslims don’t love White American patriots any more than the Jews do. You can ask Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib if you’re unsure:

    “This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills,” Tlaib said in the since-deleted message that linked to a tweet by progressive Jewish group IfNotNow that memorialized the victims of Tuesday’s shooting at a kosher supermarket.

    Rashida Tlaib deletes tweet blaming ‘white supremacy’ for Jersey City shooting
    Fox News | December 12, 2019

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Nisbe
  87. @Kronos

    Every Boomer [President] has been a draft dodger.

    And all born in 1946, the first year for Boomers. But as much as I dislike him, I can’t count W as really doing that. He “dodged the draft” like my Silent Generation father by volunteering for another branch of the service which genuinely put both at risk of losing their lives. From memory, W joined an Air National Guard unit while it was fighting in Vietnam, started with spending two years on active duty learning how to fly an early Century Series jet interceptor then twelve years in service, his father who’d had a very bad WWII experience flying was extremely nervous about this, knowing in his bones how dangerous it was (compare to why the Marines were so eager to get rid of their Harriers as modern more capable and safer jets were potentially available).

    By the time W was qualified for piloting a F-102 Air Force doctrine mismatch between its mission of stopping Soviet Bombers, what its airframe was not capable of doing vs. F-105 Thuds, the fleet of which was essentially “used up” in Vietnam, and F-4 Phantoms, had relegated it back to state side duty. And the much remarked upon end of his hitch was much like the very end of my father’s service in the 1950s, they ran out of things for him to do. As I recall, but would have to check the dates, as enough of the Air Force was withdrawing from Vietnam so there was a surplus of career officers for the available jobs.

    • LOL: Druid
    • Replies: @Kronos
  88. Richard B says:
    @Richard B

    Here are some concluding remarks to my previous comment.

    There is nothing the human race has not sacrificed, including millions of other human beings, to their rage for order. Specifically, an order that solves, once and for all, their socio-economic problems by aligning their value statements with their analytical statements. It can not be done.

    Because all thought, knowledge, science, history, and learning, is unstable and cannot be made absolutely stable even by the majesty of a hostile elite armed with the brute power of force. Because all of these things, including an elite’s power, is but an activity of the human mind, which is just another word for interpretational variability.

    No system corresponds to, or is identical with, the world it is attempting to control. That is why such attempts are always a struggle and why such struggle requires a habit of mind obtained through an education that the elite of today is not giving itself. Hence their Pyrrhic Victory.

    At best, there can only be a social order that recognizes this impossibility and works toward solving what problems it can. This is really the great tragedy of what is happening now.

    Because the West, or, to put it bluntly, European man and his geographical extensions (especially the United States) had laid the foundations for realizing this possibility and were, to some extent at least, moving in that direction.

    Unfortunately, however, the accidents and all too much of history created just enough opportunity for the truly corrupt and evil to exploit the ensuing chaos that followed The Age of Revolutions, political, social, industrial and, perhaps above all, the communications revolution that itself subsumed the information and knowledge revolutions.

    All of which, it will be remembered, corresponded with the population explosion that introduced into the host population (already beset with problems it was struggling to understand) millions upon millions of people who did not create, understand, or properly value the civilization they were about to inherit.

    It was simply too much to organize and too easy to exploit. But, also, impossible to sustain. And now we’re back to what we’re actually witnessing, which is nothing less than The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite.

  89. anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Moore

    How long the white knight will take to emerge is hard to say, but he’s eventually coming. Count on it.

    Absolutely, the coming of the accursed anti-Christ has been foretold. It will quite probably be a, cough!, “white knight.”

    After all, the current ancestors of that cunt of a “white knight,” have much experience in what he will supposedly excel in causing; murder, mayhem, suffering, death and destruction.

  90. Katrinka says:
    @Chris Moore

    As a final going away present Agent Orange turns on his own supporters. This fraud has no right to complain about stolen elections or how Pence let him down. None of our problems will be solved by voting.

  91. @Lynda Brayer

    The Germans being the most profound anti-DT lunatics on the planet, they are in euphoria with the finality of the rigged election. They are already singing the praises of JB’s “honesty, integrity and statesmanship”

    Germany the source of much of mankinds woes both Goy and Hebrew : Communism, Frankfurter Schule, Heroin, Psychology ( Okay Freud was Austrian) Bauhaus, authority worship, green madness, the list is huge.

    AJM “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • LOL: L.K
    • Replies: @Hillaire
  92. Comprehensive. The article shows political insight.

    Despite different perspectives you and Kevin MacDonald are basically saying the same thing in terms of the endgame.

  93. @Robert Snefjella

    And the call for election procedures which ensure reasonably fair elections will now be ongoing.

    Oh, my sweet summer child…

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  94. @Priss Factor

    You do know a guy name Milton Friedman was the architect for Reagan economics? For the record we are currently living thru long term dystopia effects of Reagan economics.

  95. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump is and was a fool. He was a New York media construction used to harm the Republicans and their base.

    He sealed his own fate because he lacked wisdom or experience in dealing with the such complexities as Washington DC.

    He did not learn either, he was a reliable fool. He never went more a few weeks without saying or tweeting something that could harm him.

    It is sad to see that he was just a tool to harm his supporters. He is now destroyed and his supporters are damaged. Sad to see this because Republicans did not deserve it.

    • Replies: @oldshyfellow
  96. @zard

    At least you are proving that US cannot be successful prosperous country anymore.

  97. @Nisbe

    People are now waiting for the 20th to see if Trump is a true leader or a goofy traitor. If by the 21st Trump gets his 2nd mandate, then he is the real deal…

    On January 21st Trump will either be golfing in Florida or in prison.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  98. Anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    I believe you’re right about those who expose Jewish treason now being made victims of trumped up charges. In one case I know of, a fellow who revealed the bogus credentials and work of an Israeli “structural engineer” was himself effectively fired while the Israeli was bestowed with the status of an innocent lamb cruelly subjected to vile ethnic hatred, not only making the truth of any accusation irrelevant, but automatically proving the accuser’s racist intent.

    The bizarre thing about this submission to Jews by non-Jews is that the strength of the evidence of treason or malfeasance apparently becomes not only a de facto measure of its opposite, but grounds for Orwellian prosecution of any truth even suggesting Jews have ever done or can ever do anything wrong. That, after all, is the implied premise behind all anti-Semitic accusations, given that no one anyplace on this planet in all of history has ever been envious of the Jews.

    Grown men in America have become so fearful of the Jews it’s almost as if the latter were feared like they were the descendants of the homicidally vicious commissars in Russia a century ago with the power to destroy lives for the slightest paranoid offense.

  99. @Syd Walker

    The last time Washington DC took a serious caning from “real men” was when the British army marched in after the US President ran away (he left his wife to depart separately with the Presidential Mansion’s silverware).

    And BTW, how are those descendants of the “real men” who burned the unfinished White House doing nowadays, Limeytard?

    Oh that’s right, they’ve been completely disarmed and their daughters are raped and pimped out by camelfukers and their leadership prosecutes anyone who dare names them as such, for “hate crimes”…LOL

    You Eurofags should concentrate on your own affairs before taking shots at America. There’s more than enough to keep you busy, yessir.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  100. Katrinka says:

    Blacks and Hispanics hate each other, so there is that.

  101. Well I’m now depressed, and I voted for the color flag revolution. I didn’t predict this milquetoast one. The storming of the capital was kinda lame, although it did make me laugh. Guess when you control both sides you really don’t need to go hot. The deep staters must be thrilled they could protect their left wing assets with this one by using Qtards instead. However there are a lot of things that make you “hmm?”. My favorite being the black cop and a Maga protester doing a slow walk up some stairs with a guy above them taping everything. Odd but hilarious. Speaking of odd, where were all the Proud Boys? Seems they went poof to live another day.

    Sadly the peculiar and unnecessary murder of Ashli Babbit seems to give Qanon life after Trump with a martyr. Give the deep state credit they do think ahead. Guess I have cheered myself up, apparently they aren’t done with us yet. My guess is they still need us to keep the lights on and sewer systems running. Also burly white dudes seem to be the preferred choice for private security.

    • Replies: @Publius 2
  102. KenH says:
    @Priss Factor

    I concur. Not only was the nation 80% white throughout much of Reagan’s tenure but the whites, even the liberals, were overwhelmingly patriotic and sane and there was no such thing as wokeness. Also, half the Democrat party during the 1980’s were more conservative than even Republicans are today while some Republicans would be considered “white supremacists” by today’s standards and unwelcome in the GOP.

    And no, Orphan Annie Coulter knows which red lines she cannot cross and who she isn’t permitted to criticize in order to keep her syndication although she should be give credit for moving far enough right to where she is no longer welcomed on FAUX News or at CPAC.

  103. @SamwiseGamgee

    The airforce veteran was killed because of pelosi and shmucker.

    MAGA !

    • Replies: @oldshyfellow
  104. Realist says:

    I was surprised to see the comment section open today. Is someone perhaps harvesting the IP addresses of commenters who might be harboring doubleplus ungood thoughts like PCR’s?

    This has been my thought for years. Ron Unz is a Jew, yet he hosts a strong percent of anti-Jewish articles and comments.

  105. @Richard B

    It seems that the very idea of checks and balances has failed, due to way too much money and thus uncontrolled power in too few hands. People with a net worth in the double-digit billion range will simply not stoop to paltry democratic institutions, even less so if they have been in the business for a while and are completely surrounded by the usual toadies who try to gain favor by telling them nothing but how absolutely superb they are.
    In China, full and unadulterated power is with those who appear to be in power – the billionaires are the elite cadres of the CCP itself, and vice versa. No need for proxies, keeping up appearances, spouting lies and betrayal, engineering “grassroot movements” to terrorize the streets, and destroying the country in the course of all this clandestine maneuvring.

    • Agree: Richard B
  106. Hillaire says:
    @Priss Factor

    Indeed sage words, which is why the first step of conquest was the negation of moral and spiritual principals.

    Once a people are debauched and demoralised they are easily controlled.

    ‘those that believe in nothing can be made to believe in anything’

  107. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    It is true that Trump had the right stuff to get elected, yet perhaps he just never achieved a level of sophistication to win the battle or the war and had to be dismissed. The potential was there, yet was it really there? That is the mystery.

    Such is life.

  108. geokat62 says:

    • LOL: GazaPlanet
  109. anonymous[331] • Disclaimer says:

    So CIA wins again. They stole the election and stuck Biden’s reanimated corpse in there. And now they’ll shake him around like a Barbie and make him talk while they blow shit up.

    All Trump did was tease them about killing JFK and knocking down the WTC, which everybody already knows. And Trump wouldn’t sit still for their brainwashing briefings, at first. Trump was no Nixon, turning CIA inside out with Schlesinger at DCI. Trump had no one in congress like Pike or even Church.

    Back then CIA purged Nixon. Don Gregg threatened congress with martial law. And that was nothing. Look what the ratfuckers at Langley were willing to do to get Trump out. They framed Flynn to cut him off from Turmp. They took SARS-COV-2 off the shelf and used it on us, destroyed the economy and killed us, 300 thousand of us and counting. They infected the whole world to cover their tracks, killed 1.7 million human beings so far. CIA did everything they could to start a war with Russia and called Trump a Russian agent, making shit up to frame him too.

    Now we see how CIA controls us. We know now that there is nothing CIA won’t do to stay in power. It’s like Zappa said: when they were ready, they took away the stage set and left us looking at a blank brick wall. It’s like Rockefeller said: They Control it. All of it.

    At this point, anybody who won’t face this totalitarian state is not worth listening to for a second, they’re not worth a pound of warm shit. Prouty told you fifty years ago, the whole world knows who runs this country. CIA.

    So just cut the shit. Face facts. They stormed the wrong capitol. We can’t escape. We need the outside world to free us.

    • Agree: phillip sawicki
    • Thanks: Majority of One
  110. @notoneofthem

    I can’t help but re-phrase here,

    The entire country has traditionally been solidly American Indian, but that is changing … [1700]

    How far far back one wants to go?

    I can understand your feelings though. What if it was was a huge mereorite hitting the planet. Big changes ahead…

  111. Trinity says:

    OUR leader will HAVE to be ONE of the people. YOU will never be led by some guy like Trump. To his credit, Trump did INDEED expose the (((FAKE MEDIA.))) Now it was up to the people to get off their duff and research just who controls the “fake media.” Say what you will about Trumpstein, he was better than those who came before him. Some of his cabinet picks and the appointing of Jarvanka speak volumes about Trump going along to get along, but he did in fact usher in a movement in this country that beats anything I have seen in my lifetime. It is easy to criticize the Orange Man from the cheap seats, and admittedly the Trumper’s over the top philo-Semitic behavior and sucking up to minorities who hate him was a bit sickening, but hey, no different than good ole Ronnie Reagan. And gawd, look at this pathetic, career politician #46 and his affirmative action candidate coming up. The old man is dumb/senile, subservient to Israel/Jewish power to nth degree, just a big bald stiff who cannot even remember what he had for breakfast this morning. Caramel Harris is the poster child for affirmative action and anti-White to the core.

    A good show on Tucker Carlson last night. While obviously Tucker won’t go near the J-word, he did talk about the White Elites in the RepubliWONT party who actually “hate” their voting base. If anyone should know it would be Tucker, an elite White boy who never dealt with “diversity” growing up, but nonetheless he has learned his lessons from afar. Exactly where do these “White elites” think they will go after America becomes another Haiti or Brazil? Will they go to Israel? China? TPTB are the ULTIMATE WELFARE QUEENS not that 300lb black lady sitting on the porch. IF not for the farmer, the trucker, the laborer, the factory worker, people WHO ACTUALLY PRODUCE things of value, where would these useless largely effeminate males and rather unattractive women be? “The elite” Whites who inhabit the republiWONT and anti-White demshevik party, the ones that “HATE” the people like the 14 year old UNARMED WHITE FEMALE WHO WAS ALLEGEDLY SHOT BY A POC, will never have your back. This is why the republiWONTS NEVER WIN. Both parties are anti-White to the core.

    By the way, that poor woman who was shot was the REAL ELITE of this nation. She served what she thought was her country for 14 years. I might add that she was an attractive lady as well, and I only say that as a normal straight man. Yes, I notice an attractive lady, unlike Anderson “Too Good To Eat A Olive Garden” Cooper. Compare this 14 year Air Force veteran in her bravery, morality, patriotism, and damn it looks, ( no disrespect but she was attractive) to people like those HAGS in our Congress. Nuff said.

    • Replies: @Tony Massey
  112. Eureka! says:
    @Uncle Sam

    Trump is Loki, the prankster, and declaring martial law would be inadvisable, to say the least. The military wouldn’t back him for one thing, but Trump is a prankster, not a revolutionary leader.

  113. Susie Q says:

    I think what’s missing from these commentaries is that the media, on January 6th, did in fact refer to Biden’s election as a “coronation “.

    A coronation refers to a King who was appointed, not elected.

    And indeed, Biden was appointed by the corporate establishment.

    However, the vast majority of Americans serve no King other than Christ.

    It is very fitting that these things occured on the Nativity and Theophany of our Lord. January 6.

    I should add that Christ himself was democratically elected as the Messiah of the common people…..

    As it says in Matthew 1: THEY shall name him “God with Us”.

    And indeed, God is with Us, not the Synagogue of Satan , which refers to many of the so called Christians in Congress.

    January 6th. God With Us.

    • Thanks: SolontoCroesus
  114. @Katrinka

    And the moral of the story for white America is :

    If you’re going to “protest”, you might as well make it a truly violent one, since that’s how it will be characterized by The Establishment anyway. Just like Charlottesville etc…

    Indeed, the way forward is immediate revenge for the woman murdered at the Capitol, and warfare in the same style as the IRA.

    Of course, the fake modern version of “Christian morality” (which is essentially pacifism) will have to be jettisoned first.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  115. I just read that Simon and Schuster has decided not to publish Josh Hawley’s book.

    Given that, if someone else publishes it, I will now definitely buy a copy. If the establishment hates it, then I want to read it.

    • Agree: Lost American
  116. @Uncle Sam

    Trump has never been in complete control of the government. He thought that if as president he ordered various changes that the bureaucrats would obey. For the most part, they did not. His other mistake was to think he could neutralize the Jewish lobby. He should have realized from history that Jews have always supported the Democrats. Jews will control the Biden/Harris administration. Biden’s three children are married to Jews, and Harris is married to Jew. Chelsea Handler is married to a Jew. They are responsible for most of our social and economic ills today as leaders in business and communications. Read Guyenot’s From Yahweh to Zion to understand the history of the last three thousand years.

    • Replies: @Garliv
  117. Garliv says:

    None of our problems will be solved by voting.

    Trump is a populist, not a revolutionary. And when faced with a revolution moment he had no clue what else to do. I believe Trump supporters, the Deplorables, are the real substantive patriots. They are sensible and want a stable America. Unfortunately their opponents the Dems/Leftists and all other assorted groupings just want to win even if they burn the whole of US. These people worship god of mammon and nothing else.
    For “Deplorables or We the People” to prevail they need nothing short of revolution and be willing and ready to street protests and even fight. That’s only thing the establishment would take seriously. For now we can only wait and see how far much change Senile Biden and Gang implement. Also let me start thinking on which pronouns i want to use…

  118. The communist takeover of America started in 1913 when the zionist banking kabal installed their privately owned central bank on the people of America with the help of communist Wilson who signed this unconstitutional piece of legislation on December 23, 1913.

    Since that time America has been under bolshevik communist control and anyone who doubts this should read the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and compare it to the situation in the ZUS today.

    The fraud that was done in the election for potus, and I did not vote for Trump or Biden, I voted for Joan Jorgensen, but the scale of the fraud to put Biden in, was done by the zionists to show their contempt for we American and to show us who really rules the ZUS.

    As Stalin said, it is not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

    • Agree: Nisbe, Ugetit, Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Charles Carroll
    , @Ugetit
  119. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    The large white population is the most productive therefore it’s the one to be squeezed the most for it’s output and taxes. The goal is to destroy its sense of self-consciousness and identity lest it want policies beneficial to it. This has been partly successful in that the white population has been divided against itself through the constant torrent of propaganda in the monopoly media as well as the education system. Half will fight the other half in a perfect divide and conquer strategy. The deplorables are to produce and enrich the elite who ride herd on them. It’ll be the perfect slave system. Many Americans are no longer needed as workers in this de-industrialized age and so ways of getting rid of them will be dreamed up.
    The incoming regime appears to be anti-Russian war lovers. Conflict is possible as they attack other countries with whom Russia has ties. These people are reckless enough to trigger a no-win conflict. That would be a disaster unseen before in US history. The US has gone around the world for many years overthrowing governments, fixing elections, bombing and invading other countries, robbing them through gimmicks like the IMF, color revolutions, etc. After all this time it’s turned it inward against it’s own population.

  120. Trinity says:


    Was the officer right in using DEADLY FORCE on a slight, unarmed White female? Was the woman posing a physical threat on the officer’s life?

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @JimDandy
  121. “What kind of people can present this as an insurrection that requires Trump’s removal from office and prosecution?”


    “The answer is totally evil people who have not only the United States but the entire Western World in their clutches.”


    Do you want me to help you identify the enemy of the White Christian West?


    P. S. If the White Christians in their 60s and 70s don’t have a pair of balls to name and shame their enemy then what do you expect from the younger generation?

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
  122. Thomasina says:

    Yeah, money printer go brrrrr and inflation go brrrrr and inequality go brrrrr and anger go brrrrr and suicides go brrrrr and murders go brrrrr – until there’s nothing left surrounding the elites but the brrrrr of the wood chippers.

  123. Anon[128] • Disclaimer says:

    My friend,

    Endless interventions and wars for a foreign policy establishment that seeks to culturally and economically colonize every country on earth with hypersexualized-sleazy-identity-hate-culture isn’t what most men sign up for. If we get invaded or there is a real threat of such, they should sign up. Right now however, we are forcing things on nations that pose no danger to us. Its imperialism.

    Men not signing up is the one huge bargaining chip we have.

    Btw……I expect a false flag attack that will be blamed on Iran in year 2 of the Biden/Harris administration.

    Also dont be suprised if they dont set up a couple of shootings to push for gun confiscation.

    Knowing they can rig elections will probably hyper motivate the left to impose its desires on us. Many left voters know that the Dominion set up and mail-in ballots allowed Biden’s win, and they think thats terrific. This really could get awful here for us in the future to the extent that our kids may want to live in another country a decade or two from now.

  124. KenH says:

    It seems to me the intent of the Trump supporters was merely to occupy the Capitol and according to those who were interviewed “make their voices heard”. I think those were the words of Ashli Babbitt about an hour before she was gunned down by a black cop as well as a few other interviews I came across.

    That’s neither intent to commit treason nor sedition. At most they are guilty of trespassing on federal grounds which apparently is now a grievous federal offense if you hold right of center political opinions. The person who killed a Capitol police officer and those who destroyed property have some additional legal problems but that’s still a far cry from sedition.

    But let’s reverse all this and say that Trump was accused of stealing the election from Joe Biden because of the suspicious and massive ballot dumps 95-100% for Trump in all battleground states between 1am and 6:34am after election day along with other irregularities. Then when legal remedies were sought the corrupt state and federal courts refused to hear or allow discovery in the vast majority of them using “laches”, standing and other pretexts.

    Radical left mobs would have stormed the capitol building and it would be encouraged and supported by the media and all Democrats. Chris Cuomo or some other leftist shitlord would be telling us that “this is what happens when Republicans steal an election.” Republicans would be so intimidated that they would probably overturn the election in favor of Joe Biden.

    If a female black Biden protester was shot by a white Capitol cop then it would be “say her name” and the white cop would be immediately fired and probably in FBI custody for a hate crime. Blacks would destroy D.C. again while authorities did little.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  125. Garliv says:
    @phillip sawicki

    They are responsible for most of our social and economic ills today as leaders in business and communications. Read Guyenot’s From Yahweh to Zion to understand the history of the last three thousand years.

    Are Jews really 2% of US population? They seem to be all over for them to be just 2%. But then it could also be a question of “who’s a Jew?”

    Second, when one understand a people’s religion, it becomes easier to at least start understanding their motives for doing what they do or why they are the way they are. White Christians are totally mistaken about Jews and Judaism. Whereas Christians talk of Judeo-Christianity heritage, Jews have no such delusions. The two religions are very different; Not even close. Talmud nullify Old Testament and so much more. I found below article by Ron Unz which is a pretty good start to understanding Jewish mindset.

    • Agree: Katrinka, Nisbe
  126. Syd Walker says: • Website
    @Mark Hunter

    That is an extraordinary added twist to the story I didn’t know about previously, Mark. Thanks for the link. Perhaps my jest about Divine Intervention was closer to the mark than I knew?

  127. @nsa

    Yes, I agree with nsa. Except for his style and rhetoric on trade and immigration, Trump gave us the third Bush/Cheney term. I hate Trump’s budget deficits because of the absurd tax cuts and military spending. I still voted for him because I dislike the tech companies, the foreign policy and intelligence elite, and the mainstream media, all of whom attacked him relentlessly. I also can’t stand Joe Biden for his vote for the Iraq War and destruction of Judge Bork.

  128. Kronos says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    Every Boomer [President] has been a draft dodger.

    Yeah, I feel like a goofball for missing that word insert in my proof-reading.

    And all born in 1946, the first year for Boomers. But as much as I dislike him, I can’t count W as really doing that. He “dodged the draft” like my Silent Generation father by volunteering for another branch of the service which genuinely put both at risk of losing their lives.

    Maybe, but overall the list isn’t pretty. Even the Senator rolls are low for Vietnam Vets and perhaps only slightly better with Governorships. I can’t imagine WWI and WWII draft dodgers making the same political inroads that “The Worst Generation” established. I also think Carter’s 1977 draft dodger amnesty demonstrated to Yuppie Boomers they only really needed to work within their generation to politically maneuver. Their sheer demographic size made that possible (the so-called “United States of Boomer.”)

  129. @anonymous

    Supply side, fiscally reckless, neo conservative Republican party did deserve this. Good riddance to them.

  130. @Yankee Doodle 2021

    Air Force veteran should have been a stay at home housewife in California and stayed out of the military and certainly not gone to DC to protest.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  131. Syd Walker says: • Website

    Hi there General Ripper.

    Having read a few more of your comments, I realise you must be a delightful fellow and I’d hate to think you’re in any way insecure about your virility (personal or national) as a result of my light-hearted quips.

    Any relation to Jack, BTW?

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  132. saggy says:

    It’s slightly amazing to me that PCR thinks Trump is the victim of a color revolution when in fact Trump is leading a color revolution.

    The basis of a color revolution is a claim of a fraudulent election, this was the case in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Belarus. It is Trump who claimed the election was fraudulent, and if you follow StormFront you’ll know that the Trumpers are now claiming that the entire voting process in the US is a fraud and worthless.

    In the US it is Trump and Trumpers like PCR who are now ripping apart the fabric of US society, on the basis of endless allegations of a fraudulent election that evaporate with a moments scrutiny.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  133. TRM says:

    The owners of America have decided. You plebes will do as you are told and the owners will do what they want.

    Trump’s owners, the military industrial complex and the zionist lobby, have thrown him under the bus. Bummer dude but you don’t get to be “the one”. It is so easy to manipulate ego maniacs.

    What deal did they cut with Biden’s owners (media (all 6), med-mafia (pharma on top), tech and CIA+lawfare (DOJ, FBI, IRS))?

    1) Biden will NOT end the sanctions against Iran. He may say “we’ll negotiate” but it will drag on forever.

    2) The MIC gets to keep the “civilian special forces” and most importantly control of the NSA.

    So after doing all the dirty work Trump gets thrown under the bus. LMAO. Will he be a broken man like LBJ or Nixon or will he drift off into irrelevance like most of the rest?

    The central banking cartel gets what it wants (all FED chair positions, Secretary of Treasury) for its people from both parties so they control the money which controls all else. They have supported Bolsheviks, fascists and FDR so they have no political affiliation other than to themselves. They are the true party of power.

    Forced vaccinations, tracking and rigged “science” to justify everything are going to get worse. To all those who think you will get a “Socialist Republic” get a grip. You will get Chinese capitalism. The worst of both worlds. Single party dictatorship and the most exploitative capitalist system ever. It makes the robber barons of the late 1800’s roll over in their graves in awe.”

    “Look for your friends, but do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands”

  134. Since before he took office, Trump, the ultimate outsider, has been disparaged by the “establishment.” The establishment also treated other outsiders poorly, The Freemasons that started this country assassinated Lincoln who was not a Freemason, and they covered up the investigation. John Wilkes Booth was a Freemason. They did the same thing to JFK. Look at Mt. Rushmore. Lincoln is separate from the other three presidents who were Freemasons. Consider the Lincoln Memorial which is designed after the Temple of Zeus. It could also be considered the Temple of Doom. The architecture disparages Lincoln as compared to the Freemason memorials. Its location and dimensions are out of whack with the other memorials from a numerological point of view which they believe in.

    They are continuing to disparage Trump with the orchestrated violence at the Capitol which they are pinning with the lap dog media on all Trump supporters. They are invoking the 25th Amendment and impeachment just to make a point like Pelosi ripping the state of the union message on national TV.

    One final point to consider. Washington DC is the center of the Freemasons’ universe. All of the numerous codes imbedded in the architecture and monuments and zip codes are predicting the end of the age in 2021. They will celebrate this with fireworks that will exceed that of their 911 ritual, i.e. nukes. The occultists believe that the number 5 represents death. Ponder how many number fives there are at the Pentagon and the Washington monument.

  135. Nebgreen says:

    So basically there’s nothing the American people can do now but accept their fate? What the hell do we do now? Will we simply have to go gently into that good night? It seems we have run out of answers and solutions.

    • Replies: @HighSierra
    , @Nebgreen
  136. @Uncle Sam

    Are you freakin’ serious? One way for Trump to get arrested even sooner would be to attempt to declare martial law. No one in authority would dare to carry it out. Instead, he’d be perp walked out of the WH in handcuffs, and would be forced to stand trial for treason.

    The election was rigged, and I dearly wanted Trump to get a second term. But you rabid MAGA fanatics and Q-anon idiots need to Wake Up and smell the coffee.

    Trump stupidly led his MAGA protesters into a trap on Wednesday, in which at least 4 died. The timing of the incursion into the Capitol building was perfect for Pelosi’s democrats, as it occurred just as the formal counting of the electoral votes was getting started. Thus, our opportunity to hear the valid objections of republican Representatives and Senators was thwarted. After Trump’s incredible blunder, why would his millions of MAGA supporters ever listen to him again?

    The best way for Trump to save his skin at this point would be to resign immediately on condition that newly sworn-in President Pence issues a full pardon before Jan. 20th.

    • Replies: @Uncle Sam
    , @Katrinka
  137. @Desert Fox

    They put the dumb academic in the WH, because Taft, the realist, would have never signed the Federal Reserve Act and Income Tax which the criminals needed to finance WW1 and the forever wars thereafter.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  138. transformation of the United States from a democracy accountable to the people to an oligarchy of entrenched vested interests.

    That transformation happened decades ago. The only difference is, in 2020 (both before the elections and in November massive fraud) the beast showed its ugly mug more clearly than before.

  139. GeeBee says:
    @Chris Moore

    The real ‘White Knight’ (or more accurately, ‘Noble Wolf’) already came to save the White man from the forces of darkness. He and his remarkable creation were brutally done away with by this same nation of scoundrels whose beleaguered people today asks in puzzlement why it is that it finds itself in such a position. The reason is clear to see, but so few dare peer beneath the mountain of propaganda to find it. (And I couldn’t help but notice that the naïve General Mike Flynn touched upon this in his recent interview by Alex Jones: Flynn just trotted out the propaganda concerning this subject like a good goy, as if what has happened were not intended from the start. Thus, his pronouncements regarding America’s annihilation of National Socialist Germany were perfectly and diametrically opposite to the truth).

    Remember the date of the White Man’s ‘victory’ on the 8th May 1945. To call that black day a victory is without doubt the cruellest joke of all time.

    You -and we – neither deserve nor will we get a second chance, depend upon it.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @John Regan
    , @HeebHunter
  140. schrub says:

    A lot of talk here but no really effective strategy or tactics. Here is something that might well work.

    Larry Fink, do know him? You should,, you REALLY should.

    Larry Fink heads Blackrock Investments. This firm has a massive \$7.6 trillions of dollars in investments. Fink is also the one person who was most responsible for successfully pushing “wokeness” onto our present day American corporations.

    Fink is the absolute czar of “wokeness”. He is probably the biggest reason for American corporations caving into this new trend.

    He did this by first threatening to remove these corporations’ heads using his massive influence, (based his firm’s stock ownership in these firms) on the companies’ boards of directors. If this threat failed to work he then threatened to dump Blackrock’s massive holding of these companies’ stocks, thereby potentially crashing their stock prices.

    Fink’s tactics proved to be VERY effective. Virtually every US corporation folded under such an onslaught. Then, these craven cowards were pressured to prove their newborn fealty to”wokeness” by, among other things, financially supporting “woke” groups like Black Lives Matter and The Antidefamation League and contributing additional funds to Democrat politicians while also lightening up in their support to “unwoke” Republican candidates.

    Blackrock has mutual funds and ETFs (exchange trade funds) that many UNZ readers might own. “Ishares” are probably the best known ones. No patriot should hold any security controlled by Blackrock. Boycott Blackrock. Fight back by hitting them in the pocketbook.

    Here is a list of Blackrock investment funds. Go through it carefully. Do you own any of these? If so, dump them and tell your friends to do likewise.!type=all&style=All&fsac=43535%7C43580%7C43581%7C43584%7C43585%7C43615&view=perfNav

  141. bayviking says:

    I first became aware of Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) during the depression of 2008 when events led to my armchair education in economics. PCR contributed to my education along with Michael Hudson, Steven Keen, Jospeph Stiglitz and others. I learned that economics is an inexact science full of falsehoods that serve the ruling class in their war against the working class. A primary falsehood promoted by the Nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman is that unregulated free markets produce the greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people. Friedman’s Chicago School of economics, which dominates US policy under the guise of freedom and democracy, has actually spread poverty, death and destruction for hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. Friedman’s logic seemingly justifies exploitation of the working class by the ruling class in the great class war defined by Marx. Most Americans have benefited from these policies in so far as they were imposed on third world countries even though they are currently suffering as they have been incrementally imposed on our domestic population, leading to a growing popularity for political outliers like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
    Unlike most democracies, the USA is dominated by just two parties that use propaganda to fight for control of the power that Government provides. Republicans stand firmly by Milton Friedman, openly and honestly promoting the best interests of the ruling class and against FDR’s New Deal that had transformed the quality of life for hundreds of millions of workers. Republicans are a minority but well organized, well funded and speak with a disciplined message. The Democrat Party leadership has the same agenda because both parties operate in a completely privatized communication system which demands enormous sums of cash to participate. Like everything else in America the two parties can be characterized as businesses that use BS to collect money to give to the mass media, in their endless struggle for political power. Although there are many regional variations across time and geographic regions, Democrats tend to hold a 5% advantage over Republicans, but both parties are rightly held in distain by the 40% of voters who consider themselves to be “independent”. Independent or not most elections force American voters back into a choice between Democrat or Republican.
    Trump is not a leader, populist or intellectual thinker. His only concern is himself and his immediate family. He spends his time tweeting, golfing while eating and promoting junk food. He seeks immediate profits for himself and his donors in a political system which pays out 10:1 on investments in successful political candidates, where pay back is realized in tax benefits. Trump is a successful self promoter who has a few good ideas and the most substantial following of any Republican politician. But his behavior is too erratic to ever bring his good ideas to fruition, or you could simply say ge is too lazy to bother.


    Trump used populist issues, Republican gerrymandering, Republican voter caging and purging to overcome popular vote losses in 2016 but not 2020. Since 2000 American democratic voting systems have rightly suffered a credibility gap, which Greg Pallast has documented but is largely ignored by the mass media and Government which prefers to imagine us as the greatest democracy ever. Trump has been able to use these problems to sow doubts about the credibility of the 2020 outcome, even though our voting systems have been much improved on since 2000.
    A Princeton Study documented that the USA operates more like an Oligarchy than a Democracy by studying who benefited from 2000 pieces of legislation. The exclusive beneficiaries of all that legislation by Democrats and Republicans are the wealthiest Americans that fund the majority of duopoly activity. This fact helps to explain how wealth is being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands..
    You have to look back as far as Eisenhower and Kennedy to find Presidents dedicated to promoting the general welfare, one of our constitutional mandates. Since that period, election results have trapped the US population in a neoliberal economic system where the vast majority of elected officials are mere figureheads. Biden and Harriss’s record is no exception to that rule. The “establishment” can be characterized as the military industrial complex, ruling class, .001% or in a variety of other ways. I am not sure how PCR defines that term, but they write and enforce the laws we all live by:
    The use of money, the mass media and propaganda to vilify individuals and wage class war is a great American past time. That is how Johnson attacked Goldwater and Bush 41 attacked Dukakis. It is hardly unique to Trump’s situation and if anything Trump is a master media manipulator and name caller.
    The history of man is the history of man’s enslavement of other men usually under some form of capitalism. When white people gained certain technological advantages over other people, they used that technology ruthlessly to gain wealth. This is not unique to white western culture, but it is an undeniable aprt of human history. Abraham Lincoln said that capital cannot be accumulated without the contribution of labor, and therefore labor deserves the first consideration. But we live in a world controlled by capitalists and the only thing worse than being exploited by capitalists is not being exploited by them
    Since the New Deal, the US has been on a path determined by the Friedman school of economics. This has included the shuttering of mental health hospitals. As a result there are many white psychotic males running around in a country with more individual guns than the Chinese Army possesses. There is a real need to control access to these weapons, regardless of the meaning of the original intent of the second amendment. One legitimate interpretation of the term “militia” was white armed conscripts used to persistently intimidate and lynch black slaves which far outnumber wealthy plantation owners. That said hunting is a legitimate use of firearms even if slavery and war are impossible to justify.
    Like Reagan, Trump has fomented racial and gender conflict as a successful political strategy in a country which still is largely white, even though that proportion is unsustainable. Whether the Covid-19 epidemic serves a similar political function can be debated. However, as long as the US and other major powers operate bio-weapons and nuclear weapons labs life on earth faces unnecessary risks. This website has documented that the 1918 “Spanish Flu” epidemic was most likely started in Kansas from a Rockefeller funded biological research lab. The post 9-11 anthrax attack through the SU mail was almost certainly a deliberate attack by a misguided rogue scientist in one of our labs. Bio-weapons and Nuclear labs should be shut down through international agreements, the initiation of which began during the Kennedy Presidency. But, unfortunately, the reverse is happening. Trump has even suggested we should be more willing to use nuclear weapons to get our way, as long as we are building them.
    Overpopulation of the world is a serious problem. Global warming and US war mongering has created tens of millions of refugees which must immigrate or die. Increases in population densities everywhere decreases the quality of our lives and needs to be controlled. But to do so effectively we must attempt to address the underlying causes of mass immigration. Most people would prefer to live in te culture they were raised in as long as they can make a decent living.
    Under J Edgar Hoover, blacks, liberals, socialists and communists were enemy number one. Our country has a long history of using the police to contain unrest in the working class. While Hoover was the most extreme, you are still far more likely to suffer death or other injury promulgated by the State if you are poor and considered to be part of any of the groups Hoover vilified. Occupy Wall Street and Black lives Matter protestors were treated much more brutally than any right wing extremists in support of Trump. Compare the caution exercised by police during the Ted Bundy grazing conflict standoff and its aftermath with the Black Panthers and PCR’s assertions do not hold up.

    • Replies: @Chu
  142. Hillaire says:

    Another anti german jew…

    how surprising.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
    , @Druid
  143. @Syd Walker

    I’d hate to think you’re in any way insecure about your virility (personal or national) as a result of my light-hearted quips.

    Rest assured, I’m perfectly secure about my personal and national “virility”, which is why I don’t feel the need to talk shit about Europeans or any other nationality, until they start talking shit about Americans.

    And to answer your question, Jack was a great great uncle on my father’s side. Although somewhat misunderstood, he was by most accounts an exemplary human being as well as a pillar of the community.

  144. Trinity says:

    YOU have the power. What would happen if all these people went on strike? Money talks and bullshit walks.


    Farmers = OVERWHELMINGLY White

    Truckers = MAJORITY White

    Railroad = MAJORITY White

    Shipping = Lots of Olive Garden diners there too. I mean anyone can drive a forklift, right? A monkey could do that job. I am sure some “elite” soft turd in Washington could handle a 12 hour shift in a warehouse that is about 100 degrees inside.

    They NEED YOU a helluva lot more than you NEED THEM.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  145. Chu says:
    @Chris Moore

    And how can you say you’re ‘draining the swamp’ when you just pardoned Jared Kushner’s father.

    That move was a slimy as Bill Clinton pardoning Marc Rich.

  146. @Trinity

    It is standard practice of ruling class to send agents provocateurs to any demonstration.
    There is no surprise there.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  147. utu says:
    @Jim Christian

    “The man was there at the beginning of the end, back in Reagan’s admin” – If I remember correctly Paul Craig Roberts quit Reagan’s Treasury Dept in 1982 because the taxes of the rich were not cut enough.

  148. @Nebgreen

    So basically there’s nothing the American people can do now but accept their fate? What the hell do we do now? Will we simply have to go gently into that good night? It seems we have run out of answers and solutions.

    Ask any black person who grew up in the Jim Crow south how much the US Constitution protected their rights.

    Like them, we are strangers in our own land: Speak out and you’ll lose your job, or be cancelled by social media, or be expelled from a university, or blacklisted by employers, or charged with some ginned up legal violation, etc.

  149. @Charles Carroll

    Agree, here is what Nathan Rothschild infamously said, I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the empire, for the man who controls the money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.It is the same here in America.

    The zionists who own the FED control America and until the FED is abolished nothing will change, wars and debt all coming from the zionist owned FED.

    Recommend the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, it can be had on amazon, and also recommend reading The Protocols of Zion.

  150. Thomasina says:

    And for refusing to go along with the globalists.

  151. @Carlos22

    Trump said there would be a smooth transition to the next administration.

  152. anon[127] • Disclaimer says:

    rashida tlaib isnt a muslim, she’s a zionist puppet and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is on of ((them))

  153. @Wally

    Go to Wikipedia under Jewish diaspora and see how often Jews have been expelled from countries around the world for the last three centuries. The Jewish desire to rule the world is made quite explicit in the Old Testament. Then a Jew named Jesus of Nazareth came along and upset the rabbi’s apple cart. Jewish antipathy to Christianity has never abated, and numerous examples of it can be found See From Yahweh to Zion, Laurent Guyenot’s book on the subject. Extensively footnoted and told in objective fashion.

    • Replies: @Miville
    , @Wally
  154. @KenH

    Who is the man in the black suit?

    ~ 16 – 23 seconds in embedded video)

    He was bending over Ashli Babbit even before blood appeared on her face.
    Audio is indistinct, but it sounds like he looked up from a crouched position and said, “Did you do this?” or “Why did you do this?”

    What was a man in a neat white shirt, grey necktie and black suit doing just inches away from someone who was unlawfully trespassing in a federal building?

  155. Reflections on January Sixth’s triumph in The War of the Spirit:

    Someone Crossed the Rubicon, but it wasn’t Trump, it was us.

    We struck a mighty blow against the Enemy which has reverberated around the globe and will be remembered into the indefinite and infinite future. All we have to do now is walk the path to victory with discipline and we win.

    What is the path?

    1) Destroy the GOP by primarying all of them who aren’t fighters starting Spring 2022, and if we lose torpedo the cuck in the general – not by “staying home” but by voting for a third party that is moving towards Partition. The GOP, which cannot win anyway, will have even their HOPE of going back to politics as usual also taken from them, and then our folks will know there is nothing left to do but fight, then we win.

    2) Digital separation as a prelude to political separation – get off all Enemy platforms and build our own. This shouldn’t really take all that long. and Parler proved this. Never let the Enemy control your means of communication.

    3) Pursue the legal path to Partition

    A) Supreme Court case overturning Texas v White

    B) Constitutional Amendment allowing secession: 75% in favor in one election, or 2/3rds in favor over 2 elections, or a majority in favor over 3 elections, at the state level, conducted by petition or legislature every 2 years alongside Congressional Elections each November.

    C) A Convention of States where we use the convention to split up the country rationally.

    D) A Senate treaty where the US cedes territory to an organization representing our new nation, and which has the terms of Partition enclosed.

    E) An appeal to the UN Treaty and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the US is signatory to and which the US is actively using to split up other countries around the world.

    4) The Enemy will never agree to our freedom, but the peaceful and legal campaign outlined above will strengthen the new state and lead the way to a General Strike (backed by credible force) which will force them to give up.

    5) With our allies from all other races and nations, ban AI, robotics and transhumanism then continue the Indo-European Expansion into space.

    That is what January 6th showed. They saw a premonition of the future. They saw a prelude to our victory. That is why they are howling and calling for blood and we are elated!

    I promised a short, salutary fight, now a longer one awaits: 4 to 16 years – as God wills.

    • Agree: R2b
    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
    , @nickels
  156. @Thomasina

    As Oliver Stone’s movie JFK point out, numerous safeguards to protect President Kennedy were omitted due to upper command interference. Same thing appears to have happened on Jan. 6.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  157. Was Trump for real, or was he an actor following a predetermined script? There were many occasions where he could have used the presidential powers to disarm the corporate state, the deep state and even the ruling banksters. Yet he did not act. Perhaps the most telling of all his “failures” was the fact that he called a rally in the Di\$trict of Corruption without setting up an organization (or even having one) that would have been specifically instructed to make certain there would be no “riotous” disruptions in the process.

    Monitors, equipped with distinguishing “uniforms”, bullhorns and an array of communications devices, along with a set of security personnel, should have been front and center at the capitol to make sure that agents provocateurs, contract hired by the intel agencies of the Deep \$tate, would not be able to fool a number of genuine Trump supporters into entering the building at the behest of these highly organized and ultimately protected Cointelpro types.

    It was a setup, folks. That should be obvious to any informed observer. Did Trump play a role, whether passive or active, in creating the media spectacle which is now being used to once again convince the terminally deluded boobtoob noose addicts that the Kamala’s Foote and Biden nominees were the “good guys” who actually won the election fair and square and that the bedizened patriots who showed up in DC in huge numbers were actually the foes of “democracy”?

    To succeed Trump would need to have called the Insurrection Act shortly after it became highly evident that the election was stolen, precisely in those swing states. He could have specifically targeted those Democrat governors, secretaries of state and other poobahs as prime suspects in befouled electoral hi-jinks. Then he could have totally shut down the Dominion machine process and called new elections in those states with paper ballots and monitors from both parties as well as from non-partisan backgrounds to keep eagle eyes on the entire process. He would have needed support from the military and that might have necessitated the cashiering of a considerable number of rankers who are nothing more than toadies for the Bankster controlled WarDefense industry.

    But Trump failed in his duty to those who supported his candidacy and even more importantly to his Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution (most specifically the Bill of Rights) against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

  158. @Anon

    During senate seat election (now) in Georgia CNN was following the count.
    At one moment when Republicans were winning Wolf Blitzer impatiently was asking:
    WHEN THE BUCKET IS COMING IN? (I do think that Blitzer is senile.)
    If somebody was typing CNN and has the tape he can find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Panadechi says:

    The anti-white globalist Marxist Jews are ready to execute the white dissidents.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  160. bayviking says:

    This is a refreshing post, because unlike PCR’s website and other posts here, there is an opportunity for rebuttal which is much appreciated.

  161. @Kronos

    Most of the men i know as neighbors are boomers. Some are older. Nearly all served IN VIET NAM.
    At least half were fucking grunts. You never see them without their caps on signifying their respective units.
    My best friend here was IN VIET FUCKING NAM in 63. He was born in 44 so not quiet a boomer.
    He was a cartographer. He mapped the ia drang valley. He enjoyed his time their.
    Says he’d love Togo back and…help.

    • Replies: @Kronos
  162. DC riots? So where was the looting and arson and violence??

    Millions of people show up to protest an obviously stolen election and all they did was go into the Capitol Building which is supposed to be the PEOPLE’S HOUSE. This was a peaceful rally start to finish and nothing like the mayhem and riots of Burn Loot & Murder last summer. The Fake News Press lied to us about jan 6 2021.

  163. @SolontoCroesus

    I ain’t taking no knee for the Palestinian man woman or child.
    Let them deal with their own probs.
    Hezbollah i would align with.

  164. Thomasina says:

    I agree, except they do hold something over most people – DEBT. Americans have bought into debt. Never be indebted to these people. That is how they keep your mouth shut.

    Stop using your credit cards. Stop buying at the big corporations, if you can (I know it’s hard because at the moment it’s almost all that’s left). Don’t go into further debt. If you do, you just tighten the noose around your own neck.

    BUT if everyone did it at the same time, yes, it certainly could work. It would bring the country to its knees.

    • Replies: @Tony Massey
  165. Zumbuddi says:

    Good plan.

    But suggest not waiting until 2022 for Primarying GOP.
    Call, write them NOW, today.
    Tell them you are watching.

    State succinctly that both Schumer & Pelosi, as well as Biden, have pledged fealty to zionism.

    Mention that Israel gets \$23 billion tax dollars yearly, over \$3 000 for every Jew in Israel, while Congress argues over \$600 for Americans.

    Tell him/her Zionism is anti-American.
    That Pelosi & Schumer are the persons who should be impeached for holding the interests of a foreign entity & ideology above their own.

  166. Thomasina says:
    @Majority of One

    “There were many occasions where he could have used the presidential powers to disarm the corporate state, the deep state and even the ruling banksters. Yet he did not act.”

    Trump is not a seasoned politician. As Paul Craig Roberts initially said when Trump became president, “He won’t know who to surround himself with.” And he didn’t.

    It’s easy for us to sit here and talk about the Insurrection Act and how he should have used this or that presidential power, but unfortunately he didn’t know enough about what he COULD do. I’m sure he had lousy counsel. He was surrounded by people like Mitch McConnell and Newt Gingrich who would have strung Trump along, saying, “No, you can’t do that, we are a democracy,” etc. Blah, blah, blah.

    Hard to govern when you’re surrounded with knives. The White House should be called “The House of Knives”.

    But Trump did do something very important. He awakened the country to what’s really going on. I don’t see that as failure. The elite don’t either; that’s why they’re fighting him so hard.

    • Agree: phillip sawicki
  167. @Miro23

    At the outset he had a good selection of very loyal people to choose from – but he dumped them all in favour of Establishment people who have predictably backstabbed him – even his own Vice President.

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
    What people do not understand, is that he was screwed before he got the nomination. Republican Inc. would have fixed the convention to deprive him of the nomination, had he not agreed to take Pence and Priebus. Priebus had met with a group of never Trumpers when it became clear there was no way Trum was going to lose.
    He never had a chance.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  168. Chu says:

    Well said regarding Milton Friedman-

  169. @Anon

    “The Shootings” is high on the agenda. You will NOT find honest answers to my upcoming statement on Wikipedia…but go there if you will for a perfect exemplar of mind-control by alleged “authority” figures (mostly bought and paid for academics).

    Where I’m going with this is that for close to 50 years now, ever since GHW Bu\$h and the CIA took down JFK, for starters; the GUN CONTROL AGENDA has been at the top of the list. The elite fears an armed citizenry and will do anything in their power that their crafty little minds can think up to totally demolish our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.

    So here you go. On October 27 of last year republished an article which first appeared in 2004 by Major Babajek: “Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain. Download that information and print it out before it gets “disappeared”.

    Central premise is that PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONRY has been and is being used to CREATE “crazed gun-nut shooters.” Yes, Virginia, they possess such technology and they have already used it in a number of events which made major headlines in the years proceeding the just passed election years. Example, that guy in Pennsylvania who shot up those folks in a synagogue. He did not go after the biggies, which any logical (in some respects) “hater” would have done. Instead, he targeted a group of mostly elderly and generally quite innocent REFORM Jews…highly sympathetic victims, closely calculated to create waves of emotional hysteria, particularly among Jewish women, elders and youth AND to encourage immigration to the Zioni\$t \$tate (witness Bibi Netanyahu’s quick pilgrimage to the scene of the crime. )

    The whole thing was a set-up created by employment over months, perhaps, of psychotronic weaponry upon the designated “crazed gun-nut anti-Semite”. Then in 2019, there was the instance of the young guy (a left-liberal, it turns out) who shot up people in a restaurant (including his own sister if memory is correct). Does this make any sense–even on the part of a demented mind? Then there was the mass shooting at the country music fest in Nevada. Lone gunman? Doesn’t appear to be that way once all the reports came in. Many suspicious elements to that sorry tale.

    What we can expect is for the CIA (very most probably) to target a few of Trump’s MAGA deplorables (fairly high profile ones if possible) with more psychotronic fun n’ games. These incidents will be calculated to escalate (perhaps even in the next few months) and thus provide the basis for a whole lot of credentialized “analysts” over boobtoob interview shows (Public Teevee is notorious for that, as are two or three of the major elite-owned broadcasters)—in which these prognosticators will wax prolific of the need for SERIOUS gun-control legislation to be passed by a Democrat controlled House and \$enate and to be quickly signed into law by President Kamala’s Foote.

    Watch and see. Prime agenda at work n’ play. The mass media of mind-control will go into overdrive after terrible incidents propounded by psychotronically influenced “crazed shooters”. All the usual suspects will form the amen chorus. Result: At the very least all privately owned firearms will be registered. Expect more though.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  170. @Syd Walker

    These folk slimed their way into positions of great influence and seemingly achieved their vile goals.

    I do not think slimed is the appropriate word to describe opportunistic pathogens.

    • LOL: Syd Walker
  171. @SolontoCroesus

    Meet Norm Eisen [unmasked]

    Legal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump

    ” . . .a shadowy, George Soros linked group called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), which convened “war games” exercises suggesting the likelihood of a “contested election scenario,” and of ensuing chaos should President Trump refuse to leave office. . . .

    “. . .one quiet and indeed mostly overlooked participant in the Transition Integrity Project’s biased election “war games” exercise—[is] a man by the name of Norm Eisen. . . .

    “. . .a key architect of nearly every attempt to delegitimize, impeach, censor, sue and remove the democratically elected 45th President of the United States – is a tale that winds through nearly every facet of the color revolution playbook. There is no purer embodiment of Revolver’s thesis that the very same regime change professionals who run Color Revolutions on behalf of the US Government in order to undermine or overthrow alleged “authoritarian” governments overseas, are running the very same playbook to overturn Trump’s 2016 victory and to pre-empt a repeat in 2020. ”

    • Thanks: Miro23
  172. @Trinity

    Perhaps the elite will all be slopping hogs and shoveling shit. Maybe. The ones left to live to see the future.
    I would’ve definitely done her.
    She had more balls than most of us.
    Her death should not go unavenged.
    We should never forget her and honor her for the true patriot she was.

  173. @Catdog

    They can print money, but they can’t print bread.

  174. Robjil says:

    Why wasn’t Vicky Nuland handing out cookies at this event? She was just hired again by Biden. Why only foreign nations get cookies?

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @Garliv
  175. @Thomasina

    Ha! I’ve been signing up for every credit card i can get. I’m upto 30k now. Just got another one in the last week.
    I get offers all the time. Sometimes, i get denied. From the same cc company that i already hold one on.
    When i see the end skydiving to me you can bet the cc companies will be paying for the end that comes my way. I’ve not paid any interest on a cc since my late 20s. Keep them in reserve.
    When you go rogue let them finance it dude.
    You think they’ll get their money back?
    No, everyone should be taking out all the cc they can get and, if they can time it just right, well, those cc companies just might finance the destruction of their owners.
    Get smart.
    Fuck the system dude. What’s it gonna do for you or the people you care about?

    • LOL: Thomasina
  176. Watching the usual cast and crew regurgitate their vail hated for us Deplorables is a great feeling knowing they’ll be looking over their shoulders in great fear from now on.

  177. Nisbe says:

    Jewish and Muslim collective power and their advocates have no place in the West.

    • Replies: @Druid
  178. Uncle Sam says:

    So you are saying that Generals McInerney, Flynn, Vallely among others are crazy or stupid. The rank and file military would support Trump. They would not shoot at their fellow Americans. They would turn their guns on the higher ups before they would fire at fellow Americans There would be mass disobedience and outright revolt.

    Please explain, if you care to, how the generals would control soldiers in the thousands or millions who refuse to obey their orders.

    Trump would have plenty of firepower behind him. And don’t discount the private militias of whom there are millions. Moreover, by invoking the Insurrection Act he would be doing nothing illegal.

  179. @Majority of One

    Twice, my posting on gun-control “mysteriously” “lost” the source for the article on Psychotronic Weaponry. The site is –” —. This is information which certain people are watching like mama Hawks. If at all possible they will remove this information. I’m talking about the usual suspects, who definitely have hacking capacity to delete anything which disturbs their scheming little minds on behalf of their taxpayer-supported employers.

    Please download and print out this piece on Psychotronic Warfare used against the American people. You need to know what they are doing to us.

  180. Nisbe says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Nope, he’ll either be on the WH or he is going to be in exile either for being a traitor or being stalked by the deep state.

    One thing I know is, if he is not on the WH on the 21st, you’ll have an escalation of tyranny and violence against regular Americans, specially against Trump supporters, and then fully kinetic 4th gen warfare and civil war will break out.

    It will be a total war until either the deep state and its assets are dead, or until the general public is dead or fully subjugated.

    Welcome to the 2nd Founding of the USA.

  181. Miville says:

    He did his best for it to happen, though. He really tried hard kicking off a world war, that was the first real failed attempt of his political career that was to gather into the failed last year of his mandate, more by the law of cumulative karma that by direct Jewish intervention (anyway Jewish power abuse mostly consists in keeping aloof when goys commit blunders and merely observe them tripping onto ever more banana skins). Nevertheless, Israeli Jews still would have voted for him at 75% and whenever things get really bad for him in the US I wouldn’t be surprised he made his aliya to Israel declaring he has always been a Jew after all. The way Trump complains about the electoral fraud, which I think was not so big (even in 2016 Trump won by a minority of votes and all analysts for about two years had predicted that such a difference would double at least as 2016 was mostly the result of Hillary’s overtly detestable attitude and of the democratic camp’s cynicism and that this time those who had voted for Trump mostly out of frustration to send a loud cry would not repeat it) reminds me more of typically Jewish whining than of rightful Aryan anger.

  182. Kronos says:
    @Tony Massey

    My neighbors are quite different.

    They’re the kind of people you don’t ask about what they did in the Vietnam era. (Because they’ll endlessly hint (lie) about being part of the Weather Underground or some group that the FBI wanted to infiltrate. (Is the PATRIOT ACT retroactive? If you gave \$200 to a San Fransisco Vietcong fundraiser in 1969 can I still get arrested? Asking for a friend.)

    *Also, I made a major blooper on my last post and forgot to write Boomer US PRESIDENTS. That’s my fault.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  183. Patricus says:
    @Chris Moore

    “Not even the deplorables will have anything to do with Trump”. I was at the Capitol and can honestly tell you the support for Trump is stronger than ever. It had to be the largest crowd ever in DC. What I saw was entirely peaceful. No looting, burning or broken windows. There were no angry words. There was no trash on the streets. The visitors were from all over the country. About 90 or 95% were couples, middle aged and older. To my surprise there were many Asian Trump supporters. I decided to leave before rush hour. As I walked away hundreds of thousands continued to surge toward the Capitol. One man told me the Capitol building had been breached. I thought I heard two gunshots. Soon about 40 police cars and an ambulance raced to the Capitol building.

    People told me every US airport was full of Trump supporters. Of the dozen or so I talked with more than half were Midwesterners who drove to Washington. These were calm and polite people but all were convinced the election was stolen. It is unfortunate the election was never really investigated. Now half the country believes the government is fraudulent.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Tony Massey
  184. @Robjil

    Russian ambassador handing out Borscht and Buckwheat groat kasha to Trump Protestors who are still at the Capitol.

  185. 1. Jews produce far more lawyers than any other group but are most invested in unlawfulness. But then, if, as judges and lawyers, they rewrite the law, what was criminal no longer is. And if that doesn’t work, they can use their money power to bribe politicians to pardon Jewish crooks or just overlook their dirty schemes. Look at the list of people pardoned by Clinton, Obama, Bush, and Trump. The field of law, especially under Jewish Power, is not to serve the law but to mold the law to serve the supremacism of the Tribe.

    2. BLM and Antifa riot and loot and burn down entire cities. They even attacked the White House and set DC on fire. And yet, they are showered with billions by corporations. The Power made sure that Antifa thugs were released back into the streets, and BLM liars(of ‘systemic racism’) were elevated to the ranks of Great Thinkers and Sages.
    In contrast, corporations say they will shut off funds to GOP for having some politicians who question the election fraud. And Simon & Schuster won’t publish Josh Hawley’s book because he won’t get on with the Narrative. How retarded that so many conzos still bleat about ‘socialists’ and ‘communists’ when super-capitalists treat them this way?

    3. The uprising at the Capitol Building was the mutiny by nationalists against imperialism. Congress doesn’t represent the American People but serve the globo-homo empire headed by Jews. Of course, so many Americans are brainwashed and see the Democrats as the ‘good guys’, just like so many conzos still think the GOP has their back. In fact, both parties are less representative than repressive of their voter base. Democrats serve the Jewish cabal, and GOP does the same. Most of the mutiniers at the Capitol didn’t know it consciously, but subconsciously it was a nationalist attack on imperialism, which is what the US government has become. It was less Americans attacking the US government than patriots attacking the capital of Israel on American Soil.

    4. What’s wrong with ‘insurrection’ against the government of infiltration and usurpation? The US government has been thoroughly infiltrated and usurped by forces of Jewish Supremacism. When US politicians are a bunch of treasonous servants of globo-homo imperialism, why should Americans show them any respect or give them any loyalty? Traitors demanding loyalty is a real laugh.

    5. There is power in unity. When BLM and Antifa mobs were burning down DC and smashing cities all over the US and attacking police and tearing down monuments, ALL Democrats were united, from NY elites to DC power-brokers to big city mayors. Even as their cities were ransacked by Antifa and BLM thugs, blue city mayors stuck with the Narrative of ‘peaceful protesters against systemic racism’. And the media stuck with this too. As crazy as it was, there was power in their unity.
    But when relatively minor chaos ensued in Washington, the only kind of unity among Republican and official ‘conservative’ voices was of condemnation. They didn’t unite with the angry American patriots or with Trump but with the enemies of the white race.
    What does that tell you? When the Dem side does violence, there is unity from top to bottom. When there is far milder violence by American Patriots, the GOP elites and ‘respectable’ conservatives condemn the violence as un-American. And even Trump gets cold feet and tells his people to ‘go home’.

    6. The patriots should stop looking to DC for leadership and representation. No sense wasting time and energy on attacking the empire of the enemy. They should build a new capitol , a separate capitol, to initiate the creation of bi-nationalism as the new mode of American politics. Let Libbies have their own government and president(to serve the empire), and let patriots have their own capitol and president. You don’t need geographical secession for this. It just takes a bit of imagination and chutzpah, which goyim need in these times.

    7. You are either a meta-Israeli or a meta-Syrian. Jews of course and blacks and homos are meta-Israelis. They are above the law. They can do all kind of violence. Even when THEY do the violence, it is their victims who are condemned. It’s like Israel routinely shoots missiles into Syria and drops bombs. It supports ISIS and Alqaeda in Syria. But no one in the US government calls foul. In contrast, Syrians are fighting for their lives against terror and foreign invasion, but they are the bad guys, and ‘Assad must go’.

    Same logic operates in the US. Jews can use Hollywood to make all those hateful anti-Muslim movies. Jews can make all those anti-white movies, some calling for mass murder of whites as ‘nazis’. Jews can promote hateful rap calling for murder of cops. Jews can fund ADL and SPLC and other hateful groups. Jews can spread lies and bring US and Russia to the brink of war. Jews can pull off violent coups in Ukraine. Jews can use blacks to burn down cities as a warning that things will get worse if Trump is prez for four more years. But Jews are never called out on it.

    But if whites had just about enough of the lies and fraud and commit 1/1000th of the violence, they are treated like Assad and Syrians. They are the worst and must be destroyed. And Trump, as the American Assad, must go. But what did Trump do for 4 yrs? He gave Jewish Power a kiss in the ass, threatened Iran, and murdered Soleimani. Trumpism proved that no matter how much you shout and scream and gather in large numbers at rallies and protests, NOTHING is possible unless you name the Jew.

    In FULL METAL JACKET, all the firepower did absolutely no good until one guy finally identified the source of sniper gunfire. If anything all that extra firepower just created the illusion that there were snipers everywhere and led to massive distractions. So, more valuable than all the noise at Trump rallies is the calm and collected statement of truth that “Jews did this.”

    There are those who know but fear speaking truth about Jewish Power because of the charge of ‘antisemitism’, and those who do speak about Jews also give the Nazi salute(which is why Alt Right disgraced itself and imploded). But, there is rational step toward necessary criticism of Jewish Power. Just state the plain facts of Jewish Power. Before we say it’s good or bad, just state it as fact. With the fact out there, people will begin to discuss the problems of power as crucially related to Jewish Power. And that can start to change things from both the ‘left’ and ‘right’.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  186. nickels says:

    Good stuff, but your solution is POLITICAL.

    The POLITICS is dead in America.

    voting is no more. courts are no more.

    there is only revolution

  187. Katrinka says:

    The formal counting of the electoral votes was a farce. Pence violated the Constitution by not starting the process right back up where it left off. But no, everybody just threw up their hands and made out like those rules didn’t need to be followed. The angst and the trauma was just too much for them to take. My question is at this point…why bother to follow ANY rules!?! Our government went to hell in a handbasket because the patriots were distracted by the election process instead of making absolutely sure that our representatives follow the Constitution they all swore to uphold.

    • Agree: El Dato, Getaclue
    • Replies: @El Dato
  188. Uncle Sam says:

    Except for the Coast Guard, which is a purely defensive military, any White American who would want to join the other military branches has to be incurably stupid.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  189. nickels says:

    Curious they didn’t carry matches to the Jan. 6 bonfire.

    Fatal miscalculation.

    Going to prison with out leaving the places in ashes is a bitter end.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  190. Patricus says:

    She didn’t deserve to be executed.

    • Agree: Druid
  191. Bert says:

    Was the shooter actually a police officer? Was he a police administrator? Was he a Congressional staffer? He was wearing a white shirt. Were there cufflinks on the sleeve?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  192. Crassus, an extremely rich Roman, stole people’s properties + their lives. Crassus told property owners to pay fire insurance or else. People refusing, found their properties aflame. Crassus’s fire brigade would arrive and people who could not pay his fee to put out the fire forfeited their property to Cassius. He was honored via Rome to have an army to go to war. AND Crassus took his army to Syria. His head w/ molten gold in his mouth was sent back to Rome on a platter, from Syria. Pollard returning to Israel via Trump’s pardon & full support, was and is just one of many tell tale signs of vassal US to Israel. “Dry up & blow away, Heinz Kissinger” has achieved the goal of (Rome’s Republic) USA burning. Sad, tragic, time to mourn & do what the Taoists did in China’s period of great darkness.

    • Replies: @Druid
  193. El Dato says:

    What was a man in a neat white shirt, grey necktie and black suit doing just inches away from someone who was unlawfully trespassing in a federal building?

    What’s the problem with that?

    In effect, that “unlawful trespessing” is just like a guided tour with more commotion.

    He was probably an inhabitant of the Glorified Discussion Bunker’s minor siderooms.

    All this press about ejecting congressmen via life-saving pods into undisclosed locations for their own safety … C3P0 and R2D2 come to mind. “There goes another one!” “Hold your fire … there’s no lifeforms aboard!”

  194. @Nisbe

    What kind of dolt would be waiting to see if Drumpf is a “true leader”? He’s an obtuse, spoiled, degenerate real estate hustler who ran for office to satisfy his colossal and flimsy ego, and was promoted to a previously unimaginable degree by the Democrats and the intelligence agency-dominated mass media.
    There is no reason to believe that this election was any more “stolen” than any other conducted in the US in the last seventy-five years.
    I find it sadly amusing when people who believed in the rectitude of the disgusting plutocratic system as long as they made out okay rail about the elite now that they’ve been given the bum’s rush as a function of the global speculative rentier economy.
    Your closing emission encapsulates the deluded mentality of Drumpfers.
    I’ll grant that Trump Derangement Syndrom is real, but that was the whole point of Drumpf. He’s such an odious cretin that sentiment replaced all reason in a US electorate that exists on a political spectrum running from the right to the far-right, with ginned-up “moral” issues creating the divide, rather than quarelling over the dominance of economic equality or economic freedom in society.
    The oligarchical reign continues, unabated.

    • Agree: bayviking, Syd Walker
  195. R2b says:

    Forget about Trump.
    Start a new platform.
    No other way.
    Trump is nothing but Hollywood canvas!

    • Agree: Trinity, frontier
  196. Trinity says:

    I feel sad for some of the LEGIT protesters who may have allowed their emotions get the best of them. They let the Orange Man order them forward while Donny Jr. and company flew the coop. So damn sad for a 14 veteran who served her country or AT LEAST THOUGHT SHE WAS SERVING HER COUNTRY, gunned down by what is alleged to have been a Black officer. I WONDER IF the guy with his boots on Pelosi’s desk was an actor? Oh, my, my, I was laughing my ass off at that one. That there is funny, I don’t care who you is. Hell, that one should even crack up Pelosi’s cracked face. Some of these guys were so RIDICULOUSLY OVER THE TOP, the dude with the pelt and horns, the obvious Confederate flag waving troll, etc. I did catch an Israeli flag or two out there btw. Is any one out there investigating for Jewish Supremacist hate groups or Neo Bolsheviks?

    KEEP THE FAITH BROTHERS AND STAY POSITIVE. I think this thing isn’t that complicated, even dum-dums like yours truly and even dumber people KNOW WHAT THE SCORE IS, believe this.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  197. Miville says:
    @phillip sawicki

    That narrative is mistaken : Jesus (together with others such as Paul) by all reliable and counter-verified testimonies never never questioned the Jewish “manifest destiny” of uniting the whole Earth under their destiny, and of manifesting their supremacy as the God-elect people to avail among others of all the riches of nations. Actually there are even indications he might have rather rebuked many Jews for having progressively given up their thirst for supremacy in favour of Alexandrine Greek-inspired universalistic systems such as Philo’s. Jesus just saw that the Jews were choosing very wrong means, a very wrong and failure-promising form of yoga so to speak, to achieve all-encompassing might for their own group, and he was there to show the right really working method, which implied among others the sacrifice of one’s individual existence , of one’s ego for the group’s welfare and success, though he never condemned the prior development of a sound Jewish-style ego.

    What happened, which he probably foresaw would most predictably happen without speaking it out too loud, was that most Jews would of their own will choose their own ego (Jesus condemned free thought and free debate as the primordial sin to curtail by all means in priority, as satanic energy dispersion in the same fashion as so many Indian yogis define yoga itself as the repression of all free thoughts arising in one’s mind and in the surrounding society : chitta-vrtti-nirodha or Greek katechon) rather than submit to his one right version of Jewish manifest destiny, and cease therefore to be Jews by his own definition, and therefore lose their right to the rightful divinely-ordered privilege of ruling the earth : they would try to regain it by the use of their own cunning only, of the Greek art of debating and bullshitting that was to crystallize into the Talmud, of dealing in Greek-style occultism that was to culminate into Kabbalah : Jesus condemned both as goyish.

    The net result was the growth of the medieval clergy posing as the new Israel, this time recruiting more through adoption than through reproduction, but endowed with the very same divine order to confiscate the riches and privileges of all other people and prohibit them from developing their talents and cultural activities just to concentrate on their slave’s station to the new world order of that time : intellectual discipline and political unity was to be reserved to the world-wide clergy, outside of it there would be only enforced backwardness and the war of all against all for daily survival.

  198. Trinity says:

    Actually Tucker Carlson is one of those people and props to the guy for telling us working class Whites what “our elite white leader trash” have always thought about us. Of course Tucker won’t dare mention the Jew, but at least he clues us in on white traitor trash that claim to be superior by avoid being seen near chain restaurants and hotels.

    Of course we KNOW that the Jew and his elite shabbos goy only think of the common Black and Brown foot soldiers as pets as well, these cats are the real Supremacists. These (((elitists))) will dump the Black and Brown grunts for the Yellow ones, believe that as well.

  199. Trinity says:

    Whoa. Can’t tell you much there my friend.

  200. @Patricus

    Now half the country believes the government is fraudulent.

    As someone commented on this site, Americans fall into two categories. One believes that the election was fraudulent and it is good, the other believes that the election was fraudulent and it is bad.

    • LOL: yurivku
  201. JimDandy says:

    He seemed to have a suit on. Secret Service? But yeah, why isn’t there any demand to know WHO the person in the video is shooting her?

  202. Dutch Boy says:
    @Priss Factor

    The “patriotism” of the previous establishment was bound up with their economic interests. Once the USA dropped protectionism, the allure of cheap foreign labor (via immigration or outsourcing) became too much for them and they abandoned the interests of their fellow Americans to follow the profits.

  203. @Richard B

    Thanks for the Tralfamidor perspective. Those of us here on earth know that the US was never a democracy and always existed as a mechanism for exploitation of everyone else by an oligarchy.
    The USSR was collapsed by traitors as a function of the US imperial drive to destroy them economically, not because the people were enraged at the “hostile elite”. The US henchmen in the Kingdom in Riyadh pitched in to break the Soviet economy by destroying the Soviet capacity to obtain foreign exchange.

    • Troll: Richard B
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  204. Dutch Boy says:
    @Robert Snefjella

    I tend to agree with your analysis but also find Trump to be the most exasperating political figure in my lifetime. Somebody should have taken away his cellphone so that he would cease tweeting and start acting.

  205. @Johnny Smoggins

    And the call for election procedures which ensure reasonably fair elections will now be ongoing.

    Oh, my sweet summer child…

    He’s not saying they’ll be successful, but just constantly bringing up the topic draws attention to the whole corrupt mess.

    I mean, I come from a place with paper ballots, and can remember the first time after going to college being faced with an old fashioned electromechanical voting machine is a somewhat infamous region and city. There was no question my vote would end up being exactly whatever the people who ran that machine wanted, and if that wasn’t intuitive to most normies before this year, a lot know it now, even if they’re in a relatively honest Red state part of the country.

    Remember, we’re talking about our rulers eliminating “the consent of the governed,” even if they are ultimately successful, switching to outright brutal empire is going to be very costly to them. Already is international prestige wise, can’t make foreign hostile media and politicans ignore the reason the Capitol was stormed.

  206. Miville says:
    @Majority of One

    Trump would have ascertained a fraud but never enough to tilt the overall result in his favour : at best it would have been a nose to nose difference in favour of Biden, making his victory not spectacular at all, and above all there would still have been a twice as wide difference of popular votes in favour of the Democrats any kind of discovery of frauds would have been just incapable to gnaw at seriously. Any more miraculous technical way to tilt all swing states back into his favour by indicting fake postal votes would have at best resulted into a global revolt against him (both at home and overseas) and against America realized not to be a democracy, resulting into the abolition of the CE under the pressure of demonstrations ten times as huge as his (with covid distanciation resulting in maximum ground being occupied) : the electoral college would have convened for the last time to make the popular vote rather than the electoral votes prevail and at that precise moment they would have agreed, with the help of much Soros money, that further presidential elections would be direct, without the intermediary of great electors. Trump knew that he had picayune little chances to win his cause and he just wanted to entertain his crowd in false hopes so as to help America fracturing further, which was his real mission.

    • Replies: @Gizmo880
    , @Thomasina
  207. @Trinity

    Does it matter that a few people know what the score is? It’s nearly fifty years since Operation Nickel Grass, when the US flew A-4 and F-4 aircraft right to Israel to shore up the colonial project, along with C-5 loads of TOW missiles, M60 tanks, etc., and people still think there is a representative democracy in the US.

  208. @Kronos

    I still figure the biggest divider is the Vietnam War.

    I’m not so sure about that. True, it was a hugely divisive war, but its traumas passed rather quickly, and the whole nation was pretty much united against the USSR as evil empire by the 1980s. Reagan won two huge landslides. There were movies like RAMBO and the Vietnam Memorial consecrated the soldiers as patriots, even martyrs, than as ‘baby killers’. No one was putting down the memory of Vietnam vets by the 1980s. Even the counter-narrative of PLATOON showed that most soldiers were good guys doing their job in a difficult war, and it was the few bad eggs who were bad. No wonder Reagan screed it 4 times in the White House. a

    Also, many college youth protested the war because THEY didn’t want to be drafted. And this was especially acute among Jews. Jews believe their lives are more precious than goy lives. So, the idea of Jews being drafted alongside goyim to die in a war far away seemed horrible to them. Goyim dying in wars is okay for Jews. But a Jew getting killed in a goy war? No way. Jews were supportive of WWII and fought in it ONLY BECAUSE it was about beating Hitler and saving Jews.

    I suspect Milton Friedman pushed for all-volunteer military mainly for Save-a-Jew reasons than libertarian ones. After all, most Jews are affluent and won’t join the military(except at higher levels). So, with a volunteer military, Jews won’t have to die in war. All the goyim from lower classes will do the dying. Also, with an all volunteer army, the white elites had less reason to be anti-military or anti-war since they won’t be the ones doing the dying.

    This is why Michael Moore was right on that count. The elites should be made to serve in wars too.

    The fact is most popular Vietnam War movies presented veterans of that war as heroes. PLATOON and BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY were the exceptions but even the former showed how so many good and honorable men fought there while the latter had Tom Cruise.
    CASUALTIES OF WAR bombed, and so did many other more critical Vietnam movies. And people mostly enjoy the pro-war scenes in APOCALYPSE NOW.


    John Kerry opposed the war but ran on having served in 2004. Whatever they attacked him on, no one accused John McCain of being a baby-killer in the war. Recently, Ken Burns docu on Vietnam said all Americans involved in that war had the most honorable intentions.
    Oddly enough, the boomer generation became more pro-war than the previous generation. And greedier. Boomers put on anti-war airs and pretended to be anti-materialist, but their war-mongering(after the cold war ended) and ravenous greed are truly unprecedented. Who would have thought a new cold war with Russia would result from Russia saying NO to globo-homo? During Obama, the boomer progs were mostly silent about the wreckage in Syria and Libya and Ukraine. It was about Jews pushing wars for Jewish hegemony, and white cuck boomers just nodding along like a bunch of pussies that they are.

    Over time, anti-war themes of the Vietnam War became just nostalgia fest for the boomers but nothing more. In the here and now, they were no longer anti-war because Jews took over as the controllers of media and narrative. Back when Vietnam War was raging, many Jews were still radicals and socialists. And many Jews regarded the US military as bastion of right-wing power and even antisemitism. Some Jews saw the war as akin to new holocaust. Arthur Penn’s LITTLE BIG MAN uses the plight of American Indians as a commentary on Vietnam.

    But then, Jews lost interest in communism and socialism. Jews took over as the new elites and controlled the Pentagon and State Department. And Jews came to realize that they are the masters of the world, and the supremacist bug really got to them. Also, most Jews are Jews first. So, neocon Jews had more in common with ‘liberal’ Jews and vice versa than Jews with goyim. Identity > Ideology.
    So whether it was Bush I or Bill Clinton, Jews of either stripe were working together to use US might for the sake of Israel and Jewish hegemony. So, even the formerly anti-war Jews were suddenly pro-war Jews. (But then, most anti-war Jews in the 60s were totally supportive of Zionist war on the Arabs. So, Jews can be anti-war but not anti-schwarz, and if the schwarz says war is good, even anti-war Jews become pro-war.) Jews were banging the drums of war under Bush I in the Gulf. Jews made Clinton expand the Middle East and African operations, which set the grounds for blowback.
    And then, Jews in the shadows pulled the strings to nudge Muslims into attacking on 9/11 and used that as pretext for never-ending wars, occupation, and subversion in the Middle East and North Africa. Notice that one of the biggest gripes about Trump was he didn’t expand wars in the Middle East.
    So, Jewish motivations were never pure. They supported free speech when they needed it to gain power. With power, they shut down free speech. They were anti-war when they didn’t want to serve in a war led by the goy military elite, but they are totally pro-war when it means using the US military to threaten and attack any nation or people hated by Israel or Jews. Jews are pro-Alqaeda violence when it attacks Syria. The War on Terror went from fighting Alqaeda to working with Alqaeda, and no one says anything about this in the media or government because displeasing Jews is the quickest way to be fired whereas appeasing Jews is the main precondition for promotion.

    So, Vietnam was big when it happened but faded from memory and significance. And part of the reason is Asians have no ‘idolic’ power. In this sense, the Vietnam-AmericanIndian analogy was quite telling in LITTLE BIG MEN. The anti-war protest wasn’t really about any concern for the Viets. It was about MY INTEREST, as is “I don’t want to lose my precious Jewish life fighting a bunch of ‘gooks’.”
    The Civil Rights Movement and Holocaust Narrative still resonate because Blacks and Jews have ‘idolic’ power as blacks are the kangz of brawn and Jews are the kings of brains. American Indian narrative means nothing now because the Indians aren’t good at anything in the present, therefore lack ‘idolic’ power. Indeed, if American Indian Narrative mattered, one would think twice about pushing Immigration as it was mass arrival of folks from the Old World that led to ‘genocide’ of the Indians.

    Today, globo-homo counts for more than Vietnam. 10% of DC is homo, and there are homos all over the Deep State and they work with Jews to spread more Wars for Israel. And as so many Americans worship Anno Sodomini, they are okay with war as long as it promotes homos and trannies. Paint the Bomb ‘gay’, and the progs are totally pro-war. Many would prolly support a crusading war with Russia to ensure homo parades there.

    In the Democratic Party, Tulsi Gabbard came to be loathed not because she served in the military but because she objected to ongoing US empire-building there. And why would blacks hate the military? Lots of officers are black? Blacks don’t mind American Imperialism as long as they get to hold the big guns too.

    And the problem with Trumpers is they still haven’t learned. They supported Trump’s anti-war stance in 2016 more out of disgust with the GOP establishment than with war itself. Whenever Trump threatened Iran, his crowd cheered because of the idiot notion that US veterans are ‘heroes’. They are not when invading other nations and dropping bombs there. If anything, it isn’t the US police that should be taking the knee. Some cops are bad but they do go after criminals. In contrast, the US military has killed mostly innocent people in nations that never attacked the US. But then, blacks have ‘idolic’ power whereras Arabs and Muslims don’t.

    Cops do their job against criminals but must take the knee. Soldiers commit moral crime by killing total strangers half-way around the globe. But cops must take the knee while soldiers are heroes. Why? Because cops end up killing precious blacks with ‘idolic’ power whereas soldiers mostly kill Arabs and Muslims who are regarded as subhuman by the Jews. It’s all who/whom. So, when cops kill white Trump supporters in DC, they are suddenly heroes again according to Jewish News.

    Jews play a substantial contemporary role, but much more akin to their past role as tax enforcers for a aristocracy against the peasantry. Rich Boomers rely on Jews to keep those ruinous 401ks filled with cash.

    Jews control the money but they also control the gods, and that matters. Money ensures a good life but doesn’t determine what is holy and sacred. To do that, one must control the gods. And Jews control the gods determine what lives are sacred and what lives are not. Jews, blacks, and homos matter. Rest of humanity not so much. And whites are so satanic that they must spend their entire lives on their knees washing their sins to be win the approval of Jews, blacks, and homos.

    In 2020, Jews instigated blacks and thugs to burn down cities and even attack suburbs. Back in the 60s, this would have turned so many whites into conservatives. But why did so many white suburbanites go with the favored candidate of Jews? Why support the pro-BLM and pro-Antifa candidate? Because Jews control the gods, and these gods tell the cucked whites, “Worship the Negro and get on your knees.”

    • Replies: @Tony Massey
  209. @Robert Snefjella

    “ And the call for election procedures which ensure reasonably fair elections will now be ongoing.”

    Even if the the voting process becomes fairer and less corrupt, the Democrat/ Republican duopoly will always work in favour of the establishment. For the people to start a populist party that truly puts the interest of the Deplorables from all ethnicities and colours ahead of those of the establishment, things will have to get much worse to the point that the people feel they are cornered and have nothing to lose.

  210. Schuetze says:
    Man wearing ‘Camp Auschwitz’ shirt among mob who stormed U.S. Capitol

    The offensive outerwear was perhaps the most overt sign of antisemitism during the violent demonstration this afternoon, which came after a day and a half of inflammatory rallies promoting the false claim that the Democrats stole the November election from Presidential Donald Trump.

    Several notorious white supremacists attended the rally outside the Capitol and were among those who broke through police lines to enter the building.

    The mask slips. This was another yid false flag, just like the Reichstag fire.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  211. @The Alarmist

    Trump has half the population behind him. He has nothing to fear. If he were to get indicted somewhere, the city would be destroyed. Nobody is dumb enough to take him on. They saw how many of his supporters showed up in DC and were peaceful. I think they could imagine what would happen if they weren’t.

    What he should do is start his own media company and compete with YouTube and twitter and Facebook. He would be the richest man in the world in a couple of years. And he could certainly stop their monopoly. Of course he probably would do some censorship of his own, but at least his supporters would feel that most of their posts would stand.

    And he probably could run in 2024 if his health holds.

    • Disagree: Catdog
    • LOL: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @Tony Massey
    , @HeebHunter
  212. noname27 says: • Website

    Will the real trouble start when American patriots finally wake up to the reality that they have been royally screwed over for the last four years and that they no longer have anyone in DC that they can vote for.

    Will they at last realise that their new leader MUST come from within their own ranks!?

  213. Gizmo880 says:

    The popular vote showing a large Democrat edge has been fraudulent for a long time.

  214. Countless officers were attacked and some died and others were crippled for life in the BLM riots that had the blessing of the elites and media, but now, the elites are so saddened by a death of an officer.

    Gimme a break. It’s always who/whom. It’s like there’s outrage for one dead Jew but just a lot of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz over the dead of countless Arabs. It’s beyond Fake News. It’s F*** News. They are always f***ing with you.

    But if officers want to use brute force on patriots while taking a knee before Negro thugs instigated by Jews, Boo the Blue!

    Video Link

  215. @Rufus Clyde

    A Republic is, by definition, an oligarchy. We just refuse to acknowledge what it truly is. Put some lipstick on the pig.

    But ours is not a pure Republic because we do have democratic referendums all of the time where the people get to make laws that a majority want. We need more of them.

    We don’t have any at the federal level but there is nothing that prohibits them. Under Amendment 10 all powers not granted to the federal government are granted to the states and the people. The implication is that powers left to the people can be exercised by referendum. Referendums are really the only check on oligarchy.

  216. America will become less divided if Americans unite to oppose Jewish Power.
    America will become more divided if Americans unite to obey Jewish Power.

    Video Link

    • Agree: Trinity, PolarBear
    • Replies: @Miro23
  217. geokat62 says:

    The ADL kvetching about “disinformation”? Now, that’s chutzpah!

  218. @Majority of One

    Trump was always an actor. Just look at the man’s personality. This is not someone who cares about anything except his own ego. A hot air blowing narcissist. He’ll go down as Mr President, something way above what a base man like him could hope for, and that’s all that matters. For all his promises, his presidency turned out to be no more than a fat nothing burger. Fanning the flames of discontent was his only and spectacular success. Judge a man by his fruits.

    Despite America being incredibly corrupt and totally under the thrall of Jews, it represents a threat as long as it has a liberal Constitution. The Conservative base with their guns, religion and freedom has always made such a coup impossible.

    Now that has changed. Through Trump your run of the mill conservative is now as ready for revolution as a rabid communist.

  219. Garliv says:

    She’s one of the warmongering priestess and she could not be left out in congregation of warmongers.

    Not hard to predict that senile Biden and his gang will upon inauguration immediately embark on “uniting the country” and what’s the best way to do it than to manufacture some war and mobilize America to “rally around the flag?” Once bombs start falling then all about stolen election will be forgotten. Biden as “war president!”… And Deplorables will do the heavy lifting,

    This life!

    • Agree: Robjil
  220. Richard B says:

    Indeed, the way forward is immediate revenge for the woman murdered at the Capitol, and warfare in the same style as the IRA.

    Haha! And where’s The IRA now?

    They’re a has-been political outfit and a 3rd rate criminal enterprise selling their services to whoever will pay. Which includes selling drugs, guns and girls to the Africans who are replacing them.

    They were willing to “fight” the Brits but unwilling to even say, let alone do, anything about a real invasion against them. One that is truly taking no prisoners.

    By they way, anyone who believes the official story of what happened the other day is incurably naive.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @36 ulster
    , @GeneralRipper
  221. Miro23 says:

    Difficult to rationalize but I think that it was a big mistake to shoot this lady.

  222. @Priss Factor

    There are those who know but fear speaking truth about Jewish Power because of the charge of ‘antisemitism’, and those who do speak about Jews also give the Nazi salute(which is why Alt Right disgraced itself and imploded). . . . Just state the plain facts of Jewish Power. Before we say it’s good or bad, just state it as fact.

    Alt Right “disgraced itself and imploded” because they were incompetent and possibly compromised.
    That they “gave a Nazi salute” mattered only those Jewish power centers who turned “Nazi,” “swastika” “Hitler” and the like into terms of opprobrium.

    Stating the “plain facts” about Jewish Power INCLUDES telling the plain facts about Jewish deliberate demonization, vilification, indeed slander and culturecide of the German and other European people.

    If the swastika can be proscribed then the Confederate flag can be proscribed — and replaced by the globohomo flag. If that can be normalized, then the Stars and Stripes can be gradually replaced by the Star of David.

    That is exactly what we are seeing happening and has been happening for at least a decade — look in on an AIPAC conference and see the American flag overlaid with the flag of Israel. (It’s instructive to realize that the Islamic Ottoman Empire took over Constantinople by means of cultural infiltration, involving not least the so-called Whirling Dervishes, whose ceremony appealed to then-jaded Orthodox Christian spiritual longings.)

    It was James Waterman Wise, son of Rabbi Stephen Wise, who turned the Swastika into a “symbol of hate”, with his book, published in May 1933 — before a single Jew had been rendered into a bar of soap.

    Jews have been allowed to get away with vilifying cultural icons, to the point that now it is perfectly acceptable to tear down the symbols of American founders.

    That is why I say, Raise High the Swastika! Die Fahne hoch! If Jews don’t like it they don’t have to look, but I do not need the approval of any Jew to raise such a banner over my property.

    Jewry’s first and last fortified bunker is the holocaust, and that bunker needs to blasted to matzo crumbs. The Truth about Jewish power and its role is the destruction of Europe is one essential weapon needed for the job.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @ingotus
  223. tolstoy says:

    If this article’s assertions are true, the Anglo white race is inferior to the Slavic and definitely to the Asians.
    They can’t hold on to power, for whatever reasons.
    China ruled the world for most of history. The last 150 years or so was just a hiccup.
    I agree that the next century belong to China, and many centuries after that.
    The Chinese won’t have the same Jewish problem; Jews will be assimilated into the Hans bloodline. In two hundred years, there won’t be a Jew left. At least take that as the upside to all you Jews-haters.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  224. Miro23 says:
    @Priss Factor

    America will become less divided if Americans unite to oppose Jewish Power.

    With that unity, the problematic 2% are looking at the exit. The military are never going to lay down their lives for them or destroy their own towns and families for them.

    The great achievement of Trump was to ID the Swamp (activist Jews and their collaborators) and define America First. Even if it was only rhetoric and he didn’t name them, it worked to divide Constitutionalist loyalists from ZioGlob traitors and their collaborators.

  225. Trinity says:

    People need to get over Trumpstein. Whether Trump was/is a honeypot aka controlled opposition aka (((Emanuel Goldstein))) to flush out so-called “White Nationalists” aka Whites who don’t hate themselves is irrelevant. What was EXPOSED is RABIDLY ANTI-WHITE THIS NATION THAT PROCLAIMS ITSELF TO ABHOR RACISM REALLY HAS BECOME.

    I guess it is obvious to even a moron why we have been told for decades that Israel is our bestest friends in the whole wide world and that Americans must always stand for muh Israel. Never mind that Israel doesn’t stand for White America and never has, hell, they don’t care for Black America as far as that goes. Remember people, WE ARE REALLY THE BIG DOGS, you have been mind fucked into believing you are the servant to some of the biggest Beta males in the world.

  226. @Kronos

    Good for the middle class draft dodgers. Avoiding service is better than to “serve” fighting in a war of aggression on the other side of the world, and come back a murderer, in a body bag, or both. The real enemies were in our own government, then as now. Fighting to defend your family and country is honorable; fighting overseas to enrich the (((banksters))) is not.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  227. tolstoy says:

    I forgot to mention: Ron Unz is a jew by the way. Wonder why he allows this site to go on.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Katrinka
  228. @GeeBee

    Regardless of what one happens to think of certain long-dead political philosophies, it should be more than obvious by now to every reasonably well-informed person that the war in question and its immediate antecedents were the greatest tragedy since the Thirty Years War, and possibly in all of history. No matter whom we blame for what, the results are clear. Losers and “victors” alike, everyone lost: the British people, the German people, the French people, the peoples of the Russias and the smaller nations of Europe. The Japanese and Chinese peoples. The American people. Some more than others, obviously, but everyone lost. The only winners were the Wall Street banksters, the Communists, and the people Jesus didn’t like. Thanks to their victory, we are where we are today.

    As a matter of abstract philosophy, it’s certainly easy to feel that the people who have allowed America to turn into this nightmare of a society deserve no second chance. Especially as so many of them still mindlessly cheer on the endless wars past and present to export “American”-style election fraud and child trannyism to every remote corner of the globe. But even the cowardice of the not so few who know better is often a good enough cause for depression. If there is such a thing as justice, in this world or another, perhaps we all ought to be afraid.

    However, the fact remains that above and beyond abstract philosophy, this is in the end a matter of our entire people’s existence. Of our historical heritage, that so many worked so long and hard to build. And more concretely for us, of our own children’s and grandchildren’s future. For those of us who understand this, and are not evil or terminally degenerate ourselves, that obliges us to fight for that second chance we may not deserve. No matter the errors of the past, or how often others may fail and betray us. No matter how thankless that struggle must presently appear.

    A thousand generations went before us, and others will come after us. Starting with the ones we have raised, are raising or will raise with our own hands. Right now, in these dark times, we are the only ones who can fight for them all. Defend what they did and were long before us, and all that they will still be and do long after us. Thus, that is what we must do. We don’t have the right not to.

    For those to whom the White Wolf’s ideas are important, I think he would also prefer such an attitude to defeatism and despair.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @Alexandros
    , @HeebHunter
  229. Miro23 says:

    The Chinese won’t have the same Jewish problem; Jews will be assimilated into the Hans bloodline. In two hundred years, there won’t be a Jew left.

    They won’t be assimilated. They won’t even get past first base. Eurasians are a whole different category – they may have opportunities in the West but none at all in China.

  230. 36 ulster says:
    @Richard B

    Stuart Neville’s police novels are set in early 21st century Northern Ireland, mostly in the Belfast area. He seems to have a working knowledge of today’s “Police Service” (ex-Royal Ulster Constabulary), the ex- “freedom fighters”-cum-gangsters, and the vile Eastern European sex traffickers who have brought “enrichment” to the Republic as well as Ulster. They’re all well-written but the violence depicted within can be rather painful reads for the uninitiated.

    • Thanks: Druid, Richard B
  231. @Ilya G Poimandres

    My taxes are taken directly out of my paycheck, and I have three kids. Yours is not a simple solution at all. I will tell you what it will take to get rid of the ((establishment))): bloody revolution. no half measures

  232. Ugetit says:
    @Desert Fox

    …was done by the zionists to show their contempt for we American and to show us who really rules the ZUS.

    True, but it’s clear to me that the whole sh!t show has been staged, by the globalist crowd, with Chrump as a willing participant, to make a mockery of what was left of the nation-state of “America” because sovereign nations are now to be considered as ridiculous and contemptible as kings once were. Once those ideas take hold, then our bosses will undoubtedly waltz in with a one world gubbermint “for our relief and benefit.”

    I mean the Orange clown was a joke (as were Bush, Clinton and Obammy before him), who played on the populist sentiments of good people, and senile Joe and his sidekick are even worse. Also, just look at the the stupid masking going on, the moronic BLM bowel movement, and the ridiculous “storming” of the Capitol, with that shirtless, tattooed, goofus with the horns. If those are not examples of blatant mockery of the current system, I don’t know what could be.

  233. @Katrinka

    Agreed. Our only redress is the one our founding fathers had.

  234. Miro23 says:

    I forgot to mention: Ron Unz is a Jew by the way. Wonder why he allows this site to go on.

    Because he wants to be governor of an Anglo-Latino California and I sincerely hope that it happens.

    • Replies: @tolstoy
  235. Maybe not so much a dream scenario but the only way out.

    How much better if globalists/imperialists had all of D.C. and if nationalists/patriots had their own capital run by their own kind. There would no longer be national elections but elections for US 1 and elections for US 2. US 1 would decide its preferred ‘liberal’ leader, and US 2 will decide its own ‘conservative’ leader. People who claim US 1 citizenship would pay taxes to their government, and people who claim US 2 citizenship would pay taxes to their government.

    The whole thing here:

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  236. Paul Craig Roberts has unfortunately become and old, irrelevant fool. As we all know, there’s no fool like an old fool (or, should I say, like Paul Craig Roberts). The silly dirigible of drivel, nonsense and all kinds of bs, aka Donald Trump, has lost by several million votes. Even in a mediocre democracy like the US (ranked somewhere below number 20 in the world), this is clearly a resounding success for Biden–no matter what you may rant about the “Deep State.”

    Game over. Face it, PCR. Time to go fishing.

    • Agree: Syd Walker
    • Replies: @Syd Walker
    , @By-tor
    , @ingotus
  237. @John Regan

    Despair is what lack of faith leads to. God will not abandon his youngest and seemingly most favored race. Delivering onto us Adolf Hitler, at a time of urgent need is proof of that.

    But he will show us the consequences of breaking his racial laws. The Jew is the Piper and he intends to get paid.

    • Replies: @commandor
  238. @Patricus

    Do we need that as a reason to go full metal jacket on them?

  239. @Nisbe

    Every single Trump supporter I have spoken with on that very issue (Israel) has always said the very same response: “They’re our ally!”

    Even after I point out to these folks what happened to the USS Liberty (many of whom are old US Navy vets!), they still insist: “Israel is our ally”.

    Totally brainwashed. Like talking to a wall………

    • Disagree: Katrinka
  240. @Richard B

    Well my friend, first off I did not say that I agree with every last bit of what the IRA and Sinn Fein now stands for, especially the PIRA, but it cannot be denied they certainly knew how to deal with the likes of the British establishment and did not flinch at using whatever means available to them to get the job done. Their strategy and tactics are very educational for any sort of counter-revolution going up against a technologically superior force with overwhelming firepower.

    Scoff all you like, but at least they understood as I do, that the ONLY thing those who worship power and their little support toadies understand is FEAR. Fear of death at the moment of their enemies choosing. Whether it be by ambush, assassination, bombing or otherwise.

    If even a few hundred thousand Americans were totally committed to a war of that sort, I can assure you the attitude of our “elites” would change pretty quickly.

    And of course, the best part is, once the “government” decides to use the military on the people they are supposed to be “governing”, the battle is half over. That includes the inevitable “collateral damage” and brutality associated with such endeavors.

    The Brits had to start using the SAS on those folks and they still ended up losing, so I’m not sure you should take them so lightly…lol

    Margie Thatcher and John Major sure enough soiled their britches, despite all the empty rhetoric to the contrary.

    • Replies: @stevennonemaker88
  241. anon[149] • Disclaimer says:

    The oligarchs do not pull color revolutions to depose leaders they already control. Only a retarded person would come to the conclusion that the oligarchs burned down a few hundred cities they own as a ruse of some kind to trick Trump supporters. Trump made the mistake of thinking that politicians were like business people and he could make deals with them. Politicians have no bottom line so making deals with them is a bad idea. Trump was not effective but he is not part of the Deep State.

    You belief is foolish and you will either repeat yourself ignoring what I wrote or you will not reply at all. Not one of you Trump is controlled opposition people has ever had an explanation for what I wrote above. Claiming this last summer was all a show is simply retarded and not even worthy of consideration.

  242. @davidgmillsatty

    I’m much more than willing to bet you one troy oz of American gold you’re wrong.
    He’ll get indicted.
    Take the bet. We’ll figure a way out to pay the winner.
    Make the bet dude.
    Abrams already has a case ready.
    No doubt it’s a good one. Like it matters. The rule of law doesn’t matter.
    Have you forgotten where you live?
    I’m sure theirs a way we can put the money up and one kisses the others ass
    What say you

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  243. @Priss Factor

    They were definitely heroes. It was a crime against humanity but…yeh, those were the last of the truly good guys and the whole military nearly revolted.

    The guys before 70 had their hearts in winning their freedom back to the land of coca cola. Afterwards…i don’t know anyone cared.
    Nixon was a good CnC. Lbj, not so much

  244. anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    The only person who died was an unarmed woman, shot in cold blood by the police. No one else was even seriously injured. The “insurrection” consisted of nothing more than a guy who took a selfie sitting at Pelosi’s desk. But oh, the drama and meltdown from the left! How long before they make a movie about this, portraying all the DNC congress critters as heros and victims? Who will play Nancy Pelosi and who will play Trump? Please don’t pick over actor Alec Baldwin.

    This was nowhere near the kind of violence we saw with the Michael Brown or George Floyd protests, but of course the media makes it seem ten times worse. As Ron Unz pointed out, Jews are prone to hysteria, lying and over exaggeration; they’ve been in the media and movie business for so long, they can no longer tell truth from fiction.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  245. @GeeBee

    In recorded history only one other tribe has murdered their Messiah and an eternal blood curse was placed upon them. God stripped their artistry away for 5000 years and all of them will be automatically sent straight to hell after their havoc on earth ends.

    Why should the huwhite of muttmerica be exempt from divine justice too?

    Adolf Hitler (may he rest in Heaven) was the hero we all needed and deserved, and the golem of muttmerica murdered him, raped his people and propped up atheist communist regimes all over, only for the most powerful of them to ironically adopt some NS Germany policies and Weltanschauung (China being most prominent).

    Without repentance for their actions, the amerimutts can continue to celebrate their back to back world war victory as mount rushmore will be sand blasted and arlington be made a toilet.

    The anglo island monkeys is becoming a New Pakistan, their industries already fled to the mainland.

    I can’t wait to see them suffer further. They fought for this.

    • Thanks: GeeBee
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Tony Massey
  246. @Chris Moore

    How long the white knight will take to emerge is hard to say, but he’s eventually coming. Count on it.

    For the sake of humanity, I hope you’re right. Because if not, the United States will quickly become another Haiti..

  247. The simple fact of the matter is NOTHING IS POSSIBLE and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS POSSIBLE without identifying and confronting Jewish Power. If there’s a predator in the woods killing people but all you do is attack all other animals and chop down trees but do NOTHING about that particular animal, the problem will go on.

    Paradoxically, to oppose Jewish Power, the Neo-Nazi types(people most associated with anti-Jewishness) must be purged. Neo-Nazi types are worthless because they not only lie about WWII and admire Hitler but because they oppose one form of supremacism by upholding another. That’ was Hitler’s failing. He opposed Jewish supremacism but pushed Aryan supremacism.

    At any rate, it’s like what Michael Corleone said in THE GODFATHER. They gotta get Sollozzo. No matter how much Sollozzo is willing to talk or cut a deal, he’s dead set on trying to kill Vito Corleone again. You can’t do do business with him. Jews have Holocaust Holiness and alliance with Magic Negro as their McClusky, and that too must be dealt with with a new narrative, one that is not idiot 14/88. Just like Sollozzo is hellbent on killing Vito, Jewish Power is hellbent on permanently enslaving the white race as its janissary-whore-slave. Jewish Power looks upon whites as Sport(the pimp in TAXI DRIVER) looks upon his hookers. Jews think, ‘we have souls’, whereas ‘white goyim only have bodies as commodity’. You can’t deal with such evil and if you remain silent and fail to expose it, it will continue to spread its tentacles.

    The nature of Jewish Power being what it is, it has to be exposed and brought down to size. Otherwise, NOTHING is possible. Not all the elections, all the rallies, and all the nuttery.

    What was the great advancement in Western Medicine? It found ways to identify and target the real problem. Before modern medicine and understanding of microbes, they took the shot-gun approach. They sometimes burnt down entire village to destroy the plague. More often than not, it didn’t work before the unidentified germs spread. But Modern Medicine allowed mankind to identify the real culprit, and that had a tremendous impact on society.

    The fact that the World has not , is incapable of, or refuses to identify the germ of Jewish Supremacist Evil is going to turn the 21th century into one of the worst even in the coming yrs. Ironically, the the same dynamics that failed to stop Hitler before he turned the world upside down is responsible for why Jewish Power is not named but only appeased over and over. The sheer lack of will and courage to say what must be said and do what must be done.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @Zumbuddi
  248. @davidgmillsatty

    The orange kike lover just literally DENOUNCED the supporters he himself COMMANDED to rally and storm the Capitol.

    Why are amerimutts such hilarious beaten slaves? At least the EU peasants are just low energy and pathetic when there is no leader. In muttmerica they spend all their energy on the sleaziest kike tool.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  249. @John Regan

    Just as expected, more tounge-play and no one shred of remorse and repentance.

    You are absolutely correct that you deserve no chance. And remember that Jesus loves everyone but unrepentant bastards. Repentance is literally the one condition for salvation, nothing more, nothing less.

    But even that is too high above you.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  250. PCR is one of my favorite contemporary pundits, hands-down. In my opinion, patriotic Americans should not be ashamed of the multitudes that “stormed” the capitol. The Deep State – the Liberal/Financial/Technological/Military coalition – hates each and every one of us White Americans, because until recently we stood in the way of their aspirations of domination. Until recently, the White middle class majority held power in the USA. Aspirational elites had to pander to the “center” – the White middle class. For over two decades, the Deep State has systematically undermined the White middle class in this country, and now the “mainstream” media openly disdains us. Left-wing mobs can burn Main Street America all across the country, devastating the livelihoods of thousands of entrepreneurs, and the media runs cover for them. Deep State politicians and bureaucrats (aka wannabe tyrants) can shutter Main Street America on the premise of a pandemic, and the Fourth Estate ably tows the company line. They will stop at NOTHING to demoralize the White American, particularly the “evil” straight White American Man.

    I am under no delusion that I am the only White Patriotic American that can see these things with eyes wide open. It warms my heart to know that literally millions of American patriots see the same thing, and that foolish liberals in their echo chambers believe that they can safely quash the true grassroots movement in America. We don’t have to play by their rules; we mustn’t be ashamed that concerned citizens showed the elites in DC that they still believe that “here, the people rule.” I think that the road ahead is full of sacrifice, hardship, grief and despair. The alternative is the continued demoralization of White Americans. The Jews and their Black henchmen are riding high on the assumption that they can finally, completely wrestle power away from the shrinking, atomized, confused white majority. Now is the time for all good Americans to fight back.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  251. El Dato says:

    That’s a key point.

    There was just a long litany of legal problems with new rules being made up and old rules being discarded or bent for varous reasons including “COVID” and maybe one should actually follow the rules as laid down etc. Then all hell broke loose.

  252. @anon

    “the oligarchs burned down a few hundred cities they own” This is not true. BLM rioters destroyed small businesses in many cities. fixed it for you. Getting rid of small businesses is part of the establishment agenda. Trump is a billionaire who is deeply in bed with Rothschild banksters, Israeli interests, and the rest of the swamp. He was useful in that he gave conservative Americans false hope that they could save their country by voting or working within the system. He says some good things; throws a bone to middle america on occasion, but he is not a true alternative to the (((real rulers)))

  253. @GeneralRipper

    These are very good points. Remember that after the IRA assassinated some of the british spies and others, the british went on a rampage at croke park and started shooting random civilians (almost a hundred killed or wounded). This event really galvanized the public attitude against the british even further. There are no longer any solutions within the system, only armed insurrection.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  254. @SamwiseGamgee

    It’s not that you are an ignoramus, Sam, but the fact that you expose your ignorance in the Agora…You either a snowflake/useful idiot, or a filthy troll/shill…Get lost !

  255. @Tony Massey

    You may be right. I have no way to gauge Trump’s support. I was wondering how many Trump supporters were in DC. A colleague of mine went through lots of articles to see if he could find out. He said one mentioned “thousands.” All of the rest refused to give a number. If I knew it was a million I would take your bet. But if it was thousands I’d be a fool.

  256. @anon

    So I have tried to compile a list of all the videos of the “insurrection.” Clearly demonstrate a false flag/ or an act by agents provocateurs.

  257. anon[602] • Disclaimer says:

    Disclaimer: not a DJT supporter, nor sufferer of TDS, Citizen.

    The oligarchs do not pull color revolutions to depose leaders they already control.

    You start with an assumption presented as fact: the goal of “oligarchs”. You assert it was to “depose [Trump]”.

    So here is my speculation as assertion: A continually escalating state of crisis and uncertainty in a divided population, with a domestic demographic threat identified enabling passage of additional draconian laws and normalization of authoritarian style “purges”, and dramatic curtailment of basic freedoms previously assumed to be “sacred”.

    Trump is a necessary pretext.

    Only a retarded person would come to the conclusion that the oligarchs burned down a few hundred cities they own as a ruse of some kind to trick Trump supporters.

    You are presenting this strawman, not some unnamed “retarded person”.

    Trump supporters are clearly stupid people. No one is worried about Trump supporters. What they are worried about are Smart People, who before the introduction of catalytic Orange Ape Man actually shared concerns with even stupid people like Trump supporters.

    The goal is to change our social norms. Is that too fucking abstract for stupid people to understand?

    Thus, Trump the Orange Ape Man and associated (and fully predictable given that he was already well loathed by many) TDS are necessary pretext.

    Trump made the mistake of thinking that politicians were like business people and he could make deals with them.

    It is delusional to assert you know what Trump is “thinking”. As it happens, Trump told us explicitly what he thought when running for the office for 2016, and again 2020, and of course, about 4 years ago gave a speech at the very same building.

    So, either you are saying that Trump the Realty Actor on TV is a liar and what he really thought was as you say not what he repeatedly assured stupid people (like you) he thought, in which case: QED: Trump supporters are stupid. OR, you are talking about some other Trump in some other dimension, in which case, stop trolling our dimension.

    Trump was not effective but he is not part of the Deep State.

    We agree on this: Trump was not effective for Americans.

    (Israel: Well, let’s not be too hard on the Ape Man. Got a lot done for us with no fuss! MAGA 🙂

  258. Sorry PCR, Trump is no anti-establishment hero. He had some decent political instincts when he was running for office in 2016 but he failed to follow through on them after he got elected. He even made neocon Mike Pompeo his righthand man, ffs.

    He’s a good rhetorician (or bullshitter, take your pick) and he is adept at capitalizing on mass discontent so people project their political hopes and wishes onto him. But when you pay attention to his actions instead of just his words, he comes up short.

    Maybe Americans need to accept that they can’t elect their way out of the current clusterfuck and look at other solutions.

    • Agree: Robert Konrad, FB
    • Replies: @Getaclue
  259. @Anonymous

    ” DARK Winter ” is coming ( it’s what Sleepy Joe & Hoe…, their handlers and their minions are saying )…fixed for ya 🙂 When the sheeple is going to wake up, is going to be too late: inside the slaughter house…

  260. She speaks more truth than Americucks.

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Robjil
  261. @nickels

    84 million patriots are ready to burn this country to ground. Don’t doubt that for a second.

    Lol. Has the definition of patriot changed since I last looked it up?

  262. @SolontoCroesus

    You are preaching to the choir. What you propose is obvious to all Jew-naming nationalists all over the world.

    I think you do know that exposing the holohoax and ww2 foundation myth will also discredit all of the major western “allies” forever. Which is why we have these phony boomer coon “patriots” insisting on National Socilism being all about smoking meth and shaven heads (which is ironic since it is mostly the patriotards who do this).

    They can say whatever they want. Fact remains that the Axis fought against godless marxism and materialism, and muttmerica was allied with the ussr.
    Axis warriors are in heaven.
    Allied criminals are burning in hell.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  263. Adrian says:

    I agree with Roberts’ overall perspective though I wish that he hadn’t identified the fate of the US with that of “the West” as such. He should also have been more specitic, I think, about “the Establishment” instead of picturing it as some mysterious monolithic entity.

    As far as the first point is concerned it seems that Americans suffer from a perspective distortion in which Europe is seen as a sort of appendix to the West’s heartland: the US. Europeans, by contrast, suffer perhaps of the opposite distortion . The heartland of the West coincides for them with the “Inner Six”, the states that in 1951 founded the predecessor of the European Economic Community, the Coal and Steel Community: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. From that perspective the USA is seen as a johnny-come-lately, a domineering, loud voiced parvenu with, it must be admitted, a big stick.

    On the second point: the view of the Establishment as a monolithic entity is at odds with much of elite theory in sociology, particularly that of its founder, Vilfredo Pareto. That Italian polymath thought that the commanding heights of society would always be occupied by an elite of some sort but that there was such a thing as the circulation of elites. The governing elite and non-governing elite change places, helped by force from below.

    Why does this process take place. A governing elite tends to ossify and to close itself off for suitable candidates from the non-governing one. It also tends to become increasingly indifferent to the needs of the underlying population.

    That ossification process is also seen in a loss of balance between two typical elite strategies: that of what Pareto calls “foxes” (governing by propaganda/persuasion, diplomacy and compromise) and that of “lions” governing mainly by a resort to violence.

    Governments in which “foxes” predominate can alternate with that of “lions”. Especially the latter tends to be characterised by populism on the way in.

    It seems to be the tragedy of Trump that he was neither sufficiently a fox nor a lion.

  264. @HeebHunter

    LOL…We got your “remorse and repentance” right between our legs for your fräuleins to suck on, dipshit.

    Real Americans won’t be apologizing to, or kneeling before anyone but God.

    So how about you kiss BOTH sides of my American ass?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  265. @Priss Factor

    Paradoxically, to oppose Jewish Power, the Neo-Nazi types(people most associated with anti-Jewishness) must be purged. Neo-Nazi types are worthless because they not only lie about WWII and admire Hitler but because they oppose one form of supremacism by upholding another. That’ was Hitler’s failing. He opposed Jewish supremacism but pushed Aryan supremacism

    No Priss, that’s your failing. Your knowledge of films, movies, and ability to critique them is extraordinary — admirable; I’m in awe. I know zero about movies, haven’t seen one in years (except for the DVD of One Flew Over the Kukoos Nest. Great film, but quite a bit different from Kesey’s book.)

    You seem to take your information about NSDAP from movies as well. They are propaganda, from the propaganda films written by Jewish communists to gin up hatred of Germans to the movies used to cause Americans to feel emotional enough to permit their paychecks to be taxed, to the propaganda movies that Ike arranged to justify, after the fact, a war that wreaked more havoc on Europe than Americans knew — and are still TODAY nearly totally unaware.

    That “Hitler pushed Aryan supremacism” is as much the cartoon version of history as is the BLM narrative about white supremacism. You do yourself and your otherwise strong arguments and suggestions a great disservice by maintaining your unalloyed hatred of Germany. Recounting the reality, rather than the dogmatized narrative, is not about “admiring Hitler,” it’s about telling what really happened: Who / Whom.

    • Thanks: Schuetze
  266. Richard B says:
    @Priss Factor

    When you kiss the ass of those who kick your ass, you can’t win.

    Absolutely! You get what you put up with.

  267. @HeebHunter

    There’s a chance we’ll turn it around.

    My country fought on the wrong side twice.
    It’s not over.
    The fighting will not begin fur awhile and it’ll be sporadic then intense then…
    Don’t count us out

    • Replies: @Tony Massey
  268. Katrinka says:

    Because Mr. Unz isn’t a sh*t head, that’s why. Thank you, Ron.

    • Replies: @tolstoy
  269. Realist says:

    The oligarchs do not pull color revolutions to depose leaders they already control.

    You are an easy mark. Trump is a sham.

    Only a retarded person would come to the conclusion that the oligarchs burned down a few hundred cities they own as a ruse of some kind to trick Trump supporters.

    Then who do you think paid for the rioting and destruction?

    Not one of you Trump is controlled opposition people has ever had an explanation for what I wrote above.

    I just did and have numerous times on this blog. You should get familiar with my beliefs before you attack them.

    Claiming this last summer was all a show is simply retarded and not even worthy of consideration.

    This whole year was a charade…and you were played.

    Why don’t you explain why Trump hired the denizens of the swamp…he promised to drain? If Trump were really against the Deep State he would do the one thing that would really piss them off…pardon Assange and Snowden.

  270. TKK says:

    I wish they had showed up 1 million strong- armed. I wish McConnell, Pence, Pelosi, Schmer, Biden were…transitioned.

    Now monuments are sacred- capable of “desecration”? After all the Confederate statutes were torn down?

    Now riots are no fun and scary? After people were beaten (20 died) and their business burned and looted due BLM thugs?

    Now property matters? Now trespass is a sad face?

    Actually- PBS Newshour called it Deadly Mayhem.

    Note how quickly Richard Barnet was arrested in Arkansas by the Feds. This is a very bad sign.

    Note how no one cares Ashli was shot by a BLACK COP for misdemeanor trespass.

    I read whispers that the protestors are going back. If they go, they better go heavy.

    To be truthful, I can’t watch anymore coverage of it. It is too false. It is a disgusting jaw dropping double standard beyond any farce Monty Python could have dreamed up, while on LSD, pot and shrooms.

  271. tolstoy says:

    Don’t understand. Please explain.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Miro23
  272. geokat62 says:

    Ben & Jerry’s tweet:

    Yesterday was not a protest—it was a riot to uphold white supremacy.

    It was allowed to happen. The mostly white insurrectionists roamed freely and without consequence through the heart of our democracy. The only explanation is that this was allowed to happen because they were white—not Black, Brown or Indigenous people.

    The white mob that made its way to the dais of the US House of Representatives and the Senate, literally sitting in the chair the vice president had been in minutes before, is the ultimate embodiment of white privilege.

    We saw two Americas yesterday. In one America we saw record voter turnout driven by Black voters that resulted in the election of the first Black and first Jewish senators from the state of Georgia—our democracy at its best.

    In the second America we saw a mostly white mob, encouraged by the president, violently invade the seat of our democracy in an attempt to overturn a free and fair election. It was a failed coup—our democracy in peril.

    Both of these Americas are us. Black and Brown people have long understood this. They’ve been exposed to the white tyranny that was on full display at yesterday’s riot since the founding of our nation. It’s the double standard that undergirds white supremacy in our nation.

    Both of these Americas are us. How we respond to the events of yesterday will determine which America we will be.

    Resign, impeach, 25th Amendment… not one more day.

    … and they accuse us of being the haters?

    • Thanks: Robjil, ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Larchmonter420
  273. @HeebHunter

    What you propose is obvious to all Jew-naming nationalists all over the world.

    When are Germans gonna stage a jailbreak for that poor old Grandmother?

    Oh that’s right, you boys don’t have any guns worth a fuck…lol

    • LOL: HeebHunter
  274. In the Jewish-Supremacist plan, whites are subhumans. They exist as a slave race to Jews.

    But it can even be worse. At the very least, the existence of subhumans is acknowledged, even as a servant-race to the Jews.

    In contrast, a people can be nohumans. Their existence barely acknowledged. They just don’t make it on the radar. Palestinians, Syrians, and all the victims in Libya and Yemen are nohumans.

    Jews say whites exist but as bad animals, so whites must be whipped and trained to serve Jews.

    As for Palestinians and other such people, don’t even think about them or their existence. They are just no-humans.

  275. @utu

    Well, Utu, you remember something, but not…’ correctly ‘…From the ‘ wiki ‘ ( not that I trust too much the site, but sometimes some info is close to the truth ) : ” Nonetheless, his singular zealousness for supply-side economics provoked ire in some quarters within the government, with Larry Kudlow – then an official in the Office of Management and Budget – saying that “Craig saw himself as the keeper of the Reagan flame. Only Craig knew what was right. No one else knew what was right”.[1] Roberts’ concern about U.S. budget deficits led him into conflict with other Reagan-era officials such as Martin Feldstein and David Stockman ”

  276. tolstoy says:

    Or maybe he is drawing out people. So they can be tracked and later “handled” should the time come.

    Bring to mind what happened to Mr. Smith in Orwel’s 1984.


    • Replies: @Katrinka
    , @annamaria
  277. Zumbuddi says:
    @Priss Factor

    PF is just like Trump.
    PF wants you to take down the Jews — prolly cuz PF is a Jew & getting nervous.
    110 is it?

    But PF doesn’t want you be too successful.

    PF is like all those Jewish doctor-investors who want you to take a vaccine they cooked up, that doesn’t cure the bug or make it less catchy, but it makes YOU sicker, & that’s good for the Jews.
    Don’t take the 14 88 zinc cocktail that works.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  278. Robjil says:

    Both of these Americas are us. Black and Brown people have long understood this. They’ve been exposed to the white tyranny that was on full display at yesterday’s riot since the founding of our nation. It’s the double standard that undergirds white supremacy in our nation.

    This is quite insane. Why would anyone eat ice cream or any food from a company that thinks like that? Everyone should boycott this company.

    There is no white tyranny in the US. Tyranny is coming from a people that we can not talk about. We can talk about “whites” with disdain 24/7. We can’t talk about Jewish “White” Supremacy even for one second. That is the only supremacy that is going on in our (((free))) press MSM.

    This Jewish “White” Supremacy has been advocating the destruction of Seven Nations in the Middle East. This is after they did the nine eleven false flag. The Seven Nations to destroy theme is how the first Israel of the Torah started. Why is the US advocating a Jewish religious theme for its warmongering in the Middle East in the 21st century? Now this is real Supremacy – Jewish “White” Supremacy”.

  279. @Realist

    You are about a stupid old cunt.

    Then who do you think paid for the rioting and destruction?

    LOL…George Soros is the name usually bandied about, but there’s probably twenty more who’d qualify.

    You are another dumb fuck who supposed that a President alone could undue at least 50 years of subversion, at all levels of government.

    This whole year was a charade…and you were played.

    Says the old fool, who’s been played and despaired a long time ago.

    • Replies: @Realist
  280. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    …..paid troll

  281. @Tony Massey

    You’re always woun welcome in the Great State of Tennessee. Bring a friend.
    Don’t count us out.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  282. Getaclue says:

    To be this willfully clueless and publish it….

  283. @NoobSpyBot

    Fuck with him at your own peril, for once his fighting spirit has been properly aroused, there’s nothing more fearsome or deadly than the blond-haired, grey eyed, Anglo Saxon male.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  284. @Katrinka

    Though I disagree with your assessment that he’s a fraud., I simply think he was beaten into submission by an establishment his ego allowed himself to underestimate., I completely agree that nothing in the near to long term future will be solved by voting., I actually came to this realization well before 11/3

  285. @TKK

    I wish they had showed up 1 million strong- armed. I wish McConnell, Pence, Pelosi, Schmer, Biden were…transitioned.

    Hacked to pieces with tomahawks and broadswords on the Capitol steps and left for turkey buzzards.

    Hopefully recorded via cell phone so all Americans could enjoy it for years to come.

    • Agree: TKK
  286. @HeebHunter

    Several times today I have posted a link to eyewitness videos of the “insurrection.” These were nothing but agents provacateurs. He was damn right to denounce the sons of bitches. And I am not a Trump supporter. I have never voted for the man. Wouldn’t vote for him if he runs in 2024. But no President deserves the shit that has been dumped on him. It was nothing but an assassination without the bullets.

    Watch these videos and tell me what you think after you see them.

  287. Well, maybe Trump can monitor the situation.

    This is nuts, but conservatives are not pure on the matter of free speech. Trump and GOP, along with Cuck-Democrats, all worked together to shut down BDS, free speech for justice for Palestinians. And Twitter has been suppressing pro-BDS voices forever. Yet, where was the outcry? The very conzos who are now bitching about censorship were totally okay with Censchwarzship against BDS.

    Now, Jews will say they have the freedom to counter-boycott those who call a boycott on Israel and Zionism, and that is true as long as it’s a matter of individuals. Jewish individuals can do as they like.
    But when, Jews use STATE POWER to favor one group over another, it is supremacism pure and simple.

    So, if conzos really want to be on the side of free speech and the Constitution, they need to join with people like Abby Martin and sue governments and institutions that suppress BDS.

    What irony, btw, as Trump sucked up to Jews so much and favored Jewish-Zionist supremacism and worked with local governments to suppress and silence BDS. But how did Jews return the favor? They are gagging his ass. They are muzzling him like a dog.

    As far as Jews are concerned, Trump is even worse than BDS because, after all, the Jewish Power to crush Palestinians and Muslims derives from total white servility to Jews. Now, Trump was a sappy dog to the Jews, BUT his populist politics awakened White America, and Jews fear that it may lead to white agency that says NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL. So, Jews had to take down Trump.

    Well, at least MAGA had its ‘joker moment’. Can you dig it?

    • Agree: Robjil
  288. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Moore

    one consideration yo missed Chris Moore: they are going to poison the people literally if they are not doing so already with the Covid vaccines.

    I doubt very much the ‘establishment are going to leave the people standing and able to carry out a revolution. they do not even have jobs for the people anymore to keep them quiet! and what are they going to do jobs wise with the millions upon millions of immigrants supposedly waiting to be let in: how many jobs ae there have for them as well?

    the situation does not look well, or augur well for the ordinary people of all skin tones at this stage. too much technology driving the situation. something will give, must give and that would be the health and lives of ordinary folk. looks to me that they must be disabled somehow

  289. Getaclue says:

    Yes — the Election bs is completely shot and has been for a long time — totally manipulated and controlled, the Dominion Machines are by their own specs built to be used to switch votes or do whatever you want– who would use such things if they weren’t planning on rigging elections? — people need to prepare for complete Societal Breakdown and Famine — it is all coming in the not distant future, the USA is over….

  290. @Realist

    The revolution was not to dispose of Trump (who was an obvious fraud) but of his followers.

    • Agree: frontier, Biff, Realist
  291. frontier says:
    @Priss Factor

    Coulter is definitely not “worthless”. She had Trump all figured out long ago despite being his supporter at first. I learn more from her than from Nazi apologists who can’t even count the dead, much less understand the political wreckage brought by their beloved Fuhrr-hurr to Europe and US. The commies fear Coulter and that’s worth something. On the other hand, GOP does appear worthless at this time, Trump managed to trick, smear or entrap the last honest people in this organization… and that’s a real problem. (BTW, I don’t doubt GOP’s got a plan, they always do, everybody does… I don’t wanna quote Tyson here…)

    You’re mistaken about Coulter’s position on Reagan, she didn’t compare the 80s and today – she compared Reagan’s politically literate actions to Trump’s maniacal blunders, I have a hard time believing one could cause so much damage without some forethought. As for Reagan, he was neither a genius nor a saint, he simply didn’t do a lot of stupid. You also forget that during Reagan the Dems weren’t as insane as they are today. Much of the support for Trump was actually driven by panic fear of the lunatic left, if he didn’t play their game for them, he’d be able to win easily and prevent most fraud.

    Thanks for the link, it’s much better than the childish article we are commenting under.

  292. Syd Walker says: • Website
    @Robert Konrad

    Over years, since first encountering his perspective on the USA’s endless wars and the key role played by the Israel Lobby in fomenting them, I’ve had considerable respect for Paul Craig Roberts . But his last two articles in (including this one) led me to wonder on both occasions if his account has been hacked.

    Trump is not worth the adulation PCR is giving him now. He’s a bully and a murderer, a grotesque egotist and braggart, a fool lacking high-school level scientific understanding and a serious danger to the survival of human civilisation (largely, but not entirely, because of his extreme ecological ignorance). He lost the election to a remarkably unimpressive opponent foisted on the Democratic Party by its corrupt, zionist and billionaire-friendly controllers. That is a mark of Trump’s deep unpopularity. Just over half the electorate was utterly desperate to to vote him out, despite the dismal alternative.

    PCR – like many of the “white nationalist” commentators here – seem to think that negative opinions about other “races” are shared by all “whites”. They are not. Most American of all ethnicities don’t want to live an an apartheid society. They have colleagues, friends and often family members of other “races” and want to live in harmony with all.

    Does that mean there aren’t unfairnesses experienced by some white people? Of course not. This site provides a space for views and grievances all too often shooed out of mainstream discourse to be ventilated. I think that’s healthy and much needed. It’s a key reason I come here, read and occasionally participate. Unlike all too many “liberals” and “leftists” these days, I loathe “identity politics” which seems more about perpetuating racial tensions than resolving them so we can get on with truly important matters.

    I put up with the often repulsive bigotry that comes with uncensored discourse because of the high quality and originality of some of the writing. PCR used to be one of my reasons for visiting On his current form, that’s no longer true.

    • Agree: Robert Konrad
  293. @TKK

    So what is the evidence for the shooter being black? How good is it?

    • Replies: @TKK
  294. By-tor says:
    @Robert Konrad

    “Game over. Face it, PCR. Time to go fishing.”

    Are you a locked-down Aussie or a locked-up Brit?

  295. Yep, from ‘gay rights’ to Gay Rites.

    Globo-Homo is Jewish proselytization of a new ‘universal’ cult that, oddly enough, only favors minority-elites, esp the Jews.

    It is ‘universal’ in that homos exist among all races, all cultures, and all nations.
    But it’s particularist in that homos(and trannies) are a tiny minority everywhere and more likely to collaborate with World Jewry that lavishly funds them to do the bidding of Jewish Power.

    Homos are narcissistic and mainly obsessed with self-aggrandizement, and that means homos all over the world are eager to betray their nation and culture to find favor with the New World Order controlled by Jews.

    Look at the image. Globo-Homo sign alongside religious symbols. It is a Jewish satanic agenda to replace true religions and sacred symbols with pseudo-spirituality that celebrates narcissism, consumerism, vanity, and hedonism.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
    , @Majority of One
  296. TKK says:

    Go here:

    and search for Ashli Babbitt

    You have to check some boxes to enter their site.

    Black hands holding a gun are shown firing- Ashli goes down. A cop behind her draws his gun up to his shoulder to fire and looks surprised. Everyone in the group looks shocked. No one seemed to know basic first aid.

    The article where I read it- Zero Hedge?- has….disappeared.

    Isn’t it funny- how before George Floyd’s disgusting nostrils had stopped flaring, we knew his shoe size and favorite flavor of Kool Aid. (DRANK! WE WUZ THE KANGS!!!!) . But no one will show a photo of Ashli’s murderer? You can’t find it.

    This ALONE tells us he is black. Protected.

    Furthermore, don’t forget all those pavement apes (no offense to apes) KICKING IN STORE FRONTS.
    They were treated like babies in a nursery. Revered. Cossetted.

    Ashli was gunned down for protesting a statistically impossible election result.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  297. Here’s how you get results with this sort of motherfucker.

    That’s what they understand.

    • Replies: @TKK
  298. @Syd Walker

    PCR – like many of the “white nationalist” commentators here – seem to think that negative opinions about other “races” are shared by all “whites”. They are not.

    Just like the Leftoid white traitors here in the US, you deserve to live with the nigger trash you love.

    Only problem is, you never do.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  299. Jiminy says:

    For decades we’ve watched the states and the Germans send white men to the moon. Private Ryan and his band of men turned the tide of the war for us all. Negroes saving the planet from swarms of evil mind-melding aliens. Transformers that know now not to go anywhere near the America’s or else. And who could forget Captain America. What happened? It’s taken roughly a century, but a total jewish takeover seems but a formality. USSR.2.
    All that the whites can hope for now, is that while the spoils are divided up amongst the victors at their own Potsdam meeting, they may be given their piece of nirvana, their own Haiti. Maybe that’s why Trump wanted to buy Greenland. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and America’s is that there will be plenty of work for everyone erecting synagogues.
    One for each suburb.
    On a warm sunny day for as far as the eye can see, will be the lovely shape of the minarets reflecting in the soft afternoon glow.
    But Trump clearly needs to play this game out to its end stage. More of the snakes will crawl from their hiding place, and hopefully more of the blind will see. As the due date nears, we will see greater pressure put on Trump like never before.

  300. Thomasina says:

    Thanks for all the facts and evidence. LOL

  301. annamaria says:
    @Auntie Analogue

    “It is the Establishment against the people.”

    –Agree. See the openly indecent behavior of mass media (think of the presstituting profiteer Rachel Maddow) and the shamelessly servile behavior of Google, FakeBook, YouTube, and Twitter. These organizations abhor real men and women and have instead the shrinking heads of the PC-progressives in charge. The Big Tech bosses are nothing but soulless and empty shells centered on making money, keeping a vegan diet, meditating on nothingness, and doing expensive recreational drugs. Wasted lives.

    None of these pretentious progressives ever questioned what the US has been doing abroad and for whose expense. Such questions are highly improper among the wealthy Big Tech bosses and the brainwashed and ignorant college ‘progressives.’ For them, Obama is a saint, Powers and Nuland-Kagan are thinkers, and Clintons are the hope of democracy. The US ‘progressives’ were so easily convinced by Bernays’ good students in the ultimate importance of Trump being an apocalyptically bad figure, that the empire can worry not about the possibility of any real progressive movement in the US. These petty pretenders on progressiveness and free thought will never bother the empire.

    The fakeness of American wealthy ‘progressives’ is on display in their attitude towards Julian Assange. The best journalist of our days has been locked in a high-security prison for telling the truth and there was no nation-wide movement protesting the imprisonment. Yet the ‘progressives’ kneel for drug-dealer and pornographer Floyd.

    It seems that the US business model of society generates the worst behavior among the US populace. The cowardly, opportunistic, and hypocritical behavior.

    • Agree: By-tor, Robjil, GeneralRipper
  302. @Priss Factor

    No can do! Political division is strictly between rural producing areas (farmers) Republicans, and parasitic cities Democrats..

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  303. @Miro23

    Very interesting take. Time will tell. May you live in interesting times.

  304. PCR wrote:

    The presstitutes throughout the Western world have intentionally misrepresented the January 6 rally in Washington in support of Trump. The rally had to be misrepresented, because no one in politics today anywhere in the Western World can demonstrate such massive support other than Donald Trump.

    PCR above makes a valid point, but as explanation for the media and indeed widespread political misrepresentation of the Jan. 6th rally, there is much to add.

    A few contextual observations: The Nov 3rd 2020 US election took place in a year like no other, in which a de facto world government, via the psyop of a non existent pandemic and subsequent medical martial law, was largely – at least temporarily – implemented in nearly every country. This plandemic/scamdemic received massive support from mass media mind control and political puppets and many critical institutions. The ambition of a totalitarian global control system presiding over a drastically reduced enslaved human population is an elite ambition of long standing.

    As the ‘great hope’, vaccines were rolled out at record speed, inadequately tested, and in some professional assessments, the new technology could used as an extremely pernicious assault on human well being and reproductive health.

    The policies ‘justified’ by the scamdemic had in less than one year led to the demise of countless millions of small businesses around the planet, further impoverishing and demoralizing and harming countless millions of people, while concentrating wealth very greatly.

    While Trump became a frequent booster of the wonders of the vaccine, he had also gone off script for example by not wearing a mask, praising hydroxychloroquine, not displaying requisite social distancing paranoia. He was at least a rhetorical ally of the small business people losing their livelihoods, and his anti-globalist nationalism was anathema to elite pipe dreams of global government by the usual suspects.

    Then there is the election itself, in which clearly widely coordinated planning and much organized criminality, fraud and treason took place to steal the election from Trump, and who knows how many other aspirants to political office. It was an attempted coup d’état, clear and simple. Thus the desperate need for the coup plotters – at risk via truth to extreme justice – to complete the defeat of Trump, nail it down, beyond the Nov. 3rd election.

    The coup had been long planned: consider for example the purging of many successful, large audience truth seeking citizen journalists from social media in the weeks prior to the election. This was a planned coordinated assault against alternatives to the ‘presstitutes’.

    Or recall the ‘Election Integrity (sic) Project’, which ‘war gamed’ the coup.

    The Jan. 6th events at the Capital building were being broadcast to the public, and the speeches featured impassioned truth tellers with facts about a stolen election pitted against those who claimed the election had been a wondrous achievement for election integrity.

    An important outcome of the events of Jan 6th is that a large number of Republicans, appalled by the spectacle outside, came ‘out of the closet’ to expose their allegiance to accepting the coup d’état.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Thanks: Majority of One
  305. I should have added to the above that the ‘sword of Trump’ hung over the coup plotters via the Presidential power to mobilize militias and parts of the military to actively counter the coup, or to act via the Insurrection Act. This explains the recent increasingly drastic action of social and mass media to censor trump and his allies and to gaslight the public.

  306. Wally says:
    @phillip sawicki

    Don’t need to go Wikipedia, mate.

    More complete list here:

    Complete list of Jewish Expulsions / Jews expelled from over 1,000 places in history:

    It’s revealing that Jews were found to be loathsome by everyone, everywhere, every time, even way before Christians.

  307. @Chris Moore

    You hope for a mutation. those take lots of time. whites may disappear before a white master is born. and if the mutation happens early the master will be hated by 90% of whites and face the choice of having to destroy whites in order to save whiteness.

  308. In a way, a two-party system is bad for democracy. It allows the both parties to scare voters that ‘unless you vote for us, the OTHER party will take over and do horrible things’. So, the parties can run crooks and scum. They don’t need good candidates as people aren’t so much voting FOR a candidate but AGAINST the ‘worse evil’.

    So, even though most Democratic politicians are crooks and only care about money and status and cater to the super-rich, they pose as ‘progressives’ who are holding back the tide of Evil Reaction, monstrous greed, and etc. In 2020, no Democrat voted for Biden. They just voted against Evil Trump. They were willing to vote for ANYONE as the lesser evil.

    But GOP plays the same game. They say, unless we good patriots protect your rights, it will be the end of the Constitution and all your rights and property. The commies will take over if the Dems win!!! So, conzos hold their noses and vote for the likes of Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton and the rest. But all these guys do is suck up to the rich, which is what the Dem politicians do.

    Without a two-party system, candidates would be less able to pull this crap. People would vote more on the merit of the candidate than what party he belongs to. So many conzos voted for Republicans as bulwark against the commie Democrats, but GOP politicians only sucked up to Jews and the rich. So many libbies voted for Democarts as bulwark against fascist Republicans, but Dem politicians only sucked up to Jews and the rich. It’s one big con-game.

    So, it’d be better if we had a one-party state, which would effectively be a no-party state since everyone would belong to that one party. This way, the people would be less divided over whether someone is Repuglican or Dummicrat. They would simply be individuals voting for an individual candidate on his merit and positions.

    Take California. It is Democratic dominant but still has a Republican party. So, even people who are sick of scumbag Democrat politicians still vote for them on the basis that it’s better than Evil Nazi Republicans. But if CA were to become 100% Democratic with everyone belonging to the same party, people would look beyond party labels and go with issues. And most likely, someone with the best combo of sane liberal and conservative positions will have a chance.

    People say most politicians are moderate or center-left or center-right, but that’s not true. They are not so much in the center as on top. They reach the top in politics to suck up to the tops in business. It’s not about negotiating between left and right but duping both left and right to reach the top to serve the topper.

    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
  309. TKK says:

    Bloody Hell Yeah!


    That movie breaks my heart- his Da.

  310. TKK says:
    @Syd Walker

    You are a boring scold and nag- a histrionic pearl clutcher.

    As General Ripper aptly stated: You have never spent one hour with REAL home boys.

    They have colleagues, friends and often family members of other “races” and want to live in harmony with all.

    Virtual signaling is an exercise in superiority karate.

    But worse, you are delusional. Blacks don’t want you and your virtue signaling friends in their space. Only to take your money, use you and then beat you up.

    Blacks are inherently more violent than whites, especially in groups. I believe you should embark on a sabbatical to study this- live and in color.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  311. Druid says:

    Trump said years ago in an interview that he thought the republicans were stupid, could be easily manipulated, and he therefore would run as a republican if he ever did. He did, he won!

  312. ninian says:

    gop let dems play with ballots or machines because bush and obama wasted trillions destroying iraq to syria!

    2008 was rigged to migrant crisis europe!

    dems use thugs to attack people with stand down cops 2016, they let rioters loot over month, they like stephen colbert smear people as fascists’ leading to 50 shot vegas or hunted by antifa portland killing

    dems spread covid19 with parades/rioters, they say no to travel restrictions+hate out patient research treatment, they mandate nursing homes without prepare the site, they tell stores to close but still tax them

  313. tosca says:

    Dear M. Roberts, I do agree with you. I have bought and read all your books and articles.I saw the ‘invasion’ of the capitol. Two things are important to underline. First, after returning to their chamber, several representatives read a long text, very well written, and even emphatic. When did they find time to write such an unemotionnal text? Second, when they returned, I wtched them carefully and saw not one sign of emotion . They were all very unextedtedly calm as if nothing had happened. It was cristal clear they had not been surprised or even deeply upset. They seemed to perform a scene of a prepared play. Nothing was ‘natural’. What we saw is the fire of the reichtag. Well played. Beautiful performance. Pity the poor of us. There won’t be a next time. I greet you all.

    • Agree: annamaria
  314. AReply says:
    @Syd Walker

    I used to prize PCR commentary on economic back story over at CounterPunch. Then he disappeared. Now we see why: Dementia has taken him and higher mind is going, leaving only the reptile, like @GeneralRipper. Thanks for pitching in… I agree that there are signs here of true awareness struggling to gain a toe hold, and there’s hope in this. But the asinine bigotry is just too mean and loud to allow any confidence we can lurch into a new order. If people of reason begin to look past their signifiers and ask how to lift up everyone, then we’ll find a way forward. But the self loathing here is overwhelming. Nevertheless, the willingness to try to discuss it is worthy and deserves support. PCR is too far gone to hitch a wagon to any train he runs. Reagan was a nightmare for America and the world. But what we expect? He was a media product. And not much has changed since. Somehow now W and Colin Powell are considered elder statesmen. Incredible for total war criminals. But let’s face who we are as a country: the wounds of the Civil War still are still a festering necrotic blight in America… And all our artifice of white superiority has collapsed into a junk heap. Want to move forward, we have to be able to confront what it means to be human, not “white”. Mostly I see lots of squeaky poorly maintained botsz. But luckily there are some who will still try to make a go of being human, so thank you.

  315. Miro23 says:

    I forgot to mention: Ron Unz is a Jew by the way. Wonder why he allows this site to go on.

    Because he wants to be governor of an Anglo-Latino California and I sincerely hope that it happens.

    Don’t understand. Please explain.

    It’s not my business, but Ron doesn’t seem to give up easily. He made that unsuccessful run for Governor of California, and also (eventually) had his Proposition 227 mostly annulled.

    The Latinos in California want their children taught in English (not Spanish) – the object of Proposition 227. IMO he would make a great Governor for present day California. Also Unz Review supports free speech (left and right) which is what most Americans want.

    From Wikipedia:

    Unz made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination in the 1994 California gubernatorial election. He received 707,431 votes (34.3 percent) in the primary race against the incumbent Pete Wilson, who won the primary with 1,266,832 votes (61.4 percent).[10] Newspapers referred to Unz’s candidacy as a Revenge of the Nerds and often quoted his claim of a 214 IQ

    Unz campaigned on a Republican ticket in California in the 2016 primaries for election to the US Senate intending to succeed Democrat Barbara Boxer.[23] Having previously supported immigration, he now proposed it “should be sharply reduced, probably by 50% or more.”[24] Though not hoping to win the nomination, he put himself forward in an attempt to challenge the then proposed repeal of Proposition 227*

    *The bill’s intention was to educate Limited English proficiency students in a rapid, one-year program. It was sponsored by Ron Unz, the runner-up candidate in the 1994 Republican gubernatorial primary. The proposition was controversial because of its close proximity to heated political issues including race, immigration, and poverty. The methods of education enacted by the proposition reflected the electorate’s support of assimilation over multiculturalism. It passed with a margin of 61% to 39%.

  316. Miro23 says:

    I forgot to mention: Ron Unz is a Jew by the way. Wonder why he allows this site to go on.

    Because he wants to be governor of an Anglo-Latino California and I sincerely hope that it happens.

    Don’t understand. Please explain.

    Short answer that Unz Review gives people what they want (free speech). It’s growing fast and it keeps him in the political eye. It doesn’t make any difference that he’s Jewish.

    • Agree: annamaria
  317. @GeneralRipper

    Lol, stupid mutt.

    Here is your ass kiss


    Your grandfather is a piece of shit burning in hell. You too will burn. Nobody will miss you. Good riddance.

    Actually, we will keep your memory alive like how we keep researches of past calamities around. Just to avoid subhumans like you from ever existing again.

    Muttmerica is officially dead. The concept is OVER. Thank God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  318. @Carroll Price

    Indeed. The kosher golem called the anglo did unfathomable damage to Europe. Fearsome indeed.
    Now the monkey island is being infused with the dreaded, feral Paki blood. Expect ww3 as the last tschüss from the island monkeys and amerimutts.

    And the world shall prevail. We will keep their memories around as warning to remember. No more “democracy”. No more liberalism.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  319. @Tony Massey

    My friend, what is coming for you is going to be long and hard. You really wouldnt want some foreigner who drills with a pistol a few times every year. Sure, I can pull a trigger with joy on every kike and little shit like General Ripped-anus, but so can most gangbangers. Not to mention that I have no other resources/logistic possibilities to offer.
    I’m not worth your trouble to house a dissident, foreign terrorist, lol

    You want people who won’t hesistate but still have at least two braincells left. Shooting will be the least important aspect for the needed revolutionary.

  320. Robjil says:

    BJs s for Jewish “White” Tyranny in the US, Palestine and world wide. Boycott BJs for the sake of humanity.

    In violation of their social mission, their Israeli franchise sells ice cream in illegal, Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, transported on Jewish-only roads, on trucks with Jewish-only license plates, passing easily through military checkpoints that bedevil others.

    So much for their social mission.

    Since 2013, thousands of individuals and nearly 250 organizations in 20 countries have called on Ben & Jerry’s to stop sales to Israeli illegal settlements and to publicly oppose Israel’s occupation and settlements.

    They have refused to do so.

    • Thanks: geokat62, annamaria
  321. @Hillaire

    “Another anti-German Jew”

    First of all I am not a Jew, secondly my wife is a ret PhD holding German teacher born in Wiesbaden , and I myself lived there for decades working as a pro musician/music teacher.
    You are talking out of your ass and typical for a leftist cretin.
    You have no bloody clue as to the underhandedness and lunacy dominating Germany and the German mind-set.
    To this day the entire country is submerged within a deranged BO worship mode with photos of his repulsive kisser staring at you every few meters, and the madness of their DTS is beyond words.


  322. @Priss Factor

    Well argued and accurate. Everyone grovels to the Jew, we have been thoroughly Judaized just as Hitler predicted

  323. annamaria says:

    Colonel Patrick Lang: “Denial of freedom of speech underway”

    Posted by Andrei Martyanov:

    As strange as it may sound coming from me–but these are all private platforms and their policies, however screwed up, are their policies. The United States has Antitrust Laws and DJT had full four years to deal with this issue of social platforms’ monopolies. He didn’t do a thing, as he didn’t in many other fields–he was too busy twitting and being a door mat for Israel. Now, he suddenly, woke up? The guy is a NYC real estate hustler and media personality, I abandoned any hope to see anything done from him after he appointed John Bolton. Everything became very clear then.

    Posted by james:

    that is what happens in a corporatocracy… eventually the plain truth of who is controlling what becomes very visible.

    The wealthy “pro-business” (pro-wars, pro-destruction of western civilization, pro-opportunism, pro-censorship) Trotskyists have won.

  324. Katrinka says:

    Then why are you here?

    I visit several sites per day. So do many other people. Straw man argument.

  325. bayviking says:

    PCR has made several incorrect statements::
    Trump is not a populist, although he campaigned on the populist promise of bringing jobs home there is no indication that promise was achieved during his tenure. No sincere populist would ever consider joining the Republican Party, which today is the sworn enemy of FDR’s New Deal.

    Race, a meaningless term, , is a central issue in Trump’s campaign rhetoric. No one distinguishes black, brown or yellow labs as distinct races. But that is exactly what people do to justify unequal consideration of people by race under our laws.

    Trump brought out the National Guard to confront Black Lives Matter in the name of law and order, yet refused to do the same during the insurrection he instigated against certification of the 2000 election.

    Pence called the National Guard and they responded, rendering the President moot.

    PCR and 74 million other people have failed to recognize that Trump is first and foremost a con artist and failed Casino developer. Trump’s response to the pandemic was moronic and his treatment of people he does not agree with is consistently cruel.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  326. @Authenticjazzman

    Lol, overcompensation for low IQ much, boomercoon?
    I hope your wife reads what you have to say about Germans.
    But you are typing this from your “mancave”, I bet.

    Stay mad. Hell is for eternity! You can spend all the time in existence talking to your grandpa about how he put down those gnatzees, together in the boiling pit of human excrement.

  327. annamaria says:

    You underappreciate the intensity of zionist hatred towards honest critics of anything Jewish.

    Just to remind you about some epochal topics that are tabu in the US:

    Holobiz obscenity (including the crimes of Jewish Bolsheviks and the persecution of honest historians daring to explore the faux evidence a la Elie Wiesel & Ilya Ehrenburg’s tall tales).

    The creation of the thuggish Anti-Defamation League in memory of a rapist and murderer Leo Frank.

    The special selectivity at Ivy League schools, which has been skewed towards Jewish applicants (including not-too-bright ones):

    Ron has shown amazing courage by giving the platform for lifting the veil over the untouchables’ deeds. For people like you, it has the sense to learn this dictum by Voltaire, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    You took the handle of a famous writer (Leo Tolstoy). Why? – To add weight to your anonymous opinions?

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @tolstoy
  328. Realist says:

    You are another dumb fuck who supposed that a President alone could undue at least 50 years of subversion, at all levels of government.

    Speaking of dumb fucks…what was the point of voting for Trump if you knew he was ineffectual???

    Your tough persona belies the fact that you have a little dick.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  329. @stevennonemaker88

    Exactly. I have heard many Americans ask repeatedly why the “Elites” are so very arrogant and full of hubris etc…when it comes to the people they pretend to govern.

    The answer is that are that way because they believe they possess a monopoly on violence and the use of force.

    They are not reasonable people who give a shit about truth or decency or the Constitution or any of those quaint notions the common people are constantly invoking. They worship power and want TOTAL control. And they’ll literally do ANYTHING to maintain it.

  330. anon[771] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Why do you think that those elites allowed Jews into their club in the first place? They did it because they both hated the “little people” that the elites lorded over.

  331. IronForge says:

    Just don’t Forget:

    There are many Factions vying for Power and Influence at work here. The Founders – Mostly Masonic Landed Gentry – have been replaced by Mostly Masonic Plutocrats and their Rentier-Bankers, Corporate Profiteers, and Military for Mercenary Gain and Control of Global Resources via the Subjugation of Peoples.

    I wanted to Point Out that the MAGA/America First Movements were Sabotaged by several of those Factions.

    MIGA – who Trump is an Advocate for – can’t afford to lose their Grip over the Hegemony.

    Same for Rentier-Bankers, Corporations, and RNC/DNC Career Politicians+Lobbyists.

    Funny to note the Coincidence No One in the MSM is Mentioning, is that

    The CATHOLIC Majority SCOTUS REFUSED to hear the Electioneering Fraud Allegations, which allowed for a CATHOLIC Biden to be POTUS-Elect.

    Meanwhile, CATHOLIC Pelosi is trying to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment while CATHOLIC Dorsey’s TWTR are Suppressing Trump’s Public Commentaries and Announcements in that Venue along with other 230 Racketeers.

    CATHOLIC Fauci & Co. are running the CoVID19 Lockdown/Vaxx Scam/Manufactured_EconomicDepression as Meds+Plasma usage are Suppressed.

    As CATHOLIC Biden enters the White House, the UKRAINIAN_TRIBAL Schumer(who was Vocal in his Opposition to Biden/Burisma/Aid Investigations) will become the Senate Majority Leader. Together with House Speaker CATHOLIC Pelosi, they most likely will implement OPENBORDERS_POLICES which may include AMNESTY to ILLEGAL ALIENS and allow for an Influx of Immigration of mostly CATHOLIC MIGRANVADERS from the Americas.

    Though Jesus-never-existed-dot-com, the increase of CATHOLICS from OPENBORDERS should raise their Population Representation from 25%. However, the Demographics Shift in Ethnic and Political Profiles will accelerate the Hegemon’s BodyPolitic PERMANENTLY APART from MAGA Advocates’.

    Clearly, Bona Fide MAGA Types should separate themselves from MIGA, Masons(by their Fictitious Lore Definition of being Solomon’s Temple Architects – are Zionists), CATHOLIC/MVaticanGA, RNC/DNC, and OPENBORDERS/WokedLiberal Types.

    Independence – via Emigration and/or Secession? Those who want to live in a “MAGA based USA” – without the DEEP_STATE/MIGA/CATHOLIC/OPENBORDERS/WokedLiberal may have to Secede a Section apart from the Republic.

    Time for a Constitutional Convention.
    Do it, or be Assimilated.

  332. @HeebHunter

    And the world shall prevail. We will keep their memories around as warning to remember. No more “democracy”. No more liberalism.

    Says the jackass who will be rounded up like sheep for questioning the Holoco\$t and who’s people have elected an old Stasi Jew fellating whore to rule over them for the last 16 years.

    The alternate universe of HeebCunter the troll…lol

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  333. @Realist

    Speaking of dumb fucks…what was the point of voting for Trump if you knew he was ineffectual???

    We’ve been over this before, bozo. Trump was a start. Like planting a seed to try to grow something better.

    EVERYONE except those with a childlike mind, like yourself, understood this.

    Your tough persona belies the fact that you have a little dick.

    That’s not what your old lady said…lol 😉

    • Replies: @Realist
  334. Syd Walker says: • Website

    Thank you for sharing your opinions TKK.

    I’ll add it to my collection of posts from people who claim to know a lot (but probably know zip) about my life and associates – and whose statements about their own society are so spiteful they give bigotry a bad name.

    I hope you and Generalissimo Ripper like reggae. I selected this with both of you in mind..

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  335. Katrinka says:

    The shooter was wearing black leather gloves. He was white, wearing a black mask, business suit. He appears to have gray hair. The side of his face is visible, his right ear is visibly white.
    I used this link for the film, I do not support or agree with any of the comments.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  336. Katrinka says:
    @Priss Factor

    The U.S. exports bombs and gay pride parades, not much of anything else.

  337. Your strambotic desperate theory on that two people in bull horns encourgaged the Trumpsters to storm the Capitol gets debunked when all the front line stormers have been idnetified as long data known far-right, neonazi, white supremacist leaders and agitators, included by the way those carrying bull horns, as the “QAnon Shaman”…

    Then it is the video of the full Trump family celebrating at the rythm of “Gloria” ( original by Umberto Tozzi, then discotechized by someone in the US…) and encourgaing the riotters to fight…Especially euphoric, showing his permanently strangely brilliant eyes, was The Donald the junior, probably feeling increasingly approaching the moment he will be crowned as the successor leader fo this alleged electorate of 70 million, as was contemplated in the RNC as new opportunity to retake power..the euphoria showed by his recent partner Kimberly Plastic Surgery added to this flagrant evidence of the monarchic heir couple…

    The reality is that this author was himslef part of the establishment, and moreover of one of the harshest ones, that which started putting things really hard, not only for the for the US working classes, but also for every ones around the world, by pushing the end of the Breton Woods system and that way starting financial capitalism based on fiat, which, in the end, acted, in a karmic way, as the ultimate killer of this rotten system you were a willing part.

    That you, and your kind now claim for the support of the working masses you previously contributed to impoverish is not but a bad joke, and so, that you are currently unmasked by your own accomplices in the sytem is only a partially good joke, as this “Capitol Storming”, in which a lot of people particpated, in several staments, not only the fron liners in bull horns, will be further used to crush any kind of genuine dissent, protest, or even real people´s revolution, when the things start to be objectively hard, and the people start losing their business, homes, and suffering even hunger ( as in fact it is already happening..) an outcome the elites of both parties along with the corporate, entrepeneurial and banking class, and this author ( and the myriad of alleged “alt media” and “independent journalists” who support him and his views ), contributed and collaborated all along to bring in.

  338. Robjil says:

    That quote is not from Voltaire but it is true for our time. In Voltaire’s time, one could talk about your rulers. The ruler was the King. With Jewish rule, it is the “greatest” sin to talk about their rule. It is the “worst sin” imaginable and that horrible world shaking sin is called “anti-semitism”.

    Here is a real quote from Voltaire about Jewish culture. He says this culture is born with raging fanaticism in their hearts. Its people would some day become deadly to the human race. We had seen this prediction come true very well since 12.23. 1913. It has been a very sad hundred years or so. Something has to give. Humanity is yearning to be free of this nightmare.

    “… [Jews] are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.[2] —Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron (1771)

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  339. @GeneralRipper

    Yet am I still here, you mad little coon. Did (((Trump))) and I piss on your little forehead again?


    Can’t wait for the coming cope next two weeks and for (((them))) to round you up.

  340. Davidoff says:

    True colours: After decades and decades of warmongering & murdering innocent people around the globe in the name of “democracy” (what a hypocritical sick joke!!!) to steal and loot other nation’s territories and resources now the true colours of the USA are visible to All: An horrendous tyrannical evil monster serving not the authentic american people but the interests of a few billionnaires, master puppeteers in the dark. We knew it all along: u are not a democracy and you are not an example to anyone.

    All the contrary, you are an example of what not to be or what not to become.

    You are and always have been a kleptocracy or something worse.

    (wikypedia: Kleptocracy (from Greek κλέπτης kléptēs, “thief”, κλέπτω kléptō, “I steal”, and -κρατία -kratía from κράτος krátos, “power, rule”) is a government whose corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) use political power to appropriate the wealth of their nation, typically by embezzling or misappropriating government funds at the expense of the wider population.)


    • Agree: Robjil, HeebHunter
  341. @Syd Walker

    If I want to listen to monkeys, I’ll go to the zoo.

    Thanks anyway.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  342. @Priss Factor

    What a prissy poopolator. As per Shakespeare: “Methinks thou dost protest too much”. Could be a terminal case of homophilophobia.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  343. Syd Walker says: • Website

    You’re welcome, General Ripper.

    A visit to your local zoo’s monkey enclosure is a poor substitute for experiencing primates in the wild, but they’re highly intelligent beings able to co-exist even in confined areas.

    You may pick up useful social skills while you’re there.

    • Replies: @FB
  344. geokat62 says:

    At one point during Trumpstein’s remarks during the rally on Jan 6, he said:

    After this, we’re going to walk down — and I’ll be there with you — we’re going to walk down, we’re going to walk down — anyone you want, but I think right here — we’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women. And we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. Because you’ll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength, and you have to be strong. We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing, and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated — lawfully slated. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your votes heard today.

    Then, later in the speech he said:

    The best is yet to come. We’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue — I love Pennsylvania Avenue — and we’re going to the Capitol. And we’re going to try and give — the Democrats are hopeless, they never vote for anything, not even one vote — but we’re going to try to give our Republicans, the weak ones because the strong ones don’t need any of our help; we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    … after making these bold statements, he quickly disappeared through the back door.

    Some might suggest this little stunt was a parting gift to the incoming Bidet administration, providing him a pretext to impose an unprecedented crackdown on The Deplorables. The ADL/SPLC and other domestic terrorist organizations will be targeting these unfortunate souls for the same treatment their Bolshevik predecessors dispensed on the native Russian people over 100 years ago.

    So, get ready for Tikkun olam 2.0, baby!

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @geokat62
    , @geokat62
  345. @Katrinka

    I created those links. Many of the comments were not mine and I disagreed with them as well.

    But my review of the one video that clearly shows the hands of the gunman, looked like the hands had black gloves on them, which is why I asked TKK for the evidence that he had.

    As for my comments, I don’t think there is any doubt that this was a “faux” insurrection. Two instigators are clearly identified as not being Trump supporters. And the videos clearly show that many of the “intruders” were let in the building negating any claim that this was a burglary, which legally is an unauthorized entry into a building. The Capitol is a public building which is even more open to the public. And even if someone without authority opened the door, the Capitol Police inside appeared to have welcomed the intruders. There are videos of the intruders walking between ropes just like tourists would do. And there are videos of intruders taking selfies with the Capitol Police. Even the non Trump, agents provocateurs, did not commit any acts of violence.

    How the hell you could interpret these videos and photos as anything other than a “faux” insurrection boggles the mind.

    The clear purpose of the “faux” insurrection was to disrupt Republican objections to swing state EC’s and to smear Trump as having initiated a coup attempt. And it succeeded because the media refused to show any eyewitness videos that would have nipped that shit in the bud.

    There is no eyewitness video whatsoever, not a single one, that would indicate this was an attempted coup. It is outrageous to think so. And I am no Trump supporter. I didn’t vote for him either time and if he runs in 2024 I won’t vote for him then. This was nothing but a political assassination without the bullets.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  346. @bayviking

    The “races” clearly have distinct genetics, so they differ biologically whether that is a PC thing to say or not. And these genetic differences create differences in both physical and mental ability.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  347. @Majority of One

    Admit you take it up the bung.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  348. Trump was following the assault from the operations room… hoping that it would triumph, that the electoral certificates would be stolen, that many people would die….

  349. geokat62 says:

    So, get ready for Tikkun olam 2.0, baby!

  350. geokat62 says:

    The ADL/SPLC and other domestic terrorist organizations will be targeting these unfortunate souls…

  351. @utu

    If I remember correctly Paul Craig Roberts quit Reagan’s Treasury Dept in 1982 because the taxes of the rich were not cut enough.

    Right! He was there at the beginning of the end.

  352. @Priss Factor

    “In a way, a two-party system is bad for democracy.”

    It is very, very bad. Not “in a way.” The Economist Index of Democracy has long kept track of the quality of democracies across the world, and the US has consistently fallen short of being ranked among the best, full democracies. The US is now ranked 25th … and falling. The idiocy of a permanent two-party system is appalling. It is an insult to intelligence and humanity. As Nader, I think, said, it’s like having to choose between only Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

    Talk about the “City upon a Hill”! Or a beacon of democracy! What revolting nonsense!

    • Thanks: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  353. geokat62 says:

    • Thanks: Schuetze
  354. Realist says:

    Always classy…right asshole.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  355. FB says: • Website

    By the time insouciant white people wake up to their fate, violent revolution will be impossible. Modern weapons in the hands of the state are devastating.

    Mass spying and control techniques that exist today go beyond those in dystopian novels such as Orwell’s 1984. Free speech is a thing of the past. Free speech no longer even exists in universities.

    Yup. PCR really nails it with this article.

    In America it is child’s play to frame up anyone. We saw the show in Russiagate, and Trump will now be exhausted with endless frameups as the Establishment pursues him into oblivion. If the President of the United States can be so easily framed up, an unknown political organizer in the red states can be disposed of at will.

    So much for all the regulars here hoping for the coming of the white knight. It’s not going to happen, and PCR, wise man that he is, knows it.

    And here is why things are only going to go downhill. Because Americans are completely BRAINWASHED.

    Consider this. What would Uncle Joe do right now? [No not Biden]. How many would he pack off on one-way tickets to the gulag? Maybe starting with that Dorsey clown that just kicked the country’s sitting supreme leader off ‘his’ communications platform? A communication platform that is by rights in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

    How long would it take Uncle Joe to NATIONALIZE this and all the other tech companies that EXIST solely because the government [that’s us the people, or at least our so-called representatives] have granted them the PRIVILEGE of using the public commons, ie the internet?

    This is the state that we are in. Where any individual, starting with the POTUS, can simply be canceled, shut down, and his voice shuttered in a closet for all time…the modern equivalent of the medieval dungeon.

    Remember the telephone? I do. Back in the day, EVERYBODY had a RIGHT to a phone. Even deadbeats that never paid their bills had to have their line hooked up…because the government INSISTED that there be some GROUND RULES.

    Not any more. Not in the age of the KINGS of tech…the BILLIONAIRES that own everything and can do anything, with no one there to say boo.

    I just read that the handful of wealthiest individuals now own 34 percent of the total wealth in the country. That figure was just SIX PERCENT 20 years ago. The writer remarked that at this rate it won’t be long before these handful of oligarchs OWN EVERYTHING.

    But still there are those who will jump to defend the oligarch class. Twitter was full of retards saying how a private company can choose who it will provide service to and who it won’t. Right here on this website, most of the clowns commenting will rail against the government, but never the plutocrats.

    Yet it eludes all of these useful idiots for oligarchy that you are cutting your own necks. Why do people love a good king? Because he is the only one that can save them from the rapacious aristocracy that made their lives miserable. Unfortunately today people are too dumb to see the plain facts that are going on.They are siding with the aristocracy [the billionaires] and against their own power.

    A president, like a king, is the ONLY person that could turn this ship around. A president and the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT can do everything that you want them to do. Don’t believe me? Look at China. Also in the news right now, some kind of Harvard study that finds 95 percent of Chinese folks have faith in their government, and that it is WORKING FOR THEM AND THEIR BEST INTEREST.

    The answer is quite simple. If there is ever going to be any kind of change here, then people need to throw off the shackles of their terminal INDOCTRINATION. This country has now become an oligarchic dictatorship. It is clear to anyone who has kept his wits about him and has been around long enough to see the changes that have taken place.

    This country is unrecognizable. It is a shithole. I see people here hoping for a ‘white knight’ to come along. Trump gave some people hope that he might be that white knight. But he cannot succeed, nor could anyone, unless the people are truly fired up. And people can’t be fired up if they are confused. And people are confused because they can’t think clearly. They recite oligarchic ideology like the supposed sanctity of ‘free markets’ and ‘capitalism’…whatever those things are even supposed to mean anymore.

    What people need to do is to say we demand a Joe Stalin, or a Fidel Castro, or a Hugo Chavez. A man of ACTION. Someone that’s going to roll heads, because heads need to roll. That kind of leader can only come about if the PEOPLE ARE READY. Not before. I remember from my youth my mother telling me about how Jesus will only come after the people are ready. I discarded most of that religious claptrap long ago, but that much is true.

    And I can see already that most of the brainwashed dolts here are going to be all up in arms about Stalin and Castro and Mao etc. Of course it doesn’t stop them that they know only what has been implanted into their tiny brains by the plutocrat and oligarch class. And it doesn’t hinder them that they never actually have been able to think things through, rationally.

    Stalin was IMMENSELY popular with the ordinary people. Still is to this day. So was Mao and Castro and even Maduro is still riding on Chavez’s coattails. The only people who don’t want you to know these basic facts of life are the likes of King Bezos and Jack Dorsey and Nancy Pelosi etc.

    Why? because heaven forbid if ever a Stalin or Mao came in. They’d be the first to go. That’s why the same people hate Putin so much, because he put a kibosh on their oligarch games. Trump came in thinking he could do something similar and turn things around. But people just aren’t ready.

    So that’s the bottom line. Unless people truly wake up and realize that it’s going to take very very drastic measures at this point. And those kinds of drastic measures mean a very FIRM hand at the top.

  356. @Realist

    Well I just consider who it is I’m responding to and adjust my comments accordingly.

    It’s past your bedtime, old man,

  357. Athena says:

    Internationally Trump was denounced by NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg for not respecting democracy. “The outcome of this democratic election must be respected,” declared Stoltenberg.

    The NATO’s international gerontocracy of corrupt, pathetic, incompent drunken idiots is definitely NOT in a position to give Trump advice on ”democracy’, given the millions of dead and refugees they made by dropping their bombs and depleted uranium on Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria./b>:

    • Agree: FB, Kolya Krassotkin, Druid
  358. @Zarathustra

    No can do! Political division is strictly between rural producing areas (farmers) Republicans, and parasitic cities Democrats..

    No, only 2% of US population is directly involved in agriculture. If GOP was entirely rural-agro, it wouldn’t have the support of half the nation.

    If there were two capitals, conservatives can build their own institutions. But in the current order, the elite institutions are almost entirely ‘liberal’. So, even when Republicans enter government, they are surrounded by Democrats in all the levers of power.

    Imagine you’re a Jew in the Temple but everyone running it are Catholics.
    Imagine you’re a Catholic in the Church but everyone running it are Jews.

    The current system just isn’t viable when DC is 96% Democratic.

    Instead of third party or secession, the way is the second capitol.

  359. “Remember My Info (between computer shutdowns.)”

  360. Athena says:

    Excerps from: ”Russian Apps Fill The Void for America’s Oppressed Conservatives
    СУББОТА, 9 ЯНВАРЯ 2021 Г.

    ”It is no surprise or conspiracy theory that the big tech giants of Silicon Valley and their corrupt leftist oligarch owners have been waging a slow but steady campaign against the freedom of speech and expression of those they deem politically, socially undesirable, that is the other 50% of Americ3as and Europeans who question the social justice crusade crushing society and installing a Liberal Tyranny.”

    ”Their defense of trying to stop online calls for violence fall flat when viewed against the unoppressed bullying and organization of violence by such groups as Antifa, BLM, various colour revolutionary movements, the Muslim Brotherhood and others. Equally not surprising are the short sighted support by the more moderate left which just like those who called for the Red Terror in 1918 were themselves shocked when they became equal victims of said Red Terror.”

    ”What has been surprising is the hyperdrive that all of this has gone into since the events In Washington. And even as American conservatives started to flee to such tools as Parler, the Left has kept up. Parler has or is being delisted in Google’s and Apple’s stores. Firefox is hiding the links or blocking access to Parler’s site. All of this in the name of freedom and justice.”

    But there is an alternative and very well developed alternatives that most Americans are not aware of but should be. (…)

    ”And so, here are just three platforms that offer salvation to the oppresses and disenfranchised western Conservative, Traditionalist and Christian.”

    1. Vkontakte, (


    3. Telegram

    ”This is the tip of the iceberg or alternatives but more than enough to get most American co conservatives started and to maintain their access to free speech.”

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  361. @Athena

    And the .su domain. The old Soviet Union is still out there in the virtual world providing censorship free space:

    Use it!

  362. Druid says:

    Yes, but he’s MENSA!

    • LOL: Larchmonter420
  363. Druid says:

    You pick on Muslims who are hardly involved. And you obviously know little about them, and their faith!

  364. Druid says:

    I think he was defeated in what is today Turkey!

  365. @geokat62

    Why the fuck is an Ice Cream company getting political? Well, simply check into who owns Ben & Jerry’s to find out.

    … and they accuse us of being the haters?

    Touché Brother,

    People think that Israel is our problem. No sir. It is the rich who own USA by lock and barrel. Right now the most powerful person is Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of both Whatsapp and Facebook, who has blacklisted Donald Trump to use his Facebook account for two weeks atleast, until the end of his term on January 21, 2021.

    It is Sheldon who buys Republican Presidents or Haim Saban who buys the Democrat Presidents. It is the 1% wealth, which brings them tremendous power to do what they want to, whenever, wherever and whoever/. It is the owners of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon who control the world. Their front men are Indian Hindus.

    Take for example the richest billionaire Elon Musk and the statement of CEO of Toyota that they don’t see very much future in electric vehicles as the cost of batteries are about \$20,000 per electric vehicle and these electric vehicles rely on fossil fuel to charge these batteries. As per the internet, ” For the year, Tesla delivered 499550 vehicles in 2020, slightly missing its target of 500000 vehicles”. Compare this to 92 million total motor vehicles produced worldwide in 2019. A drop in the bucket. And, where does Elon Musk buys these electric vehicles batteries from!

    The CEO of Toyota also mentioned problems related to the batteries, such as downtime for charging, availability of charging stations, and the life of the batteries.

    Thanks God for Covid-19 and Covid-21, hopefully it will destroy the world’s wealth, which should finally bring the cost of living down to the deplorable levels.

    Best regards,


    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  366. Ivan K. says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    A similar proposal was made here:

    … You know what has to be done? We take down the banks, and yes it can be done. The fractional reserve system is their Achilles heel. We could take down the banks in a matter of days. If people all on the same day started to withdraw their cash- the banks die. Of course they would halt withdrawals, but we keep going back and bleed them to death and over the course of a few weeks- the banks die.. This really can be done..

  367. @Larchmonter420

    Thanks God for Covid-19 and Covid-21, hopefully it will destroy the world’s wealth, which should finally bring the cost of living down to the deplorable levels.

    There are two ways to destroy this wealth, maybe both ways can be used simultaneously.
    1. Covid-19 and Covid-21
    2. Or to nationalized all wealth above certain level and then have 100% income tax on earning on wealth above certain level.

    American are brain washed about nationalizing industries and wealth. The Poor Deplorable can be made to benefit in few ways.
    1. Distribute the ownership of these nationalized industries and wealth to the deplorable so the government doesn’t have the ownership any longer. Basically, transferring the wealth from select few to the majority of the citizens.
    2. Just like any sane country, the government owns the rights beneath the 12 to 15 feat. The wealth is for deplorable and not just for Sam Walton and his children.
    3. Introduce “Negative Income Tax” for all deplorable with an guaranteed minimum income tied to inflation rate as most job are being automated by robots. Good for mankind!
    4. Hopefully, both Covid-19 and Covid-21 will bring down the inflation to the level where real estate can be easily owned by the deplorable.

    The above list is neither extensive or inclusive.

    Best regards,


  368. TTSSYF says:

    You have no bloody clue as to the underhandedness and lunacy dominating Germany and the German mind-set.
    To this day the entire country is submerged within a deranged BO worship mode with photos of his repulsive kisser staring at you every few meters, and the madness of their DTS is beyond words.

    No doubt over-compensating for their past. Not unlike the guilt that too many whites in this country have been shamed into taking on, for things we never did.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  369. TTSSYF says:

    I was struck by the fact that no statues were toppled or spray-painted and the artwork on the walls was undisturbed.

  370. @FB

    That you think Trump could be such firm hand or even more hilarious, a “good king” ( when in the Earth has been one…?) and that he could lead the people to better conditions of life, makes you no less brainwashed, in the best case, or malintentioned, in the worst, than any other US citizen/Trumpster.

    What the Trmp family thought they would achieve by this clear coup intend is becoming the first US Royal Family, hence the exhultant happines of The Donald junior and his, current, cohort, recauchuted Kimberly Whatever ( Hollywood advances with years in advance what is for the masses to expect, and thus, here we have the world of The Hunger Games, with these strambotic colourfull family about to grab the heights of authoritarian perennial power over an impoverished mass of several hundreds millions of US citizens…).

    The fact which corroborates this is that amongst the front liners who invaded and occupied the Capitol building and officials ´offices there were some wannabe future officials in a possible next Trump adminsitration, who, or had already aspired to office and has lost, or had plans to do it, thus a myriad of go-getters taking advantage of an obvious after coup administration where merit has no place but having marked points as praetorian during the coup….That way you could find there, liberal professionals, like psychologists, not very succesful contractors, and the kind…buscavidas as we say here…

    Btw, I have the hunch you are “William Gruff” at MoA, and noticed that, now that the host has unveiled himself as the Trumpster and far-right minion he really is, you are finding there, not only unbanned, but also very comfortable. Also I have observed that to continue so comfortable there you do not dare to criticize the experimental vaccines, since this issue, in spite of probably going to cause harm to a lot of people, is for you really secondary, way under getting your fascist rule through the Trumps where you probably also, as the vanguard on the Capitol storming, plan to prosper….

    On a foot note, the allegedly encrypted Protonmail, you advised me to use as more secure means of communication, has been unveiled by a commenter at MoA ( if I am not wrong..I read a lot of sources…) as supporting, even economically, the Hong Kong color revolution…Thus, since you talk always from your self-awarded IQ superiority, here and there, I guess you were aware of this little detail, and, thus, you are probably a shill of whatever alphabet agency on board the Trump coup…

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
    , @FB
  371. @Fatima Manoubia

    So you have no problems with a psychotic freak who can’t keep his filthy hands away from little girls now occupying the WH?

    You are an idiot.


    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
  372. Max B says:

    Wow, lots of Super Smart Boys here! Tell me, has a single ONE of you spoken to the President directly? Know him personally? No? Then NONE of you know what the fuck you’re talking about. Especially the author of this steaming pile of bullshit.

  373. annamaria says:

    It seems that the deadly actions against the human race had been initiated by ‘these people’ earlier, in 1904:

    Schiff’s most famous financial action was during the Russo-Japanese War, in 1904 and 1905.

    Schiff met Takahashi Korekiyo, deputy governor of the Bank of Japan, in Paris in April 1904. He subsequently extended loans to the Empire of Japan in the amount of \$200 million (equivalent to \$4.5 billion in 2019) through Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

    This loan had major consequences. Japan won the war, thanks in large part to the purchase of munitions made possible by Schiff’s loan. In 1905, Japan awarded Schiff the Order of the Sacred Treasure; and in 1907, the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star, the second highest of the eight classes of that Order. Schiff was the first foreigner to receive the Order in person from Emperor Meiji in the Imperial Palace.

    Schiff also paid for revolutionary propaganda among Russian POWs in Japan, and he personally financed certain Leib Bronstein (Trotsky)’s relocation to Russia to initiate the murderous Bolshevik revolution there.

    “These people” have been also the main supporters of the worst scum that popped up under Yeltsin.

    Chubais is the Yeltsin-era kleptocrat “reformer” who worked with the CIA during the 1990’s to plunder Russian state assets worth hundreds of billions for just pennies.


    In 1998 Nemtsov founded “The National Fund for Regional Policy” for the transfer of money from offshore companies, including TNK and YUKOS of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Part of the funds went to Nemtsov, “The Union of Right Forces (SPS) and “the human rights defenders”, but most of the money was cashed and disappeared. The loss to the state was estimated at 370 billion rubles.

    Then Bill Browder came about.

    On November 17, 2010, Nemtsov addressed the Harriman Institute at Columbia. Surrounded by Soros operatives, CIA elements, and others, Nemtsov publicly outlined the plans to overthrow Putin: Nemtsov called for sanctions against Russian leaders over the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a dodgy Russian lawyer, who was awaiting trial on charges of fraud in connection with Russia’s largest foreign investment fund, Hermitage Capital. … Nemtsov helped get Congress to enact the Sergei Magnitsky Act of 2010.

    The rabid zionist Cardin was satisfied. There is no end…

    • Thanks: Robjil
  374. FB says: • Website
    @Fatima Manoubia

    Dear Fatima, I have no idea how ANYONE could possibly construe from my comment that I am some sort of ‘Trumpster.’

    That’s just mushroomland. Go and click on my comment history and you will see that I have agreed in this very thread with a number of people completely tearing Trump down as a worthless FAKE, which I agree with completely. On Shamir’s thread, I noted just earlier today that Trump only helped the billionaires and Israel, not the working people.

    When I was talking about the ‘good king’ I meant Uncle Joe and also Mao, Fidel, Chavez…and I would add Uncle Ho to that, also Evo and other men of the people…by the people and FOR the people.

    As for protonmail…well, I can’t help it if they support the Hong Kong scumbags. The big tech plutocrats are a HUGE PROBLEM now, as I also touched on in my comment. And I gave a very good suggestion, for these companies to be nationalized. They are way too powerful to simply let them carry on a clearly political agenda that supports not only neoliberalism and globalization, but also American imperialism and aggression. Going back nearly a decade now the totally fake ‘Arab spring’ was kicked off using these exact same social media platforms as a key tool. Every color revolution attempt since then has also used the same social media: from Ukraine, to the recent attempts in Belarus.

    And no, I’m not William Gruff, although I do like a lot of what he says over at Moon [where I don’t comment btw, having been kicked off by the little clown Bernhard, who, yes, often offers up ridiculous articles].

    Anyway, I hope you are well. For some reason I seem to have landed on your shit list. 😉

    PS: I have criticized the experimental vaccines, and certainly don’t plan to ever let them stick that poison in me.

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
  375. @Robert Konrad

    As Nader, I think, said, it’s like having to choose between only Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

    He is a wise American Arab!

    Best regards,


    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
  376. @Priss Factor

    Admit that you are a homophilophobiac—a clone of J. Edna Hoover perhaps?

  377. @Larchmonter420

    Indeed he is, a wise Lebanese-American, well educated and politically independent. (No matter what you, I or many others may actually think of him.)

    Here’s the latest example of his political wisdom, just posted on CP:

    “From Day One in 2017, several people foresaw the signs of an emerging sociopath, using violent rhetoric to encourage illegal behavior. It wasn’t only professional psychologists who declared Trump to be severely unstable. Each day he created and disseminated dangerous fantasies. This egomaniacal wannabee monarch could not stop lying in a dangerous manner, making false accusations or delusionally bragging.”

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  378. @Authenticjazzman

    You are wrong, I have the same problems with both puppets of the deep state…

    Stop projecting, the only idiot here is you.

    All those stories about him touching way too much the girls, as they do millions of elders in the worl,d btw, without realizing that is hated by every girl in the world, is what unveils you all as fake freedom fighters..
    Girls are able enough to get rid of such tocadores…esgrimming that as a political weapon is too poor, and lazy, btw…

    What about uncovering the real nitty gritty, like who is behind BlackRock world wide grabbing of assets, or whom amongst Sillicon Valley moguls, were behind Trump?
    Have you ever heard about Thiel?
    Yeah, that one who wish a technocracy with him and associated at the heights as the only ones to have the right to elect a president, as they consider themselves the “most productive in a the coming world of the 5th technoparadigm?
    That was what Trump ( and probably also Biden ) was trying to advance, hence he had to destroy the US system as it was known by discrediting and undermining any known kinda democratic institution which still is affected by voting of representatives of the people…

    Notice that Trump never undermined unelected CIA, DIA, NSA, etc…the praetorians of the NWO…

  379. @FB

    Well, apologies if you are not really that Gruff, still I found quite strange that you find him so interesting… and liking his comments…, as he unveiled himself being such Trumpster.

    I despise the fact that to remain there, he swallows his opinion about the vaccines and pandemic, as his main goal was to keep Trump in power. Also his obvious overself-estimation of his own IQ, he remainds me of those other superior entities who are fixed commenters at The Saker…

    Probably another upper middle class praetorian…trying to keep his rate of profit..

    There is a lot of people trying to confuse the average citizen especially in the apparent “alt-media”…where obvious staff interacts with genuine commenters to play the left to advance their political points, slowly, as have happened through these past years ( since probably 2006 when many of the “alt-blogs” were created, including Wikileaks… ), because, if they would present themselves honestly as right wingers, they would had never enjoyed such audience of working masses…

    They needed to reach those masses to infect them with the anti-communist, anti-socialist virus, by spreading all the myrad of anti-communist authors and books, as only form to advance their interests by achieving the masses voting their far-right cadres, since their real electorate is not but a minority.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  380. Nebgreen says:

    I thought so….man, it is so depressing to know there’s nothing we can do. There’s nothing worse than realizing there is no way out of this. My wife and I have a six month-old, and I’m scared about what’s coming and what might happen to us. Never in a billion years did I think this would happen in AMERICA.

  381. @FB

    You seem to be a man that’s always right.
    If you can’t lead then we’re truly fucked.
    I fear i am confused.
    I lose control. Not sure i ever had it.
    I think i became awake over 20 years ago. My life had gone downhill ever since.
    I miss the halcyon days of blessed ignorance.

    • Replies: @FB
  382. @Fatima Manoubia

    They needed to reach those masses to infect them with the anti-communist, anti-socialist virus, by spreading all the myrad of anti-communist authors and books, as only form to advance their interests by achieving the masses voting their far-right cadres, since their real electorate is not but a minority.

    Sure the terminology may be wrong but in America, and maybe by now elsewhere, communism (and socialism to a lesser extent) have got a bad name, and trying to recruit people around these ideologies may be a lost cause. As you can see from UR and other such blogs, many are now using the term “communist” to describe the government and those at the top of the capitalist corporations, the propaganda outfits of the MSM and education, law enforcement, etc. As long as one knows the enemy does it really matter what one calls him? And usually one would choose a term that has a bad name in the public and is considered an ad hominem. Of course when some of those doing so then try to rehabilitate and justify Nazism and fascism and revive old battles then they are also hurting the cause with divide et impera. This by no means implies that some of the communist/socialist policies may not be attractive and desirable to the masses but they’ll need to be repackaged. And neither are all of those old Nazi/fascist policies to be discarded wholesale if some could serve a purpose in the interest of the people/nation.

    You also carry on much about the “proletariat” but does it exist any more in much of post-industrial society?When you outsource industry to another country (China) then you lose the proletariat so that most proletarians now reside in China. What you’re left with is a lot of part-time and temporary workers, and a rising unemployed lumpenproletariat who tend to be unorganised, non-unionised, and lack the working class culture. You also have a large middle class and petty bourgeoisie of small business owner being destroyed and sinking into the lumpenproles. I don’t see any reason to discount them and disparage them. I think you need some new concepts to work with than old ones that correspond to a bygone society.

  383. @FB

    Amis are too in love with the kikes and all of their poison designed specifically for goyim. Ayn rosenbaum, rothbard, mises, friedman, etc. All of them the most disgusting of all kikes. At least Trotsky and Lenin looked like fighters. The formers were literal parasites like marx.

    Lolberturdianism is the worst of them all, by repulsiveness alone.

    Kosher communism has been completely subverted by Asians and turned to their National Socialism.

    The (((west))) will pay for 1945.

  384. @TTSSYF

    The only reason Germans are like that is because of muttmerica’s denazification.

    You created the leftist monster that is killing you softly, haha.

    1945 reward.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  385. FB says: • Website
    @Tony Massey

    Thanks Tony. I think we’re getting there slowly.

    Look at the latest news. King Bezos shut down the Parler social media network, which was hosted on the Amazon Web Services [AWS] server farms. This is completely outrageous. King Bezos and Zuckerberg and Google and all the rest are only GIVEN the privilege of operating a business on what is the PUBLIC COMMONS known as the internet.

    If it was up to me I would with one stroke of a pen simply nationalize all of these companies and make them OWNED BY THE PEOPLE. Yes, that is within the power of the government. It simply requires passage of a law.

    That would be a decent start. Dare we think about the next necessary steps? Sending the likes of Dorsey, Bezos et al to a re-education program, where they can learn, for the first time in their lives, the value of HONEST LABOR?

    There are many many such steps that need to be implemented. The entire finance industry is an Augean Stable that needs to be cleansed. All of these parasites need to have their ill-gotten money SEIZED and redistributed among the people…the mom and pop shops that they have strangled with their usury over the years…the desperate folks that are barely keeping above water by driving uber, or delivering fast food.

    Consider that in 2018 the country’s billionaires were worth 9.1 TRILLION. That has increased substantially as of today, since the pandemic has been a massive payday for these parasites, as the media has reported on extensively lately. That is enough money to give 100 million American families a check for \$100,000 each. Just imagine the massive economic stimulus that would generate, as people replace worn out cars, household items etc. Many would surely pay off, or pay down, their debts.

    How long are we going to suffer being mere bugs to people like this?

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Lost American
    , @HeebHunter
  386. So many things in the narrative that don’t even come close to making sense much less being factual, yet too many people believe them as reverently, as feverishly, as they believe in the efficiency of the IRS and the DMV or Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, or that the Gov’t loves them and wants to take care of them…

  387. geokat62 says:

    … after making these bold statements, [Trump] quickly disappeared through the back door.

  388. @SolontoCroesus

    Solonto- down below in comments someone presented a Revolver story on Norm Eisen the Democrats strategist. The guy in black- his head and hair profile sure looks similar or the same as Eisen. There is a color picture of Eisen in the Revolver story.

  389. @FB

    FB- quite a take on things. Sounds really interesting.

  390. @FB

    Uh oh. Are you talking National interests and SOCIALISM for the citizens here?
    You damn NAZI. My grandpa didnt have his balls shot off and his best friend shlomo fickenstein strapped on the Holocauster for an ungrateful BRAT like you.
    My dickless, illiterate grandpa didnt zap the krauts with his Thompson for NAZISM!

  391. geokat62 says:

    • Replies: @Oemiktlob
  392. tolstoy says:

    I hide behind Tolstoy so I can evade when they come for me. As they will come for you like Mr. Smith in 1984.
    Go on , trust in “their” kindness and courage. That’s why you goys will always be slaves and subjugated.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  393. Oemiktlob says:

    “Write Winger” nails the translation, doesn’t he? Very nice. Thanks for posting this geo.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  394. AKINDLE says:

    More excuses for trump. It’s become so nauseating. He slobbered all over black rappers and let black multi felons out of jail during the BLM riots while pretending to be some kind of a “law and order” candidate. So celebrities and MSM criticized him? Boo Hoo! He is of the celebrity mindset that any publicity is good publicity. He enjoyed his time in the spotlight, tweeting and doing nothing. The only thing he excelled at was throwing his promises and supporters under the bus. You sound like brainwashed Ashli Babbitt. Poor lady.

  395. Hegar says:

    The Establishment used the Democrats for their purpose, because Trump was in office under the Republican banner. Trump, of course, is a populist, but there is no party that represents the people, so Trump ran as a Republican.

    Paul Roberts is a bitter man. So he refuses to acknowledge that all pro-White sentiment is in the Republican Party, and all support for ordinary conservative values is in the Republican Party.

    The party has been infiltrated by leftists, aided daily by the leftist Jewish media owners. Roberts uses that infiltration to claim that it’s actually the party itself, conservatism itself, that is anti-White and leftist.

    By Paul Roberts’ logic America is a leftist country. Because there are leftists in the country, so that means the entire country is leftist. And America is a non-White country by that logic.

  396. annamaria says:

    Do you lecture us, the goys, with a supremacist joy?

  397. @HeebHunter

    The only reason Germans are like that is because of muttmerica’s denazification.

    LOL…As I’ve told you before, you sound exactly like the niggers here in the US.

    Sheeeit…We wuz slaves. It’s Whitey’s fault we like dis.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  398. @GeneralRipper

    Sheeit, it is Bidet’s fault our favorite kike lover lost to this other kike lover. It is all da dems fault.

    You are too low IQ for this website, mutt. 😂

  399. ingotus says:
    @Robert Konrad

    Do you have any substantive, critical comments on any aspect of the article? Your personal attack is entertaining, but distracting. I’d love to hear what you didn’t like about the article… or the author for that matter.

  400. ingotus says:
    @Syd Walker

    I don’t see anything in the article supporting the claim that:

    PCR – like many of the “white nationalist” commentators here – seem to think that negative opinions about other “races” are shared by all “whites”

    On the contrary, the author appears careful to speak of narratives pushed by the mainstream media. These usually do not reflect the feelings of the people, not by a mile, but enough repetition will have most people talking within the framework of that narrative. Much like a false flag operation, these stories are meant to deceive and manipulate, and it works wonders, regardless of how much truth there may be to them. Often there is very little.

    The conflict is engineered for sure, but after many decades of brainwashing, it becomes real.

  401. ingotus says:

    I suspect solutions based on the awakening of the populace are doomed to frustration, unfortunately.

    Such awakening could only happen with massive reverse brainwashing. However, the means of accomplishing this belong to the enemy, which is the reason current narratives stand on such solid footing. Not the footing of truth of course, which is weak, but the footing of power and increasingly, law.

  402. commandor says:

    “God will not abandon his youngest and seemingly most favored race. Delivering onto us Adolf Hitler, at a time of urgent need is proof of that.”

    You are an insane Christian, there is no God and no Providence.

  403. Publius 2 says:

    dude he was some kind of security employee at that area of the capitol. Occam’s razor.

    the better question is who is the Antifa dude who actually smashed the window that she was trying to go through.

  404. Publius 2 says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    Trump is to 100% blame for the Qtard movement staying alive until Jan. 6, 2021. (Even now some are still drinking the hopium.) He very famously said with a smirk, “Maybe this is the calm before the storm” to a bunch of reporters while surrounded by generals, about three or more years ago. The media went wild. When he was asked, “What storm, Mr. President?” his reply was “You’ll find out.”

    That was a VERY clear signal (Q dog whistle) and one can hardly blame the Qtards for believing all the way to Jan. 6, 2021. And there were many other examples. Trump seemed to revel in digging the knife into the media by refusing to disavow Q. He said “they seem to be people who are against child trafficking — is that supposed to be a bad thing?” He said they are people who want good government.

    Trump made the Qtards think Q was real.

    Whether it was a honeypot or Trump was ever on the side of heritage America or what, I don’t claim to know.

    But Trump absolutely is 100% to blame for the Q movement staying alive and he is to blame for what happened on Jan. 6. He said he would walk (not ride by in a limo) with the protesters to the capital. He said that. He let them think this was the Q “storm” moment right up until the end. Those people at the capitol on Jan. 6 literally thought Trump was going to back them up with the marines.

    I have friends right now, today, who are stilling clinging to hopium, claiming the speech at the Alamo means something, claiming that there is some video showing high ranking military officers saying, “it’s happening,” hoping that Trump is “appearing weak as a distraction.” lol.

    The normie Qtards who did this also have themselves to blame, but most people are average in intelligence. As I told my family and friends, Trump is not worth fighting for. I sure as heck was not in DC on Jan. 6. But Trump is mainly to blame.

    Trump refused to say or do a single thing to help his base that got him elected in 2016. He was not the answer, other than as an “eff you” to the establishment.

    It was never about Trump; it’s about the people who elected Trump in 2016. Trump had a mandate to call the unorganized militia to DC in January of 2017 (2017 — not a typo). Many thought he was going to do that THEN. He gave a great inaugural address and what followed was four years of letting his base down, for whatever reason.

    • Thanks: FB
  405. FB says: • Website
    @Syd Walker

    Thanks for your comments here, Syd. Just wanted to let you know that some here do appreciate.

    And thanks for OWNING greasy pipsqueaks like this ‘General’ Ripper and that other flatus, ‘TKK’. Very hilarious, and well done. 👍

  406. @Authenticjazzman

    You forgot to add your sign-off. Here, let me help:

    Authentic Spazzman (Boomer), retarded since 1973, Ma & Pa’s One Day Jump School (certificate expired).

    • Replies: @FB
  407. FB says: • Website
    @Tom Rogers


    Hilarious, thanks.

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