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A Politicized FBI Helps Biden Get Rid of Democrat Representative Cuellar, an Open Borders Critic
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The “investigation” of Rep. Henry Cuellar will help his challenger smear him.

The Democrat Party has made it clear that they intend to flood the country with illegal aliens and to give them the vote. New York City already has. The Democrat Party has declared war on the white American majority. Every white idiot who votes Democrat is committing suicide not only for himself but for all of us.

The legislative branch is easily dominated by the executive branch because of the latter’s police power which gives the executive branch a monopoly on frame-ups. Moreover, the excessively large number of legislators makes it impossible for them to unite in defense of members. To protect themselves, legislators need to pass a law that they can be held accountable only by the legislature. Police authority over members should reside only in Congress. This is far from perfect and without doubt, just as the executive branch does, Congress will use it against those who displease a majority. Nevertheless, it offers protection to legislators from the executive branch.

Yes, it would be wonderful if those endowed with police powers did not abuse them, but they do. There have been many victims. For example, US Representative George Hansen and US Representative James Traficant. Everyone familiar with the system knows that the government can convict whoever they want–even a sitting President as FBI director Comey almost did. Justice is so absent that about 96 percent of felony cases are settled with a plea bargain and never go to trial. The innocent and their attorneys know that prosecutors bribe witnesses and withhold exculpatory information. To be indicted is to be convicted. To avoid the huge expense and stiffer punishments of a trial, defendants self-incriminate.

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