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A Dire Future
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Do you remember all the hopes Americans had for Obama when we elected him to his first term? Painful memories. He betrayed the voters on every one of his promises. There was no change, except for the worst as Obama went on to become one of the most vicious war criminals in world history. Despite his horrific record, we re-elected him, only to have US economic policy turn against the people in order to bail out at our expense the mega-banks and the One Percent.

Now Obama is coercing Asia and Europe to turn the governments of their countries over to rapacious American corporations empowered by TPP and TTIP to subordinate all interests to their profits.

Here is Pepe Escobar on how the great and wonderful United States treats its enserfed vassals: “Hardball, predictably, is the name of the game. Washington no less than threatened to block EU car exports [to the US] to force the EU to buy [Monsanto’s] genetically engineered fruits and vegetables.”

Now we face the prospect of electing an even worse president than Obama—Killary Clinton. Killary is the bought-and-paid-for property of Wall Street, Israel, and the military-security complex. She will bring back to power the totally discredited neoconservatives, and the US will proceed with its butchery and slaughter of other countries and all reformist governments everywhere.

The question is: will enough insouciant Americans align with the One Percent, the neocons, the men-hating feminists, homosexuals, the transgendered, and other “preferred minorities” to put the US presidency in the hands of an aggressive, corrupt person with a conscience deficit? That is the goal toward which the presstitutes are driving the brainwashed.

If we end up with Killary, neither the US nor the world will survive the mistake. She will be the last American president.

Killary is compromised with secret agendas, and secret agendas lead to conflict and war. With a crazed President Killary who declared Russian Presient Vladimir Putin, the world’s leading peacemaker, to be “the new Hitler,” with crazed American generals who declare Russia to be “an existential threat to the United States,” and with the insane neoconservatives back in the saddle determined to impose American hegemony on the rest of the world, Killary’s election will terminate life on earth.

From the Archive:

September 28, 2014

Washington’s Secret Agendas

Paul Craig Roberts

One might think that by now even Americans would have caught on to the constant stream of false alarms that Washington sounds in order to deceive the people into supporting its hidden agendas.

The public fell for the lie that the Taliban in Afghanistan are terrorists allied with al Qaeda. Americans fought a war for 13 years that enriched Dick Cheney’s firm, Halliburton, and other private interests only to end in another Washington failure.

The public fell for the lie that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” that were a threat to America and that if the US did not invade Iraq Americans risked a “mushroom cloud going up over an American city.” With the rise of ISIS, this long war apparently is far from over. Billions of dollars more in profits will pour into the coffers of the US military security complex as Washington fights those who are redrawing the false Middle East boundaries created by the British and French after WW I when the British and French seized territories of the former Ottoman Empire.

The American public fell for the lies told about Gaddafi in Libya. The formerly stable and prosperous country is now in chaos.

The American public fell for the lie that Iran has, or is building, nuclear weapons. Sanctioned and reviled by the West, Iran has shifted toward an Eastern orientation, thereby removing a principal oil producer from Western influence.

The public fell for the lie that Assad of Syria used “chemical weapons against his own people.” The jihadists that Washington sent to overthrow Assad have turned out to be, according to Washington’s propaganda, a threat to America.

The greatest threat to the world is Washington’s insistence on its hegemony. The ideology of a handful of neoconservatives is the basis for this insistence. We face the situation in which a handful of American neoconservative psychopaths claim to determine the fate of countries.

Many still believe Washington’s lies, but increasingly the world sees Washington as the greatest threat to peace and life on earth. The claim that America is “exceptional and indispensable” is used to justify Washington’s right to dictate to other countries.

The casualties of Washington’s bombings are invariably civilians, and the deaths will produce more recruits for ISIS. Already there are calls for Washington to reintroduce “boots on the ground” in Iraq. Otherwise, Western civilization is doomed, and our heads will be cut off. The newly created propaganda of a “Russian threat” requires more NATO spending and more military bases on Russia’s borders. A “quick reaction force” is being created to respond to a nonexistent threat of a Russian invasion of the Baltics, Poland, and Europe.

Usually it takes the American public a year, or two, three, or four to realize that it has been deceived by lies and propaganda, but by that time the public has swallowed a new set of lies and propaganda and is all concerned about the latest “threat.” The American public seems incapable of understanding that just as the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth threat was a hoax, so is the sixth threat, and so will be the seventh, eighth, and ninth.

Moreover, none of these American military attacks on other countries has resulted in a better situation, as Vladimir Putin honestly states. Yet, the public and its representatives in Congress support each new military adventure despite the record of deception and failure.


Perhaps if Americans were taught their true history in place of idealistic fairy tales, they would be less gullible and less susceptible to government propaganda. I have recommended Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick’s The Untold History of the United States, Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, and now I recommend Stephen Kinzer’s The Brothers, the story of the long rule of John Foster and Allen Dulles over the State Department and CIA and their demonization of reformist governments that they often succeeded in overthrowing. Kinzer’s history of the Dulles brothers’ plots to overthrow six governments provides insight into how Washington operates today.

In 1953 the Dulles brothers overthrew Iran’s elected leader, Mossadegh and imposed the Shah, thus poisoning American-Iranian relations through the present day. Americans might yet be led into a costly and pointless war with Iran, because of the Dulles brothers poisoning of relations in 1953.

The Dulles brothers overthrew Guatemala’s popular president Arbenz, because his land reform threatened the interest of the Dulles brothers’ Sullivan & Cromwell law firm’s United Fruit Company client. The brothers launched an amazing disinformation campaign depicting Arbenz as a dangerous communist who was a threat to Western civilization. The brothers enlisted dictators such as Somoza in Nicaragua and Batista in Cuba against Arbenz. The CIA organized air strikes and an invasion force. But nothing could happen until Arbenz’s strong support among the people in Guatemala could be shattered. The brothers arranged this through Cardinal Spellman, who enlisted Archbishop Rossell y Arellano. “A pastoral letter was read on April 9, 1954 in all Guatemalan churches.”

A masterpiece of propaganda, the pastoral letter misrepresented Arbenz as a dangerous communist who was the enemy of all Guatemalans. False radio broadcasts produced a fake reality of freedom fighter victories and army defections. Arbenz asked the UN to send fact finders, but Washington prevented that from happening. American journalists, with the exception of James Reston, supported the lies. Washington threatened and bought off Guatemala’s senior military commanders, who forced Arbenz to resign. The CIA’s chosen and well paid “liberator,” Col. Castillo Armas, was installed as Arbenz’s successor.

We recently witnessed a similar operation in Honduras and Ukraine.

President Eisenhower thanked the CIA for averting “a Communist beachhead in our hemisphere,” and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles gave a national TV and radio address in which he declared that the events in Guatemala “expose the evil purpose of the Kremlin.” This despite the uncontested fact that the only outside power operating in Guatemala was the Dulles brothers.

What had really happened is that a democratic and reformist government was overthrown because it compensated United Fruit Company for the nationalization of the company’s fallow land at a value listed by the company on its tax returns. America’s leading law firm or perhaps more accurately, America’s foreign policy-maker, Sullivan & Cromwell, had no intention of permitting a democratic government to prevail over the interests of the law firm’s client, especially when senior partners of the firm controlled both overt and covert US foreign policy. The two brothers, whose family members were invested in the United Fruit Company, simply applied the resources of the CIA, State Department, and US media to the protection of their private interests.

The extraordinary gullibility of the American people, the corrupt American media, and the indoctrinated and impotent Congress allowed the Dulles brothers to succeed in overthrowing a democracy.

Keep in mind that this use of the US government in behalf of private interests occurred 60 years ago long before the corrupt Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes. And no doubt in earlier times as well, as General Smedley Butler has attested.

The Dulles brothers next intended victim was Ho Chi Minh. Ho, a nationalist leader, asked for America’s help in freeing Vietnam from French colonial rule. But John Foster Dulles, a self-righteous anti-communist, miscast Ho as a Communist Threat who was springing the domino theory on the Western innocents. Nationalism and anti-colonialism, Foster declared, were merely a cloak for communist subversion.

Paul Kattenburg, the State Department desk officer for Vietnam suggested that instead of war, the US should give Ho $500 million in reconstruction aid to rebuild the country from war and French misrule, which would free Ho from dependence on Russian and Chinese support, and, thereby, influence. Ho appealed to Washington several times, but the demonic inflexibility of the Dulles brothers prevented any sensible response. Instead, the hysteria whipped-up over the “communist threat” by the Dulles brothers landed the United States in the long, costly, fiasco known as the Vietnam War.

Kattenburg later wrote that it was suicidal for the US “to cut out its eyes and ears, to castrate its analytic capacity, to shut itself off from the truth because of blind prejudice.” Unfortunately for Americans and the world, castrated analytic capacity is Washington’s strongest suit.

The Dulles brothers’ next targets were President Sukarno of Indonesia, Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of Congo, and Fidel Castro. The plot against Castro was such a disastrous failure that it cost Allen Dulles his job. President Kennedy lost confidence in the agency and told his brother Bobby that after his reelection he was going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. When President Kennedy removed Allen Dulles, the CIA understood the threat and struck first.

Warren Nutter, my Ph.D. dissertation chairman, later Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, taught his students that for the US government to maintain the people’s trust, which democracy requires, the government’s policies must be affirmations of our principles and be openly communicated to the people. Hidden agendas, such as those of the Dulles brothers and the Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes, must rely on secrecy and manipulation and, thereby, arouse the distrust of the people. If Americans are too brainwashed to notice, many foreign nationals are not.

The US government’s secret agendas have cost Americans and many peoples in the world tremendously. Essentially, the Dulles brothers created the Cold War with their secret agendas and anti-communist hysteria. Secret agendas committed Americans to long, costly, and unnecessary wars in Vietnam and the Middle East. Secret CIA and military agendas intending regime change in Cuba were blocked by President John F. Kennedy and resulted in the assassination of a president, who, for all his faults, was likely to have ended the Cold War twenty years before Ronald Reagan seized the opportunity.

Secret agendas have prevailed for so long that the American people themselves are now corrupted. As the saying goes, “a fish rots from the head.” The rot in Washington now permeates the country.

It is a rot that threatens the entire world.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. bluedog says:

    Horace once said “Our grandfathers sired feeble children: theirs were weaker still-ourselves:and now our curse must be to breed even more degenerate heir’s..And so it is.!!!

  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    “He betrayed the voters on every one of his promises.”

    He delivered to the Jomo Lobby or Jewish-Homo Lobby.

  3. Wow, Paul … you are more toxic than I or most of the posters here. Do I need to re-think my opposition to Obama, or are things really that bad?

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  4. Rehmat says:

    Dr. Roberts, you got to admit that Barack Obama proved to be far better Hollywood actor than Ronal Reagan in the White House. Obama really fooled naïve White and especially the Blacks to believe that he could by the ‘Promised Messiah’. These brainwashed dudes didn’t realized that Obama’s political career was groomed by Chicago Jewish Mafia.

    When Senator Barack H. Obama was campaigning for the White House, former Jewish Congressman and judge from Chicago, Abner Mikvaner, had said: “I think when it is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish President”.

    In August 2008 – during a fundraising event in San Francisco, the former House Speaker and Israel-Firster, Nancy Pelosy, had introduced Senator Barack Obama by hailing him: “A leader that God has blessed with at this time”.

    October 2009 – in an interview, British singer-actor Sting (Gordon Matthew Summer) had equated Barack Obama to Biblical Promised Messaih: “In many ways, he’s sent from God because the world is a mess”.

    Now, Professor Paul Kengor (Grove City College, Pennsylvania), has called Barack H. Obama, “God“, in an article, entitled “Obama, The God That Failed” in the Zionist daily online magazine, American Thinker, published on April 5, 2011. Dr. Kengor, being a Catholic, seems to be very much in touch with his G-d (not Christ of course). He is author of books like; God and Ronald Reagan, God and George W. Bush and God and Hillary Clinton.

    As Christian Zionist – Kengor do know who to blame when Jewish Lobby is not happy with President Obama. He highlights Obama’s (Muslim) middle name: ” It was the Middle East that was supposed to be Obama’s strength. He would be better than Bush, and precisely at the right place and time. Far from Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name being a liability, liberals assured us it was his saving grace. Their faithful leader would know what to do, in a way that “Bush,” Texas rube, was fully incapable”….

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  5. “Now we face the prospect of electing an even worse president than Obama–Killary Clinton. Killary is the bought-and-paid-for property of Wall Street, Israel, and the military-security complex. She will bring back to power the totally discredited neoconservatives, and the US will proceed with its butchery and slaughter of other countries and all reformist governments everywhere.”

    Can any thinking person doubt this assessment?

    I’m afraid the only “change you can believe in” would be if, say, Vlad Putin vectored an ICBM onto Washington, District of Corruption. . . .

  6. s’Truth that Mrs. Clinton will be the last Captain of the USS Titanic, as it accelerates toward the debtberg. But will this Titanic drain the world-ocean when it sinks? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll soon know. Be aware that, when ‘Murka goes under, Zion-in-Palestine goes with it. And the Zionists have indeed promised the Samson Option

  7. Kat Grey says:

    Why does anybody pay attention to the verbal diarrhea spouted by pop stars whenever they are in that ants-in-the-pants period between hit single and tour?

    • Replies: @Ivan K.
  8. I think everybody senses that we are headed towards a crisis or turning point. Some, like PCR, feel it more deeply than others. Many people are calling it the Global Reset.

    At some point Washington will realize that while it can do just about anything, it can’t do everything, everywhere, all the time. Meanwhile, Washington has burned through what credibility and good will the world had to offer. People have started to view it with deep suspicion. Instead of being willing participants in Washington’s agenda, they will become obstructionists, demanding compensation for any assistance they render.

    It looks like Venezuela and Brazil are next on the chopping block. Creating more instability and this time closer to home. The Venezuela bit is especially bad given that Venezuela contributed millions of dollars of free heating oil to help poor Americans.

  9. HBM says:

    Emails are going to sink Hillary. If it’s not the DOJ, it will be leakers– Wikileaks, Putin, the FBI itself. Guccifer testified that at the time he was hacking her server he personally saw 10 foreign IP addresses either in it or trying to get in it. She was cavalierly trafficking in SAP-level intelligence. She was probably selling some of it for Clinton Foundation donations. Her pal Blumenthal, owner of a private global intelligence firm, was doing god knows what with it. She probably spoiled a number of secret operations because her emails compromised them, and she might even have gotten the agents and assets working them killed. She’s not going to get away with it. It’s too big and too much and too many have the goods on her. Hillary is finished.

  10. Dr Roberts, you rarely mention your time in the Reagan administration. Weren’t Sharon’s tanks moving towards Beirut then. You said nothing. This contrasts with your views now.
    You are not the only politician whose posturing on these matters have changed.
    Jimmy Carter in the White House was very limp-wristed in his dealings with Israel. Latterly, his views have radically altered. Of course, his Foundation is largely funded by Gulf Arabs.
    As the late English satirist Michael Wharton said, ” If enough cannibals donate money, they would get an American politician to advocate the legalisation of cannibalism “

  11. woodNfish says:

    Do you remember all the hopes Americans had for Obama when we elected him to his first term?Do you remember all the hopes Americans had for Obama when we elected him to his first term?

    I did not elect the him. Anyone who cared to look at his background KNEW obama is a liar and a fraud. Obama was elected by dumbass grubers who were too stupid to do their homework and only voted for him because he is black and it felt good to them. Were you one of those grubers Roberts? Did you vote for him a second time in 20012 as well?

  12. Ivan K. says:
    @Kat Grey

    We who are from outside the West tend to misperceive Western pop stars and pop culture. The root of it is in simply failing to understand how a foreign society works, actually. So, we tend to see them as some sort of authentic liberators, heroes … which , of course, is balderdash. Fortunately, I avoided much of that through pure circumstance.

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