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Something Here

Dmitry Orlov and Vladimir Putin believe the US is failing, because the US government, in Putin’s words, is “making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.”

These strides are, in Orlov’s words: “exorbitant debt, problems in the energy sector and unreformable political systems mired in corruption, their elites delusional in their feelings of omnipotence. And now comes a truly eerie analogy: the powder keg that detonated under the USSR was ethnic nationalism and separatism; and the powder keg that is currently detonating under the US is “woke” (anti-)racism: another brand of ethnic fascism but with American characteristics.”

I don’t deny that these problems afflicted the Soviet Union and afflict the US today. Certainly, such problems, if not successfully dealt with, could bring about failure. However, in my view the Soviet Union collapsed because the belief system collapsed. The United or Disunited States is collapsing for the same reason, as is all of the Western World. Whether Russia joins this collapse as well remains to be seen.

The Soviet Union collapsed because communism did not produce the plenty that it promised, or the freedom, and frustrated communist reformers were sick of the system. Dissidents were punished, at times severely, and propaganda was used to control the narrative as it is used today in the US. The remaining threads of belief were cut when hardline elements in the Communist Party placed President Gorbachev under house arrest.

In the Western world the destruction of belief has been underway for many decades. The French novelist Jean Raspail captured the collapse of Western belief and its consequences in his novel, The Camp of the Saints, 48 years ago in 1973. The collapse is clearly visible today. The French, the Germans, the British, the Scandinavians cannot resist the dark-skinned immigrant-invaders that are are finally conquering Western Christianity with Islam.

German belief in themselves and their country was destroyed by American control of their educational system since 1945. Germans are indoctrinated with the belief that their country is shameful, responsible for heinous acts supported by the German people. Any manifestation of German pride or any defense of German ethnicity against immigrant-invaders is treated as a manifestation of Nazism.

In Britain assorted intellectuals and university professors have damned the British for their colonialism. Generation by generation the attack has eroded away British belief in their country. Today “the privileged few,” the students at Magdalen College, Oxford University, are “uncomfortable” with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth in their common room and have removed the image of the Queen of England from their presence. Quite clearly, the disassociation of the privileged few from their country is extreme. How must the down and out feel?

In France the only politician who represents French ethnicity is Marine Le Pen, but the French ethnics will not elect the only politician who believes in a French nationalist state based on French ethnicity. When the Establishment is not trying to arrest her, they are calling her a nazi. So, if you are French and you stand for French people, you are a nazi. If patriotism still exists, it has been removed from association with French ethnicity.

In the now thoroughly Disunited States, split not north and south but red and blue, in the blue states white Americans are regarded as systemic racist oppressors of blacks and perpetrators of genocide of the native tribes. There is much talk of paying restitution, but the emphasis now is on eliminating “whiteness.” For the extremists, this means killing off the whites. You can see the flavor here: For others it means eliminating Western culture.

Black studies programs in American universities and all blue state public school systems and some red state ones, although the red states are moving against it, teach that white people are racist by nature and naturally oppress “people of color.” The effect of this teaching is to create hatred of whites on the part of “people of color” while destroying the confidence of white Americans to defend themselves from accusations, punishments, and violence. The manifestations of the attacks on white Americans are everywhere. Indeed, we drown in them. Yet there is no public or political discussion of the official demonization of white Americans, which is being implemented as the official policy of the Democrat Party.

As in Raspail’s novel the attack on French nationalists was led by the French themselves, so in the Disunited States the fierce demonizing attacks on white Americans are led by white American liberals. Self-repudiation by white persons is the rule in the Western world.

In New Zealand there was or is about to be a vote to dispossess themselves and hand over part of the country that New Zealanders built to the descendants of the original native inhabitants. There is similar intent in Australia and Canada. The Germans for years have been paying billions of dollars to the “descendants of the Holocaust.”

Even the US military is being programmed to weed out alleged racist attitudes toward people of color. If white US soldiers are guilty of oppressing blacks, they are also guilty of oppressing Arabs and Asians. How then can US troops fight in the Middle East or against China? If blacks have been oppressed, the US has oppressed people of color in the Arab countries it has bombed and invaded for 20 years. Is the US military being conditioned so that it can only fight white people? Are US sanctions against China, North Korea, and Iran racist?

Will self-denunciation spread to Russia and China? Both are vulnerable. Both stupidly welcomed Western influence and have a professorial class of academics imbued with Western thinking. Think about the oppression under Stalin, the Kulaks and so forth, the gulag, the executions of “enemies of the people.” Think about Mao and all those he eliminated. And Pol Pot.

Is the answer that class oppressions are OK, but not racial oppressions?

In North America no one alive today has been a slave or owned a slave. In North America slavery ended 156 years ago. If American white persons have to pay a price for what happened long before their time, how far back and how widely applied shall the punishments be? What does Turkey owe descendants of Byzantium? What do descendants of Barbary Pirates owe descendants of Americans they enslaved? What do descendants of Muslims who raided Italian coastal towns for slaves have to pay descendants of the slaves? What restitution must Israel make for stealing Palestine from the Palestinians? What do descendants of Normans have to pay descendants of Anglo-Saxons for conquering England?

What do the black inhabitants of Benin, formerly Dahomey, owe the descendants of black slaves Dahomey sold into slavery?

Black Africans were were the mainstay of the slave trade:

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness 

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan chief scientist for the World Health Organization, has been charged by the Mumbai-based association of lawyers of “running a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin by deliberate suppression of effectiveness of drug Ivermectin as a prophylaxis and for treatment of Covid-19, despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data compiled and presented by esteemed, highly qualified, experienced medical doctors and scientists.”

Are public health bureaucrats trustworthy, or are they on the take from Big Pharma? Why do they suppress the evidence of known cures and instead push dangerous and deadly vaccines?

There is no doubt that Ivermectin and HCQ are safe and effective both as cures and as preventatives. Recently, I posted links to the 305 studies of HCQ’s effectiveness and the 96 studies of Ivermectin’s studies.

The question that is evaded by “public health authorities,” the Big Pharma indoctrinated majority of the medical profession, and the presstitute media is why were the known treatments suppressed?

There are two obvious answers, neither reassuring.

One is that it was done for the vaccine profits of Big Pharma, profits that were used to make 9 new billionaires while the rest of us experience exploding food prices.

The other, more disturbing, is that it was done to maximize deaths and use fear to drive people to take an experimental, untested, vaccine. Why? Is the intent population control? Evidence is mounting that the vaccine attacks female fertility.

We know exaggerated Covid case numbers and death rates are being used to erase civil liberties and justify coercion of people forcing them to accept a dangerous and often deadly vaccination.

What is most disturbing is that despite the clear evidence that the Covid threat is greatly overstated and that cures are readily available, governments and public health authorities are pushing harder than ever to vaccinate everyone despite the evidence that the vaccine is more dangerous to many than Covid itself. The Pakistani government, if government it is, promises to disable people’s iPhones if they refuse to be vaccinated.

Some California health authorities are demanding mandatory vaccinations of everyone in the state.

What explains the worldwide identical response to a media-hyped-up-threat exposed by large numbers of experts? I don’t know the answer. What I do know is that the official narrative is not accepted by large numbers of independent experts. I also know that those behind the official narrative pay experts who sell their integrity to support, despite the evidence, the official narrative, which is a lie.

What we can safely conclude is that we should not believe any official explanation, any public health authority, any government, and most certainly not believe the pressitutes such as the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, BBC.

The proof is in: For many age groups the Covid vaccine is more dangerous than Covid.

Why haven’t you heard this proven fact from the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, BBC?

The fact that you have not should tell you something.

• Category: Science • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 

Alone among the 50 states Arizona is conducting an audit of the 2020 election. The majority Republican state senate is the impetus behind the audit. The courts have supported the audit against attempts by Democrats to shut it down.

The Democrats’ opposition indicates that the audit is likely to turn up electoral fraud. But what are the Republicans likely to do with the finding? Will they largely cover it up in exchange for reforms to clear voting rolls of the deceased and those who have moved out of state?

Republicans are committed to the system. They want to prove that the system works, not that it fails, which is what socialists and communists claim. If there was fraud in Arizona, there was likely fraud in other swing states. A failed system would vindicate the communist claim that democracy is a fraud and constitute a propaganda victory for the enemy. This is the way most Republicans think.

This way of thinking suggests that the likelihood is high that the Arizona election audit will legitimize the stolen election as a fair one


People were amazed that in 1962 Andy Warhol was able to sell a picture of a Campbell’s soup can for $11,700,000.

Italian Salvatore Garau has put over an even greater hoax on the art world. He just sold an “invisible” sculpture, that is, one that does not exist, for $18,300. In other words, he sold nothing for $18,300. At least Warhol had a soup can.

The art world is a world in which sophisticated white liberals live. For them it is sophistication to lay out almost $12 million — a sum that exceeds the lifetime earnings of practically everyone on earth—for an exact rendition of a soup can that they could have purchased in a food store for $1.

That was then. With the growth of sophistication, they now shell out $18 grand for nothing at all. Garau announced that he had an invisible sculpture for sale and someone paid him an average American shelf-stocker annual income for it.

But more is to come. A white teacher who taught Spanish has decided, after struggling and grappling “with my internalized white supremacy,” that it is racist for a white person to teach a language of color. To make amends she cancelled herself.

Others speaking at the “Virtual Women’s and Gender Studies Conference” argued that white teachers should teach in white schools and black teachers should teach in black schools. It was only yesterday that what today poses as “anti-racism” was considered racist segregation.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness 

Here is the website for all 305 studies of the effectiveness of HCQ in Covid treatment. If used early, HCQ is very effective in curing Covid and reducing mortality rates. Except for the Westernized parts of the world, HCQ is used:

Here is the website for all 96 studies of Ivermectin for Covid treatment. Ivermectin is even more effective, especially in late treatment of Covid:

Despite the overwhelming evidence of two safe and effective cures for Covid, Big Pharma, public health bureaucrats such as Dr. Fauci, medical associations, hospital and corporate medical care organizations, and the presstitutes have worked together to deny effective and safe treatment to Covid patients. Indeed, it is a fact that almost every Covid death is due to the denial of treatment by effective cures.

It is a known fact that the Covid vaccines are dangerous. For many—especially youth—the vaccine is more dangerous than Covid. Yet despite the clear evidence, the propaganda has been turned higher to encourage vaccination for youth. It is extraordinary that medical care organizations are so incompetent or so corrupt that they value Big Pharma vaccination profits higher than human life. Many of these organizations notify doctors who treat Covid patients with HCQ and Ivermectin that they are not following the health organization’s procedures. Repeat offenders can be censured and fired. In other words, doctors are prevented from using effective and safe treatments for their Covid patients.

In other words, it is the doctors who save your life who are dispensable. The ones who protect Big Pharma’s vaccine profits are the valued ones.

From the beginning Covid has been a conspiracy against health and life. Covid is a profit-making agenda and an agenda for increasing arbitrary government power over people.

There should be massive law suits and massive arrests of those who block effective Covid cures and impose a deadly vaccine.

• Category: Science • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 

A civilized society rests on truth and fact, not on deception and deceit. As truth and fact are censored, and deception and deceit are all that we have, we clearly do not have a civilized society.

Indeed, a person cannot find signs anywhere in the US of a civilized society. In place of debate we have screamed insults, threats, and cancelled persons. The fate of defendants, such as officer Chauvin, are decided in the media and not in honest trials. Scientists and medical authorities lie for money as do journalists. Truth has no guardians in official positions, least of all in universities. Governments serve undeclared agendas and orchestrate fear in order to achieve their agendas. Countries are invaded and bombed on the basis of lies and false accusations. Constitutional protections are taken away in order to protect us with unrestrained and unaccountable government police power. This list goes on.

How can this ship be righted? Some think by Republicans now that Democrats have lost influence by allowing their cities to be looted and burned by “peaceful protests.”

There are some worthwhile Republicans, such as the governors of Florida, Texas, and South Dakota, and the Arizona state senate. But most Republicans have learned that the way to get ahead in life is not to rock the boat. They are content with participating, not with being leaders against headwinds.

Consequently, there were not enough Republicans willing to fight to prevent a stolen American presidential election.

The behavior of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger indicates that Republicans are not the answer (

And Pennsylvania Republicans indicate that Republicans Are Too Weak to Fight ( ).

Clearly anti-American white liberals are not the answer. But neither are pro-America conservatives. The history of white liberals is the denunciation of America and authorship of books and articles to that effect. This is not to say that America hasn’t its share of crimes. I myself have written about many of them. But for the white liberals there is nothing but crimes.

American conservatives are too patriotic. They wear the flag on their sleeve, and it blinds them to facts. They are ever ready to unload on “foreign enemies” manufactured by the military/security complex to justify its enormous budgets and power. Remember the fear that if Vietnam fell to communism, the free world was lost? This absurdity became an article of faith.

Conservatives are easily directed away from real domestic internal threats from their own government to orchestrated threats from media-manufactured foreign enemies. George W. Bush used the “war on terror” to abolish habeas corpus. Obama used the “war on terror” to execute US citizens on suspicion alone without due process. Trump united Americans against China, and the Democrats united Americans against Russia. Conservatives are always more comfortable with foreign enemies than with internal ones, because they regard suspicion of their government as unpatriotic—not that they won’t jump all over the government. But they are protective of their country and they confuse the government with their country.

I have been trying for some decades to teach them the difference, but they have been slow learners.

Think about my experience. I was President Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury on whom he relied to get his supply-side economic program out of his administration in order that Congress could vote on it, which I did. Next he put me on a secret presidential committee empowered to investigate the CIA’s claim that the Soviet Union would win an arms race with the US, which required the highest security clearances. I was also a member in the 1980s of the Committee on the Present Danger, a group of former government policymakers concerned about the Soviet threat. Yet in the 21st century I was declared a “Russian agent/Putin dupe” by a new website called PropOrNot that could not be identified and perhaps was funded by the CIA, and which was endorsed by the Washington Post, a suspected long-term CIA asset. I was labeled a Russian agent for the same reason Trump was subjected to the Russiagate hoax—to prevent normal relations with Russia. The same happened to Stephen Cohn, America’s most distinguished Russian expert.

Normal relations with Russia would mean a reduction in the budget and power of the military/security complex. Thus, those of us in favor of reducing the chances of nuclear war were said to be against America and for Russia.

Not content with this, I was next labeled an “anti-semite” because I posted as a guest column an article by an Israeli citizen critical of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. The fact that I permitted free speech to an Israeli meant I was anti-semitic.

Not content with this, I was declared a “holocaust denier” when I quoted in a book review David Irving’s report that although he has documented many Nazi atrocities against Jews, he has not been able to find any evidence anywhere of an organized policy of holocaust despite 50 years of searching. For reporting an author’s conclusion in a book review I was labeled by the liars at Wikipedia “a holocaust denier.” I have often wondered if the ADL, still settling scores with me for permitting an Israeli to criticize Israel, paid them money for that.

Note that I did not deny anything. I just reported what the best historian of World War II found after a half century of searching. Irving’s histories are based entirely on the extant documents, which he has spent a lifetime hunting down, and survivor interviews.

These attacks were designed to reduce the readership of my website. If I can be misrepresented, little wonder that expert scientists who raise expert questions about Covid and its treatment can be silenced or that 3,000 high-rise architects and structural engineers can be dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” by scientifically ignorant presstitutes incapable of high school algebra.

We live in a country in which people of good character and solid expertise can be dismissed and even demonized by ignorant fools of zero accomplishment.

In other words, leadership by the capable is impossible.

To put it another way, in the US today character, integrity, facts, and truth are of no consequence. The elite have an agenda, and all those in the way are run over.

In former times when Americans studied Roman history in school in order to avoid the same fate, they learned that Caligula appointed, or intended to appoint, his horse Incitatus a Roman Senator or perhaps it was a Roman Consul. Whether Caligula did or did not, the historian Suetonius who reported Caligula’s equation of a horse with a Roman Senator was not describing a mad emperor. He was giving information that Rome was finished, the evidence being that the once powerful Roman Senate, guardian of the Roman Republic, was reduced to the status of a barn for animals.

Isn’t this a description of Washington today?


Covid Disinformation & Media Suppression of Experts’ Warnings Give Creditility to Conspiracy Theories ( )

Paul Craig Roberts

Ask yourself why public health authorities would suppress this information:

Or this information:

Why would Big Pharma hire “fact checkers” to discredit safe successful treatment of Covid with HCQ and Ivermectin? Both have been used for decades. They are so safe that in civilized countries not controlled by Big Pharma and their medical bureaucrats, the drugs are available over the counter. In Africa HCQ is known as “Sunday medicine.” In malaria areas it is taken every Sunday by everyone. Yet American public health authorities and their shills said you would have a heart attack if you took it, and a majority of American doctors fell for the obvious lie.

American Covid deaths are due entirely to public health authorities banning treatment with the two safe known cures.

It seems they wanted the deaths for the fear factor. It drove people to line up for the vaccine. Did you notice that instead of calming public fears, the authorities elevated fear? Fear produces irrationality and panic, which normally public authorities do not want. But for the “Covid pandemic” they did want fear and panic.

Why do you think they generated fear and withheld known safe treatments? Is Fauci simply incompetent, or is he a highly rewarded tool of a hidden agenda?

James Howard Kunstler tells us that all is not well:


The American whore media with a straight face reports that Biden intends to confront Putin at their meeting with “the human rights issue.” One can only marvel at the audacity of this intention. The US government is the leading abuser of human rights. Think Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the overthrown Latin American democratic governments, and Washington’s protection of Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians.

On an individual basis think Julian Assange who Washington has managed to keep imprisoned for a decade without charges presented in court and conviction. Even Stalin gave his victims per forma due process.

Washington gets away with accusing others of its own crimes because the Western presstitutes cover up for Washington and only the Chinese point out Washington’s hypocrisy.

What human rights issue is Biden planning to lay on Putin? Most likely it is Navalny’s imprisonment that Navalny himself brought about. He had been released on condition that he keep his parole agreement, which he refused to do. His Washington masters wanted him in prison where Washington could turn him into a propaganda weapon against Putin. Ask yourself, would you rather be in Assange’s shoes or Navalny’s?

Or perhaps the issue will be Putin’s support of Assad who Washington and its whore media continue to call a dictator despite having won reelection in a free democratic vote with a 95% majority. In contrast Biden stole his “election.” Assad and Russia’s support of him are in the way of Israel and Washington’s plans for the Middle East. Thus Assad’s demonization.

One wonders what Putin is going to do when presented with Biden’s human rights accusation. Is Putin going to sit there politely and take the abuse or is he going to point out that unlike Navalny who was convicted of violating the law, Washington has kept Assange imprisoned for a decade without even giving him a show trial? Will Putin follow up with mentioning the millions of people murdered and dispossessed by Washington’s war crimes against Muslim countries? Why hasn’t there been a resolution introduced in the UN by Russia to condemn the US for its unambiguous war crimes?

At some point Putin will have to stand up for himself and his country or lose credibility with the Russian people and his friends abroad.


Was slavery a wrong or an inherited institution?

Did slavery originate in the English colonies in North America in the 17th century or do its origins go back before the time of recorded history?

Is slavery racist or is it based on economic motive?

If a person wants understanding, these are important questions.

But if a person wants to engage others in emotion for the purpose of gaining preferment and its rewards, money and power, or simply to enjoy the self-righteousness of moral denunciation of one’s fellows, these questions are in the way. The fact that these questions are never asked and are not a part of black studies programs in universities or the New York Times’ fake history project–the 1619 Project–is conclusive evidence that today slavery is an emotive word used to demonize white people and to bring preferment to black people.

Slavery is presented to American school children as something that white people did to black people. Therefore, white people are racists and must pay in some way for the slavery of black people that ended in the US 156 years ago.

There are so many unasked questions. For example, how did the blacks brought to North America become slaves? Who enslaved them? The answer, which explodes the narrative, is that blacks were enslaved by other blacks.

The main source of slaves for the slave trade was the black Kingdom of Dahomey. Dahomey engaged in slave wars with other black kingdoms or tribes and became the dominant power.

As Encyclopedia Britannica says, “Dahomey was organized for war, not only to expand its boundaries but also to take captives as slaves. Slaves were either sold to the Europeans [or Muslims] in exchange for weapons or kept to work the royal plantations that supplied food for the army and court.”

The socialist Karl Polanyi wrote the classic work: Dahomey and the Slave Trade published in 1966. The book does not fit our woke time and the black studies agenda, and it is no longer available in print.

Today Dahomey is known as Benin. On the beach at Ouidah there is a contemporary monument, the Gate of no Return, commemorating the lives of the Africans captured by the black Kingdom of Dahomey and sold to Arabs and Europeans as slaves or traded for firearms.

In other words, the origin of black slaves was black slave traders.

Why did European sea captains bring black slaves to North America? The answer is that there was fertile land capable of producing profitable crops and no labor force. Those who held land grants or charters from the English king needed labor to make the land usable. There was no other work force.

Slaves were brought to the US not because of racism but for economic motives. Black Africans sold other black Africans to merchants for firearms that established Dahomey’s dominance. The merchants sold the slaves as a labor force to those who held land that originated in land grants or charters from the English monarch and had no one to work it. Slavery was established as the agricultural labor force long before the United States existed.

This brings us back to the opening question of this essay. Was slavery a wrong or an inherited institution? Whether or not something is wrong depends on the morality of the time. At the time the black Kingdom of Dahomey and the other blacks with whom Dahomey engaged in slave wars did not consider slavery wrong. Neither did the Arabs who for centuries had raided European coastal towns for white slaves. Neither did the Europeans who brought the purchased slaves to North America. Neither did the colonists who purchased a labor force. Neither did the original slaves, captives who themselves had fought in slave wars.

Slavery had been a fact of life for millenniums. Long before white peoples had black slaves, they had white slaves, and were themselves slaves owned by Arabs. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries North Americans were enslaved when US merchant ships were captured by North African provinces of the Ottoman Empire. For some years the US Congress paid large sums to ransom Americans enslaved in Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. President Thomas Jefferson tired of it and sent US Naval forces that captured Tripoli and broke up the practice of enslaving captured American merchant ship crews—thus in the US Marines anthem—“to the shores of Tripoli.”

Slavery was everywhere. It was an inherited institution. In the African slave wars, a man could begin the battle a free person and if defeated find himself a slave. A person born to slave parents knew no other life. In North America where slaves comprised the agricultural labor force, everyone was born into a society in which slavery was an established institution. It was the result of a choice made in a distant time when there was no alternative labor force.

The American and French revolutions, as they are called, resulted in an idealism of the free autonomous person, and those affected by this ideal turned on slavery as wrong, as it seems to be under this ideal of Western Civilization. However, it was not wrong in black Dahomey.

How one disposes of an entire labor institution and replaces it was never described by those who wanted an end to slavery in the 19th century. Landowners owned the land and the labor. To require them to free their slaves would be to deprive them of a large part of their capital. If they freed their work force, they would have to hire them back with wages, but after such a capital loss where would the wages come from? Would taxpayers fund a government program to compensate owners for freeing their slaves? These are major questions during a time period when many other major questions took precedence. To reconfigure a country’s established institutions is an extraordinary undertaking. The Communists attempted it in the 20th century, and did not meet with success.

Mechanization has replaced the bulk of the agricultural work force, but it wasn’t an available alternative at the time. If it had been, what would have provided the livelihood for the freed slaves? In the end it was sharecropping, which kept the former slaves tied to the land as they had been as slaves and as medieval serfs had been tied to the land. Instead of wages, sharecroppers shared in the ownership of the crop and the proceeds from the sale.

In the US the heavy immigration would have eventually produced a free labor force except for the fact that until the frontier was closed at the end of the 19th century, immigrants could move west and claim land they occupied. Most preferred working their own place to working as labor for another person.

Jobs offshoring has eliminated most of the American manufacturing labor force, and those who had manufacturing jobs find themselves today with diminished living standards. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are eliminating much of the rest of human employment. The question of human employment in a world of automation and AI remains an evaded question, just as abolitionists evaded the question of the fate of freed slaves. President Lincoln wanted to send them back to Africa or to a Central or South American destination.

If slavery was such an evil, why did Congress resurrect slavery with the 16th Amendment in 1909 and the states ratify it in 1913? To understand what I mean, ask yourself what is the definition of a slave? A slave is a person who does not own his own labor or the products of his labor. If you are subject to an income tax, you do not own your own labor.


Before we give in to hopes that the Biden/Putin Summit will result in better relations between the US and Russia, we should remember the Trump/Putin Summit in Helsinki in July 2018. The US media and the Democrat Party used the Trump/Putin Summit to blacken the event as where Putin “cemented his status and the status of Russia as US public enemy #1.”

The American Establishment made certain the summit would fail. Three days prior to the summit the Department of Justice indicted 12 Russian GRU officers. Two days prior to the summit Senate Democrats urged Trump to cancel the summit meeting.

CIA Director John Brennan said that the press conference following the summit showed that Trump exceeded “the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors. It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecile, Trump is wholly in the pocket of Putin.”

In other words, the Democrat Party, the US military/security complex, and the American media considered Trump’s meeting with Putin an act of treason. Regardless of whether anything good happened at the Trump/Putin Summit, the media presstitutes, Democrats, and CIA controlled the narrative.

The question before us is: If it was treason for Trump to meet with Putin, why is it permissible for Biden to meet with Putin?

The answer perhaps is that the Biden/Putin Summit is a propaganda trap for the Kremlin. Just as the Kremlin walked into a propaganda trap when it allowed Navalny to take his poison complaint to Germany, the Kremlin might be repeating the folly by agreeing to the meeting with Biden.

We know from reports of the pre-summit meeting of Lavrov and the US Secretary of State that Biden’s agenda is a list of accusations against Russia. In other words, Biden’s intent is to hold Putin accountable. Obviously, no improved relations can come from such a meeting unless Putin confesses to the accusations and promises to behave better in the future. Otherwise Washington’s narrative will be that the summit was a failure due to Putin’s unreasonableness. Putin wouldn’t agree to stop poisoning people. Putin wouldn’t agree to stop invading countries. Putin would not agree to stop interfering in elections. Putin would not agree to stop cyber attacks.

In other words, Washington will use the summit to reiterate the status of Putin’s Russia as “US public enemy #1.” This is almost certain to be the outcome. Washington is using the Russian desire to be accepted by the West to draw an incautious Kremlin into a propaganda trap.

The Biden regime consists of ideologues and is probably the least professional government in US history. But professionalism has nothing to do with it. Biden has many of the same people—Victoria Nuland for example—who organized the “Maidan Revolution” and installed in Ukraine a government hostile to Moscow. Despite Kremlin diplomatic efforts in the European Union, recently the European Parliament voted to support regime change in Russia. With such a high degree of Western hostility toward Russia, how can the Kremlin expect any positive result from a summit?

The Kremlin has not understood that Russia is worth far more to Washington as an enemy than as a friend. The “Russian threat” is the basis for the one thousand-billion-dollar annual budget of the US military/security complex and the power that goes with this enormous sum. Without the “Russia threat,” what is the justification for the budget.

The “Russian threat” also keeps Western Europe and NATO in line with US policy. If there is no Russian threat, what is the point of NATO? What would prevent European countries from having independent foreign policies, thus contributing to a multi-polar world? Biden’s interest is to heighten, not reduce, tensions with Russia. We should remember that the CIA, FBI, Democrats, and the US media orchestrated “Russiagate” in order to prevent Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. There is no basis for believing that Biden will be permitted to do what Trump was prohibited from doing.

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Paul Craig Roberts
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