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America Erased
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The morality associated with Western civilization has been cleared out of the way, leaving no difference between perversity and normality, with sin redefined as disagreement with Woke pronouncements. Differential rights from the feudal era have been resurrected. Equality before the law has been replaced with privileges based on skin color, gender, and sexual perversity. Leaders such as Trump are being moved aside, thus insuring no representation of, and protection for, those who adhere to traditional Western morality. San Francisco, America’s most liberal city, has empowered robots to kill humans. The digital revolution has enabled a police state tyranny. Satan has been elevated above Christ.

A president has been removed from office by a stolen election and no institution, public or private, did anything about it, least of all the Republican Party that does not represent its voters. The removed president is now slated to be prosecuted for “sedition” like his supporters who are imprisoned on false charges.

Mark Bauerlein, emeritus professor of English at Emory University, describes in the July 2022 issue of Chronicles the loss of our universities to ideologues who have denied two generations of graduates knowledge of their literature and history. People deprived of their literature and history have no sense of themselves. Effectively, they are without anchors and are a destroyed people.

White Americans have lost their universities, their country, and their civilization because they were too easily trained to be tolerant without realizing that tolerance does not extend to them.

Boyd Cathey believes that the suppression of the majority is leading to civil war. But the war has already begun. Trump Americans are demonized as “white supremacists,” “election deniers,” “threats to democracy,” “Trump deplorables.” Their rights to freedom of speech and association are compromised. Any attempt to organize resistance would immediately result in federal force and sedition charges. Do Americans care enough about liberty to face these risks?

Americans have allowed–indeed, willingly participated in–the construction of the cage that now holds them. How do they get out of it?

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