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A Failure of Leadership
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The below is a factual commonsense statement:

“If the current approach of telling everyone to stay home is to be lifted, widespread and faster testing will be needed to identify infected people for isolation. Easing stay-at-home orders in the absence of sufficient testing would risk reigniting the outbreak.”

The question is: Where were WHO, NIH, CDC, health ministers, prime ministers, presidents? Why did the leadership of the Western World sit on its hands for three months? Has history ever experienced a worse and more complete failure of leadership?

Leadership is absent, because the West has been organized to serve private selfish interests with agendas inimical to the public interest. The People accepted lies and deception, and now we are paying the price.


Dear Readers:

Clued-in medical professionals, a number that hopefully will grow larger quickly, tell me: “your site offers honest and real information by experts—you are providing a real public health service.”

I am trying hard to provide good information on the virus in addition to keeping you abreast of other important developments. I trust you think I am doing a good job.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Coronavirus, Neoliberalism 
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  1. With widespread and faster testing, the numerical amount of cases will surely grow by a large margin. That is the only number the media will report, not the actual death rate, which will surely go down as more healthy people are tested. All the media wants to do is increase the hysteria in order to bring the Bad Orange Man down. They could care less that they are increasing the suffering and economic hardship, and I doubt if they will report the increasing deaths from despair.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @robert scheetz
  2. NPleeze says:

    Has history ever experienced a worse and more complete failure of leadership?

    There is no “failure”, it is by design. As with 9/11, fake hysteria is being generated to greatly advance the NWO.

    There are two groups of people: the vulnerable (generally the old, but also a small percent of the young, with chronic conditions, such as diabetes). The only sensible approach is to enable the vulnerable (who are largely unproductive – either retired or too sick to work) to segregate themselves fully from the others (including family members). For example by enabling food deliveries, and preventing the others from entering their sanctuaries.

    The non-vulnerable continue to work and produce and live their lives, and in a year, the virus will have rolled over them and they will be immune.

    At that time the segregation can end.

    In the interim, if someone who is vulnerable wants to risk it, despite warnings and plenty of opportunity for a safe zone, that is their choice. If there are no incubators when they get sick and they need one, that is the result of their choice. Last I remember, we called the ability to make one’s own informed choices freedom.

    The way they are handling this is the worst way possible. The virus will circulate for years, the economy will be destroyed, the middle class will be annihilated, the Big Brother police state will be established. Of course, that is the real goal of our “leaders”, so there is no failure at all, except for the masses to grasp that their leaders are evil and don’t represent them in any way.

  3. @follyofwar

    You are perhaps the last person here who thinks The Orange Pufferfish has any executive autonomy. He’s just a pitchman, a reality show actor for the diversion of the hubshi. The CMM is the impresario. The Deep State rules.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  4. I hit the agree button, but hit it too soon. You are too hard us retired folk with your overbroad generalizations. Many of us were able to retire early and are in excellent shape. In my case, I’ve never felt healthier since retiring 8 years ago, while, when I was working, I was under constant stress, and always seemed to have minor colds and was, in general, run down – a perfect candidate for catching covid-19 if it has existed then.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ food deliveries to our doors like we are lepers or something. My wife and I are in agreement that we will never allow each other to be intubated on a ventilator if we ever catch the virus. If we are that much of a threat to the rest of you, perhaps you should shoot us “unproductive” worthless eaters all now.

    • Agree: Omegabooks
    • Replies: @NPleeze
  5. Aquinas says:

    How is this an article? It reads like a text message to nephew. It doesn’t investigate the reasons why the West dropped the ball. It just places blame on a conjured up plutocracy.

    How are the plutocrats feeling now? They put their money in the same place you put your retirement account. How’s your retirement account now, boomer?

    This disaster wasn’t caused by plutocracy, money-on-politics, capitalism, or whatever you want to call it.

    It was caused by liberalism. The West wasn’t “sitting on its hands” for three months. It was “wringing it’s hands” because it knew what authoritarian measures it had to take, so it delayed enacting those measures for as long as possible.

    Ron Unz wrote a good article about this hesitation, which you can find here: (very telling that the brave government employee was a woman)

  6. NPleeze says:

    You have an amazing way of misrepresenting what was clearly written.

    I didn’t write anything about retired folks, except that the vast majority (not ALL) of the vulnerable are retired or too sick to work. You violate laws of elementary logic by claiming this means all retired folks as there are many retired folks who are not vulnerable and I never indicated even to the slightest degree the bullshit you fabricated and assigned to me.

    And nowhere did I say anyone is mandated to accept food deliveries. I said it should be an option for those who want to self-quarantine. Again you have violated the laws of elementary logic. In fact, I was absolutely clear that even the vulnerable should have the choice not to be in quarantine.

    It’s amazing what poor reading comprehension you have displayed. Maybe you are not as healthy as you claim to be, or maybe the hysteria has fogged your brain?

    • Troll: botazefa
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. @NPleeze

    So all of us “old folks” are to “separate” from everyone else just because…. BTW, I am 67, I hike or walk between 1 and 3 miles per day in this mountain POA area in far west Texas where there is NO CORONA VIRUS as well as eat what we grow and chop fire wood for our wood stove heater (I get kindling, hubby chops wood…he still works as medical person in local area) and am also an author (and an introvert…social distancing is just my style so to speak). Plus can lift up to 50 pounds and chase varmints out of our garden at 3 am (including tusked javelinas which can be dangerous). So I think I’ll be doing just fine. What you propose however is taking away freedom of assembly, which is tyrannical. But that’s up to you.

    • Troll: NPleeze
  8. Dr. Roberts is once again spot on about the problems. It was convenient to use the virus as cover for imminent banking collapse. It is painfully apparent that what was quite normal could not continue. The immediate hidden “other” crisis is the Russian attack on U.S. oil. It is like 1956 where Suez and Hungary happen at the same time. It is also apparent that things cannot go on as they were with China.

    Therein lies the 10,000 pound guerrilla in the room. Mitt Romney, (Senator, Bain Capital), seeks to defend the old private equity status quo. Bain was an early proponent of using Chinese slave labor to bid down labor costs. Our shortage of masks and ventilators demonstrates things must change.

    Did we see change in the bailouts? No. There was no move to require that medicine and medical supplies be produced in the US. There was no requirement that broke companies reorganize through Chapter 11. Instead, we bailed out shareholders (not employees). This is unsustainable.

    Efforts to send folks back to work, given what we know about the death profile, are efforts merely to kill off lots of old people to cut the burden on Social Security.

    Leadership is doing exactly as Wall Street wants.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  9. @NPleeze

    Actually, I did hit the agree button because I concurred with 90% of your comment. I’ll admit I have become a little hysterical, as my wife keeps telling me. I see what is happening before our eyes, and it seems that we’re living thru The Twilight Zone. I know that 9/11 was a crock, and put the NWO agenda on steroids. Now we are in the next phase of their diabolical agenda, and no one knows where it’s heading.

    In re-reading both of our posts, my response may have gone slightly overboard, but yours did as well. In any case, it’s way too late for STAY HOME orders to work. The only solution is Herd Immunity. But our incompetent politicians and the medical mafia have led us so far down the rabbit hole, that they’ll be lynched if they admit they were wrong.

    I think we are in much more agreement than not. I hope that you feel likewise.

    • Agree: NPleeze
  10. Biff says:

    Leadership is absent, because the West has been organized to serve private selfish interests with agendas inimical to the public interest.

    Even as obvious as it is at the moment the question arises – will the sheeple do anything about it?

  11. @robert scheetz

    Say what you will about who is really running the show (I happen to agree with you), but the American media are fully invested in bringing down The Orange Man, even if it means tanking the economy and their own ad revenues.

  12. CCZ says:

    So you seem to conclude that those who you demean as “largely unproductive,” because they no longer work for wages in the global consumer market economy or are “ill” (with no definition of what that actually means), have no skills to teach, no lived experience to share, no guidance to offer, no intellect to impart, no wisdom to convey, no communities to sustain, and no understanding of the past to reveal to those who, sadly, seem to believe that they know it all. Good to know that we are only valued and valuable as a factor of production.

    • Replies: @NPleeze
  13. NPleeze says:

    No, I don’t. And I am referring to shutting down the economy. Seeing as you can’t read, I also wrote any quarantine should be voluntary. And even those who self-quarantine can still teach, share, and guide using the virtual reality that everyone is forced to use now.

    Why bother making such non-sensical objections? Because out of your sense”fairness” we should destroy the economy rather than enable (NOT force) those who want to self-quarantine? Or what is your point, exactly? That you can’t read?

  14. Jsinton says:

    I have to side on let the chips fall and let God sort it out. I think the world leadership has seemed confused and ineffective because they didn’t know what to do: Try to save people or save the economy. I think in the end, we should have saved the economy and done nothing because the crash will kill many more people and destroy many more lives than the virus by orders of several magnitude.

    • Agree: botazefa
  15. Truth3 says:

    PCR is the Truth Teller of the Day, every day he posts.

    Thank you Sir.

  16. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    “If the current approach of telling everyone to stay home is to be lifted, widespread and faster testing will be needed to identify infected people for isolation. Easing stay-at-home orders in the absence of sufficient testing would risk reigniting the outbreak.”

    Another Begging The Question Logical Fallacy from Paul Craig Roberts. You are assuming that there even is a test for COVID-19. While it is true they can test for the presence of Corona Virus. They don’t know which Corona virus you have, whether it is Covid-19 let alone which strain of Covid -19 all of which have vastly varying degrees of contagion and lethality.

    Of course, if we declare martial law with curfews, we could reduce the spread of all viruses including the common flu which claims many more lives than Covid-19. We could also reduce the amount traffic fatalities and other causes of death which claim many more lives than Coid-19.

    I expect this kind totalitarianism advocacy from liberals who want to save the world from every imaginary hobgoblin in order to try to give their empty lives meaning. However, all this fearmongering and totalitarianism promotion from so called conservatives like Paul Craig Roberts is really disappointing.

  17. @Harry Huntington

    What “Russian attack on US oil”?

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  18. @NPleeze

    There are two groups of people: the vulnerable (generally the old, but also a small percent of the young, with chronic conditions, such as diabetes).

    Wrong. There is only one group of people vulnerable – those with weak immune systems. That includes older people generally, those with underlying medical conditions


    people who have weak immune systems but do not know it.
    The people who test positive but are asymptomatic, are people with strong immune systems, or at minimum, immune systems easily capable of handling Covid19.

    • Replies: @NPleeze
    , @botazefa
  19. NPleeze says:

    David Icke out with a great video, one of his best. Same solution as mine above.

  20. NPleeze says:

    people who have weak immune systems but do not know it.

    I never claimed it is trivial to identify all the vulnerable. In some cases chronic illnesses or other immune deficiencies are undiagnosed. But we have a sufficiently large sample size now to know this is a very small number.

    Every year people in their 20s-40s die of flu, too.

    Or in car accidents – quick, let’s make the speed limit 25, that certainly does less damage to the economy than martial law, and it would save far more young lives. And ban guns while we’re at it. Sugar’s got to go, what with diabetes and obesity and all the deaths those cause! And Heaven forbid we continue to tolerate people riding bicycles, snowboarding, skiing or any other risky activity, because you might get hurt.

    It’s best you just stay in your basement the rest of your life, that way you’ll be nice and safe!

  21. This happened after 911 too. The brainwashing got everybody talking about failure instead of considering that maybe for CIA this was an encouraging success.

    UNC cooked up a viral frankenstein with USAID money and Chinese viruses. Now an viral frankenstein just like that is wiping us all out. The authors are frantically debunking the open-source evidence of our eyes with an ever-so-convincing assurance “scientists believe” this plague didn’t come from UNC and Battelle. This is in nobody’s interest, Giraldi assures us.

    CIA has successfully prototyped a new weapon against its restive population. March on Washington, or more to the point, storm Langley, and they’re going to infect you with germ warfare and quarantine the whole population. The medicine goes down much better than martial law, which CIA has been threatening since the days of Church and Pike.

    So what if the troops go tits-up in drove? CIA knows they’re useless and old-time war is not sneaky or deniable enough for a declining second-rate power. This is next generation war: internationally wrongful acts that are unattributable.

    So what if the economy’s destroyed? In a kleptocracy you make money by stealing. The virus doesn’t interfere with that – just ask the banks.

    It’s not failure, it’s CIA crime, just like 911.

  22. @Bill Jones

    What “Russian attack on US oil”?

    Good take, Bill-J. It ain’t Russia!-Russia!, it’s Saudi-Saudi. The Saudis are nearly always the enemy presence and were here, too. Fact is, it was really a Saudi attack on our frackers and their benefactor lenders as well as Saudi desperation to secure markets on long term deals with hefty discounts initially. While Vlad is trying to mitigate damage to HIS markets (Russia doesn’t want these prices for their oil, either), his beef is with the Saudis going back months ago and this weekend CNBC was arguing the price of oil this week would rest with the settlement between the Russians and Saudis, as regards to how the Russians and Saudis settled their differences on production cuts. OPEC+ production cuts don’t work out anymore because too many members cheat. Saudi Arabia was giving oil away in Q1 (that is, far below market pricing that existed mid-February) in order to secure market share in Q3-Q4 2020 on long-term contracts. It is there that oversupply and price drops rippled throughout the world in March as the world started staying home.

    Some people have the Russia-is-evil lie imprinted. To them, Russia is the one-size-fits-all cause for every American failure from Hillary to Syria to the Ukraine.

  23. botazefa says:

    The people who test positive but are asymptomatic, are people with strong immune systems, or at minimum, immune systems easily capable of handling Covid19.

    Or just lucky enough not to have aspirated the virus from their upper airway, where it opportunistically waits, past the epiglottis into the lungs.

  24. Like any third-tier African pismire, the US is incapable of reporting to ICD standards. The US uses U07.1 for death by COVID-19. They won’t use U07.2 for presumptive diagnosis. So US statistics are nowhere near adequate to support policy decisions – except shakedown runs for martial law.

    When people catch their breath and start thinking about this novel virus, a crucial piece of evidence will be CDC’s conduct in refusing foreign technology transfer for testing, and trying to develop its own test capability… and failing. I can envision a PCM article of the future about how CDC did this for years and years with lots and lots of novel agents and now they just stone fucked up. And how NHS all of a sudden had this silly brain fart and penned thousands travelers cheek-by-jowl for hours at O’Hare and DFW, accidentally muddling the epidemiologic and genetic evidence. Like NORAD on 9/11, decades of practice, then abject inexplicable failure on the most important day of their lives. Yeah right. The fuckups are bewildering – until you start to look at them as OPSEC.

  25. anon[409] • Disclaimer says:

    This COVID-19 mad scientists’ equivalent of the magic bullet shibboleth is the “nobody does germ warfare that way anymore” shibboleth.

    It’s as if the Warren Whitewashers tried to tell you that Lee Harvey Oswald did it because he had a Manlicher Carcano because all assassins use Manlicher Carcanos, Q.E.D.

    This is how stupid they think you are.

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