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I have searched the Internet and cannot find the alleged second autopsy—the so-called “independent autopsy” hired by “George Floyd’s family.” I have no difficulty finding the official medical examiner’s report, but there is no sign of a second autopsy. Those of you who are convinced it exists please send me the URL. It will prove that you are a better Internet searcher than I am.

Based on the available information, the “second autopsy” consists of an assertion by CNN, a collection of liars that other presstitutes echo. Thus, the presstitutes created a non-existent “second autopsy” just as they created Russiagate and Russian bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afganistan that President Trump allegedly refuses to do anything about. Precisely how does Trump do something about something that does not exist? Try to imagine people so stupid that the morons think the Taliban has to be paid by Russia to kill the American troops who are trying to occupy Afghanistan. The Taliban have been killing the US occupying troops for two decades! Why suddenly are Russian bounties necessary for the Taliban to kill US troops? It is just more concocted anti-Trump propaganda.

Similarly, how can a second autopsy that allegedly concludes that officer Chauvin murdered Floyd be refuted when no such autopsy exists?

What does exist is a twice fired former medical examiner, first fired by New York City and then by Suffold County, who serves as a hired gun to give inflamatory statements to the media in support of civil lawsuits for money. His name is Michael Baden.

Baden did no second autopsy. He viewed the video of officer Chauvin and gave his opinion that Chauvin killed Floyd by cutting off oxygen and blood to the brain. In this rhetorical footwork, he was aided by the rightwing idiot Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Nowhere in the media is there any mention of Floyd’s existing serious health conditions, his drug addiction, or the level of fentanyl in his blood that was in excess of a fatal dose. The medical examiner’s report has been ignored by the presstitute media and by public authorities including the prosecutor who indicted officer Chauvin.

The consequence of a fentanyl overdose is inability to breathe and heart attack. Look it up yourself. I have provided the link in previous columns, and here it is again–

Note especially:

“Can you overdose on fentanyl? Yes, a person can overdose on fentanyl. An overdose occurs when a drug produces serious adverse effects and life-threatening symptoms. When people overdose on fentanyl, their breathing can slow or stop. This can decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can lead to a coma and permanent brain damage, and even death.”

“Synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, are now the most common drugs involved in drug overdose deaths in the United States. In 2017, 59.8 percent of opioid-related deaths involved fentanyl compared to 14.3 percent in 2010” —

“Among an estimated 70,200 drug overdose deaths in 2017, the largest increase was related to fentanyl and its analogs with more than 28,400 overdose deaths. However, these numbers are likely underreported.” — gives the fatal dose as 2 milligrams– gives the fatal dose as 3 milligrams–

According to, 700 micrograms (less than one milligram) is an overdose from which death is likely. One milligram (1000 micrograms) carries the risk of “death near certain.” Two milligrams and death is certain and unavoidable. A dose of 250 micrograms (one-fourth of one milligram) can kill a non-tolerant user. “Conventional medical wisdom is that 2,000 micrograms is the ‘minimum lethal dose’ — in other words, the smallest amount that can be fatal. This estimate is far too high. Two thousand micrograms (2 milligrams) of pure fentanyl injected into a vein would cause even most heavy heroin users to overdose — especially if fentanyl is mixed with any other substance, such as heroin, alcohol or Xanax.”

These are extremely small amounts. “Rescuers responding to overdose calls have to be careful—just touching it or inhaling it can be deadly.” —

Don’t write to me what you think. What you think is not the issue. The facts are the issue. If you don’t now the facts, you simply do not know. Ignorant and manipulated emotion is not a basis for arriving at truth.

There is no mention in the media of Floyd’s bloodwork showing the high level of fentanyl or by Hannity in his enabling interview of a hired gun, Michael Baden, who intends to make himself and Floyd’s “family” multimillionaires with a civil lawsuit. No doubt but that Baden is grateful to Hannity for giving him the public forum for his clients.

With no mention that Floyd had a fatal dose of a dangerous opioid that is known to stop breathing and cause a heart attack, the hired gun, Michael Baden, can pronounce officer Chavin guilty.

That is what the media want to hear. That is what the politicians are invested in. That is what Hannity in his stupidity has given to the leftwing as a weapon.

Here I am trying to defend the truth. There is no second autopsy, but everyone has been convinced that there is. What reach can one naysaying voice have when an irresponsible media has enthroned a lie?

Why was a “second autopsy” needed? According to CNN for no reason at all. According to CNN the official medical examiner’s report supports that Floyd’s death was homicide by police. If so, why did the “Floyd family” have to hire someone to say the same thing?

But this is just another CNN lie. There is no mention of homicide in the medical examiner’s report. There is no blame attributed to the police, The title of the medical examiner’s report has been intentionally misrepresented by the presstitute media to imply that the police at least had a small part in Floyd’s death.

Read the medical examiner’s report for yourself:

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As readers know, I am a long-time critic of gratuitous police violence. My many columns on the subject have cost me readers who saw my columns as undermining the police and thereby law and order. I agree with readers that crime is real and that there is a danger that punishing the police for abusing their power can reduce their zealousness in enforcing laws. On the other hand, refusing to hold police accountable allows misbehavior to continue that eventually undermines their reputation as has now occurred.

As readers know, I am also a critic of authorities, including those in Minnesota, for having our police given Israeli police training. Israelis use police to suppress the Palestinian population. In my opinion this kind of aggressive training is risky when some members of the force are attracted by power and authority instead of public service.

Having this track record, some readers are now confused that I seem to be taking the side of the police in the George Floyd case.

My concern is not with one side or the other. It is with truth. The medical examiner’s report—completely ignored by the media and public authorities—indicates that Floyd died of a fatal dose of the opioid fentanyl and not from strangulation by officer Chauvin. If this is the case, then officer Chauvin, who has been convicted in the media prior to trial, has had his rights violated and has been, in effect, lynched by the media serving as a black KKK.

The American people should know by now that the media gets things wrong far more often than it gets them right. Take your pick and add to the list: Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russiagate, Impeachgate, Hillary’s emails. It is supposed to be a principle of US justice that a defendant is innocent until found guilty by a jury in a trial.

It is easy to see why officer Chauvin was not given the benefit of the doubt. The video and the photo of officer Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck, with Floyd reported as complaining that he can’t breathe and Chauvin appearing indifferent to Floyd’s complaint, is all it takes for an anatomically ignorant population to see what they take to be an act of homicide.

Certainly the media did not investigate or wait for the medical report or even look at the medical report when it became available. Chauvin was pronounced guilty in advance. Now with the entire world convinced of his guilt, with so many political reputations staked on his guilt, and with more than 500,000 people contributing more than $14,500,000 to the official George Floyd Memorial Fund — — it is impossible to correct what might be a rush to a false judgment.

I can do myself no good by raising questions about a conclusion that seems to be set in stone. It will cost me readers, donations, and bring me death threats. But I cannot be indifferent when it is possible that truth has been murdered and an innocent police office has been publicly lynched. I am defending truth, not Chauvin. Without truth, everyone of us can be pronounced guilty by accusation alone. This is especially the case in America where denunciation has displaced civilized debate.

As a former Wall Street Journal editor, columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, Creators Syndicate, and major French and Italian newspapers, I am familiar with how the press works. The media creates lies, sometimes on purpose, sometimes inadvertently, and sometimes by rushing to judgment. Americans, bless their gullible hearts, assume the press has investigated when so often the press is merely publishing a planted story or a press release or boosting readership with extravagant headlines that become the story in place of the facts.

The question before us is: In the case of George Floyd’s death, has the media turned a lie into truth?

Everywhere in the world the story has been told of “the Memorial Day Killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis,” to use the words from the UK Telegraph on July 4. The Foreign Staff of the Telegraph cannot even report on President Trump’s Mount Rushmore Speech without repeating again that Floyd was killed by police. We have all heard it countless times.

But is this what happened? No one has investigated except John-Paul Leonard — . If the media account, which is based on nothing but an emotional reaction to a video, is incorrect, Chauvin, the accused police officer, has been wrongly convicted in the media and has no chance of a fair trial.

When I was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, if media presented a defendant as guilty before a court trial concluded that fact, it endangered the ability to prosecute the defendant as it prevented a fair trial. If the media was national that declared guilt prematurely, the case would be dismissed. If it was a local newspaper, the trial would have to be moved to another city or state. It simply was impermissible for media to convict a defendant in the media prior to a jury’s determination. Innocent until proven guilty was the rule. I don’t remember when this protection of the defendant was cast aside.

I suspect the protection was lost with the rise of plea bargaining. I don’t think plea bargaining existed in the 40s and 50s. With the rise of plea bargaining, evidence of innocence or guilt became irrelevant. Trials ceased to take place. Today 97% of felonies are resolved with plea bargains. In exchange for a guilty plea, the defendant is punished for a lesser offense that did not occur and avoids the risk of being convicted on more serious charges. The defendant’s lawyer and the prosecutor negotiate a lesser offence in exchange for a guilty plea that avoids the cost in time and money of a trial. The “justice system” moved from finding truth to clearing dockets and maximizing the conviction rate. Trials take time and can result in an innocent verdict. Plea bargains are quickly arranged and all who plea are guilty.

The police officer, Chauvin, has already been convicted by the media everywhere in the world. He cannot possibly get a fair trial. Even if the jurors are convinced he is innocent by the medical evidence and by Floyd’s complaints of his breathing problem prior to being restrained, they won’t dare say so. Jurors who found Chauvin innocent would be shunned by neighbors and face death threats from Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Despite the fact that no fair trial is possible for Chauvin, his case will not be dismissed. A prosecutor who dropped charges and a judge who dismissed the case on the grounds that a fair trial is impossible would be demonized and placed in danger of their lives and careers.

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God bless you. You will need it.

There Are More White Americans Who Are Descendants of Slaves Than There are Black American Descendants of Slaves

From 14 months ago:

Hi White American, You Have Been Cancelled

Paul Craig Roberts

Think about this on July 4th. White Americans have not only lost the independence they gained in 1776, they have lost the protection of law. White Americans are no longer “equal under the law.” See Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence Stratton, The New Color Line

No white American can criticize a black or stand up to a black’s abuse of his/her person without the risk of job loss and prosecution by government authorities. White Americans pay for their servitude with subsidies to their oppressors, only it is a worse servitude in the 21st century than white Americans experiened under the British King in the 18th century.

No one speaks for white people. There are no white organizations attending to the rights of people who have white skin. ONLY White People suffer racial discrimination. Whites are banned from “go-to-the-head-of-the-line” for university admissions, jobs, promotions. The Civil Rights Act does not protect white people. The only white people who get media support are the ones who denounce their fellow whites as racists. The white supremacy militias are more hype than real. Wherever white men appear armed, they always submit to the authorities sent to disarm and arrest them. They never fight.

After being subjected to decades of demonization, white people have lost their strength. They have become wet paper bags. Anyone can walk through them. And the neoconservatives think the US can go to war with real people like Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians. What a joke we are.

No strength remains, and people of color see it. Whites and their civilization are denounced in every White University. Indeed, the main function of white American universities is to demonize white civilization. Jean Raspail describes white self-destruction in The Camp of the Saints, and insouciant white Americans are today precisely as gullible and unaware as the French people in Raspail’s novel.

The vast majority of white people in America have no idea that government at the state, local, and federal level is engaged in demonizing and marginalizing them. There is no organization, no media to tell them. If there were one, it would be closed down as racist, nazi, fascist, whatever word or term demonizes the most. It would not be permitted on Facebook, twitter, Google or anywhere else. Outspoken white people speak for blacks, not for whites. They are enraged against white people, not against blacks.

White people no longer have a voice unless it is raised in adoration of “People of Color.” Once the white liberals complete their debasement of themselves and the rest of us, their voice will no longer be needed. As they are themselves white, they are evil also, and will suffer the same fate as the rest of us. All of their pandering to blacks will do them no more good than it did for the French panderers of the invading third world horde in Raspail’s novel.

When the seeds of hate are sowed, you reap the consequences. Whites are evil period. Thus, Ulysses S. Grant’s statue was pulled down by thugs so ignorant they do not even know who he was. All they see is a statue of a white person. That is enough for them to know that the racist bastard has to go. The American white media is too brainwashed and stupid to understand what this means for them. What is happening today in the US is perfectly mirrored in Jean Raspail’s 1970s novel, The Camp of the Saints. We are living the novel as I write.

It is the same all over the Western White World. In Sweden ethnic Swedish women are raped by black immigrant-invaders in public, and the ethnic Swedish men do nothing. Either they accept white guilt or they fear being prosecuted for a racist crime if they intervene. Indeed, I have reported previously from the Swedish press that not only are a large percentage of ethinc Swedish women afraid to leave their homes, they fear being prosecuted for a hate crime if they report their rape or gang rape by a black immigrant invader or invaders.

None of what really is happening is reported in the Western media, which is complicit in the crimes against white people. How is it privileged for a white Swedish woman to be publicly raped and be afraid of reporting her rape to Swedish authorities? Swedish police who have reported that almost all rapes in Sweden are committed by black immigrant-invaders have been suspended and investigated for racism.

If White Americans had any self-respect and any awareness of how they are being set up for dispossession, the presstitute media and many politicians would be in danger of being lynched. Antifa thugs would be prosecuted and imprisoned. Recognizing one’s enemies and destroying them before they destroy you is the way those societies that have survived managed to do so. No country in the Western World is any longer one of those capable of survival. All of the foreign policy talk of how the US is going to confront Russia, China, Iran, North Korea is ridiculous. The United States is incapable of confronting its own self-inflicted demise.

White Americans no longer have the capability to resist. Washington can bomb faraway peoples, but is incapable of protecting public monuments and private property on its home ground. White Americans, indeed whites everywhere, are more endangered than the climate or any other species. And they are too indoctrinated with guilt to know it.

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As I predicted 25 years ago in my book, The New Color Line — white Americans have become second class citizens under the law.

In the latest racist attack on white people, black women provoked an incident. The pregnant white woman who was threatened and verbally abused by the blacks tried to de-escalate the situation but was not permitted to. The white woman’s husband was fired from his job at Oakland University. The University believes that standing up for oneself or one’s wife to black abusers is unacceptable behavior. The prosecutor, Jessica Cooper, is pandering to and enabling black violence against whites by prosecuting the white victims and not the black perpetrators. The outcome of “racial justice” is that the pregnant white woman’s husband is now unemployed and both face prosecution and prison sentences without a paycheck for a lawyer. There will have to be blacks on the jury, and the blacks will demand conviction regardless of innocence. So much for “white privilege.”

It is going to get a lot worse. Ordinary White Americans and their property have been abandoned by the governing class. White Americans are now living The Camp of the Saints.

The Fourth of July is when we hear poppycock about our rights and freedoms. These patriotic speeches no longer apply to white Americans . White Americans have been dispossessed of their rights, their self respect, and their country.

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The US is under attack not only by the Covid virus but also by ideas that have deracinated a significant percentage of white people from their culture and history. It is an indication of end times when the self-inflicted death of a felon strung out on a fatal overdose of an opioid can result in the loss of confidence by public authorities leaving them unable to defend property and public monuments from rioters and looters. Organizations that are pillars of Western civilization have collapsed into guilt and contrition over a drug overdose death.

Those leading the attack on Western Civilization can only be encouraged by the abundant signs of collapsing confidence among white people who have sided with forces of destruction against law and order. Such weakness will encourage further attacks.

Race relations in the US, never good due to the self-hating white liberals who preach race hatred of whites to blacks and guilt to whites, have taken a terrible blow from the misrepresentation of George Floyd’s death from the dangerous opioid fentanyl.

George Floyd’s death, attributed falsely to police murder, was due, according to the medical examiner’s report, which the media has ignored, to his medical preconditions plus an overdose of fentanyl. The entire episode has been misrepresented. The police did not call medics because they had choked Floyd to death. The police restraining Floyd called for medical help, because they seem to have recognized that Floyd was undergoing Excited Delirium Syndrome (EXD) and was in danger of his life. Floyd was being restrained in order to keep him still. You can read about fentanyl’s effect on breathing ability and heart function here:

Note especially this paragraph:

“Can you overdose on fentanyl?

Yes, a person can overdose on fentanyl. An overdose occurs when a drug produces serious adverse effects and life-threatening symptoms. When people overdose on fentanyl, their breathing can slow or stop. This can decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can lead to a coma and permanent brain damage, and even death.”

According to the medical examiner’s report, this is what happened to Floyd.

But the American media has paid no attention to the medical examiner’s report. Neither has either political party. In an effort to discredit the medical examiner’s report, eleven politicized physicans published rhetoric devoid of any evidence—essentially an act of mud-throwing at the medical examiner—in Scientific American, which raises questions about how scientific Scientific American is ( ). But the media leading the charge of “murder by police racism” knows better than to bring the medical evidence into the picture. The only “autopsy report” the media mentions is a nonexistent “independent autopsy” that consists merely of assertions in behalf of a civil suit.

Knee on neck is a restraint technique that is part of police training. Floyd was a large powerful man. As his blood work proves, he was over-dosed on a dangerous killer opioid and other drugs. He and the officer wrongly accused of killing him had been bouncers together in the same night club. Blows or pressure on the side of the neck do not affect breathing. It is blows to the throat that affect breathing and can be deadly.

But the fentanyl Floyd was on does stop breathing when over-dosed.

Although the fatal dose can vary, Floyd had about three times the dose considered fatal when you include the other two drugs he was on. In the police conversations, the officer seems to say he is concerned about Floyd’s condition and is keeping him immobile until the medics get there.

All of this has been intentionally misrepresented by the media and all the pundits, most of whom are too ignorant of anatomy to know that the air passage is not on the side of the neck. More likely they have no regard for truth whatsoever. If the media had any interest in truth, how did Russiagate get launched?

The United States is a country without a media. There is no Fourth Estate, only a propaganda ministry that feeds lies into the consciousness, what little there is, of insouociant Americans, a people who have failed themselves and their country by refusing to make the effort to be informed and to hold the media accountable for its lies and misrepresentations.

There is no second or “independent” autopsy report of Floyd’s death. The alleged “independent autopsy” is merely a hired opinion based on the homicide misinterpretation of the video, not on an examination, for a profitable law suit on behalf of Floyd’s “family.” As Floyd has children from different women, it is unclear who his family is.

What is clear is that white liberals are determined to dispossess white Americans of confidence and respect for their history. To understand what happens to a people whose confidence collapses under racial attack, read The Camp of the Saints. A reader has provided this free online link to a PDF of the book–

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Jenny Durken, the dumbshit mayor of Seattle, has decided that CHAZ/CHOP is not a “summer of love” “block party” after all. “Four shootings—two fatal – robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes have occurred in this several block area” of CHOP, declared police chief Carmen Best, who closed down the lawlessness permitted by mayor Jenny Durken.

Indeed, it is the mayor herself who bears the responsibility for the “four shootings—two fatal—robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes.” It was the mayor’s refusal to defend property of white people that allowed the crimes to be committed. If Seattle had a rule of law, the mayor would be indicted as an accessory to the crimes.

How do such incompetent stupid people as Jenny Durken get elected to public office? An obvious answer is that Seattle’s population is unintelligent. The lack of an intelligent population seems to be the case in many American cities.

And now the populations are paying for their stupidity as businesses are ruined, buildings burned, and people are left defenceless. In St. Louis a couple who protected themselves and their home by brandishing firearms are threatened with indictment by the racist black female prosecutor Kimberly Gardner elected by the St. Louis voters. Whether governments are white or black, there is refusal to protect white and Asian property and lives. Evidence? You want evidence? OK. Here is evidence:

As has been reported numerous times, black violence never results in a hate crime. Only whites can commit a hate crime. Obviously, it is blacks who are privileged, not whites:

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Black Crime, Black Lives Matter, Police, Seattle 
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The “news service” of multi-billionaire Bloomberg echoes the New York Times lie that Russia paid the Taliban to kill US occupying troops:

“Lawmakers from both U.S. political parties demanded President Donald Trump hold Russia accountable over allegations it offered cash bounties for the killing of American troops. Trump has denied reports by several major news organizations that he was briefed on the matter; he has not demanded an investigation of the allegations; and he has yet to even threaten Moscow with retaliation should the reporting be confirmed. Trump’s lack of action has reignited concerns that the Republican is more interested in maintaining cordial relations with Vladimir Putin than defending American interests—including its troops.”

Notice all the innuendos in this dishonest report: “Trump has denied,” “he has not demanded an investigation,” “he has yet to even threaten moscow,” ‘Trump’s lack of action,” “more interested in cordial relations with putin than defending American troops.”

The claim iitself is so absurd that it indicates the media regard Americans as completely stupid. The US and Taliban have been killing each other since October 2001 when the Cheney/Bush regime illegally attacked Afghanistan. For 19 years the Taliban has known who its enemy is and does not need Russian bribes to kill US occupiers.

To me, it is extraordinary that the New York Times and the proprietor of Bloomberg News are so devoid of integrity that they make up out of thin air false allegations for the sole purpose of convincing Americans that their president is a Russian agent more concerned with getting along with Putin than protecting US soldiers. This latest lie from NYTimes/Bloomberg is an effort to resurrect the Russiagate hoax.

Here is what happened. Some Democrat or anti-Trump member of the military/security complex planted a lie on the New York Times. The NY Times knew it was a lie, did not investigate, and quickly published the lie for which the NY Times had no evidence. Indeed, it is possible that the NY Times simply made up the story itself.

Once the lie is published, the rest of the presstitutes, such as Bloomberg, quickly spread the lie. Democrat and even Republican politicians start agitating for explanations and investigations of why Trump took no action against Russia.

The Department of Defense issues a statement that there is “no corroborating evidence” to support the New York Times’ fake news. But the Democrats, presstitutes and liberal pundits dismiss the DOD statement as covering up for President Trump. Once again an obvious lie is being turned into a proven fact.

The New York Times is supposed to be a newspaper, “the paper of record,” and Bloomberg is supposed to be a news service. But both are propagandists dispensing lies in order to help the American Establishment get rid of Trump who represents the working class. In American politics, representing the working class is no longer permissible.

The liberals, the progressives, and the left are the actual forces aligned against America. They are far more dangerous to ordinary Americans than are North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia. They are dangerous to all races that comprise the US Tower of Babel, because they are bringing America down in a spasm of disinformation and hate.

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Within the last few days two commentators I respect—The Saker and Dmitry Orlov—have written that the United States is now undergoing systemic collapse.

My view, reflected in my articles published over the years, is that the United States ceased to exist decades ago. It is only the foundational strength of the country put in place by great men, such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison, that has kept the image alive of a functioning country. The house that sat on the foundation long ago washed away in the flood of anti-American propaganda from the self-hating white liberal elites who dominate education, media, and government. Today the statues of our great founders are themselves pulled down and desecrated by the ignorant products of American education.

Fifteen months ago, I posted a column, “Western Culture Has Died a Politially Correct Death” — . Nothing could be more obvious today. George Floyd, a felon, misogynist woman abuser who killed himself with an overdose of Fentanyl, has been elevated into a national hero. The police officer restraining him when he self-desructed is charged with murder. Americans are so poorly educated that they do not know that a knee on the side of the neck does not obstruct breathing. Floyd couldn’t breathe because the fatal dose of Fentanyl was killing him. You can get the facts of the effects of Fentanyl from this official source:

Here is the medical examiner’s report:

Unless the false murder charge against the police officer is withdrawn, do not expect police protection from black and Antifa violence.

The fact of the matter is that the United States, its history, and all of its meritorious values have been denounced by white liberal elites as racist and evil. The charge is no longer limited to the South. It goes far beyond to the Founding Fathers, to the United States Constitution, to the national anthem, to mathematics, to science and the Englsh language, all of which, along with the concept of truth itself, has been defined as racist America.

The United States has lost its youth. Indoctrinated by their education to see white people as the source of abuse and oppression of other races, young whites have been deracinated. They view their history and culture as shameful. The Pew Research Center found that only 17% of the Black Lives Matter protesters were black, whereas 46% of the protesters were white, largely Democrats under 30 years of age.

Once the bedrock of a country is discredited among the young generation, the country collapses. It is too late to do anything about it. The question is: who will survive it?

Not white people:

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Have you noticed what I have noticed—that of the trillions of words in print and on the air, there are precious few that are not garbage. Among the few commentators I read is The Saker. He sees the US in systemic collapse— .

Other commentators who I read, such as Dmitry Orlov, see the collapse as economic in nature. As my readers know, I have a lot of my own to add to that analysis, principally the offshoring of US jobs and the financialization of the economy stressed by my colleague Michael Hudson. But I see the cause of our society’s collapse as far more fundamental and dangerous. It is a collapse brought on by the teaching of a false history that engenders race hatred in a multicultural society. It is impossible for a multi-racial society to exist on a foundation of racial hatred. But that is what white liberals have made our foundation. If you are so uninformed as to doubt my statement of undeniable fact, consult the New York Times’ 1619 Project.

The teaching of race hatred is ubiquitous in education, media, and the Democrat Party. The civil rights movement of the 1960s has degenerated into the fomenting of race hatred. White people are alleged to suppress black Americans because of white racial hatred of blacks. As Fred Reed makes clear, this allegation makes no sense, but it is institutionalized as an unchallengable fact in America:

“In truth, America has made the greatest effort ever essayed by one race to uplift another. Reflect: In 1954 an entirely white Supreme Court unanimously ended segregation. Later it found the use of IQ tests by employers illegal because blacks scored poorly, then found “affirmative action”—racial discrimination against whites—legal (hardly oppression of blacks, this). An overwhelmingly white Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, the Voting Rights Act the next year. A white President sent troops to Little Rock to enforce desegregation. There has been an enormous flow of charity to blacks: Section Eight Housing, AFDC, Head Start, hiring quotas, set-asides, sharply lowered standards in police and fire departments. We now have free breakfasts for black children, then free lunches, in addition to outright welfare. In aggregate they resemble a distributed guaranteed basic income.” ( )

Americans are taught to regard truthful statements such as Reed’s as apologies for white racism. Reed’s words are taken as proof that he is a racist. If he were not a racist, he would not be defending whites. He would be denouncing them.

Like Marjorie Cohn.

I admire Marjorie Cohn for her lifelong defense of civil liberty. She understands that civil liberty requires accountability of government authorities. She and I often wrote about the same cases of gratuitous police violence against citizens. But over time I noticed that her concerns were limited to police violence against blacks, despite the fact that police shot to death twice as many whites as blacks. I attributed her one-sided interest to the fact that police violence against white people is only reported locally. It doesn’t become a national issue kept alive for days by the media. In contrast, police violence against blacks is instantly a national issue in the news for days. The media intentionally makes it seem that police only kill black people. That makes it racist. If the media reports that police kill white people at twice the rate, how is that racist? The facts are manipulated in order to serve the propaganda, epitomized in the New York Times’ 1619 Project, that the US is based on white racism.

A racially diverse multicultural society cannot survive if one race is taught hatred of another. If the hated race is inculcated with guilt over its alleged racism, it cannot defend itself and is drained of confidence. The absence of confidence invites attacks and dispossession.

The denunciation of white people by white people has become extreme. Majorie Cohn exemplifies it. She writes that George Floyd was tortured to death in “a modern-day lynching in broad daylight. . . . More than 400 years after the first Africans were kidnapped, forcibly brought to this country and enslaved, White supremacy continues to infect our society” ( ). This is abject nonsense a hundred times over.

Black slavery originated in the slave wars conducted by the black king of Dahomey. Dahomey became a major center in the Atlantic Slave Trade until 1852 when the white British blockaded black Dahomey to stop the black slave trade. The black king sold his surplus black slaves first to Arabs and then to Europeans who colonized North and South America. Dahomey existed and expanded on the Atlantic coast of Africa from 1600 until 1904 when the French conquered the black kingdom and made it a part of the French colonial empire.

It is dishonest and irresponsible for Cohn to imply that whites kidnapped blacks and brought them to America when the clear fact is that blacks captured one another in slave wars in which Dahomey was the dominant power. Blacks were sold by blacks as slaves to Arabs and Europeans.

It is dishonest and irresponsible for Cohen to attribute George Floyd’s death to police torture and lynching. The coroner’s report shows that Floyd’s blood tests reveal a concentration of Fentanyl, a dangerous opioid, three times the fatal dose. The autopsy report states that “no life-threatening injuries identified” from police restraint. The knee hold is not a choke hold. It is a restraint technique taught in police training. It does not impede breathing. Floyd complained of breathing difficulty prior to being put under restraint. The autopsy report finds no neck injuries: “No areas of subcutaneous hemorrhage, soft tissue contusion, or other occult injury are found in the posterior neck, right and left lateral neck.”

A fatal Fentanyl overdose results in breathing problems and death by cardiopulmonary arrest, which is what the autopsy report says killed Floyd. The word “homicide” is not in the report.

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Yesterday (June 26, 2020) the city council in Minneapolis (12 Democrats and 1 Green) unanimously voted to abolish the city’s police department. For this measure to come into effect, city residents will have to approve it in a November election.

By November the hamstrung police who are prevented from enforcing the laws on the books might all have resigned and moved away. Regardless, as Minneapolis police are prevented from performing their duty, the Minneapolis voters who elected such a crazed government will possibly have been brought to their senses by violence and the absence of police response and vote down the crazed government. If not, kiss Minneapolis goodbye.

The non-woke among the citizenry are already trying to get out, but what sensible person wants to move to Minneapolis? It is hard to leave town when your house has a mortgage and there is no market for your property.

Everyone in multiracial cities governed by Democrats is thinking the same thought. They now know that their businesses and their homes and persons have no protection against rioting and looting. They want to put as much distance as they can between themselves and blacks. The question is: can they unload their houses?

The situation in Seattle is even more desperate. Seattle is dying. More truthfully, Seattle has been murdered by the citizens themselves who elected a woke government that has favored the criminal element over the law-abiding element. If you doubt this statement, watch this video:

If you want your city to be another Minneapolis or Seattle, vote Democrat. If you want the entire United States to become Minneapolis or Seattle, elect a Democrat president.

Indeed, the collapse of white confidence is so total in the US that Republican governments might not make much difference.

The forces of evil have succeeded. The white race is now split: self-hating white liberals on one side and Trump deplorables on the other. The latter are marked for extermination politically, economically and culturally, if not physically.

Paul Craig Roberts
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