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All US Regulatory Agencies Are Protection Services and Marketing Agents for the "Regulated" Industries
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It has been known for a long time that US streams and lakes are contaminated with highly toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS. This means that fresh water fish are also contaminated.. But nothing is done about it, because the polluting entities control the EPA and use it as a protection agency.

From a recent report: “The Environmental Protection Agency has known about the health hazards of PFAS for decades but has failed to limit PFAS discharges into the air and water or set cleanup standards. The agency released a woefully inadequate PFAS action plan in 2019 that failed to include deadlines for action, and the EPA has made little progress.”

The environment gets no more protection from the EPA than public health gets from the FDA.

The Big Banks are also protected by the SEC, DOJ, US Treasury and Federal Reserve. See for example:

Approximately one half century ago, George Stigler, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and later awarded the Nobel Prize for economics, wrote that regulation never succeeds because the regulatory agencies are captured by those the agencies are supposed to regulate. This has proved to be the case.

Don’t expect Congress to do anything about it. Big Banks, Big Pharma, and Big Polluters sit on piles of political campaign contributions. Any politician that goes after one of these or other powerful interests finds his competitor well financed when he is next up for reelection, and he will also find that the media has been paid off to work against him.

It is long past time for Western peoples to escape their delusion that they live in democracies and control the government by voting. They live in oligarchies governed by private interests and agendas. No Western government represents the people it rules.

Fifty-two years ago I coauthored an article in an economic journal, Public Choice, that made the point that people would get better government if each country was ruled by another, the reason being that no people ruled by a different people would ever believe the government represented them.

Just consider how little the people in Britain’s American colonies put up with from England compared to what Americans today tolerate from “their” government.

Here is a partial list to get you thinking: mandated death jabs with an untested substance, mandated lockdowns, mandated masks, income taxes higher than extracted from medieval serfs and 19th century slaves and certainly far higher than King George’s Stamp Tax, home invasions by police and FBI SWAT forces, suppression of free speech and association.

After you draw up your list, compare it to the colonists’ complaints against King George. American colonists living under King George were far freer than Americans today living under “their own government.”

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