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A Color Revolution for Uzbekistan?
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Here I am again like a broken record repeating that the Kremlin’s toleration of provocations guarantees that the Kremlin will experience more provocations.

To again repeat myself, Washington broke up the Soviet Union in order to create independent countries on Russia’s borders that, with “color revolutions,” could be turned against Russia. So far Washington has succeeded with the ones in Georgia and Ukraine. The attempt in Belarus two years ago and the recent attempt in Kazakhstan failed, but now one is underway in Uzbekistan. Southfront reports the sudden escalation from a sectional protest to extreme violence. With US corporate presstitutes and US-funded Radio Free Europe on the scene in advance to film and report it, we have the hallmarks of a CIA regime change operation.

We must wonder why the Kremlin doesn’t expect these events and take preemptive action. After Georgia and Ukraine, which necessitated Russian military intervention, we would think the Kremlin would be more attentive. But apparently not.

The only reason these CIA-orchestrated color revolutions are possible is that the Russian government tolerated for many years US-funded NGOs inside Russia and former Soviet provinces where their task is to create organizations that can be called out in protest and to develop networks of politicians more interested in money and connections to the West than in Russian sovereignty. As the CIA knows, there are some Russians that communism turned against Russia.

It is inexplicable why the Russian government gave the West access to undermine the Russian government and to destabilize former constituent parts of the Soviet Union on Russia’s borders.

As the Kremlin is incapable of substituting proactive behavior for its reactive behavior, Russia can expect provocations to continue and become more serious.

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